The Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups – The Listener

Queen of Cups Upright


Mature Water Feminine, Emotional, Loving, Happiness, Warm, Tender, Sensitive, Gentle, Caring, Carer, Comforter, Compassion, Nurturing, Sweet, Affectionate, Kind, Warm-hearted, Feelings, Empathetic, Nostalgic, Sentimental, Romantic, Intuitive, Imagination, Loyal, Faithful, Devoted, Service, Besotted, Musing, Meditative, Dreamer, Psychic, Spiritual, Fantasy, Ethereal, Otherworldly, Beauty, Pretty, Aesthetics, Fashion, Delicate, Fragile, Shy, Quiet, Passive, Harmony, Peace, Family Values, Virtuous, Benevolent, Receptive, Creative, Artistic, Inspiring, Nurse, Healer, Counselor, The Blues, Moods,


Follow your heart, Go with the flow, Be caring and supportive,  Try a little tenderness,  Be sensitive to the feelings of others, Show you care, Learn to listen, Be sympathetic in this situation, Open your heart to love, Do something Romantic, Express your feelings, Think deeply about the situation,  Find the inner beauty,  The situation needs to be dealt with in a sensitive manner,  Trust your intuition,  Be the Peacemaker,  You need to find Harmony in your life,  Follow your dreams,  Daydream,  Meditate,  Use your imagination, Develop your creative side, Display your works of art, Pretty yourself up, Own your own style, Take a trip to the sea or lakeside,  Do you have psychic abilities?  Develop you psychic and spiritual side

 From The Above Messages Try to Work Out Some Messages for Reversed

Now explore the personality of the Queen of Cups below.  If she has turned up in  your reading it means her energies have special meaning for you at this time.

You must ask yourself:  Who is she?  Who does she remind me of?  Is she having a positive or negative influence in my life?  How can I embrace or avoid her energy?  What is she trying to tell me?  Is this how I am behaving?  Is this how others perceive me?  Do I like her or not? Do I want to be more like her? How can I be more like her, If she is not a person then what is her energy trying to tell me? How would this Queen handle my situation? Which part of this Queen am I trying to deny?

Personality Profile

The Queen of Cups represents the Watery part of Water. She combines the inward focus of a Queen with the loving, sensitive and nurturing energy of her element Water.

Here we meet the Queen of Cups sitting on her throne as she gazes intently at the cup she holds in her hands.  In comparison to the Cups depicted in the other cards of her Suit, this one is rather ornate.  It looks more like a work of art rather than a functional cup.  This very stylish cup links the Queen to one of her outstanding qualities.  If we are to presume that she has designed and made this cup herself then this lady is highly artistic, imaginative and creative.  Her outward creativity stems from her wonderful, vivid and divinely inspired imagination. The Queen seems to be totally absorbed with her cup, her creation. She stares deeply into it as if gazing into a crystal ball.  This also gives us another important aspect of this Queen for her cup may indeed contain important spiritual and psychic messages for her or another.  Therefore, we can also safely presume that the Queen of Cups is highly intuitive and possess strong psychic abilities.  Her penetrating gaze also highlights her depth of thought and emotions as  this Queens takes everything to heart and is touched on a very deep soul level.

Her demeanour appears somewhat otherworldly and we must wonder if she is actually physically present in this scene or whether she has drifted off into other dimensions of existence.  This Queen has the ability to detach herself from reality at will. This ability allows her imagination to expand without limit but it can equally have her ‘away with the faeries’.

The Queen of Cup’s cloak reflects the colours of the sea as she sits with her feet in the Water and her throne on land.  Being the Watery part of Water we might wonder whether she would not prefer to be in the sea rather than just sitting beside it.  Of course she would like nothing better but she is a Queen after all and therefore must display some discipline over her natural impulses.  This suggests that although she is the pure form of the element of Water she is mature enough to know that she has to live in the physical world and therefore must be practical. Her softly flowing white gown with delicately detailed sleeves tied with pretty bows reflects her feminine and romantic nature.  Hew white gown also suggests her purity of heart and motive. This Queen appreciates beauty and is drawn to pretty things.  She can also see the beauty in people when it is no so obvious to others.  She has a keen eye when it comes to style and she likes to be fashionable, but not in a strict sense.  She knows how to combine modern with vintage to create just the right look and will dress to suit her mood.  Her house will suitably reflect her original and eclectic chicness which will be admired by many.

