Ten (X) of Pentacles

Ten (X) of Pentacles –

Old Money, Lasting Success, Family

10 of Pentacles Upright


Financial Success/Stability/Strength, Success Breeding Success, Permanence, High Ambition/Achiever, Thriving, Flourishing, Status, Reputation, Long-Term, Results of Hard Work, Promotion, Strong Investments, Solid Foundations, Security, Protection, Financial Rewards, Materialistic, Wealth, Affluence,Riches, Permanent Wealth, Luxury, Comfort, Old Money, Property, Land, Home, Homestead, Family Matters, Family Home, Family Money, Family Tree, Continuity, Genes, Ancestry, Descendents, Heritage, Passing On/Handing Down, Inheritances, Legacies, Wills, Deeds, Trust Funds, Posterity, Provisions, Pensions, Family, Traditions/Customs, Family Values, Family/Duties/Obligations/Responsibilities, Family Support,  Family Riches/Privileges, Domestic Harmony, , Family Honour/Loyalty, Family Duty/Expectations, Family Business, Family Gatherings/Events/Celebrations,  Establishments, Institutions, Corporations,Businesses, Empires, Contracts, Tried and Tested, Old Values, Old School, Old Ways, Old-Age, Elders, Generations, Coming of Age, Conventional, Conservative, Old-Fashioned, Marrying into Money, Marriage, Settling Down, Starting a Family, Combining Career and Parenting,


Card Imagery Description

As we finally arrive at the end of this particular cycle for The Pentacles in Card Ten, endings are the very last thing these people are thinking about.  They may have made it to Card Ten, but their journey is not over by a long shot.  On the Contrary, this Card is strongly linked to Continuity and not endings or final Outcomes.  The Pentacles have done way too much on their journey for it to suddenly come to a stop anywhere.  The Pentacles from the very beginning, had long-term plans and goals which they were determined to achieve, but these plans and goals were never intended to be the climax of their lives or the final realisation of their dreams.  Rather each long-term plan or goal was viewed only as a small part of a much larger and grander Major Plan.  As each long-term plan or goal was reached they merely acted as spring boards to the next one.

Every stage was meticulously and methodically planned out, with patience, understanding and belief.  Very rarely did they take risks or try out new or novel ways of reaching their goals.  They preferred to operate by the traditional way, looking to those who had already achieved success through tried and tested methods for inspiration and know how.

The Pentacles and their ambition was born out of the cradle, and looking back, they really had a head start on all the other Suits who lacked their practicality, common sense and old head on young shoulders attitude. Their determination and belief in hard work being rewarded with success, very probably came prior to the cradle and was inherited through their family genes. Here we come to one of the key messages of this Card in that the continuity the Pentacles desire, goes way beyond the personal. They have not gone to all this trouble and made so many sacrifices in their life to have to say goodbye to all they have achieved at their grave.  Their desire is to pass on, or hand down, that which they received in their genes, inherited or worked hard for, to the next generation so that they may continue the work of their ancestors and family tradition.

The Pentacles will not pass on, or hand down, all that is theirs and hard-earned to just anyone, for there is too much risk associated with such a gamble.  A lifetime’s work could be rapidly undone, if control and rights over it fell into the wrong hands.  Therefore The Pentacles will seek continuity of their existence and lifetime work through those of their own kind, people who have grown up to understand and respect the same high standards, principles  and responsibility of such an honor bestowed on them.  What better place to find like-minded, well-trained and properly prepared people than in your own family?  Your own flesh and blood, the family you have helped create, reared, fed, clothed and loved.  The family who worked alongside you and gave their unquestioning support and understanding.  The offspring you invested in through good education and a stable, secure home life and environment. The strong values  and work ethic you instilled in them since they were babies.  The respect for money, and having to work for everything they wanted, instead of being spoiled and indulged.  Yes, the family were part of the long-term plan for The Pentacles and not just the individual.

Any decent family want the same.  They want to be able to provide a strong, stable and secure environment for their family to grow up in.   We want to be proud of our children and them of us.  We want to ensure financial security for them and never have to see them go without.  We want to provide a roof over their heads and ensure they will be properly looked after, and taken care of, should anything happen to us.  And then when we are no more, we want to make sure our family are left anything that was ours, so that they may benefit and remember us.  We want our family line to continue, and in turn, our offspring to hand down, or pass on to theirs, in the same manner we have done for them.  And so traditions, customs and even names continue to thrive, and family history is made. So too and very importantly so, does property, land and business.


Much time has passed since we visited The Pentacles in Card Nine, when we watched the elegant and refined woman of wealth stroll in her lush garden. They had reached a time in their lives when they could enjoy the rich rewards of all their hard work.  It is true, they were no longer young but they were very comfortable and wanted for nothing.  They had a beautiful house, stunning garden and were in a position to afford anything they wanted.  They no longer had to work so hard and were enjoying their well-earned rest, secure in the knowledge that they had provided well for their future and the future of their family. They had everything in place and a strong family around them.

As we enter the scene in The Ten of Pentacles we are struck first and foremost by the sight of Ten Pentacles dominating the front of the imagery.  The Pentacles seem to be everywhere and we must look behind them to see the personalities and scene behind.  The Pentacle is a symbol of protection and with so many floating around in this Card, we can be certain the people and buildings behind them are well protected and secure. In Tarot, Pentacles represent The Earth Element and govern the material world and physical body.  Therefore, these Ten Pentacles suggest strong financial protection and security.  These Pentacles have been built up over time, right from the beginning in The Ace, and by the looks of it they are here to stay. In the Ten we are looking at substantial financial success, ongoing financial security and especially old money.

Let us now look behind these Pentacles and see who they are protecting and who is responsible for their presence.  As we all know, Pentacles(money) do not grow on trees and any Pentacle Plants portrayed in Tarot are purely for symbolic purposes.  Therefore these Ten Pentacles have been earned or inherited by someone.

