The Page of Pentacles b

The Page of Pentacles – The Apprentice

Earth SignsTaurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Page of Pentacles Upright


Student,  College, Studious, Scholarly, Setting Goals/Targets, Long-Term Goals, Practical Application, Laying the Foundations, Seeking/Thinking Success, Abundance, Excellent Prospects, High Achiever, Aiming High, Ambitious, Seeking Qualification, Looking for Results, Tangible, Consistent Progress, Excelling in Exams, Training, Apprentice, Developing a Workable Plan, Solid Grounded Start, Making a Start, Pacing Oneself,  Seeking Financial Security, Thinking about your Future/Long-term, Penny Wise, Thrifty, Saving, Investing, Commitment,  Practical, Down to Earth, Grounded, Common Sense, Realistic, Resourceful, Effective, Hard Worker, Effort, Cautious, Scrutiny, Concentration, Detail,Trusting, Trustworthy, Faithful, Stable, Secure, Steady, Kind, Generous, Helpful, Friendly, Loyal, Responsible, Reliable,  Dependable, Determined, Diligent,  Disciplined, Conscientious, Consistent, Methodical, Thorough, Being Productive/Industrious, Manifestation, Healthy,  Healthy Eating, Investing in Ones Health, Exercise, Out-doors, The Natural World, Nature, Wholesome, Animal Lover, Environmentalist, Collector, Traditional, Conservative, News of Study/Career/Money Matters/Business/Property/Land, Family Inheritance, Legacy, Following a Family Tradition/Career, Metaphysics, Tarot, Earth Magic, Scrying, 


Think About What you Want Out of Life, Think Success,  Start Small But Think Big,  Use the Resources you Have, Think Long-term, Put the Effort In, Look for Results,  Make it Work for You, Be Effective, Settle Down to Study, Get the Necessary Training, Get Qualified and become Professional, Set High Standards for Your Self, Get off to a Good Start by doing the Necessary Groundwork, Start Laying Foundations for the Future, Work Hard For What You Want, There is no Subsitute for Hard Work if you Want to be Successful, Show Commitment, Set Goals for Yourself and Work Diligently Towards Them, Show a bit of Ambition, Be Productive and Industrious,  Be Proactive, Be Realistic, Think Practically, Be Down to Earth about the Situation,  Use  your Common Sense in this Instance, Be Patient, Only take Risks that have been well calculated and are in the interests of meeting your Goal,  Scrutinise all Documents, Contracts and Paper Work, Make sure to Read the Small Print,  Pay Special Attention to your Assets and Possessions,  Avoid any offers of Get Rich Quick Schemes, Think Abundance, Make Your Money Work for You, Don’t Waste Money, Be Frugal,  Start Saving Money for The Future,Start a Collection, Get out Doors and Exercise, Eat Healthy, Be Kind to Animals, Think about the Environment at all times

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The Page of Pentacles represents the immature part of The Pentacles Royal Family.  His solid and grounded start in life will serve him well as he journeys and matures.  With such determination, hard-work, commitment and self-belief at such a young age, he has the makings of successfully maturing into The Queen or King of Pentacles.  He has a long way to travel yet, much experience to gain and lessons to be learned, but this young Page has what it takes to succeed.

Traditionally, The Page of Pentacles was described as a child or young person of either sex.  He had a tanned or sallow appearance with brown or green eyes.  His hair was typically described as being dark-brown or black. Remember, these are the old traditional descriptions and bear no resemblance at all to the majority of people in the world.  It is his personality description that should be concentrated on and not his looks when interpreting The Page of Pentacles.

All The Pages in Tarot are Messengers, News-bearers or Post-Persons.  The News The Page of Pentacles brings will be about material matters; money, loan application, investments, savings and possessions.  He may appear in your Reading bearing news of a new course of study or college application. Because the Pentacles are very concerned with the financial world, news may be business related; such as contracts, products, expansion, accounts and profits.  You may be waiting on News relating to the purchase or sale of a business, or an excellent business opportunity. The need to scrutinise legal documents is advised as The Page is seen to scrutinise the Pentacle he holds for any defects. Then again, property and land are also of great importance to the Pentacles so you may be waiting to see if your offer has been accepted on a house, whether mortgage application has been approved or planning permission granted.

The Pentacles also represent the physical body and its health so you may be waiting for results after a medical check-up. He may be asking you to pay special attention to your health at this moment in time. News of pregnancy or birth are also associated with this Page due to his connection to mother Earth and creativity. All in all, when the Upright Page of Pentacles appears in your Reading as a News Bearer, you are bound to be pleased, and very possibly relieved with the News or Messages he delivers.  His presence brings positivity, productivity and abundance.  There may even be News of a family inheritance or legacy, and possibly a windfall. As a Messenger he may be asking you to pay special attention to your assets and possessions. Very promising indeed.

The Page of Pentacles suggests a solid grounded start to whatever projects you are about to embark on. You are organised, prepared, and ready and waiting to get started. You are now ready to invest in your future. If you have been worried about having enough money, he is here to tell you that you have enough to get started with.  He asks you to use your money wisely and save hard whenever you can.  Do not waste or squander on superfluous or frivolous items right now.  Any money you have is to be used with a long-term view.  Being thrifty now will reap you great rewards in the long run. As the saying goes ‘if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves’.

When The Page of Pentacles appears, it is time to think about your future, what you are going to do, and how you are going to establish long-term financial security. He asks you to think success and then go out and make it happen.  This Page needs to be able to see and feel the results of what he does.  If you have had your head in the clouds of late and been too busy daydreaming to do anything else, he asks you to come down to earth now and get down to some serious business instead of being airy fairy.  You need to start the ball rolling, start making things happen. Manifestation is what The Page of Pentacles is all about, and nothing is going to happen if you just sit there.   You want to be financially successful and secure, so you will have think about how you are going to achieve this. Think big and go for it.  Remember, there has to be a result that can be seen and felt by everyone. It is time to get started and become proactive instead of procrastinating. Hold onto your dream and guard it closely, then make it a reality. Start building it stone by stone, brick by brick. Believe in yourself that you can do it. Start and work with whatever you have and make it grow one step at a time. Financial security will be yours if you want it badly enough. Think abundance and prosperity. Remember never to lose your sense of purpose. Retain your integrity, morals and be conscientious about how you achieve your success. Start off in the right manner, build your reputation and credibility. Be remembered for all the right reasons. You certainly have splendid prospects.

