The Empress – Relationships, Love & Sex Interpretations

The Empres Upright

Disclaimer – (Important Information – Please Read Carefully)

The information provided below is not a definitive guide to relationships, love and sex. It is not to be used  in place of professional, medical or legal advice. If  you are having issues you should seek counselling or speak to your GP. The appearance of this card in your tarot spread does not automatically mean any one of these interpretations apply to you. The are used for study and exploration of cards, not for making sweeping judgments or for major decision making. The are based on theory, speculation and association, designed to promote debate and further analysis.  The cards are very subjective and no one card alone can suitably portray anyone’s life or personal circumstances. Neither can any reader, irrespective of how gifted they claim to be, accurately predict anyone’s future or the actions of third parties involved. Tarot cards should be read collectively and not separately, as better insight can be gained by observing connections and repetition between cards in a spread.

**Please Note I have given many interpretations related to pregnancy, both Upright and Reversed. Again, these are absolutely not intended for diagnosis, fertility issues, confirmation of a pregnancy, birth, miscarriage or termination. They are purely based on speculation and would need several supporting cards to to hold any weight.  Should you think you might be pregnant, you will need to take a pregnancy test or go to our GP, not the tarot.

At the end of the day, Tarot is meant as a form of entertainment only. Responsible individuals can derive great wisdom and guidance from them which promotes personal development and spiritual growth. The choice is yours. You are welcome to view the content at your own discretion and take responsibility for what you do thereafter with any knowledge gained from the study of it.


3 – Abundance, Growth, Progress, Ascension, Fertility, Creativity, Arts, Birth, Expression, Optimism, Joy, Socialising, Optimism

Planet – Venus – Love, Beauty, Peace, Harmony, Grace, Charm, Attraction, Relationships, Marriage, Sensual, Sensory, Sex, Seduction, Erotic, Desire, Pleasure, Luxury, Fashion, Arts, Crafts, Appreciation, Fertility, Woman, Feminine Principle, Finances, Possessions, Material Values.

Element – Earth


Earth Sign Taurus – Sensual, Earthy, Loving, Affectionate, Stable, Security, Dependable, Loyal, Domesticated, Productive, Materialistic, Self-Indulgent, Possessive, Artistic, Musical,

Air Sign Libra – Harmony, Balance, Peaceful, Diplomatic, Kind,  Pleasing, Charming, Graceful, Hospitable, Refined, Beautiful, Attractive, Romantic, Artistic, Considerate, Fair, Companion, Communication, Idealistic


Emily Balivet – The Empress

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The Feminine Principal – Act Two

The Empress is the second of two Feminine Principal Archetypes in Tarot, each showcasing a different aspect of the female state. She also holds the title of Mother Archetype. Whereas the High Priestess (Maiden Archetype) was quite abstract, elusive, passive and introvert, The Empress is full of life and vibrancy. She is solid and dependable, the very physical embodiment of womanhood. She commands a powerful presence, her energy radiating outward into her environment, touching and positively impacting everything in its path. She desires to feel, see, hear, taste, experience on a physical level, areas only privy to the High Priestess on the mental. She gets to do the things that are off limits to the High Priestess. The Empress fully engages in life and love. She carries the burning torch that breathes energetic life into the still and watchful High Priestess. The soul awakens, the spirit comes alive. The spiritual feminine principal of the High Priestess has found a host body in The Empress. She can now love with both her head and heart. An energy path has opened with love finding release through expression. The Empress is the living, breathing incarnation of woman who must go forth into the world and find her way. She will be guided by the High Priestess at all times if she maintains an open connection with her. It is important they do not try to act alone. Together they are formidable, together they are essential for correct alignment of the Feminine Principal and the powerful energy each possess. Without each other they are incomplete and will lack qualities in the relevant areas of life and interpersonal relationships governed by the missing aspect.


The Incidental Tarot – The Empress

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The Empress and Venus – Planet Of Love

The Empress in Tarot is connected to Venus. Venus is the planet of love, fertility, peace, harmony, grace, charm, beauty and self-worth. It is also the planet for romance, sex, seduction, finances, luxury and the arts. Venus is the planet of attraction and relationships helping us form loving bonds or attachments to others. Because it also connects with the financially influenced and materialistic Taurus, it deals with the relationships we form with our possessions and where we place value.  Venus has dual rulership over the Earth Signs Libra and Taurus. Together with the Queen of Pentacles, The Empress can indicate the presence of either a Libra or Taurus personality. Venus is symbolised by a circle with downward pointing arrow. This is also the universally recognised symbol for woman. In a modern-day context, when we see this symbol, we acknowledge female power, girl power. Our mind casts back to the Hippy days of sexual liberation for women and free love. The Empress is a perfect representation of all the associated qualities of Venus. She manages to exude strong feminine power in the presence of natural beauty, harmony, peace and love. She does not sacrifice her femininity in favour of power and force. Her power is a natural one.

The Important Woman In Your Life

The Rank of Empress is one of great status and position. When she is drawn in a love reading, she can represent the important woman in your life or your wife. The important woman may also be you mother, grandmother, sister or aunt. She plays a very central role and suggests a deep involvement. Your lives are intrinsically linked, and you share much with this woman. She is a key figure in your life. Indeed, so strong an influence is she, your life may revolve around her. She is the organiser of everything, the one who breathes life into all activities and events at home and in your relationship. She can be relied upon to continuously drive the relationship to even greater heights and kick it into gear when it falters or stumbles.


Bonfire Tarot – The Empress

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Love Thyself Before Attempting To Love Another

The Empress is tolerant, forgiving and accepting. Her presence in a love reading may ask you to question how kind you are to yourself? How accepting are you of your own negatives? She wonders how much you love yourself, for this will tell a lot and influence all potential love matches. Having the ability to love yourself (not on a narcissist level), is vitally important in forming a loving relationship with another. It encourages us to set high standards, to distance ourselves from bad treatment and lack of respect. It prevents us from getting entangled in dysfunctional relationships, for we deserve better and can do better. Many of us run hither and tither, seeking love here and there, needing a partner to make us complete, only then to complain they do not love us enough, or do not make us feel special. We look to them to prop up our fragile self-esteem. We need them to make us feel good about ourselves because we cannot do it for ourselves. We crave constant validation of our worth, because we doubt we have any. The Empress thrives on compliments and affection, but she is sufficiently balanced within herself to understand her true worth and value. Her self-esteem is intact. She can sense and feel her power. When the Upright Empress seeks a partner or spouse, it is not to make her life, but purely to enhance it. She wants, would like a loving partner, or to be in a relationship, but does not need one to define her, make her feel worthy, special or a desirable woman. She has all those feelings herself with or without a partner. For those who are currently seeking love, The Empress asks you to reflect on these matters. You will only attract to you a personality that reflects how you truly feel about yourself. If you want to find happiness in a relationship with a loving and caring partner, you must first find happiness within. Then you will draw to you suitors who recognise and appreciate your worth. The only thing they will seek is to worship at your Goddess-like feet, ever-blessed for meeting someone like you.

Happy In Your Skin

The Empress wears the crown of the triple goddess. She is a representation of all feminine aspects; the maiden, the mother and crone. Her relaxed image is a reflection of how comfortable she is with all these stages. She understands the cyclical nature of her reign and is content to let life take its course. In this manner, she enjoys her time as maiden with all the accompanying potential and opportunity it brings. Now as mother, she happily lets go of her maiden status and relaxes into her new role. She does not struggle to hold onto both, but cherishes the memories of her youth. She has no regrets and adapts well to her new status. When her time as Crone arrives, she will not fight against it or struggle to hold onto her mother status, or attempt to return to the maiden. She accepts the ageing process as part of the natural progression of all things. The lines on her face and grey in her hair tell the story of her life. Of course, she will seek to maintain what she has, cover grey hair and moisturise skin, but not in a manner that borders on ridiculous. Like all of us, there will be a desire to turn back the clock and recapture her youthful look, but the Upright Empress will not obsess about it. You will not find her as mutton dressed as lamb for instance. She will be decorous as she ages but keen to accentuate all her positives attributes. Instead of panicking and attempting to mimic her maiden self through clothes or image, she manages to retain a youthful disposition through her positive and upbeat nature. She jokingly insists it was having children that put grey in her hair and lines on her face, but also what keep her young in mind and spirit. The Upright Empress looks gorgeous at all three stages of life. Her beauty radiates from deep within and keeps her forever young. In this manner, The Empress is not shallow. She will not abandon you for a younger model when you begin to show signs of wear and tear. She will expect the same from you.

Looking Absolutely Fab!

The Empress can turn up to let you know just how stunning looking you are right now. You are bound to be feeling good with yourself. You may have gone through a transformation or make-over that has really re-vamped your looks. There may be a new hairstyle and wardrobe shake-up. You are hot, hot, hot.


The Gilded Tarot – The Empress

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Fabulously Curvaceous!

Yes, as a woman The Empress likes to look good. She may also be quite full-bodied or voluptuous as opposed to the High Priestess who tends to be less curvy, her body beaten into submission at her local gym, with carb count carefully monitored. In a love reading, her presence could suggest you are drawn to curvaceous women. The Empress views her body as a temple and generally likes her curves. Although they may take a bit of getting used to if they have been recently acquired. Because The Empress is associated with pregnancy, child birth and further procreation, her curves may have developed over time. At one stage she may have resembled the High Priestess, but pregnancy and childbirth have since changed her contours. She is all-woman. Sometimes The Empress needs to reassured of her continued beauty in her partner’s eyes, especially if she has just recently transitioned from maiden to mother stage. Her body may no longer conform to what it once was. Her clothes may no longer fit or suit. She may be at odds with herself and altered body. Being reminded of how gorgeous she is by her partner or spouse can help her adjust and accept.

You Have A Lot To Offer- Love Is Out There

The Empress can act as a reminder that you have a lot to offer when she turns up in a love reading. You have so many wonderful qualities. Do not undersell yourself or throw your love away on someone who will not appreciate it. You have a lot going for you and even if you haven’t found love just yet, it is out there and will come. The Empress is love personified, and once she keeps her heart open in the spirit of giving and receiving, love will eventually find her. There will be a wonderful sense of finally coming home.