Immediately behind the Pentacles and sitting on the left is an elderly man with well-groomed grey hair and a long beard.  He sits on a comfortable but lavish seat decorated in vines and healthy bunches of grapes.  The grapes symbolise, wealth, abundance and riches. The Man’s cloak is also elaborately decorated and embroidered.  It looks to be quite expensive and made of high quality material.  He must have some money to be able to afford such attire, but he looks comfortable in it and also quite at home sitting on his chair.  This display of wealth and luxury is nothing new to him, and he does not feel apologetic for wearing it in front of so many of us who could only dream of affording similar.  He has nothing to be apologetic about, because he worked hard all his life so that he could afford such luxuries.  Nothing was ever given to him for free and so he is quite relaxed in enjoying what he rightfully earned. He likes others to acknowledge this too and respect him accordingly.

As we look closer at the elderly man, we suddenly realise who he is. Why it is The Pentacle’s Man from The Eight of Pentacles, the Master, Expert, Highly Qualified Professional.  We first saw him in the Two of Pentacles not long after he had started out in The Ace.  He had already doubled the Pentacle he had been given as he headed out on his journey, and was also working doubly hard to get his long-term plan and goal underway.  He was living on a tightrope, juggling his finances and personal time so that he could get his foot on the first step of his career ladder.  It was tough and he had to make many sacrifices, but he knew he could do it.  He was very young then, full of energy and high ambition. He dreamed of the day when he would be mature and in full possession of his abilities and potential.  It would take time, much time, but he was patient and prepared to give his all to make a success of his life.

We were delighted when he began his studies and apprenticeship in the Three of Pentacles.  This was were he really laid down solid foundations for his future.  In our story he had  chosen Stone Masonry for his apprenticeship but it could have been any other trade or skill.  Anyone could see by the way he applied himself to his studies and work that he had the makings of becoming a Master and Successful.  This young Pentacles Man, learned his trade first hand working on the intricate stonework of the spiritual building. These places of worship were made out of solid stone, top quality materials, and built to last. He knew that for every foundation he lay in this holy building, he was also laying the foundations for his own life and success.  It was an honour to work on such a magnificent construction that would still be standing long after he had departed this earth.  Imagine that, hundreds and hundreds of years later, people would still be entering the building, touching the walls and admiring his craftsmanship.  Like the building, The Pentacles Man intended the same for himself.  He was here to stay and his success would live on long after he had gone. He was not going to be a one hit wonder or a flash in the pan success.  He wanted more than that and he knew he would have to work hard to achieve it.

And so he worked hard and saved hard, and we saw how frugal he became in The Four of Pentacles when every cent was held onto and nothing wasted.  It was quite a bleak time for him really and he had much to learn about money and possessions, for he had become, like many who are ambitious, quite obsessional and even a little ruthless.  There was little fun or relaxation in him as he drove himself and those around him to the limit of their abilities.  It was all about work and money, saving here and saving there, sharing nothing, not even his time.

Alas, his lesson about money and possessions, when it came, hit hard and fast. He lost everything in The Five of Pentacles and found himself cast out on the street like so many others, with no money, no food, and no roof over his head.  For a time he was lost. His stubborn pride prevented him from seeking help or support, for he was used to being financially independent and self-sufficient. He came close to breaking at one stage but his natural Pentacle’s survival instinct kicked in and he fought back.  Swallowing his pride, he sought assistance and took all the help he was given.  He became employed once more in The Six of Pentacles and even though it was not what he had been used to, he was a hard worker and slowly but surely made his way up through the ranks again, and began his quest for success in earnest once More.

He worked hard all the way through The Seven of Pentacles only taking a break to check that he was still on track and heading in the right direction. He knew he was making progress for his success was beginning to manifest all around him.  His hard work was beginning to pay off and he was nearly there.

No longer, the young boy of the Ace or Two, he had matured spectacularly into the highly skilled Master and Expert of The Eight of Pentacles.   He had grown up and come of age, so too had his abilities which could be seen in the high standard and quality of his work. He had several qualification under his belt by the Eight and was highly committed and dedicated to his craft and choice of life. The money was rolling in and he was at last seeing the rewards for his years of relentless dedication and determination. He was also getting public recognition and was very highly thought of and respected in the community, and by his peers.  He had an impeccable reputation and his work was much sought after.

Not only was he committed to his work, he was also a committed and loyal family man who cared deeply about his partner and children. He wanted to provide a stable and secure home for all of them.  He had been drawn to his partner because she reminded him or himself.  She was bright, ambitious and down to earth.  Practical and thorough, she was a great business woman too.  She followed her own career but helped him with his too whenever she was needed.  They understood each other and accepted that on many occasions, work would have to come first and pleasure second.  Their children grew up with this understanding too and were proud of their working parents even if they were not always available.  The Pentacle parents taught them the value of money and to respect the effort that is required to make it.  Their parents may not always have been around when they were growing up but they lacked for nothing and knew they were loved and cherished.  They went to the best schools and were taught to be ambitious from an early age, to plan for their future, and then save for it.  As parents they had both started with very little but had made a success of their lives.  Their children had the advantage of a good start in life but even though they had been born into success, their parents were not foolish enough to let them think that it was their god-given right or that things came easy.  They would be expected to prove themselves, their worth and follow in the family tradition of being hard, honest and dedicated workers.

We had missed him in The Nine of Pentacles, when we spent time with his lovely partner or spouse.  He was away doing what he loved and she was suitably occupied doing what pleased her too.  They may not have had the pleasure of each other’s company in The Nine of Pentacles but they were solid and strong enough in themselves to be able to enjoy their own solitude without being lonely. These were not people who would slip into retirement or old age too easily.  While they very much enjoyed their new-found free time and rich comforts, they would never completely stop working.  They would continue to have some input or active interest in the business world.  For the Pentacles Man and Woman or Couple it was always going to be very hard to let go altogether, for although it had been a lifetime of work and effort, they had thoroughly enjoyed it. Most of the time it didn’t even seem like work to them.

However, time does move on and we all must acknowledge that we are not as young as we once were or that it would be foolhardy to attempt to keep up the same pace and level of activity of our younger years.  In the Ten of Pentacles, the Pentacle’s Man has eventually had to come to terms with this aspect of his life.  He has done his bit and it is now time to hand it on, or down to, other’s so that they can do theirs.  He can relax and enjoy his golden years, content in the knowledge that he will be leaving a wonderful legacy for his family and those who follow.  His shoes will certainly be hard to fill but he has planned well for this stage of his life and has left nothing to chance.

