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The Four Pages – Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles

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The Pages in the Tarot represent children, a young unmarried woman, or young people (both genders) up to the age of 22. They can also represent the Querant, or someone they know who is older, but has something happening in their life which is making them feel young again. Pages can also represent older people who are starting over in life again, re-training, or going back to college. People of any age but displaying and expressing the energies of the Pages. The Pages may also carry advice or messages that the Querant needs to take on board.

Inner child, childhood issues and problems with children are also dealt with in the Pages. Immaturity can also be suggested if the person represented by the Page is older than 22. The Pages can sometimes appear to represent feeling young at heart or going back to college or studies as a mature student.

The Pages are traditionally associated with News.  The type of news these Pages deliver, depends on the Suit they belong to, and whether they are drawn Upright or Reversed.  When Upright the news is welcoming, when Reversed, news can bring disappointment, delays, set-backs or distress.

The Pages being the youngest in the Court Card Family, can highlight the early stages of something; the birth of a new way of acting, thinking, feeling or doing.  Remember that the Pages in their young and innocent state are only getting to grips with the potential of their Element, and so, bring the understanding that even though they are excited and enthusiastic about life, there is still a lot for them to learn.

The Four Pages of The Tarot must always be looked upon as Students who are at the early stages of learing everything there is to know about their Governing Elements.  Like all students, it will take quite some time for them to study and understand every aspect of their Element. However, just like a group of students turning up for their first day at school or college, they are all full of excitement and enthusiasm for their given subject.  It is all very new, novel and interesting at the moment, but all students know that the road to mastery can be long, challenging, and at times downright tedious.  It is the disciplined student who will stay the course and put in the necessary work to qualify with the best results possible. Each of these Pages must do the very best they can, for they have entered the hardest and most toughest school of all, the school of life.

For the Page of Wands, he will have to learn the discipline of patience, the Page of Cups will be naïve in the ways of the heart and will certainly learn hard lessons along the way, the Page of Swords will need to learn the art of mental discipline before it destroys him and the Page of Pentacles will have to learn the lesson of tenacity.  In their present state they are only embarking on this learning process, and are Apprentices or Students of their Element.

The Pages represent the Airy part of their Suit. Air governs the intellect and thinking processes.  In their immature state, their minds are still forming and are easily influenced by their environment, and that which they observe.  Any mistakes or bad experiences at The Page Stage of development, can result in the Page Reversing and the onset of long-term problems.

With Air influencing all The Pages, The Wands Page will be thinking about what he will do, or where he will travel to, enthusiastic and excited about life ahead. The Cups Page, will be thinking about his feelings, romance and love. The Swords Page will be the young intellectual, wanting to know, analyse and understand all. The Pentacles Page will be sensible and practical, as he plans for his long-term future.

On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the Four Pages reside in the 10th Sephira, Malkuth which represents the physical earth itself, and the manifestation into the physical realm, of the original primal energy released from the Source or Creator.


Pages are strongly associated with News. The appearance of a Page in a Reading can suggest that News is on the way. What sort of News, very much depends on the Suit The Page is representing.

Three or more Pages in a reading suggest that news is imminent. News may come from several sources. They also suggest a very active social life with many friends.

Four Pages appearing close together in a reading suggests colleges and schools, groups of young people.


When several Pages appear reversed there may be unwelcome or delayed news. A single Reversed Page can suggest problems with a child or issues from childhood.

Two Reversed Pages can highlight silly petty arguments between friends, or rivals in love, especially if they appear Reversed as the Page of Cups and The Page of Wands. An Upright Page along with a Reversed Page can suggest a bad influence, especially if the surrounding Cards are negative.

Several Reversed Pages appearing close together can suggest anti-social behaviour or delinquent groups of trouble-makers.

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