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  • Are You Interested In Finding Out About Possible Past Lives You Have Lived and How They Might Be Affecting Your Current Life?
  • Are You Curious About What Your Personality Was Like in A Past Life and How Your Family Background Influenced its Development?
  • Would You Like to Know What Your Possible Occupation, if any, You had in a Past Life?
  • And What of Your Relationships? Your Financial Status? Your Problems? Your Drive and Ambition?
  • Do you Want to Know The Events of that Past Life That Shaped Your Life, Altered Your Personality, Drove you Off your Path of Destiny or Helped Strengthen Your Resolve?
  • Want to Know What Your Soul Purpose Was in a Past Life and Whether you Achieved it or Not?
  • Do you Want to Find Out What you Learned, for better or worse, in That Past Life that you are now Benefiting from in your Current?
  • Would You like to Discover any Mistakes or Blocks from a Previous Life that you are Repeating in Your Current Life?
  • Would You like to Find Out What Your Soul Purpose is in Your Current Life and How Well You Are Working Towards it?

If you have answered Yes to any or all of the above Questions in relation to Past Life, then my Specially Designed Past Life Tarot Readings Part I and II will help you answer some, if not all of these Questions. There are Two Parts to this Reading

Past Life Tarot Reading Part I Includes:

  • Gender
  • Family Background – Father Figure and Mother Figure. Siblings Optional.
  • Your Personality – Three Stages – Page (up to 22 years), Knight (up to 30 years both male and female), King or Queen (30years upwards) depending on Gender.
  • Your Partner Yes/No, their personality, Suited/Happy?
  • Your Occupation?
  • Your Soul Purpose?
  • Where you Following your Soul Purpose? Did You Achieve Your Soul Purpose?
  • The Events of Your Life on Levels Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles. What happened at Early, Mid and Latter Stages of Life. Three Cards from Each Suit to Represent Each Stage or all Ten of Each Suit can be used for deeper insight. 
  • Your Personality at the time of your Death

In Part II of The Past Life Reading We will have a look at the reasons behind any Personality Change and the following:  

  • What Blocked Me From Achieving My Soul Purpose?
  • What Did I Learn from that Particular Life Time that is beneficial to my Current?
  • What Aspects/Lessons of that Past Life am I working on in This Lifetime?
  • If I had That Life Time to Live again what would I do differently? Do I have any Regrets?
  • What is my Soul Purpose in This Life Time?
  • How well am I advancing with my Soul Purpose in This Life Time?
  • What are my Blocks to Achieving my Soul Purpose
  • What are my Biggest Challenges?
  • Who is here to challenge me?
  • Who in This Life Time is here to Help Me Succeed
  • Is there someone Important from my Past Life Close to me in this Life Time?
  • Has my Soul Mate Incarnated with me in this Life Time? If not, Why?

Part II will be continued next week after time has been given to complete Part I of The Past Life Tarot Reading.

I qualified as a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist in 2008 and have conducted many powerful Regressions with some wonderful clients since then. In deed there were a few that were quite Hair Raising in so far as the detailed information that was communicated during these sessions. Although, I was trained as A Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, I am a big fan of Dr. Michael Newton, the author of Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls, where he documents his Regressions not into Past Lives, but rather into Life between Lives. By that I mean, Regressing his clients from the passing over, or death stage of a previous life, and then on into the Spirit World where he is able to document details of the Soul’s existence during its stay before its next incarnation. For me, his books were  literally life changing and have given me a greater understanding of the nature of our Spiritual Side when not in the physical, and the purpose of our being here when we are in the physical. He conducted hundreds of these Regressions and has transcribed them in his books. As a result of collecting such incredible data from so many, he was able to piece together the Order of Souls, their time spent in the Spirit World, the structure of the Spirit World, the importance of The Council of Elders and also how and why Souls select their bodies, geographical location and life circumstances for each incarnation. The co-relation between all these individual accounts from clients who had no knowledge of each other was uncanny. They generally had the same account of what happened after death, and the process of their re-entry into the Spirit World, who came to meet them and the celebrations and joy of being reunited with their Soul Groups.

Not all his findings were easy to accept as all his Regressions resulted in the individual Soul taking full responsibility for the Outcome of their life.  Neither was it enough to just keep your head down and try to live a quiet life. Souls were expected to develop their gifts and realise their full potential regardless of how difficult this might be. Religion played no part in their re-entry to The Spirit-World, no one asked them how often they prayed or attended Church.  Religion didn’t exist, only Spirituality. One was either a good person or not, regardless of what God or Goddess you worshipped or how often you attended Service.

