Minor Arcana – Four Suits – Ace to Ten – Snapshot Meanings

           Minor Arcana – Four Suits – Ace to Ten – Snapshot Meanings

Below are forty Snapshot/Abbreviated meanings for the Four Suits in the Minor Arcana which you can use as a Quick Reference Guide while learning to Read The Tarot. These Quickie Interpretations are not meant to replace the more in-depth versions if you intend studying The Tarot with a view to Reading Professionally in the future. You will need to become familiar with the more in-depth meanings given in the Lessons to gain a greater spiritual understanding of The Cards, the messages contained within and the workings of the Human Psyche.  However, the Snapshots will help trigger your memory of the Cards when Reading, and it is a good idea to keep a copy of this Supplement beside you when you start Reading for others. When learning to Read the Tarot, your friends and family will not mind you having to consult notes when interpreting their Readings. Don’t get into the habit though of using them all the time. I have also included Very Basic Interpretations and brief explanations of The Four Suits/Elements

At present I have only supplied the Upright Snapshot Meanings but the Reversed will be added at a later stage. Snapshot Meanings will also be made available for The Court Cards in Part II and The Major Arcana in Part III.

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The Very Basics

Ace – Beginnings/Origins/Roots/Potential

Wands – Starting Action or Movement

Cups – Emotional Beginnings

Swords – Ideas, Mental Beginnings

Pentacles – Practical/Financial Beginnings

Two – Decisions/Extremes/Balance

Wands – Decisions related to action or travel

Cups – Decisions about relationships/emotions

Swords – Stressful or Painful Decisions

Pentacles – Financial Decisions

Three – Growth/Development/Progress

Wands – Travel or things beginning to move/develop.

Cups – The Celebration of emotional or relationship progress.

Swords – Pain/Conflict/Grief coming to a head.

Pentacles – Practical Growth through study and hard work

Four – Consolidation/Stability/Foundations

Wands – Physical Well-being and Stability

Cups – Trying to find emotional stability

Swords – Trying to achieve Mental Stability

Pentacles – Consolidating your finances and laying strong foundations for the future.

Five – Change/Loss/Conflict/Chaos/Upheaval

Wands – Dissipated physical energy/conflict and squabbles      

Cups– Separation/loss/grief/anger/emotional pain

Swords – Arguments/forceful conflict, aggression

Pentacles – Financial, material and spiritual loss

Six – Stability/Harmony/Peace/Balance

Wands – The Stability of Energy, harmony after conflict

Cups – Emotional Stability and Security, comfort and nurturing

Swords – Attempt to find mental stability

Pentacles – Re-establishing Financial Stability

Seven – Challenges/Don’t Give Up/Tenacity

Wands – Physical Challenges. Defense and standing your ground. Holding out.

Cups – Emotional Soul Searching.

Swords – Mental adaptability/resourcefulness

Pentacles – The Challenge to maintain and sustain financial stability

Eight –  Strength/Personal Power

Wands – Free flowing physical energy. Momentum, speed

Cups – Emotional Strength to walk away from an unhappy situation

Swords – Desperately seeking the mental strength to change beliefs and attitudes.

Pentacles – Commitment to Goals and Long-term plans. Hard Work. Physical Strength.

Nine – Re-assessment/Reflection/Nearing the End of a Cycle

Wands – Re-assessment of which goals are important. Reflection and introspection

Cups – Fulfilment and healthy  sense of self-worth. Finding inner happiness

Swords – Intense worry and stress building.

Pentacles– Financial Success and reflecting on the road to success.

Ten – Completion of Cycle/New Beginnings

Wands – Burdens resulting from too many projects. Success but Exhausted

Cups – A family or group in harmony. Happy ever after. Love and joy.

Swords – Hitting rock bottom. Mental stress causing collapse or breakdown. The death of a situation. Letting go.

Pentacles – Solid and long-lasting Success. Financial and Material Wealth. Permanence.

The Elements at Play in the Four Suits


Wands – Element Fire – Aries/Leo/Sagittarius     wand

The Suit of Wands, also known as Rods, Staves, Batons or Clubs represent the Element of Fire.  Fire relates to energy, enthusiasm, vitality, action, inspiration, creativity, career, a love of challenges and a definite need to travel. Wands people generally have a feisty sometimes, fiery temperament and thrive on conflict, even deliberately seeking it out.  They will certainly throw themselves into any project they pursue as long as it offers them the challenges that keep them on their toes.  They have natural self-confidence and self-esteem.

Cups –  Element Water – Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio  witch's chalice

The Suit of Cups also known as Chalices, Vessels or Hearts is represented by the Element of WaterWater seeks no challenge or conflict and is happiest when it is free to flow with the changes life brings. Water governs our emotions and feelings. Water is passive and receptive influencing our emotions, dreams and imagination.This Suit also represents creativity and the arts. Cups also represent our spirituality and the psychic world. Strongly connected to the family and relationships.

