The Chariot (VII) Upright

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



Here we take The Fool takes the next stage of his journey through life as we meet The Chariot.  A man rides out-of-town in a chariot, standing tall, strong and determined. He is dressed in battle attire and holds a wand in one hand. One his shoulders rest crescent moons with blue faces. His belt and lower garments are decorated with symbols. A star covered veil acts as a canopy over the chariot. The front of the chariot is decorated with blue wings and below the wings is the symbol of Isis who is the ancient Egyptian goddess of magic and mothers.

Two sphinxes pull the chariot forward. One is black and one is white which is a reminder of the pillars in The High Priestess . These sphinxes once again represent duality or opposing forces. The Chariot appears to rest partially in water and on land again representing duality. In order for him to keep his chariot moving forward the man will have to gain control of these opposing forces. This is no easy job. One sphinx represents the heart and the other, the head so we have a mix of emotions and practicality, masculine and feminine. The man is mature enough to understand that he will get no where in life unless he learns how to control both his animal instincts and his emotions. His battle dress suggests that he is prepared to put in the necessary hard work to do just this.

 If he lets the black sphinx have his way then he risks becoming too emotional and letting worries and his imagination run riot. He will achieve nothing. If he lets the white sphinx have free-rein well he may end up in trouble and many battles as he becomes aggressive and lacks compassion. Tenacity and self-discipline is indicated in his strong and determined stance.

The Chariot card in a number VII and with all the sevens in the Tarot  the message is to not give up, to hang on in there and be determined. Keep going and through sheer hard work and commitment he will succeed or be victorious. He must maintain a forward momentum. He must not doubt himself or his abilities, he must not let the sphinxes know of his fears. He must keep the wheels of The Chariot turning.

The man in The Chariot has control of great power at this point and whatever this card is connected to in life it demands completion. The journey he has set out on has got to be completed. Commitments need to be fulfilled. His success depends on his steely nerve now and on his control. Unless he is prepared for this journey and the hard work and effort it will demand of him he should not commit himself to it. It will be too late to change his mind halfway down the road when he looses control of the sphinxes.    He has learnt a lot so far in his journey and carries with him the knowledge of all the preceding cards. The wreath he wears around his head once again confirms his victory and success. He is master of his own destiny as he drives his chariot forward.

The Chariot along with The Moon card and any of the Cups Court Cards represents the sign of Cancer.  As we have already discovered with Cancer, part of the challenge they face in life is to control their emotions. Because this card represents Cancer and the fact that Cancerians are generally emotional, gentle and nurturing it seems out-of-place that they be represented by an apparent strong masculine card. However, Cancerians also are known for their sometimes frosty,  hard exterior as in the crabs shell (the crab being the symbol of Cancer).

The Chariot may then suggest that appearances can be deceiving. This man may have the presence of a hard disciplined soldier in charge of these strong beasts but beneath it he is soft and emotional. Behind that hard exterior he may be crying out for help. Or maybe, he, like the crab, has his defences up for some reason or other.

The Chariot struggles to keep his feelings and fears under control. The sphinxes just see life in black and white and given the chance would dash off in opposite directions. The man in The Chariot positions himself between the two which allows him a better chance to listen to their individual needs, thus allowing him to balance the energies and drive them forward to a common goal.

If you look closely you will notice that there appears to be no reins connecting the sphinxes to The Chariot. How does he control his chariot we may well ask? He controls it through the mastery of self-discipline and self-control. When using his mind to make a decision he also takes into consideration his feelings. By allowing both the black and the white sphinx a say he keeps their temperaments under control and they in turn happy that they are individually taken care of and considered allow the man to dictate their direction.

Strong leadership is suggested with The Chariot but the man cannot drive the chariot alone. He must rely on the support and cooperation of others as symbolised by the two sphinxes in order to be successful. There is strong evidence of teamwork involved with The Chariot.  A firm but gentle hand may be the best approach.


Victory and success, but as a result of hard work and determination. The reins are in your hands now and great power has been given to you. Others are waiting to see what you will do with it. The Chariot often indicates travel, usually by car or overland.  It can also suggest the purchase of a car and car related issues. You might be taking a journey or moving to a new location. You may feel torn in two directions. You need to use your mind to sort out this problem but also take your feelings and other’s feelings into consideration when making your decision.