As he sits in the Ten of Pentacles, he gives his attention to his beloved dogs and constant companions. He grew up with animals and always had a deep love and respect for them.  He admired their loyalty and complete devotion and in return he loved them dearly and looked after them well.  The dogs look adoringly at the old while he gently strokes their head and talks to them.   He made sure to instill a love of the animal kingdom in his children and is happy that they too are continuing this tradition.  They always had dogs and he couldn’t imagine a loving home without pets.

The Pentacle’s Man sighs with deep content as he takes in his surroundings and those he holds close to his heart.  He sits at the entrance to his kingdom, his family estate, and takes ownership of it by placing his family crests on the strong stone walls.  Let no one be mistaken in who owns this domain, this establishment, this property, business or land for this is his.  It belongs to him and his kin-folk.  He has built it brick by brick, and much of it with his own bare hands.  This his work without a doubt and what a success it has all been.  He looks in through the archway at the man and woman with fondness and pride.  These may be his son and daughter, his son or daughter with their partner or they may even be his grandchildren all grown up and now adults too.  The woman has a child with her who teasingly pulls the dog’s tail in an attempt to get his attention.  The child is yet another symbol of the family and new generations of that family.

It is interesting to note that both the child and elderly man appear to find company with, and attention from the family pets, while the adult couple can only spare the time to talk to each other in passing rather than stopping for a proper talk.  This can symbolically suggest numerous scenarios but we must remember the way the Pentacles People operate.  Ambitious and industrious, they rarely have time for idle gossip or frivolous behaviour.  The couple and child can symbolically represent the hardworking parents who pass each other going in and out the door to work, dropping kids off and  picking them up from childminders and creches, combining parenting with their relationship and demanding careers.  It is all go, non-stop, and both children and partner must understand and accept that they may not get undivided attention every time they look for it as everyone is busy and have things to do.  Daddy must work and so must Mammy if they all want to live in a big house and go to the best schools.

The Old Pentacle’s Man looking on at this is very aware of the sacrifices he made with his own family when it came to building his empire.  He understands that a fine balance has to be achieved and maintained in order to minimise the damage to all involved.  Personal sacrifices are one thing, but when others can be potentially affected by his decisions, he always aimed to  make wise ones and ensure all were properly catered for.  Looking around him he feels reassured that his lifetime’s work has not been in vain. He has properly provided for and cared for his family, and will leave them secure in the knowledge that they will be well looked after when he is gone.  He casts his mind back to where he came from and what he had starting off, and  compares it to what he is leaving behind.  He finds a changed world, the world he strived for and successfully achieved.  He takes in the solidity of the surrounding  strong walls and buildings and feels the stability of the earth beneath his feet.  His lifelong investment in property and land has rewarded him well.  Putting his money into bricks and mortar was always part of the long-term plan and has provided evidence of his lasting wealth.

As he dwells on his kingdom he feels the twinges of arthritic pain and becomes aware of his own mortality.  He looks to the man and woman with their child, the people who will inherit all that he has worked for. He feels confident that they will be able to carry on successfully with out him when his time comes, for he has trained them well.  Whereas once he cared for and provided for all of them, they must now take their turn and look after him.  Regardless of how old or frail he gets, they must keep him at the heart of the family for that is what strong loving families do for each other. His partner or spouse may be inside the house or off visiting one of her children, but she also may have passed away.  It is only right and fitting for his family to protect him until his time comes.  In The Upright Ten of Pentacles, the family look happy to do this and the elderly man looks comfortable and well nurtured, even if he is left on his own at times.

Whereas the couple worry about the welfare of the elderly Pentacle’s Man, he still worries about their welfare.  He is all too aware that they have never been exposed to hard times or the kind of want that he experienced in the past.  To the left of the elderly Pentacle’s Man is the black and white checkered entrance to a distant memory of the trauma in his life.  The faded grey outline of The Tower reminds him of the catastrophic effect it had on his life in The Five of Pentacles.  Up until the Five, he had thought to be in control and in a safe, secure position.  Just like the black and white checkered frame, he went from riches to rags, from white to black, from one extreme to the other, in one foul swoop.  Whatever foundations he had built up to the Five, turned out not to be strong enough to resist the force of The Tower, and it all came toppling down around his feet. He was left staggering in the wake of the crash but luckily for him he managed to keep upright and not collapse like so many others did.  The power of The Tower still haunts the back of this mind and he can only trust that the foundations he has built on since will be able to withstand its force should it ever strike again. However, he cannot cover every eventuality and must have faith in those who follow to protect these foundations. They will have a duty as custodians of the family empire and line to strengthen and reinforce the foundations and to ensure that any new additions or constructions are based on the tried and tested standards of the past.  Not only must his empire maintain strong foundations but so too must the family stay strong and united.

In The Ten of Pentacles we may be looking at several generations with these four people alone, ancestors and descendents, and suggests family lines and continuity.  All these people feel the blood of their family course through their veins and their heart beats to the same drum beat of their parents and their parents before them.  As each generation is born, they inherit family traits, personalities, talents and abilities in their genes.  They also inherit, family morals, ethic, traditions and beliefs. On the material plane they will inherit any Family Land, Property, Business and of course Money and Assets. With everything inherited comes responsibility. They may also inherit negative aspects such as predispositions to health problems so they must be prepared to take the good with the bad.

And so the line continues safe and intact, and certain expectations for each succeeding generation are passed on by their predecessors. Children are born to each generation and in many cases are expected to follow in the footsteps of their parents.  Therefore, farmers may expect their children to follow suit, doctors might expect their sons and daughter to enter the medical profession too and musicians may presume their offspring will be just like them.  Certain families build up huge reputations around their family traditions, skills and professions and sometimes we only have to hear a person’s surname to know who they are and what they do.  These archetypal families are usually very close-knit and all are happy and proud to be a part of their history and continuity of it. They are deeply involved in the family and all that it expects of them. Loyal and committed they are part of a tight team and all work towards a common goal to ensure continued success.  These families provide security and stability for the individual members along with a strong sense of who they are and where they have come from.  They support each other not out of obligation or duty, but because of love and unity.