The Queen of Cups throne, like her cup is splendid.  Decorated with mermaids and fish, her throne symbolises her connection to her governing element, Water.  Pretty shells and pebbles lie in the sand at her feet and she may collect these to use in her arts and crafts or to decorate a shelf or windowsill.  The calm ocean Water reflects the overhead clear blue skies and we see tall cliffs in the background.  Her house is probably not far from here as she gains her strength and emotional balance from being near Water.  She especially likes the sea and will spend many happy hours swimming in it, gazing out across it or walking beside it collecting shells and driftwood as she goes.

Together with the Chariot and Moon cards of the Major Arcana the Queen of Cups can represent the sun sign of Cancer or any of the Water signs if found on her own.

From all the details above we already know that the Queen of Cups is creative, artistic, deep and imaginative.  We also know that she is intuitive, psychic and spiritual.

The Queen of Cups’ element is Water which governs the emotions and feelings so this Queen is concerned with matters of the heart, love, relationships, family, happiness and personal fulfilment.  Her own happiness and the happiness of those around her is especially important to her.  She naturally has a kind and caring heart which loves unconditionally.  She is a born empath and is highly sensitive to her surroundings.  She is deeply touched by trauma and tragedy and feels personally affected by the sorrowful plight of others.  Due to this natural trait she must guard against becoming overly worried or fretful as this can lead to depression and wild imaginings.  She can take the worry of the world on her shoulders quite easily which is a personality aspect of her sun sign Cancer.  As a result, she occasionally suffers from bouts of the blues.

The Queen of Cups knows intuitively when something is not right or when someone needs her help or comfort.  She is compassionate and non-judgemental regardless of the situation.  She has a strong need to nurture and care for those around her.

Passive and quiet by nature she is an excellent listener and will find that people open up to her very easily. Her cup is a well of deep wisdom, intuition and psychic abilities which she lovingly shares with those who seek her advice on how to deal with life.  When difficult decisions have to be made she goes within and meditates on the situation. She is guided by her feelings and speaks from her heart.  This woman is there for everyone and offers her shoulder readily for those to cry on.  However, when problems arise in her own life she rarely has anyone to turn to.  Her role is to be the comforter and not the comforted. People are used to this Queen having all the answers and so readily assume that her life or relationship is perfect. As a result she may keep her problems to herself while continuing to help or comfort all those around her.  The Queen of Cups is extremely sensitive and unfortunately this can cause her to get easily upset by other people’s comments or casual remarks.  As a result friends and family may feel the need to treat her with kid gloves or tread on eggshells when around her.

The Queen of Cups knows what she wants in life and what she likes but goes about it in a less fussy and pushy way than the other Queens might.  She operates quietly in the background not wanting to make a fuss or to disturb others.

In relationships the Queen of Cup is loyal, loving, faithful and devoted to her partner.  She likes harmony and peace so will avoid conflict and arguments by approaching things in a gentle sensitive manner.  She thrives on romance and intimacy and loves deeply and unconditionally.  This Queen values closeness and harmony and tends to marry for life.  In fact she has probably dreamt of being married since she was a little girl longing for the day when she would walk up the aisle with her handsome prince.