No Shortage Of Admirers

The abundant nature of this card along with the genuine charm and warmth of the Empress herself, could imply lots of admirers. You are certainly not short of potential suitors and have your pick of the crop. Everyone loves you and wants to be close to you. You get on with everyone and like to put people at ease. People are drawn to you. Men marvel at you and women want to be like you. You really seem to have it sussed. The challenge is to separate the weeds from the healthy plants of potential. Not every admirer or suitor will be worthy of your attention.


Dame Darcy Mermaid – The Empress

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A Natural Beauty

In general, the person represented by the Empress is comfortable with her body. She possesses a deep beauty that radiates from inside out. Hers is a natural beauty that needs no embellishment or sculpting. The Empress will come in all shapes and sizes. Although she likes to maintain her body, her beauty and appeal have nothing to do with a toned body and flat stomach. On the contrary, the Empress’ body is often changed by the process of pregnancy and childbirth even if she does work out. She may have stretch marks, C-section scars, and less than pert boobs from breastfeeding. She is not afraid to own them for they are part of her and the story of her life. While the Perfect High Priestess may be aghast at the sight of the Empress with baby puke down her front and hair in bad need of a wash, the Empress will laugh it off and agree she looks a mess. She does not intentionally look a mess but understands that life is messy and children messier still. In her very important ‘me time’ she is not afraid to lavish attention on herself.

The Importance of Self-Care – Because You’re Worth It!

The Empress appearing in a relationship or love reading suggests a feeling of deep contentment and being happy in your skin. You are in touch with yourself and your feelings. You know exactly what you want from a partner and are able to amply express this. As a woman you are very aware of your power and strength, yet equally ready to embrace your femininity.  Her presence suggests you like to take care of yourself and are not averse to being pampered or spoiled by your partner or spouse. However, you are not needy or necessarily high maintenance. You will put up with a lot, but there are certain areas you are not prepared to compromise on. They are personal care and appearance. You believe in looking after yourself and attending to your feminine impulses and rituals. Regardless of what else might be going on, a long soak in a nice warm scented bath is a necessary luxury.


The White Rabbit Oracle -Abundance

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Indulge Me – Gifts For The Empress

Wondering what to gift the Empress in your life? She has many needs and likes, but does have a penchant for the finer things in life. She likes to possess beautiful things and that which is aesthetically pleasing. Any gift that makes her feel good about herself, or would have be considered a non-essential luxury buy, will be greatly appreciated. She never tires of good body/hand lotion and perfume. She really enjoys all those lovely scented gifts such as essential oil candles and aromatherapy creams. She will be thrilled with good hair styling products too, gift vouchers for massage or spa treatments. A special day or weekend spa package will have her walking on air. So too, a pampering gift for her favourite hair or nail salon. An extremely tactile person, she loves the feel and touch of luxurious fabric. Silk scarves, silk underwear and luxury nightwear will be coveted. Soft fine wool throws and cashmere wraps will find her swooning with delight.


Lotus Tarot – The Empress

I Am Open To Spoiling And Pampering!

If you want to endear yourself to this Empress, be she your partner, spouse or love interest, you can’t go wrong by indulging or pampering her every now and then. Yet again, this does not need involve a big spend or anything extravagant (though she won’t object if you do), but you need to treat her like a lady, like a woman. Practical gifts are the domain of the Queen of Pentacles who might delight in receiving a new food processor or cordless Dyson, The Empress will wilt if presented with a purely functional gift. She likes personal goodies, not stuff for the house, unless it’s that piece of artwork or fabulous armchair she has yearned for. In the imagery we see her resting on luxurious cushions with tassels. On her head she wears a crown. This suggests she feels special and is worthy of the comfort she languishes on. She likes to get the royal treatment everyone now and then, to be treated like a Queen. She may have to get up in a few minutes and return to the rush and fuss of daily life and duty, but for the moment she is being indulgent. She needs regular treats and pampering to feel balanced, even if it is just a cup of tea and biscuit in her hand while she flicks through a glossy magazine. If she has sufficient income, I can see this Empress investing in a weekly professional blow dry and manicure as part of her ‘feel good about myself ‘care package. As her partner or spouse, you may be under the impression she does all this to impress you. Perhaps a little, but the main reason is for herself. We all know that ‘just had my hair blow-dried’ feeling that lifts our spirits and forces us to take sneaky looks in any mirror we pass. It can transform a down mood and blow away the blues.  In the imagery, I like to think it is her birthday, or perhaps Mother’s Day. Instead of being up and about sorting everyone out, she has been told to stay in bed and relax. In the kitchen, her partner and children are busy preparing a sumptuous breakfast which will be carried up to her on a tray complete with fresh flowers, greeting cards and gifts. The Empress is much-loved by her partner and children who will go out of their way to make her feel special because she is worth it. The Empress enjoys a healthy self-esteem and self-worth so has no issues with feeling special too or being told how special she is. The Empress will work to accommodate everyone, but because of her strong sense of self-worth and importance, has no problem putting herself first when necessary.

Don’t Forget My Birthday!

Should you neglect the Empress, forget her birthday, your anniversary or Mother’s Day, she will not attempt to hide her disappointment in you. She sees these special occasions as her God-given right that need to be honoured and celebrated. After all, look at the fuss she goes to for you. Likewise, thought and effort should be put into any gifts or treats. She will not expect you to spend a week’s wages on her, but she will expect thought to have gone into it. Running into the petrol station on the way home to grab a generic box of chocolates and limp bouquet of flowers simply just won’t do and will probably land you in her bad books for the foreseeable future.


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Where You Might Encounter The Empress

When The Empress is drawn in the position of where you will meet or where you will find love, we must reflect on where she likes to go. The Empress is very outgoing, friendly and often involved on a community level. In the work place she may be overseeing staff, and generally making sure all is in order and everyone happy. So, you could find her in this role in many walks of life. She is very creative and artistic, likes to sing, act, dance and play music. She will most likely seek an outlet to express such talents and skills. Therefore, you might meet her at your local music or drama society, at singing, music, acting or art classes. She might be the teacher or student. As a mother she will be keenly active in the Parent’s Association in her children’s school, helping organise events, raising funds through cake sales and other activities. She may be one of the Mother’s at the school gate. Don’t presume she is married just because she has children – she could be free and available so make discreet enquiries. The Empress may be found working with children. She may be a teacher, carer or nurse.  You could encounter this Empress working in a holistic or beauty care environment. She may be the massage therapist in a spa, the beautician working on the skincare or make-up counter, or she might offer to spray you with expensive perfume/after shave as you walk through an up-market department store. She likes to work with luxury goods such as designer handbags, clothes, and expensive jewelry. You might also first meet her in a hospitality environment, on the reception desk or banqueting. She is a sucker for weddings, so you could be introduced to her at one. She may also be found working a stand at a wedding fair.  Needless to say, if you are there with your intended, then just smile at The Empress and keep walking.


Celtic Tarot – The Empress

Be Yourself – It’s More Than Enough!

Heading out on your first date with a new suitor and want to make a great impression, The Empress appearing in response to this query advises you to be yourself. Act naturally. Do not attempt to put on any façade or force a personality style that does not belong to you. Of course, acting yourself and being natural, should not include any unbecoming habits or traits. The Empress will always recommend you go to some effort to look and dress your best, but this does not include a personality make-over. She reminds you that although you may feel you are not exciting or interesting enough, this person was attracted to you. They are looking forward to meeting the person they were drawn to, not a cardboard cut-out of someone else. Yes, be aware of acting friendly, engaging and sociable, but let it be an enhanced version of yourself, not false. You won’t be able to keep up the pretense on an ongoing basis. The Empress promotes an attitude of ‘what you see is what you get’. The lily doesn’t need much, gilding. You are lovely as you are. Relax.

Express Your Feelings – Be Your Loving Self

The Empress as we know is very much in touch with her feelings and is well able to express them. In a love reading, her advice may be to embrace your feelings and not deny them. Does it feel good? How does it make you feel?  If you feel love, do not hide it. Share your love. Let your partner know how you feel about them. Put an ardent suitor out of their misery by reciprocating their interest in you. Be demonstrative in love. Take it out of your head and into your heart. Don’t make it all about you in love. Let them know how important they are too, and how happy they make you. The Empress appearing as a representation of your relationship may be asking you to count your blessings for you have a lot to be thankful for. You love and are loved in return. The Growth and abundant aspect of the Empress could be highlighting a relationship or partner that is helping you grow and develop. You are being given the opportunity and freedom to find and be yourself with this person. They have no interest in changing you or making you conform to their way of being.

Demonstrative love is suggested by the Empress with genuine affection, warmth, intimacy and kindness. When the Empress appears, she is not afraid to touch and be touched. She will greet you with a hug, embrace, kiss and big smile. In relationships and love, she embodies contentment and real happiness. It marks a time for counting your blessings in finding the love of your life, being surrounded by those you care most for; family, children and friends. She is happy and joyful with what she has.


The Empress by Arlene Marie Hebert Tarot Of The Holy Grail (Visualised And Painted By Alyne De Winter)

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Show Me How Much You Love Me!

The Empress in a love or relationship reading often highlights the need for love to be expressed in a demonstrative way other than words. Stop telling her how much you love her and show her instead. Words can be cheap and plentiful. They roll off the tongue with ease, sometimes without us consciously aware of what was said. The Empress will begin to pay lip service to your declarations of love if your actions do not match it. She will begin to think you do not mean it. Her presence may ask you to take stock of your declarations. What do they actually mean? Is love a word you simply throw out and around because you know it is what she expects to hear, or is it something you really feel for her. Do you often use the excuse ‘but you know I love you’ when challenged over your lack of attention or interest? No, she may not know how much you love her, if at all. How much do you love her, and what is it about her that you love? Telling someone you love them and then treating them in a disrespectful manner is not very reassuring. Make sure you back up your words of love with loving action and behaviour. They may be held in doubt or disbelief otherwise. The Empress may have heard them all before and think them to mean nothing.

