Wands – Love and Romance Associations

How to Interpret ‘Wand Cards’ in a Relationship Reading

(Simple Snapshot Reference Guide  – Numerology, Upright, Reversed, Yes/No)

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Crazy in Love

Ace_of _Wands

1 – Real Potential. The beginning of a relationship. Fresh Start.

Ace – The beginning of a red-hot, sizzling romance. Powerful physical and sexual attraction. Ready for action and putting yourself out there. Wild, passionate encounters. Strong sexual urges. High sexual energy. A relationship that puts a pep in your step and a glide in your stride. Go for it. You might meet someone while travelling. Fertility and conception……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – Yes, all the signs are good. 

Better Luck Next Time

Ace if Wands Reversed

1 rx – Setbacks, delays and obstacles. Hard to get going.

Ace Reversed – False start or disappointment. A relationship that appeared very promising has fallen flat on its face. Sexual incompatibility. No Fireworks. Infertility or impotency. Lack of growth in a relationship. Set backs to pursuing a relationship. Lack of enthusiasm in taking a relationship to the next level. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – No, the time may not be right, or it just doesn’t get off the ground. 

Don’t Know What I Want Anymore

2 of Wands Upright

2 – Decisions about relationships. Being at a crossroads. Weighing up Pros and Cons.

Two – Not really sure about the relationship. Doubts about staying or going. Nothing really wrong, but the fire may have diminished. Feeling trapped or restricted. Wanting to rush into a relationship but circumstances may hold you back. Hankering after a love from far away. Big decisions about relocating for a couple. Action has to be taken soon. The Sudden departure of a partner. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – No, this relationship is not getting the right attention. Focus could lie elsewhere. 

Full of Regret

2 Wands Rx

2 rx – Unable to make a decision. Stuck. Extremes.

Two Reversed – Feeling abandoned by your partner. The sudden return of a partner. Choosing to stay in a mundane relationship out of fear of change or risk. Feeling unfulfilled or restricted. Being held back by your partner. Too many obstacles in the way of love. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – No. Not healthy and not a good enough reason for a relationship. 

So You Want to Be with Me, and I Want to Be with You!

3 of Wands Upright

3 –  Progress/Ascension/Growth/Development. Action as a result of decisions.

Three – A relationship grows or develops as it moves on to the next stage. Action is taken. Relationship issues moving into the past. Putting the hard times in the past and looking to the future. Moving on or away after a relationship. Getting on with life again. Someone met while travelling, or a relationship with someone from another country. Long distance relationships. A couple moving to another country. The one you love or desire may have the attention focused elsewhere. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? –  Yes, to moving on. This could mean moving on to the next stage of your relationship or moving on after the end of a relationship. Either way, it is positive progress. 

Sorry, but it’s Not Working Out as I Imagined it Would

3 of Wands Rx

3 rx  – Lack of Development or Progress. Growth is stunted. Reaching an impasse.

Reversed Three – Trouble for A long distance romance as it may not be working out. Rebound relationships. Moving on too quickly. Regrets over impulsive decisions made. Wanting to come home and make amends. Focusing on a past love instead of being present in the current one.  Finding it difficult to move on and let go after a failed relationship or marriage. Holiday romance comes to an end with the return home. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – No, you might be a bit stuck here. Positive progress is thwarted. Either decide you want to make it work, or let it go. 

We’re Getting Married and You’re All Invited

4 of Wands

4 – Consolidation of relationship. Laying foundations and seeking stability.

Four –  Domestic harmony and bliss. Joy of joys for a couple. Possible engagement or marriage celebrations. Happiness, contentment and feeling stable and secure with your partner. Moving in together, house hunting, moving house or decorating your love nest. The support and blessing of family and friends. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – Yes to pursuing domestic bliss and yes to announcing your happy news. 

Everything’s Ruined

4 of Wands Reversed

4 rx – Lack of stability and security. Weak foundations. Upheaval. Scattered.

Four Reversed – Trouble in paradise. The  end of the honeymoon period.  Post wedding blues. Anti-climax. Cracks begin to appear on the domestic front. Upheaval and lack of security and stability. Arguments and disagreements. Someone may leave the home. Broken engagement or being jilted at the altar. Celebrations get cancelled or ruined. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – Yes to understanding that the honeymoon period is over. No, something is wrong. Make sure you are happy with your decisions. Don’t leave it until it is too late. 