Swords – Element Air – Aquarius/Gemini/Libra  sword

Swords, also known as Blades, Spades or Feathers are represented by the Element of AirAir governs the intellect, logic, reason and communication.  Swords personalities have the reputation for consulting their head before their heart in matters as they are extremely mentally disciplined. The Swords Suit is generally associated with conflict, stress and pain. Swords deal with how we communicate and express ourselves in the world.  Their realm is the power of the spoken and written word.

Pentacles –  Element Earth – Taurus/ Virgo/Capricorn  Pentacle

Pentacles also known as Coins, Disks or Diamonds are represented by the Element of EarthEarth represents that which is real, material or in the physical form. Pentacles relate to the material and financial aspects of life along with personal security and stability. Career, Study and learning are also in the realm of Pentacles.  This Suit deals with the physical body and its maintenance. It also represents the natural world and animal kingdom.

 Minor Arcana – Snapshot Meanings – Ace to Ten in Four Suits

 The Suit of Wands

Ace of Wands

Ace  – The birthplace/potential of action, creativity, inspiration, enthusiasm and motivation. The beginning of action especially, physical action.  Travel can be implied.  A new lease of life and excitement that has you rearing to go.  It brings explosive potential to whatever you are pursuing. The path is clear ahead with little or nothing to delay or block you.  You have been given the green light, the go ahead, the thumbs up in whatever it is you are doing.  Projects are taking off. You feel inspired, full of energy and bursting with creativity.  New energy is being released. Fertility, Conception, and strong Sexual Power.  News will be exciting and possibly about travel or a plan you have been waiting to act or move on. Potential for great growth.  A strong Card for travel, movement and new adventures. This energy can take you far if you can sustain or maintain the momentum and motivation it releases. The beginning of spring.

2 of Wands Upright

Two – Decisions about movement or taking a course of action. Should I stay or should I go? Should I act on this opportunity or let it pass by? Not happy with your lot anymore. Nothing really wrong but bored and discontent.  Need more excitement. Your world has become very small. You are being drawn to new locations and possibly overseas. The grass looks greener on the other side. The decision process is made difficult by possible restrictions and commitments around you.  Something or someone is holding you back. You may have obligations which hinder or hold you back. You are not completely free to just go and do as you please for others may be involved. Sudden departure of someone bringing upset. Emigration.

3 of Wands Upright

Three – Turning your back on the past and looking to the future.  Travelling away from what you know.  Moving away. Taking action after making a decision.  Your efforts have paid off.  Showing others/leading the way. You situation is moving forward in a positive manner.  Growth.  Travelling overseas for work, relationship, excitement or adventure. Doing some research, sending out feelers.  Trade, expanding into the global market. Freedom and expansion. Foreign soils, foreign people. Curiosity with all that is new and novel.

4 of Wands

Four – Welcome home. Recognition, VIP. Celebration, re-unions and surprises.  Family gatherings. A wedding may be indicated. Happy welcoming environment whether work, home or relationship related. Happy stable time. Team working together. Domestic harmony or bliss. Putting effort in the home and establishing roots.  A good community spirit. A time for feeling free and content.  Holidays in the countryside or moving to the countryside. Moving home, job or country. Feeling balanced and secure.

5 of Wands Upright

Five – Conflict and stress. Strong competition. Determination. Chaos and commotion. Rough sports. At odds with others or oneself. Fighting to be heard. No one heeding the other. A definite lack of teamwork with everyone out for their own gain. Irritations, impatience and opposition.  Too many Indians and not enough chiefs.  You may be frustrated by petty problems. Things may be getting a little out of hand.  Family or group squabbles and pettiness.

6 of Wands Upright

Six – Success/victory. You are the winner. Your strong leadership skills, determination and fearlessness in the face of opposition have brought you success.  Your achievements are being recognised and you may receive an award. You should be proud of yourself. You are the centre of attention right now and at present can do no wrong. Riding high. Leading while others follow. Fanfare. pride and self-confidence. Loyal supporters. Great news altogether

7 of Wands Upright

 Seven – Many challenges being thrown your way.  Tenacity, strength and determination is required of you right now. You may feel that you are struggling to stay on top. There is much competition and you must defend your position. Being caught unawares and having to think on your feet. Cut down your problems one by one. You may have taken on too much or have too many irons in the fire. It can all feel like a burden. You may be making a stand and refusing to back down on an issue. Taking the high ground.  Decide whether the battle is worth fighting or not. Feeling that you are under constant attack or being blamed for everything. Being singled out for intimidation or bullying.  You may have to defend your reputation or someone else’s. Having to multi-task and shoulder all the responsibility. Friends and supporters turning on you.