Seeking A Successful Relationship

The Upright Empress appearing in a relationship or love reading is generally seen as a positive thing depending on the nature of the reading and querant. She embodies the energy and potential of both The High Priestess and herself. She is all woman, from her soul to outer shell. She has integrated all aspects of femininity. She is the soft but strong warrior woman. She seeks success in her relationships and is ready to give her all to secure it. However, although she is all loving and giving, she has no intention of self-sacrificing or self-denying. She wants to be in a happy and stable relationship, not looking for drama or turmoil. She is the partner you want by your side as you move forward in life. She can be relied on to support you, be there for you – for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. She plays no games, no mind tricks and has no hidden agendas. She is the genuine article, the real deal, and is much sought after.

Relationship Is Still Incubating

A good relationship does not fall out of the sky. It must be cultivated, nurtured and nourished. The gestation period must be gone through. Do not rush a relationship past this stage. It may not be there just yet. The Empress could suggest the relationship is still fragile, not yet fully formed. It is still incubating, and patience is needed before the desired outcome can be fully realised. Good things come to those who wait.


Tarot Of The Hidden Realm – The Empress

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Love Is Still Fragile – Needs Time To Grow

Love needs time to grow and mature when The Empress appears. It is still in its tentative state but shows great promise as long as it is allowed to develop naturally, of its own accord, in its own time. Just like a pregnancy, you will have to be patient. You may want it all to happen now, but some things worth waiting for cannot be rushed. An infant born prematurely is fragile and extremely vulnerable. It needs considerable attention, care and nurturing to survive. When allowed go to full term, it is born hardy and fully developed. The same is true of your relationship.

Great Potential – This Could End In Marriage

If you are seeking a loving, committed and long-term relationship, The Empress promises to deliver in this regard. The Empress can suggest the relationship you are in or pursuing, has the potential to go all the way and it could end in marriage. It is safe to move it forward. You are on the right track. It feels good, it feels right. The Empress typically has an interest in settling down, getting married and starting a family. If that is what you are looking for, her appearance in your reading confirms you are both looking for the same thing. The Empress is the bride whose arrival is excitedly anticipated by the figures in the Four of Wands or the expectant mother sharing her joyous news with all.  However, strong supporting cards would be an added benefit, such as the Four of Wands, Hierohpant, Justice, Ten of Cups/Pentacles etc.


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Great Potential And Positive Growth – Relaxing Into Your Relationship

The Empress being a number 3 card can imply a relationship or love interest is nicely developing. Progress has certainly been made and things are favourably moving along. Love could be going through a period of incubation or gestation – be patient. Positive growth is implied. It looks like this relationship could have a significant future, so you should be feeling optimistic about its prospects. Although still too premature to make definite predictions, The Empress could mark the transition from the early stage of romance and love into something of greater depth and meaning. You are now experiencing deeper feeling for your partner/each other and have no doubts about being with them. There is nothing forced or contrived in the Empress. The development in your relationship is happening naturally. It feels right. There is a lovely sense of comfort and relaxation at this stage of the relationship. Although it is never wise to rest on one’s laurels, the imagery of the Empress could point to that time when you do not need to worry about commitment to each other, for all is good in the garden. You have reached a stage where you can comfortably be yourself with a partner without having to keep up facades or pretences. The Empress lounges on her scatter cushions. Whereas this can suggest luxury and pampering, it could imply chilling out at home instead of heading out on organised dates. Sharing a bottle of wine by the fireside, or eating al fresco in the back garden is every bit as enjoyable, if not more, than going out somewhere fancy. Your relationship is going through a joyous time. You feel totally connected and at ease with each other.

Relationship Going Through A Productive Phase

The Empress as a representation of the triple goddess might suggest the cyclical nature of a relationship, especially if the Wheel of Fortune is close by. At present it is going through a really good phase with no pressing issues or irritations. You are getting on very well with your partner and see eye to eye on most things. There’s nothing to argue about or fall out over.  This is a very productive stage.  Anything gained during this time will stand to you in the future.  Make the most of it.


The Dreaming Way Tarot – The Empress

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The Good Life – Know That You Are Loved!

The Empress is the very embodiment of love and can be prolific in the giving of it. Hers is a bountiful heart that keeps on giving. She is emotionally stable and secure within herself which has a knock-on effect in her relationships. Her appearance in a love reading offers reassurance – you are loved. Everything is going nicely, and you are held in deep affection and regard. This is a time of great happiness and harmony on the relationship or family front. This has not happened by chance. The Empress lets you know the effort you have put into your relationship so far is paying off. You have struck gold here. The Empress does not suffer fools too readily, but unlike the High Priestess, she is tolerant of them, nice fools that is. There is room for all god’s creations, even fools. However, if the Empress has decided to pair up with you, it is a sign she has recognised something of great worth and value in you. Even if you are a bit of a clown at times, the Empress overlooks that to see the greater good in you. You may scratch your head and wonder why this amazing woman would want to spend her time with you for you may not feel worthy of such a blessing. She is with you because she loves you and knows that your heart is in the right place. She may see you as the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with, or as the perfect partner to start a family with. The Empress offers you the good life and hopes you will appreciate all that it comes with it, for it is a rare commodity and highly prized. Go forth and enjoy the time you have with each other.

A Loving Approach May Be The Solution

Should you be experiencing difficulties or issues in your relationship, The Empress can suggest that it will respond positively to a loving approach. Drop the negativity and hostility. Handle the situation and those involved in a loving manner. If allowed, love can heal all ills. It creates peace and harmony. Where is the love in your situation? How can you apply love to your relationship issues? Have you enough love within to forgive your partner? Have you closed your heart and stopped the flow of love? The Empress can suggest the return of harmony in your relationship after a troublesome time.

Restoration Of Harmony

If your relationship has been struggling through a rough patch, the Empress appearing in a present or future position is very reassuring. She suggests the potential to restore harmony and bring to an end any disruption you may have been experiencing. Love will win out with hearts healed.


Crystal Visions Tarot – The Empress

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For The Love Of Venus – Bringing Out Your Feminine Side

The Empress is aligned to the planet Venus which rules over love, beauty, peace and harmony. The symbol for Venus, the circle with downward pointing arrow is also the international symbol for women. The Empress is the embodiment of femininity. She is soft and loving, yet strong and powerful. The Empress rules the home and domestic side of life. She will seek to dominate in this area and will also impose her feminine influence over her relationship. The Empress is a natural healer. She has the ability to bring harmony to any areas out of balance. If she appears in this capacity for a male, she may be encouraging him to bring out his feminine side instead of aggression and hostility. She suggests that solutions may be found via a soft, loving and tolerant approach. Be the peacemaker, not the aggressor. Connect with your heart in this matter and be guided by it. Be considerate of the feelings of others. It is alright to feel emotional. Allow The Empress help you express those emotions in a safe and loving manner. Men, be more demonstrative with your partner and children. Act in a loving way instead of seeking to control. Don’t just assume they know you love them. show them, tell them. Soften up, lighten up.

The Empress can show up for men who are rearing children on their own or are the stay at home parent. They assume the role and duties that are traditionally associated with the mother.

For women, The Empress may be asking why you are down-playing your womanly features, why you are acting so tough or hard? You have lost touch with your feminine side. She can also appear if you are in a male-dominated career. Although you may need to access the Magician or Emperor’s energy to compete and succeed, never forget you are a woman. When you can, dress in a feminine way, and be a little softer in your tone and attitude.

Unconditional Love

The Empress in a relationship or love interest reading can suggest a partner who is capable of loving unconditionally. They bring the potential of a love that has no strings attached or hidden agendas. The individual is ready and willing to love with their heart, soul, mind and body and will be looking for the same in return. So, if the idea of that appeals to you, the Empress appearing in your love reading can certainly deliver.


Gill Tarot – The Empress

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I’m Looking For A Full Relationship

The Empress appearing in a love or relationship reading may suggest your partner or love interest is looking for a full-on relationship. They may be keen to move in with you and set up house. They intend seeing a lot of you and wish to feature more permanently in your life. There may be a growing broodiness as the Empress seeks to build a nest and make a house a home. If you are not interested in a deeper commitment with this Empress, it would be kind to let her know that you are not who she is looking for.

Love Blossoms

The Empress is a good indicator that any relationship you are in is maturing. Love blossoms or comes into full bloom promising deep fulfillment. There is a wonderful sense of being protective of each other. The Empress loves unconditionally and guarantees she will be there to prop you up when needed and to help rally you around when you are feeling low.


Prisma Visions Tarot by James R Eads – The Empress

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The Empress Has Given Your Life A Whole New Meaning

In new or budding relationships, there is a sense of creating a magical world in which the two of you now hang out. You just can’t wait to see each other and need no one else around. You are content in your perfect garden of love and rightly feel all loved up. If this Empress is new in your life, she may have had a transformative effect on your personality. Simply by spending time in her company, your heart has begun to open to a new way of feeling, thinking and being. You might see life through new eyes, and take pleasure in the simple things in life. Friends, family and colleagues are sure to remark on the very positive effect this Empress is having on you. They will be keen to see you make a success of the relationship.

The Empress
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This Is Who You Want By Your Side

The Empress is often described as being all-woman. Whereas the High Priestess is the fantasy woman for many males, it is the Empress who is flesh and blood, attainable and approachable – a realistic aspiration. There is potential for growth and development within the relationship. She fulfills many roles while offering you good sex and a warm body to snuggle up to at night. She is the partner or spouse, the lover, the mother, the carer, the nurturer, the friend, the confidant all rolled into one. She offers support, and is warm and loving. In her traditional sense, she may also be the domestic goddess, turning a lifeless house into a home. She will stay by your side and stick with you through thick and thin. She will love you when no one else does. The Empress could be Wonder Woman.

How Your Ex Feels About You

Should you enquire on how your ex now feels about you and The Empress is drawn, it strongly suggests you are still held in high regard. You have left very big shoes to fill and your ex may find it difficult, if not impossible, to find anyone to replace you. There may be a sense of loss and regret about not realising the wonderful partner they had until you were gone. Your ex still thinks the world of you and may want you back. However, it would be unwise to base this interpretation on just one card. Consult surrounding cards to determine if the Empress is a representation of you, as it could be someone else. Although you ask what your ex feels for you, The Empress turning up in response could be announcing he has found a replacement and is extremely happy and content. He may even be married with a family. Make sure the Empress is you before jumping to conclusions. For example, the Five of Cups close by could highlight your ex’s regret, the Two of Wands Reversed could also suggest regret at a decision made and wanting to come home. Upright Courts that are a match for you would imply that yes, the Empress is you, but should a foreign Court appear, this could identify a new Empress on the scene, especially if there are plenty of upbeat positive cards to go with it. The Three of Wands for example would imply he has moved on with this other Empress, or perhaps he acknowledges your wondrous self, but is still ready to move on without you.