The Ten of Pentacles symbolises the strong and solid family unit as above and problems only occur when certain family members choose not to follow or break with tradition.  Even in this scenario there should not be any real problems if the family are open-minded enough, encourage free thinking and believe that everyone should follow their own path.  However, as many of us are aware, families can be both a blessing and a curse.  Family traditions may be forced with members feeling under obligation or duty-bound to comply.  Terrible pressure can be put on the individuals to toe the line or risk excommunication or disinheritance.  Parents can be demanding of their adult children and use emotional or material blackmail to control and keep order.  Looking after an elderly parent is not welcomed and neglect may occur or there may be hidden agendas involved usually surrounding inheritance issues. These families are built on oppression and tension with family events loaded with stress and dread. There will be a strong Patriarchal or Matriarchal Figure who hold the reins tight, and can be stubborn and unyielding when challenged or exposed to change.   They can oppose the choice of their offspring’s partners, career wishes or place of residence if they do not match their own expectations and standards.  This can cause difficulties and arguments which can result in the withdrawal of affection, communication and privileges.  The results of such situations are often reflected in the wills of parents when there is a huge discrepancy in the distribution of monies and assets among family members.

Family honour, pride and toeing the line are all suggested by this Ten. When you are born into wealth, certain things are expected of you. Where you will go to school, what sports you should take up, who you should be friendly with, who you should date and what direction your career should take?  Money does not always bring freedom especially when you have not personally earned it yourself. Duty to your family and an unspoken expectancy of obedience can be part of the price one may have to pay when you come from a privileged background and stand to inherit. Introducing outsiders to the inner sanctum of that family may not always work out favourably and they can often be made to feel very unwelcome.

The Ten of Pentacles is a card of traditions, conventions, solid foundations and long-term establishments. There is safety suggested and the sense of a tried and tested solidity and old values. The elderly Pentacles Man has been methodical and thorough.  He has stuck to what he knows works. However, sometimes change is good or refreshing or even just trying out a new approach. The energy The Ten of Pentacles brings is not generally in favour of such an attitude or risky behaviour. However, the young couple may have plans for the future that differ from what The Elderly Man has envisioned.  They may feel that the time has come to make some changes or try out new methods with the aim of moving forward and making progress.  It will be hard to convince the Pentacle’s Man at his stage just as it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.  They may have to wait until they inherit before they can introduce any changes new approaches.

The Ten of Pentacles very nicely shows off the energy of The Wheel of Fortune and The Sun Card.  Circumstances are very favourable and everything is going well as The Wheel of Fortune puts The Pentacles in a very advantageous position indeed.  The Pentacles have experienced the Reversed Aspect of The Wheel in Card Five when they were down on their luck.  Thankfully they have learned their lesson and have made provisions that will tide them over such times in the future. They understand that even though it may be sunny now, there will always be rainy days ahead to be endured and survived.  They have a contingency plan in place now and should be able to weather any storm that comes their way. The Sun Card with the little child on the horse suggests birth, new generations and good times to be enjoyed by all.

Well done to The PentaclesMission Successfully Completed.


Ten (X) of Pentacles

10 of Pentacles Upright


Financial Success/Stability/Strength, Success Breeding Success, Permanence, High Ambition/Achiever, Thriving, Flourishing, Status, Reputation, Long-Term, Results of Hard Work, Promotion, Strong Investments, Solid Foundations, Security, Protection, Financial Rewards, Materialistic, Wealth, Affluence,Riches, Permanent Wealth, Luxury, Comfort, Old Money, Property, Land, Home, Homestead, Family Matters, Family Home, Family Money, Family Tree, Genes, Continuity, Ancestry, Descendents, Heritage, Passing On/Handing Down, Inheritances, Legacies, Wills, Deeds, Trust Funds, Posterity, Provisions, Pensions, Family, Traditions/Customs, Family Values, Family/Duties/Obligations/Responsibilities, Family Support,  Family Riches/Privileges, Domestic Harmony, , Family Honour/Loyalty, Family Duty/Expectations, Family Business, Family Gatherings/Events/Celebrations,  Establishments, Institutions, Corporations,Businesses, Business Contracts, Empires, Contracts, Tried and Tested, Old Values, Old School, Old Ways, Old-Age, Elders, Generations, Coming of Age, Conventional, Conservative, Old-Fashioned, Marrying into Money, Marriage, Pre-Nuptial Contracts, Settling Down, Starting a Family, Combining Career and Parenting,

The Ten of Pentacles appearing in your Reading augurs favourably for financial, business and family matters.  Here we are looking at success, prosperity and abundance on many levels.  This Card suggests you have done or will do very well for yourself, not by chance, but by working very hard to achieve it.  Wealth and strong financial security are indicated, and more than likely here to stay, as you have well prepared for this time and have done the essential groundwork.  You may have had a long-term vision or goal that is now being realised or has come into manifestation.  Careful planning, a methodical approach and the application of tried and tested methods have kept you on the straight and narrow.  You may have taken your inspiration from those who have gone before or by researching that which had the most potential for long-term success.

It has been a long road to your success and many sacrifices have been made along the way but you are now in a position to finally enjoy the rich rewards it brings.  The Ten of Pentacles suggests comfort and luxury which you have rightly earned.  You are now in a position to or buy the house of your dreams, the car you always desired, the clothes that become you and the holidays of a lifetime. Your affluent position also brings you status and recognition as others see you as extremely successful and of great importance.  Your name or family is probably well-known and respected in the community and in business circles.

Old money is strongly suggested by The Ten of Pentacles so there may be issues surrounding family inheritances.   This Card can represent a wealthy family.  Success generates success as accumulated wealth, titles, properties, business and assets are passed on to the next generation with a view to building an even bigger empire. Wills, legacies, inheritances and deeds are all represented here. You may stand to inherit a considerable amount of money or property, and this will more than likely be family related.  You may be in line to inherit the family home, family business, family property or land. This Card can suggest that you will be well looked after and properly provided for.

