Cancer – The Crab

June 22nd – July 22nd

(Please Note, The Personality Profile Below is Based on the Archetypal Cancerian for Tarot Reading Purposes. Most People have a mix of several Zodiac Signs based on Their Astrological Birth Chart and are not solely one Sign.)

Cancer zodiak sign. Also at Unicode U+264B (♋).

Ruling Planet – Moon

Duality or Gender – Feminine

Triplicity or Element – Water

Quadruplicity or Quality – Cardinal

Stone – Pearl

Colours – Pale blue, silver, smoky grey

Tarot Correspondence – Chariot, Moon, Queen of Cups

Cancerians carry the reputation of being moody and prone to emotional outbursts. They are the chief worriers and most easily stressed of the Zodiac.  They can often appear quite distant, unfriendly and unsympathetic.  They are well-known for putting up barriers to protect themselves, and like the crab that symbolically represents their Sign, can appear to have a hard exterior shell.  It may take some time to get to know them but once they relax and accept you, you will see a completely different side to them. This other side is friendly caring and nurturing. They make loyal friends and faithful partners.  Sympathetic and sensitive, they readily offer their shoulder for others to lean or cry on.  They are wonderful listeners, and with their strong sense of intuition and spiritual influences, give compassionate advice to those who seek it.  They like to help other whenever they can. It is the Cancerian who will turn up at your door after a personal trauma and simply ask ‘I am here now, how can I help you’?.

The typical Cancerian mood swing can be unpredictable and difficult to deal with, but generally doesn’t last too long. They have a vivid imagination which can work both positively or negatively for them depending on what situation they are in. There is a tendency to completely blow things out of proportion and make mountains out of mole hills. Irrational worry and stress often follows.  However, when their imagination is used for the positive, just about anything wonderful is possible.


When it comes to love, Cancerians are extremely romantic but their emotions can run away with them.  If they are not careful, love can turn obsessive and claustrophobic. Constant romantic gestures such as love notes, chocolates, treats etc abound, but problems arise when they are not reciprocated, or when their grand efforts are taken for granted. The Cancerian’s predisposition to paranoia can lead to dreadful rows and emotional outbursts. The Cancerian in love will often try to smother their partner with their over-caring ways.

Sexually, they are warm, sensual, and aim to please their partner.  However, once again, paranoia from their over active imagination can cause problems in the bedroom if they feel that their partner is not responding to them. Many a romantic night can be ruined by a smart remark or sulky comment. They have to learn to be less clinging and over-caring.  They need to allow their partner a bit more freedom, and stop reading signs into silly little things. All in all though, Cancerians thrive on marriage and commitment, and will work tirelessly to make a marriage or relationship work, providing they are not too set in their ways, and are open to new ideas.

Family & Parenting

The above also applies to the children of the Cancerian parent who are often at the receiving end of smothering attention and fussing. Cancerians love being at home to cook and care for their brood, but can  get a bit stuck in a rut with routine and time keeping.  Set in their ways they won’t take too kindly to family members breaking traditions or missing mealtimes.  As their children mature, the natural Cancerian insecurities can surface.  Emotional blackmail can be used in an attempt to stop their off-spring fleeing the nest. They need to be a bit more flexible, adaptable and be prepared to go with the flow.

Cancerians will not only fill their house with children but will also enjoy the company of family pets.  In general,  anything that has to be nurtured such as plants, gardens etc. will be carefully maintained and cared for. Providing the Cancerian keeps them self in check, their children will thrive and feel balanced and well-loved. Their young imaginations will be encouraged and developed by all the wonderful story-telling and game playing they receive from their Cancerian parent.


The Cancerian personality is naturally very nurturing, their children and families mean everything to them. Promising careers are often happily and readily sacrificed,  in order to be a stay-at-home mum or dad. When not caring for their own, they naturally gravitate towards nurturing and caring for others, in professions such as nursing or child care.

Cancerians are great in the kitchen as well.  They are excellent cooks and can manage either a feast for the family or mass catering with great ease and enjoyment.  Artistic and creative, they can turn their hand to art, pottery, sewing, knitting or writing.  Many little cosy country craft stores are run by Cancerians who make their store a little home from home with its pretty layout and beautiful merchandise. If they do turn to writing, it will be fictional romantic novels, cookery books or children’s stories.  Being a Water Sign, Cancerians have a great love of the sea so can easily be drawn to a career involving it.  They love to set sail, but prefer to leave the Captaining of it to someone else as they lack strong leadership skills.


When it comes to health issues, Cancerian’s main concern will be worry and stress which can give rise to  a host of conditions such as stomach upsets, headaches, skin problems and ulcers.  Each Sun Sign governs certain parts of the body and for Cancerians, they are the stomach, breasts, gall bladder and pancreas. Whereas the sign of Cancer has absolutely nothing to do with the disease, these areas should none the less be checked regularly. They really have to learn to control their tendency to over worry about everything, because it is worry that will eventually make their otherwise tough and healthy body ill.

The Older Cancerian

As Cancerians get older, they become more stabilised and less fussed over everything.  They have a tendency to do only those things that make them happy.  They are renowned for their hoarding tendencies, so can often get immense pleasure in collecting things such as antiques, art, pottery or dolls for example.  They will lovingly fill their homes with such collections and may end up with quite a valuable treasure on their hands.  They also enjoy becoming experts on whatever it is they collect and will spend considerable time researching and searching for new objects to add to their collection.  As with all Water Signs, Canerians are extremely creative so any form of craft-work will give them great pleasure.  Cookery classes are popular and so too is fishing.  Cancerians will enjoy the peace and quiet of retirement as long as they have some creative hobbies to engage their imagination.  They will also derive great joy in their grandchildren and will only be too happy to get involved in their upbringing.

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