8 of Wands Upright

Eight – Powerful energy being released and life speeds up. Your life begins to take off or a project you have been working on is finally beginning to show signs of success. Your Goal is in sight and everything is falling nicely into place.  You can go far under this influence.  Everything just seems to be coming together for you right now.  You may be wanted by everyone at present as phone calls, texts, emails and visitors catch you up in a whirlwind of social activity, engagements and meetings. A surge of positive free-flowing energy with nothing standing in your way. High spirits and excitement.  Travel across water is strongly featured with planes coming in to land at exotic locations. Cupid’s arrows and the heady stage of falling in love. There may be holiday romances. This card brings a trouble-free time so enjoy.

9 of Wands Upright

Nine – Constantly on guard or on duty. Taken on way too much.  Your enthusiasm has got the better of you.  Excitement and underestimating the massive effort input required of you, you may have got involved in too much.  You are now left trying to cope with everything on your own.  Delegation is needed but you may feel that no one else would do as good a job as you. You seem to be always on duty. The battle weary soldier on the front line for too long. There have been many battles to fight and you may feel that stress is wearing you down. However you still have great stamina to fight one last battle.  However, wariness, suspicion and paranoia may have set in.  It is a time to reflect on your past successes and failures to discover what works for you and what doesn’t.  It is a time to discover where your true strengths lie.  You must reassess present commitments because there are too many. You will have to take full responsibility for the situation you find yourself in for it is your own doing. You may be still standing your ground in a battle that others have lost interest in. Learning from your past or possibly repeating the same old mistakes over and over again.

10 of Wands Upright

Ten – Burdens, commitments, responsibilities. It has all being an uphill climb and struggle but you must keep going for you are nearly there.  The finish line is in sight. You took the long hard route as usual by taking off before you had thought things through. Over time you have bit by bit taken on too much and must learn from this. You must stop saying yes to everything that seems exciting and new, as the dazzle wears off all too quick and then you are left holding the baby.   You may also have a habit of carrying other people’s problems and you may have many leaning on you, making your shoulders sag with the weight of it all, but how do you get out of it now? You must cut out all the dead weight and start saying no to others. Start finding a way to delegate.  Your load will be much lighter and you will feel more energised.  Once you have done that it is important not to let yourself slide back into the same situation again.  You are physically tired right now and if you don’t get some rest soon, all that you carry may force you to your knees and break your back. Nervous and physical exhaustion.  You may also be carrying the full responsibility for the success or failure of your relationship.


The Suit of Cups

Ace of Cups

Ace – Emotional fulfilment. Your cup runneth over with joy.  Real potential for happiness and emotional fulfilment. The beginning of a new romance or the first stirrings of love. Start of a happy emotionally fulfilling time. This card brings happy news of pregnancies, births, engagements, marriage, parties and weddings. It also bring love letters. Conception and fertility are strongly highlighted. Feeling content and at one with the world. Sharing the love. The beginning of summer.

2 of Cups

Two – New relationship or new phase of an existing relationship. Attraction and falling in love or the offer of love. An admirer close at hand.  Closeness, intimacy and mutual respect.  Only have eyes for each other. Deeply in love. Deciding to get engaged or married.  It may also suggest a partnership or new partnership. Equality and trust as you feel a strong connection to someone. After an argument, this card can represent a truce or re-union. This card brings balance and harmony.

3 of Cups Upright

Three –  Celebrations and socialising. Friends and family get-togethers. Party time, but there may also be a tendency to over-party. This is a group card and strongly represents groups of friends, family, work colleagues and especially women’s groups. The support of friends and family.  The need to socialise more. Celebrating the successful completion of a project.  Being toasted and supported by those around you.  Everyone is happy for you. A feast or famine card depending on what your harvest yields. Possible pregnancy (look for other supporting cards). Emotional growth.

4 of Cups Upright

Four – Boredom, apathy or even disgust.  Unhappy, dejected and bitterly disappointed. Withdrawn, disconnected and detached from those around you. An inner retreat to find emotional stability. Not aware of surrounding opportunities or relationship offers. Disillusioned by life or what has happened.  Distancing oneself from unsavoury influences. Need to find new friends and new social scene. Hungover, wasted.  Tired and worn out from too much socialising. Moody, depressed and negative.  Focusing on what you can’t have and ignoring what you can.  Focusing on the past and what is gone.  Meditation and purging.  Searching for emotional stability.

