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Wands’ Encyclopedia of Love -Instalment 2


(See Extract Below, or Click Here)

After a fairly stressful week of computer issues and losing three full days of work by mistakenly saving over the wrong document, I am both happy and relieved to finally release Instalment 2 of The Wands’ Encyclopedia of Love & Sex. This Instalment brings you the Three and Four of Wands both Upright and Reversed. Instalment 2 is now available for purchase at the introductory offer price of only €3.99. You will notice I have a few inconsistencies with the English and American English spelling of Instalment/Installment throughout. I will sort this out over the next couple of days.

**Please Note, all interpretations are based on Rider-Waite Imagery

Further information is available on the Publications Page. Instalment 1 is also available to purchase on this page.

Here is an Extract from Instalment 2 which provides a tiny sample of interpretations to choose from.

The Three of Wands


Where to Find Love

If you are simply having no luck finding the love of your life, you may need to be more expansive in your search. Socialising in the same circles and venues is not delivering the results you desire. You may have to look further afield but this could involve deliberate effort on your part. This card can suggest that love will be found, not in your normal stamping ground, but outside your current environment. You may have to move out of your comfort zone, mix in different social circles, join groups/clubs, or travel. You must go out to meet love and not expect it to come searching for you. The Three of Wands is all about being proactive. Get moving.

A Relationship With Good Prospects

In a relationship spread the Three of Wands is a positive card as it suggests growth and development.  Things are certainly beginning to heat up. A fledgling relationship may be developing into something more. A mutual understanding between partners has come about. You can realistically set expectations about the continuity of a relationship. Any doubts or concerns about feelings or commitment to each other have passed. You can now start planning as a couple as you see a positive future for the relationship. It is okay to talk about ‘us’ without worry of misreading signals or getting ahead of yourself. It is likely as a couple you have decided you both want the same things. You are singing from the same hymn sheet and stand united as a couple.

Moving To The Next Level

In The Three of Wands, we find a couple who have either moved past the indecision and uncertainty of The Two, or bypassed it altogether if they experienced love at first sight in the Ace. Partners feel very sure of each other and are secure in making plans for their future together. The Three of Wands can mark the moment you realise you want to include the person you have met in your full life, and not just on occasions when you meet for dates. Your relationship has grown nicely out of the Ace. You feel blessed with luck. Now we find partners being invited or welcomed into each other’s family as introductions are made. You encourage your friends to get to know your partner, instead of keeping them at arm’s length. You wouldn’t do this unless you believed your partner to be sticking around, a keeper. You want to share your world with your partner and vice versa.

You could be planning your first vacation away, or spending longer periods of time together. You are getting a better feel for each other, discovering more and more about your personalities. What you discover is better than expected.  You could be seeing your partner in a whole new light as their world opens before you. You have a very good feeling about the future.

Focusing On Career, Not Relationships

Because of The Wands connection and association with career, enterprise and ambition, we must look at how this might influence their approach or attitude to love and relationships. In the Three, we might be looking at an individual who has their sights set, not on love, but their career instead. They may not see the two being compatible in this instance. This card could be………Continue Reading Wands’ Encyclopedia of Love & Sex Instalment 2 Extract

Wands’ Encyclopedia of Love & Sex Instalment 2 Extract




The Astrology of Prince

Have a read of this amazing piece of work and how the tarot cards have been woven into Prince’s Planetary associations. As always Nicoleh, your work is outstanding.

Venus In The Fifth

Anyone who knows me knows what a massive Prince fan I am. I’ve been meaning to write something about his chart but felt too overwhelmed shortly after his passing. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since he left us. This post was inspired by a series of dreams I had about him. I intuitively pulled a few tarot cards as well…

img_0604Prince Rogers Nelson: Gemini Sun/Pisces Moon/Scorpio Rising

I – 8 of Pentacles Reversed

The very first card (8 of Pentacles) is usually a warning about unethical business associates and shady deals in general, but mainly about over-extending one’s self. In the reverse position this card is associated with workaholic tendencies and neglecting one’s health. Saturn’s Rx phase during the time of his death could have been warning him to slow down. There have been numerous conspiracy theories surrounding Prince’s death and with Neptune tightly…

View original post 2,610 more words

The Death Card Visits The Battle of Bosworth!