What was discovered was the consistent agreement from clients throughout Regression that there was no such thing as punishment, purgatory or hell. Some returning Souls certainly had to spend some time in recovery where their energy was cleansed, or re-calibrated if they had lived what we would call an evil life, where they had caused harm and suffering to others. These returning Souls were not ready to return to their Soul Groups and were sent to areas where they received the proper care and compassion in order to rehabilitate them. On only very extreme occasions was Soul Energy so badly damaged that rehabilitation was not an option. Then the Energy would be fragmented, and I suppose destroyed or decommissioned.

Re-Entering Souls would be fully aware of all of their shortcomings whether small or large, and would never under any attempt to try to lay blame at another’s doorstep. All re-entering Souls were bathed in different coloured light to re-charge their Energy Fields after being in the physical and depending on their life experiences. Most Souls, once their debriefing with The Council of Elders to discuss the life just lived along with their failings and successes, rejoined their Soul Group and whatever particular field of study they had been engaged in prior to their last incarnation.  Not all Souls were the same. Some were more evolved than others and all had different skills and abilities which they took with them into the physical.

Soldier WWI

So impressed was I with these accounts that I began to ask certain long-standing clients of mine if I had their permission to take them to the Spirit World after their passing over in their Past Life Regression. They were all eager to see if they could achieve it. I gave them no information of what they may experience or expect as I wished to find out if my clients recounted the same, or similar details of Dr Newton’s clients. What I did understand was that to have any hope of gaining access to The Spirit World, my client had to have the ability to enter a deep state of hypnosis. Not all could manage this, and some had more success than others. Some managed to enter the Spirit World but could only get a certain distance, while others took me with them to The Council of Elders Meeting, to their Soul Group, introduced me to their appointed Spirit Guide and even took me to their Study Classes and explained to me what they were doing.

At times, as their Spirit Guides spoke through them, my client’s demeanour and posture would change. So too would their voice. The hair on the back of my neck would stand on end and I would experience strong tingling up and down my back. I always asked their Guides permission to ask questions, and over time I became known to the Guides as the ‘impatient woman with all the questions’. They would also ask me to ask straight forward questions with no twists or turn of phrase. Some accused me of talking too much and too fast, and for not waiting for them to answer a question before asking another. They spoke very slowly and very precisely, with Thai Chi like movements of their arms and hands. I would apologise and explain that I was very excited to speak with them and would try to calm myself. They blocked me with no qualms or explanation if I went too far and asked questions that would in some way interfere with the current life of my client. They only gave me information on a need to know basis. Sometimes they would give me advise on how I was conducting my life, but only if I asked.


Most successful Past Life Regressions lasted approximately 3 hours and I would feel drained at the end of it. My client would be amazed when they looked at the clock and saw how much time had passed since we had started. All sessions were recorded and a copy given to my client for them to review as often as they wished.

Some of my clients gave such accurate and detailed accounts of times, places, names, dates, addresses and occupations that they took it upon themselves to do research and investigation. On several occasions they were able to confirm without hesitation or doubt that all they had communicated during their Regression in some shape or form was based on fact.

Now there can be many reasons for this to occur and all Past Life Regression Hypnotherapists are trained to keep an open mind about where all the information may be coming from. If you read my articles on Past Life Regression & Re-incarnation you will discover the various theories about Past Life Regression. One way or another, it is very interesting and for some time in my life, was all-consuming.

Exploring Past Lives

Past life Therapy



Just to let you know, most Past Lives are very ordinary, mundane and banal, with nothing of great importance to relate. Some of my clients were disappointed with their results as they had an impression of themselves as being more Special or Exciting in some way. I would have to explain to them that they would have lived both ordinary and extraordinary lives, and if we are honest with ourselves and examined our own current lives, most of it would be based on routine, same old, same old with only a certain amount of highlights or high points thrown in along the way. Some of us have more dramatic lives, some traumatic, some unbelievable and then some just pure uneventful. Don’t worry, we all get a turn at each at some stage of our evolution. Dr. Newton’s Clients did speak of choosing an easy life every now and then, a life filled with happiness and material wealth, a bit like a vacation from work and stress. However, even though this was always granted, it was not encouraged on a regular basis because it held back or delayed the Evolution of The Soul. After all that is what we are all supposed to be striving for.  Some Souls fast track this and opt for the most difficult lives one after another. They are like Warrior Souls who can put up with terrible circumstances. All Souls view Earth and the Human Experience as being one of the most difficult of all. It is a tough school to graduate from.

