The Subconscious and Tarot

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Subconscious Mind -Image Source: GoodStudio/

The Subconscious plays a vital role in card reading. From the moment the querant decides to have a reading the Subconscious comes into play.  Deep within the subconscious lie the answers and solutions to all our questions and issues.  Accessing this information however, is usually not that simple.  This is because we have over time and evolution, lost our connection with our inner-self.  Instead of tuning into ourselves and listening to our inner voice and what intuitively we should do, we prefer to use our logic and reasoning to solve our problems.  We tend to look outside ourselves and even to others to provide answers.  When we are ill, we prefer to go to a doctor for medication instead of searching for the root of our dis-ease within.  Our reality, our state of mind and our physical health we have created all by our self.  Our subconscious works hard to connect with us and contact us.  Sometimes it is only through our dreams that it is allowed access.  This is because when we sleep our conscious sleeps also and lets its guard down.

We rely too heavily on our conscious to make decisions and to get us through our life.  We have been conditioned to only believe what we can see, hear, smell, taste or feel. Anything else is just mere figments of our imagination and can be very readily dismissed by our programmed consciousness.  We have overdeveloped our left brain which has us out of balance.  Thankfully in these enlightening times many of us are seeking to connect once again with our inner-voice to guide us through life. Through meditation and spiritual practices one can begin to tune in to the subconscious for guidance.  Dream Interpretation has become increasingly popular.  It was not that long ago that dreams were seen as just chaotic meaningless dramas that played out when we slept.  Vivid dreams were put down to a stressful day or eating too late or too much cheese before bedtime.  No importance was placed on their content. Today we know different. Dreams are messages from our subconscious, messages that we should heed.  The language of dreams is symbols, archetypes and metaphors.

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Conscious/Subconscious Mind – Image Source: Thitipat Vatanasirithum/

In ancient times great significance was given to the content of dreams and certainly our ancestors were far more adept at interpreting their intricate and complex nature. Recurring dreams is the subconscious really trying to tell us something of importance.  Recurring health related dreams typically are a warning of possible illness or disease.  This warning usually appears in advance of the actual manifestation of the illness or disease.  The subconscious is trying to tell us to take the necessary steps to avoid it before it has a chance to take hold in our body. The dream will continue to occur until action has been taken or the illness itself has manifested.  Our subconscious tries to sort out our problems and our lives for us, usually with very little input on our behalf.

Some people are naturally in tune with their subconscious and are very aware when it is trying to tell them something.  We all have times in life when we connected to our subconscious and received a warning or an unsettling impression.  It is the subconscious at play when we meet a person who on the outside appears very nice and friendly yet we get a gut feeling about them that is unpleasant.  Changing our travel plans at the last moment because we have a nagging worry or strong feeling of foreboding about getting on a certain train or plane only to find out later that it had crashed is also another example of intuitive messages from the subconscious.  The person intuitively feels that something is not right.  The person has the choice of acting on their gut feeling or totally ignoring it.  If we think about it, these occurrences happen to us all the time.  Can you think of such occasions in your life? Did you act on them or ignore them? What were the consequences?

Let us come back to the querant activating her subconscious when she decides to have a Tarot reading.  She is letting her subconscious know that she seeks guidance and that she is open to receiving it.  She then goes for a reading strengthening this intention.  The Tarot Reader hands her the cards so that she can shuffle them while she concentrates and focuses on the question.  She infuses the cards with her energy and the energy of the question.  She then is asked to select a certain number of cards for her reading.  The subconscious comes into play again.


Door To Subconscious- Image Source: intueri/

She may not be able to hear her inner voice or the messages coming from her subconscious but the subconscious has found an outlet.  The outlet is through her hand and while she may not be aware of it, it is her subconscious that is intuitively guiding her to select certain cards.  The imagery and detail on these cards will symbolically represent her question and her options.  Any warnings, advice or important people will also be symbolically representedCard combinations and repetitive symbols in the spread is similar to a repetitive dream.  The reader must also subconsciously ‘tune-in’ in order to interpret and decipher their content.  The subconscious breathes a sigh of relief and watches carefully to see if the message is getting through.

Sometimes our subconscious has greater faith in our abilities than we do ourselves.  Often the message may be unclear or confusing and we will then add extra cards in order to make sense of it all.  Much exchange of energy and connection on a higher level is going on behind the scenes.

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