Prairie Tarot – The Empress

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Tending To Your Own Needs – Putting Yourself First

If you have been obsessing about finding love, or are investing too much of your time and energy catering to the needs of your partner or spouse, The Empress may appear in your reading to advise you to concentrate on yourself right now instead of others. You may be giving too much which leaves very little for yourself. Stop and take a good look at yourself. Ask if there are areas that could do with some proper care and attention. What have you let go? Maybe it is time to work on self-development and personal growth. It is all well and good to care for others, but who cares for the carer. The Empress must take matters into her own hands and not wait for others to notice her needs.   When you notice you are making constant excuses for not doing this or that, remind yourself that you are ‘worth it’. Perhaps put the search for love on hold while you tend to your own needs.

Making Real Life Connections, Not Online Ones

Find love in the natural sense by going out and socialising. Online dating is not the same in this instance for the Empress is very tactile. She will need to physically see and hear you, pick up on your energy and be in your company. Via the internet, this will be too vague and distant. You will not get a proper sense or feel for each other at all. You need to make real life connections, not online ones.

Infinite Visions Tarot – The Empress

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Money & Status – The Icing On The Cake

We all know at this stage how much the Empress appreciates and enjoys the good things in life, how she likes to take care of her appearance and spend time attending to her feminine duties of self-care and attention. She likes the good things in life and will want to surround herself with beautiful things. She will of course want the best for her family too and will not make them go without so that she can have all, but she does like her nice things and can develop an expensive taste for luxury items and the best that money can buy. The Empress can be quite prolific, her garden thriving like a tropical rain forest. She can want it all. The perfect partner, the gorgeous family, the devoted pets, the amazing house, the fabulous interior décor, the stunning garden, top of the range car, designer clothes, luxury items, amazing holidays and exciting social life. Of course, all these come at a price but once her companion Queen aspect does not put a negative slant on things, there is a good chance she can have it all. This is because she attracts it to her. She may be the goddess of love and motherhood, the perfect partner, spouse and mother, but she does like money and status. She is not greedy or grabby, a take, take, take type of person. She will love her partner to the moon and back, but being able to afford the good life is the icing on the cake for her. Once she is matched with an understanding partner who appreciates her worth, her needs will be lovingly catered to whenever possible. Her partner or spouse genuinely want only the best for her too and love that she can find happiness and blessings in both the ordinary and extraordinary. She will appreciate everything she gets and will be generous with those around her. Lucky the Empress who gets to have it all. I think this is the flawless Empress who has always enjoyed a wonderful relationship with self. She is happy within and without. She carries no heavy baggage or bitterness. She does not indulge in negative internal chit chat. Her happiness and optimism are infectious.  In being so, she attracts to her all the wealth of the universe – personal happiness, happiness with another, positive experiences and lots of good fortune.


Asherah Tarot – Sarah Wheatley – The Empress

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Living In The Real World!

In a love triangle reading the High Priestess would represent the other woman, while the Empress would represent the official or legit partner who is there for the mundane, humdrum and domestic side of your life. The High Priestess appeals to you on another level but will not care for you in the way the Empress will. It really depends on what you are looking for. The High Priestess is typically perfect with not a hair out of place, her beauty very much reliant on this unreal image. She does not like to be seen in a less than perfect light even though she is amazing with or without. Time spent with The High Priestess is outside of normal existence or has nothing to do with everyday reality. She does not have to get her hands dirty like the Empress must.  The Empress lives in the real world which she accepts can be quite messy at times. She has the power to be go with the flow, relax into the mess, slop around in it for days even. She is not fussed about occasionally falling into disarray or dishevelment once there is a good reason for it. However, she knows how to clean up and pull herself together. This ability to work both looks equally well and quite naturally puts her leagues ahead of the impeccable High Priestess. Circumstances, the chores and needs of the day can find her up to her eyeballs in mess, but she is still gorgeous and sexy. It suits her in a way that would seem outrageous for the High Priestess. When The Empress steps away from the mess and dresses up, she turns up her feminine volume and transforms into a goddess.


The Empress may be friendly and all-accommodating, but she will become very territorial and protective when threatened. She guards fiercely all her creations and can become possessive and controlling. She will fight to the bitter end to retain that which is hers. Therefore, the Empress is not a quitter in relationships. She does not walk away at the first hint of trouble, or when her relationship or marriage hits an inevitable rough patch. She uses love to see her through such times, reminding her partner that no matter what else, they still have each other. Once they love each other, nothing can destroy them, they will find a way out of whatever mess they are in. Should her partner drift into the arms of another, she may be grievously hurt, but when Upright, rarely shuts down completely. She is re-conciliatory and open to forgiveness.


Green Witch Tarot – The Empress

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Sharing Her Love Of The Natural Kingdom With You

Bringing in the natural world aspect of this card, we now find the Empress representing a partner who loves nature and animals. They may be instrumental in introducing you to the magic and beauty of the natural kingdom. The Empress in your life may love to dress up and look fancy, but she will be just as at home kitted out in hiking gear going for long walks in the countryside, or with her hands deep in the soil planting bulbs and seedlings. She is also attracted to animals and may have a cat or dog she is very attached to. It would be important for you to share her feelings in this regard as she will most likely opt for her pet – her child, should you give her any ultimatums.

The Hostess With The Mostess!

The Empress is a great socialiser and natural born hostess. Her appearance may be prompting you to get out and about in order to meet new people, or to think about hosting a party or dinner if you haven’t done one in some time. If you are looking for love, ask friends to bring an acquaintance or two to make the event more interesting. You can dazzle them with your culinary skills and great table presentation.

A Penchant For Older Women

The Empress can represent the older woman, being attracted to older women in general or fantasising about older women. You find her more interesting, and obviously more experienced. You may have developed a penchant for older women, or perhaps it is just a crush you are going through at present.  Maybe it is just one older woman in particular who has made an impression on you. You may have developed an attraction for one of your friend’s mothers, or even your mother-in-law if you are viewing her in a Mrs Robinson (The Graduate Movie) light. This attraction is quite harmless as long as it goes nowhere, and you do not act on it. Falling for the mother or aunt of your partner or spouse will lead you into all sorts of misery, and falls into the territory of the Reversed Empress, the Mrs. Robinson figure who actively entices you, is your co-conspirator and collaborator.

Mature And Experienced

On a very generic level, you are drawn to Empress types. I have many younger male clients who admit to this. They seek out older women to date, women established in their careers, possibly post-divorce or with grown up children. They may be almost young enough to be the Empress’ offspring themselves. They are not put off by lines on her face, grey in her hair or a more mature body. I think it is her mind and self-assuredness they find compelling. They see her as a woman who has lived, experienced life, has something to say for herself, knows what she wants and wears no facades. She calls a spade a spade instead of the often-silly mind games played by younger women.

Attracted To A Married Woman

The Empress both Upright and Reversed can suggest you have fallen for a married woman. You might be quite helplessly in love. The Empress may or may not be aware of it. If she is, she will be flattered but assures you nothing can or will come of it. The Empress is loyal and faithful to her partner or spouse, so you are barking up the wrong tree here. You may need to get over your fascination and move on. This Empress is out of your reach. Of course, if she is Reversed, the story could change, with her responding to your interest in her, or even encouraging it.


Victorian Fairy Tarot – The Empress

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Children In Tow

The Empress appearing as a representation of a love interest could act to remind you that this person is already in a committed relationship, is married, or has kids. She may not be available, and it would be wise not to pursue anything other than friendship. Should she offer you friendship, do not read anything more into it as she is happy as she is. It is only when the Empress is Reversed we might think she is unhappily married or wants out of a relationship. The Empress appearing could suggest the one you pursue has children that come with her as a package and cannot be negotiated on. Regardless of how madly in love she might fall for you, her children will always and rightly, come first. Do not be under the impression she can pawn them off every weekend in order to hang out with you. On the contrary, you will have to fall in with her schedule and get used to being in a relationship with restrictions, limitations and often lack of privacy. Do not attempt to compete with her children for her attention as you will shamefully lose. The Empress is very conscientious about the welfare of her children and therefore may not want you to meet them until she is sure of her feelings for you.

Mother Direct Influence

Parental Approval – Getting The Thumbs Up!

The Empress is who you want to bring home to meet your parents because you know they will approve and love her. They will be instantly charmed by her friendliness, down to earth attitude and manners. She could be the ideal daughter-in-law in their eyes.  In a very traditional sense, it will be the Empress who offers to help with the wash up after dinner instead of expecting to be waited on and entertained. She is eager to impress, not for ulterior motives, but simply because she wants to love and be loved by those most important to you. Radiant and engaging, she will go out of her way to make everyone feel comfortable. You will not need to worry about awkward conversations, stilted silence or rudeness with The Empress who is happy to initiate lively chat. She is light-hearted, humorous and well able to laugh at herself. She will not take offence easily and her positive upbeat attitude allows her to brush off the dismissive remarks of others. She will have many champions who will rush to defend her honour for she is the salt of the earth and highly respected. She will go the extra mile to disarm someone who is nasty to her. She is not keen on holding grudges, so will often let things go rather than make a fuss. It will always be their loss at the end of the day, not hers.

Making An Impression On The Mother

The Empress can suggest you will need to gain the approval of your new partner’s mother before you can fully relax into your relationship. What she thinks of you is extremely important to your partner and could directly influence the outcome of your relationship. If you are going to meet your partner’s parents or mother for the first time, do not underestimate the importance of this meeting. A lot may ride on it. You may find it annoying, but aim to impress and be on your best behaviour when you meet. It would be a nice idea to bring her a special gift to get the proceedings off to a good start. While she is sizing you up, you can do the same with her. Decide whether she is simply flexing her mother status, or shaping up to be a right handful to manage. Also, be very careful about criticising your partner’s mother when The Empress appears Upright as he/she holds her in high regard and may not understand why you would possibly find fault.


