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Ten (X) of Swords – Hitting Rock Bottom Finale

10 of Swords Upright


The Death of a Situation Prior to The Beginning of a New One, Transition, Major Psychological Transformation, Mental or Physical Collapse, Mental Stress, Breakdown, Exhaustion, Defeat, Failure, Ruin, Catastrophes, Luckless, Cursed, Blighted, Heavy Cross to Bear, Powerless, Letting Go, The Death of a Situation, Time to Move On, Goodbyes, Severance, The End, Closure, Flogging a Dead Horse, Surrender, Giving Up, Finality, As Low as you can Go, Hitting Rock Bottom, ‘The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back’, Final Nail in The Coffin, The End of The Line, Unable to Cope, Hitting The Wall,  ‘Darkest Hour is just before Dawn’, Relief, Release, Overkill, Exaggeration, Melodramatic, Martyr, Victim, Looking For Attention,  Treachery, Betrayal, Stabbed in the Back,  Bitter Rows, Assault, Attack, Violence, Aggression, Crime, Enemies, Disloyal Friends, Bad Mouthing, Bitching behind Your Back, Being Used as a Doormat, Bullying, Run Down, Chronic Fatigue, Ill, Back Problems, Acupuncture, Getting Your Point Across, Forcing your Opinions on Others,



Like all the other Tens in the Minor Arcana, The Ten of Swords deals with endings and beginnings.  However, the ending aspect of The Ten of Swords is very often extremely painful or catastrophic.  This Card can often suggest that you have come to the end of the road with your situation and like ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’ you may no longer be able to cope.  There is a possibility that all you have worried so intensely about has now come to be.  It may no longer be in your head anymore but an actual reality you are being asked, or forced to face.  It may be too much for you to take in, or deal with.

The Ten of Swords often indicates that you have ‘hit rock bottom’.  You are bound to be feeling very low and swamped with despair and hopelessness.  This is generally not something that has happened overnight, but rather an accumulation of stresses, problems or conflicts.  It is also unlikely to be coming from just one source.  The Ten of Swords appears when you feel overwhelmed by your situation and have lost the ability to sort out individual issues, even the most simplest of them.  This Card cuts you off at the knees and pulls the plug on your physical and mental energy.  Suffering from Chronic Fatigue, you may be unable to carry out your everyday tasks.  This Ten can lay you very, very low and leave you feeling paralysed, and incapacitated in mind and body.  It is doubtful you will be able to think straight under the heavy weight of its energy. You may have been trying to cope for some time but it has spiralled out of control.

Sometimes it takes you having to literally collapse from the strain of all yours stresses and worries, before you realise how bad things have got and admit something has to be done. We often presume the body is like a robot or machine, and just because we want it to keep going, it will.  Few of us realise that is has its limits because we have never had to face them before.  We often run around shouting ‘I can’t take anymore’ or ‘I can’t cope with this any longer’ but mostly we don’t mean it and is all forgotten once the issue has passed or has been addressed.  The effects of chronic stress or worry is another matter altogether.

Each of us are born with a genetic stress or coping threshold.  The coping threshold for prolonged exposure to chronic stress or conflict varies greatly.  Some of us seem to have amazing stamina to deal with all types of crisis and traumas, while many of us crack after our first main exposure to stress. It often happens that those experiencing chronic psychological stress live dangerously close to their coping threshold, and once nothing major happens on top of what they are already dealing with,  appear to get by and live quite normally.  It is only when something new happens, a different type of stress, affecting them or those connected to them, that their threshold is breached.  It can be something small, seemingly irrelevant, or possibly major, but certain buttons have been pushed. This brings them out of their usual comfort zone of stress and into unmanageable territory.  Their already low serotonin levels stagger and their overworked, exhausted adrenal glands crash. To those standing by watching, they may be confused at the level of reaction to what they consider to be, not so big a deal, but for the physically and psychologically collapsed person, as silly as it may seem to others, it is the final nail in their coffin.  Once that threshold is crossed it’s not possible to quickly jump back over it.