The Chariot is a masculine card and a strong, powerful, successful man is suggested by his presence. This man is tenacious and doesn’t give up. Success can yours through self-discipline and control. You may be moving ahead in your career. You may have mastered a new skill and are applying it to your life or career. You are overcoming difficulties and obstacles in your life and feel in control. Look around you and see what needs to be completed.  There may be left projects unfinished or arguments unresolved. Finish what you start. Don’t commit to something that you cannot finish. When involved in teamwork, make sure you are all singing from the same hymn sheet. Maintain balance and harmony within a group or team by listening to people’s needs and feelings while staying in charge and in control.   Be strong but not forceful.

The Chariot can also suggest that you may be hiding behind a mask to hide your vulnerability.  You may also be acting defensively and aggressively.  Are you hiding behind your defences.  Have you declared war on somebody, as dressed for battle, you ride out to conquer all? The Chariot augurs well for success in competition or sport.

The Chariot as discussed earlier can represent a Cancerian person.  In relationships The Chariot would suggest that in order for your relationship to succeed you may have to control your emotions. Don’t give up but work to reconcile any opposing forces in the relationship it will be worthwhile. Don’t let your imagination or fears get the better of you. Calmly use your logic and reason to sort out any emotional upheavals. Things may not be as they appear, may not be as bad as you think. A disciplined confident man who keeps his emotions under control or hidden can be suggested by The Chariot in a relationship reading.  It may take some time to break through his defences if you want to get closer to him.

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5 replies »

  1. Hi miss Tarot,

    I’ve been having some struggle lately with reading the cards , especially interpreting the cards together , you could (not a true spread) for example have the chariot laying next to the high priestess at the hopes and fears , and outcome positions, but I cant seem to figure out how they correlate. ofcourse it has to do with what the other cards are but it still is very highly confusing. I was wondering if you could send me one of your recent spreads , that I can interpret and compare with your analysis? Or if you could recommend me some books on the subject of intuitive “reading” or “percepting”?



    • Haven’t forgot you Eternal Spring. I did put a post together recently about linking Cards which I hope you felt was useful. I intend to do another using your query above, The High Priestess and The Chariot side by side in Hopes and Fears. Have bad neck problems at present and have been warned off daily use of computer until I begin to heal, so please be patient with me. I will get to it. x


  2. Hi, Vivien. How do feel about using Tarot for timing in events or meetings? I’m still not sold….but I can’t help myself, either 🙂 I’ve been hesitating to ask the tarot, but decided just to go for it. My question was: How long from now will the man I’m going to marry enter my life? I got The Chariot upright. Since Chariot is a Cancer card, I’m thinking this coming summer? What do you think? I don’t want to get my hopes up, you know?



    • Hi Lyle,

      It is important to properly structure your query for time related tarot readings as time can be interpreted in many ways. Time can relate to the time of day, time of the week, month, time of year, time of the season and also time of life. It can be time to get going, time to give up, time to make an effort, time to give, time to take, time sleep, time to wake, time to work and time to play. Therefore, unless you are extremely focused on your time related query your Chariot Card could carry several interpretations. Timing is also very difficult to pin down in tarot and I certainly would not ultimately rely on it to plan my life.

      Chariot is card VII so it could be the seventh month, July. It is also a Cancer Card so it could fall within those dates. Major Arcana Cards are tougher to manifest so the Chariot may also suggest a tough journey ahead, with many ups and downs along the way before you meet the man you are going to marry. The Chariot could also suggest that the man will enter your life when you have managed to gain control of or master your emotions through self-discipline. You may have to work on tough areas of self-development before a relationship is possible. It all depends on how focused you were when shuffling and drawing the cards. Also, the Tarot will often throw back at you what you need to hear rather than what you want to filter out. You are right, I am not sold on using Tarot for timing in events either.




      • Than you, Vivien. I asked again and got The Star upright. I’m just going to keep the faith and do what I can to improve my life and work on my book. What else can a person do?


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