The Page of Pentacles appearing in your Reading can suggest that you are studying, or about to embark on a course of studies that will bring great financial rewards for you in the future.  You may be starting college, and are looking forward to getting down to learning and study.  This Page augurs well for chosen careers and shows a determination to work hard and succeed.  You may even be following in the career footsteps of previous family members as you continue a family tradition. In the Upright Page of Pentacles, this is something you are very happy to do and are proud and honoured to be continuing the line. A scholarly attitude is suggested, along with excellent exam performance. You are certainly aiming at achieving the highest of qualifications.

All Pages represent students and studying, the learning stage of life, but it is The Page of Pentacles who is the most diligent and hardest working of all.  Sensible down to his toes, he is constant and consistent. Education is very important to him and he does not take it lightly. Generally, he comes from a background where high academic performance is expected, but it is also inherent within him too.  He does not have to be pushed or forced in studying, and you will never find him being hauled up for poorly worked or late assignments. He paces himself well throughout his studies and will not to be found cramming, or be content with getting a simple but acceptable Pass Grade in a subject.  His presence suggests that you are aiming high and are working towards the highest possible qualifications you can achieve. This may involve making sacrifices and missing out on a hectic social life, where you may find the other Pages burning the candle at both ends. The Page of Pentacles has his priorities in order from the start and will refuse to be budged off them by well meaning friends or colleagues.  However, you will find this Page successfully combining studies while working at the same time.  He suggests that  you can manage this too, but you do need to be very self-disciplined, and excellent at time management.  He reminds you to look at the Big Picture every now and then while you are beavering away in order to reconfirm your commitment and re-establish your aims. He tells you to keep your Pentacle (Goal) very close to you, and never let it out of your sight. Your Pentacle holds all your desires and ambitions for your future, so make sure you dust it down regularly and examine it closely for any changes that have occurred, or details you have forgotten about. Remember why you are working so hard and what it is you ultimately want to achieve.  It will keep you on track.

The Page of Pentacle’s presence in a Reading suggests that Goals are being set, and a very definite plan is being drawn up as to how and when they will be achieved.  You certainly know what you want and where you are going. Working with the serious Element of Air enables you to carefully develop a workable plan that will yield solid results. Your are prepared to put in the necessary work in order to get there. This Page suggests that you are a no-nonsense person who just gets on with what has to be done instead of complaining and moaning about everything. You want to see results for all your hard work, so you are very industrious and productive.

Taking risks and gambling is something that is not in your nature.  You don’t like taking a chance unless you are pretty sure it is going to work out.  You favour the safe and secure, the tried and tested instead of the unsure and unknown. This fear of risk can sometimes stand in the way of you availing of golden opportunities when they appear.  Your belief is that everything has to be worked hard for, and anything that promises otherwise is not to be trusted. You prefer to earn your reward and success off your own steam. You can sometimes delay your great success by treading too carefully all the time and overdoing things, but then again, your success typically lasts longer than those who arrive at it with little effort and ahead of schedule.

This Card suggests quite a serious nature which is often stubborn and single-minded.  Such seriousness in one at a young age can often be viewed as dull and boring by others. However, both you and those closest to you, know otherwise for you have a wonderful reputation for being kind, generous, helpful and amusing. For all your hard work and gritty determination, you have quite an easy going nature about you, and a lovely genuine sense of humour.  You get on well with everyone and never appear to have a hidden agenda or attitude about you.  In fact you make a great friend, but prefer a small circle of close friends to a large group of acquaintances.  You value loyalty and steadfastness in your friendships. Your friends are bound to hold you in high regard and are always there to give you a help when called. The Page of Pentacles asks you to keep your word and prove yourself dependable in turn.

When it comes to family you are all very close and there is a possibility that you are especially close to your mother. She might dote on you and pamper you, preparing your favourite dishes for when you visit, and singling you out for special attention.  The Page of Pentacles suggests that you have had a stable and secure upbringing, where you have been loved and well nurtured.  However, this Page can sometimes highlight tension or conflict with the Father who may not be as warm-hearted and generous as the Mother. You may not necessarily have had much money but you did not go without.  In some cases there may have been substantial monetary deprivation, and if so, The Page of Pentacles shows your determination to make a success of your life and become financially secure. Childhood and family deprivation may be the driving force behind your ambition.

The Page is the immature aspect of his Suit, so there is a strong message here of having patience, commitment and the ability to pace oneself.  Your Ultimate Goal may be far off in the future but this does not phase you at all.  You may feel unprepared at this stage, not yet ready, and are quite content to put in considerable time learning and accumulating more information.  The Page of Pentacle’s presence suggests that you like to be knowledgeable about something before attempting it. It is important that you are privy to all the details, and ins and outs of whatever it is you are going to get involved in.  You like to fully know what you are doing, how it is going to work and what the result will be from the outset.  This means that things can’t and shouldn’t be hurried.  His presence advises you to take no short cuts or try to fast track progress right now.  It will be worth the wait if you can just keep your eye on the ball and do not falter. This is no small venture you have embarked upon. Some aspects of it can be manipulated and controlled, while other aspects will have to evolve naturally.  You will have to bide your time before you see the longed for results.

The Page advises you to approach the task, the issue, your situation in a practical, methodical and thorough manner. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and think everything through very carefully.  Break it up into manageable sections and deal with each one individually instead of trying to sort the whole lot together. Where possible, roll up your sleeves and apply yourself physically.  Get down to the shop floor and discover for yourself what is going on.  If you haven’t got the exact tools you need for the job, take a good look around and see what you have at hand that could be used instead. Use your initiative and be resourceful when finding a solution to problems or challenges.

The Page of Pentacles, has a strong fondness for Esotericsm and Metaphysics.  He is of the Earth, and so can suggest you are drawn to the denser Magic of Earth instead of the Celestial Realm.  Therefore there may be a tendency to paganism, wicca, witchcraft (not the dark arts), the faerie realm, stone circles and crystals.  Oracle Cards of choice will be Tarot instead of Angel. The Page of Pentacles is a Student of the Occult.  His presence can suggest that you are thinking about embarking on a course of study in relation the older and more traditional crafts such as herbalism, palmistry or scrying with a crystal ball.  Then again, he may be highlighting your belief in, and habit of seeking out such services and therapies. This again reconfirms his need to know what his future holds for him. He is looking for guarantees, or at the  very least, pre-knowledge so that he can be well prepared for whatever is coming his way.

