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5 of Pentacles Upright3 of Swords Upright 4 of Swords Upright 

Before we go any further there are a few things to bear in mind. 


Know Your Cards, Your Symbols and Card Combinations

Health conditions are suggested in both the Upright and Reversed Cards but typically it is in the Reversed Cards that we find the more Negative Healthassociations. As with Everything in Tarot, there will always be exceptions to this rule, and the more Negative Health Associations can appear in the Upright Version, especially when dealing with Fives. There will also be several occurrences of both Upright and Reversed carrying similar Health Meanings with only a slight difference between the two. Remember with Reversed Cards in Tarot we usually are dealing with Extremes of The Upright so we can have a Health Issue Improving or Deteriorating along with the Early and Late Stage of Illness or Disease.  Reversed Cards can also indicate an Illness or Disease that has been blocked in its progress and is losing power. Surrounding Cards need to be thoroughly consulted to determine what, if in fact anything at all is going on. Heart Problems are generally associated with The Three of Swords Upright, along with many other Health Issues (you must bear this in mind when doing Health Readings). When Reversed it can suggest Surgery required, Recovery from the Heart Condition, or then again, the complete avoidance of Surgery or even a Wrong DiagnosisThe Reversed Four of Swords can imply either a worsening of a Health Condition or Recovery. The Four of Cups both Upright and Reversed often carry similar Health Messages, but this time the Reversed Aspect of it has the potential to be more positive. So how do you get to grips with Health Implications when Reading Tarot?

For starters, having a good knowledge of the meanings of the Individual Cards is vitally important. So too is your ability to see Symbolic Representations of Health Conditions within the Imagery. In the Nine of Wands we see a Figure with a bandage around his head. In The Two of Swords we see a Figure with a blindfold/bandage around her eyes/head. In The Eight of Swords we see a Figurewith a blindfold/bandage around her eyes. If all these Cards are in the same Readingcould they possibly be suggesting a Head Injury of some sort, or Injury to the Eyes, Problems with the Head? What is of Paramount Importance is your ability to consult Surrounding Cards in the Reading to get a clearer picture of what in fact is going on. This means you have to be used to making connections, links and identifying Card Combinations that are co-related. One Negative Health Card on its own means nothing really as it carries so many meanings. You have to, and I mean have to, take the Whole Reading  into consideration. It is not a good idea to pull just One Card when doing a Health Reading. At the very least, Three Cards should be drawn as this will give a broader view of the issue. If you were to pull The Reversed Five of Pentacles on its own then how do you go about interpreting it unless you have strong Psychic Abilities. It can indicate a return to Health, but it could also be a sign that Health is further deteriorating.

Ace of Cups Reversed 3 of Cups Rx 4 of Cups Upright 4 of Cups Rx 7 of Cups 9 of Cups Reversed

Alcohol Addictions/Problems – Ace/Three/Four/Seven/Nine of Cups Reversed

Over the years I have dealt with Card Readings that involved suicide, murder, missing persons, violence and child abuse.  Yes, the Cards will expose them all.  We must remember that one Nasty Card, or even Two, does not make for disaster.  What I am talking about is a heavy combination of Nasty Cards or Nasty Personalities (Court Cards).  If you study the Cards in-depth and become familiar with the Personality Profiles of the Reversed Court Cards as will be covered in Part II, you will quickly learn to spot trouble, Health Issues, Unhealthy Relationships orUnhealthy Personalities when sitting along side the rest of The Minor Arcana. 

I will remind you once more that Reversed Cards deal with extremes. They can also suggest the early stages of an illness before it has manifested in the physical or the final stages. They can also indicate, depending on surrounding Cards when a condition, illness or disease is losing its power or burning out. Again, consulting Surrounding Cards is essential.  As you go through the Cards you will get to know which Reversed Cards need to be closely analysed in order to decipher which extreme or other scenario is applicable. Extra Cards must always be drawn in these cases, along with a careful examination of surrounding Cards.  Another aspect not to be forgotten is that The Querant needs to give their input too.