Crossing the stress threshold has a knock on effect on every area of the body. Crashing fatigue hits and saps every ounce of energy out of you, insomnia or sleep disturbances kick in, muscles and joints ache for no apparent reason and migraines plaque you. The simplest of decisions or having to plan anything becomes a major deal, or may not be possible at all.  Appetite either increases or decreases. Noise seems to be extra loud, and leaves you in a constant shocked state with your heart pounding long after the noise has gone.  Palpitations, breathlessness and serious weakness leave you panicked and distressed.  Emotionally low, you find everything sad and are deeply disturbed by tragic stories in the newspapers or on tv.  People, try to rally you around with suggestions of a night out, or trip away to take your mind off things, but the thoughts of even having to get washed, think about what to wear, or pack a bag, is a step too far.  No one quite understands the type of tiredness you have when you say you feel exhausted.  They talk of getting a good night’s sleep or going for a walk in the fresh air, but you have gone way too far for either of those to having any real lasting effect.  Socially you become a recluse and will avoid answering the phone or doorbell. You are a mess and something has to be done.

The Ten of Swords has done its work and pinned you down to the ground.  It is very hard to see a way out of this and extra distress is heaped upon your existing burden, because even with the best will in the world, you are unable to do anything at all, which stresses you even further.  But let us not be all disaster and gloom.  You may feel you have fallen into a black hole and do not know or have the energy to get out of it, but when The Ten of Swords appears it brings hope and light out of the darkness and misery.  It speaks of now having an oppportunity to sort yourself out.  It may not have been obvious to others before, because you were coping, but the recent turn of events has left no one in doubt as to how bad things have got for you.  You can collapse now in peace as the struggle is over.  Just let it happen now for this is something that has been coming for a long time.

The contrast between the dawn breaking on the horizon in this Card and the dark black sky is symbolically letting you know that no matter how bad things have got for you, there is now hope and the possibility of solutions to your problems, help and healing.  Peace is on the way and an end to suffering.  However, you cannot just lie there and expect it all to be done for you and to you.  Recovery depends on your letting go of and saying good-bye to the way you have been living and coping with things.  Change is needed on every level for you, as what you have been doing up until now has not been working.  Old mindsets, attitudes and perceived notions about things or people will have to go, allowing fresh positive and optimistic energy to fill the vacuum.  You may have to finally let go of stale or unhealthy relationships, so-called friends, a job that has been running you into the ground or a business that is beyond saving. You have been struggling to hold onto a way of life that has been systematically killing you. You must also let others in to help, you need to be open about your problems or issues and communicate your feelings.  People cannot help if you keep them in the dark and try to cope alone.  Professional help may be needed such as doctors, counsellors or psychotherapists.  Offers of support from family and friends should be gratefully accepted, for everyone wants to help you recover and see you back to your normal self, happy and full of life.  You will have to take it easy, get plenty of rest and find a way to learn how to relax.  Taking up yoga or meditation might have long-term beneficial effects on your health. Gentle exercise will be needed to restore strength to your overwhelmed mind and body.

Unfortunately, when The Ten of Swords appears, the worst may have happened. It can bring ruin, disaster, catastrophes, dreadful misfortune and ill-health.  The associated pain and distress of such events may leave you shattered and destroyed.  You might feel like you have lost everything and that your world is at an end.  Defeat and failure bring you to your knees. You have reached a low place indeed and may feel isolated and terribly alone.  You are close to giving up the will to live, and may wonder what life is all about if it has to hurt so bad.

The Ten of Swords always supplies us with victims and you may be feeling like one right now.  You may feel cursed or blighted by bad luck and misfortune. You may believe you have been singled out by the Universe for particularly harsh treatment and ask ‘why me?’, or ‘what have I done to deserve such bad luck?’ or ‘I must have been terribly bad in a previous life cause I’m definitely paying for it now’? You may feel that no matter which way you turn it’s blocked or whatever you attempt to do fails.  You may be throwing your hands up in the air and crying ‘ I give up, what’s the point in trying anything anymore?. I might as well give up and die’.