When The Page of Pentacles appears in a Health Reading he can bring several messages.  In his Upright Aspect, he praises you for looking after your body well, and reminds you to keep up the good work.  Make sure you put only the healthiest of food into your body, and to buy the best quality you can afford.  Looking after your body will ensure a constant, plentiful supply of energy and vitality which will sustain you through all your hard work and effort. There is no point toiling away to become successful if you lack physical health, especially through neglect and disregard for your body.  It will be a complete waste of your precious time and energy.   A lover of physical exercise and the great outdoors, The Page of Pentacles asks you to get out into nature as often as you can. Get moving, get active and feel alive. Keep your body fit and toned by getting regular exercise.  Get out into your garden and plant some flowers or vegetables. Feel the fresh air on your face and walk. Walking is free and uses only your own fuel so there is no excuse.

The Page of Pentacles reminds you to respect the land, your environment and to be kind to all God’s creatures, both little and large.  He asks you to take an active interest in recycling and to avoid polluting the land or dumping litter.  He begs you not to do anything that will damage the Earth or poison the creatures that dwell upon, and within it. He asks you to think about what you do in your daily life and how you run your household.  Are there ways you could improve? How can you make a difference in protecting the environment?

The Page of Pentacles has a strong connection with the land and all its inhabitants. If you are buying property or land, he may be advising you to have it dowsed for Geopathic Stress or any other irregularities.  His Upright Presence would suggest a positive outcome and that the proposed land is happy and healthy.  He has a strong belief that these are very important aspects that should not be overlooked in your rush to purchase, build and inhabit.  Happiness and health will only be possible once all connected to the land and property, from all dimensions,  are content and at peace with each other.  He warns you that some land is sour or contaminated, either naturally (geopathic stress) or from historical imprint (sites of battle grounds/massacres). You must be aware of this when house hunting or purchasing land.  He asks you to stand on it, connect with it and get a feel for it.  Do you feel well, light-hearted and happy when you are there, or do you feel headachy, ill, dizzy, bad-tempered or depressed? He asks you to scrutinise this area well, and not be tempted purely by a bargain price or the right location. He wants you to remember that the health of the land you stand or build upon is extremely important to your own continued health, happiness and relationships.

When making any large purchase, house, land, car, business or boat, The Page of Pentacles asks you to use your common sense and not allow yourself be lured by the  glamour, allure or hyped up marketing surrounding it.  Remain grounded and scrutinise all paperwork and legal documents.  Be 100% sure that every area has been covered, and that all is legit, above board and in order. Otherwise, in your rush to part with your hard earned cash, you could easily overlook some of the fine print. Examine everything carefully and make sure not to compromise on quality and high standards.

In affairs of the heart The Page of Pentacles is committed and loyal. No great fireworks here, but being an Earth Sign he does have his own way of showing love and can be quite sensual. He may not win any prizes in the romance department but he has many wonderful qualities to bring to any relationship.  When he does decide to enter into a relationship, he can offer his partner much valued stability and security. His partner will feel protected and cherished, even if he is not constantly telling him or her how much he loves them.  With The Page of Pentacles, and most of his family too, he will expect you to know that if you are in a relationship with him or her (remember Pages represent both sexes), then it is because he or she loves you and wants to be with you. The Page of Pentacles does not have to keep going on about it all the time. He or she will make a steady, loyal and faithful partner who will turn up when they say they will. He is trustworthy and caring and will expect the same from you in return.

The Page of Pentacles generally bases his relationships on long-term goals.  He or she is not one for jumping in and out of relationships too often, like some of the other Pages.  This is a young man or woman who know where they are going and what they want. They will deliberately seek out partners who are like-minded.  It is rarely you will see any of the Pentacles in their Upright Aspect, lose sight of their dreams or goals because they have had their head turned by love or a flirtatious distraction. The Page of Pentacles admires ambition and independence in his partner but at times can be a little possessive. He or she is attracted to hard-working industrious partners, who understand the nature of ambition and its demands.   Collaboration of plans, ideas and goals often provide the sticking glue for their relationships. In this way, the relationship can be viewed as a long term investment, with expected bountiful results for all their combined efforts.  The Page of Pentacles will need a partner who accepts and understands his long working hours, or the frugality of their lifestyle while he is working his way to the top or building his empire.   Then again he will chose a partner who will be happy to support him or work alongside him during his climb to success. His partner, may also be making their own individual climb to the top which will again yield excellent results. We must remember that The Pages are young and only at the beginning of their journey.  The Page of Pentacles may appear older and more settled when compared to the other Pages. The Page of Pentacles will seek long-term security in a relationship from a young age. 

The Page of Pentacles often meets his ideal partner at an early stage, and more than likely through college or work because that is where he or she spends most of their time. The Page may also encounter a suitable partner through his connections with outdoor activities and the natural world.  Hill-walking, horse riding or encounters with animals such as in the vets or while out walking the dog.  He is not a mad social animal so is unlikely to be found hanging out till dawn in night clubs, or caught up in a circle of crazy partying.

Career wise, we will find this Page drawn in different directions of study. It may very much depend on the background he came from. There may be a family business, or a family tradition where careers are concerned. He may follow in the tradition of previous family members, especially parents or grandparents.

He can be found in studies of business, accountancy, banking and financial markets.  He likes to work with his hands and create, so building, property development, construction and engineering are firm favourites.  He also is drawn to architecture with its need for fine detail and precision.  When it comes to building and construction, he is likely to aim for high qualifications or specialised skills that represent quality, high standards and expertise.   However, he is a good all rounder, uses his initiative and is very resourceful. He will be able to turn his hand to anything that is asked of him from digging out the foundations to laying the roof tiles. He is the budding apprentice who is on his way to becoming a successful and masterful tradesman.

He will also be equally happy studying horticulture, veterinary, agriculture, organic farming and environmental awareness. His fondness of animals may find him gaining his apprenticeship in the equine or thoroughbred industry.   He can also happily embark on a career as a personal trainer or sports-person as the Pentacles are keenly aware of their bodies.  However, The Pentacles Page is happier on his own, and not as part of a team, so a career as a golfer or jockey would be preferable. In college he will probably join the Green Party and get involved in any marches against coursing or killing animal for their fur.  In his spare time he will volunteer or fund raise for animal rescue centres.