Tarot of The Journey To The Orient -The Empress

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Mother Figure Required!

The Empress appearing in a love reading could imply your desire for a mothering type of figure. You may not be the most independent of types and look favourably on a partner who is ready and willing to look after you, run around after you, make sure you have everything you need and is prepared to pick up and clean up after you too. This is usually the result of an overly cossetting and indulgent mother who spoiled their child by doing absolutely everything for them. This mother archetype would have encouraged her children to become totally dependent on her by fostering a belief that she was indispensable to their existence. These children could easily reach adulthood without knowing how to turn on the washing machine, where the iron is and how to boil an egg. They lack the skills and knowledge to take care of themselves and will be quick to become dependent on a partner or spouse who seems capable in these areas. Their partner becomes a replacement for their mother.


The Urban Tarot – The Empress

If you are seeking a Mother Figure as a partner or spouse, it is likely you will look for these traits from the first date. It will become rapidly obvious how motherly they are prepared or willing to be.  It is the archetypal ‘clucking hen’ mother mode Empress who will tend to you when you feel poorly, bringing hot drinks, mopping your brow, tucking you into bed and ordering you to stay there. She is only too delighted to be of use and showcase her mothering skills. She seizes every opportunity to do so, much to the delight of her partner or spouse who raises no objection. The High Priestess would feel most uncomfortable in this role and probably leave you to fend for yourself on the basis she doesn’t want to disturb you. She would rather pay agency staff to come and look after you than volunteer herself. The High Priestess by your side may draw a lot of envious attention your way when you enter a room or social event, but it’s unlikely she will be there for any of the unpleasant bits. Whereas the Empress will respond with ‘oh my poor pet’ when you are feeling down or unwell, The High Priestess will ask ‘what about me?’, or perhaps not even notice it at all.

Seeking Unconditional Love

The Empress can highlight a partner looking for, or expecting unconditional love from you, irrespective of whether they deserve it or not. It is presumed you will put up with a lot of bad behaviour, your job to stand by them or stick with them without judgement or criticism. When The Empress is Upright, this partner generally does not act in a malicious manner but they can mess up on a regular basis, be irresponsible or foolish. When it eventually comes to the attention of the Empress, as it always does, there will be an attempt by her partner to claim it was done for her benefit and they only wanted to make her happy. Insisting their heart was in the right place when they messed up, aims to disarm the Empress and diffuse an angry outburst from her. This could become a recurring habit. Perhaps The Empress is too easy with them, too indulging. They can’t bear her to get mad or cross with them when they act out or do wrong. Losing the regard and respect of The Empress makes them miserable. They can behave like a child who knows well they have angered their mother and must seek a way back into her good books. They may sulk, cry or fawn in an attempt to extract forgiveness, a pat on the head and a return to normal. This person relies on their Empress to kiss any or all upsets and make them better. It is up to the Empress to sort out issues in the relationship, take matters in hand, know the best thing to do, and restore calm and harmony.

There’s No One Like My Mother! – Carbon Copy Required

From another perspective, you may not be looking for a mother figure per se as you are well equipped to care for yourself, but perhaps what you seek is a partner or spouse who emulates your mother, resembles her, has similar qualities, attributes. This is especially relevant if you had/have a mother-in-a-million and now want the same in your own relationship and for any future children you may have. You might compare all potential love interests to a mother who epitomises the ideal or perfect partner for you. Your partner or spouse may have very big shoes to fill. It may become increasingly trying for them when they become aware of the looming shadow they walk in. Constantly reminding your partner of how wonderful your mother was/is, how she did/does things this way or that way, or pointing out how your cooking is not up to the same standard as hers will not help your relationship in the long run and could foster hostility in your partner towards your mother.

Your mother may be the most wonderful woman in the world, but you must guard against turning her into a third person in your relationship. The Empress both Upright and Reversed in a relationship reading could symbolise still being tied to your mother’s apron strings whether she is encouraging it or not. Time to take stock and see how your mother’s influence or your attachment to her is impacting your relationship. Do you dine in your mother’s during the week instead of at home? Do you still bring your washing to her? Do outings with your partner always include your mother? Does your mother still buy your clothes? Can you not go a day without talking to your mother on the phone?

Just The Empress I Am Looking For

When asking what a new partner wants from you in a love reading, The Empress could expose a hidden agenda, but surrounding cards would need to support this. This person may want it all from you and sees you as someone who could amply provide it. Now there may be no malice in this, you simply tick most of the boxes on their ‘suitable partner criteria list’. Yes, this person could see you as the marrying type if they are looking to get married themselves, but there may be strings attached, hidden needs. The person could be looking for the ideal candidate to be a mother to their existing children, someone to look after and care for all of them, someone who has the capacity to instill stability and security, to restore harmony. Your resume is impressive to them. You can cook, keep a nice home, look good and have an appreciation for the finer things in life. You are accommodating, helpful and tolerant. Yes, you really tick all the boxes. The Empress may be the first person to apply for such a role, eager to make a difference, but if this person is pushing to move things on faster than you would want, you may have to ask why?


Illuminati Tarot – The Empress

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A Tug Of War With Your Partner’s Mother!

The Empress is the archetypal mother and she may turn up in your reading if a mother figure is having a strong influence on your relationship or when selecting suitable partners. The Empress can be controlling and strongly opinionated where her offspring are concerned. She may butt in or attempt to influence. She likes to think she knows what is best for you, but often it is what she considers is best for her. She may have a set idea of who would be most suitable for you, what a nice type would be for her son or daughter. The Empress is often a powerful influence in her son’s life and may not be too willing to hand his care over to another. She may interfere or make the early stages of your relationship difficult, frustrating or stressful. She may not want you to succeed, hoping her son will choose her over you. She may be critical of the way you do things or attempt to force her ways on you on the basis she knows her son and his needs better than you do. It may become quite competitive. However, this only becomes a real issue when The Empress Reverses. Until then, she may prove challenging, but you should be able to win her over in the long run once you prove your worth. After all, you have stepped into what she considers her territory, and her son or daughter, her possession. She may not want to loosen her grip on what she has created.


For The Love Of Children – Maternal Urges

When The Empress appears in a relationship or love reading, she could be indicating that you, your partner, or the one you are pursuing wants to have children, is open to the idea or is thinking about it. This is probably something they have carried for some time. Some women are born with strong maternal urges. For others it is a desire that develops over time, as they mature, or as their relationship does. Then there are those who claim to have not a single maternal bone in their body. This does not imply they do not like children as often it is the person who has opted not to have children that makes the most devoted and indulgent God Parent, and in some cases, Fairy Godparent who grant their godchildren anything their little hearts so desire. They can play a pivotal role in the upbringing of someone else’s child whilst maintaining a childless status them self. However, let us go back to the Empress who wanted children ever since she played with dolls as a little child, when she helped lovingly rear her younger siblings and fussed and fretted over them as they were her own. Traditionally this was what most little girls dreamed of. Things have indeed changed, but back in the day most little girls wanted to get married and have children. I suppose it was conditioning and lack of alternatives or options being readily available. The Empress, regardless of which era she was born into is one of the personalities that never falters over the years in her desire to have children. It is as if her life has been moving towards fulfilling this destiny from the moment of her own birth. She has absolutely no qualms about wanting and having children, irrespective of career or lack of full-time partner. However, the latter is desired as she will favour the traditional two parent set-up.


Tarot Of The Old Path – The Empress

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The Desire For A Baby

So, if you are asking for insight into your relationship or your partner’s feelings about having children, or what they are seeking long-term, The Empress might be letting you know that babies and children feature strongly for this person. There is a natural maternal instinct at play which you will probably have witnessed when observing your partner’s reaction to young children, and especially babies. You will see them become totally engrossed and all soppy. If having children is a mutual desire, this impulsive maternal behaviour will gladden your heart for sure. You have met, or are in a relationship with someone who wants what you want. You couldn’t ask for a better indication than The Empress. Now to look at this from another perspective, should you be a million miles away from wanting children, now or in the near future, The Empress appearing could signal tension ahead if she is becoming broody or conscious of her biological clock ticking away. This could already be a bone of contention for you if you do not see eye to eye on starting a family. It is perhaps one of the least discussed subjects when partners first get together as a couple. Active energy goes in to avoiding conception with an unplanned pregnancy putting the fear of God into couples just getting to know each other. Couples can then drift into marriage without having a good old chat about each other’s family planning expectations. There may be an unspoken understanding, at least on one side, that children must wait until career ambitions have been achieved, financial stability attained, or permanent home secured. There may be an alternate unspoken understanding that starting a family would be the next natural progression for the relationship, and sooner rather than later. When the Empress appears in a relationship reading where partners have not openly discussed their expectations, she could be suggesting at least one of you is brooding on starting a family. This may or may not have been vocalised just yet. The Empress confirms that this is not a phase the person is going through, but a genuine, deep down desire to have a baby of their own.

Wanting To Fill Your House With Nappies

The Empress likes to fill her house with nappies and the noise of laughing, boisterous and even crying babies. She will be over the moon with getting pregnant and having a baby, but she may not want to stop at that. Her presence often indicates the desire for a large family. This is especially relevant if she too came from a large and happy family, or the other extreme, was an only but lonely child. She may even wish to have them in quick succession. She embraces the idea of running around after several young children, something that would leave the rest of us exhausted at the thought of it. She is really good with kids and takes all the chaos of a large brood in her stride.


Mystical Cats Tarot – The Empress

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High Fertility – Conception Alert!

The Empress is the Goddess of Fertility and her presence in a relationship, love, or sex reading can indicate high fertility with a strong potential for conception. Therefore, if you are seeking to get pregnant and she turns up in a reading, it might be a good idea to make good use of such a fertile time, as the chances for conception are definitely on the up. Should a pregnancy be the very last thing you need or want, the Empress will warn of the need to take extreme caution as the chance of an unplanned pregnancy is high. Justice turning up alongside the Empress could bring this home to bear. Pregnancy is the direct consequence of having unprotected sex, or being sloppy with your protection. There will be a certain consequence for actions taken in relation to sex. It may not be what you want, but this will be the outcome you get, fair or not. The Empress’ fertility is not a logically functioning thing. It does what it does and will not take into consideration whether it is what you want or if the time is right or not. You will have no one to blame but yourself.


