The Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands –

The Free & Wanderlust Spirit

Knight of Wands Upright

Fire Signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius





Now explore the personality of The Knight of Wands below. If he has turned up in your Reading it means his energies have special meaning for you at this time.

You must ask yourself:  Who is he?  Who does he remind me of?  Is he having a positive or negative influence in my life?  How can I embrace or avoid his energy?  What is he trying to tell me?  Is this how I am behaving?  Is this how others perceive me?  Do I like him or not? Do I want to be more like him? How can I be more like him? If he is not a person then what is his energy trying to tell me? How would this Knight handle my situation? Which part of this Knight am I trying to deny? Am I Over-Active or Under-Active? 


Card Imagery Description and Personality Profile

Fire on Fire

The Knight of Wands is of The Fire Element, but is also additionally influenced by Fire, just like all the other Knights.  This makes the Elemental Energies of Fire double within him. Therefore there is the potential for excess. Fire rules the Zodiac Signs of Aries, Leo and SagittariusThe Knight of Wands is strongly associated with the Sun Sign Sagittarius, especially if found with Temperance of The Major Arcana.

Knights represent the Fiery Part of the Court Cards regardless of their Suit Element. Therefore The Knight of Wands represents the fiery part of Fire. Therefore in The Knight of Wands we have Fire influencing Fire, actions influencing actions. With Double Fire we certainly will get a lot of movement, a lot of excitement, a lot of energy and a lot of activity. Fire multiplied by Two will present extreme heat, passion and intensity. However, Double Fire can also cause Double Trouble, and wreak havoc in its wake. Multiples of Fire can be explosive and aggressive.

Being the bearer of Double Fire, The Knight of Wands must work hard to keep his Fire in balance and in check. Fire can be infectious and all consuming, so this may be easier said than done. Fire influencing Fire within will leave little room for cool logic, calm reasoning or paced behaviour. Fire feeds Off Fire and we must always remember this when dealing with the dashing and dynamic Knight of Wands. Encounters with The Knight of Wands may leave you feeling warmed or scorched.  It is for certain, this Knight will leave a long lasting impression on you, be it in a positive or negative manner. If you have been burnt by this Knight, it may take some time for the blisters to calm down and heal.

The Knight of Wands is by far the bravest of all The Knights for he fears nothing, will have a go at anything, and is willing to risk all as he gallops through life at a hectic and heated pace. In his Upright Aspect his Fire warms, enthuses and excites us, but when Reversed his Fires can burn, scorch and overwhelm us.

The Knight of Wands represents the Fiery part of the Element of Fire, Fire in its extreme.

The Knight of Wands gallops onto the scene in a cloud of hot desert dust, brimming over with enthusiasm and excitement. Note his deliberate and determined stare as this young Knight looks out and away to his right.

He has dazzling visions of the bright and brilliant future he is actively working towards.  He is bold, daring and forward thinking. At times, he may be too forward thinking for his own good. This happens when he suddenly has a brain wave or discovers something of immense interest to him, his incredible creative imagination takes flight and before he has time to work out the ins and outs of it all, the pros and cons, how it is all going to happen or what he might need to do or put in place, he is off and tearing down the road after it, flying by the seat of his pants, winging it as he goes. He is carried away on a sea of enthusiasm, excitement and motivation, making it up as he goes along and his positivity always has him believing it will all work out in the end. Because of his strong sense of self-belief, self-confidence and highly polished ego, The Knight of Wands can sometimes get away with it and pull off major victories, that really should have been a total flop or failure due to lack of planning, patience and pacing. In general though, this can be one of his major flaws or challenges. He is known for his impatience, frustration and restlessness. He doesn’t want to wait for anything. He despises queues and appointments. What he wants he wants now, who he wants to talk to can’t be put off, where he wants to be is already taking too long to get there. He wants everything yesterday.

The Knight of Wands is the proud bearer of his much beloved Element, Fire. Over his shiny Suit of Armour, The Knight of Wands wears a bright yellow, gold tunic. The edge of its hemline and sleeve appear to move and play like flames that have just been ignited, suggesting the spark and awakening of passion within. From his helmet sprouts deep orange feathers that once more take on the appearance of fiery flames. Flames also trail out of his left arm like those of a high-powered engine. This Knight has been propelled forward by the intensity of the Fire within him.  He has so much of it, it is impossible to restrain it as it bursts out of him for all of us to see. Like a rocket he is blazing a trail across the hot, arid landscape and through life.

His tunic carries the Symbolic Emblem of his Element Fire as Salamanders with their long bodies and tails climb and circle, leaving us in no doubt as to which Suit this Knight rides out for. The predominance of Salamanders suggests that this Knight carries the strongest, purest characteristics and traits of Fire.  This Knight is on Fire

If this is not enough already, he rides a big strong, bold Horse that looks like a coiled spring ready to explode into action and a gallop at any moment. The Knight may very well be feeding him on a diet of pure rocket fuel.  His deep chestnut colouring also resembles the colour of burning embers, and like The Knight, has a mane that dances and moves as if a riot of flame. The Horse rears up, but The Knight is not unnerved or unseated by the ferocity and strength of the movement. Instead he sits proud and tall. He holds the reins in his left gloved hand while he carries his Wand high in his right. The Wand held in the right hand suggests his conscious and extrovert activity. He consciously seeks action, progress and growth. Both The Knight and Horse are Ready to Go!

The reins being held in his left hand suggest that he does not exert conscious control over his mount, but rather takes his abilities for granted. He was born for this Mount and so riding this Fiery Beast comes naturally to him. He has a deep understanding and rapport with his Horse for they share the same needs. Both are restless and both are ready to explode into action.  His Horse is just waiting for the signal from his Knight that will permit him to plunge forward and take off at terrific speed to wherever The Knight chooses to go. Like The Knight, this Horse is highly spirited and bursting with pent-up energy. If we look very close, we can see his muscles twitch with excitement and anticipation. He is alert, poised and ready to pounce at the very first available opportunity. Few would be able to keep up, or match him in a race as he is always first out of the stalls leaving the rest of the runners trailing behind in frustration and exasperation.

The Knight’s Horse is fearless. He rears up to demonstrate his ability and willingness to jump any obstacles that may come in his way. He is ready for anything along the journey and can travel at terrific speed. He is young, and like The Knight who sits upon his back, still a bit green. They both have a lot to learn.  At their present stage of development they have yet to comprehend the concept of pacing oneself. Impatience and fiery outbursts of frustration are often seen when this Knight is restricted or curtailed. He has a fierce temper when things don’t go his way. He may want to get up and at it but there is a tendency with The Knight of Wands to not think things properly through in advance. Consequences are the result of actions taken and many a mistake will be made by rushing headlong into things without giving enough thought to the outcome. He can act hastily and make rash or impulsive decisions which often leave a mess for others to clean up. As well as jumping feet first into situations and dramas, with or without being invited to, he also can jump to hasty conclusions. This can make him say or do things he shouldn’t and get involved in issues that are none of his business. He just won’t listen to good advice for he believes he knows best. Even if he does agree to listen to sound advice it does not mean that he will heed it for he is headstrong and belligerent. He is used to getting his own way. His behaviour and actions can be excessive at times.

The Knight of Wands always believes he knows best, is the best man for the job and has the best approach, plan or solution for every for every scenario. He is just so full of himself and his abilities that he would never doubt himself for a moment. He has a knack for making others fall into line behind him with his disarming smile and ‘believe me, It is all in your best interests’ and ‘ I know what I am doing’ attitude. Forget trying to over-rule his proposals for you stand little chance of getting the better of this guy. He will also quickly bare his flashing white teeth at you if he gets a sniff of opposition or competition.

With so much Fire between Horse and Rider, they will push and push and keep pushing forward.  At present they have the energy to keep going at a relentless speed. They approach their journey with an ‘over, under or through’ attitude to any obstacles, set-backs, delays, objections or obstructions they may encounter on their way to capture the glorious prize. There will be no backing off, no refusals or taking the easy option. If Horse and Rider fail to clear their fence the first time, they will keep coming back at it until it happens. At the end of the day, smashing through the fence is preferable to avoiding or side-tracking it altogether. It would not be fitting for The Knight of Wands to display any sign of cowardliness or fear for he is such a competitive creature and is not happy unless he is a success at everything he aims for.

This Knight of Wands is a rebel and has no time for stodgy out-dated ways of dealing with things. He flies in the face of convention. He is a wild fan of all modern technology and innovative thinking and is eager to be a part of the new and changing world we live in. He may even entertain dreams or have plans to change the world. This does not mean he will ever get around to actually doing it though.  A visionary, future-oriented and innovative, he may be obsessed with new inventions or the creation of them. Here is ‘Gadget Man’. He is bound to have the latest smart phone, computer, television and gaming system.

The Knight of Wands is often seen as a revolutionary, his bravado and courage in the face of danger or opposition will have him fighting against and tearing down corrupt systems or policies.  He is involved in the overthrowing of tyrants and dictators worldwide. He makes a good friend and ally who will be there to protect and passionately defend your honour should the need arise.

In The Knight of Wands we find the Archetypal Hero. He will be the first to volunteer for a dangerous mission and will risk life and limb for what he believes in. He will ride day and night to save your skin should you find yourself in trouble and in need of his Knightly qualities. We all need a dose of this Knight’s energy from time to time to get us through difficult or scary situations. We must ask ‘what would The Knight of Wands do in this situation?’He loves to feel needed and admired, if not hero-worshipped by all. He is never humble when it comes to being singled out for praise and acknowledgement. He likes to let others know how wonderful he is and can be prone to exaggeration when it comes to telling stories where he has had some dramatic involvement, such as turning up just at the right time and saving the day for everyone. Yes, he can brag and boast about his achievements and abilities a tad too often, which can intensely annoy those in his company.

Action, travel, movement and change are suggested with The Knight of Wands and together with the Temperance Card in the Major Arcana, he can suggest a Sagittarian person. Sagittarians love freedom and travel. They also make excellent students and teachers, once they are interested in their subjects.