In Business, The Page of Pentacles represents the planning, or early start-up stage. You may be thinking about going out on your own, or saving before starting your own business.   He suggests that all the behind the scenes necessities of the business are being put in place before the launch. Goals and targets are being set or business plans drawn up.   You may be studying to get the necessary qualifications. Business may very well be starting on a very small scale, from the back bedroom, attic or garage.  Finances will be well tied down, with no waste on superfluous or unnecessary items. Be resourceful and use the tools you have to hand. Your aim here should be to think quality instead of quantity right now. Offer a top quality product or an excellent efficient service.  Start gaining a reputation for your business, regardless of how small it might look right now.  Getting it right at the start and putting all your effort into it now will pay off down the line and business will grow.  However, you must be prepared to work hard and give it all you have. You must be in this for the long run, and not to make a quick profit. Patience will be required of you and the ability to pace yourself.   Be trustworthy in business and keep your word and good name. Keep staffing down to a minimum. Doing as much of the work as you can will help you to learn every aspect of the business. If hiring, make sure to get the best you can afford.  Look to family and friends first as they will not expect any fancy set-ups or arrangements. Neither will they expect huge salaries.  They will be happy to sit in your attic or back bedroom knowing that they are helping you get up and going.  Make sure to start putting away money for a contingency fund so that you will be able to weather any minor storms or set-backs as your business is growing. Don’t be in a massive hurry to get to the top. Let your business grow and develop naturally without forcing or rushing it.  It will be worth waiting for. If you are entering business at a very young age, as many do in these days of on-line technology and marketing, it may take some time before people take you seriously and you can prove your worth.  Be prepared for this and act as professionally as you can at all times. Consistency, efficiency and reliability will be key to your success at such a young age.

The Page of Pentacles in a Business Reading can warn against making any hasty decisions or moves. Where contracts are concerned, examine closely all paperwork and double-check everything. Scrutinize, the fine detail for irregularities or clauses that may work against you.  Only take risks that have been well thought through and can be practically applied to your business. Stay away from get rich quick schemes. Use your common sense and keep your feet firmly on the ground when listening to the sales spiel of those who ask you to part with your hard earned cash.

As a Child, this Page is serious, intense and watchful. He enjoys a healthy appetite and loves the outdoors. Nature and animals bring him great enjoyment and he is often found playing alone in the garden or woods, entertaining himself for hours on end. He can be quiet and deep, and slow to join in on any social occasions. He is diligent and studious in school, keeping his head down and his eye on the ball. He probably does not hang around in a gang, preferring one or two close friends who are like himself. He causes very little trouble as a child and enjoys helping with the household chores.

The traditional description of The Page of Pentacles is that of a child of either sex, an unmarried or single woman, or a young teenager or adult of either sex up to the age of 22 years.  The traditional looks were of dark brown or black hair, with dark eyes of green or brown. The Page of Pentacles is known for his good looks, healthy physique, strong body and friendly smile.  He may appear quiet, intense or sullen looking at times but is very approachable and extremely helpful. He may also appear older than his age as he has a tendency to act in a mature manner. Remember it’s his personality description that is most important and not looks when it comes to interpretation.


Page of Pentacles Reversed

Unsuccessful, Lack of Commitment,  College Drop-Out, Skipping School, Learning Difficulties, No Work, Hit by Recession, No Qualifications, Lack of Training, No Ambition/Drive, Underachiever,  No Prospects, Bleak Future, Going Nowhere, Not Pushing Yourself, Doing Nothing to Help Yourself, Self Sabotage, Lack of Effort/Focus/Concentration, Lack of Self-Discipline, Lack of Commitment, Lack of Interest, No Goals, Dropping The Ball, Not Taking Advantage of Golden Opportunities, Financial Problems/Insecurity,  Financial Ruin, Money Worries, Lack of Money, Living on Social Welfare, Accumulating Debt, Squandering, Living Beyond Your Means, Overspending, Splurging, Spendaholic,  No Savings, Setbacks, Delays, Blocks,  Failure to Launch, Bad Start,  Lack of Common Sense, Foolish, Foolhardy, Irresponsible,  Shirking Responsibility, Shoddy Workmanship, No Standards/Morals, Unreliable, Disloyal, Unfriendly, Unworkable Plan/Goal, Poor Preparation, No Groundwork, No Follow Through, Lack of Practical Application, Doomed to Fail,  Impatience, Frustration, Overly Analytical, Too Much Detail, Procrastination, Too Much Up In The Head, Stagnation, Lack of Productivity, Insecurity,  Workaholic,  Ruthless Ambition, Overdoing It, Over-Studying, Overwhelmed with Work, Obsessive, Possessive, Jealousy, Greed, Materialistic, Mercenary,  Having and Getting, Money Mad, Work Shy,  Slacker, Quitter, Drifter, Lazy, Sloth, Shoddy Work, Cheap, Tatty,  Money Mad, High Maintenance, No Fun, Boring, Un-Healthy/Sedentary Lifestyle, Unhealthy, Sedentary Lifestyle, Weight Gain, Poor Hygiene, Unkempt, Neglect, Bad Habits, Gambling, Squandering, Risk Taker, Gambler,  Scoundrel,  Shameless, Fortune Hunter, Social Climber, Shallow, Free-loading  Mean, Get Rich Quick Schemes, Scams, Loan Shark, Racketeering, Childhood Poverty/Deprivations, Rebellious, Sullen, Defacing, Vandalism, Littering, Animal Abuse, Worthless Inheritance, Disinherited, Immature, Obsessed with Occult/Earth/Magick (negative)/Divination,

Bad News regarding Money Matters/Jobs/Business,College/Exams/Land/Property/Health

As a News Bearer, The Page of Pentacles Reversed brings disappointing news regarding a job application, pay rise or promotion.  He may bring news about company or business closures and job losses. If you have been hoping to acquire a loan you might receive a rejection letter or phone call.  Calls or mail from debt collection agencies, or there may be stern contact from your credit card company regarding overspending.  You may be accumulating debt or have lost control of your finances.  You may get news of an inheritance you had hoped for or relied on been bequeathed, but it may be less than you expected, worthless or nothing at all. Regarding college offers and studies, news may be disappointing, or you may possibly turn an offer down for one reason or another.  If you are waiting for exam results, then this Reversed Page can suggest failure or disappointing grades.  This is generally as a result of poor application to studies.

Where land and property is concerned, your offer on a property or site might be turned down or your moortgage application may be declined. Surveys of potential land or property may bring news of faults with structures, boundary lines, unsuitable land or lack of planning permission.  In business, your accountant may bring some unsettling news about profits and financial forecasts.  If you have been spending time doing market research and feasibility studies for a new business idea then you may discover that it is not viable. Health-wise, your annual medical check-up may bring results that show you have been neglecting your health.

Generally, The Page of Pentacles Reversed will bring news that causes set-backs, delays or frustrating blocks to moving forward with your plans or manifestation of your Goals.

The Page of Pentacles Reversed suggests financial problems that are totally consuming you at present.  Lack of money weighs heavily on you and you may be at a loss as to how you are going to manage.  Financially you feel unstable and insecure.  You may be worrying about holding onto your possessions, such as house, property, car etc. You may be out of work or struggling to survive on a small wage. Your self-esteem and morale is bound to be low. You may feel you have no prospects and the future may look bleak.