Of course it is wonderful when a Client  goes back to a Past Life that was unusual and dramatic.  In all my time doing Regressions, I have come across one Client who discovered she was someone famous, and still very well-known, in a Past Life. So detailed where her accounts that she travelled abroad and properly researched documents, buildings and addresses she had lived at. She was able to tell tour guides where there had originally being walls or doorways in buildings now gone, or gates into fields that had now being built over. Her historical tour guide was able to verify all her descriptions. She came home amazed and it took her some time to slot back into her own life as she had got so caught up in her past one. Maybe one day, with her permission, I will be able to transcribe, or even upload the recording of her Regression. However, her identity would have to remain private. Maybe one day. We shall see.



To prepare for this Past Life Reading Part I, it is advisable to centre oneself and spend some time in meditation with the intention of uncovering information pertaining to your most recent life, or as I did with my clients, the Past Life that is having the most impact on their current life. Some of you may want to go back to Past Lives from centuries and centuries ago, but if you want insight into your current life, then seek the most recent Past Lives as these are the ones that will be mostly effecting your current one. As a Soul, you would certainly have been expected to learn any Spiritual Lessons you had to undertake in the 3rd century by this stage, so you should have those done and dusted by now and have moved on to further Spiritual Evolution. If you are still repeating the same old mistakes since the 3rd century, well then I am not sure what to do with you! However, if you wish to use this Past Life Reading on a regular basis, by all means set the intention to start going back further and further each time.

In many lifetimes you may have died very young and there will be little information to be gained from the Reading, as dying young may have been to facilitate The Spiritual Lesson for another member of your family in that Lifetime. You may just have had a walk on part to play as the facilitator. You may have made a brief appearance in that Life Time and then left. So the Reading my not benefit you. To avoid going back into a Life Time where you got to live to somewhat of a decent age, 30 or 40 years may have been considered old, you must set the intention from the very beginning that that is what you seek and not a Life Time when you died very young or as a baby.

Yes, Past Life Regressionists will argue that this information is relevant. Of course it is, but we are trying to interpret through The Tarot Cards and not through direct communication. Two very different methods. One of my clients when Regressed went straight to the moment of her death. She was very young, maybe two she said, and had wandered from her home and into a nearby field where there was a river. She reached in to pull out some shiny stones and slipped in. She drowned and was not discovered until the next day after many in the community had searched for her. She had stayed by her body until she was found by her father who took her from the water and cradled her in his arms, crying and wailing. I tried to bring her back to prior to her wandering off so that she could tell me of her home life and show me where she lived but she couldn’t. She just told me she didn’t want to completely pass over until someone had found her as this distressed her, I suppose as a two-year old, she wanted to wait for her mother or father to come for her. She said she loved them and told me that before she left she put her arms around her father and kissed his forehead telling him that she was alright. She then told me she wanted to go and I passed her over.

The Regression didn’t last long but when I had passed her over, I debriefed her in her Soul State, no longer a two-year old, and asked her why her life had been so short, and had she achieved what she had come into the physical for? She said Yes, that this particular incarnation was for the benefit of her Father in that Life Time. Her mother had gone to the village to do some errands and had left the children in the care of their father who was a heavy drinker. He had been drinking and had fallen asleep when she had walked out of the house and wandered off into the fields. She had done her bit, had acted out her agreed part. The Life-Time was really about him and how he would cope with the guilt and the hatred from his wife after her tragic and needless death. Would the loss of his daughter be enough to bring him to his senses and sober him up, or would it send him hurtling further down into self-pity and self-destruction? These were his Lessons and not hers and she would not discuss anything about how it turned out as the rest of the story was not hers to share.

In the Soul State she laughed and told me that she had her own Lessons and Life-Times but in that one she had only made a guest appearance as she was needed for the story line. I asked her why she had gone into that Past Life if it really was nothing to do with her. She laughed again in the Soul State and finished up by saying that she supposed it explained her fear of deep water. Even though she had only been there a short time, and for the benefit of someone else, she did manage to get tainted in some way by her experience. So in helping out the Father Figure Soul, she had inadvertently picked up some issues she would have to deal with in her own Future Life Times, her fear of water.

This may all sound intriguing and extremely interesting. However, this is much easier to piece together when there is a two-way flow of conversation during a Hypnosis Regression, so when doing this Past Life Regression Reading,  I would advise you to set the intention for a longer life, and a life that is directly relevant to your current life or current issues. In this manner, it is easier to collect more data and to interpret it on your own as you will not have the Spirit Self to speak to directly. Your Spirit Self will speak to you indirectly, through your intuition, subconscious and gut feelings, so you must pay attention to your emotional reactions as The Cards are drawn.