It is more than likely true that the Gods are not shining on you right now, but you are not the only one.  It may appear that you are getting more than your fair share of disasters but it is important to understand that we all go through times like this, when the universe seems to be conspiring against us.  When we bring The Wheel of Fortune into the picture, we can see that it is constantly moving. As The Wheel rotates, those who have been enjoying their time on the ascent and reaching the top, now begin to move in the downward turn. Their luck, good times and everything falling nicely into place for them may begin to dissipate as The Wheel turns. Their circumstances may appear to take a turn for the worse. Those who have been descending, or have spent time stuck on the bottom, begin to make their ascent once more and will see an upturn in their circumstances. Life moves in cycles but there are ebbs and flows during that time, and nothing is constant. When things are going in our favour it would be truly magical if we could keep it like that, if we could stop The Wheel from turning just where we want it to be.  Alas, we all want the same and our first time stuck on the downward turn, or crushed underneath it, can be a harrowing experience.  We may think The Wheel is stuck, never to turn again, but as sure as night follows day what we are experiencing will pass and slowly but surely we will make our ascent once more, our luck will change and things will begin to happen for us once more.  If we can be patient, observant of this process and understand the nature of it, then the next time our downward turn comes upon us, we will be able to weather the storm instead of being swept away by it.

Rest assured that no matter how bad things may seem right now, understand you have reached the lowest point. Things can’t get any worse for you now, because that has already happened.  You have only one way to go now and that is up.  You have reached a turning point and although you still feel you are in the dark and quite hopeless, light is on the way and there will be the first signs of circumstances improving for you.  It is important to never lose hope or faith in life when everything is grim and black.  The only way you can be a victim is if you constantly expect to be one.  It is then you become a magnet for negativity and pessimism.  Know that whatever you are going through at present will pass, just like The Wheel turning, it will move into the past and be put behind you.  Don’ let this break your spirit for there are much better times ahead. You must maintain a healthy outlook on life and not let recent occurences sabotage your future happiness.

The Ten of Swords also brings melodrama and we can’t help but feel the figure lying on the ground looks a bit pathetic with so many Swords stuck in his back.  Talking about overkill, he certainly gets Ten out Ten for effort.  Someone may be playing the ‘good old martyr’ or ‘victim’ role in your situation.  Two Swords sticking out of their back isn’t enough for them to portray their suffering or catch your attention. No, they need Ten Swords to play on the sympathy of all.  This Card represents the person who is always moaning and whingeing about their life to anyone who will listen.  If you are unfortunate enough to get trapped beside one at a dinner party or social occasion, then you will find it hard to get away.  They have story after story to tell you about how tragic their life is and what they have to put up with.  If there is a victim or martyr person in your situation, they may be making life quite difficult for you.  Emotional blackmail may be used to keep you under their control. They possibly have an underhand way to make you feel guilty when you attempt to go out, enjoy yourself or go on vacation. Comments such as “poor me”, “isn’t it well for you?” and ‘don’t worry about me, you go and enjoy yourself. I will be fine all here on my own’ make you inwardly cringe while guilt and resentment eat you up inside.  It is up to you to change this scenario by putting your foot down and making it clear to them you know what they are up to and won’t stand for it any longer.  If the victim or martyr receives much sympathy and attention as a result of all their Swords, afflictions and crosses they have to bear, you will have a hard job getting them to drop their act. It may be best to back out of the situation and leave them to it, otherwise your life will be blighted by their constant demands.