This Card be a sign that you are not too good with money.  You may find it hard to save or stick to a budget.  Failure to curb these tendencies in youth will only lead to bigger financial problems in the future.  It is essential that you live within your means by not overspending.  It may be time to cut up your credit cards and work out a repayment scheme for any debts you have accumulated.  The time to act is now and not let yourself get any deeper in debt.  If you need to free up money, sell some of the expensive clothes and items you have been acquiring and hoarding in recent months.  You really don’t need all those shoes and fancy gadgets.  If you still have the receipts and tags on, then bring them back for a refund. Stop splurging. As a parent you may be worried about a son or daughter who is in debt or are helping them out of financial difficulty. You may also be struggling to put your son or daughter through college and are feeling the financial strain.

When The Page of Pentacles Reverses he can become completely opposite to his lovely, hard-working and focused Upright Self.  He allows either the Element of Earth or Air to go into Extreme. However, when both Elements decide to Reverse, he can become a walking disaster.  If Earth Reverses, we find extreme materialism, greed, possessiveness, having and getting, enough is never enough, workaholic or work-shy tendencies. Reversed Earth can bring about neglect of self and one’s environment, laziness, sloth and lack of ambition. Reversed Earth can bring financial insecurity or ruin for one, or many.

When there is a lack of Upright Air influencing the situation,  we have an undisciplined mind in cahoots with Reversed Earth. Internally there is no inner voice offering the sound of reason or logic. The mind influenced by Reversed or Negative Air does not have the power to issue a warning to stop in one’s tracks, or to proceed cautiously.  There is no common sense applied or feeling the need to give one’s self ‘a good talking to’. The Negative or Reversed Air in the background with the Reversed Page of Pentacles, allows him to do whatever he wants without interceding.  Reversed Air doesn’t look or ask for a workable plan, or to set realistic goals. Like Reversed Earth, it can not apply self-discipline and control over its actions or functioning.  As the mind flits this way and that with no restraint, Reversed Earth too runs amok, attempting to produce or achieve results that make no sense, are ludicrous, foolhardy, totally unrealistic or doomed to fail.

When Negative or Reversed Air dominates, then we can find The Reversed Page of Pentacles doing a lot of thinking about what he wants to do, but with very little practical or physical application.  He may be so consumed with detail, and all the ins and outs of everything, that he cannot get around to actually starting anything.  He may feel he doesn’t know enough yet, has to get yet another qualification before he feels confident to get up and running.  He could find himself never getting to the end of his research, or that he has talked about it so long, he has become bored and disinterested in it.  Negative Air can drag things out for too long, and delay the beginning of something, by having too many questions to ask or too much analysis.  Combine that with an overly methodical and overly thorough Reversed Earth, stagnation can occur. The time is never right to get going. Procrastination takes over from what should be pro-activity and productivity.

The Reversed Page of Pentacles can represent the student who is still in college gaining more degrees and qualifications many years after his fellow students have left. However, the presence of the Page of Pentacles Reversed does not bode well for exams or achieving qualifications. Here we have the student who is not applying himself to his studies.  He lacks commitment and focus.  He may not have set any goals for his future, or lacks basic ambition. He may have thought that college was going to be a place where he would be free and easy, not a place of hard work and study. This Reversed Page can be a slacker in school or college.  He does the bare necessities and hands in late, half-finished  assignments that show his lack of effort and application. His work is shoddy and he has no interest in pushing himself any further.  He does not understand the impact it is going to have on his future for he is immature.

The Page of Pentacles Reversed has a tendency to skip school or drop out of college.  With Air influencing him he may change his mind several times about his choice of career.  He lacks staying power and commitment, so can be found hopping from one course to another as he loses interest easily.  He wants the end result, the qualification, but shrinks from doing the necessary study to achieve it. Frustration and a sense of failure are likely.

His Reversed presence in a Reading can suggest that you are not getting off to a good start in whatever the question is linked to.  A bit like The Page of Wands Reversed, there could be a failure to launch or get going.  This often suggests action without well thought out planning behind it. Prior preparation prevents poor performance is what The Upright Page of Pentacles would tell him.  If you have not done the necessary groundwork, then it will be hard to achieve the results you desire. What you want and what is realistically possible at this stage may be in total conflict.  You need to exert more patience, and be prepared to put in considerable effort if you want the situation to get moving or turn out as you wish.

In The Reversed Page of Pentacles we can find the wealthy college student who is there not because he is ambitious or determined, but merely because his parents are funding it and expect their offspring to go to college. He can breeze through college doing little because there is no personal drive. Mummy and Daddy are always going to look after him regardless.  He probably stands to inherit substantially and does not have the need to succeed that his fellows students have. He does not realise the wonderful opportunity he has, or how privileged he is.

The Reversed Page of Pentacles can also suggest learning difficulties or problems in school or college. You may find it hard to follow instructions or the curriculum. You may be a loner with few friends, preferring to keep to yourself.

Because, this is a Reversed Card, we can have a variation of meanings running from one extreme to another.  The eventual meaning of the Reversed Card is based on the surrounding Cards.  If the Card is drawn as a One Card Reading, it is advisable to draw two extra Cards to place either side of it in order to gain further insight.  This Reversed Page of Pentacles may be unhappy in college, or deliberately uncooperative with his studies.  He may have wished to pursue another career option, one of his own choice, but because of a family tradition has been forced under obligation into studies he has no interest in.  This can make him sullen and rebellious.  There is usually a strained and tense relationship between this Reversed Page and his Father.  The Reversed Page of Pentacles may be tightly controlled by his parents, especially his Father.  He is probably being maintained financially by his Father or parents, and so must tow the line and do as he is bid.  He may find it hard to stand up to his parents and can become quite negative and self-destructive by refusing to apply himself to his studies. He can self-sabotage his potential by dropping out of college just to spite them.  He may become disinherited or cut off from funds, or deliberately set up a pattern of under-achieving, and seeking jobs that are well below his capabilities.

Then again, you may be toying with the idea of going to college or enrolling on a course of studies, but feel you are too old to learn.  You may feel that you didn’t have the opportunity when you were younger or lacked the essential finances.  You may feel resentful about all the things you could have done with your life.  If only you had your time all over again you think. You think wrong. It is never too late to learn or study.  The Page of Pentacles is the constant student who never tires of assimilating knowledge, or sticking his head into books to learn.  There are thousands of college courses that are open to mature students. Learning and studying stimulates the brain and keeps the mind flexed and healthy.  Like a muscle that is not used or exercised, the mind too can shrivel and waste if it does not receive consistent stimulation.  You may find it difficult to get going at first, exactly the same as when you first start to physically work out, but in a very short time you will feel alert and mentally active.  Your brain will be able to store and assimilate more and more as time goes on.  Do not use your age as an excuse to not fulfil a personal goal or dream.