Full Moon Dreams Tarot – The Empress


The Obvious follow on from the above is the Empress appearing in a spread to confirm an actual pregnancy. However, her appearance alone may not amount to anything in itself. Really you need to see other pregnancy cards, such as the Ace/Three/Four of Wands, Nine of Pentacles and Pages. As a one-card reading in answer to ‘Am I pregnant?’, it could be a ‘Yes, you are with child’, but it could also point to, ‘No, but you are very fertile, so it could happen’, or ‘Yes, I know you want to be pregnant’. The Empress is often depicted very obviously pregnant, but in the Rider-Waite this is only implied by her voluminous gown which is reminiscent of a maternity smock. It may be hanging quite loose now, but she will fill it out as gestation progresses. When she turns up in your reading, she could be asking you to observe more closely that bit of weight recently gained, the sudden fullness or your breasts, or tightness of your clothes. They could be signs of pregnancy that haven’t clicked with you just yet. Your body may feel different, lost its maiden outline, but you might have been too busy to question why.

The Miracle Of Child Birth –  A Whole New Respect!

The Empress can turn up in a reading if your partner has recently given birth. Prior to that you may have seen her as maiden-like. You may have dated for a long time, been together or married for years. The woman you know has changed. Pregnancy, and especially the birth has had a profound effect on both of you. You might see your partner in a whole new light. You have so much respect for what she has achieved and gone through. You may be in awe of her after witnessing the birth of your child. Perhaps you felt powerless to help during her hours of labour, possibly shocked by the level of pain she endured, and then the ordeal of delivery. Your partner has acquired a Goddess-like aura in your eyes and you have never loved her as much as you do now. These feelings can un-leash intense emotions that will choke you up and bring tears to your eyes. You are so proud of her.

Baby Is Wonderful, But Do Not Lose Sight Of Yourself – Mothers Have Needs Too!

The Empress can appear in a reading for mothers, both new and old to remind them not to lose sight of themselves or their needs after having a baby. Many women put so much effort into their new infant and children’s wants and needs, they fail to notice how much they have let themselves go. It can become all about the baby or children, with nothing left for the mother. She will be prepared to go without so they may have it all. This is admirable when going without relates to putting food on the table and paying bills, but many women fail to include themselves in the equation when it comes to spending money on nice things. Children today have enormous needs and demands. There may be very little left for the parents after their children have been catered for. The Empress insists you do not forget yourself in the midst of childrearing. When a new baby is born, the mother is typically showered with gifts for her baby. Family and friends can sometimes overlook the need to gift the mother who has gone through so much to bring baby into the world. She may be feeling quite rough, in pain, and dreadfully exhausted after the ordeal. A thoughtful and indulgent personal gift would be greatly appreciated. A soothing body lotion, voucher for hair treatment or her favouite clothes store would be ideal. Partners and spouses should be aware of this too. In the weeks and early months following the birth, mother will struggle to find clothes that fit and are comfortable. It may be weeks or months before she has any interest in putting on clothes and getting out and about. Her body will take time to recover and come back into shape. It is only when sufficient sleep has been restored will she begin to raise her head and wonder what has been going on in the world outside while she drifted in a cotton woolly cocoon of baby, feeding times, and nappy changes. Then she may wonder when it was she last felt like a real woman, when she last thought about what she might wear, or spent time exfoliating her skin or buffing her nails. When that time comes, wouldn’t it be nice to go shopping for some new clothes to mark her return to mainstream life once more? The Empress knows how she feels and wants to help get her back in form.

A Time To Be Parents And A Time To Be Partners

Tending to one’s appearance and needs is not a sign of superficiality or shallowness. On the contrary, it is a sign of personal regard and basic pride. The Empress can become consumed with her baby or children so must work to address the balance. Likewise, as a couple who have just had a baby, or already have a family, do not become so drawn in that you no longer behave as a couple. Yes, you are now a mother and father, but you need to make time for each other as woman and man, as partners, as spouses. Don’t drop all this just because you have children. Remember that one day, in the not too distant future, your child or children will leave to find their own way in the world. It will be just you and your partner or spouse then, as it was before babies were born. If you have not worked to maintain this non-parent’s relationship, you may find it very challenging to revive it. You could discover after all these years you no longer know each other on this level. Your world had become your children, your conversation based around your children, your social life centred around your children, your needs and wants cast aside for your children’s. When they are gone, they take the life you have become accustomed to with them, leaving you adrift and unsure of what to do with your time and with each other. What do you now talk about? How should you spend your time with each other now that the children are gone? Both the Empress and Emperor need to keep working on their relationship while rearing children or it may slowly disappear. They should aim to have date nights and time away. During this time, a ban on discussing children should be enforced so they may connect and strengthen their relationship with each other. Keep developing and growing as individuals, as a couple, and as Lovers.


Sensual Wicca Tarot – The Empress

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A Natural Mother

Throughout pregnancy a woman goes through many changes. These changes happen on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual basis. The woman who first discovered she was pregnant has gone through a transformation. Childbirth has matured her. She has changed from maiden to mother. You not only look different, you feel different too. There is a new air and presence about you. The Empress appearing in a reading after you have had a baby can suggest it has been the making of you. You may feel completely fulfilled and connected in your new role. Having a baby has brought the best out in you. It may also have softened you, made you more compassionate and tolerant. You may no longer sweat the small stuff as you now understand this is what life is all about. You may be quite surprised at the change in you, never expected a baby to have such an impact on your life. Those around you will have noticed too. You have taken to motherhood like a duck to water and want for nothing more.


Anna Sudit Tarot Art – The Empress

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Yummy Mummy!

The Empress does like to look good and take care of herself. As a modern-day Empress, she will be up to speed on what is in style fashion-wise for both herself and her children. She will have a carefully selected wardrobe for school days and likes to turn up looking glam. She will aim to be as stylish as she can, when she can. She has no problem driving to the school with a jacket thrown over her pajamas, but in truth, she will push to be well turned out at the school gate. The Empress is the archetypal Yummy Mummy who turns up to the school looking absolutely fabulous. Her style of dress will depend on which queen accompanies her. The Queen of Cups will have a unique way of putting her look together, the Queen of Wands will be dynamic and trendy. The Queen of Swords will be a sharp dresser, while the Queen of Pentacles totally rocks a sporty outdoor look. The Empress Yummy Mummy closely follows what celebrity mums are wearing and will aim to adopt their style, but with her own personal twist. She does casual wear equally as well as dressy up clothes. Her hair may be simply tied up in a scrunchy with loose tendrils hanging around her face, but it will attract compliments and enquiries from other mothers. Her kids’ friends are always telling them how beautiful their mother is.

Maternity Leave And The Thought Of Going Back To Work

The Empress could suggest going on maternity leave if relevant pregnancy and work-related cards appear. The Seven of Pentacles could imply taking that break, finishing up. You are now free to immerse yourself in the role of motherhood and forget about work and career for a while. It will be interesting to see how you will feel about returning to work afterwards. Your whole attitude may change. It can be very tough for some mums. A career that once held such interest may pale into insignificance when compared to the role of rearing your baby, of being a mother. Then there are those who cannot wait to get back to work. They love their child but feel their brain is turning to mush and miss the social aspect of work and the challenge.


Afro-Brazilian Tarot – The Empress

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If The Empress appears when you are approaching the time when maternity leave is coming to an end, check surrounding cards to determine how it is affecting you and what you are truly feeling. Strong Cup cards would suggest being very emotional. The Five would hint at dread at the thought of having to leave your baby. The six would suggest trying to find suitable child care, of missing the comforting sanctuary of the family home. Two would highlight separation issues. The Seven of Cups might find you frantically searching for suitable child-care, a way to work from home, an alternative to returning to your job or a way around it. The Eight would see you resigned to going back to work, even though it will be with a heavy heart. The Nine of Cups might show the other side of things, looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and catching up with work colleagues, or perhaps happily deciding not to go back. The Ten of Cups is reassuring in telling that it will all work out. There is a good chance a family member will agree to mind your child, maybe a sister or mother. Perhaps finding a childminder to come to your home rather than placing your baby in a creche would be more agreeable, or leaving your child to be minded in a family environment may be more natural and loving. Check surrounding cards to determine the best way forward for all.

Swords would suggest either stress related to going back to work or a very logical approach. Regardless of how you feel, you need the money and must go back, or perhaps you are not prepared to throw away a career you fought hard to build. Might as well get on with it. However, Swords could find you becoming depressed or worrying significantly. Wands would highlight a positive and upbeat attitude. You will probably opt for a creche style environment, believing social interaction to be a good thing for your child. You are going back to work and will be brave about handing your child over into the care of others. You think it best for you and for baby. You love your baby, but need more.

Pentacles will have you seeing the practical side of things. It may come down to finances at the end. You probably want the best of both worlds, to stay at home with your baby but also work and earn money. You will manage this without trouble but there is a chance you have worked on some plan throughout your maternity leave. This could find you starting your own business, Ace, Three, Eight of Pentacles. The Six of Pentacles could see you taking in other people’s children or doing some freelance work from home, The Four of Pentacles could highlight being well organised financially before deciding to start a family. You may have saved hard and have enough money to allow you stay at home for a longer than normal maternity leave. Five of Pentacles suggests you have no choice but go back to work. You could be a single parent with no other means of support. The Six could also imply receiving single parent social welfare allowance, or you may take early redundancy. The Nine and Ten of course probably finds you financially very comfortable. You are in a very privileged position. There is no pressure on you to return to work.