The Queen of Cups has strong family values and prefers to stay close to home and her partner.  She does have many friends probably known since childhood but her priorities lie with her partner and children.  She creates a loving warm environment where all can relax, feel welcomed and cared for.  She is the peace-keeper and disarmer during times of family arguments helping to smooth ruffled feathers and disgruntled attitudes.  Although she is strong, she can often appear delicate and fragile.  She can appear almost ethereal or angelic and can be shy around strangers.  Men have a desire to protect and care for her.  In return her partner will be rewarded with tenderness and affection.  The Queen of Cups can easily and readily give up work to stay home and rear her children.  She prefers emotional fulfilment to material success

When it comes to careers, the Queen of Cups has many options open to her.  She can be drawn in many directions as she feels she is needed everywhere.  Her sensitivity and caring nature naturally lead her to careers in counselling, social work, nursing, healing, childcare and psychology. Her spirituality can draw her to religious vocations or voluntary services such as help-lines or Samaritans.  You may find this Queen running a charity shop or helping out at a Homeless Shelter.  Her need to care and her deep compassion is not limited to humans alone.  She is also a protector and carer of animals so rescue centres or pet sitting would fulfil her.  She also works well in the hospitality industry, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and that their individual needs are taken care of.

The Queen of Cups needs to be near the sea or other bodies of Water.  Therefore a career that takes her into or around her element may suit such as a marine biologist or environmentalist.

This Queen is also drawn to the world of holistic therapies and is a natural healer.  As a natural psychic she can develop this talent further should she choose to and works well in this industry as a psychic, clairvoyant, medium or card reader helping people through troubled times or loss.

The Queen of Cups is wonderfully creative and artistic and can easily develop a successful career with her individual talents such as art, pottery, jewellery making, singing, music or drama etc.  Any works of art will be divinely inspired and unique. Even if she chooses an alternative career she will always keep up her artistic side as a hobby. Her house will be a living testimony to her creative abilities with her works of art and crafts to be found in every room.  She has a natural eye for fashion and works well in this industry creating mood boards for the season’s new look.  She can design and is an excellent dress-maker or seamstress.  With her wonderful sense of nostalgia, romance and drama she could carve out a brilliant career as a period costume designer for theatre and movies.  In fact she is drawn to acting and performing.  She may be shy and quiet by nature but once on stage or in front of a camera she can lose herself in her character and detach from her reality quite easily. She loves dressing up and fantasy.

This Queen with her wonderful imagination can also write.  However, if she is drawn to this area she will be a writer of fictional novels full of romance and fantasy.  Her heroines inspired by Jane Austen and the Bronte’s

As a mother the Queen of Cups is loving, warm, affectionate and proud of each and every one of her children.  She is a natural mother who never tires of the job and likes to be hands-on in her children’s upbringing.  She showers her offspring with daily hugs and affection but can become overly fussing with them at times.  Her children are in no doubt as to how much they are loved and cherished.  This Queen as a mother is so closely tuned into her children that she instinctively knows when one of them is down or worried about something.  When it comes to worry, this is a difficult area for her to control as she can become very fretful over the slightest of things should any of her children appear upset or are ill.  She will still worry incessantly about her offspring even when they have long grown and left the home.

As a mother the Queen of Cups will instil and nurture in her children her own wonderful qualities of loving, caring and sharing.  She will be there for them in every aspect and will never be found guilty of missing a school concert or play. In fact she will probably have made most of the costumes if not the props and scenery too.  Her wonderful imagination makes her an excellent bedtime story-teller and she can turn ordinary everyday outings with her kids into voyages of fantasy and adventure.

The Queen of Cups’ home is harmonious and welcoming. Indeed it is regarded as sanctuary by many. Home cooked food and happy children will be found with many of their friends in tow. She loves her children deeply. No matter what happens to them and no matter what they do or don’t do in life, she will always be there for them.  Her children will always have a home to run to regardless of their circumstances or how old they get.  It is the Queen of Cups who will hold onto all their childhood bits and pieces, too sentimental and too attached to throw anything away.  She may maintain their bedrooms fully intact for years to come after they have left home.  She feels warm and comforted when all her siblings gather or return to the nest for family occasions and events.