When The Ten of Swords appears, it is certain that major changes are occurring in your life and possibly at such a rate or force you no longer know who you are or can be sure of anything anymore.  You may have lost the constant landmarks in your life and do not know which way to turn.  It is quite possible that you have been desperately trying to hold on and resist these sweeping changes but even though you do not see it right now, it is best to let go and give in.  You must resign yourself to what is being taken away and give up the struggle. Life is changing for you and it is best to let go and trust that is all for the best. It indicates the death of a situation prior to the beginning of another. It may be the end of a relationship, collapse of a business or friendship. It is time to move on. Acceptance to the death and the changes it will bring is key here. Your thoughts about life have brought you to this place and new beliefs can take you out of it.

The Ten of Swords has been traditionally associated with betrayal and attack.  Betrayal could come from close quarters or from people you thought you could trust. Because The Swords are associated with the spoken word, The Ten of Swords can suggest that someone is bad-mouthing you or bitching about you behind your back.  You may feel stabbed in the back by a friend or friends after discovering treacherous behaviour. You may not know who you can trust or confide in.  Individuals or groups may be working against you, making your life difficult or have it in for you. You could be the victim of bullying or harassment. This Ten of Swords can also suggest that you are letting people walk all over you, leaving foot prints on your back or wiping their feet on you as they go.  It is time to put an end to such treatment and stand up for yourself by speaking out and objecting.

On a more aggressive level, The Ten of Swords can also be associated with violence and aggression.  There may be the threat of physical attack or assault.  Injuries or worse could occur. Criminal activity may be involved.  When this Card appears it can be a warning that you do not take your personal safety seriously enough. You may be taking unnecessary risks or exposing yourself to danger.  Walking home alone from a night out instead of getting a taxi is taking a risk, so to is getting separated from your friends on an outing or accepting a lift home from someone you have just met.

The Ten of Swords brings ill-health of all kinds and not just psychological woes.  However, it is particularly associated with the back. It can highlight a chronic  back problem in a Health Reading or  be suggesting acupuncture to treat health issues.  The Ten of Swords is one of the Cards that when found together in a Reading can suggest Physical Death.  Remember, on its own or even when a couple of other negative Cards are involved, it does not necessarily mean death.

The Ten of Swords can indicate a sending or receiving a forceful message.  Let you be in no doubt about the sender’s intentions as they drive their point home.

The Ten of Swords can signal the death Knell for Relationships.  It might be time to let go of a relationship that has not been working for some time, is full of conflict or stress, or has brought you unhappiness. It is more than likely dead at this stage and you need to learn to accept this in order for you to move on. When it comes to your relationship you may feel like you have been flogging a dead horse and now realise there is no point in continuing anymore.  This is bound to be a very stressful time for all involved. The final stages of it will be very painful but must be endured. Remember, that in order for new doors and opportunities to open for you other doors need to close. Time to say goodbye and move on for there is nothing more to do here and nothing can be achieved.  There will be immense relief and release when it is all over and done. Look to the Reversed Ten of Swords for the possibility of a once thought dead relationship coming back to life.

If in a violent and abusive relationship The Ten of Swords can be a warning that your life or personal safety may be in serious danger. Issues and conflicts may have come to a head or are at boiling point.  A tense situation could get out of hand and someone may lose control of their senses.  Rage and anger may be explosive, resulting in violence and assault.  The outcome may be extremely nasty and someone may get injured or worse.

There is also the possibility of treachery and betrayal by a partner or spouse when The Ten of Swords appears, but again other Cards will need to concur before jumping to conclusions. Your partner may be seriously bad mouthing you to others or family members if they are seeking a way out of their relationship. They may have the potential to turn everyone against you, and are setting the scene for you to take full blame.

In a Relationship Reading, depending on the situation and surrounding Cards it may be highlighting the fact that your partner is ill or is laid up at present.  There may be ongoing treatment and hospitalisation, which is causing stress and worry for both of you.  Depending on surrounding Cards it can highlight the sad fact that your partner or spouse may have died.

Work-wise, The Ten of Swords is not a welcome Card. There may be terrible conflict, stress or bullying in the workplace.  You may be overloaded with work and can no longer cope with all the pressure and deadlines.  This Card can also suggest that someone has it in for you in work, or is saying things about you behind your back.  Everyone seems to have their own agenda and may be quite ruthless in how they go about achieving it.