The Ten of Pentacles suggests a tight and close family unit.  This family look after and support each other.  A strong bond, a united front and communal vision ensure all within the family work towards a common goal.  All share in the hard work, duties and responsibilities.  All are richly rewarded and benefit from the privileges and perks of being part of the family. Together they are a force to behold, and through combined effort, can realise any dream or bring about mass manifestation.

Wealth comes on many levels so this Card may simply refer to the riches that money cannot buy but are as equally important. Being part of a strong and united family, where you are loved and cherished, is something that money cannot buy.  Here we see the Family who view each member as equally important, but hold an additional respect and reverence for the elder members.  Elderly parents and grandparents are lovingly cared for and held in high regard.  There is an understanding within the family, that they have the older members to thank for the people they are today, and the comfortable standard of living they enjoy.  The Ten of Pentacles suggests a family built on strong foundations, foundations that were laid down from day one and have been carefully maintained and strengthened over a long period of time.  This family love to be together and will be very much involved in each other’s lives.  Traditional family events and gatherings are of great importance and fondly looked forward to.

Strong family values come to the forefront and the group scene in The Ten of Pentacles remind you that any actions you take, or any decisions you make will affect everyone involved. That is why it is crucial to consult with, and include everyone’s view and opinions, before making a move. Family loyalty may be an issue if you decide to do your own thing or head off in your own direction.  You may be given the cold shoulder if you act alone.

The Ten of Pentacles can suggest you are caring for an elderly parent or relative.  In the Upright Ten, this is not seen as a burden or obligation. Neither do you feel duty-bound to begrudgingly take them in. On the contrary, you find their presence a comfort and are only too delighted to repay them for all the care that was shown to you.  This is a happy situation and the elderly parent or relative is content to let you go about your business and not interfere.  If you have children, there will be the opportunity to build a strong rapport, respect and understanding which will bridge the generation gap.  Your children will learn much from the traditions, stories and values of their elders.

However, if you have been too busy, like many Pentacle People,  to visit elderly parents or relatives, The Ten of Pentacles can highlight the need to make the time, as you may be left with regrets and unable to turn the clock back.  It is also important for your children to understand where and who they came from, for it will only be as adults, will they realise how much they have missed out on. It will then be too late and may ultimately affect their relationship with you as you age. It is essential to instill in your children from a young age, that elderly people have just as much a place in society as they do, and that they wouldn’t be here at all if it was not for them.

The Ten of Pentacles can also suggest the loneliness experienced as we age.  You may no longer be able to participate in family activities or work the way you wish.  You may feel slightly outside of things, but do not want to burden anyone with your worries as they are all so busy, with many things to do and places to go.  You may get great comfort and companionship from a pet who is happy to sit with you all day and listen to your woes.  In the Upright Ten, this scenario is only mild and simply part of the process of getting old.  However, it can act as a reminder to ask after the welfare of an elder parent or relative, or spend time having a proper talk with them.  Just because you are caring and providing for them well, does not mean to say they are carefree and have no worries.  Elderly people will typically keep problems to themselves as they can be proud and struggling to hold onto their independence.  It may be up to you to draw them out.

With regards to Elderly parents or relatives, The Ten of Pentacles can suggest that they may be the ones to help you in your situation or with your issues.  They may be able to offer some advice or practical help, so don’t rule them out on the basis of being too old or too set in their ways to understand, for they may surprise you.  If your parents are no longer living then perhaps ask of yourself what they would have done or advised if they were here today.  Looking to the past and traditional ways of dealing with things may offer the solution to your problems.

Sorting out your affairs and giving thought to making wills or leaving proper provisions for your family can be suggested by The Ten of Pentacles. You may be setting up trust funds for your children or grandchildren, sorting out insurance and title deeds, or organising the transfer of ownership of business to the next generation.  The continued well-being and welfare of your family after your death is extremely important to you, but you also want to ensure that all you have worked hard for, and established over the years, is properly managed and controlled in your absence. This Card also highlights the importance of making adequate provisions for your own old age such as investing wisely in solid, trustworthy pensions and tried and tested establishments.

The Ten of Pentacles is a Card for following family traditions and customs.  There may be internal and external understandings and expectations which you have been born into for good or bad.  This may involve following in the footsteps of those before you such as career, business or profession.  You may be expected to fill your parents shoes when they are gone and continue their work.  In the Upright, this is something that comes naturally to you and a role you are only too happy to fill. Family Honour is also at stake in this Card and if you happen to be born into a wealthy or well-known family there may be pressure on you to toe the line and not draw any negative attention to yourself.  You may be expected to move only in certain circles, date only eligible partners or follow careers only fitting to your family status.  Your family reputation may be a joy or a burden to maintain. There may be a strong and powerful patriarchal or matriarchal figure who holds tight control of your life choices.  We see such scenarios especially in royal families where the members must constantly remember who they are and what they can and cannot do.  Privileges, wealth and fame rarely bring freedom, so The Ten of Pentacles can highlight this issue. However, in the Upright, again it is not extreme.

The Ten of Pentacles can also simply suggest that you are attending or organising a family event or gathering, where all generations will come together to celebrate.  Look for the Four of Wands and Three/Six/Ten of Cups which would support this interpretation. You may also be taking the time to trace your family tree. If so, you may discover someone of great importance and wealth in your ancestry which will quite surprise you.

The Ten of Pentacles appearing in your Reading when you are speculating on taking a massive gamble acts as a warning. It suggests that now is not the time for taking such risks and asks you to stick with the more traditional and conventional methods, even if they involve taking the long road and extra effort on your part.  Don’t be in such a hurry to move too quickly.  Take your time and build slowly. The idea is to seek permanence now, something long-lasting instead of instant gratification. If you are confused or uncertain, ask your family for advice.

This Card deals with all aspects of home, property, family, ancestry and posterity. The Family Home is strongly represented and suggests there may be issues surrounding it.   You may be purchasing a house, building a house, inheriting a house or renovating an old house. You may be investing significantly in home improvements, extensions and decorating.  Similar to the traditional ‘Barn Raising’, family, friends and neighbours may be helping you with the project and workload. This Card can suggest that you may be purchasing something large other than a  house, such as a car or business. It confirms that the money is there for your purchase and that it will be a sound, wise and long-term investment. The Pentacles always believe in putting their money into bricks and mortar as they like to see something tangible for all their hard work.  If you are house hunting at present and enquiring about a specific house you have seen, The Ten of Pentacles being drawn is a very good indication that it has the potential to be a long-term family home. This Card signals sound financial investment with guaranteed returns.