The Knight of Wands loves to learn and study but the subjects must be varied and of his own choosing. He is not a fan of theory only, so will want to get his hands dirty and stuck in to what he would consider the ‘real action’. He will learn all he needs to know through direct experience, while his books may gather dust in the corner. Because he is such a fan of learning, The Knight of Wands can, again once the subjects capture his imagination and attention, be an excellent teacher.  If he does decide to go down that line of career, then his students will never forget their fascinating teacher who used the most unconventional methods of teaching, who flaunted the rules and rebelled against the fuddy-duddy system. The Knight of Wands as a teacher would prefer field trips to classroom sessions and would spend much time motivating his students through telling hair-raising tales of his own adventures. His students will see him as wild and young in comparison to the other teachers. The Knight of Wands as a teacher will know and like his student’s interest in music, and may often bump into them at rock concerts and festivals. His students will see him as cool.  Make no mistake though, The Knight of Wands as a teacher never loses control of his class. He may appear carefree and fun-loving  to most of his students but whereas he believes school should be a time of enjoyment and not duress, he can get very annoyed, and come down on them like a ton of bricks should they show any signs of being disrespectful, disorderly or lazy.

The Knight of Wands is a very charming and friendly chappie but when he comes up against persistent resistance or people who seem hell-bent on thwarting his plans, he can become quiet fiery and hot-headed. He likes to get his own way and will typically ride rough shod over anyone who tries to control or over-rule him. If he is told or ordered not to do something then he generally makes a point of doing it just to spite everyone.  He is famous for getting quite boorish and overbearing at meetings when his point or ideas are challenged or his ego takes a hit. When his temper breaks out, his face will turn deep red and he will literally spit flames. God help whoever is on the receiving end of this for it can be quite intimidating. Tantrum style outbursts, shouting, stomping behaviour, slamming of fists on the desk and slamming of doors are quite common.

The Knight of Wands for all his camaraderie and playfulness, doesn’t suffer fools easily. He has no time for those whom he would deem dim or dull. Usually these so-called ‘fools’ are those who have opposed his plans. These are usually the people who have called him a Fool for attempting many of the things he gets involved in. They see him as mad and totally insane. They view his ideas as unworkable, ridiculous, reckless and impossible to achieve. However, The Knight of Wands is the young Entrepreneur, The Maverick, The Trail Blazer. He may lack the experience, and his plans may be somewhat scattered or flawed, but it is his vision or idea that is pure genius. He has the energy to give everything a go, and while others stand back shaking their heads, thinking him mad and hoping to be there in the end to tell him ‘I told you so’, The Knight of Wands can often come through, possibly after several failed or aborted attempts, because he is a fighter and a brilliant warrior. If the gauntlet is thrown down, then he shall with great delight and glee, pounce upon it and pick it up.

I must remind you here that he does have a bad track record when it comes to sticking with anything. He approaches life with a Cavalier attitude to everything and can suddenly become quite dismissive, adopting a care-less attitude to something that aroused his passions only days earlier.  It can all be a flash in the pan and after the initial madness and outburst of activity has died down, so too can his interest and involvement. He can find it very hard to finish what he starts. He is brilliant, a genius, a visionary, a leader, a trailblazer, a Whiz Kid, but at the end of the day, he does need others around to take up the slack and successfully finish that which the Bold Knight has started, for he can be very disorganized. If he acknowledges this, and he usually does as he matures, then he will learn to delegate and admit that he is not Superman, but rather needs the genius of others, along with his own, to guarantee his success and the attainment his goals. It is important he catches hold of his Fire before it totally consumes him.

If The Knight of Wands energy surrounds you, then it is best to harness it as soon as possible so that some really good use can come out of it. Otherwise, like The Knight himself, it will vanish rapidly off into the distance, taking all the wonderful opportunities with it. It is The Knight of Wand’s energy we need when we are stuck in a rut, listless, lethargic, going nowhere and lacking in self-belief and self-confidence. When we believe we don’t have what it takes, that we would surely fail, or that others will think us fools, The Knight of Wands blows hot Fire into our face and gives us a good kick up the backside.  When we haven’t moved our bodies or done anything spontaneous in a long time, he rears up in front of us to show us how much fun we could, and should be having. He tells us to act like him in this instance, to take a leaf out his book and get a life.

What he doesn’t supply us with though is a follow through plan on how, or what we are going to do when we decide to motivate our dreary bodies into life again. The Knight of Wands is the facilitator only. He will give us the jolt we need to waken up, but he needs to keep moving and doesn’t want the weight of us dragging around after him. Instead his arrival is often out of the blue and can take us all by incredible surprise. He whips ups a frenzy of activity in us, and once he sees that the flames have caught hold, he quickly turns his Horse and heads for the hills.

Life is for living and The Knight of Wands would rather die than live like us. He has no time to listen to our protests about why we can’t do this or that, or worse still, that we are nervous or scared of trying something different. When he asks us what we have done with our lives or seen of the world, and we embarrassingly look away, he laughs scornfully at us and demands ‘so this is it for you then until you die’? The scent of exotic lands and fascinating cultures waft in waves around The Knight of Wands and he has tales from far and wide. He gets excited when he talks to us or shows us the new things he has learned on his travels. Everything seems to animate and electrify him, of course that is once he is interested.

The Knight of Wands has a fascination with everything and many interests. He can get wildly enthusiastic about them all and equally try to get involved with all. He has a tendency to take too much on board in the belief that he will be able to manage. He finds it hard to prioritise and can end up having his fingers in too many pies. With his multi-level interests but short attention span and reputation for boring too easily, The Knight of Wands is famous for starting many projects with great gusto only to run out of steam before they are half-finished. His house may end up a mish-mash of rush DIY jobs that have taken longer to complete than expected. Power tools are bought with great anticipation and determination but he rarely takes the time to read the operating instructions before plugging them in and switching them on. That is the exciting bit after all.

Like Fire when the wind turns direction, The Knight of Wands can be quite unpredictable in nature. Just when we think we have sussed him out, or think we know what he is going to do next, he can catch us all by surprise. He is generally the life and soul of any party, usually  the centre of attention too, and keeps everyone entertained with his funny antics and pranks. However, he can also be difficult, awkward and will be determined to make his presence felt for all the negative reasons if he finds himself in a situation where his ego is under attack or in the company of people he dislikes. The Knight of Wands in this scenario can become loud, mouthy and full of himself. The atmosphere can become very tense and strained. He will not let an issue drop, back off or even leave. Instead he can become confrontational, aggressive and foul-mouthed. He may go out of his way to provoke a row by stirring up things and making a hot situation reaching boiling point. Then it becomes all about him, and to hell with whomever he may be upsetting. No one is going to get the better of him and that is it.  The Knight of Wands rather enjoys these skirmishes or worse, and when life gets too boring, he often gets it going again by instigating a good row just for the sake of it. He isn’t afraid to use his fists too and is often seen sporting bruises and cuts, which he proudly displays as his ‘war wounds’ while reassuring us that ‘you should see the other guys face if you think this is bad!’ Yes, he does seem to have the ability to draw conflict to himself.

With his fiercely competitive nature, The Knight of Wands has a more than healthy sense of self. With an extremely healthy ego (too healthy at times) he is super confident and holds himself in high regard. He can be quite arrogant at times and dismissive of those around him. His self-belief and self-confidence will carry him to the winner’s podium many, many times for he believes that he is the best, and better than all the rest. He goes forth into battle and competition with an assurance that he will prevail and that he will succeed. This Knight expects to win each time and he usually does. But then again, it depends on what one considers a victory at the end of the day.  He has no doubt of his abilities, but regardless of how many victories he claims, will still constantly be looking forward to the next challenge.

The Knight of Wands is the champion of champions and will be very hard to beat should you encounter him on the battle field or in competition. He has amazing energy and strength and is physically fit and athletic. Relentless and determined, he sets no limits to what he can achieve. He is well-built, a natural athlete, a sportsman,  super fit and has boundless energy. He does have a preference for the more extreme kind of sport where risk is involved, or a sport that involves a lot of rough and tumble, like rugby. He works well in a team, but only as captain, for he prefers to give orders rather than follow them. With his infectious enthusiasm and abundant confidence he can rally his team and boost their morale. As a Captain, nothing but a win is acceptable so he can be a bit of a hard task master, or boot camp bully when it comes to training.

The Knight of Wands considers life to be an adventure. He puts personal freedom ahead of everything else. Nothing should be boring or stale and he is especially drawn to novelty and new ways. He despises tradition and convention and sometimes goes out of his way to deliberately break rules he considers old-fashioned or fuddy-duddy. He flies in the face of convention. What he likes is change and movement. Therefore this Knight has a very strong passion for travel, and with such red-hot Fire burning deep inside, he seeks unusual and exotic locations.  This is nicely depicted in the imagery of the Card where we see three pyramids in the background. You will not find this Knight on the tried and tested routes for he will want to follow his own path and go his own way. Telling him the terrain is too tough or too dangerous only makes him more determined to go there. Everything is viewed as a challenge or competition, and when he isn’t competing with others, then he will often compete with himself. He likes to set records, but only to break them once more.

With his love of movement and travel it is hard to pin The Knight of Wands down to one location or to expect him to stay still and content for any length of time. It is his need for personal freedom once more.  He has a wander-lust spirit which will refuse to be tamed or broken. He barely arrives at one spot before already preparing to leave it. He moves fast and if any should want to follow this Knight, they best be prepared to keep up, for The Knight of Wands sets the pace in his life and also takes control. He naturally assumes the role of leader in a group and usually others are quite happy to follow his lead for he has a friendly, positive and enthusiastic disposition.  Nothing fazes this Knight for he does not sweat the small stuff. While all around are worried about this that and the other, The Knight of Wands keeps his attention focused on the big picture. Detail and especially fine detail bores him. He knows what he is good at, and so is happy to leave all the tedious and boring stuff for others to sort. To be honest, he actually takes it for granted that others will tidy up after him as he goes. He can be quite messy.