There is obviously a lot of mental stress in your job and possible information overload.  You may have been struggling to keep on top of things but something has happened to make you snap.  There is a chance of a work-related breakdown or having to take time off from work to recover from chronic stress.  It is time to re-think your whole career for it is making you ill and very unhappy.  You may be forced out of your job because of ill-health or had an accident while at work. It is time to let go and move on for your job or career choice does not suit you.  Have a good rest before making any decisions.

It may be time to let go of a business that is not working. Business failures, major losses and ruin can accompany The Ten of Swords.  You may have collapsed alongside your business and have lost everything.  You have struggled as much as you can to keep it afloat but now must make some painful decisions.  All may not be lost as the dawn breaking on the horizon can suggest starting over again. However, this Card can suggest that you have been working with out-dated methods and poor planning.  Doing things the way you always did, or the old way, will no longer work. You will need to bring yourself up to speed on modern business and technology, along with some fresh ideas and realistic plans.  There is also the possibility that you are not suitable for running your own business.  You may not have it in you to cope with all the stresses, worries and responsibilities that being self-employed brings.

Career-wise, you may be working as an acupuncturist, chiropractor or osteopath.  You may be a crime scene investigator or working in forensics.


10 of Swords Reversed


Worst is Over, Light at the End of Tunnel, Burdens/Worries Lifted, Rising above Problems, Survived, Recovery, Slow Recovery, Rebirth, Liberation, Freedom, Release, Window of Opportunity, Being Thrown a Lifeline, Rescue, Circumstances Improving, Temporary Improvement, Pull Yourself Together, Change, New Attitudes/Beliefs, Learn from Past, Something Coming Back from the Dead, Near Death Experience, Surviving a Disaster, Problems Worsening, The Worst Has Happened, There is Worse to Come, Fears and Worries Justified, Beyond Help, Despair, Unable to Survive, Hopeless, Mental Collapse, Physical Collapse, Chronic Health Problems Resurfacing, Relapse, Bed of Nails, ‘Made Your Bed Now Lie On It’,

When The Ten of Swords Reverses several scenarios may be suggested. It is vitally important to consult with the surrounding Cards and communicate with The Querant as it can have quite negative implications both Upright and Reversed.

The Reversed Ten of Swords can indicate a release from a stressful situation, not being able to or not wanting to free yourself, or that regardless of how low you think you have sunk, you will still have to hit rock bottom before things will improve.


As The Ten of Swords turns on its back, so too does the body lying in the sand. It now moves to the top of the card instead of being at the ‘rock bottom’ end.  When this happens, the force of gravity takes over and the heavy Swords begin to loosen their hold in the man’s back.  Their sheer weight pulls them out, and they fall away into the dark oblivion below.  The man feels the burdens lift or fall, one by one, and realises he is now free to move.  He is no longer pinned down and begins to rise above his problems.  The dark night sky also begins to recede and in its place The Sun rises on a new dawn. Hope, Recovery and Rebirth.

The Ten of Swords Reversed can bring eventual release from terrible stresses, conflict or torment.  Release will not be instantaneous, but it will be enough of a lightening to allow you have hope once more. The Sun now rising above the dark when The Ten Reverses, symbolises solutions being found or help appearing on the horizon.  You are no longer alone when this Card Reverses as others have come to help you from your plight.  The worst is behind you. The bright sky now more evident signals recovery and a fresh start as darkness recedes. You have survived and the worst is now over. Liberation and freedom replace woe and despair.

As The Swords fall from the back of the lifeless man in The Reversed Ten of Swords, the soothing blue waters of the ocean gently bathe his wounds, and instead of the rigid and unyielding pain of the sharp Swords (worries, stresses, conflict), he now floats peacefully in the tranquil waters.  This suggests that a sense of peace and harmony is being restored and the rawness of your situation is easing.  Any turbulent emotions will begin to calm, and when that happens, you mind will stabilise and begin to refocus. With the intensity of your situation beginning to dissipate, you can now see light at the end of the tunnel and the recovery process can begin in earnest.