5 of Cups Upright

Five – Sadness, loss, grief, disillusionment, bereavement. Focusing on the past and what is lost instead of the present and what you have. Cut off from life, family and friends. There may be bereavement or the loss of a relationship. You do have support around you but are extremely low right now and no one can reach you. You may be filled with anger or regret over something you did that cannot be undone.  Time will heal. Something has been lost but something of value still remains. This time too will pass and you must find a way to deal with your trauma so that it doesn’t turn you cold inside.

6 of Cups Upright

Six – Childhood memories, nostalgia. Hankering after the past. Home comforts. Security and stability, but at the expense of growth. Being cared for and looked after. Time needed in familiar surroundings to gain harmony and stability. Childhood home and places being re-visited. You may be feeling homesick or missing someone.  You may be feeling nostalgic and taking a trip down memory lane to reminisce about the past and the good old days when life was simpler. You may have met someone from your past or a childhood sweetheart. This card can represent getting old or senility. The long-term memory may be strong now as you begin to live in the past. Nursing homes may be involved. You may have returned home to nurse an ageing parent.  Working with children or nursing as a career. The sweetness of innocence or the loss of it.

7 of Cups Upright

Seven – Trying to find meaning in one’s life. Soul Searching for one’s true identity. Knowing that something is missing in your life.  You do not feel complete or emotionally fulfilled.  Working out what it is you really want. Examining closely your life and personality. This also a feast or famine card. It also offers multiple choice and you may have to make a decision. You may be spending too much time daydreaming and fantasising about plans and ideas rather than actually doing something about them. You may have your head in the clouds and are not fully in touch with reality. Spaced out.

8 of Cups Upright

Eight – Searching for inner happiness.  The realisation that what you once loved has been eclipsed by something else. Leaving an emotionally un-fulfiling situation in search of something much better.  Finding the emotional strength to walk away as your heart is no longer in it. A time to move on in your life and leave your emotional baggage behind. However, you may abandon a situation or person causing distress and upset, but there may be no other way out. Inner and outer journeys are suggested in an attempt to ‘find yourself’. This card can also represent travel or just taking a break from a trying situation. You may simply be tired and need to get away for a while.

9 of Cups Upright

Nine – The wish card. Your wish has come true and hopefully you are happy with the outcome.  It suggests inner-happiness and contentment.  Life is certainly good right now and you may feel on ‘cloud nine’.  You have everything you ever wished for. You are positively beaming with joy. Learning to love yourself before you can love another. A slight air of smugness about you, but credit given where credit is deserved. You worked hard to gain such emotional stability so you should be proud of your success. You now have strong self-esteem and a sense of your self-worth. You respect yourself and expect others to do likewise.  There is cause for celebration. You may be hosting a dinner party, banquet or wedding.  Only those closest to you and considered real friends will be invited. There is a tendency to show off at times.  This is a card related to the pleasures of the flesh and strong sexuality and sensuality. Eating, drinking but also gorging.

10 of Cups Upright

Ten – Joy and happiness surround you. Marriage and starting a family if other cards support this.  Finding your love nest. Moving to the countryside. Starting a family. It stands for the ‘Happy Ever After’ situation so should always be viewed as realistically as possible. You may have a tendency to fantasise about fairy tale relationships. or are over-idealising love. It may just be wishful thinking on your part or little-girl/boy dreams. Nothing is ever as glorious as this card portrays. However, it is an excellent card for harmonious families and groups. The family is strongly represented here along with the family home and surrounding community. Everyone seems to be getting on and the atmosphere is welcoming and warm. In general, a card for emotional commitments, family blessings and domestic bliss. An emotionally successful outcome.


The Suit of Swords

Ace of Swords

Ace – Breakthrough in whatever situation you are involved in. New plans, ideas, attitudes. Clarity of thought and Intelligence. New way of looking at life. Adopting a new mind-set. Being mentally sharp and agile. Seeing both sides of a situation. You might be planning a new project or venture which is totally occupying your mind right now. Getting to the heart of the matter and seeing things for what they truly are. Being assertive. Seeking the facts and truth. A meeting of minds. Surgery may be implied. The news this Ace brings may cause stress or upset. News is often of a legal or medical matter. The beginning of Autumn.

 2 of Swords Upright

Two – Painful indecision. Difficult choices. Can’t think clearly enough to make a decision. Won’t make a decision. Choosing to sit on the fence. Refusing to take sides. Emotions clouding decisions. Past hurts blocking potential happiness. You may be in denial about your situation or deliberately turning a blind eye to what is going on. Blind to the facts. Being closed off; letting nothing in or out. Emotionally cold or distressed. Iciness, Unapproachable. Arguments between two people. Refusing to back-down, listen, or compromise. Closed off to all attempts at negotiation.