The Knight of Wands is a visionary and has big ideas and plans. Creative, dynamic and innovative he sees opportunities where others see blank walls. He thinks big and elaborately. Why take one piece of land when you could take the whole country? Why open one shop when you could build a whole retail centre? Why settle for just local business when you can go global? The Knight of Wands thrives on big projects and elaborate schemes. He is not afraid to take a chance or expose himself to risk. He doesn’t understand the word no, won’t or can’t for these are negative, and viewed as blocks in his path and line of vision. He deals only with yes, can and will. He believes in success.

The Knight of Wands only works with projects and schemes that he considers interesting, exciting and different. He will only take on missions that offer some sort of challenge or risk. He thrives on the early stages, the launching process and the brainstorming sessions. He will be seen hard at it 24/7 in the midst of a flurry of activity. His energy goes into overdrive as he flies from task to task, meeting to meeting, phones ringing non-stop and emails bouncing off the walls as plans and ideas begin to take off. This is his time and no one can take it from him. He is here there and everywhere during this time. Those around feel more secure and confident when The Knight of Wands is close by for he carries everyone forward on a wave of infectious enthusiasm. Everything is possible and problems become mere challenges. If The Knight of Wands believes it will work then no one is going to doubt him for he oozes success and achievement.

Alas, once the initial launching stage is over or has settled down, it is often then that the tedious business of detail and finishing touches has to be deliberated over and addressed. Things have to be put in place or order, and some form of routine has to be established. This is where The Knight of Wands usually bows out for he loses interest quite easily once the initial exciting stage has passed. It is no longer new or adventurous. He has lived the experience, done the job and now seeks something new that will capture his attention and imagination so that the whole process can start once more.  The Knight of Wands is a superb salesman but is probably better at selling his ideas rather than becoming involved in their implementation. The Knight of Wands travels light. He may not ever bother fully unpacking wherever he goes for he never really intends staying around too long. Remember, life is an adventure and before he has to settle down and become King, he wants to experience as much as he can in as many places as he can.

The Knight of Wands follows the law of ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ and may often feel that he is missing out on something elsewhere by being where he is presently is. He has an inability to sit and be still and never stays around long enough to smell the roses. He gets restless and impatient to be off and in search of the greener territory. He will cover much ground and experience the greener grass during his Knighthood but it is only when he becomes King that he will understand it is a craving that will never be satisfied until he realises it is how one journeys that is important and not the destination after all.

The Knight of Wands may never find that which he seeks no matter how far he is prepared to travel, but he will certainly have many adventures and experiences along the way, some amazing stories to tell and fantastic memories to treasure.  He will certainly have lived. Very few of the other Knights will be able to match his stories or equal his track record.  The Knight of Wands lives his life on the move and nothing much is going to change that. The thought of staying in one place all his life, or only getting to travel occasionally, would see him implode or self-combust with pent-up energy and outraged unexpressed Fire. He sees the world as his oyster and as his playground. Life is for living and he is determined to do as much as that as he can.

The Knight of Wands has an equally fast-paced and hectic social life. Full of charisma and commanding a striking presence wherever he goes, he is much sought after. He will be seen at every major event, occasion, party or concert that is deemed worthwhile and exciting. The Knight of Wands is extremely friendly and generous spirited. Charming, amusing and witty he is a natural entertainer and is usually the centre of attention at any party or occasion.  He can be loud though as he likes to draw attention to himself.

Handsome, in a rugged and devilish kind of way, he has a way with the ladies who all love him and vie for his attention. Sparks fly when he walks into a room and he is quick to take advantage of it. He is damned sexy and boy does he know it. He is super-aware of his effect on women and is quick to take advantage of it. He likes women, and it amuses him to see them all fighting over him. His magnetic sexiness and strong masculinity leave women swooning and desperate to win his affection. He certainly plays into their hands, and is not behind in delivering on passion and excitement when he singles one out from the crowd. He can then embark on a mad and wild relationship full of excitement and frenetic socialising. He has a strong and highly charged sex drive so will need a partner who is equally as eager and energetic as he. During his time of frenzied courting, he will appear wildly romantic and can get carried away with elaborate, extravagant and flamboyant displays of love. He will also be full of outrageous surprises which he will expect rounds of applause for.

It is certainly true that The Knight of Wands appears to be the answer to every woman’s ‘dream man’. Those who did not catch him may become jealous and envious of the chosen one, passing bitchy comments and snide remarks. However, as in every other aspect of his personality The Knight of Wands best performance is always at the beginning when everything is new and different. Unless his partner is just like him and only looking for a casual relationship and some fun, then they will want the relationship to settle into something more traditional and secure. Instead of running wild around the party scene every Saturday night, they might seek to stay in and watch a DVD together all cosied up on the couch. Ouch, the fatal mistake. The Knight of Wands is not a fool and will generally have seen the writing on the wall even if his partner hasn’t. He will already have his rucksack packed and preparations in place to take flight. Just as The Knight of Wands galloped into the scene and swept his partner of their feet, he will just as easily mount his steed and gallop away at high-speed in the opposite direction. He may not even stay around long enough to say goodbye. Once the intensity of the Fire has died down or diminished altogether he rarely sees the point in trying to reignite the flames.

The Knight of Wands makes an ardent and passionate lover but he has a problem when it comes to committing and may very well leave a trail of broken hearts behind in his wake. The Knight of Wands often approaches romance as if it was a sport, where he has to knock up points, scores and conquests. He likes to ‘play the field’. He can quickly move onto another relationship overnight and will not be short of available and willing partners, who even though they are well aware of his reputation for ‘loving them and leaving them’ will be prepared to take the risk anyway, just for the experience or the sheer thrill of it. He may even have a few relationships going at the same time. He is seen by all as a good catch, but that is the problem, he can be as slippery as a rugby ball on a rain-soaked pitch, hard to hold onto. As he makes to get away on his Horse, many will call out after him ‘wait take me with you’ but we all know that this Knight travels light.

It will take one equally strong and determined personality to snare this Knight. He certainly is a flirt and has no problem chatting up one at the bar while scanning the room to see what else is available. Remember, the grass is always greener on the other side and who knows what he may be missing out on by stopping to chat to you?   This is the guy our mothers warn us about, and when we don’t listen, they have to stand by and watch our hearts get broken. Unless we are very self-disciplined, there will be no talking any sense into us when The Knight of Wands rides into town.

The Knight of Wands for all his commitment issues and mad erratic behaviour offers us a healthy dose of fun living. He will brighten the darkest and gloomiest of days, drag us from our beds, force us to get dressed and out the door. If our flame inside has diminished or blown out altogether he will breathe new life into our weary bones and ignite a spark that will have the potential to explode into flame should we allow it life.

We shall leave The Knight of Wands to come and go as he pleases, and excuse any incidents of bad behaviour on the waywardness of youth. We shall count ourselves lucky if we encounter him on our path, for he is likely to leave a lasting impression on us. As we get older, we will certainly remember this dashing Knight when all others have faded into the distant realms of the past. The young Knight of Wands plays his Role and Rank well as he rides the trails and journeys through The Tarot.

In the real world however, this young Knight will be expected to become more mature and settle down into some kind of routine as he gets older. Then again, maybe not. Can he remain The Knight of Wands forever and never become The King of Wands?  And if he does decide to relent, climb down off his Horse, ascend the throne and become The King, will we still recognise his character, will he change that much? Could he? Will he be able to adapt to the stationary aspect of a throne instead of his lively and speedy Horse? Will he be able to think of others for a change, instead of just himself? Will he lose his sense of fun if he becomes King? Will it all be about stately duty, obligation and dreary formal occasions? We shall have to see.


The Knight of Wands represents the young male adult of The Wands Court Family.  His role is extrovert and action oriented.  He must go out into the world and mature by experiencing and dealing with life first-hand. He must prove his courage and stamina. The Knight of Wands is given a lot of freedom to find himself and to stake a claim over his own territory. He must also make a name for himself in the world. Like The Page, he will be expected to learn from his mistakes. Self-Control and Self-Discipline will be a challenge for him, but he must work hard to find an acceptable balance in his personality and to master his Element Fire. Only then can he hope to mature into The King of Wands. 

Traditionally The Knight of Wands was described as a young male adult from approximately 22  to 30 years of age.  In modern times, Knights also can represent women if their energies and personality descriptions fit. If the person depicted by The Knight of Wands is older than 30 years of age, he or she may be displaying signs of immaturity and finding it hard to grow up.  Description wise, The Knight of Wand’s hair was fiery red, auburn or brown, with eyes of emerald green. Skin was ruddy and his features rugged.  He had an athletic and muscular physique with strong determined chin. Remember, these are the old traditional descriptions and bear no resemblance at all to the majority of people in the world.  It is his personality description that should be concentrated on and not his looks when interpreting The Knight of Wands.

