Cups Health Interpretations – Ace to Ten

Cups Health Interpretations

Ace to Ten

 Ace of Cups Ace of Cups Reversed

*With Any The Reversed Wands Cards, it can be an indication that the Health Condition Relating to that Particular Card, is in its very Early Stage (is incubating beneath the surface but has not manifested in the Physical just yet), is in the Final Stages, or has been Blocked from developing any further and is losing Power. It can also suggest that the condition is not as bad as it is made out or first thought to be. Surrounding Cards will need to be consulted.

This is a tricky one to Decipher but often becomes Clearer when a Second Reading is done off the back of the First Reading where the condition/s is originally discovered. It takes time and a lot of Practice.

Upright Ace – Female Fertility, Conception, Pregnancy, Healthy Reproduction Organs, The Womb,Feeling Happy, Feeling Well, Inner Happiness, Healthy Body Image, Being Well Hydrated, Keep an eye on Alcohol Consumption, Coming out of a Period of Depression

Reversed Ace –  Fertility Problems, Conception Problems, Birthing Problems, Miscarriage, Difficulty Going Full Term/Birth (Depending on surrounding Cards), Health Conditions of the Female Reproduction System, Addictions, Excess Consumption of Alcohol, Over-Eating/Comfort Eating, Digestive System Complaints, Depending on Surrounding Cards, Eating Disorders, Poor Body Image, Low Self-Esteem, Lethargy, Depression, Grief, Loss, Deep Sadness, Could mark the beginning of Sexual Issues or Abuse (check surrounding cards)

 2 of Cups Upright 2 of Cups Rx

Upright Two –  Passing on Illnesses or Virus through close contact and Kissing. Healthy Relationship, Both Partners in good Health. Not really a Card associated with illness and is generally a positive omen of Good Health and Healing.

Reversed Two – Sexually transmitted diseases, One Partner unwell, or does not share the same Healthy constitution as the other, Health of Relationship been eroded by Drink or Control Issues. Unhealthy Relationship, Unhealthy Obsession with another.

 3 of Cups Upright 3 of Cups Rx

Upright Three – The Healing of Friendship and Family Support, Celebrating Recovery from illness or Disease. Relief about the results of Blood Tests and Scans, Pregnancy (Check for Supporting Cards), Happiness, Keep an Eye of Alcohol Consumption,

Reversed Three – Over indulgence, Too much Partying, Excess, Possible Sexual Risk due to drink, Commiserating instead of Celebrating Good Health, Termination, Miscarriage, Setbacks to Recovery from an Illness, Unhealthy Friendships and Social Circles, Accidents and falls, Famine, Hunger

4 of Cups Upright 4 of Cups Rx

Upright Four – Weariness, No Energy, Lifeless, Lethargy, Depression, Apathy, Boredom, Sadness, Hurt, Aggrieved, Unhappiness, Hangover, Alcoholism or Drink becoming a problem and interfering in your life/work/relationships, Drugs, Spaced Out, Lost touch With Reality, Interest in Nothing, Hard to Motivate, Chronic Fatigue, Exhaustion, Lack of Will-Power, Rehab, No Appetite for Food or Life, Anaemia,  lack of Exercise

Reversed Four – Taking Action Regarding Addictions, Get Help from The Professionals, Wanting to Change Lifestyle, Trying to Dry Out or Reform Behaviour, Rehab or need of Rehab, Going Cold Turkey, Self-Loathing/Disgust, Distancing Oneself from Bad Influences or Drinking/Drug Crowds, Addictions Getting Worse

5 of Cups Upright 5 of Cups Reversed

Upright Five – Grief, Mourning, Loss, Deep Unhappiness, Low Energy, Disconnection, Emotionally Very Low, Regret, Unable to Move On, Stuck, Depression, Withdrawn, Disconnected, Emotionally Shut Down, Victim/Martyr Syndrome, In need of Counselling

Reversed Five – Coming out of Mourning, Moving On Slowly, Recovery from Depression, Incontinence, Depression Concealed/Putting on a Brave Face, Victim/Martyr (Check surrounding cards), Incontinence, Disabilities, Remorse, Depression Deepening, Internalising Grief

6 of Cups Upright 6 of Cups Reversed

Upright Six – Convalescence, Inherited Health Conditions, Being Looked after by Family, Nursing Homes, Old Age, Senility, Living in The Past, Long-term Memory, Childhood Health Issues Returning or leaving their mark in Adult Life. Claustrophobia, Feeling Hemmed in, Feeling Life is stale and stagnant/Boredom. Confinement/Rehab/Therapy