If you are involved in a legal case the appearance of The Ten of Pentacles can be a positive sign of the courts ruling in your favour or a possible large payout to your benefit.

When it comes to Relationships, The Ten of Pentacles can suggest you are looking to settle down or take steps to make your relationship more permanent.  You may be planning on moving in together or looking to buy a house.  The Ten of Pentacles can suggest marriage, so look for supporting cards in the Reading to confirm this. A traditional and conventional relationship is represented by this Card. If you are thinking about starting a family, then The Ten of Pentacles appearance is a very good omen, as it suggests your relationship is strong enough and both of you are fully committed to being parents. As a couple, you will be able to provide a stable and secure environment for your children.  It also suggests that you will have more than enough money to cover all the costs that child rearing incurs.

The relationship suggested by this Card is one of financial comfort ahead of everything else. This couple will have the best that money can buy. Ambitious and career oriented, both probably work while children are happily cared for by nannies, or sent to crèches. Their status along with their affluent standard of living will put them in favour of boarding or private fee paying schools for their children.  As a couple you may have high expectations for your children and have been steering them in the desired direction from infancy.  This couple will talk business and shop over a dinner of good food and wine. Unlike the Cups, Pentacles will put less importance on the romantic side of their relationship but make no mistake here, for this is a couple who enjoy a strong passion for each other and a healthy sex life. Life and work can leave them precious little free time but they make the most of each other’s company whenever they get the chance.

The Relationship represented by The Ten of Pentacles Upright is rock steady and secure.  Built to last, strong foundations have been laid down from the very beginning and constantly maintained, just like every other aspect of their life.  If this is your prospective partner you are asking about, then they are in it for the long haul and will be someone you can trust and rely on.  Conventional and conservative, family is very important to them, and this Card turning up in a Relationship Reading is a positive indication of a stable background and disciplined upbringing with traditional family values.  The partner suggested by this Ten will be reliable, responsible and turn up when they say they will.  Loyal down to their toes, you won’t have to worry about them straying or going on mad benders or drinking binges as they will probably be more sensible than you.  A healthy down-to-earth relationship is indicated.  The couple in this relationship know what they want and will work as a solid team towards achieving it.

The Ten of Pentacles can also indicate that you are marrying into money.  Your partner may come from a wealthy family or indeed have their own.  They probably stand to inherit substantially from older members of the family. In the Upright your inclusion and welcome into the family is generally accepted but you may go through a period of time when you are kept at arm’s length and viewed with suspicion.  The family may be guarded with you, and might come across as cold or rude at times until they get to know you.  However, you will have to prove to them that you are not just a fortune hunter and out for their money, especially if you do not come from a similar background.  They will be very protective of each other in this regard. If you are marrying into a wealthy family then you may be asked to sign a pre-nuptial contract.

Career related, if this Card is representing a new job or career, then it suggests the long-term benefits from working there will be immense. This company is not going to disappear overnight and is financially sound and stable. Your career could really grow working there and you would be rewarded for your loyalty and work ethos.  This company has the money to pay large salaries and bonuses. However, if you like working in an environment that is changing rapidly or have plans to introduce radical change or update technology then you might run into a brick wall when seeking the go ahead from owners or management.  As well paid and prestigious the position on offer, you must remember that this establishment will be run in the ‘old school’, traditional tried and tested manner.  They may not be readily open to change, and might stubbornly resist it, even if it is in their own best interests. The Ten of Pentacles can also stand for promotion, so if you have been working hard, others have noticed and you are likely to be rewarded.

The Ten of Pentacles suggests that you have high ambitions and want to go all the way to the top.  You have a major plan in place with very defined goals and time frames for achieving them.  You may only be on the first step of the ladder or possibly further up but you have what it takes to last the course and be super successful, but it will not happen overnight.  Remember, hard work, focus, determination and ultimate patience will get you there. Learn from any mistakes you make along the way and when you hit hard times (as you will), do not lose your focus or faith.  Dust yourself down and get back on track. No matter how much you think you have planned for, it will never be plain sailing, so be prepared.

When it comes to Business this card represents established businesses, corporations, institutions or family business.  It is a very welcome Card in Business Readings as it suggests success, and success building upon further success. You may be working in a family business or taking over a family business. The Ten of Pentacles speaks for itself in Business or Career Readings as it is the ultimate success Card for ambitious, hard-working and driven people.  It confirms that your business is rock solid, but then  you knew that too, for it is you who has made it what it is.  You may have started on a very small-scale but it has steadily grown over the years and is probably a household name now.  Staff are industrious, highly skilled and professional, for you understand that it pays to hire the best.  In return, your staff are loyal and supportive and all work like a family team for mutual benefit.  Many of your staff may in fact be family members who have grown up learning the ins and outs of it from day one. You may be thinking about taking a back seat in your business or handing the reins over to the next generation. Your business is in safe hands.

If you are thinking about buying a business or buying into one, then it promises to be a sound investment when this Card appears Upright. This business is financially stable and will be around for some time to come, so you stand to make a good return as profits soar.