The Knight of Wands – The Fearless Warrior & Rebel

Fire Signs – Aries, LeoSagittarius

Knight of Wands Upright


Sudden Arrival, Great at Beginnings, No Follow Through, Unfinished Projects, Personal Freedom, Hates Restrictions and Boundaries, Excessive Behaviour and Lifestyle, Hectic Life, Extremely Busy, Unconventional, Daring, Bold, Brave, Warrior, Champion, Volunteer, Revolutionary, Rebel, Protector, Defender, Rescuer, Hero, Fearless, Risk Taker, Thrill-Seeker, Action Man, Dynamic, Extrovert, Healthy Ego, Seeks The Limelight, Centre of Attention, Self-Confident, Self-Belief, Self- Esteem, Direct, Forthright, Assertive, Thinks and Feels Success, Show-Off, Bragging and Boasting, Seeks Praise and Admiration, Dramatic, Adventurous, Fiery, Feisty, Temper, Prone to Aggressive Outbursts, Mouthy, Loud, Rowdy, Bores Easily, Hates Detail, Unpredictable, Seeks constant Action/Novelty, Impulsiveness, Hasty, Impatience, Frustration, Pent-Up Energy, Restlessness, Wants it All Now, Can’t Wait, Ready to Go, Moving Fast, Speed, Acting before Thinking, Presumptuous, Hasty Conclusions, Know-All, Passionate, Fun, Active, Drive, Energetic, Intense, Consuming, Motivation, Enthusiasm, Determined, Headstrong, Infectious, Competitive, Rise to Any Challenges, Seeks Challenge/Competition, Sporty, Physical, Extreme Sport, Spontaneous, Independent, Leader, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Future Oriented, Creative Imagination, Inspirational, Maverick, Inventor, Gadget Man, Whiz-Kid,Trail-Blazer, Friendly Generous, Helpful, Entertaining, Charming, Prankster, Fun, Playful, Party Animal, Attractive, Rugged, Sexy, High Sex Drive, Dashing, Ladies Man, Flirt, Playing The Field, Sowing his Wild Oats, Commitment Issues, Heart Breaker, Movement, Love of Travel, Wander-lust Spirit, Student/Teacher

Sample Messages (please add your own)

 Time to Take Action but think first and form a plan, don’t just charge in half-cocked and expect it all to work out.  Gets the Facts straight before doing or saying anything, Try not to be so fiery all the time. Calm down and stop being confrontational with everyone. Stop jumping to conclusions all the time, you may be wrong. Pay attention to detail. Your enthusiasm and excitement are admirable but there is a chance you are on the verge of acting impulsively or making a hasty decision. Remember that actions result in consequences, so try not to rush things or take short cuts. You must learn to exercise patience in this instance. Try to finish what you start.  Are you taking on too much? Do you have a habit of saying yes to everyone? Finish what you are working on before moving on to the next project otherwise you will end up overwhelmed. Face your Fears with Courage, Rise to Any Challenge that comes your way, Think success and you will prevail. Be Brave and Daring. Be Adventurous. Use your Imagination and think Creatively. Be Inspirational. Live while you have the Chance. Kick up your Heels and have some Fun. Don’t let your life slip by. Get a Life. Find something that interests you. Do Something Bold, Explore, Be Adventurous. Be Entrepreneurial, Take a Risk for a Change, Enthuse Others, Motivate those around you, Inspire Others, Fight a Good Cause. Protect or Defend those who are in need to help. Rebel against Unfair or Corrupt Policies or Situations. Take action and be proactive. Competitive for what you want. Travel and Explore. Discover what you are good at. Develop your Potential. Be Passionate about What You Do. Get some Exercise, Take up a Sport, Get Healthy. Be Truthful at the outset of Relationships, Admit you have no intentions of committing or settling down,  Explain your need for Personal Freedom, You certainly have a hectic social life but you need to make sure you are getting adequate rest or you will burn yourself out. Try to pace yourself.


Double Fire

When The Knight of Wands appears in a Reading, his energy is having an influence on the Querant’s issue or it can suggest that his energy is badly needed in this instance. He can represent a person, an atmosphere, an event, a message, advice or a way of life/behaviour/attitude that needs to be taken on board. With all Tarot Cards, The Knight of Wands can have several interpretations. Because of the nature of Knights and the influence by Fire, their energy can be excessive or extreme at times. When The Knight of Wands is drawn, one must look at the surrounding Cards, The Querant’s issue and the Question, to determine if this Knight is having a healthy influence on the situation or not. In his Upright Aspect, he may be helping the situation rather than hurting it, but we must tread carefully. The Knight of Wands is double Fire so even if he is helpful, he might be a bit too overwhelming at times or could possibly be trying to take control of the situation under the impression that he knows what is best for The Querant. He may be too enthusiastic, too eager, too energetic and too outrageous.

If The Querant recognises this aspect in The Knight of Wands then they must be careful not to relinquish full control even if his nature is pleasing and friendly. Because of his impatient and restless nature, he may want to rush things or make a hasty move before you are ready. Don’t get lured into acting impulsively just because you feel under pressure to move or think fast.  When The Knight of Wands appears, it is essential to pace yourself and think things through before making any decisions. He will be pacing up and down the room in front of you, so it is important to block him out and calm your thoughts.

Busy Fire

When The Knight of Wands appears in your Reading he may simply be acknowledging that you are extremely busy at present. You may have several places to be all at the same time, phones may be constantly ringing and emails flying in and out. This buzz of activity surrounding you will give you a false high. You may be forgetting to eat and cutting down on sleep in order to fit your work load and obligations in. If this is just for a short period of time, then all is well and you can relax when everything is done. However, if this is a lifestyle you are beginning to adopt, then you will not be able to keep up this level of intense activity indefinitely without it having a negative impact on your health. You need to refuel your body with food and adequate rest.  Try to pace yourself and find balance in the middle of all the madness before it all gets out of hand.

Excessive Fire

The Knight of Wands turning up in a Financial Reading can act as a warning that you are living beyond your means. There may be excessive spending or a Cavalier Attitude to mounting bills and debt. If this is the case, you must take the necessary steps to rein in your spending and get the situation under control. You could easily be making impulsive buys, spending without thinking and believing that the money will be there. You may be riding high at present and living in the moment but your actions may have far-reaching consequences.

Depending on the circumstances, The Knight of Wands can be a great guy to have in your Reading as his energies are so warming and exciting, but we must remember the excess nature of him and the need to keep things in balance. Therefore be careful about overextending yourself when he makes an appearance. You may be running on high energy at the moment and saying yes to everything that comes your way. You run the danger of taking on too much or committing to things that really you do not have the time for. Your high level of energy cannot be constantly sustained so you must think carefully about what now appears to be golden opportunities not to be missed because before you know it they may easily become burdens and obligations that you cannot so easily get out of. Understand that you can only take on a certain amount of things at the one time. You must aim to complete all you have undertaken. Finish the tasks that are already on your plate before takings on any others. If not you may risk being surrounded by a pile of unfinished business with not an ounce of energy or interest to motivate you into action. I know you only like to look at the big picture, but for once stop to think of what all these tasks entail right down to the nitty-gritty of things. You like to give your best and for others to see that too so make sure you have the time and energy to do just that.

Igniting Your Fire

However, all said and done, If The Knight of Wands appears in your Reading when you are in a rut, listless, depressed and lacking in energy, his boundless and exuberant energy is just what the doctor ordered. Should you feel there are too many obstacles or problems blocking the way to you realising your goals, then he is eager to impress on you his way of dealing with challenges, opposition or restrictions. As his powerful horse rears up in front of you, he asks you to take a risk on life and hop on board for the ride. His appearance can be a sign that you need to be more confident in yourself and develop a healthy self-esteem if you want to get where you are going. When you draw The Knight of Wands in a spread he may be enticing you to take action and get moving on that which you are seeking. The time has passed for being passive, inactive and indecisive. The fence-sitting is over. It is now time to move, get motivated and shake yourself up. In fact, wake up to your situation and take a good look around. Is this where you want to be? If not then do something about it. Think of fresh and novel ways of approaching the situation and changing your life. Perhaps act spontaneously and unpredictably for a change. Shock yourself and others.

The Knight of Wands can represent that time when we feel buoyed up and ready to explode into action. You desire personal freedom, or you may be experiencing a sudden desperate need for change or to do something you have always wanted to do. You may feel spurred into action on your own behalf or for others. There might be a cause to fight that you feel strongly about. You might be trying to encourage and motivate others to join you in your quest. You have strong skills of persuasion so don’t give up and don’t be afraid to put yourself forward, to volunteer or speak out. Be the one to make a difference and open the door to change in areas that have been closed, barred and locked in the past. Don’t be put off by the naysayers or retreat because of veiled threats. Come out fighting and determined. Be prepared to go into battle with the belief that you are fighting for a good cause.  There is a strong desire to move forward. This move may be into uncharted territory or the unknown but you are prepared to take the risk to see where it might take you. You may also be preparing to change address.

Fearless Fire

Nervous, doubtful or lacking in self-belief about your ability to change your life or fulfil your ambitions, then The Knight of Wands will persuade and convince you to feel the fear and do it anyway. Life is short, so you have no time to lose. So what if it doesn’t turn out exactly as you intended? What is the worst thing that can happen if you get it wrong or make a mistake? The Knight puts his hand on your back and nudges you forward ‘you will never find out unless you try’.  He confides in you that even though he looks a big brave, and fearless Knight, he has fallen off his horse on many occasions and landed face down in the dirt. ‘Does it scare me off, do I regret ever starting? On the contrary, it just makes me impatient to climb back on my horse and try again. Each time I fall off my horse, I learn something from it. I just dust myself down and am ready to go again.

It is true, many enjoy the spectacle of me falling on my face, but the thing about me is that I don’t really care what other people think or say about me. Obviously I do not like bad press but boy is it a wonderful sight to see their shocked faces when I make a comeback or worse still become successful in my endeavours or life. You are never going to get everything right all the time but it will never happen for you if you do not try. Prove to yourself that you can do it. Rise to the challenges, whether self-imposed or forced on you by others and overcome them. You will discover a lot about yourself and others in the process. Look at me, I am very versatile and like to think that I have many other aspects of myself to explore. That is why I am always on the move, discovering new things all the time. Once you begin to let go and take the first step forward out of the tiny of confines of the limited space you exist in, who knows what you will find when you enter the uncharted territory of your full potential. Think success and it will happen.

Challenged Fire

When The Knight of Wands appears in your Reading he may be acknowledging that in some way or area of your life, you are being challenged. Perhaps you are even setting yourself a personal challenge. If so then he asks you to accept the challenge and go for it. You have what it takes to overcome and prevail. Just get some motivation and enthusiasm going, and then let the momentum build. Don’t give into fear or self-doubt. You can be victorious in your endeavours. Remember energy be-gets energy so once you start the process; you will be surprised how much easier it gets. This challenge may come in the form of competition, where you will have to prove you are the best be it a job, personal matter or relationship. There will be stiff opposition but you are able for it. If you have personally challenged yourself then you must push yourself to new heights once thought impossible. Remember, whatever arena you must compete in, do not go in half-cocked and unprepared. Turning up with gritted teeth is not enough; you must have some plan of action.