The Reversed Page of Pentacles turning up in your Reading can suggest that you have lost your focus and concentration. You may have lost sight of your goal and have begun to drift.  The Goal (Pentacle) you once found so absorbing, may now be lying under your bed gathering dust, as your plans for the future flit this way and that, changing from week to week. You are too up in your head. Progress has slowed down or come to a complete stop.  The path you chose may be turning out harder than you thought and you doubt your ability to succeed. You are bound to feel a sense of failure and frustration. It is normal to feel like throwing in the towel when our workload begins to overwhelm us or when the finish line is far, far away in the distant future.  If supporting or surrounding Cards are positive, then this is only a minor set-back and you will get your second wind shortly which will put you back in the driving seat, determined and focused once more.  If not, then you may need to give some deep thought as to what it is you want.  You need to examine the nature of your Goal and what it was that first drove you.  Did you set your Goal because it was something that you wanted? Did you do it to please someone else? Was it expected of you? Were you trying to prove something? If your original Goal is not what you want, if you have definitely changed your mind, the it is not too late at this stage to do something about it.  Use the influence of the Air Element to speak up and vocalise your feelings.  You are still young enough to explore other options.

On the other hand this Reversed Page of Pentacles can suggest you are putting in little to help your situation regardless of what you claim to be doing.  You may be sitting back waiting for something to happen, for somebody else to do it for you, or for an opportunity to come knocking at your door.  You need to move on this situation, not sit on it.

As a friend, The Reversed Page of Pentacles can suggest a lack of loyalty and closeness.  You may be too occupied or wrapped up with your own stuff to consider others and their needs.   Your word may mean nothing. You may promise all sorts of things but will find it hard to deliver on them. Don’t fall into the trap of cutting yourself off from friends and family. You could be mean-spirited and slow to offer help to those in need. You might always be missing when it is your turn to buy a round.

As an Upright Page, The Page of Pentacles was ambitious and very materialistic.  As a Reversed Page, he is still ambitious and materialistic. However, there is a a massive difference between the two. Upright, he is conscientious and noble in his approach to success,  but when Reversed, he can become mercenary.  He doesn’t give a damn as long as he gets what he wants.

As an Upright Page, he is prepared to put in considerable time, sometimes years, consistent hard-work, and make sacrifices to achieve his goals. He is prepared to study, and steadily but consistently make his way to the top, or where he wants to go.  He is diligent, industrious and proactive. He sets long-term goals and keeps his focus on them.  He is conscientious, methodical and thorough.  He follows plans that have been carefully thought out and worked through, ensuring guaranteed results and manifestation of them.

If Earth goes into extreme when he Reverses, this can effect him in several ways.

In the Reverse this Page can want all that money can buy, but is not prepared to put in the effort to secure it through hard-work and slow but positive progress.  The Negative aspect of Earth along with The Page’s need for money and possessions, finds a ready and willing partner in a Negative Air Aspect. This scenario creates an undisciplined mind which only too delights in coming up with continuous hair-brained get-rich-quick schemes, which the Reversed Page continually acts on. These schemes are generally doomed from the start, but The Reversed Page of Pentacles seems to fall into a trap of addiction to them.  Just like the gambler who, after losing a fortune in one afternoon believes that the next time he is bound to strike gold and get lucky, and when he does, will make all his money back and plenty more besides.  This rarely happens as we all know, and when it does on occasion, the run of luck is not going to last forever.  The Reversed Page of Pentacles is bound to loose all his winnings on another day of gambling at the tables, or on horses. He finds it hard to accept the concept that if something appears too good to be true, than it generally is.  Because he has not had the experience of working darned hard over a long period of time to acquire such money, he has no respect for it. He craves riches and the good life, but he doesn’t understand what it takes to be successful. He lacks self-discipline and tenacity.  He doesn’t realise that he himself has to make all his dreams come true, through hard unrelenting slog and practical application.

He also entertains unrealistic and over-inflated notions of the outcome of his ventures. He can take reckless risks with money, especially if it is not his.  He gets carried away with the big picture, the Ultimate Prize, and wants to get there as fast as he can.  As a result he has a tendency to overlook the small details. He doesn’t stop to think it through or worry about potential pitfalls.  A Negative Influence of Air can give a restlessness and impatience about him to move fast on something he believes is a sure thing or a winner.  He can also drag others in with him too by using his influence of the Air Element to make it sound an extremely attractive and lucrative idea.  The Page of Pentacles Reversed can easily lose the shirt off this back, and cause the ruin of those who believed and invested in him.  If The Page of Pentacles Reversed does not sort himself out at this early stage by applying some discipline and self-control, he could very easily end up with gambling problems in later life which will destroy him on every level.  He needs to ground himself and come down to Earth. He needs someone to hit him with a hard slap of reality and bring him to heel. He has to come round to the understanding that very rarely do windfalls and big prizes fall into our laps all of their own accord.  Yes, there are people who go from rags to riches after a big win on the lottery but the majority of people need to work hard to make a living or treat themselves to the odd luxurious item or holiday.  The Page of Pentacles Reversed can have a problem accepting that he has to earn his money just like everyone else.  He can often feel that work is beneath him or that he was born to better things.  He needs to still his mind and get his finger out for this is no way to be living.  It is a one way street to financial disaster and doom.

The Page of Pentacles Reversed can be known as a scoundrel who is constantly in pursuit of material gain at the expense of other’s misfortune.  He has a nose for sniffing out where easy money is most likely to be found and taken advantage of.  He can be found wheedling his way into affluent social circles as the apparent successful, and financially secure, young up-and-coming person. In reality, he is penniless but few would guess. He can pretend he is someone he is not.  He seeks success and wealth off the back of others by hanging around them.  He believes that by being in the presence of successful people, some of this success will rub off on him.  When asked what his plans are for his future, he can dazzle people with his incredible plans and apparent ambition.  This is a man who likes people to think he is going somewhere and that they are lucky to be making his early acquaintance.  As a result, The Page of Pentacles Reversed can often worm his way into the company of people who are happy to be his patrons; pay his way, pick up the tab for him in restaurants, include him in their social occasions and take him free of charge on holidays with them.  He rarely puts his hand in his pocket for anything and certainly does not feel embarrassed by the generosity shown to him.  He can cruise through the early part of his life, living at every one else’s expense, believing it his due.