Death Upright

This post is prompted by historical events that happened in England, culminating on the 22nd of August 1485. I weaved in a few Tarot cards to enhance the telling of The Battle of Bosworth which marked the end of The War of The Roses, the fall of the House of York and the rise of The House of Lancaster. The death of King Richard III, the last of the Plantagenet Kings, on the battlefield of Bosworth began the reign of the Tudor Dynasty with Henry VII. With tension, intrigue, cliff hanging moments and and array of complex characters, the story of this incredibly important transitional time in English history reads like the plot of a great novel or script of a thrilling movie.  It is full of superb tarot archetypes and archetypal situations. Look around you in the world today and you will see they are still here, especially in the halls of power and politics. Nothing really changes.

I have written a potted history of the story below with all key characters and events, and have mused over how certain cards might symbolically represent this powerful story. Really, the whole deck could have been used so I had to exert some discipline and self restraint. Read the rest of this entry

Shaking The Devil Out With The Steampunk Tarot

Hello Tarot World, 

Trying to shake my own health demons out at the moment and thought of a song. I love associating songs and singers with the archetypal stories and characters in tarot.

I rather fancied using the wonderful and brilliantly British themed, Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell as fitting illustrations for my idol (Florence Welch) Florence and The Machine’s Song, Shake it Out! .  Florence says she actually wrote this song about a hangover, but I am going to reinterpret it as a dark love story in this instance.

So with my interpretation, Florence starts out so determined to shake the devil of a romance off her back. She is ready to cut her heart out, bury that mournful horse in the ground, and be done with the past. Alas, she does not hold out for very long. Deciding she is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t, she surrenders to her fate and runs eagerly towards possible further pain, and dare I say, even further regret.  Great initial intentions followed by throwing caution to the wind. As the saying goes ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’. Well what can she do when the Devil turns up looking so handsome, and in turn brings the Devil out in her too??!!! We shall have to drink to that, and here’s to the inevitable hangover! Cheers x

You may have your own interpretation so just use your imagination! The Steampunk Tarot Deck is superb and well worth adding to your collection. I just adore the imagery. What an achievement Barbara Moore and Aly Fell. I think an excellent intuitive deck for both beginner and experienced readers alike.

Shake It Out (Florence and The Machine)

Regrets collect like old friends
Here to relive your darkest moments
I can see no way, I can see no way
And all of the ghouls come out to play
steampunk-tarot-five-cups    steampunk-tarot-three-cups
steampunk-tarot-eight-swords steampunk-tarot-nine-swords

And every demon wants his pound of flesh
But I like to keep some things to myself
I like to keep my issues drawn
It’s always darkest before the dawn Read the rest of this entry

Should We Pay More Attention to Hidden Reversed Cards?

5 of Cups Reversed

Audio Version Available Below

Now there may be many Readers out there who regularly practice what I am about to describe but this only began to register with me in recent weeks. What I am talking about here pertains to the Reversed Cards which remain sitting in the deck after the drawing or selection process has been completed. What is their purpose or use if at all? Why were they Reversed in the first place? What can we deduce from them? Should we just totally ignore them, or treat them like the remaining Upright Cards, as in, just not part of that Reading? Of course this only applies if you are using Reversed Cards in your Readings. Read the rest of this entry

Noisy Audio Ads – Technical Hitch!


Technical Hitch

I just logged on to my site today to do some writing but as soon as the page loaded, loud audio seemed to come from nowhere. I have been on to WordPress and they are onto it as I type. Responded to my call for help within seconds! Am impressed!

There may be some disturbance to your viewing and reading while this is being sorted and I apologise for any inconvenience caused. Will let you all know when issue has been resolved.