However, we must always remember, The Ten of Swords whether Upright or Reversed is never going to be easy, so even when it reverses, the way forward for you will not be smooth and easy.  The release offered by this Ten Reversed is often temporary.  It can present itself, like the strip of yellow light in the imagery of this Card as a small window of opportunity.  Something has happened to create this opening, or there is the possibility that someone has thrown you a lifeline. There may be very little time to think it over or consider your options. In fact this might be the only option you have, but are you willing to take it?  When you have been laid low for so long, being so overwhelmed with all your issues, worries or stresses, it can be hard to think positively or have any faith in finding a way out.  Chronic fatigue may have you lacking in enthusiasm and you may feel too low in energy to motivate yourself, but this Card is telling you to act fast if you want to get the benefit of it.   There is no guarantee though that it will work and you may just be putting off the inevitable. You must try though and not just give in to failure and defeat.

It is up to you now to pull yourself together and take a good look at your life. Change and a release of old attitudes and beliefs are essential if you are to make the most of this chance. No one can do it for you. You must learn from what has happened to you so as to make sure it never happens again. Otherwise like the Figure in the Ten of Wands, you will find yourself back in the same position somewhere in the future. Look back to the Nine of Swords Card.  Do you really want to live live like this?  This is your chance now so reach out and grab it with both hands.

Unfortunately, The Ten of Swords can indicate the terrible scenario where the situation or person involved is beyond help.  All efforts to find a solution or release have failed leaving a sense of hopelessness and despair for all involved.  This can be down to a person not wanting to help themself and making it difficult or impossible for others to.  Then again, the worst may have happened.  All you feared and worried about may now be a reality.  Negativity and pessimism can become intense.

You may be resigning yourself to a situation, giving up the fight, the struggle, not wanting to know anymore and not caring what happens from here on in.  The weight of all your worries has broken you.  There might be total mental collapse. Hospitalisation or admission to a psychiatric unit may be necessary.  Depending on surrounding Cards (several swords), there could be concern for the safety of the individual. There may be obsessional thoughts of suicide or death.  Returning to the Nine of Swords, severe anguish and delusional thoughts may take over.  Mental strength has disappeared.  As the Ten of Swords Reverses, the Swords sink deeper into the figure. The surrounding Cards will give evidence as to whether this theory might be applicable.

A negative or worrying situation that you are hoping will soon pass may not be quite over when The Ten of Swords Reverses.  You may think that things cannot get any worse at this stage and that you have hit rock bottom, but you are not quite there yet.  You may have to brace yourself for further upsets or upheavals before your circumstances can begin to improve.  Everything has its own cycle, and unfortunately this one may not yet be completed. Don’t let yourself sink into despair. Keep faith and the belief that things will improve in the not too distant future.

For some, The Ten of Swords can signify the end of a terrible situation, experience or problem.  However, you may be seriously shaken by the events and not exactly be in the mood for celebrations. Celebrations may not be appropriate in these circumstances, especially if the event experienced was traumatic or tragic. Others may have been involved and not just you.  Not everyone may have survived the impact of the situation or managed to escape.  Fate, destiny or luck may have been on your side, and you may wonder why you have been spared or are still standing? As the darkness of the situation disappears into the background and light appears on the horizon, it may not be as easy for you.  Inside, scars of the recent events may remain, some will heal and others will remain as a constant reminder of what you have just come through.