 3 of Swords Upright

Three – Heartbreak, loss, deep sadness, upset, trauma, grief. Vicious Arguments and hurtful words. Conflict. Group Arguments, Need to communicate. Colossal misunderstandings. A love triangle. Separation, divorce and family law courts. Betrayal. Deep sadness from the past affecting your current life. Painful memories. The need to let go of old pains and hurts before they turn you bitter. Heart Surgery or general surgery. The need to release pain and sorrow through tears and talking about your problems. This card can suggest depression.

 4 of Swords Upright

Four – Mental overload and the need to retreat to find balance. Enforced period of rest. Withdrawing from a distressing situation. Feeling very low. Your issues have got the better of you. This Card suggests you are dealing with severe stress and worry. You are finding it hard to cope. You may feel dead inside or perhaps fee that something has died. Mental exhaustion clouds your perception of things and you cannot think clearly. Not being able to face people or the world. Going into hiding if you have done something to be ashamed of.  Hospitalisation, Illness/intensive care, Isolation, Solitary Confinement. Seeking professional help from counsellors or psychotherapists as you are unable to help yourself. Going through a breakdown. Clinical depression.  This is a warning Card of the consequences of ignoring the signs of mental burn-out.

 5 of Swords Upright

Five – Crossed swords and a parting of the ways. Going into battle with someone. Is Must ask yourself if this battle is worth it as you stand to lose a lot. Enforced submission through bully tactics. Conflict and defeat. Having to surrender. Giving your power away but this Card can also suggest taking your power back from those who took it from you in the first place (surrounding Cards would need to support this as generally it has unpleasant implications.  Possible abuse or criminal violence. Maliciousness and pure nastiness. Someone is getting their own way through force. Smugness and gloating. A control freak who uses domination over others. Using power negatively. Dealing with a personality that has no conscience or morals. The need to tread carefully for you are dealing with someone very clever but also very dangerous. Criminal behaviour.  Attack, muggings, injury, stabbings. Having to fight your corner. Fighting for your life or survival. Fighting against the odds. Having to give up and walk away from a distressing situation. Suffering a major loss. A no-win situation.

 6 of Swords Upright

Six – Moving away from conflict and negativity. Attempting to put distance between yourself and a bad situation or environment. Feeling worn down by a situation. Feeling depressed and fatigued. The need to get away in order to recover. Being supported and aided by others. You may be escaping from a turbulent or violent relationship. Seeking sanctuary in a shelter or place of refuge.  A period of calm after the storm as you move from troubled into still waters. Beginning to pick up the pieces of your life again. Returning slowly to life after a loss, trauma or bereavement. Slow recovery after an illness. Trying to run away from your troubles instead of dealing with them face on. Taking your troubles with you. Travel across water. This Card can also indicate underhand behaviour and sneakiness.

 7 of Swords Upright

Seven – The need for vigilance and a tightening of security. An enemy in the camp. Deceit, lies and underhand behaviour. Theft may be involved so make sure all your possessions are secure and bag or wallet not left out in public view. Be very careful of who you share information or ideas with. Double check identity cards of all callers who seek to gain access to your house or property as they may not be who they say they are.  Being resourceful and thinking on your feet. Being cunning and clever. Robbing other people’s ideas and plans. Keeping a close eye on the competition and getting ideas from them. Seeing how others are doing things. Staying ahead of the posse. Beating the competition at their own game. Having a few tricks up your sleeve. You may be trying to outsmart your opponent.  Having to work in a cut-throat environment. You might be doing what you have to do just to stay in the game. Having to watch your back. Finding a new way of coping in the world. Going it alone. The lone wolf. Acting alone. Not looking where you are going. This Card can suggest sneakiness, deceit, unfaithfulness and mind games in relationships. Where relationships are concerned it is best to get as far away as you can from this personality.

 8 of Swords Upright

Eight – Frustration. Being mentally tied up by one’s beliefs and fear. Negative attitudes and pessimism. Imprisonment/entrapment. Legal proceedings might go against you. Blinded and paralysed by fear. Feeling you have no options open to you. Not being able to see a way out of your problems. To be honest, you have created most of these problems yourself and some of them have been blown out of all proportion. There is a way out but you must calm your turbulent, confused and paranoid mind in order to think clearly. Panic, drama and hysteria surround you at present and until you get your head together you are going to remain stuck. Feeling victimised and persecuted. Not being able to help yourself. Psychological imbalance and dysfunction. This person cannot act on the advice you are giving them. You may be overwhelmed by your problems and circumstances and are afraid to make a move in case you make things worse for yourself. You might be waiting to be rescued by someone else. You are definitely backed into a corner but you must take action for you can free yourself from this situation. You need to call on your inner-strength in this situation. This Card can suggest that you are being controlled, restricted and monitored by a domineering partner.