When working with Health Readings, unless you do Intuitive Readings, it is vital that you are very familiar with the associated meanings of The Cards as then you are in a better position to know what type of Health Condition they are typically pointing to. However there are times when you will see something that is not traditionally associated with a particular Card so keep an open mind.

A Tarot Reading, Not A Doctors Consultation or Examination

5 of Swords Upright 8 of Swords Upright 9 of Swords Upright 10 of Swords Upright7 of Wands Rx 9 of Wands Reversed

Bullying – Five/Eight/Nine/Ten of Swords, Seven/Nine of Wands Reversed

As previously discussed, repeatedly stressed in earlier Lessons, and will continue to be so in Future Lessons, no attempt should be made to offer definite diagnoses at any time to any Querant, regardless of how strong your gut feeling or how much pressure they are putting you under, unless you hold the necessary Qualifications to do so. What that means is, if you are not a Doctor, Surgeon, Psychologist or any of a number of Consultants or Specialists, you are not Qualified to Diagnose DefiniteHealth Conditions on the basis of your interpretation of a Tarot Reading. Neither are you in a position to suggest a certain medication, or worse still, suggest that the Querant cease taking a prescribed medication. You may believe firmly in the power of Alternative Medicine or other forms of Therapy but you will find that your powers of persuasion over your Client because of a Reading may very well land you in the middle of litigation procedures should your Client follow your suggestions and suffer as a result. Even if you are a Doctor, Surgeon or Specialist, you certainly will not be using Tarot Cards to offer your Patients Health Diagnosis.

Knowing the Difference Between Generic Health Readings and Specific Health Readings

Ace of Wands Ace of Cups Ace of Swords 3 of Cups Upright 10 of Cups Upright 9 of Pentacles Upright2 of Pentacles Upright

Conception – Ace of Wands/Cups/Swords all Upright, Three of Cups, Nine of Pentacles, Ten of Cups, Possibly Two of Pentacles (Twins)

Generic Health Readings are Health Issues that reveal themselves during a Normal/Non-Health Reading. They are regarded as Health Issues that are safe to discuss as one does not need any Qualifications to do so. These are certain areas you can deal with that are Health Related when Reading the Cards but are really no different from what you would say in conversation with a friend, family member or work colleague. If you see a lot of stress in your Querant’s Cards, then we all know the results of exposure to prolonged stress. We do not need to be a Doctor to advise our friend out of concern, that he/she will end up making themselves ill if they do not find a way of relieving stress. We also do not need any degrees or PhD to suggest that our friend takes it easy and tries to get more rest and sleep. We can ask about their nutrition; are they eating healthily and regularly enough to keep up their strength? We can suggest getting more exercise, such as walking or even simple gardening to feel Healthier and for stress relief.

We can express concern if we see several Swords Cards in a Querant’s Reading as these suggest Severe Stress, and possibly to a dangerous level. The Querant is likely to agree with you as you are not telling them anything they don’t already know. Stress is probably what has brought them to you in the first place. If so, you can then suggest that it would be advisable to visit their family doctor to talk about how stressed they are, or what deep concerns they are carrying. If their Reading is awash with very Negative Swords Cards then you need to be more proactive with your suggestions.

Ace of Swords Rx 2 of Swords Upright 9 of Swords Upright 8 of Swords Upright

Migraines – Ace of Swords Reversed/Two/Eight/Nine of Swords

Even Doctors and Psychologists are bound to break their oath of confidentiality if they believe that their patient is a risk to themselves or poses a risk to others. We are talking here about suicide, suicide/murder, severe abuse or intention to harm another. If we suspect this might be the case, then as Tarot Readers we must not try to tackle the problem ourselves for we too may be in danger or at risk. Therefore we need to have a list of essential Help-lines and Organisations at our disposal so that we can contact them for advice in such matters, or pass on their details to our Querant if they are agreeable. If danger seems imminent, as in the Querant being intent on immediately carrying out what you see in their Cards, then you must contact the necessary authorities and discuss the details with them without initially revealing the name of your Client. Only reveal the name of your Client if the authorities inform you that you must do so. The Client in question may also be known to the Authorities and you will be doing yourself, your Client and anyone your think may be at risk, no favour whatsoever if you fail to cooperate. Then you have done all you can and cannot be held responsible should anything occur. You should have a clear conscience.

