Justice (XI) Reversed

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



When Justice Reverses, judgments, court rulings and legal cases go against you.  It can also suggest Injustice. There may be on-going arguments where no one will accept responsibility or tries to address the problems. Things don’t really work out in your favour when Justice Reverses. Remember, things have worked out just as they were meant to but you are not happy with the outcome. You may feel victimised and blame others for your predicament as you refuse to take any responsiblity for the situation. You may have lied before the judge and jury of your situation. You may have been caught out or exposed for the liar that you are.

Really, who were you trying to fool? This situation is not going to go away of its own accord and you can’t hide from it either because it will wait for you, follow you wherever you go and then re-surface in your life again. If you have been lucky to get away with it this time you may not be so lucky the next. Don’t look for alibis at this time. Own up to all. You will be better respected for it.

When Justice Reverses, you may feel that life is treating you unfairly at the moment but remember The Wheel of Fortune. This time too will pass. You may  think that someone else has a better lot than you do but you must remember each of us are walking our own path and that none of us truly know what the other is experiencing.  You may be judging others too harshly under the circumstances.

Arguments may be going on an on with no resolution in sight. Poetic justice, injustice and pure old  prejudice can be represented by Justice Reversed. Maybe you feel you are up against the system and just can’t beat it. Have you been falsely accused of something or has the evidence been cooked up with possible corruption involved?

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  1. i got this card after asking if i could become my true self/ the person i know i am slach always wanted to be, this was the first one followed by the page of swords upright and the heirophant upright (im on a spiritual journey) (and i have alot of childhood trauma) so im gonna be stewing on this one for awhile lol i knda have an idea of what its trying to tell me but its hard when u dont have time to meditate on it ig…


    • Hi Bethany,

      Did you allocate any positional meanings for the cards? The Page of Swords and Hierophant are certainly mirroring your journey. Are you asking about Judgement Reversed? What position did you assign it? Get back to me and I will have a look. Have a few ideas but will wait to hear back from you.


  2. I am doing a reading for a client and the Justice reversed card and the eight of pentacle reversed card keep appearing I am new at reading the cards and I would like to know what the cards are trying to tell him.

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    • Hi,
      Now I am not sure what the reading was about, the question etc but a reversed 8 of Pentacles often points to a lack of commitment, effort, input and focus. This person may want a certain ideal outcome, but is not prepared to put the work in to get it. They may be all talk about what they are going to do, but never actually get down to doing it. The eight of pentacles suggests a lack of professionalism and shoddy effort. Of course, once a card is reversed, it could point to the other extreme, that being your client is over doing it, putting too much effort into a situation he/she may see no return out of. We might see that the figure in the eight of Pentacles is barking up the wrong tree. Reversed Justice suggests that the outcome will yield what he deserves one way or another. Reversed it will seem unfair to him but he must look to the Reversed 8 of Pentacles to find out why things aren’t working out in his favor for there in will lie the answers and generally he will have brought it on himself. Something he is doing, or not doing, is leading to him feeling it all unjust or unfair. For every action there is a consequence and Justice Reversed may ask him to look at the actions that have resulted in the consequences he is experiencing. On another level these two cards could point to legalities where money, business, property or land is concerned which are proving tricky.


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