The Water Signs

The Water Signs  – Cancer Scorpio and Pisces

(Please Note, The Personality Profiles Below, and attached, are Based on the Archetypal Zodiac Types for Tarot Reading Purposes. Most People have a mix of several Zodiac Signs based on Their Astrological Birth Chart and are not solely one Sign.)

   Cancer       Scorpio     Pisces

Ruled by the Planets, The Moon, Pluto  and Neptune, The Water Signs of the Zodiac, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the most emotional and sensitive of all. Each of the Water Signs carry their own particular traits and characteristics of their Element but are generally known for their strong emotions, compassion, intuition, sensitivity, sensuality, imagination and artistic creativity.

They make excellent friends, partners and lovers.  Their imagination and natural creative abilities help them excel in most artistic endeavours.  Many Water Signs are great artists, writers and poets.  They are also the most intuitive and psychic of the Zodiac.

Cancerians, are loving, nurturing and caring.  They make wonderful loving parents and are the homemakers of the Zodiac.  They enjoy looking after the needs of others and make natural nurses and counsellors.  However, they can get overly emotional, overly protective and highly sensitive. They can suffer from bouts of moodiness and depression.  Easily hurt and upset, they can get hung up on the past and become sentimental and melancholic.

Scorpios are intuitive and decisive.  They have incredible physical and mental energy.  They also have a high sex drive and have the reputation of being the sexiest of the Zodiac. They are also very sensual.  Extremely driven and determined, they have explosive tempers when things go wrong. They also have a tendency to jealousy which can infiltrate just about every area of their life.

Pisceans are the most sensitive of the Water Signs, and also the most psychic.  Extremely creative, they are dreamers and poets. They often have an other-worldly appearance about them, and can find it difficult to cope with the harshness of the real world.  Overly sensitive at times, they have a tendency to check out or drift off to other worlds when it suits.  Gentle and caring souls, they enjoy any profession where they can nurture others or express their artistic abilities.  They also love to act.  Lies and evasiveness are negative traits.

In The TarotThe Suit of Cups represent the Three Water Signs.

Cancer – The Queen of Cups, The Moon, Chariot

Scorpio –  The King of Cups, Other Cup Courts, Death

Pisces – The Page of Cups, High Priestess, Hanged Man

The Knight can represent any of the Water Signs

The Page of Cups can represent any of the Water Signs, but if the person is over the age of 22 years, they are bound to be showing signs of immaturity, or possibly feeling young at heart.  They may also be feeling young at heart.  The Page can also be a representation of their childhood.

Remember that these are just guidelines and the Cup Court Cards can represent any of the other 12 Signs of the Zodiac, but the person represented will definitely be displaying personality traits or aspects of the Water Element.  Once the profile fits, regardless of the person being a Gemini or  Taurean, they will obviously have a lot of Water in their personality make-up.  This display of Water may be transient or fixed.

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Cancer   Scorpio  Pisces

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