5 of Wands Upright 5 of Wands Rx 7 of Wands Rx 8 of Wands Rx 10 of Wands Reversed 5 of Swords Upright 6 of Pentacles Reversed

Contagious Diseases – Five of Wands, Seven/Eight/Ten of Wands Reversed, Five of Swords, Five of Pentacles, Six of Pentacles Reversed

(Personal Experience)

(In all my time as a Reader, I have never had to contact the Authorities about a Client. I did once have to contact the family of a young woman who was suicidal and very close to the edge. Her Cards were so dark, and her comments equally dark, that I could see she was in a very bad place indeed. I think she came to me as some form of cry for help because when I suggested that I call someone on her behalf, she broke down in tears and agreed, but wanted it to be her brother, for he was very close to her. When I spoke to her brother on the phone, I did it in the presence of my Client. I advised her brother that they make an appointment with the woman’s doctor as soon as possible so that she get access to the necessary professional help she so badly needed. Her brother was aware of her condition but admitted he did not know how bad things were. He came immediately to collect her as he did not want her driving. I closed the door on the two of them that day and wondered how it would all work out for them. Her brother came with a friend to collect her car the next day and just left a note in my door thanking me for contacting him. The woman’s doctor had seen her immediately the evening before, and already steps had been taken to help her. The woman had raised no objection as she wanted to get better.)

I have on several occasions had to offer strong suggestions to Clients that they should seek Professional Help or would benefit from Counselling orPsychotherapy when chronic emotional, psychological issues or phobias reveal themselves in their Readings. The same applied for Clients who as a result of separation or divorce had been unable to move on in their lives. Prolonged grief and bereavement are other areas where advice with regards to seeking Counselling can be given without being qualified to do so. These are areas we all give advice on once we care enough for someone. We all want to help where we can. Sometimes people just need it pointed out to them before they actually do something about it.

Ace of Cups Reversed 4 of Cups Upright 5 of Cups Upright 8 of Cups Reversed3 of Swords Upright 4 of Swords Upright 8 of Swords Upright 9 of Swords Upright 10 of Swords Upright5 of Pentacles Upright2 Wands Rx 9 of Wands Reversed

Depression – Ace/Four/Five of Cups, Eight of Cups Reversed, Three/Four/Eight/Nine/Ten of Swords, Five of Pentacles, Two/Nine of Wands Reversed

(personal experience)

(I had one Client many years ago who came to me for Tarot Readings. He came to me every few weeks with regards to a problem he had. At first I was very confused because when he was outlining his situation and issues to me, he seemed to move between two time spans quite rapidly whilst relaying the story to me. At one moment I would think the situation happened five years ago as he talked about it in the past tense, then suddenly he would be talking about the same thing in the present tense.  I found it hard to keep up. Eventually I had to stop him and ask him for the exact timeline the story referred to. The entire incident happened five years ago. I then pointed out to him that at times he was referring to it in the present tense as if it had only just happened. He had no idea he had been doing that.

It was quite simple really and his Cards confirmed it. He was caught in a time warp. His life on some level had stopped five years ago and the memory of the incident stayed as fresh with him as it did back then. It was as if it had only happened yesterday. Why he couldn’t move on from it was because he was reliving it every day. He couldn’t let go and it was destroying his current life. I suggested that he needed some form of Counselling or Psychotherapy, even Hypnoanalysis to release him from  the past so that he could move forward into the present, and look positively towards the future. I told him that whereas Tarot Cards were very useful for highlighting his problems and the challenges he faced, they were no substitute for Professional Medical or Psychological help. By all means he could continue consulting the Cards but I advised that it should be as a Complementary Therapyand not his sole one. I suggested that he seek a recommendation from his doctor.

