Homework Lesson 3,4 & 5


(All questions should be answered with a maximum of 100 words unless otherwise stated)

1. What energy do the number 3 and the colour Purple hold?

2. Name each Element and the Suit and Zodiac Signs they Govern

3. Why are Reversed Cards Important?

4. What do Aces represent?

5. If there are three or more Aces in a reading what does it suggest?

6. Make a list of four people you know. Determine whether they are a Wand, Cup, Sword or Pentacle personality. Give reasons why. Allow for mixes of the Elements.

7. Examine your own personality. Which Element personality do you think you most strongly match? Which Element personality do you think you are least like ?

8. If you had a choice, which Element personality would you aspire to be?

9. Which Element personality most annoys you?

10. Calculate the Personal Year Number of Partner, Friends & Family (this will intrigue all and familiarise you with the meaning of numbers)

11. Select whichever of the Four Aces represents you the closest on a daily basis.

12. Which Ace would you like to be entering your life in the near future?

13.  What does the infinity symbol in the Two of Pentacles symbolise?

14.  In the Two of Swords, why would you say that the woman possibly has problems with relationships in her life? What is it in the imagery that gives us clues as to this possible condition?

15.  If a querant asked “what is causing problems in my relationship”? What would the Two of Wands appearing in her reading in the past or present position indicate?

16.  Why is it necessary to shuffle the cards?

17.  During a general reading, what should the querant be thinking about?

18.  Should you decide which method of card selection or drawing you are going to use before you start to shuffle? Why?

19.  Why is it important to maintain the correct orientation and position of cards as drawn by the querant?

Things to Do

  •  Take a walk in nature and observe the Elements at play around you. See how they are all connected. Become an active participant and observer in your surroundings, absorb detail. Tune in.
  • Start to people watch. I don‟t mean in a negative manner. Observing people can easily be done while having a coffee at your local coffee shop, while
  • Dining in a restaurant, sitting on a bus or standing in a queue. Try to spot the four different types of the Tarot in the people surrounding you. Spot the Fire, Water, Air and Earth types. What is it that gives them away?
  • Take note of any symbols you come across on a daily basis. Search for symbols other than the ones you are most familiar with.
  • Think about designing a coat of arms for yourself and the symbols and colours you would use to represent your personality.
  • Go over card meanings and do a daily card reading for yourself. A one-card reading as guidance for the day or a three-card reading (past, present & future) in relation to a predetermined question.  Remember to apply the shuffling, selection and question rules.
  • Using just the first 8 cards of the Tarot. That is the Aces and Twos do some one-card and three card readings for friends and family as practice.

Aces Intro    Ace of Wands   Ace of Cups    Ace of Swords    Ace of Pentacles

Twos Intro   2 of Wands    2 of Cups   2 of Swords   2 of Pentacles

Lesson 3   Lesson 4   Lesson 5

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Truly Teach Me Tarot Part I

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