Active Fire

Sport, exercise and physical activity are also suggested by The Knight of Wands who finds it impossible to sit still for a moment. If you haven’t been getting out in the fresh air or moving your body sufficiently to break a sweat then he is here to give you a kick up the backside and get your moving again. The Knight of Wands in his Upright Aspect never falls into depression or the doldrums. This is because he keeps himself active and busy all the time. He has a regular exercise regime that naturally burns off excess calorie and fat. Get moving.

The Fire Person

The Knight of Wands appearing in a Reading can obviously suggest a person. If so, this is a high energy person who is impulsive, spontaneous, exciting and high-spirited. The person depicted by this Knight is very active and busy all the time.  Constantly on the move and hard to pin down they seem to have a lot going on in their lives. They may be quite hard to keep up with as their interests are varied and they find it hard to relax and stay still for very long. They can bore easily and unless you make an impression on them the first time round, it is unlikely they will make any further effort.

However, he is a charming character and very friendly. Full of smiles and big booming laughter, this person is very sociable and likes to be out and about. He is the life and soul of any gathering and great for getting a party off the ground. He can play the ‘funny guy’ whenever he wants providing great entertainment for all around with his flamboyant and outrageous behaviour. He is known for playing the best pranks and no one will ever get even with him on this score. He can get a little hot-headed and loud at times when he gets into an argument or discussion with someone. He can even fly of the handle if he is provoked enough. In his Upright Aspect, he usually keeps this under control and can be persuaded to calm down if things are getting too heated. He is his own worst enemy when it comes to drawing conflict to himself. It can appear to others as if he deliberately antagonises a situation just to get a reaction. He has a very strong ego which creates a tendency to brag and boast about his successes, abilities and achievements. This can intensely annoy those in his company, who may see him as a know-all and too big for his boots.

Even though he has a tendency to be unreliable and lacks commitment and staying power, the Person represented by The Knight of Wands makes a great friend and ally, who will protect and defend you should you find yourself under attack on any level. He likes to see himself as The Hero in these situations, the guy who sorted out the bad guys or the one who saved the day for you.

This person will be very athletic, fit and sporty. In fact, sport may play a huge part in their life and if you are involved with this person then it is best you have an obvious interest too as much time will be spent engaging in it or watching it. They also are blessed with a healthy constitution and never seem to get ill or catch any bugs that are flying around.

Relationship and Romantic Fire

Now if you are romantically linked to this person, then you may need to take a step back and a good look at the nature of your relationship. You may have your rose-tinted glasses on after being passionately swept off your feet by this dashing Knight. His appearance in a Relationship Reading can suggest a Sagittarian if Temperance appears alongside or possibly one of the other Fire Signs such as Leo or Aries. If The Knight of Wands is not depicting an Astrological Sign, then he is representing his traditionally known energies or possibly has a lot of Fire in his birth chart even if he is not of that Element.

If depicting the typical Knight of Wands energy then the good news is that once he is in his Upright Aspect, your relationship is bound to be wildly passionate and exciting. It will be full of drama and action. With never a dull moment, this relationship is full on and moving at a frenetic pace. You might be caught up in a whirlwind romance where your feet barely get time to touch the floor or your head to catch up with your thoughts. It is possible that you have fallen head over heels in love with this Knight and can’t believe your luck for he is everything you have dreamed of. He is ruggedly handsome and fit. He is also mega sexy and very hot to trot.  He is also very popular and seems to have a wide circle of friends who can become very loud when they all get together.

If this sounds like your relationship then it may be a sign that it is still in the early stages.  You may be getting very little sleep at the moment trying to keep up with your Knight’s hectic and demanding life. He has a high sex drive so it’s likely you are going around with a big smile on your face all day and annoying the hell out of all your friends and work colleagues. You are having the time of your life and have never felt so alive and beautiful. He is mesmerising, darned attractive and scarily addictive.

However, he is also elusive and unless you have landed one of the more tamed Knight of Wands, it is quite likely you are doing all the running while he enjoys lapping up all the attention. He probably sees a lot of his friends and doesn’t always tell you where he is going or who he has been with, while you sit around waiting for his calls, ready to divulge every second of your day and whereabouts to him.

Now it all depends what you want out of this relationship. If you just want to have fun and are not looking for anything too serious or long-term well, you certainly are lucky and we are all envious of you. However, if you want to hold onto this guy and hoping for something deeper to develop, then you will have to understand a few very important things about him.

He is usually better at the beginning of relationships than anywhere else. It is his best time and you will get the most out of him. Unfortunately, the traditional energies associated with this Knight make him value personal freedom ahead of anything else. That means he doesn’t like to be tied down or restricted in any way. He may view an evolving relationship as a restriction rather than enrichment. Therefore, there can easily be a cooling of his ardour and passion if he thinks the relationship is becoming ‘normal’. He likes to be able to come and go as he pleases without questions or harassment. He doesn’t like people checking up on him or wanting to tag along all the time. He doesn’t want to be bound to times and locations. He prefers to go where he wants when he wants. A big No, No, are ultimatums regarding commitment to you or telling him that he now has a responsibility to you.

You may be setting yourself up for massive disappointment and heartbreak, if you are expecting this guy to settle down and fall into some kind of routine with you. It is unlikely that is going to happen. He may tell you he loves you and that you are the best thing that has happened to him in a long time but he may not be able to look you in the eye if you mention the ‘commit’ word. This Knight is known for his dramatic arrivals but is equally known for his rapid departures. If he feels there is an attempt to tie him down or restrict his movement, then his interest can wane very easily along with the flames of passion. He can end a relationship rather abruptly but also in a dramatic and hurtful manner.

This Knight likes to flirt and is aware of his sexual magnetism. Women swarm around him, even if they do know he is in a relationship. This can cause terrible tension within the relationship which sometimes evolves into suspicion and paranoia.  The Knight does like to play the field and even if he does remain faithful, his partner will feel under constant threat from other women, for he will do little to discourage their interest in him. Sometimes when he wants to end a relationship he will deliberately cause a show-down by very obviously coming on to another under the nose of his current partner. All’s fair in love and sport for this Knight and the end justifies the means. He generally does not end his relationships in a caring and subtle manner. There will be massive rows and screaming matches before he slams the door after making his exit. Jealous outbursts and tears are wasted on him and he just wants to put as much distance between himself and his partner when the relationship reaches this stage.

This Knight can have a successful relationship once his partner understands him. He can happily settle for someone who is very like him in nature. He likes his partners to remain independent and active in their own life. Someone who has their own circle of friends, a busy work life and hobbies that do not encroach upon his. He prefers sporty and fit partners who are often too busy to see him. A partner who is not needy, but has a healthy self-esteem and self-confidence. A partner who does not always need reassurance. A partner who despises co-dependency just as much as he does. Of course a partner who loves to travel is essential.  If they can get this right, this couple have the makings of an exciting and dynamic relationship that stays fresh and exciting. Neither gets the opportunity to bore each other and neither stands in the way of each other’s plans or ambitions. A couple who value their own personal freedom and are secure enough within themselves to allow unquestioned and unrestricted freedom for each other.

The Knight of Wands can also represent a partner met while travelling or on holidays. He sometimes suggests a foreigner from distant lands.

Careers and Business Fire

The presence of The Knight of Wands in a career reading can suggest that a change of job or travel related to career may be on the Cards. This may even include moving house or country too. Check for other travel related Cards such as the Ace, Three or Eight of Wands to confirm this. Whatever job the Querant is after you can be sure it is challenging and exciting. It is a very positive card when it appears in a Career Reading because it suggests that the Querant is really up to it, and has sufficient energy and interest to go places.

On the work front, depending on surrounding Cards, this Knight may be highlighting your impatience and frustration with the job you are in. It may be boring or the challenge has gone out of it. You could be working in a company that are too conventional and traditional. You may be up against tough opposition and hit a brick wall every time you try to instigate new ways or approaches.

Then again, if you are moving to a new job or entering a new career, The Knight of Wands can represent the nature and atmosphere surrounding the new position. If so then you are going to be a very busy person, possibly working in a sales related job where you will be up against stiff competition. Jobs that require you to come up with brilliant ideas could have you engaging in brainstorming sessions and having to think on your feet or on the move. This could be in the world of advertising.

Being a Wand and a Knight, you are certainly going to be thinking big when it comes to your career and you may even be considering starting your own business. You may have come up with an amazing idea or possibly a golden opportunity has presented itself to you. You have natural Entrepreneurial Skills so this should terrible excite and enthuse you. Being the boss and having full control is what you are after. It is possible that you are at the early stages of launching a business, possibly just post the idea stage and are eager to get going with your plans. You want to throw yourself into this new project without a moment’s delay and are just Fired up with energy. You have visions of the finished project and desperately want to steam ahead with getting there as fast as possible but this Knight’s presence in your Reading, although wonderful to see especially if you are going out on your own, it does act as an advance warning to the potential pitfalls you may experience should you move too fast on your idea before it is ready. You must resist the urge to make hasty moves or impulsive decisions before you have had time to think things through and possibly have others check them over too. I know it all sounds like unnecessary delays to you but certain things must be in place and small detail attended to before you take your first step forward. There must be a plan of action and not just action. Otherwise you may be heading for trouble. Look to surrounding Cards to see if your rush to get going may be harmful in the long run.

It is certain that you have the necessary energy and motivation for what you want to embark on but you have to pace yourself. You will be no good to anyone if you run out of steam before all the work has been done. Also try to be very honest with yourself before taking on whatever this exciting project is. Firstly, do you have the time for it? You do have a tendency to take on too much because you are such a willing soul. Secondly, why are you so excited about it? Are you excited about all of it or just a small part? Thirdly, is there a workable plan or strategy in place? Fourthly, are there others involved? If so, do they share your enthusiasm? Do you act alone before consulting them? Is everyone in agreement with what has to be done? Fifthly, have you a contingency plan in place? And sixthly, how much of a risk is involved. Is it a personal risk you are taking or are you taking risks for others too?