2 Wands Rx 7 of Wands Rx 9 of Wands Reversed8 of Swords Upright 9 of Swords Upright10 of Swords Upright4 of Pentacles Upright2 of Cups Rx

Unhealthy Obsessions  – Two/Seven/Nine of Wands Reversed (Phobias/Paranoia), Eight/Nine/Ten of Swords (Delusional/Paranoia), Four of Pentacles (Obsessive/Possessive), Two of Cups Reversed (Obsessed/Stalking),

My Client was a bit flabbergasted that he had been mixing up the past and the present and was eager to find help so he did as I suggested and started attending regular combined Counselling/Hypnotherapy sessions. He came to me every few weeks to chart his progress with the Tarot Cards. It was wonderful to see his Cardschange from depressing to uplifting during this time. He told me that he looked forward to coming for his Tarot Consultations for he knew that they would not give him any false impressions of how well he was progressing. He wanted to know where he was at and when his Cards came out strong and positive, he would leave with a renewed sense of self-value and determination to keep up the good work. Going back to where he had been was not an option. Yes, sometimes his Cards showed that the old demons were raising their ugly heads but this often coincided with a particularly intense session with his Counsellor. I reassured him that the particular Cards were coming up as a reflection of what was being worked on in his sessions and this meant that they had to be dealt with and not buried, or pushed back down. It also meant that he was now strong enough to deal with them. I can happily tell you that this Client has made a full recovery and no longer comes for Tarot Readings. He does drop me the odd line or two just to let me know how he is getting on.)

If it is a case of seeing an actual Physical Health Condition appearing for your Client in their Cards then you should discreetly question them in relation to their General Health such as eating, drinking and exercise. It is perfectly okay to ask when they last had a Medical Check-up. This is a difficult scenario as your Client/Querant is bound to be alarmed once you mention Health and doctors, but you can always say that their Cards are suggesting they are run-down or under par at present and should have a general check-up to see if they are deficient in any essential vitamins or minerals before they begin to feel any worse. This covers all areas, and if your Clientdoes not act on your advice there is little you can do.

6 of Cups Reversed10 of Cups Reversed 10 of Pentacles Reversed

Dysfunctional Families – Six/Ten of Cups Reversed, Ten of Pentacles Reversed

Specific Health Readings

A Specific Health Reading is a Reading done for a Querant who asks Specificallyabout their Health. As a Tarot Reader you can opt out from doing any Health Readings and many Readers feel safer doing so. This does not mean they ignore the Generic Health issues that most of us suffer from when they pop up in Readings for Clients. It just means that they will not take a booking for a Specific Health Readinge.g. someone looking to book a Reading with you to see if they have cancer. Some Readers will decide to take on such Readings, and should you decide to be one of them, then you must ensure to protect yourself by providing Tarot Health Reading Literature and a Disclaimer to your Client in advance of their Reading. This could mean them reading the literature in front of you on the day of their appointment, but better still if you could email or text it to them in advance. However on the day of their Reading, should they decide to go ahead with it, you will need them to sign the Document/s, along with your own Signature. This is a Statement from your Querant confirming that you have provided them with information about the implications of having a Tarot Health Reading and they have accepted the conditions that apply to it.

Your Tarot Health Reading Document/Disclaimer must inform the Client that on the best of days, the Tarot is only ever 70% accurate and that it is also subject to Interpretation. Another Reader may give a totally different interpretation. Any action the Querant decides to take based on the information contained in their Health Reading is their own responsibility and has not been dictated to them by The Tarot Reader.   This must be stressed to your Client and not ignored just to get a booking. Better to have a Client decline their appointment then to be blamed or held responsible in the future for misguiding them, or terrifying them with HealthPredictions that may or may not prove to be accurate. Sometimes it is not the Clientwho comes back at you, but rather one of their family who encourage them to take action due to unnecessary stress and duress they, and their family have been subjected to as a result of a Health Reading you did for them.