Queen of Cups Reversed

Deep Sadness, Unhappiness, Heart-break, Disappointment, Self-Loathing, Repressed emotions, Emotional Insecurity, Emotionally dysfunctional, Smothering, Depression, Moody, Sulky, Pouty, Shallow, Worrier, Nervy, Needy, Clinging, Whingeing, Hypersensitive, Melancholy, Melodramatic, Maudlin, Gloom and Doom, Withdrawn, Swooning, Weak-Willed, Unfocused, Disorganised, Insipid, Gullible, Easily Influenced, Wishy-Washy, Silly, Overly Sentimental, Unrealistic, Unreliable, Scatty, Silly, Spacy, Floaty, Fashion Victim, Fantasy, Escapism, Away with the Faeries, , All sweetness and light, Self-centred, Shallow, Manipulative, Cold, Corrupt, Scandalous, Wicked, Revenge, Bitterness, Envy, Jealousy, Creative Block, Lack of inspiration, Artistic abilities denied or unused

When this Queen reverses she literally falls off her throne into the sea and drowns in her emotions. She can sink into depression cutting herself off from life and her friends as she withdraws into a world of her own. Her emotions become turbulent like the sea which threatens to engulf her.  The presence of her element Water becomes overwhelming and she can suffer terrible mood swings and bouts of deep melancholy.  In this state she worries incessantly and gets easily stressed unable to deal with the slightest upset or inconvenience.  Guilty of making mountains out of mole hills, she can live on her nerves and is prone to swooning and feeling weak.

Hypersensitive to criticism or perceived slights she can become sulky and moody bringing a cloud of gloom with her wherever she goes. She can get pouty and awkward when things don’t go her way.

The Queen of Cups reversed can often represent heartbreak in love.  She has a natural tendency to fall deeply in love and has a very idealistic and romantic idea of what love should be.  If this is not reciprocated then despair and disillusionment will follow.  She feels grief and betrayal on such a deep level.

This Queen reversed can highlight emotional insecurity and neediness. She can become clinging and whingeing.  If her natural unrestricted flow of Water has become blocked or stagnant she can become cold and distant to the feelings of others.  She cannot feel the love within and so is unable to express or share it with others.  She may withdraw emotionally and physically from her partner becoming aloof and disinterested.

Something has happened to make this Queen so and if she were to retrace her steps back into her own childhood she may very well find the root cause there.  She may have been denied love and affection as a child or suffered abuse.  On a deep level she desperately craves it but has no idea of what real love is except for her warped version.  She carries deep emotional wounds and develops a pattern of falling for the wrong man over and over again with the same result.   She looks for love in all the wrong places and is constantly let down.  This only serves to increase her desperation and neediness which will find her looking for any attention even if only negative.  Any attention is better than none at the end of the day.  Her relationships can start on such a high but the lows she suffers after bitter disappointment are pitiful.

Of course with the all the Cups when reversed, if love is an issue or scarce in this reversed Queen’s life there is always the tendency to replace it with substances such as alcohol, food or drugs.  She can lose her connection with love and intimacy and if thwarted in love may use sex as a weapon to inflict revenge, punishing someone for what another has done.  She can leave a trail of broken hearts behind her. She then becomes the Siren or Mermaid luring unwary sailors to their Watery death. She can become bitter and resentful, jealous and envious of love rivals or others who appear to be happy or in love.  The Queen of Cups reversed can be drawn into an immoral way of life and the world of vice.  Her behaviour highlights her terrible inner unhappiness and self-loathing.

The Queen reversed can deny her own feelings and desires in favour of making someone else happy.  She can give up her own dream to follow her partner’s or to look after an ailing parent.  With her continuous need to serve others she can sacrifice her own emotional fulfilment.  On the other hand, she can come across all sweetness and light but behind it all is devious and manipulative.  Instead of caring for everyone, she cares only for herself and is self-centred.  Her Angelic demeanour can easily conceal her corrupt and dishonest ways.  This Queen reversed can get caught up in a scandal which could shock the shoes off anyone who knows her. They would never ever have suspected her of being capable of such wicked conduct.

The Queen of Cups reversed has a habit of nursing and regularly Watering old hurts and slights enabling her to recall verbatim an argument she had 10 years ago. She will feel as hurt or as passionate about it now as she did all those years ago.  She rarely forgives, but she definitely never forgets anything and will retain her bitterness for all eternity.  Therefore, this card often highlights the need to forgive yourself or someone from your past. A deep sadness and unhappiness engulfs this Queen when she reverses.