Vivien (your tarot teacher)

Back From Vacation in France!

Greetings to All my Tarot Friends around the World,

8 of Pentacles UprightAce of Swords Rx Page of Swords UprightThe Hanged Man Upright7 of Pentacles Upright

I have just returned from vacation in France, and whereas I had intended on taking my laptop with me to continue work under the Mediterranean sun, I realised at the last-minute I couldn’t fit it into my carry on luggage as its dimensions were too large. My old laptop used to fit fine. This left me in a bit of a panic, but to be honest, it was the best thing all round as it meant I took a complete break from being hunched over a computer for hours on end every day. It was supposed to be a vacation after all and most sane people actually use that time to switch off and relax. With no time to find an alternative bag I had to leave my laptop behind and head for the airport.  I experienced a certain degree of anxiety over this as I felt two weeks was a long time to be absent from my writing. However, my hands were tied and there was nothing for it but to step back and accept that work would have to wait.

3 of Wands Upright The Fool (0) Upright  8 of Wands UprightThe Sun UprightThe Star Upright

So with one final sigh of regret, I boarded the Perpignan bound Aer Lingus Airbus  and turned my attention to the long lazy warm days ahead in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of South West France. Thoughts of pungent coffee and croissants for breakfast, Rosé wine, salad Read the rest of this entry

Welcome – New Content Schedule & Release Dates!

Thanks For Dropping By!

Truly Teach Me Tarot Course

Truly Teach Me Tarot Course is a Work in Progress and it’s FREE! The course, originally taught in informal group settings was uploaded, in its very basic state, to WordPress in 2012. On a mission to re-write the entire course and all 78 Cards, both Upright and Reversed, I have been methodically and consistently working my way to that end. To date the site has grown beyond anything I had ever envisaged and is continuing to expand.

Truly Teach Me Tarot for all its grand size, is not yet a complete body of work. There is still a lot of ground to cover and I anticipate a couple more years of writing ahead for me. I am also re-visiting some earlier work with a view to bringing it into line with later and more current efforts. Therefore you will find areas that have been covered in-depth, while other areas are quite basic, incomplete, or unformed. I am the sole author and creator of all written course content which means the site can only develop at a certain pace.

Current Work Phase – 2017

(Upcoming New Content)

Read the rest of this entry

Ace of Wands – New Version Coming Next Week

Be Sure Not to Miss It!

Newsflash, Newsflash, Newsflash!!!!………A Brand New Version of The Ace of Wands…….Coming Next Week……..Extensive, In-depth and Comprehensive Re-Working of The Ace of Wands……Upright and Reversed……..Coming Next Week…………Newsflash, Newsflash, Newsflash!!!

Ace of Wands

Join The Wands as they set forth on their exciting and dramatic Journey throughout The Minor Arcana. Experience the Fire when they are handed their first Wand!



Celtic Cross Spread – Cora’s Career Reading Full Interpretation Analysis

Tarot Investigative Work  – How Did I Do It?

Final Content Release on The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread 

(Click Here to Find The Full Interpretation Analysis For Cora’s Celtic Cross Career Spread)


Link to Original Reading – Cora’s Celtic Cross Spread – Sample Career Reading

After reading the above interpretation of Cora’s Celtic Cross Career Spread you may be somewhat confused as to how and where I got my story. Pulling the cards together in a manner which makes sense very much comes down to a combination of old-fashioned deduction, investigative work and that buzz word, intuition. It goes without saying that unless you read from a completely intuitive base, you should have some understanding of the Meanings of the Cards, their Numerical Status and Elemental Influence. These are the tools of the trade after all……..(Read the Full Guide that will show you How I interpreted this Reading) 

(Celtic Cross Spread – Cora’s Career Reading Full Interpretation Analysis)


Cora’s Celtic Cross Spread – Sample Career Reading

Celtic Cross Spread

How To Read The Celtic Cross Spread

Tarot Reading Analysis Chart

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