2 of Pentacles Rx9 of Pentacles ReversedAce of Cups Reversed9 of Swords Upright

Hormonal Imbalances – Two/Nine of Pentacles Reversed, Ace of Cups Reversed, Nine of Swords

Health Readings About Children – Staying in The Safety Zone

Another area I would strongly advise against is the Client who wishes to enquire about the Health of Their Children. This is a potentially serious area to get involved in and I am always surprised by the number of Clients who coming towards the end of a Reading will ask if I can do a quick Reading to see how their Children are. I always ask them if they have any concerns regarding their children and if that is why they ask? Most say no, but just want to take a look. I look them straight in the eye and ask them if they are really sure about doing a Reading on their Children? I ask them if they are prepared to accept that something negative may come up, Cards that I may not refer to, but that through their imagery alone cannot be concealed from theQuerant.  Will they be able to deal with any unwelcome news? Generally, I get a quick ‘no’ from them and that is that. However there are some Querants who are persistent so if I feel alright about it, I will do a quick Reading for each Child asking if there is anything their Parent should know about them for their own Highest Good. Mostly the Cards are reassuring but sometimes issues do come to light, giving theQuerant a lot to think about.  Remember it is not always ethical to do Readings on people who have not asked for them. Asking about your child, your partner or a family member you are concerned about is one thing, but prying into other people’s lives just for the sake of it is intrusive.

6 of Cups Upright 10 of Cups Upright10 of Pentacles UprightAce of Pentacles

Good Family Health – Six of Cups, Ten of Cups, Ace/Ten of Pentacles

Of course issues regarding children will, and do regularly come up in Readings but this is totally different from asking for a Reading about a Specific Child. It is not uncommon for Reversed Pages to turn up in someone’s Reading if there is a child who is unhappy or having issues. Usually I ask the Querant if they are concerned about any of their children and I explain what I am seeing. For example, I see a Reversed Page of Cups in my Querant’s Reading and I get the feeling it is referring to one of her children. I explain the nature of the Page of Cups in general as being a soft, gentle, emotional and easily upset. This Page as a child often appears delicate and quiet. I tell them that The Page of Cups can pick up on an atmosphere in the home and can be quite a worrier. He or she can also get upset in school if they have a teacher who is very strict or always giving out. Of course The Page of Cups is susceptible to harsh comments and treatment from their school pals too. I reassure them that it’s just their personality and that it does not take much to knock them off centre. When Reversed it is a strong indication that their Child is emotionally upset for one reason or another and generally the Querant will agree with everything I have said. They will have noticed the change in their personality but may not necessarily know why. I will pull a couple of other Cards to see if there is any real need for concern such as bullying or deep unhappiness. If nothing negative shows up then it is simply a case of being a bit more gentle with them and reassuring them that everything is okay as they do tend to worry a lot, even about little things. If the Querant happens to argue a lot with their partner then I advise them to make sure it is not done in front of this child for they will carry the weight of the argument with them to bed that night. Even so, The Page of Cups Reversed is bound to be picking up on any negative vibes in the house and will be acting nervous and needy as a result.

This type of interpretation is not a Health Diagnosis so you must learn to understand the difference, and know when it is appropriate to comment and when you should keep your theories to yourself. A Reversed Page of Wands may highlight a child who is hyperactive or has ADHD. You should describe the nature of the Reversed Page of Wands and you will find that the Querant is amazed you are so accurate. He/she will probably open up to you about the difficulties they are having. You can always suggest they get tested for food allergies with a properly Qualified Nutritionist as the child may be highly sensitive to certain food types. The parent generally has gone down that route or is thinking about it. So you see you are not telling them anything that they do not know already. If they seem flippant about their child, or appear to be in denial, even annoyed by your comments, then there may be a problem. Suggest they help the child now when he or she is still within their control before they get any older. All you can do is try, the Querant may be annoyed about you casting aspersions about their parenting abilities, but if they don’t want to know then they shouldn’t ask.

