Aries – The Ram

March 21st – April 20th

(Please Note, The Personality Profile Below is Based on the Archetypal Aries for Tarot Reading Purposes. Most People have a mix of several Zodiac Signs based on Their Astrological Birth Chart and are not solely one Sign.)

Aries Symbol

Ruling Planet – Mars

Duality or Gender – Masculine

Triplicity or Element – Fire

Quadruplicity or Quality – Cardinal

Body Area – Head

Stone – Diamond

Colour – Red

Ariens are assertive, enthusiastic natural-born leaders. They are doers and love to be involved in the thick of whatever is going on. Extremely restless and impatient they are constantly on the move. Being in the company of one is often very exhausting, especially if you are not feeling up to scratch.

Their fiercely competitive trait spills over into every area of their life such as work, home, relationships, and of course on the sports field. It is this competitiveness that drives them most, and is often their raison d’être.

Noisy and loud, the typical Arien will be heard before they are seen. When it comes to sport they are in their element because most sport is all about competition, and it is here they excel. Fearless and determined to win at all costs, they will charge happily into a rugby tackle or push a rally car to its limit around a dangerous bend.  They love the sheer thrill of it all and don’t object to the odd sport  related injury such as broken bones and sprains.  Ariens, like to be heard and want everyone to know how well they have done at something so they have a tendency to be mouthy and brag a lot.  Ariens often love a fight just for the sake of it and may even provoke or antagonise someone until they get a reaction out of them. This negative type of Arien can be the guy who gets caught up in a bar brawl, or jumps in without invitation to someone else’s row, inflaming the situation even further. They get a high out risk and danger, but they need to watch their fiery temper as it can get out of hand rather rapidly.

Ariens love to travel. Exotic hot places or unusual destinations  are favourites. They will not be content to just lounge around on a beach all day. They will want to experience everything their holiday destination has to offer.  If travelling with one, you may find yourself exhausted from cycling or hiking up mountains, water skiing and paragliding.  Mind you, that’s just the mornings activities. They will probably have scuba diving and windsurfing organised for the afternoon! God bless their energy.


Aries have a reputation for having a high sex drive, but again sex can be treated as a sport. For the Arien man or woman, it can be all about notching up another conquest. They are reputed to fall in lust and not in love, but do have a tendency to get very enthusiastic about a new relationship. Caught up in the initial excitement, they lose their head and can often make long-term commitments with little thought, only for the spark to die after a short while. Being their usual selfish ruthless self, they will be up and gone, leaving a trail of disaster and broken hearts behind them . They need an equally highly sexed partner to satisfy their needs, and also a partner who shares their freedom loving and independent spirit.  If they get his right, their relationship can work out very well.   Ariens hate to be tied down and enjoy considerable freedom without having to think of the needs of others.  Ariens in a relationship need to remember to address the needs of his or her partner,  and let them get their way occasionally.

There is an upside to been married to a typical Arien person, for they are great DIY enthusiasts and will be constantly knocking things down and drilling holes everywhere. Unfortunately, as soon as one job is finished they will start another elsewhere. This can be frustrating for the family who has to live surrounded by dust and rubble every weekend.  It is just the Arien person doing what he or she wants as usual.

Family Life & Parenting

This tendency towards selfishness can spill over into family life, and the married Arien with a family can easily continue living the life of a single person. What they want and what they are doing often takes top priority. They may not think of the needs of their family much at all. They are high achievers and the children of an Arien parent will be expected to do likewise. This can lead to upsets and stresses in the family.  An Arien parent can become quite impatient with any of their less energetic children. Aries need to be reminded that there is more than just themselves in the family, and if not careful, the children of an Arien will turn to the television or video games for companionship if they feel neglected. When Ariens do stop to make time for their kids, they thrive on it as the Arien parent can be great fun to be around. They have boundless energy and enthusiasm and can play rough and tumble for hours.


In their career, Ariens will work very hard, but not just for the sake of it. The typical Arien will be working his or her way to the top in everything they do. They are best suited to jobs which have an ever extending ladder for when they do get to the top they can bore easily. It is often the race against other competitors that is most important. Nowhere but the top is good enough for Ariens, and unfortunately can often be quite ruthless in how they go about it.

The career driven and ambitious Arien can be quite cold and insensitive to the needs of others, because life is all about them. A nine to five office job, stuck all day at a desk doing repetitive mind-numbing tasks would have steam coming out of their ears.  Ariens have so much physical and mental energy they need a release for it. Working physically hard, outdoor work, rushing from one place to another, chasing deadlines and breaking sales targets will keep them on their toes and satisfy their high energy needs.  A career in sales or engineering, mechanics and even fire-fighting are popular among Ariens. They will love to run their own business and will not be averse to getting their hands dirty on the shop floor. Ariens can work very well in a tense and highly stressful work place.


Ariens never seem to tire and have an extremely robust constitution. However they do tend to be a bit clumsy, and can end up in accidents of one sort or another on a regular basis.  It’s their mad rushing around and racing mind that makes them not look where they are going, or trying to do three things at the one time. As a result, falls, broken bones, cuts and bruises can be quite common, especially to the head area which is their weak zone. However, Ariens rarely let any such injuries slow them down and are not known to complain of weakness. They barely notice a headache.

The Older Aries

Ariens generally love to work, so will often come to retirement late.  It is not unusual for them not to retire at all as they have strong bodies, and a general healthy constitution.   If they do decide to retire they may take up a hobby that often resembles another form of work. They need to keep their high energy levels satisfied so are bound to remain very active. They may make the transition from rugby player to rugby coach as they get older. Their love of physical work-out and body-building will find the older Arien keeping fit and active into their later years. This is very positive for them, but they do need to watch out as their tendency to overdo it can lead to injury as they get older.

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