The Queen of Cups reversed can also be weak-willed and insipid. She can become gullible and is easily influenced.  She is readily taken in by chancers and will believe anything she is told once she receives any sort of flattery.  She is impractical in her thought and totally unrealistic.  She finds it hard to focus and can be irrational in her behaviour. The Queen of Cups reversed can become wishy-washy and silly.  She lives in a world of fantasy and idealism becoming maudlin and sentimental over the slightest things.  She has no idea how to deal with the real world and has no concept of time or structure often appearing disorganised and scatty.  She cannot be relied on to carry out the simplest of tasks which can be frustrating for those around her.

With her psychic and spiritual qualities she may find the real world too harsh and painful preferring to turn deeply mystical, spiritual or religious.  She can become overly pious and sanctimonious or floaty and spacy.  Whichever route she decides on will be just another way of escaping reality.

When it comes to her artistic and creative side the reversed Queen of Cups may highlight creative blocks, lack of inspiration or undeveloped potential.  She may have artistic talent but does not use it or denies it.  She may doubt her own abilities or fear criticism of her work.  She may have disconnected from her element and cannot express her feelings through her work.  Her creations will lack depth and imagination.  She needs to calm down and let her emotions settle.  Spending some time by the sea in quiet contemplation may restore her balance.  The Queen of Cups reversed can become a slave to fashion and has a tendency to overdress for occasions.  Her creative and inspirational block will find her losing her own unique and stylish way of dressing in favour of following the crowd.

As a mother, she can be smothering and use emotional neediness to control her children. She will fuss over her children and wrap them in cotton wool, instilling caution and wariness in them. This is the mother who will thwart every attempt her children make to leave home when they are grown up taking to the bed with feigned illness at the mere suggestion. She will also make life difficult for any boyfriend or girlfriend they bring home. Competing for her children’s undivided attention and love she will stick her oar in as often as possible in their relationships. This is the mother who still does her son’s washing for him even though he is long married. She will believe that only she knows how to look after him properly. In fact she will probably expect her son or daughter (especially her son) home a few times a week for dinner. This will cause ructions in her children’s personal relationships. This, of course is what she deeply desires.

However, this reversed Queen can also represent the alcoholic mother or the mother who is emotionally cold and aloof.  Again this will more than likely be conditioned behaviour from her own childhood; a result of repressed emotions which have never been acknowledged or dealt with.

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11 replies »

  1. It’s 100% that I’m a Reversed Queen of Cups at the moment, and have been(unfortunately) for a while.
    The only question is: how do I get back to my upright state? I know that is what I should be, and I was born and spent my childhood years as an upright Page of Cups.
    Being back to my true self is all I want from life. I know I lost myself many years ago , yet still not completely sure why this happened and how do I get back what was lost or betrayed( by myself!).
    Tonight I decided to do a spread on my personality : what I am right now ( and have been for a while) and what my true personality is.
    First card I drew was The Moon. This couldn’t be more correct! It encompasses all the aspects of concern: my interests, my health issues (poor sleep),and the way I appear to other people, plus my psychological state. My true self card was the Star-what an interesting combination! 🙂 And there’s no other card that could better describe my lost nature. Plus, I’m an Aquarius!;)
    Then I drew 2 minor arcana and 1 major arcana cards to tell me the reason of why this personality change occurred . Here it got me a bit confused. I also have to mention that I got a bit distracted while drawing these 3 cards, so maybe I chose the wrong ones?
    I’d like to seek your help Vivien in helping me to interpret the following 3: The 8 of cups+4 of swords ( these 2 do make some sense to me),and The Hierophant above them (this one is especially confusing!).