If you are the typical Knight of Wands, you will just dismiss all the questions I have just asked as silly and unnecessary. You know what you are doing and have a strong belief it will all work out. Well good for you and I wish I had your steely nerve and Devil-may-care-attitude. You have the potential to be hugely successful if you can get this right. The sky is the limit for you and maybe those around you are just worrying too much about everything. Without the likes of you taking wild chances every now and then, where would the world be today? You are blessed with good luck but do try to stick with it, even when it gets boring and tedious. Everyone hits that wall but you must finish what you start.

The Knight of Wands appearing in a Career Reading may be highlighting your teaching abilities. You may be considering teaching as a career for many reasons.  If Temperance is also in your Reading, then it can even more so suggest learning or teaching. Teachers do get a lot of school breaks which would give you the freedom to travel and pursue your other interests, hobbies and sport.

A job that involves travelling would suit you down to the ground but it would still need to be challenging otherwise it can all become stale. The Knight of Wands thrives in a career that is challenging and unpredictable, a job where he might have to get packed and moving after a rushed telephone call. A career as an on the ground reporter in war-torn countries would suit your desire for risk and also your need to defend and protect those who are under attack, while exposing corrupt governments and regimes. You will have no problem volunteering to accompany and record troops on their most dangerous missions. Besides your strongly principled and moral attitudes, you will also be determined to get the best photo or video coverage of all the action. With flak jacket and hard hat you will face open gun fire and risk capture if you strongly belief in a cause.

Fire likes to move so an office job or the predictable 9 to 5 would not be suitable for you. Airports are probably one of your favourite places as you love the hustle and bustle of new countries, people and experiences. You have in an in-built sense of adventure, so will be quite open to any job that comes your way, especially if it is novel or different. Because you don’t like to be contained, a job outdoors is preferable for you. Engineering and construction are also favourites.  With your sense of drama and courageous spirit, you might also be drawn to Fire fighting as a career or mountain rescue.

You are also a natural entertainer with a strong ego who loves to be centre of attention and in under the spotlight, so a career on stage; acting or singing can be a popular choice.

 The Knight of Wands suggests journey over land in hot dry weather.

 The Knight of Wands Reversed – The Reckless, Out of Control Hooligan

Knight of Wands Reversed


Reckless, Foolhardy, Daredevil, Hasty, Moving Too Fast, Rushing Things, Impulsive, Out of Control, Lack of Self Discipline, Cavalier Attitude, Cocky, Over Inflated Ego, Over-The-Top, Show-off, Bragging, Boasting, Presumptuous, Rowdy, Loud, Trouble Maker, Hooligan, Hot-Headed, Aggressive, Volatile, Temper, Tantrums, Dramas, Fiery, Feisty, Violent, Rebellious, Destructive, Chip On Shoulder, Rivalry, Jealousy, Envy, Overly Competitive, Overbearing, Domineering, Bully, Tyrant, Headstrong, Forceful, Thoughtless, Insensitive, Trapped, Restricted, Obligations and Duties, Wanting to Run away, Impatient, Frustration, Restless, Hyperactive, Giddy, Manic, Bores Easily, Lack of Commitment, Poor Relationship Reputation, Bad-Boy-Rogue, Womaniser, One Night Stands, Not Wanting to Get Tied Down, Un-reliable, Un-Focused, Un-Predictable, Superficial, No Interests, No Hobbies, No Goals, Lacks Drive and Ambition, Lack of Imagination and Inspiration, Lack of Purpose, Fear of change or travel, Drifter, Lacks Enthusiasm and Motivation, Lack of Exercise, Sedentary, Inactive, Passive, Follower, Wilful, Burn-Out, Exhaustion, Ill-Health, Delays with Travel, Unsuccessful Travel, Constant Movement, Sudden Departure, Travel Without Purpose, Drifting, Wild Rover, Heat wave

A Sample of Messages (please add to these)

You cannot Finish what you start, Don’t make any impulsive or hasty decisions, You are moving too soon in this situation, The time is not right yet, Stop being in such a hurry, You might be heading for a fall, Try to listen to good advice, You don’t know everything, Get your facts straight before you do or say anything you might later regret, You are unreliable and irresponsible, You are acting recklessly in this situation, Are you spending excessively? You are wasting your resources and possibly others too. Are you partying too hard, You are acting very immaturely, Your pranks and antics amuse no one,  You lack drive and ambition in your life, Time to start planning for your future instead of fooling around, You are on the go all the time and extremely busy, You are taking on too much, You are terribly busy at present, You are under extreme pressure and may be overwhelmed by all you have to do.  Stop saying yes to everything, You will have to say no, You need to slow down and take some time out as you are heading for a physical or nervous crash, You have your Finger in too many pies, You are in danger of getting burnt out, Too much activity, stress and pressure is turning you into a nervous wreck, You need to slow down and find some peace, Why do you feel the need to keep moving, You lack stability in your life and find it impossible to settle anywhere, You believe the grass is always greener on the other side, Why are you never happy with what you have? What is it that makes you so restless? You are acting like a Know-All, Why are you looking for a fight all the time, You have a habit of drawing conflict to yourself, You may be the instigator of trouble everywhere you go, Why are you so aggressive and hot-headed, Why does everything have to end in an argument with you? Stop being so intimidating and threatening, No one likes a bully, Can you not be happy for someone else’s success? What do you have to be so jealous of? You may have more rivals and enemies in your life than friends? Have you go any real friends at all? Are you the Leader of a Gang? What are you trying to prove to everyone, When is enough ever going to be enough,

NB: We must always remember that Reversed Cards can bring extremes of the Upright Meanings. It is vitally important that you consult all surrounding Cards when applying the appropriate Reversed Interpretation during a Reading.


When The Knight of Wands Reverses he either lets the Fire get out of hand, drops his reins and loses control, or lets it burn out altogether. He can blow hot and cold.

Fire Out Of Control

As The Knight of Wands Reverses, the wind turns direction and his flames ignite anything that comes in his path. Those that needed Fire to wake them up and get them going, end up being overwhelmed by the passion and heat of the flames, while those who already have enough excitement going on in their own lives get consumed in the raging inferno whether they want to or not. One way or another, many can get badly burnt by the ferocity of its heat.

Fire in this out of control manner is all-consuming, and as we all know, can be extremely destructive. Time is then wasted on getting it under control by those who see it as impossible to work with, or trust. Fire cannot be let off to do its own thing as it has no conscience or self-discipline. Fire out of control is thoughtless and insensitive to the pain it can cause others. Its aim is to gobble up as much territory as possible, up, over, under and through, leaving nothing standing in its wake. It must raze to the ground anything that comes in its path. It must keep moving, and the danger lies in this aspect for the more it moves the more restless it gets. It rushes this way and that, and is drawn to anywhere it finds an outlet, or anything it finds combustible. It may start off heading North, only to turn West with little or no warning. Before anyone has had a chance to organise or control it, Fire has side-stepped all and headed South. In this manner, it becomes unpredictable and reckless in its behaviour. It can’t be stopped without great effort, and left to its own devices, chooses not to stop because Fire likes what it does. It has been created to act in such a manner. That is why we must have a healthy respect for it, and understand that any Fire needs to be kept under tight control if we are ever to gain the wonderful benefits from it.

Fire in excess or extreme can cause you to be, or to act, presumptuously and impulsively. You may hastily react to a situation or comment before you have given yourself a chance to gather all the facts, or for the person to explain themselves to you. This can cause you to fly off the deep end and say or do things you may later regret. Act in haste, regret at leisure.

Insipid Reversed Fire

When Fire burns out altogether or reduces to an erratic flickering flame, it can be quite a pathetic and unnerving sight. Without Fire what shall we do for heat, how will we sustain and motivate ourselves. We would all lie huddled in a corner not wanting to do much. We would have the energy to do little, and the disinterest to match it. The Knight of Wands Reversed can sadly suggest that you lack drive and ambition. You have set no goals or give scant thought to your future. Instead of being active you become passive and sedentary. His presence can be suggesting there is a lack of Fire in your personality make-up at present which is causing you to be listless and lifeless.  You lack imagination and are inspired by nothing. The Lack of Fire makes you fear change or anything that is new or different.  You might be finding it hard to make a decision about what you should be doing.  You might talk yourself out of any change or travel because it just takes too much effort. You have no interests and may not even have a hobby to engage you. You need to take stock of your life and find something that captures your attention and imagination so that a spark at least can ignite. Otherwise, life will pass you by all too quick and you will be full of regrets, ‘what ifs’ and ‘if onlys’. You also need to get physically active too. His Reversed presence can highlight the extremes of exercise; doing too much or none at all. Only you can decide which category you fall in to. Nevertheless, you need to do something about it.

Blowing Hot and Cold Reversed Fire

So, when The Knight of Wands Reverses, his Fire can race into extreme either one way or the other. It can also change direction very easily. He may be all Fired up one day, rearing to go, excited about the prospects ahead, but by the next day is listless and couldn’t care less. The extreme Fire can make him terribly restless by either over-exciting him as he becomes addicted to novelty, action, drama and reckless behaviour, or totally exhausting him from constant movement and giddiness.

What this means for you or your Querant in a Reading is that if you have let Fire become extreme in your life and behaviour, you are going to find it almost impossible to complete any tasks you start. Extreme Fire will not let your mind settle or focus on anything.  Neither will it let you sit still for a moment. How the hell are you going to get anything achieved when you are like that?