The Empress by Neshad – Deviant Art

Kith And Kin – Happy In The Bosom Of Your Family

The Empress in pregnancy and child rearing can suggest being happy in the bosom of your family. This is where you find joy, this is where you are meant to be. If the Six and Ten of Cups are also present, your home and loved ones mean the world to you. You have created an enviable environment. There is a strong wholesome feel to the Empress. She is a shining example of the good life and we can all learn a lot by studying or observing her approach and attitude to child-rearing, relationships and home-life. She seems to have struck gold and has it all going for her. She has found the magic ingredient for happiness. It is the Empress who will turn up at the door of the Four of Wands to welcome her new neighbours with a homemade apple pie. It is also the Empress who extends an open friendly invite to call upon her own home in the Ten of Cups. If you are in a relationship with or married to this Empress, there will always be callers at your door or extra people for dinner. There will be much lively chat humour and bonhomie.


Everyday Enchantment Tarot by Poppy Palin – Empress

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The Foster Mother/Adoption

The Empress capacity for expressing love comes from a bottomless well. She does not fear scarcity by restricting who she shares it with. There is enough love, compassion, tolerance and care to go around. The more she gives, the more becomes available. In her role as maternal and mothering goddess, The Empress can be moved by the plight of all the babies, children and adolescents who may not be fortunate to have the stability, security and love of a strong parent. In this manner, she is known to want to help, to save these children, to make a difference in their lives. She wants to provide them with the love, care, attention and nurturing that all children should be surrounded with. No better archetype than Mother Nature herself to understand how cruel and harsh the world can be for some.

The Empress knows she can make a difference to the lives of young people. Under this aspect, we will find her actively involved in Fostering or Adoption. Her driving force could be due to an inability to have her own children, but often we see this expression of the Empress Archetype complete with a family of her own, fostering or adopting babies or children. Her venture into this area could lead to fostering becoming something of a career or vocation for her. She might take in several children at a time or have a steady stream over the years. This Empress aspect is not the overly-indulgent type who likes to let her children run wild and free. On the contrary, she stands for tough love. She needs to be both good and bad cop to create a stable and secure environment for the children she takes in. She makes few allowances for where they have come from or what they have been through, instead getting them to fall into line as quickly as possible so that they can feel normal instead of being treated differently. She has an enormous capacity for love and is tolerant beyond belief. She treats all her children, biological, fostered or adopted, in a similar manner. Those children who have passed through her care over the years have immense respect for her and continue to look to her as their mother figure as they grow into adulthood.

Check for Six of Cups, Five of Wands, Several Reversed Pages, Five/Six of Pentacles. The Queens of Wands and Pentacles with the Empress would work well as Foster parents.

Mothering – Background Influence


The Empress being the Mother Archetype suggests motherhood on all levels. Not just becoming a mother yourself or deciding to start a family, but also about mothering in general. She can represent your own mother, the relationship you had/have with your mother. Do you see your mother as a role model you wish to aspire to, or one you wish to avoid at all costs? Do you want to be like your mother, or the total opposite? Do you intend to lean on your mother for support or stay well away?  This all comes down to your personal experiences as a child, how happy you were, how well you bonded, and the relationship you had with your mother over the years. When the Empress is Upright, it is likely your own mother will figure strongly in how you approach being a mother. She suggests a strong bond and love for your mother. It will be your mother you turn to for advice, support and help. You will want her to be actively involved in the rearing of your child. You will trust her implicitly and allow her to care for your child. Your mother will become an extension of you as your child grows and will be much loved by your child or children. Of course, you will disagree at times, and she might try to take over or exert her influence. She may attempt to relive motherhood through your child and take over, but her heart is in the right place and means no harm. The situation can be managed and is very positive overall. See your mother in a new light.

It is only when The Empress Reverses do we see the negatives and we will address this further on.

Oh No, I have Turned Into My Mother!

When the Empress appears in a love or relationship/parenting spread where there are issues, we must also explore the relationship your mother had with your father. Of course, your mother may have been a single parent, your father, absent or deceased. However, The Empress, your mother, will still have influenced your approach to relationships over the years. We must look at how your mother got on with your father, how well they succeeded at parenting. Was theirs a happy relationship, was you home a harmonious place to be? Would you say you came from a happy family? How did your father treat your mother? Was there respect? If so, was it mutual? Was their equality, or domination and submission? Did your father pull his weight at home and with child rearing, or was it all left to your mother? The answers to these questions could impact on your own approach to relationships in the environment of parenting. Will you repeat what you observed and experienced at home, or will you set out to change things, be different. Are you even aware of how your past experiences are influencing your approach to parenting?


The Druid Craft Tarot – The Empress

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Not Making The Same Mistakes Our Parents Made

For men, The Empress is very significant. When she presents in her Upright state, it implies you had a good relationship with your mother, you respect and admire her. She exerted a positive influence and you would do anything for your mother. However, even though the Emperor may not appear in the draw of cards, if your reading pertains to issues you have with your partner or with co-parenting, we must look to how well your parents got on with each other, as therein could lie clues to current problems. If you grew up with in a happy home with loving parents who also loved and respected each other, this will likely rub off on you when it comes to your own relationship and parenting. If you saw your parents confide in each other, support each other, be there for each other, be equally proactive in your upbringing, then you will aspire to recreate this in your own relationship and family. History does have a habit of repeating itself, so we must be aware of the potential for making the same mistakes our parents did. You will need to take regular stock of your relationship and parenting to see if any areas need improvement. Are you doing the things you promised you would never do? Are you behaving like your own mother or father? Are you turning into your mother or father?

What Have Your Parents Got To Do With It?

When Upright the Empress is positive, but the intricacies of a relationship are complex. After all, you may be able to vouch for yourself, have come from a loving and caring family with parents who adored each other and their kids, but what of your partner or spouse? As this is about The Empress, the focus of attention must lie with the maternal influence on both sides. The Emperor, the Father, will be addressed when we come to him. So, if the Empress appears in answer to the status of your relationship and parenting or where problems are coming from, look to the influence of mothers on both sides.


The Empress

Doing What Your Mother Did

We have already covered the overly-attached mother who can’t help but interfere in her offspring’s relationships, but in this context, we are looking at something else. How might the influence of either mothers be affecting your ability to successfully and mutually parent? Even when Upright, there may be areas that come to light. Doing something a certain way just because your mother always did it that way, may not be the right approach irrespective of how happy your childhood was. For example, the Empress may have seized full control of the child-rearing, was cossetting and over-protective. Her children were happy and heavily loved. In your current situation, repeating this behaviour may lead your relationship into trouble and cause upset in the family. Your partner may feel excluded, pushed out, of no consequence. Your children may also bypass your partner and go to you directly, thus undermining his/her role in their upbringing. You may mean no harm, but it is being done nonetheless. Knowledge of same is empowering for you can take steps to alter your approach.



Yoshitaka Amano Tarot – The Empress

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Come Forth My Lover!

When the Empress appears in a sex themed reading, she speaks of sexual desire and attraction. Ruled by the planet Venus she promises love, fertility and sensual earthly pleasure. The sex associated with The Empress is not to be confused with that of the High Priestess who may be uptight, calculating or prudish. The Empress offers the full deal; love, passion (sometimes raw), intimacy and tenderness. She is warm and loving, offering a welcoming embrace to her lover. She doesn’t run rings around her partner where sex is concerned, ducking and diving, avoiding, withholding, manipulating or pretending. The Empress does not send out confusing signals to her partner or the one she is drawn to. In the Imagery she sits relaxed and stares right back at us. This suggests she likes sex, is comfortable with it, knows what she wants and is not afraid to ask for it. As she reclines on her cushions or bed, she smilingly beckons her lover forth, enticing him to come languish beside her.


African American Tarot – The Empress

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Sex – The Ultimate Expression Of Love

The Empress is a passionate woman who likes to let herself go during sex or lovemaking. Whereas she does enjoy being taken in a frenzy of desire, her preference is not to miss out on the build-up, e beginning, middle and end, and then post-sex too. She will want to hang around for coffee and a chat after. She is affectionate with her partner or spouse, wanting to touch and be touched. She enjoys foreplay, the kissing and caressing, the nuzzling and whispered sweet nothings, the pillow talk. The Empress has little or no hang ups about sex. She is comfortable with the act, with her body and nudity. For her, sex is the ultimate expression of the love and deep feelings she has for her partner. Sex without love or feeling would leave her spiritually cold and empty.


World Spirit Tarot – The Empress

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Sexual Desire

The Empress can appear to let you know that there is someone who sexually desires you. In answer to the question of what a certain suitor wants from you, she could imply it is sex. If this is a new person in your life, there is a good chance they cannot wait to see you, and while trying to be on their best behaviour and create a good impression, will find it hard to keep their hands off you. They think you are hot but don’t want to blow it by moving too fast. Wanting to find out if the relationship will become physical and the Empress appears, it is a good indication that, yes, it is heading that way. Sex is most likely on the cards and there is a sense of sexual energy building behind the scenes that is at risk of boiling over if kept restrained for much longer. You may not have to wait much longer. You might have been trying to take things slowly, not get ahead of yourself, not appear too keen or give the impression sex was all you were looking for. The Empress’ passions are aroused, and sex is not far away.

Be Sure Before You Make That Move

However, do not seize upon the above interpretation as conclusive, resulting in you making a move that you believe is wanted or even encouraged. Check surrounding cards. Building sexual energy will be expressed through Wand Cards, Cups may want to concentrate on the romantic side, Swords may be too uptight, not ready, need more time to think about it. Pentacles may be encouraging you to do more work, to be patient, or they could also be ready and waiting for you to make a move. Whatever you decide, be careful. Do not take action based on a single tarot card. You may end up getting your face slapped or worse. She may not want to see you again if you get it wrong and make a bad impression.


Circle of Life Tarot – The Empress

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Sexual Healing

When we think of The Empress body-wise, we might compare her to the High Priestess who drives herself to the point of exhaustion in the gym, her body tight, hard, bony and unyielding. Metaphorically we conjure up a more curvaceous, less perfect figure for The Empress, aligning her to the curvaceous nudes of Rubenesque art. Venus is the planet of love, and The Empress, Mother Earth, Mother Nature. She has the ability to connect spirit and flesh into a union of love expressed through the act of sex. The Empress remains fully present during sex, unlike the High Priestess who may go through the motions, her mind far away elsewhere. The Empress gives herself fully over to the act of sex. She does not fret over trying to conceal a wobbly tummy or sagging breasts during sex, instead letting whatever wants to hang loose, hang loose. In doing so, she can fully concentrate on enjoying sex and getting the most out of it. The Empress offers a lot more than the psychical enjoyment of sex. Sex with her has healing qualities. Those who have experienced pain, loneliness and suffering in previous unhappy relationships will experience a renewal and awakening initiated through sexual healing upon entering a meaningful relationship with the Empress. All the misery of the past can be erased in her loving embrace. Sexual healing can only occur when sex is connected to love.