    • Hi Persephone,

      Well with an Upright Queen of Cups she can match with any, that is if she really is a steady Upright Queen of Cups. However, she would want to be very steady and secure in herself to cope with certain Kings. Yes, she would do very well with the King of Cups as they are made for each other but if she had any fire in her, she could get bored or frustrated by his passivity and laid back approach, especially as they get older. The King of Cups will be in to all the things The Queen of Cups is into which makes for less arguments and disagreements. They can dote on each other too. Remember the Cup Courts are based on an idealistic way of living and loving. Can we ever live up to them? For me, a Queen of Cups would be well matched to a King of Pentacles as he will provide the security and stability needed to keep her emotions in balance. If they are both truly upright then The Queen will be content with a partner who may not always demonstrate his feelings for her. He may not be the emotional type, but The King of Pentacles is strong, loyal, faithful and reliable. All the things a Queen of Cup needs in a relationship. If he has told her he loves her, then he means it, and she knows it. They can make for a very strong couple. The Queen of Cups can feel more emotionally secure when she has a strong dose of earth to ground in. The King of Pentacles lightens up a little when love is showered upon him. This couple are very sure of each other. They appreciate and respect each other.



  2. If I am a queen of cups but was born under one of the air signs, does that mean that I automatically get swords into my personality?
    I can strongly feel a presence of another queen in me as well,but i am not exactly sure who is the other one. Most likely it is a Queen of Wands. And these 2 definitely have fights with one another, and unfortunately this reversed queen of cups has been the domineering one.
    The third one would be a queen of swords I believe, yet a rather insignificant percentage of her. As for pentacles, I definitely lack them, the only thing I got from pentacles is my love for nature and stubbornness 😉
    Apparently my husband is either a reversed knight or king of pentacles. I do wonder if we are a good match? 🙂 We have totally different interest. Unless we both turn into an upright state, this marriage is doomed ;(
    I do wonder if he can ever become upright? He’s trying to launch his own business at the moment
    Thank you for your replies Vivien! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, it sounds like you need to bring some logic and reason to the ongoing battle between the Reversed Queen of Cups and The Queen of Wands. Working on developing, encouraging or coaxing out the Queen of Swords could help settle things in a fair and square manner and talk some sense into these conflicting aspects of your personality. I am surprised The Queen of Wands is allowing herself to be walked on by the Reversed Queen of Cups at it is not her style to concede defeat to another, especially a Cup personality. However, The Reversed Queen of Cups can be manipulative and devious so she would be hard work to manage. The Queen of Wands fights out in the open, while the Reversed Queen of Cups likes to fly below the radar and side-step any tough action. The Queen of Wands will slap you across the face or throw a vase, but the Reversed Queen of Cups will poison you instead and let someone else take the blame!!!! I wonder if the assertive Queen of Wands fights with the whimsical airy fairy aspect of the Reversed Queen of Cups or her sullen, moody behaviour. Which parts are in conflict and battling? Yes, as for lacking in the qualities of the Queen of Pentacles you appear to lack stability. A decent percentage of Swords and Pentacles will bring about a settling in matters on many levels. The Queen of Pentacles can take the credit for your love of nature and your stubbornness. However, the Reversed Queen of Cups and The Queen of Wands can amplify this trait so be careful of letting that get out of hand. If you let the Queen of Swords Reverse too, then there will be no budging you at all.

      Well you do have The Upright Queen of Wands, who if she wanted to, will provide the enthusiasm and encouragement to support her husband through the stressful time of launching a business. She can really help him if she would only show a bit of enthusiasm. You seem to have written him off before he begins by assigning him to The Reversed Knight of King of Pentacles!!! Is there history there? So you believe there to be weak foundations due to either lack of Pentacles or Reversed Ones. The Reversed Knight or King of Pentacles could do with the driving force and support of The Queen of Wands to help upright him again. Is moodiness and past issues with your husband blocking you from reaching out? Maybe if you got a bit involved with the business start up, you might find some new things to have in common.



  3. I am a cancer and I’m trying to find out where my Moon is in and who is my Inner Teacher is. Thank you. Leo


    • Hi Leo, thank you for your enquiry. I am not the best person to ask about such astrological matters as I only have a basic knowledge of it for tarot puposes. However, I do know an excellent astrologist who also works with tarot and I am sure she would be able to advise you. She can do a full chart for you. She has a fabulous website where all her information can be found. Here is the link to her website. .

      Best of luck,



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