 9 of Swords Upright

Nine – The Dark night of the soul Card. Something is terribly wrong in your life. Immense worries and stress are coming between you and your sleep. You may be suffering night terrors and nightmares. You might be plagued with insomnia as your minds spirals in never-ending circles. You are filled with dread and emotional turmoil. Everything is doom and gloom about you. There could be shame and guilt involved, a secret that is too awful to share. This is a Card for keeping your problems to yourself and trying to go it alone. You feel dreadfully in the dark and terribly alone. You need to speak to someone. A problem shared is a problem halved. Things may not be as bad as you think they are. You may be waiting on dreaded news that will decide your fate and are consumed with worry and terror. There may be an unplanned pregnancy, an affair or a terrible unspeakable secret that you have been trying to keep to yourself. This Card speaks of being heavily burdened and on the edge of sanity. You may be feeling that you are better off dead. It is vital you confide in someone.

 10 of Swords Upright

Ten – Complete mental breakdown. You just can’t take any more and have hit rock bottom. Major changes are needed in your situation. You attitudes and beliefs have brought you to this stage. There may be severe conflict in your life. You may be on the receiving end of bullying, intimidation and harassment. You may also be subjected to physical abuse or attack. You may be letting others use you as a doormat. Treachery, back-stabbing, gossip, bitching and betrayal are associated with this card. The treachery usually comes from close quarters, people you know or thought were your friends.  On the other hand you may be overreacting to everything, or enjoy playing the martyr or victim as you gain attention from others. This Card suggests you have gone as low as you can go and the only way is up from here on in, that is if you want to save yourself? You have a window of opportunity to turn things around and sort your life out. This Card marks the death of a situation prior to the beginning of a new one. The darkest hour is just before dawn. Things sometimes have to get worse before they can get better, before we are forced to take action. A situation has died and it is best to let it go now for there is no going back. It’s over, the finale, the fat lady has sung, the end. Time to start thinking about yourself and your future. On the other hand you may be suffering from chronic fatigue or back problems.


The Suit of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

Ace –   There is the potential for financial or material success.  It is a Card for abundance and prosperity. Money has/ is coming to you or has been earned by you. You may also stand to inherit something of value. You have the ability to hold onto money at this stage. This Card may be suggesting that you are saving for your future, a business, college, buying a house or car. The purchase suggested with Pentacles is usually significant. You may also be thinking about investing your money. Financial Windfalls are significant. You have the money or resources necessary to proceed with your plans. Golden opportunities are opening doors for you which would be financially beneficial for you to go through. The Ace of Pentacles can symbolise the beginning of a journey possibly business or career related, the setting of long-term goals that will have to be worked hard at to be realised. The Ace of Pentacles also deals with the physical body and this is a very positive Card for good health or the start of a new health regime of regular exercise, healthy food and positive attitude. It may also indicate a return to good health after illness. It suggests a good solid grounded start to whatever it is you are working towards. This Ace can certainly take you far and all the way to the top. Very positive card where Career or Business is concerned. A healthy, strong relationship is also suggested. The Beginning of Winter.

2 of Pentacles Upright

Two – There may be decisions to be made around finances, business or material matters. The Two of Pentacles brings with it an air of tension where money is concerned. You may be experiencing a cash flow crisis. Possibly having to juggle finances to keep on top of bills and commitments. Be careful of spreading yourself too thin or leaving no contingency fund for rainy days. There is an emphasis on the money that is going out rather than coming in suggesting that you may be in a situation where your outgoings exceed your income. This is usually a temporary situation and one that just has to be worked through. Tightening of the belt and sacrifices may have to be made to get you through a lean period. You may have to work two jobs. This Card has a double aspect to it like many of The Pentacle Cards as in it can suggest the doubling of money. It is the profit and loss Card, up one day and down the next.  The juggling implied in this Card may also be connected to having too many obligations and commitments. Life may all be a bit of a juggle at present. Much may be demanded of you and this might leave you stressed and feeling that there is little time left for yourself. Where relationships are concerned, there may be a decision to make and it is usually financially related. You may be weighing up the pros and cons of your relationship or even deciding between two potential suitors. This Card will certainly keep you on your toes. Mood fluctuations and the circulation of something is also suggested.

3 of Pentacles Upright

Three – This is very much a Group Card and is connected to study, learning, training and colleges. Teamwork is suggested. You may be learning or receiving mentoring from the professionals. You might be starting an apprenticeship. The emphasis here is on positive growth and development. You are getting somewhere through the application of hard work and determination. You are on the way to gaining necessary qualifications and certification. It is a Card suggesting a long-term commitment to becoming highly skilled/qualified and aiming for the top. Achievements and gaining recognition and acclaim for the quality of your work. Only the best will do so you are bound to excel in exams and aim to be top of the class. High Quality and even Higher Standards come with this Card. You are certainly going places and have the right work ethic. This Card is also connected with construction and engineering so you may be working on a building or building your own home. Only the best of materials will be used and the most highly skilled tradesmen. There will be no cutting corners or shoddy workmanship. Whether, work, business, career, life or relationship related, it is a sign that you are putting your very best effort into it and are building on solid foundations. All round positive growth and development.