You may have survived a serious accident or crash and must now begin to put your life back together again. You may also have survived a major catastrophe or violent assault.  This Card can also be associated with near-death experiences, especially if The Death Card also appears in Reverse. You might be recovering from a serious illness or have come through major surgery.  You must be very careful and take extra care of yourself, for set-backs in recovery, or a return of an old illness can accompany this Card.  A chronic health condition can flare up, or treatment for it becomes insufficient or ineffective. Where back problems are concerned, there is the eventual possibility of finding a treatment that actually works.  However, because this is a Reversed Card, it can work the other way and become worse.

Problems you thought dealt with, or done and dusted may come back from the dead and resurface causing you anguish and distress when this Ten appears Reversed.

With the Reversed Ten of Swords, there may come the realisation that you are your own worst enemy and have been self-sabotaging your own happiness.  Through Self Help, Personal Development, Counselling or Psychotherapy you may be discovering how your dysfunctional mindsets, pessimism and rigid beliefs have negatively impacted your outlook on life.  You no longer want to wallow in self-pity or bore anyone else with your woes. You may begin to lose the victim attitude or refuse to become a martyr for the sake of others.  It can herald a time when you refuse to let one more person take advantage of you or treat you like a doormat.  You are not there for everyone else’s convenience.  You have a life of your own to lead so get up and get going. Strengthen your resolve and be firm with others.  The time for self-sacrifice and self-pity is over.

A Relationship thought dead can come back to life again when The Ten of Swords Reverses. However, there would need to be supporting positive Cards to run with this interpretation as it is not a welcoming Card to appear in any Relationship Spread.

If you  have gone through a painful or hostile separation or divorce this Reversed Ten can can indicate you are slowly beginning to recover. You may have thought the break-up of your relationship was the end of the world, and the worse thing that could have happened, but life beckons once again and you have survived. After much dark times and despair you now glimpse light at the end of the tunnel and have faith in better times ahead. It is vitally important to remove and deal with all the Swords (issues) connected to your breakup, otherwise you will unconsciously carry them forward and taint your future happiness.  This Card can also suggest the slow recovery process after the death of a partner or spouse.

On the other hand, you may not want to move on after a broken relationship, especially if it was not your idea.   You may prefer to get stuck in your bitterness and refuse to let go of what is now dead and gone, bemoaning how badly you were treated and how much a victim you had become.  You could become negative, twisted and paranoid in the process. You could be maintaining a campaign of hatred against your ex-partner, laying sole blame at their doorstep. Angry words and badmouthing fly from a bitter heart and vindictive mind.  The only one you are really hurting at this stage is yourself and you are doing yourself no favours.  Professional help may be needed to cut painful ties.

The Ten of Swords Reversed can suggest escape or release from a controlling or abusive relationship.  The abuse may have had to reach an all time low before any real action was taken.  If a way out has not been found, aggression and violence may escalate and get out of control.

When this Ten Reverses, the Figure now looks as if he is lying on the Swords or possibly a bed of nails.  The saying ‘you have made your bed and must now lie on it’ springs to mind.  There is a possibility you have resigned yourself to staying in a bad relationship or marriage, or that others are expecting you to. You may have no allies and no one to turn to when things go wrong.  You may have to keep your problems to yourself and accept them.  You may have to ‘put up and shut up’.

Work-wise, The Reversed Ten of Swords can suggest you have eventually left a stressful or highly pressurised job. Your job may have got the better of you and affected your health. Conflict in the workplace eases or those who instigated the problems have left, or have been removed. However, gossip and slander in the workplace may intensify and hostilities increase.

A sinking business slowly starts to recover as you find new ways and new attitudes to replace the old when The Ten of Swords Reverses. A rescue package may arrive or be offered just in the nick of time.  This may be your one and only chance to save the business, so make the most of it. If you have been struggling to find out why your business is failing, you may have nailed the problem areas or tracked down those responsible for mistakes or underhand behaviour.  On the other hand, your business may have brought you to your knees with worry and stress.  You may decide to close up shop or sell up in favour of a more peaceful and healthier way of life.

The Ten of Swords Reversed can suggest you are starting over in business again. Make sure to tie up any loose ends from the last one and not repeat any mistakes.

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