Overbearing, Reckless, Cocky Reversed Fire

When The Knight of Wands appears Reversed in your Reading, it is a good sign that your attention span is appalling at present and you will find the need for constant movement and action, but there is bound to be little thought or purpose behind it. You will be drawn to challenges for all the wrong reasons. People around you will beg you to ‘just let it go’, but no, you will be hell-bent on rising to every challenge that comes your way, and when Reversed, these can tend to be negative. It is like a craving or burning desire you have to be constantly pushing and forcing. You constantly have that Suit of Armour on you. You may be trying to prove a point, or your superiority, when those around you couldn’t really give a damn and wonder why you have to try so hard.  Relentlessness turns into a negative aspect as you wear out everyone around you with you dogmatic, headstrong attitude and overbearing behaviour. In the Upright you would be considered Bold and Brave, but once Reversed your antics and approach to situations may be viewed as recklessness and sheer stupidity. Like a Flash Fire, you could burn or destroy everything in your path as you fail to listen to reason or sense. Advice is for Fools as you believe you know it all and have nothing to learn. You can become cocky and fully of your own importance, bragging, boasting and showing off to anyone who will stand around long enough to listen to listen to you.

When The Knight of Wands is drawn Reversed, the Ego may very well be over-inflated. You carry an air of cocky superiority and may tend to Lord it over others, giving orders, or worse still, intimidating and bullying those around you. Instead of earning control, leadership and the respect of others, you may assume the position of control by force. You may become a tyrant, the very sort you say you despise, but if power gets into your hands, it may certainly change you for the worse. With Fire in extreme, you are bound to become very intolerant of those around you who do not move fast enough or appear weak and indecisive in your eyes. Motivation goes out the door as you boom instructions left, right and centre. Few have the courage to challenge your methods or stand up to you as you have no interest in the input of others. It is your way or the high way.

Aggressive Reversed Fire

When The Knight of Wands Reversed appears in a Reading it can represent a person who has a feisty, fiery and aggressive way of behaving. He likes to draw attention and conflict to himself. This is usually due to a large chip he carries on his shoulder and thinks everyone is his enemy, trying to compete against him or belittle him. He can become obsessed with rivals and competitors. This attitude can have him taking offence to the slightest word, action or behaviour of another. He thinks everyone is out to get the better of him. In fact he is actively looking for someone to annoy or slight him for it feeds his need for aggressive and angry behaviour. In his mind, it gives him a good excuse for jumping in with both feet and fists to right the perceived wrong done to him. No one is going to get the better of him. He becomes a troublemaker and the instigator of rows and arguments. He will wreck many a party or night out.

Even on the best of days, his behaviour may turn rowdy and unmanageable, resulting in rows and brawls. He has no problem getting physical and is also renowned for jumping in uninvited into other people’s arguments and rows just for the sake of it. He gets a high out of fights, and a burst lip or black eye is all part of the fun, and to him, proof that he is a tough guy.  In his extreme aspect, he has the potential to become violent or have violent outbursts that can be quite scary to onlookers. The Reversed Knight of Wands represents the typical soccer hooligan who is out to cause trouble or The Rebel Without a Cause who turns up at any event to stir up the mob mentality. He is often the instigator of rows between people or groups. In his Reversed state he commonly gets barred from places and venues. He can gain a bad reputation for drawing negative attention and encouraging constant conflict or skirmishes. He is always in trouble of one sort or another, yet is always ready to put the blame on others for provoking him. He needs this to feed his extreme Fire’s desire for excitement. This is not Fire acting in the manner which it is meant to. It is negative and destructive rather than positive and constructive. His extreme Fire can be getting him into constant trouble. People know or recognise him for all the wrong reasons. If you identify with this aspect of The Knight of Wand’s personality, you more than likely have problems that need to be addressed before they become completely entrenched.

In arguments with family or friends, The Knight of Wands can become extremely confrontational and can cause fall outs between people by forcing them to take sides or becoming threatening in his behaviour. Because of his presumptuous nature, he is constantly misunderstanding or misreading a situation and once his mind is fixed on something it can be very difficult to persuade him otherwise. He can suffer from dreadful jealousy and envy if his life is not going as he desires. He finds it hard to offer his support or praise to those who are more successful than he. In fact he will go out of his way to run them down or cause trouble for them. He cannot be happy for anyone for he is deeply troubled inside.

Unfortunately, This Knight of Wands in Reverse can be extremely unreliable. His word cannot be trusted, it may mean nothing. His mind is so erratic and his attention span so weak that what you say to him can go in one ear and out the other very rapidly.

Impatient and Frustrated Reversed Fire

The Knight of Wands Reversed often appears in a Reading when there is a situation where tempers are flared. Something may be happening that is causing you great impatience and frustration which you are finding harder and harder to deal with. You may be on the point of blowing a gasket and feel like a pressure cooker ready to explode. This build-up of seething frustration is often caused by setbacks and delays to your plans, especially if there is travel of any kind involved. People standing in the way of you moving forward on what you believe to be a golden opportunity can be extremely upsetting for you. They just don’t see things the way you do. However, when The Knight of Wands is Reversed, those who are blocking your path may be doing so for a very good reason. There is a very good chance you are moving way too fast on a project and have given little thought as to how it is going to be implemented.  You just want to get started and believe you will work it out as you go. Unfortunately, unless you can manage this without the help of others, then they may have a valid point and reason for concern. This is especially true if you have other people’s interests, resources or money tied up in your risky plans.

Excessive and Extravagant Reversed Fire

And speaking of money and resources, The Knight of Wands Reversed can suggest you are living well beyond your means and spending money like there is no tomorrow. You certainly have a very Cavalier Attitude to life and seem to give little thought as to where all the money is supposed to come from. You could be maxing credit cards and spending flamboyantly. You could be throwing money around, making out that you are the ‘big man’. This is bound to bring you into the spotlight and make you the centre of attention alright, but it could be for all the wrong reasons. You certainly will have oodles of so-called friends and hangers-on who think you are great fun to be around, but may laugh at you behind your back. Your pranks and antics may border on the ridiculous and be terribly immature or totally irresponsible. This inappropriate and reckless behaviour could easily be to show off and impress others. It can be a sign that your self-esteem is not as great as you make it out to be.  There may be a new leader in the pack or newcomer who is making you feel uncomfortable. Regardless of how over the top others may view you, there will be no shortage of those who will take advantage of your extravagant behaviour even if they do think you are mad and insane behind your back. It is for certain you will always draw a crowd, but you may find out in the long run that you have few, if any real friends.

Trapped Reversed Fire

This Reversed Knight can also appear in your Reading if you find yourself trapped in a situation that is hard to get out of. You may be suffering extreme inner turmoil and frustration at not being allowed to be free. Restrictions, obligations and duty might be tying you down, while you crave to explore your potential or the world outside your own front gate. This is bound to make you irritable and on a short fuse all the time. You may find life where you are boring and dull and wish you could just pack a rucksack and run away. There is a chance you might be planning on making an unannounced departure of one sort or another. In the Upright, The Knight of Wands comes galloping into the scene but when he Reverses, we may not see him for dust as he puts as much distance as he can between him and us. He is the wild rover who cannot be happily tied down.

Travelling Reversed Fire

The Knight of Wands Reversed often delivers news of delays in travel plans or even cancellation. You may be all set to head off somewhere only to discover that your departure has to be rescheduled or cancelled due to surrounding circumstances that may be out of your control. Sometimes the travel problems arise due to your hasty and impulsive nature, not checking details and itineraries, flight time changes and also the quality of the destination you are travelling too. When this Knight of Wands appears Reversed and you are due to travel, make sure you check all your arrangements thoroughly and leave nothing to chance. This Knight of Wands also likes to travel with no schedule as he prefers to act spontaneously, moving from destination to destination as it suits. He usually travels light to facilitate his drifting nature. His travel may have no purpose or there may be no final destination. He prefers to fly by the seat of his pants and is not afraid of having to rough it as he goes. He may even appear like a hobo, unwashed and clothes in tatters due to his unconventional lifestyle.  There is also another aspect to The Reversed Knight of Wands where travel or movement is concerned. His antics or behaviour may have him needing to rapidly leave town regularly or to keep moving on before his enemies catch up with him.

Burnt Out Reversed Fire

The Reversed Knight of Wands may be appearing to acknowledge that you need to slow down or possibly have decided to do so yourself. Your hectic pace may have caught up with you leaving you burnt out and exhausted. Depression may be evident. Wands people do not handle sickness or poor health too well as they are used to being full of energy. Being tired is not a sign of weakness, that you are a failure, or that you have lost out to the competition. It is neither necessary nor possible to be the best at everything. You are a good all-rounder but may only excel in a few areas. Learn to identify what you are really good at and focus on these areas. Stop being so competitive. You may be letting your life get out of hand and involved in far too much. It is more than you can handle. Understand this and try not to spread yourself too thin.  If you are burnt out and exhausted, this is why. You will have to admit this to yourself and to others who may be expecting too much of you. Slow down before you fall down.

When The Knight of Wands Reverses, he can suffer a bad fall from his wild horse who has been let get totally out of hand and control. You may find yourself stranded in foreign territory with no internal compass to navigate by. Instead of you being the Hero, others may now need to come to your rescue. You have been trying too hard and moving too fast. Slow down now and learn to pace yourself as you need to recharge your batteries and get some much-needed rest. Your relentless Fire has left your nerves feeling frazzled and frayed.  You have said yes to far too many things and people, and have your fingers in way too many pies. You may not be able to fulfil your obligations or carry out your job duties satisfactorily. This is the result of taking on way too much in an attempt to be everything to everybody, and to be seen as some sort of Superman. Even Superman needs a break occasionally and when you are tired and worn out, you are not able to give your best. If you are living your life constantly in the fast lane, working or partying too hard, then you are bound to experience a crash at some stage or other.

Being a Wand, Reversed or not, being laid low and having to endue enforced rest can make you feel like a failure and weak. However, it can also have the reverse effect. If The Knight (you) has fallen from his horse or possibly being thrown, then he will have to walk home, or to wherever he was destined. He may have to call someone to come and get him and then wait for help to come. Waiting is not his game, and he will only be able to move at a certain pace if he tries to make it on foot.  However, his newfound circumstances may give him the time to take stock of his life and realise how much he is missing out on by being constantly on the go. He/You may decide to slow down and find inner peace in an attempt to regain his/your health and nervous state of being. Once the pot has reached boiling point, it usually boils over. If left on the heat indefinitely, the contents eventually evaporate or turn into a charred mass. It may take a crash of this sort to bring you to your senses and help you change your crazy lifestyle.