Because of the nature of humans, we have all lived many kinds of lives, some better than others. We have also had to work on our personalities over several lifetimes. Not all of our lives were lived in a kindly and caring manner. We have all been both sinner and saint, perpetrator and victim, rich and poor, happy and sad, healthy and ill. Do not be ashamed of this as no one of us is immune to it. That is why we incarnate so many times. We have to work hard to eventually get it right, and it is not always easy. We leave the Spirit World with grand notions and great intentions, but once in the physical we are exposed to all that being a human being entails; temptation, extreme emotions, hunger, envy etc. In the Spirit World we do not have to contend with this, but in the physical we know it is all around us from day one. Our Spirit Self does help to temper our personalities as best as it can, but sometimes the physical body or brain it has chosen is stubborn or unwillingly to cooperate.


Using Reversed Cards will give us a much more honest version of the Past Life we are looking into. Don’t be surprised if you get one. However, don’t be confused if there is a mixture of both Upright and Reversed as we are all given chances along the way to Upright ourselves. We may have had some good experiences or spent a time when our personality was benevolent and balanced. It is up to you to piece together the story and it is The Minor Arcana that will give you the information surrounding the Events that occurred while The Major Arcana will give you the underlying driving forces behind it. The Minor will tell you what happened and The Major will tell you Why.

Ready to Explore one of Your Past Lives? Click on the following Link to be brought directly to The Past Life Tarot Reading Part I Page.

Medieval Knight

I have also provided a Sample Reading based on a Past Life Reading I did for myself, but especially for your benefit. I am not sure if the details given are totally in relation to me and a Past Life of Mine or whether my subconscious deliberately created one that would act as a good example for my students. I do not have any grand notions of what I was in a Past Life or Lives so was very interested with the Reading I got. It was not made up just to please you. I drew all my Cards in the same manner I have listed as per the instructions for The Past Life Reading Part I. However, in interpreting it, I moved pretty fast and tried to make rapid links and connections between the Cards drawn. This is down to the fact that I am under time constraints to provide this information for you in a timely fashion, but also if I were to dwell for too long on my chosen Cards, I may see all kind of twists and turns in the story line. Then we would be here forever. So, in viewing my Past Life Reading, you as the Reader may interpret it quite differently, or see things that I just did not have the time to see or explain. I do hope you enjoy it and find it of interest. If you do try this Reading yourself, I would be delighted to hear of your experiences with it.

Past Life Tarot Reading Part I


Tarot and Past Life Exploration

Past Life Tarot Reading Part I     Past Life Tarot Reading Part II

Exploring Past Life Therapy

Past Life Therapy – The Process

The 78 Cards – Detailed Study Version (Card Description, Keywords, Upright & Reversed Meanings)

The 78 Cards – Shortened Version (Keywords, Upright & Reversed Meanings)

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2 replies »

  1. Hi Vivien,
    I’ve just finished the most fascinating tarot spread I’ve ever done. Past lives are another big interest of mine! REALLY BIG.
    It’s been an intriguing journey, and once I have it completely “deciphered” and my story beautifully phrased, I promise to post it here.
    But before I proceed with that, I need to clarify one thing.
    From the moment I drew the first card and on I was doing really nicely until I’d reached the position “soul purpose in current life”. Here I drew The Judgement Reversed and got absolutely confused. Is it possible that a soul purpose card be reversed? In part 1 for Soul purpose you do not reverse any cards as you go . Can that be a mistake/ typo in the description? If not, any ideas on what Reversed J. as a Soul purpose might mean?


    • Hi Peresphone, Yes I can see your dilemma. Had to read back over my work several times to find your issue as this is a spread that does not get much airing! I will amend the wording so that two separate shuffles are done. One with all cards upright to find the Soul Purpose in current life and the other shuffle with some cards reversed to see how well you are working towards your soul purpose. However, a Reversed Soul Purpose could also be relevant if it has implications from past life carry overs. I would probably use The Upright Version, but if you want a bit of a challenge, the Reversed can carry much weight. Simply take the Upright Associations and apply the same associations. However, a Reversed Card in this position will increase the challenge as it may go against the grain for you in life. You may fight against your soul purpose instead of letting it take you over. It may be harder to achieve. It is up to you how you wish to work with it in this manner but it sounds like you are doing great. So to summarise, do two separate shuffles for this with the first all upright and the second a mix, or take it as it is. Looking forward to hearing your past life story.

      xx Vivien


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