You Just Don’t Have Time For Me Anymore

5 of Wands Upright

5 – Disturbance and unease in a relationship. Unexpected events and issues. Fighting against Change

Five – Competition for the one you love. All over the place about how you feel.  Relationship going through a rough time. Too many demands in your life – hard to find time for love, romance, or your partner. Bickering, fighting, arguments and clashes of personality. Egos. Competition within the relationship. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? –  Yes to good healthy competition. No to petty arguments and rivalry. 

I’m Tired of All The Fighting

5 of Wands Rx

5 rx  – change and upheaval beginning to settle. Being open or opposed to change.

Five Reversed – Resolution or all out war between a couple. Make or break time. Where separation or divorce is concerned, legal teams reach an acceptable deal or arrive at stalemate. No one wants to budge or give in. Look for common ground. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – Yes to finding a solution or calling a truce. No. The battle has only started.

The Golden Couple

6 of Wands Upright

6 – Contentment, balance and security. Harmony for couples. 

Six – Success, victory. You have found the one. Riding high on the thrill of it all. Success within a relationship. Partners sharing common interests and goals. Go-getting dynamic couple. A celebrity partner. Relationship in the spotlight. News of your relationship spreads wide. Putting your partner on a pedestal. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – Yes. Congratulations for you seem to have struck gold. The best of luck to you. Enjoy the moment. 

It Would Never Have Lasted. It was Too Good to Be True!

6 of Wands Reversed

6 rx  – Lack of harmony and peace. Discontent. Relationship unease.

Six Reversed – Coming down to earth with a bang. Failure of a relationship. A relationship that peaks too soon. Broken Promises. Disillusionment. Unfaithfulness or betrayal. Fallen from grace or off the pedestal. Lack of commitment. Celebrity relationships. Short-lived. Losing to the competition. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – No. This looked so promising. What happened? 

No, Nothing is Wrong. We are Fine, Just Fine.

7 of Wands Upright

7 – Challenges, obstacles and issues to overcome in a relationship. Trying times. Reflection. Asserting your rights.

Seven – In a bit of a bind. Being challenged over the one you love or actions.  Having to fight off the competition. The need to be vigilant. Paranoia. A relationship under pressure. Struggling to keep it going. Stress and strain. Pressure could be internal, external, or both. Having to defend your actions or choices. Standing your ground. Refusing to leave the house. People set against you. Gossip circulating. Difficult in-laws. Too many demands. Consequences of actions taken beginning to become apparent. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – Yes, to being committed to working through your problems. No to putting up with constant grief. Is it worth it? Does it have to be constantly challenging?

Truth is, Things Haven’t Been Right Between Us For a Long Time!

7 of Wands Rx

7 rx – Overcoming obstacles  or becoming overwhelmed by them.

Seven Reversed – Giving up on the relationship and deciding the fight is no longer worth it. Overcoming challenges. External interference in your relationship gets out of hand. A feeling of powerlessness and terrible fatigue. Paranoia may take hold causing trouble between partners. Conceding defeat to the competition. Scandal. Deceit and treacherous actions exposed. A partner becomes overbearing, controlling and demanding. Breaking the spirit of a partner. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – Yes, to admitting defeat after a worthy battle. Yes, to getting on top of all your relationship issues.  No to forceful control or domination. 

I Love You So Much I Can’t Eat or Sleep!

8 of Wands Upright

8 – Strength, energy, speed and power. A relationship takes off.

Eight – Powerful energy. Cupids arrows flying your way. Crazy in love. Infatuation. Being swept off your feet. A relationship literally takes off. Feeling on top of the world. High on love. Feeling good and looking fabulous. A relationship that brings a hectic social life with it. Texting, phoning and emailing each other non-stop. Holiday romance. Holiday fling. Travel involved. Never felt this good. High sexual energy. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – Yes to going with the flow and living in the moment. Enjoy every bit of it. Happy days all round. Lucky you. 

What Did I Ever See in You? I Hate You!