Immature Reversed Fire

At the end of the day, The Reversed Knight of Wands may just be an indication of immaturity and a reluctance to grow up and act responsibly. This may all be youthful type exuberance but the hope is that one day he will sort himself out and develop into the mature King of Wands, or even The Upright Knight. If things have got terribly out of control, he may come to his senses and decide to turn over a new leaf. He may choose to go back to The Page Stage and completely start over from the beginning in an effort to sort his life out. His out of control and extreme lifestyle is more than likely as a result of conditioned behaviour since childhood. He might need to go back there to see where and how it all began before he can start to put it right.

Relationships and Romantic Fire

When it comes to Relationships however, women are likely to see him as the bad boy rogue. Sex will be more like sport with a series of one night stands, possibly several in the one night, creating all sorts of problems and multiple broken hearts. Commitment is a word he does not understand, so if you are chasing this Knight you will never catch up with him. It is best to let him go as he is not relationship material. Forget entertaining notions of being the one to change him for he will only take advantage of your good nature, use and abuse you, before he takes off leaving you broken-hearted and possibly financially poorer too. Even in the Upright, this Knight always feels he may be missing out on something better elsewhere, but in Reverse, he is convinced of it. The grass is always greener on the other side for him no matter how wonderful a partner you think you are. If you can get over this guy, and boy can it be difficult, for he is a handsome devil and has something of a ‘big kid’ about him, you will be able to observe his antics and behaviour far better at an objective distance. You will first broken-heartedly see him take up with a new partner, but if you observe for long enough you will see that old habits die-hard. He will find it impossible not to check out the greener grass on the other side, but once he has spent a bit of time rolling around in that lovely greener grass, he will discover an even greener patch the far side again and be off once more. You will smile wistfully, and feel sorry for those you first felt jealous of when he left you for them. They too will hopefully learn from their experience.

As much as The Upright Knight of Wands has difficulty with commitment, only in exceptional circumstances will The Reversed Knight of Wands stay around for long enough to form a meaningful relationship with you. As long as you accept this, then your time with him is bound to be wild, dramatic and filled with passion and craziness. Your relationship could be laced with show downs, ferocious rows and screaming matches. Crockery and glasses may even be thrown. Of course making up will also be wildly passionate, but this can have a terrible destabilising effect on you. Make sure you keep a check of yourself during this time and do not allow yourself to get caught up in his ‘Wild West’ style of living for it may rub off on you and damage your own reputation. Some women can be suckers for The Knight of Wands Reversed, who often turns up like a bad penny when he is looking for something from you. He can be quite convincing with that drop dead gorgeous smile of his and handsome rugged features. Did I forget the hot body too? Do not be fooled by thinking he has come back for you. The Knight of Wands Reversed in a Relationship Reading really only thinks about himself. If you simply want a good time and a casual relationship with no ties, then this might be the guy for you. Otherwise, stay clear and let him ride by on his horse.

On a lighter note, The Reversed Knight of Wands in a Relationship Reading may simply be highlighting a partner who has to travel a lot or a partner from a foreign land who can only see you occasionally. He may also suggest a Holiday Romance, especially as The Wands are associated with travel. Because he is Reversed, This Knight may make a habit of engaging in short-lived passionate romances with those on vacation, due to the fact that they will not be around indefinitely. For many holiday-makers a wild fling of this nature is exactly what they are looking for on their two-week break from the mundane aspect of their normal life. As long as they do not entertain any notions of keeping in touch and flying back regularly to meet, then all is well, and once obvious precautions are taken, The Knight of Wands Reversed can be the makings of a holiday or vacation to remember. Hop on your flight when you are due to return and wave goodbye. It is unlikely he will even notice your wave as he will already be taking stock of the newcomers at arrivals.

Career and Business Reversed Fire

Career wise, The Knight of Wands Reversed can suggest that you are finding it difficult to settle your mind on anything for any length of time. You probably haven’t got a clue what you want to do and could easily jump or drift from job to job as tedium and boredom sets in. If a student, you may be finding college difficult due to your inability to focus attention on your studies. You may be constantly changing your mind about careers, getting all excited one day and then letting it fall flat on its face the next. Everything and anything may seem appealing but the attraction is usually short-lived. You may entertain the belief that you still have plenty of time to start a career as you focus on the here and now and not your future.

You may still see yourself as youthful and exuberant where study and careers are for older, fuddy-duddy people. You may still be caught in The Page stage of life, partying too much and not spending enough time in applying yourself to your future and setting goals. There is a chance you have no goals at all and believe that it will all fall into place one day of its own accord with little or no input from you. You may be lazy and disinterested in doing anything. You just don’t want to tie yourself down to having to be somewhere at a certain time every day. You may be very guilty of constantly procrastinating; full of wild ideas of what you are going to do and where you are going to go but nothing ever comes of it. You could easily be a genius with brilliant ideas and new concepts but lack the motivation and application to get anything off the ground. Deep down the cause behind this may be a terrible lack of self-belief.

Then again, you may have come up with some amazing ideas, plans or even invented something that you are totally convinced in, but has not been well received by the public. You may have become so obsessed with it that in your haste, you failed to carry out sufficient market research. Your timing may be off or it may be too advanced for generic suitability. You may find it hard to persuade investors to give you their backing which will drive you to distraction with impatience and frustration. Just because you believe whole heartedly in it, does not mean everyone else will give it the thumbs up.

In work, you may have oversold yourself for a position, bragging and boasting about your abilities. You might now find yourself overstretched and under extreme pressure.  You will be reluctant to admit defeat or ask for help. During interviews your restless nature will not do you any favours as employers will be looking for commitment and loyalty. They will not want to invest in training you if they get any hint that you might get bored too easily and leave.

If you are thinking of starting a business when The Knight of Wands Reversed appears take it as a serious warning that you may be moving too fast or have not given proper thought to how it will work out. Time spent now in laying down a workable plan and sorting out all the fine detail will be well worth it in the long run. You are in danger of running with a plan that is unworkable just because you are impatient to be successful. Then again, this Reversed Knight can simply suggest the intense activity and buzz around the launch of a new business. You may be working 24/7 just to get ready for the opening day. This is a necessary evil at present and life should settle down to a more manageable level once everything is up and running. Make sure you do not try to keep up this pace. You may have a very strong constitution but you are not invincible by any means.

As a boss you may be overbearing and domineering. Staff may find it hard to approach you as you can be intolerant of those you consider weak or whinging.  You have a tendency to fly off the handle for the slightest reason. You like to get your own way and can walk over others in the process. You might be demanding 300% from your staff all the time and expect them to have the same energy levels as you. You might have a tendency to move the goal posts on a daily basis in work. Staff can find it hard to keep up with the latest rules and rosters.

The Knight of Wands Reversed can also suggest that you prefer to work for someone rather than take on the responsibility of being the boss. You might prefer to be a follower rather than a leader.

The Knight of Wands can suggest a relentless Heat wave.



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  1. I am on the very brink of a new life . After 37 years working in the same job , I retire at the end of this month. I have taken steps recently to set in train the purchase of a new house which will involve moving to the far end of the country. My partner and I have many plans together for the future. (Taking possession of a piano at the weekend was both symbolic and fulfilling ! )
    Therefore, the two cards I pulled this morning, the Three of Wands and the Knight of Wands, seem very apt and have added to my excitement and anticipation for the future. They have also encouraged me to face the monumental changes coming my way, with courage and positivity, knowing that the time for action is at hand.
    Thank you for your very clear and insightful explanations of both these cards. Keep up your wonderful work !


    • Billy,

      Honey you made your post from my computer with me logged in so it looks as if it was me who posted it. It is you and not me retiring at the end of the month. Get your own computer!

      X Vivien


  2. This is too cute! 🙂
    This is amazing Vivien, that your partner is into Tarot as well! Lucky you, he shares your interest!!
    You’re definitely a good match!-this is how I feel.
    I will dare assume that Billy is a King of Cups. Is that right? Just wanna check my intuition ;D


    • Hi Persephone,

      Yes Billy is a King of Cups. He always comes up as The King of Cups. He has so many personality traits of the King of Cups that he has to be The King of Cups. However, he is a Virgo, which would bring him into the realm of Pentacle King. He has some Pentacle aspects but really The King of Cups dominates. I am Taurus which means The Queen of Pentacles is my gal. Now I am very much the Queen of Pentacles, with a dash of The Queen of Wands and Swords thrown in for good measure. The Queen of Cups is there, but not as dominant as the other Queens. So am always doing stuff, being productive and has a mind that never stops analysing and questioning. While I am running around multi-tasking, and racing to meet deadlines or save the world, Billy can switch off and relax back in his armchair by the fire, contemplating the world with a nice glass of wine in his hand (The King of Cups). How does he manage to pull that one off? lol


  3. That’s what my father-in-law does! He sits on the couch and drinks his wine in front of TV, and then always ends up falling asleep, still sitting and still holding a glass in his hand. It’s always amused me 😉

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    • Yes, that’s the King of Cups for you all right. My partner always says to me ‘do you know what your problem is Vivien? You just can’t relax’. He can never understand why I want to have in-depth discussions or debates when I am supposed to be settling down for sleep at night. He says, ‘that’s why you can never sleep’. So you see, I have the Queens of Pentacles, Wands and Swords all doing their thing, and pushing the poor calming Queen of Cups down into the basement and out of sight.


      • OMG,
        that is EXACTLY what my problem is !! ;O
        I HAVE to have a chat before going to bed. To say more,I become especially talkative at night when everyone’s in bed already. So I start talking to my husband while he is lying still and silent trying to fall asleep. Then he gets really pissed off and says exactly what your partner says. And falls asleep within 5 minutes. ;///
        As for me- I get so irritated that I can’t talk to him at this time, that I become restless and lose the desire to sleep.
        If I could have a chat, I know I would sleep better.
        So, is that a Queen of Swords work?)
        I also keep thinking about stuff when in bed, can’t switch off


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