The Portland Tarot – The Empress

Married Sex / Settled Sex

The Empress turning up in a relationship or sex-themed reading can highlight married sex, or the settled sex found in long-term relationships. She can represent your long-term partner or spouse and highlights the domesticity that comes with marriage. This can sometimes change or alter the approach to sex as there is now an assumed security and stability. There may also be a sense of entitlement where sex is concerned, part of the deal of being in a long-term relationship or marriage. Being relaxed in the comfort of knowing that sex is available and nearby can take the edge off things and make it sometimes less interesting and exciting. Couples need to be aware of this. In the early stages of their relationship, when all was new, and sex was hot, they may have observed settled or married couples and decided there was something missing. They may have been very definite about never letting that happen to them. When caught up in the heady stage of love, romance and sex, it is unthinkable to contemplate ever feeling any different.

Domesticity – Keeping The Passion Alive

The danger is letting things slip, assuming the Empress is too busy or caught up with work and kids etc to have time for a sex life. The Empress has needs on all levels and wants to feel you are still attracted to her, turned on by her. She may act content and at peace with her set up. She does not need sex all the time as her relationship or marriage evolves, but she does need closeness, affection and intimacy. She will be very happy with a kiss and cuddle, or just to snuggle up close in bed before sleep. Unlike the High Priestess who may be manipulative or complicated, The Empress is quite an open book. What you see is what you get. A little love sent her way makes such a difference. It is only when she Reverses do we see her needy and demanding side. However, even when Upright, it is best not to neglect her for any sustained length of time. If you do, her mood will become quite low which then permeates her environment making everyone feel ill at ease. It is as if clouds have crossed the sun causing a chill in the air and a dim in light. She needs to know she is loved. The Empress has endless love to give, but she is not self-less. She does need to see that love returned to her by those she holds near and dear. Like a rose that turns to the sun for sustenance and growth, The Empress responds to love, affection, psychical touch and intimacy in the same manner.


Winged Spirit Tarot – The Empress

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Do Not Neglect The Empress

The Empress is sometimes aligned with the pleasure principle, especially in her extreme state. The Empress courts pleasure and may have a high sex drive. She can be quite prolific in nature without the control exerted by the Emperor. It would be unwise to sexually neglect The Empress on the basis she is busy with kids, work or the domestic side of things. She still has sexual needs even though she may not have time. She responds beautifully to affection and physical touch. A passing hug, embrace or kiss from her partner or spouse as she goes about her busy day lights up her heart with radiant energy.

So Much More Than A One-Night Stand

When the Empress appears as a representation of the physical side of a relationship or romance, we typically are not looking at a fling or affair. It is a good indication it will last. You, or the person you are pursuing wants much more than a one-night stand with you. They may not be interested in hopping into bed on the first, second, third or fourth date. If they see real partner potential in you, they will want to get to know you first and let the relationship naturally incubate. Sex will happen when the time is right, and when it does, it will have been worth the wait. The Sex experienced with the High Priestess is otherworldly, out of this world, on another level. One wonders why you would look for anything more? However, The Empress brings her partner fully into the current world, down to earth where pleasure can be experienced on an intense and realistic level. The Empress has so much more to offer than straight forward sex. No matter how mind blowing it might be, it will amount to nothing if there is no heart connection involved. Sex with deep love surpasses anything the High Priestess may have to offer. Sex with the Empress can be repeated, anticipated, looked forward to. She wants to come back for more, wants you to come back for more, and wants it to become a regular thing. With The High Priestess, you never quite know where you stand and whether you are in or out.


Tarot Apokalypsis – The Empress

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Great Sex

The Empress is an expression of the Mother Nature Archetype. She is the Goddess of creation and procreation. Without sex, none of this could happen. She likes and enjoys sex. Therefore, she has a relaxed, no nonsense attitude to sex. She sees sex as a natural thing, a physical act between two consenting and loving adults. She feels no shame in her desire for physical pleasure as she understands her body was created to accommodate it. Far from been a prude or sanctimonious chaste virgin, she will approach sex in an open and honest manner. She does not shy away from talking about it. With a high sex drive, she will be the one who admits to ‘really liking sex’ when her friends are giving out about it or seeking to avoid it. She is sexually free within herself. Her presence in a reading can indicate a willing sexual partner. As she gets older, she will unashamedly do little to hide how sexually active she still is. This may be much to her offspring’s embarrassment who will throw their arms in the air and declare, ‘no, mother, spare us the details thank you!’.


The Empress by RainbowMoonJuice @ Deviant Art

Let’s Make A Baby Sex!

Because of The Empress being The Mother Archetype, we must look at her need for sex from this point of view. Sex is essential for procreation. She often turns up in readings when a couple are actively working at starting a family. Sex becomes different during this time. The focus shifts from the physical pleasure of sex to a desired result post-sex. Conception is sought, and this may find the Empress quite sexually active until she succeeds.

How He/She Sees Me

You are seen as all-woman, a real woman, down to earth, warm-spirited, very feminine and sensual. Goddess-like. Regardless of how you feel about yourself or how you think you look, in the eyes of this beholder, you are very beautiful, very attractive, and yes, very sexy. This person is very, very, happy to see you and spend time with you. You are the person they look forward to coming home to. You are the most important woman in their life.

You are seen as the perfect partner to form a long-term relationship with them. They want what they have with you to last, to go on, to progress into something more. That you want to be in a relationship, want to be there for someone, to share your love; As someone they want to see more of, hope to get to know better. They want their relationship with you to go further, to grow, to last; You might be seen as the person they want to spend the rest of their life with, want to commit to. That you are the woman they want, the woman for them, the woman of their dreams; They see you as someone who is worth their weight in gold, that they have struck gold in finding you. They want to make you happy. They look up to you, and possibly worship you in a goddess sense; You are seen as the marrying kind, someone who wants to settle down in the traditional sense. They know they can rely on your loyalty and faithfulness and will be someone who throws their heart and soul into making a relationship or marriage work; They see a mature, down to earth person who wants to be happy, not someone who is complicated and tied up in mind games or playing hard to get; You are seen as open, friendly, warm and approachable. You are emotionally supportive and express genuine interest in people. That people are drawn to you. You are eager to get on with people and put them at ease; They see you as someone their family would strongly approve of and welcome with open arms. That you are a family-oriented person and are keen to meet their extended family;

You may be seen as very giving, generous and big-hearted. That you might be too giving at times, won’t allow others to help, wanting to do it all yourself.  However, you like to be appreciated, rewarded, made feel special, treated like a queen, want a fuss made of your birthday. Insist on making a fuss of your birthday too. That you like parties and celebrations, are family-oriented, love family gatherings and occasions; They see you as someone who likes to be pampered and spoiled. Someone who appreciates the finer things in life, personal luxuries, feminine things, flowers, jewelry. You are drawn to things of beauty and elegance. You love your comforts and indulgences. That you like to take care of your appearance, are always well-dressed and tended too. That although you love to give, give, give, you are happy to sit back and receive. That you always make time for yourself and your beauty rituals. That you feel good when you know you look good. That you like to be complimented on your appearance and creative works.

They think you are sexy. They sexually desire you, want to have sex with you. That you are sexually compatible. That you are sexually liberated and have a healthy sex drive. That sex with you is an act of love and lust, not lust on its own; That you like demonstrative love, expressions of love and not just words of love. You need to know that you are loved. They see you as very affectionate, warm and soft, sensual, like to touch and be touched. Love hugs, kisses and cuddling up. That you need closeness and intimacy.

You are viewed as someone who would make a wonderful mother or parent, are a natural mother, a domestic goddess. That you are broody. That you wish to start a family, are looking forward to getting pregnant, want to be pregnant, are pregnant. They may see you as someone who has great parent potential. They may see you as the person they want to start a family with, make babies with. That you are good with children; They might see you as heavily tied up with the children, too focused on the children, dominating the parenting; That you would make a perfect mother to their existing children.

You may be seen as the mothering type, someone who will look after and care for them. That you make them feel stable and secure. That you are a good home-maker; They may view you as trying to mother them; too smothering, bossy, controlling, wanting to do everything for them, fussing around them. They may think you treat them like a child.

You may be seen as the older woman. They may fantasise about you or have a crush on you. You may remind them of their mother.

Yes/No – Yes to success in love. Victory. Yes, great potential here, it feels right but you may have to wait (incubation/gestation). Yes, you are on the right track. Your hoped-for outcome with this person or relationship will reach fruition. Yes, your relationship is progressing nicely. No need to force anything as it is maturing on its own. This relationship will reach its natural conclusion. Relax, all is looking good. Yes, you are loved and cherished. Yes, your partner or love interest is mad about you and wants to take the relationship further. Your relationship has the potential to end in marriage. Yes, your mother approves of your partner choice.

Yes, this person is loving, warm, open and caring.

Yes, your relationship is going through a successful period where harmony, peace, love and contentment prevail. Any previous issues have been dealt with or overcome. The soul has been restored to both your relationship and home life. Everyone is feeling the love and willing to share it.

Yes, you are sexually desired/desirable. This person is sexually attracted to you. Yes, this person is anticipating sex with you.

Yes, to fertility and conception. Yes, the time is right. Yes, to starting a family. You are ready to have a child.  Yes, to a potential pregnancy (check for supporting cards). Yes, you/he/she will make a great parent. Yes, this person wants a baby or to start a family.

Yes, this person is looking for a mother for them self or for their existing children. Yes, this person wants to be nurtured and taken care of by you. Yes, this person is trying to mother you or take over. Yes, this person is already married or in a committed relationship. Yes, this person has children.

Yes, buy that luxury gift. Yes, to some spoiling and pampering.  Yes, they are worth it.

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