Reversed Six – Coming Out of Rehab/Therapy, Inner Child Issues, The Return of Childhood illness or the scars left behind. Dementia, Senility, Caring an Ill or Elderly Relative, Nursing Homes, Lethargy and inertia.  Possible Childhood Abuse (surrounding cards would need to support this theory), Long-Term Memory, Forgetfulness, Unnatural Circumstances as in The death of a child before their parent (surrounding cards would need to suggest this) or the Child becoming the Parent as the Parent regresses into a Childlike state. Claustrophobia, Feeling you can’t Breathe,

7 of Cups 7 of Cups Rx

Upright Seven – Living in a Fantasy World, Illusions, Hallucinations, Mind Bending Drugs, Detachment from Reality, Spaced Out, Away with the Fairies, Deeply Unhappy, Lost, Not knowing who you are Self-Neglect, Addictions

Reversed Seven – Hypochondria, Illnesses from Addictions, Drink and Drug abuse. All of the above too. Trying to get clean but having many setbacks, Foggy Memory,  Lethargy, Need to seek Professional Help to get Clean and detox, Sobering Up, Wanting to Clean Up Your Act, Addictions Worsening

8 of Cups Upright 8 of Cups Reversed

Upright Eight – Finding Emotional Strength, Fed Up With Life, Listlessness, Exhaustion, Fatigue, Emotionally Drained, Deeply Unhappy but taking action to sort it out, Loneliness, Leaving Emotional Baggage Behind, Running Away from an Unhealthy Situation. Sleep disturbances, Dreaming, Astral Travel, Moving on After the Death of a Loved One

Reversed Eight – Insomnia, sleepwalking, Nightmares, Needing to have a transplant or the removal of an organ that is unhealthy or diseased. Needing Dental Work. Emotional Baggage causing depression and nervous disorders. Finding it difficult to get out of an unhealthy situation, Not being Able to Cope with a Partner’s Illness, Breaking a bad Habit.

9 of Cups Upright 9 of Cups Reversed

Upright Nine – Inner Happiness, High Self-Esteem, Self-Confident, Self-Respect, Feeling Well, Feeling Happy with Life, Moderation may be necessary especially where food and drink are concerned, Happy with your lot, Putting Yourself First, Taking some Me Time, Healthy Sex Life

Reversed Nine  – Gorging, Over indulgence in food and drink, Enjoying the good life and excess without care for Health Consequences, (Eat, Drink and be Merry for tomorrow we might Die attitude) Gout, Overweight, possible early onset of Liver problems, Drinking Alone, Comfort Eating and Drinking, Pretending to be Happy but miserable inside, Putting on a face for others, Unhappy with your lot, Bulimia, Anorexia, Distorted Body Image, Compulsive Behaviour, Feeling Dull and Lifeless, Vices,

10 of Cups Upright 10 of Cups Reversed

Upright Ten – Healthy Family, Family Well-Being, Healthy Glow, Looking after the Health of The Family, Plenty of outdoor Activity and space to move, Healthy Living Environment, Community Health, Fresh Air, The Key to Health is Happiness, Taking Care of Family if Unwell, In Sickness and In Health,

Reversed Ten – Health Problems due to Family background or upbringing, Fertility Problems, Hereditary Health Problems, Dysfunctional Family Environment, Neglect of Family, Children at Risk, Strife in the Family, Environmental Health issues in your community. Contaminated Waters and Earth, Litter and Rubbish causing Health and Hygiene Issues for all, No Health Support Services in your Community, Living in a rural place too far from Health Services, Family not supporting each other during Illness, Not looking out for the Welfare of those in your community,  Fostering Children from Dysfunctional Backgrounds.


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  1. What if you pull a Major card in the outcome position of a health question? How do u read it? I asked about my mother’s health condition today. I pulled the ace of cups-rev Death (outcome position ) and the 2 of cups-rev.
    Thanks for the information.
    Philip Perry

    PS. I called my mom that same day of the reading. She just have


  2. Hi
    My question is if you get a major card in the outcome position how do you read this in reference to a health question?
    I pulled Ace Cups (Rev)
    2 Cups (Rev)
    The Death card is in the outcome position.
    I called the person after this reading and they are still recovering from a surgery. That day they


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