Ambitious and materialistic like his Upright Counterpart, he can become obsessed with climbing and acquiring when extreme Earth is driving him. Therefore, he can become an out and out workaholic who cannot cut off.  Work consumes him, leaving very little left of him for anything else.  However, in his Reversed Aspect, he is quite happy with this scenario.  Here is the successful up and coming young business person who is going to the top.  His desire to build an empire, and to be extremely wealthy, over-rides everything else in his life. His wealth or income will begin to accumulate from a very young age but he rarely gets time to enjoy any of it.  Enough is never enough with him. He needs to make more money, open another business, purchase more land, more property.  He wants to own everything. There are only two sides to this Reversed Page and they are ruthless ambition and consuming materialism. He is a hard task master and expects the same output, loyalty and unrelenting drive from any who decide to join his team. He will always put work and business before relationship, family and friends.

The Reversed Page of Pentacles, again like his Upright Counterpart is drawn to the esoteric world and metaphysics. However, he can become obsessed with it all.  His interest in the occult can find him joining secret organisations or studying ancient arts, some undesirable. He can become a master of divination and magick, or one who can not move an inch or make a decision without consulting the crystal ball, psychics, mediums and Tarot Readers. He is likely to dabble with Ouija boards and seances.  He can be secretive about his interests and abilities, or can bore the pants off everyone by constantly talking about them.  His obsessions can leave him ungrounded as he steps too far over into another dimension. He loses his contact with Earth and forgets that he is living in the physical.

Another form of obsessiveness can develop in the Reversed Page of Pentacles. The Page of Pentacles likes to acquire things. From a very young age, he can start collecting things, be they comics, toy cars, model trains, stones, fossils, stamps or coins.  He may become obsessed with seeking out and acquiring more and more. As he he grows and matures, so too do his collections, along with new ones such as art, rare books and antiques. He can be found at auctions spending considerable amounts of money to secure the desired items he wants to possess.

In Relationships don’t expect a lot of effort and input from The Page of Pentacles Reversed.  He can be despicably lazy. He prefers an easy going situation that doesn’t expect much of him.  He finds it hard commit or keep his word, so you are bound to be let down and disappointed.  This is the guy who says, ‘don’t worry, I will be there, you can rely on me’, and then forgets all about his promise two hours later or just can’t be bothered to keep it.  He may very well have good intentions at the time of making the commitment, but finds it hard to follow through. He can easily get distracted, absorbed in what he is doing, or think too much about himself and his needs.  Therefore, there can be the tendency to selfishness and self-absorption.

The Reversed Page of Pentacles often seeks a partner who will look after him. A mother figure, who will feed him, care for him, sort out his problems, and fetch and pick up after him. He may have been spoiled by an over-attentive mother who did everything for him and now you have to suffer the consequences of all her cosseting.  This Reversed Page may also be looking to be kept; as in bed, board and financially.  He can seek out partners with money, assets and resources, and then free-load for as long as he can.  He usually has a convenient spiel about paying back or returning the favour when he has secured a job, promotion, or when he sets up his ‘sure thing’ business enterprise.  He may refer to money that is coming to, or due to him from land, property or a possible inheritance.  Whether there is any foundation to his claims is debatable if not doubtful, but he may sound convincing.  The Page’s partner may fall for this and be happy to support him until his ship comes in. In the meantime, The Page of Pentacles Reversed can be content to sit on his backside, taking, taking and taking, while offering very little in return.

In his very Negative Aspect, he can be shameless about taking his partner’s money, and sometimes when it has not been offered.  He can sneak money from purses or wallets, just enough so that it won’t be noticed.  He constantly needs money for one thing or another and can be underhand in how he goes about obtaining it.  This Reversed Page will squander his partner’s resources very quickly.

Staying with this theme, The Page of Pentacles Reversed has no problem seeking and entering relationships based on his partner’s financial status and connections. There may be no love, or even remote interest on his side. However, interest can always be feigned if he wants something.  Sex without love, but for financial or material gain is sometimes suggested. This Reversed Page is high maintenance and wants the good life without having to do much.  He can be drawn to wealthy partners much older than him, even those who are old enough to be his grandparents.  There can often be a scandal surrounding such relationships where the family of his partner object to the inappropriateness of the situation.  They may also see him for the fortune hunter and social climber he is. He may be after his partner’s golden egg, life savings or nest egg. He may even try to wheedle his way into their will.  Lacking respect and basic morals, he is shameless and shallow. He is driven by an obsessional greed and the need to possess.

The Reversed Page of Pentacles can also cause disturbance in the family by forming a relationship with a partner who they consider beneath their social class and status.

The Page of Pentacles Reversed in a Relationship Spread can suggest that you are shunning relationships, or getting close to someone, in favour of your career or work.  This Reversed Page, if he is studying or trying to get a new business off the ground, may have little time for relationships.  He may be a workaholic, and gives relationships or his partner little thought. This Card may be trying to tell you that he is just not interested, or is consumed elsewhere.  He may not be in a position to commit to you.

If you are looking for a partner with prospects or ambition like yourself, then he may not have anything to offer you. His presence in your Reading can suggest that a relationship you have entered has not got off to a good start, or is going nowhere. It may lack depth and foundation, and so may not be able to stand the test of time.  If too much Earth is present it can make for a boring partner who won’t go anywhere or do anything.  He may have little to say for himself and has very basic needs. This relationship can lack a sense of fun and adventure.

The Page of Pentacles Reversed can act as a warning signal in Relationships. The person represented by this Reversed Page, may be showing signs of jealousy and possessiveness with his partner.  We must remember that The Pages are just starting off and have not matured yet, but it can be an early indication of what is to come in the future.  In the early stages of a Relationship, jealousy and possessiveness may be confused with love and concern for a partner. You might think it cute that your partner rings to check up on you every half an hour or interrogates you intensely about who you were talking to or with. You might disregard the occasions you find him scrolling though your phone messages or emails.  You might be right, it may all be very cute and lovey-dovey, but if other controlling and Negative Cards surround this Reversed Page, jealousy, control and possessiveness may become entrenched, and escalate as the relationship progresses.