10 of Pentacles Reversed

Lack of Success, Short-Lived Success, Financial Ruin, Financial Disaster, Huge Losses, Massive Debts,  Bankrupt, Riches to Rags,  Insecure, Unstable, No Foundations, Bad Luck, Negative Change in Circumstances, Overspending, Squandering Money, Living Beyond Your Means, Ovely Materialistic, False Impression of Being Wealthy, Unstable Business/Establishment, Bad Business Management, Illegal Business Activities, Money Laundering, Well from Crime, Get Rich Quick Schemes, Collapse of an Empire/Government/Monarchy, Losing Everything, Nouveau Riche, New Money, Bling, Genetic Family Health Issues, Inheritance Worthless or Disputed, Not Making Provisions For Family, Neglecting Elderly Relatives, Favouritism in Wills, Disinherited, Family Quarrels/Feuds, Family Burdens/Obligations/Duties, Dread of Family Events/Gathering, Domestic Disharmony, Bickering over Money, Bad Housekeeping, Breaking Family Traditions/Honour/Customs/Loyalty, Gambling with Family Money or Resources, Huge Financial Loses, Overly Materialistic, Emotionally Cold, Marrying for Money, Un-traditional, Un-conventional, Liberal,

A lack of success due to poor planning, lack of practical application and insufficient effort is often suggested when The Ten of Pentacles appears Reversed. You have not achieved what you set out to and there may be various reasons for this.  The success you have chased has elluded you or has been short-lived.  You may only have thought of the big picture and not given enough attention to the small detail. You may not have had the patience to last the course or kept changing the goal posts as your interests shifted,  losing sight of your original plan.  Shortcuts may have been taking instead of sticking with the tried and tested methods which would have yielded positive results.  You may have listened to the wrong people, people who seemed exciting and convincing at the time.  You may have moved too fast or put your trust in the wrong people and control into.

One way or another, success has not been achieved. You may have given promises to those around you and now you must let them know that it has all failed.

The Ten of Pentacles Reversed can suggest that you have great ambition and great plans of getting to the top but you do not necessarily want to put in the work and effort to get there.  This can lead you to taking gambles and risks in your rush to the top.  You are drawn to shortcuts and fast-track methods. You can become easily influenced by opportunists who come to you with their get rich quick schemes.  You might believe that hard work is for silly people who cannot see the big picture like you do.  You may have a very grandiose attitude about yourself and look down your nose at those who have to work 24/7 to make a living.

A lack of financial security and foundation is strongly suggested by the Reversed Ten of Pentacles.  Poor investments with very little return can be indicated so be very careful about where you put your money. What you plan to do may require more money than you have, so give great thought to this as you may end up throwing good money after bad.  We always underestimate how much something is going to cost and often fail to make provisions for a contingency fund. This leaves us exposed and vulnerable should any unforeseen problems arise.

When The Ten of Pentacles Reverses we may be looking at a situation where everything looks great on the surface.  People, a family, a business etc. seem to be very successful or wealthy.  We see big houses, big cars, designer clothes and a lavish lifestyle. They seem to be always going somewhere and have fancy businesses premises with numerous staff.  Behind the scene lies a different story. There may be massive debts and heavily mortgaged homes and premises. They may be living on credit and running up huge bills wherever they go.  This Card can represent such people, people who cannot live within their own means.  They expect and demand the best that money can buy and can be very arrogant and unapologetic about their debts for they believe they were born for material comfort.  They bounce cheques and throw credit card statements in the bin.

This may be you, trying to live beyond your means or giving the impression that you are successful and wealthy. You do not have enough money to afford the lifestyle you desire so stop pretending you can.

Financial ruin or collapse can be indicated by The Ten of Pentacles Reversed. You could go from riches to rags overnight.  The Global recession and economy have been the ruination of many people’s fortunes over recent years.  Massive empires have collapsed, establishments which had become household names, destroyed and worthless.  Businesses thought to be rock solid and financially sound, also took massive hits as the tidal wave hit. Hundreds of thousands who had sunk all their money into property, saw it decimated in the crash. People who had been used to living in mansions and flying first class, had their homes repossessed and forced into declaring bankruptcy. Only those who had been extremely wise and extremely financially sound managed to survive, although some impact would have been felt.  The Ten of Pentacles Reversed can also represent the scenario of not been as financially secure as you once were.  You may have lost some of your wealth, business profits may have fallen or land and property devalued.  However, you are still standing and whereas you have to be a little more careful with what you spend your money on, you are still much better off than most. All may not be lost, but your standard of living may have dropped. You may be able to rebuild out of the ashes.

We can also have the opposite scenario were we encounter the nouveau riche, the new rich. Money may have come too easy, too soon and too much.  The Elderly man in the Reversed Card can represent the old traditional way of acquiring wealth by building an empire slowly in comparison to the young couple who establish their wealth rapidly, but wish to give the appearance of it being old money.  They may have every thing that money can buy and have amassed incredible fortunes, but it may not be able to buy them into the inner-sanctum and inner-circle of the elite classes.  The elderly man, sitting beside his family crests and old money will find it hard to accept these new-comers and may find them crass, unrefined and ostentatious.  He views their world of bling and loud financial statements as tasteless and vulgar.

When it comes to families, there may be arguments, disputes and feuds.  These family quarrels are often associated with money, inheritances and properties.  There may be bad blood between relatives or siblings and families torn apart by greed and favouritism.  If you are awaiting the reading of a family will, then you may be in for a shock or a surprise.  Inheritance rights may be disputed with family members becoming estranged from each other as solicitors letters arrive in the post.  Then again, the losses associated with The Ten of Pentacles Reversed, often hits family money. Family inheritances, legacies or even the family home may have been badly handled or gambled away. What you waited so long to inherit, may be found to be worthless or not worth the paper it is written on.  You may discover that no provisions have been left for you at all, or that there was nothing to leave. Worse still, you may discover, like a client of mine did after her husband died, that the only thing left to her were substantial debts that she knew nothing about, but as his wife was now liable for.  Presuming that their life assurance or mortgage protection was in place and her home secure, she also discovered that her husband had been failing to make the monthly payments a short time before his sudden death.  Probably an oversight on his part, but this meant he was not covered at the time of his death.  My client had to sell her home and move into rented accommodation in order to settle his debts.

On the other hand, you may be disinherited or unwelcome in your family if you have broken important traditions or customs.  You may have taken your own direction, made your own plans or followed your own mind and heart instead of what was expected of you.  You may now feel alienated, ostracised and an outsider. Once you can prove to them you can be equally a success following your own path, and that you meant no personal slight or insult towards them, they will eventually thaw and respect your decisions.  However, if going your own way, brings scandal and shame upon your family then you may be waiting a long time for forgiveness.