4 of Pentacles Upright

Four – This is a Card for financial stability but also for money matters dominating your thoughts. Money may mean everything to you. It is a Card for ownership. You could be trying to hold on to as much money as you can so that you can afford something of great value. It is a Card for saving and investing, but not spending. You may be hoarding money and have become a bit obsessional about it. There could be a fear of scarcity about you.  This is also the Miser Card where the attitude is ‘it’s mine, all mine’. You may have plenty of money but spend little and live very frugally. There is an air of selfishness and not wanting to share. The Four of Pentacles may suggest situations other than money. You may be keeping to yourself or you may withdraw. There is a lack of closeness and intimacy where relationships are concerned, and the possibility of control or viewing your partner as a possession. You may be withholding affection or use money as a threat over your partner. It is not a healthy Card for relationships as there is too much taking and not enough giving. This is a Card for being single-minded about what you want and doggedly going after your Goals. You may be a slave to your goals or have become a workaholic. Secrets and withholding information can also be implied. Someone is keeping something to themselves.

5 of Pentacles Upright

Five – This is a Card for financial or material loss. It suggests a negative change in circumstances. You may have lost your job or your business has collapsed. You may be declared bankrupt. You might lose all your possessions, even your home. Deprivation, ruin and poverty accompany this Card. This Card in current days can represent the effects of recession. You may feel blighted by bad luck and cursed. The high life and all that went with it may be gone. Your wealthy friends may have disappeared too. There are many lessons to be learned in this situation. You might be finding it impossible to secure employment. There is an air of being too proud to seek help. You may be trying to go it alone even though there is help out there for you. Social welfare is implied and having to ask for financial help. You may feel you have nowhere to go and no one to turn to. This Card also suggests scandal and being thrown out into the cold or being disinherited. You may be considered a social outcast. The Five of Pentacles also strongly indicates poor health and being plagued by illness or chronic conditions. Loneliness in a relationship can be suggested or that financial matters are putting a stress on it. You may also have been thrown out of the house after an affair has been revealed. The single parent struggling to bring up their child can also be suggested. Spiritual hunger accompanies this Card and it carries a strong message of there being more to life than money. The Five of Pentacles can suggest you have let money define who you are and without it you feel like a low-lifer. It is an unwelcome Card in a Spread and speaks on many levels.

6 of Pentacles Upright

Six – This is a Card of extremes and multi-layered. It also depends on who you identify with in the imagery. It suggests charity and sharing. It is also the hiring and firing Card. You may be getting help or assistance from someone. This Six can represent Social Welfare with those who have little receiving aid during hard times. It can be a sign that you are slowly getting back on your feet again. You may view your work as menial but at least it is a job and you have to start somewhere. Then again, you may feel in a very advantageous position and want to give something back or wish to make a difference in your community. Charitable acts and those with ample funds coming to the rescue of those impoverished. Mentoring and the Teacher/Student scenario is also represented in this Card. You may simply be getting paid for a job you did. This Card often represents Pay Day but it does raise questions and issues. There is a stark difference between those who are getting paid and those that are issuing the payment. There is a lack of equality here but in its Upright state, the arrangement is agreeable to all. This Six can also represent all the hands that are out for the money you have coming in. Your money may have to go around several areas before you can count to see what is left for yourself. You may be issuing pocket-money or even maintenance. Inheritance can also be suggested in this Card with the estate of a deceased relative or family member being divided up between those left behind. You could go from rags to riches overnight. Again, in the Upright Aspect of this Card, the inheritance is divided equally and all are content with what they have been left. In relationships this Card can suggest that one is dominated by the other or has to grovel to get their weekly allowance. There is definitely an air of subservience about this Card and is quite difficult to discuss without referring to its Reversed Aspect as this Card works both ways and goes from one extreme to another.