8 of Wands Rx

8 rx – Lack of strength in a relationship. Power diminishes. Dissipated energy. Power used negatively.

Eight Reversed – Poison Arrows. Love turned sour. Honeymoon period ends abruptly. Bitterness and hatred towards each other. Domestic disputes. A relationship that drifts apart or goes nowhere. Incompatibility. Bitching, back-stabbing and vicious arguments. Third party interference in your love life. Drama and high emotions. Borderline hysteria. Furious jealousy and rivalry. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – No. Don’t drag it out. Get over it and move on with as little drama as possible. 

Can’t Believe This Has Happened to Me Again!

9 of Wands Upright

9 – Closure. The winding down of a relationship. Issues become very pronounced and can no longer be ignored.

Nine – Taken a knock in love. Reeling from a big let down. A relationship on its last legs, but still struggling to survive. Not wanting to give up or give in. Making one last effort. Sticking it out. Soldering on in the relationship. Be on your guard. Partners with emotional baggage. Repetitive patterns in relationships. Lessons to be learned. Battle scarred from past relationships. Feeling totally responsible for the success or failure of your relationship. Feeling isolated, alone and unsupported. Feeling physically and emotionally drained. Focusing on past failures. A partner in the military. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? –  No. You keep setting yourself up for a fall. You have been here before. You need to ask yourself why? Why do you persist?

Nobody Loves Me. I am Un-lovable!

9 of Wands Reversed

9 rx – Hanging on to the bitter end. Refusal to end a particular cycle in a relationship or relationships in general. Lack of introspection and retrospection.

Nine Reversed – Loneliness within your relationship. Mounting paranoia about your partner. Becoming overly obsessed and watchful. Lack of trust Restriction and control may become an issue. Problems from the past affect  your current relationship. Feeling un-lovable. Feeling wounded and in need of constant reassurance. Repetitive negative patterns in your relationships. Not learning from past mistakes. Refusing to accept responsibility for share of relationship failure. Carrying the full weight of your relationship. Using your partner as a crutch or vice versa. A relationship goes under. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – No. Everything is out of balance. Deep inner issues. 

When Did The Fun and Laughter Cease?

10 of Wands Upright

10 – The end of current cycle. The final curtain. Decisions are made or are taken out of your hands. Facing the truth and letting go.

Ten – Your relationship has become a burden or hard work. External or internal demands weigh heavily. There is no joy or happiness left. Carrying full responsibility for the success or failure of your relationship. Soldiering on regardless. Making life more difficult for yourself. Time to decide if holding on is worth it or not. Problems in a relationship may get worse before they get better. The end of a rough time is in sight. The relationship is nearly out of the woods. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – Yes to having held on this long. You are nearly out of the woods. It’s being a struggle though. Yes to acknowledging how bad things are. No to continuing in this manner. Relationships should not be such hard work. 

Wake Up!

10 of Wands Reversed

10 rx – Refusing to let go. Living in the past. Fearful of the new. Trying to start a new relationship before completely cutting the ties of a previous one.

Ten Reversed – Burying your head in the sand and being in denial about problems in the relationship. Failing to confront issues. Keeping going and hoping problems will mend themselves. Issues or secrets hidden from public view or scrutiny. Look up and take stock.  Off loading a relationship that has being bringing you down. Lack of commitment and staying power. Getting itchy feet at the last moment. Shirking responsibility to your partner and walking away when times get tough. Taking the blame for problems in the relationship. Not making an effort. Feeling broken and worn out. A possible light at the end of the tunnel for couples who are committed to getting through tough times together. Entering a new relationship without fully finishing the current one. Moving on too fast. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – No to shirking your responsibility or being in denial about your relationship issues. Yes to taking decisive action. Yes to seeking change. 


The Court Wands – Generic Meanings only 

I’m your Number One Fan. Everything you do is so Wonderful!