Healthwise, The Reversed Page of Pentacles can suggest that you are not looking after the needs of your body. Nutrition may be poor with not enough fresh fruit and vegetables.  Whereas the Upright Page, uses the resources that mother nature provides to feed his body, you may be guilty of eating too much processed food out of boxes rather than making the effort to use fresh ingredients.  Ready meals are full of additives, preservatives and hormones.  You could be abusing your body by eating the wrong foods, drinking too much and not getting enough rest or exercise. You may be suffering from exhaustion. His Reversed presence can be an indication that you are not getting out into the open enough or sufficient fresh air.  Laziness and lethargy will be evident. He can act a warning not to become a couch potato and unfit at a young age.  You may have lost your connection with the natural world around you. A visit or trip to the countryside may restore physical and psychological stability.  Studying for exams, working, or both, can leave little time for exercise, but these are the times when you need it most.  Time Management may be lacking.  You may need to schedule some short breaks from the computer or your books in order to get some fresh air.  Exercise is a natural de-stressor and excellent for re-vitalising the system and can help during times of exam and work pressure.

Regarding your environment, the area you inhabit and its surroundings, The Reversed Page of Pentacles may be pointing to neglect or abuse.  This Card can suggest a lack of basic personal and household hygiene.  Because, this is a Page, we may be looking at the sometimes perils of teenager angst or students sharing college accommodation.  Your living quarters may be filthy, you may be unkempt and have a care-less attitude about you.  Boxes with half eaten pizzas left lying under beds or in corners covered in mould and flies, overflowing rubbish bins with sinks and counter tops piled high with dirty dishes, dirty laundry littering the floor and bed linen in bad need of changing may be the type of accommodation you are keeping. This can often be a statement from rebellious teenagers and college students in accommodation. There is often a lack of respect for the property and its contents.  Not much is expected from the Reversed Page of Pentacles in relation to keeping the garden in order as this usually comes with maturity, but it can mark a lack of respect once more for the environment.  It can suggest littering, vandalism and contamination of the environment.  Neglect or an abusive attitude towards animals may also be present.  However, this Reversed Pentacle can suggest a person who is an ultimate loner and prefers the company of animals to humans.

Where work and career are concerned, yet again, there may be bad news.  Job loses or failure to secure work can be an issue.  Your career may be going nowhere or has got off to a very bad start. The Page of Pentacles Reversed can represent the present day climate of recession and lack of employment.  It can highlight the dilemma for college students graduating into a world that cannot offer them employment and the chance to utilise their skills and knowledge.  Except for the personal fulfilment of having achieved them, qualifications and degrees may amount to nothing on the job front . You may have to work very hard or take on multiple jobs just to survive. You may feel there is little financial reward for all your effort.

Unfortunately, this Reversed Page often points to a lack of effort and poor performance. You may have skipped school or college, or possibly dropped out early. You may not have the necessary qualifications to secure the job you are after.  You may not be putting in enough effort to find work. You may be work shy and content to live on social welfare or hand-outs from others. Menial work, work you consider beneath you, or hard manual labour can also be implied.

In the very Negative Aspect, work may be of a shady or illegal kind such as fraud, drug dealing, loan shark, and racketeering.

In Business, The Page of Pentacles does not bode well.  It can suggest your business is not getting off the ground and has had a poor start. Then again, it may have launched successfully but cannot maintain the momentum.  The long-term forecast may not be good.  It is doubtful, the business  will stand the test of time.  Yet again, you must look to the reasons behind this.  Are you attempting or expecting too much too soon? Do you have the necessary qualifications and knowledge? Unfortunately, The Page of Pentacles Reversed can suggest inferior products or services.  You may not have a head for business or lack management skills.  You may not have researched your market well or paid little heed to the small detail.  Business contracts signed may not be worth the paper they are written on when closely inspected.  You may have put no contingency plan in place, leaving your business vulnerable during quite times.  Lack of practical application and hard work may be behind your failing business.  You may have to get stuck in 24/7 in order to save it.

Lost opportunity or have dropped the ball.

Global recession may have hit your new foundling business hard regardless of all the effort put in and monies invested.

The Page of Pentacles Reversed can suggest illegal business dealings or money making rackets and schemes.  Shady businesses set-up to make a quick buck and then disappear over night with investors money.  The appearance of this Reversed Card at a time when you are considering investing in a business or partnership can act as a warning. Go through all paperwork with a fine tooth comb or have a professional third party view them.  Check out all references and testimonials because something is out of order.  You might be in danger of being lured into a scam.

The Reversed Page of Pentacles can suggest financial or physical deprivation in childhood.  Money many have been scarce or non-existant. He may come from a family who are work shy, lack ambition and are content to live on social welfare. There may be a history of gambling in his family. He may have gone hungry and neglected as a child and youth.  Education may not have been looked upon as important in his family. He might come from a background of low achievers. This Reversed Page may be dealing with deep shame and an inferiority complex.  He has a choice. He can either become one of them, or he can rebel against his family background and make something of his life. He can develop and grow into a born loser, acknowledged failure, waster and layabout who is content to live on social welfare indefinitely, or he can use his impoverished background to instil drive and a burning ambition to secure education, qualifications and substantial financial security for his future. Unfortunately, for many Reversed Pages of Pentacles, regardless of any financial success gained as they grow and mature, there may always remain the scars of poverty.  There may be a fear of scarcity, a terror of spending or treating oneself to rewards or little luxuries, and inferiority tendencies .  They can turn into workaholics and spend thrifts, wary, cautious and suspicious of of everyone and everything. They may live in fear of ‘rainy days’ and overcompensate by hoarding. They are afraid to spend and become negative and pessimistic. This will only cause another form of deprivation as they mature, not just for the growing Reversed Page but also for those he becomes involved with, especially in relationships, were he will penny pinch at every available opportunity.

The Reversed Page of Pentacles can suggest problems in school for a child.  There may be learning difficulties or difficulty following the curriculum.  Skipping school, poor attention and application, lack of focus and concentration may all be issues along with a lack of discipline and under-performance.  A child can become rebellious in school or show a lack of respect to fellow class mates and teachers. Expulsions and leaving school early may add to this Reversed Page’s instability and insecurity. One needs to look to the family background to see where this is coming from.

On the other hand, The Reversed Page of Pentacles may have been put under undue or unrealistic pressure to succeed in exams and now rebels against structure, study, careers or society.  He can become rebellious, unconventional and flout family traditions. Much to his parents shock, he may shun the material world and choose instead to backpack around the world, working trivial jobs as he goes. Parental pressure to succeed can leave little time for fun or play.  His childhood may have been all work and no play.  If this Reversed Pentacle grew up in a household of parents and siblings who were neither animal nor nature lovers, this side of him may have become repressed leaving him cold and unstable. Such deprivation would leave this Page with difficulty finding joy or happiness in anything.  A trip to the countryside or volunteering at the local stables could work wonders in restoring him to his natural upright state.

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