Judgement (XX) Reversed

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



When Judgement Reverses you maybe refusing to listen to your inner-voice and the inner-call. There may still be fears yet to be released connected to material values and what you may have to give up.  Judgement Reversed also suggests that you may be acting in haste without concern for the consequences.  It suggest poor judgement and a lack of clear thinking.  There is a lack of responsibility and scant regard for others. It can all be about you and only what effects your little world.

The Reversed Judgement Card finds you standing at the cross-roads but fear holds you back from making a decision about which direction to take.  You may know deep down what you want but still worry about how others will judge you.  You may desire a complete change or transformation but feel blocked or you may resist any sort of transformation or change preferring to stay as you are regardless of how dreary it is or how unhappy you are.  When Judgement Reverses it represents a time of being spiritually empty or hungry.  As a result, instead of looking within for the source of this hunger,  you may turn to material things or even addictive substances to fill the void. You may feel your life has been a waste of time and that you are too old or it is too late to make the necessary changes.  A deep unhappiness and lack of fulfilment can cause negativity and bitterness.  It is never to late to live.  Reversed Judgement can suggest a fear of getting old and dying.

You have been judged and found wanting.  Your harvest is in but is not what you wanted or expected.  There can be a failure to learn from past mistakes and a refusal to acknowledge repetitive negative patterns in your life.  On the other hand, you may be judging yourself way too harshly. Court cases may go against you.  This may be just what you deserved as a result of your actions or due to lies from the other side.  The law may not be on your side in whatever you are involved in.  Arrests are possible with court cases and sentencing following. Look for other cards such as the King of Swords, Justice Reversed, 5 and 7 of Swords Reversed and 4 and 8 of Swords Upright, to back this up.

The Angel now blows his own trumpet suggesting bragging, boasting and self-importance.  Judgement Reversed can find you self-opinionated and casting judgement on others due to a dysfunctional belief system.  Instead of calling and influencing others towards worthy causes The Angel in Judgement Reversed now calls them to rise up and cause trouble as in war, riots and arguments. Public speaking turns into an opportunity to spread propaganda.  You may also be bad-mouthing others, gossiping or bitching. Reputations can be ruined and real hurt caused by careless remarks.  However, others may be treating or judging you unfairly.  An angry mob or group  may be looking for someone to blame and want to make a scape goat out of you.   The figures in the reversed card are now flung out of their coffins so this can symbolise exile or exclusion from an intimate group, family, social group or organisation.

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  1. Judgement Reversed, from my experience, has to do with feeling Guilt or Shame about the past.

    Upright, Judgement is about unburdening from the past. Accepting the decisions you made and moving forward. It’s basically a card of closure and renewal.

    Reversed would mean you can’t move on or you aren’t happy with your past. Not to get personal (it’s just from my reading experience) but it showed up in a reading for a woman who regretted having sex with multiple partners when she and her boyfriend took a break.

    As a result, he didn’t take her back when he found this out and she hasn’t recovered since. I’m certain she didn’t care about those other men, just made poor decisions. (There were some pretty dark reversed sword cards around her too.)

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    • I like it Erik, I will be re-working all The Major in the Coming Months and will certainly reflect your impressions in my interpretations. Guilt and also being unforgiving of yourself. It can be hard to live with yourself because of something you did in the past or perhaps you hurt someone and never thought much about it at the time. I think we all mature as we get older and looking back at our younger years we can identify incidents or behaviour that makes us less than proud.


  2. Judgement Reversed can mean guilt. Not being renewed, being burdened from decisions made in the past.


    • Think of a the driver who kills a child while under the influence of alcohol. Never can he or she turn back the clock. They have to carry that burden of guilt for the rest of their life.


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