Page of Wands Upright

Page  – Young Love or the heady intense early stage of a relationship. Falling madly in love with someone. Being in awe or besotted with someone. Someone you look up to and greatly admire. A relationship that makes you feel young and free again. The beginning of a passionate and highly charged relationship. Meeting someone while travelling or on holiday. You certainly feel very excited and full of optimism. This relationship is very physical and sexually demanding. There may be some immaturity involved or a sense of having a long overdue fling. For those older than the age group represented by the Page (up to late twenties), it could suggest starting over again or possibly trying too hard. Certainly there is a feeling of youth again and that anything is possible. Quite likely that you have updated or jazzed up your image and appear to smile and laugh a lot. Lots of fun. The relationship is having a positive effect on you, putting a glide in your stride and a pep in your step. Try to pace yourself. This relationship could wear you out as you throw caution to the wind. Watch out for little temper tantrums and moodiness. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – Yes, but don’t expect too much long-term. It may be just what you need right now as long as you are aware that it may not last. Go have some fun! No if you are looking for a relationship that is safe, secure, reliable and predictable. 

Too Much Too Soon!

Page of Wands Reversed

Page Reversed – Interest may begin to wane in a relationship once thought exciting and dynamic. Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Your idol may have fallen off the pedestal you were so eager to put them on. You begin to see flaws or become impatient and irritated with silly behavior. This reversed Page can suggest lack of commitment or a ‘fly by night’ attitude. He or she could be all over you one day, only to appear cool, distant, or even absent the next. Restlessness has set in and it could suggest the writing is on the wall for your relationship. It may be time to grow up and take a more mature view of the partners you choose. A holiday romance that comes to an end. Jealous outbursts and temper tantrums may be a regular occurrence. This Reversed Page’s eye may have begun to wander. They could have found another figure of attraction elsewhere. A spoiled brat. An ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – No, this relationship burned too bright too fast. It will be hard to sustain the high level it started with. If you are looking for commitment, then you are probably off the mark here. Yes, if you are looking for a short-lived fling and living on the wild side for a while. 

Wow! You Drop Dead Gorgeous Party Animal!

Knight of Wands Upright

Knight – Prepare to be swept off your feet. A dramatic entrance. A wildly exciting and passionate relationship that is very physical. A relationship with high energy and a dose of drama thrown in to keep you on your toes. It is quite likely you have not felt so alive in all your life. However, it may just suggest a Sagittarius person in your life or someone met while travelling. This Knight will bring fun and joy to your life but it may all happen rather suddenly. It could also end equally as sudden. There is a tendency to give your heart too soon with this relationship and you should pace it out a bit more. It is quite likely that your feet haven’t touched the ground since you met and you may be burning the candle at both ends. This person is very charismatic and has a powerful magnetism. He or she is so exciting to be around, but at times, their overpowering ego could niggle away under you skin. This relationship must be kept fresh and dynamic or it will fizzle out. Best not to attempt laying claim to ownership of this Knight as he doesn’t like getting tied down. Laying down rules and regulations will find this Knight backing off rapidly. Remember, he or she puts a rather high value on their personal freedoms and comings and goings. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – Yes, if you want to spice up your life and are not the clingy type. Yes, if you also cherish your independence and personal freedom. Makings of a dynamic power couple. No, if you are looking to settle down quickly. He or she is not in any hurry to exclusively commit. 

The Party Has Moved On Without You!

Knight of Wands Reversed

Knight Reversed – One night stands. Lack of commitment. An emotionally immature relationship. A sudden departure. Sex could be seen as a sport with little focus on love or basic feelings. Cheating and blatant bad behavior. This Reversed Knight could leave a string of broken hearts in his or her wake. Difficulty committing to a relationship. Restlessness and a straying eye. Gets bored very quickly. Constantly looking for the initial adrenaline rush that comes at the beginning of a new relationship. A relationship that peaks too fast and lacks solid foundations to sustain it. He or she could be drop dead gorgeous and you may be drawn to their ‘bad boy/girl’ personality. Egos will become increasingly inflated and there could be almighty melt-downs and aggressive outbursts. This Reversed Knight will be hard to handle and cannot be contained. Forget about trying to change her or him for you will only get hurt in the process. If you are out for a good time, and if commitment is the last thing you are looking for, then this Knight may prove some worth. Once you are both of a similar understanding then it could work for the duration. This Reversed Knight could also suggest the end of a Holiday romance. A spoiled brat that has never been held to account for his or her actions. A belief that they can do what they want. An ex boyfriend/girlfriend. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – No, this is likely to end in tears or rows. You can’t change this person or make them see your way. Prepare for a sudden departure. You will get over it. 