7 of Pentacles Upright

Seven – Hard work is beginning to pay off. All is going well with what you are working so hard on and it is okay to take a bit of a break or a breather as it is very much looking after itself at this stage. You have nurtured something, given it your all and are on the brink of receiving your just rewards. Patience is now required of you for you are nearly there and have worked so hard for this moment. Take a well-earned rest for you deserve it. This Seven is the retirement Card and it can represent you beginning to slow down your pace of work and the end of your working life. It does not suggest that you will never work again but your harvest approaches, your job is done and what a good job of it you did. Give yourself a pat on the back for you deserve it. This Seven is also about taking the time out to take stock of your life and to decide how you wish to proceed from here. It may be time to review your business or life plan as things may have changed since you first drew it up. It is a Card for re-evaluation and re-assessment. You need to step back now and look at what you have achieved. You need to reflect on many things. You certainly have built up quite a nice nest egg for yourself and that is as a result of consistent saving and investment. You may be due your pension and can see that you will have more than enough to live off without having to touch your nest-egg. Your financial future looks promising and you have made many sacrifices to ensure this. The Seven of Pentacles augurs well for business and indicates that it is financially solid and has been steadily built up over some time. It is a sound Card for relationships and shows that you can get much out of it once you are prepared to put in the effort. You may also be saving to get married and are close to realising your dream.

8 of Pentacles Upright

Eight – This is a strong, solid Card for commitment and dedication to something or someone. It suggests on-going hard work and pride in your work. It suggest being highly skilled or qualified and here we see the Master at work.  Pride and personal fulfilment are key. You have achieved what you set out to achieve and have realised your goals. This is a particularly welcome Card for business, trade and commerce. It is a Card for quality, craftsmanship and the correct application of skills. Success, recognition and acclaim are yours and you have worked hard for it. It can also suggest that you work too hard and leave little time in your life for anything else. However, it is a very positive Card in relationships as it represents commitment to your partner. This is a Card for absolutely loving the work you do and that you are exactly where you want to be. It suggests that success and all that goes with it can be yours as long as you are prepared to work hard and approach your work in a methodical and thorough manner. When this Card appears it is a sign that you are at the top of your game or very close to it. A strong healthy constitution accompanies this Card and suggests that you have been committed to maintaining good health and a strong body. This is one of the most welcome Cards to appear in a Business or Career Reading as success is practically guaranteed. Business is thriving and the orders are flying in. A wonderful Card indeed.

9 of Pentacles Upright

Nine – This Card brings the results of sustained hard work, determination and driving ambition. Success is no longer somewhere off in the future or something you can only dream of for you now have it in your hand and are standing right in the middle of it. You are now free to enjoy and relish in the lavish lifestyle this Card implies. Here we have strong financial success and success building on success.  Abundance and prosperity surround you.  You have gained status and possible public recognition. Consider yourself a VIP. You have indeed worked very hard to get here but you have had to make many sacrifices along the way. You are in a position to afford anything you so wish but you are not one for bling or trash. This is the Card of refinement and elegance, grace and sophistication, with luxury at your fingertips. You no longer have to work as hard as you have in the past for you were careful to start from solid foundations with clear, practical and realistic goals. Your day has finally come and you can thank yourself for this for you have single-handedly made a success of your life. The Nine of Pentacles stands for being self-reliant and resourceful. If you want something badly then go make it happen and stop waiting for someone else to do it for you. This Card often suggests maturity and is also a retirement Card. You may not be as young as you were but the hard work is behind you and you can take life at a more relaxed pace. You now have time to stop and smell the roses. You may be looking to buy a nice period property in the countryside to renovate or perhaps intend designing a bespoke home to match your exacting high standards. This Nine also speaks of approaching menopause but is also strongly associated with pregnancy and birthing depending on surrounding Cards. You are happy to be alone but not lonely. You may choose a single life but if in a relationship will be determined to maintain your independence.

10 of Pentacles Upright

Ten – Long term financial security strongly features with this Card and can often refer to ‘old money’. Congratulations, you have invested well over the years and are now in an extremely strong financial and material position. There is a sense of permanence here and success breeding more success. Possible extreme wealth comes with this Card and the family who feature in the imagery want for nothing. They have the best of best in everything. The family features strongly here and can often refer to long-standing family businesses where all members are involved to some extent. This Card represents a very strong family where family Honour, loyalty and possible obligation or duty are naturally expected of all members. They could be an extremely wealthy family, a family that are close-knit and hard to penetrate. It may take time to gain access to their inner-circle. This Ten concerns the passing on or handing down of business, wealth or property to the next generation who will do the same when their time comes. Hard work is associated with this Card but you and those around you are more than amply rewarded. There may be a conservative and traditional approach where old values are favoured over the new and untested. This Card is not in favour of taking an uncalculated risk, gambling or speculating. It prefers to take the tried and tested route all the time with the guarantee of strong results. Family tradition is favoured and it can suggest a very tight family where much is expected of each member. Inheritances and genetic influences also come with this Card. Property, land and big business accompanies this Card along with long-standing institutions such as banks and corporations. You may be marrying into money. The relationship suggested by this Card will be very traditional and conservative but will be rock solid. The Ten of Pentacles is also associated with old age and looking after the more elderly members. An excellent Card for business and all financial matters.


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