The Ten of Pentacles Reversed can suggest family disloyalty and dishonour. There may be no family values and a lack of respect for family members or elders.  You may view family obligations or duties as a burden and begrudge doing anything for them or having to visit.  The family may be divided over an issue or situation. You may be asked to take sides. The foundations of this family have been weakened but then again may not have been very strong to start out with.  You may resent caring for an elderly relative but do so in order to inherit.

You may not feel close to your family or see little of them. Your family may place too much importance on material things. You may have grown up in a monied family but spent little time with your parents if they were career-oriented. You may have been sent to boarding school and had many privileges, but feel there is something lacking in your life.

If you are looking for answers regarding your health problems then the presence of The Ten of Pentacles Reversed can suggest you look to past generations, as your condition may be genetically related. Instead of finding some famous people while tracing your family tree, there may be infamous villians, rogues and also those responsible for losing the family fortune. You may feel disappointed or ashamed about where you have come from or your ancestors.

In Relationships, The Ten of Pentacles often refers to domestic disharmony for one reason or another. However, finances issues will probably be causing much strife, especially if there has been a sudden drop in standard of living.  You may be too materialistic in your relationship and have become emotionally cold.  If you are financially insecure right now, this may be new territory for you, and your relationship might be feeling the strain.  You may see your partner in a new light as the money dries up.  You may discover you have very little in common once the material things are taken away. It may signal the end of your relationship or marriage as we see the fall of a family.

The Ten of Pentacles can also suggest that you are working too hard, or are so ambitious that you are neglecting the needs of your relationship or family.  You may put your work ahead of everything else. You may see yourself as being the ultimate provider and needing to maintain the family’s standard of living, but your children may prefer you at home rather than have an increase in their allowance. Are your children crying out for your attention or do you have to buy their love? However, you may be breaking away from established family traditions or realising that you have sacrificed your family and relationships for money and status. You might choose to turn your back on the material world or a fantastic career in favour of a simpler life for you and your family. This Reversed Card can also represent the non-traditional, non-conventional family set-up.

Whereas this Upright Ten sees you marrying into money, the Reversed can find you Marrying for it. If you have your sights set high, yet don’t want to have the bother of working for it, then you can always trying climbing on the back of someone else who is on their way up, or already there. You may seek partners on the basis of material wealth and status. You may be prepared to sacrifice love in order to marry well. Be very careful if other Cards concur for someone may be after you for your money and could bleed you and your family’s inheritance dry before moving on to their next project. It may be wise to put a pre-nuptial contract in place before saying ‘I do’.  If there are extreme reactions to agreeing on the contract then you must ask yourself why? However, there is no need to be miserly or cold and calculating in the contract but you must protect family assets and old family money that may not be directly yours.

Then again, you may have met someone who, by your family’s standards, is below your class or station.  You may find that your new partner is not welcomed by the family or shunned.  You may not be able to take your partner to family events or gatherings if there is sufficient disapproval. You might become torn between loyalty to your family and loyalty to your partner.  This can be a tough relationship to maintain under such circumstances.  If you have met someone who is from a wealthy or important family, you may feel insecure or inadequate if your background is very different. You may be initially dazzled by all the glamour but eventually feel out of your league. Again, another tough situation to overcome.

If Career Related, the company you work for, or seeking employment with, may be financially unsound. You may have chosen a career path that was once financially very rewarding, but has now become redundant in present day circumstances. You may be qualified in a profession that no one has any use for.  You may find it impossible to get work or have to settle for a menial position just to survive. With The Ten of Pentacles Reversed comes demotion and wage cuts. The company you work for may no longer be able to sustain top-heavy salaries. However, if you are employed in a long-established family company, you may find it impossible to advance due to promotions being awarded to family members only. The company you work for may also be financially very sound but not great at sharing it around.

Business Wise, there may be the fall of a well established family empire or business on the Cards. You may be selling your family business or your shares in it. Unfortunately, The Ten of Pentacles Reversed does not augur well for business and can suggest that your business is far from successful.  When this Card Reverses, all the people seem to be at the top of the card which may indicate that you are not sufficiently looking after the financial side of the business. You may be paying yourself and others too much money or dipping into the profits for personal use instead of re-investing.  What money you have, is not being put to proper use or is being mismanaged. More effort is needed to be put into the day-to-day running of the business, for it may be going down the tubes while you are out wining and dining on your expense account. If you have enjoyed long-term business success then the appearance of this  Card Reversed can act as a warning that you have become too complacent and laid back about its continued success.  You may be stuck in old patterns of business practice when change is needed or happening all around you. You may think that your name and reputation are your strongest assets but there may be some new kids on the block who are beginning to draw attention and interest.

You may also over-estimate your importance in a family business and believe yourself indispensable. There may be some secret family dealings going on in the background with a view to removing you or vote against you.  If you are the head of a family business, you might be holding the reins too tight or being inflexible, and closed to change or new approaches.  It might be time for you to take a step back or retire from the business but you refuse to retire or relinquish any control to others.

Underhand business practices may have you taking money under the table or backhanders when The Ten of Pentacles appears Reversed.  You may be running an illegal business or there could the use of a business for money laundering purposes.  Here we have the drug barons and criminal gang lords living the high life on their ill-gotten gains. Protected by high security gates and armed guards they enjoy immense wealth and the good life in their palatial mediterraen villas.  Corrupt and obsessed with money, they are driven by greed and power. They trade in misery, fear and death and have never worked an honest day in their life.

In The Ten of Pentacles Reversed we see also see The Wheel of Fortune and The Sun Card Reverse too.  Your circumstances have dis-imprpoved and there is little to celebrate or feel happy about.  Money is short and you seem to be down on your luck.  You need to go back to the Nine of Pentacles and become self-reliant once more.  Family and friends may not be able to help you out of this one, but you have been resourceful in the past and therefore can be again.  If you have lost everything and your world seems to have turned on its head, remember that The Wheel is still turning, even if it does seem to be stuck on the downward turn at the moment, with you firmly wedged into its spokes. You were successful before and once That Wheel begins to move, you can choose to go back to the beginning and start afresh either with a new project or the salvaging of your existing one.  You are on your own at the moment until you can prove to others how determined you are.  The Pentacles are well able to rise out of the ashes and come back fighting.  They can do it with their own hands too. Success is still achievable if this is what you desire.

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