The Tower (XVI) Reversed

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



When The Tower Reverses the impact of the sudden change is not as severe.  You may have been warned in advance and have managed to get out-of-the-way just in time or avoided the change. That is for the moment anyway so don’t think you are out of the woods yet.  If you have missed or ignored the warning the first time it will approach from a different angle the next time and may be much worse. Health-wise it could be down to you ignoring the early warning signs from your body.

If there has been a threat of repossession of property or business by the banks then you may have been given extra time to sort it out.  You have been given a temporary reprieve but the situation has not gone away.

Your situation may indeed be collapsing but instead of accepting it,letting go and moving on you continue to seal up any cracks as they appear, pretending that all is well. The Devil still has a hold of you, making you believe that there is no better way and that there is no escape for you. The figures reversed now seem to wave their hands in the air.  Are you screaming for help and no one can hear you?

Somebody may have been tipped off in advance and have bailed out of a situation before it collapses. Is someone getting away with blue murder? Have the real culprits got away?

Are you or someone else causing deliberate upheaval to those around you?  Who is it that wants you to see you lose everything?  Why would they wish such bad luck on you?  What might you have done to drive them to such lengths?

With the flip side of the reversed cards The Tower Reversed can indicate an end to your difficulties, a health scare that has turned out to be a false alarm, a calamity that was all a lot of hot air, a storm in a tea up.   On the other hand you might be setting about rebuilding out of the ruins.  You may be working hard to salvage what you can.  This could be your reputation, business or marriage.  Damage limitation is key if you are to whether the storm

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4 replies »

    • Hi Michele,

      Thank you for your very interesting and informative critique of The Tower Reversed which is an incomplete work at present. Perhaps you would like to share your interpretation of same which I will be happy to take into consideration when completing the content for this card. As tarot is subjective, readers can learn a lot from each other. Thanking you in advance.



      • Lol, old comments, but I had to smile…. 😀 I find the info on this site some of the best around!

        I realise the last comment was a while back, but hope that someone may – maybe – help me with this draw that has me a little spooked. I’m having difficulties at work and decided to draw three cards concentrating on my boss (who is the one giving me aggro) and here is what I got:
        – X of Swords
        – VI of Swords
        – Tower reversed

        I was initially wanting to see if things were going to improve but I am afraid thee three cards are spelling even more disaster….

        Any advice greatly received

        (and thanks for the wonderful info on this website!)



      • Hi and sorry for the very late response to your comment. I have taken a break from writing on my site due to chronic repetitive strain injury so only returning now after a long break. Yes, the three cards you pulled aren’t great and I feel you may have already moved on from this position or are thinking about it. The ten of swords would give me the impression that someone has it in for you and making your life quite unbearable. However, we must always be mindful when we see the ten of swords as it can come across as overkill or believing the whole world is out to get you. It does carry the victim/martyr aspect to it. Saying all that, I am going on the basis you say your boss is giving you agro at work. You don’t say what sort of agro and how bad it is. The ten of Swords would suggest it is fairly bad but only you know that. These cards don’t give the impression of a very nice place to work and I can see tensions rising. The Tower Reversed could imply that you are ready to blow but are working hard to keep a lid on it. I also wonder if you have shared your distress with others? Is there anyone you could go to speak to about how your boss’ attitude to you is affecting your work and sense of well being? It is all building up inside you and certainly needs to be released. The Six of Swords leads me to believe that you are considering moving on, finding another job where there is less stress. However, if it is your boss causing the problems why should you be the one to leave. I think you might get to a stage where you want to just leave, especially after a big scene. Be careful about burning bridges behind you and be certain you are reading the situation correctly. The Tower when reversed can suggest a lessening of a bad situation, a disaster that doesn’t come to be, something awful you thought was going to happen doesn’t happen at all or at least not in the terrible way you had imagined. Take a step back and truly assess your situation. If there is a HR department to go to, then perhaps take that route. Try not to just walk out. Stand up for yourself and call out bad behaviour for what it is. At the end of the day, work should not be a miserable place to be and you shouldn’t dread each day. If the situation doesn’t change, then it is probably best to go where you are better appreciated and where you can happily get on with your work.



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