Because I’m Worth It?

Queen of Wands Upright

Queen –  Mature vibrant woman who likes to take the lead in relationships. Physical attraction and a strong curiosity. You have caught someone’s attention or someone has caught yours.  Plenty of drama and high energy in this relationship. This Queen is not afraid to make the first move and would encourage you to be assertive and proactive in this manner. Trust your gut feelings about this relationship. Spice up your love life or relationship if it is getting too dull, boring or predictable. Keep things fresh. Own your power and strut your stuff. Do not sacrifice your freedom for another. Remember that  you do not have to live in each other’s ear all the time. Make sure you retain your independence and identity. Set aside time for personal pursuits and activities. Not a time for being a wallflower. Be positive about finding love but do not let it take over your life. You are looking fantastic and feel good about yourself. Try not to take too much control as you can be a little intimidating or overwhelming at times. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – Yes, to meeting a very interesting and vibrant partner. Yes, you have a lot to offer. 

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scrorned!

Queen of Wands Reversed

Queen Reversed – A relationship may have lost some or all of its vibrancy. Interest may have waned or there could be a rival on the scene. This Reversed Queen blows hot and cold. Bitching and gossip could trigger jealous outbursts and fire-cracking rows. Sourness and bitterness in a relationship that has lost its original appeal. Prepare for revenge if you have ditched or duped her.  Being overly demanding and domineering. She could be pushy and bossy. This Reversed Queen could be getting itchy feet as something new has caught her interest. She has a tendency to be unfaithful, and often deceitful. She can also be guilty of interfering in other people’s relationships and enjoys creating trouble. You may have become complacent about your relationship and are not working on keeping the fire ablaze. Then again, you may feel it has all become too much like hard work. It is for certain that the relationship brings you no joy or fun at present. You may feel depressed about it all and this is bound to sap your energy. Time to pull yourself together and get back on track. Your self-esteem and self-confidence may be low. Separated or divorced from. …...Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – No, prepare for a stormy ride ahead with plenty of showdowns. No, you don’t always have to get your own way. Yes, it is time to move on. Yes, there is external interference in your relationship.


Taking The Lead!

King of Wands Upright

King A mature masculine strong man. Virility. An ardent and passionate lover. Likes to take the lead in relationships and assume control. Very direct about his feelings and needs. Likes to get his own way but not in a forceful manner. Uses his charisma and powerful persuasion to get what he wants. However, a submissive and easily dominated partner would drive him to distraction. He needs interaction and enjoys being challenged. He is drawn to strong independent women who are ambitious and hard to catch.  He is healthy, and has a wonderful macho physique. He may appear younger than his years due to his strong energy level and active lifestyle. He demands personal freedom even in a committed relationship or marriage. You may be seeking or have met someone who exudes his power and leadership qualities. This King has a strong sexual appetite but is not a big fan of traditional romance. He enjoys hard work but also needs plenty of fun and spontaneity in his life. Don’t try to tame or change him. It won’t happen. ……Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – Yes, all the signs are very promising. Don’t get too needy or dependent. Stay as you are and play a little hard to get. 

I Am Who I AM!

King of Wands Reversed

King Reversed – Your ex partner or spouse. Not a good sign. He may not be interested or hasn’t even noticed you. You will have to work harder to get his attention. A relationship may have lost its fire or interest has waned. This King may be on the look out for someone new. He may be distracted by another. The relationship may have run its course or has become boring and predictable. He could be unreliable or unfaithful. There is restlessness and more stress than fun. Heated rows and slamming of doors. He finds it hard to control his temper. Unfortunately, this reversed King could be getting too hot to handle. You may find that you have lost or given your power away in a relationship. Bullying and domination are common issues. There is evidence of an overly strong ego throwing its weight around in a relationship. Commitment may be a problem or there could be a mid-life crisis.  The King of Wands does not like to think that he is getting older. …..Read Full Card Description

Yes or No Card? – No. You need to look beyond the external packaging. It will likely end in tears. 


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