Card Spreads

Our First Card Spreads

Now that we have explored the First Eight Cards of The Minor Arcana; The Four Aces and The Four Twos you are now ready to have a go at your first readings.

Below are the simplest Spreads to start with.  Larger Spreads will be introduced as we begin to build on our understanding and add to our already impressive knowledge of The Minor Arcana.  The Larger Spreads need more of a selection and variety of cards in order to give a comprehensive and thorough reading so we will start with the less complicated ones. 

One-Card Cut

Blank Card

This is the simplest method of gleaning information from the Tarot. Simple yes/no questions are suitable for the one card reading. The One Card Cut is also suitable for when you have no particular question in mind. You may prefer to just ask “what is it that I need to know today?” “What is my action card for today?”  “Where will the magic be in my day?”  There are several variations of this type of question. Just modify it to suit your individual needs.

  • Have your question prepared and clear in your mind or just be open to what it is that your higher-self would like you to know.
  • Shuffle the deck reversing some cards whilst dwelling on your question or just remain open.
  • Place the full deck face down on the table in front of you. Place your non-writing hand on top of the deck and close your eyes. Closing your eyes helps you to focus inwards.
  • Concentrate on your question and cut the deck with your non-writing hand wherever you are guided to.
  • Turn the cut deck which is in your hand over to reveal your choice of card and answer to your question. Make sure to turn the cards over sideways so that the selected card remains as it is (upright or reversed).
  • Study the card and see if it reveals any information in relation to the question.
  • If confused, stay with this card before been tempted to drawn another. Muse on the meanings associated with your card. Look at its symbolism, its colour, its number. How do you react to it? Are you happy with it or disappointed with it? Is it upright or reversed? If reversed, what implications does that have to your issue? Place the card somewhere where you can glance at it every now and again.
  • This is a one card reading, but if you really find its meaning a bit vague or fail to link it to the question then you can reveal the card immediately below it. This extra card should open up the reading to you. Limit the extra cards drawn to two.
  • Also look at the card at the bottom of the deck, The Base Card for hidden insight and information
  • Do not be tempted to do a one card cut for every little decision in your life.

Three-Card Reading

Blank Card    Blank Card   Blank Card

 Past                Present                  Future

This is an ideal spread to start off with while your knowledge of the cards is building. Using whichever method of shuffling and drawing you prefer, select one card for the Past, one for the Present and one for the Future. If you are feeling adventurous, extra cards can be drawn to add to each section to give depth and further insight. Again do not be tempted to draw too many cards. Try to work with what you have. Using only three cards I have often delivered very accurate and informative readings.

Once you are comfortable with the above, you are ready to try out the Practice Readings for Aces and Practice Readings for Aces and Twos Combined.  You can use the above links or go to the individual pages in Menu for Lesson 5. Once you have attempted to interpret these spreads you can then read my interpretation of them.  Links to the interpretations are provided on each Practice Reading or you can click the individual Page on the Practice Reading Sub-Menu.

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