3 of Wands Upright 10 of Wands Upright6 of Pentacles Upright

Protection Through Vaccination – Three of Wands (needing vaccination for travel), Ten of Wands, Six of Pentacles

A Reversed Page of Swords may be displaying signs of anger or aggression due to some incident or exposure to behaviour in the household. Arguing parents may not realise the damage they are doing in such cases, especially if they are going through separation or divorce when sometimes they lose all common sense and use their children as weapons against each other. A Reversed Page of Pentacles may highlight a child who is not getting enough exercise or eating too much of the wrong food. He may also be putting him/herself under considerable pressure to succeed or the pressure may be coming from parents.

So you see, these are areas that can be brought up in a Reading without entering into Specific Health Diagnosis. It must also be borne in mind that Reversed Pagesmay also be representing inner-child issues belonging to the Querant and again these are Health Areas that can be referred to, but not Specifically Diagnosed. If the Querant was continuously verbally abused as a child or suffered harsh discipline and punishments, as an adult they may be seriously lacking in confidence, self-belief and feel totally inadequate. These are certainly Health Areas that are within the safety zone and can be dealt with when Reading for others. A lot of the time it is residual problems from childhood that bring the Querant to your doorstep in search of answers or a way out of their negative way of thinking, behaving or feeling.

We will be re-visiting Health Readings regarding Children in Part II of The Coursewhen we take an in-depth look at the Court Cards.

6 of Cups Reversed10 of Cups Reversed5 of Swords Upright 6 of Swords Reversed 8 of Swords Upright 9 of Swords Upright10 of Swords Upright5 of Pentacles Upright 10 of Pentacles Reversed

Children at Risk – Ten/Six of Cups Reversed, Five of Swords if found with a Reversed Page,Six of Swords Reversed if Found with Reversed Page, Eight/Nine/Ten of Swords if found with Reversed Page and other Negative Cards, Five of Pentacles (Deprivation/Hunger), Ten of Pentacles Reversed if found with Reversed Page

Choose Your Words Carefully

Always use your common sense when dealing with Health issues that reveal themselves to you in a Reading. Your aim is to inform and empower the Querant in a constructive manner, not scare them. Scary predictions belong in the realm of Fortune Telling.  Remember something vitally important, the power of suggestion is incredibly efficient. What the mind dwells upon it tends to adopt.  The power of suggestion is used to advantage, and for the benefit of the Client in Hypnosis but is also used in Stage Hypnosis to make people do things they normally wouldn’t. Taken to a more extreme level, powerful suggestions are used in a lot of Voodoo style practices. They work very well. Tell a person that they are going to die or are seriously ill, then they just might absorb that suggestion and let it take hold.  If a person is led to belief that they have an ailment, then the ailment can easily manifest in keeping with the thought field of the individual.  Tell a child often enough that they are ugly, un-lovable or stupid; they begin to believe they are and will eventually grow into dysfunctional adults with all sorts of neurosis and hang ups.  So be warned about making fatalistic or morbid comments when Reading!!!

Ace of Cups Reversed 3 of Cups Rx 2 of Pentacles Rx 9 of Pentacles Reversed

Miscarriages/Termination – Ace/Three of Cups Reversed,  Two/Nine of Pentacles Reversed

Further Information on Health Readings

NB***I have decided to reveal certain Minor Arcana Cards that along with particularMajor Arcana Cards can suggest potential Physical Death. In Part III of this course we will cover The Major Arcana Cards that would need to be present alongside a heavy number of Relevant Minor Arcana Cards if Physical Death is even to be hinted at. Predicting Death in The Cards is an area to avoid if at all possible, but if you are a Reader for long enough, as in several years, you are bound to come up against it at some stage. I have my own personal experience with seeing Death in the Cards and will share it with you in Part III.

For now let us look at The Health Interpretations traditionally associated with The Four Suits from Ace to Ten. We will cover all the Court Cards in Part II when you have learned something of their Personalities.

5 of Wands Rx 6 of Wands Reversed8 of Pentacles Reversed Ace of Swords Rx 6 of Swords Reversed

Falls/Accidents/Injuries – Six of Wands Reversed, Eight of Pentacles Reversed, Five of Wands Reversed, Ace of Swords Reversed, Six of Swords Reversed (accidents related to water)


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