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FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF Installment 3A – The Five of Wands

Wands’ Book of Love & Sex – Installment 3A – Five of Wands  – Full Copy – Online

Wands’ Book of Love & Sex – Installment 3A – Five of Wands Reversed – Full Copy – Online

Wands’ Book of Love & Sex – Installment 2 – Extract – Online

The Tarot Encyclopedias of Love

The Tarot Encyclopedias of Love are a series of Five Books in the making. These Tomes of Tarot, will specifically focus on Love, Romance, Relationships and Sex when seeking interpretation and analysis in readings and spreads. Each Suit is covered in detail and approached as an Elemental Journey from Ace to 10, plus their accompanying Court Cards. By aligning with the Element of a Suit and its numerical associations, its journey in love, or the search for love, is tailored to the archetypal traits and behaviour of its Element. Therefore, Fire (Wands) will have a very different experience to Water (Cups), Air (Swords), and Earth (Pentacles) where matters of the heart are concerned. Each Suit (Element) will have its own unique approach to love based on its governing Elemental Energy.

The Major Arcana will have its own dedicated book, which again will be dictated by the Elemental, astrological, and numerical associations of each card in the confines of love and relationships. Each Book will be released in a series of Installments.

When exploring each Element for the purpose of love, romance, relationships, and sex, all aspects and levels must be taken into account. We must take the good with the bad, for the course of true love never runs smoothly. Sometimes it runs deep and intense, sometimes it is overpowering and smothering, and sometimes it is dark and turbulent. Sometimes loves works out, and sometimes it doesn’t.  We must ride the highs with the lows in an attempt to flush out the potential stored within each card and its imagery.

When conducting relationship readings, we need to interpret on all levels, and not just look for the obvious. Love is a complex thing. It can walk a fine line with hate. We seek pretty cards in love readings, but life does not always reflect this. Even the most wonderful love stories have their ups and downs. How do we define love, when there are so many versions of it to choose from? My idea of love might be very different to yours and so on. The Encyclopedias of Love aim to cater for as many versions as possible by giving multiple interpretations to choose from.

The creation of this set of encyclopedias is a work in progress. The First Encyclopedia will feature The Wands Suit and its approach to Love and Sex.

Using The Encyclopedias

You can use these Encyclopedias in multiple ways. They can be approached as an in-depth study of each Suit for the purpose of becoming specialised in Relationship Readings, or they can be used as a reference guide when doing your own readings or learning. I have gone to much trouble to ensure a user-friendly navigation system. All interpretations have direct titles (headings and sub-headings) which are listed in The Table of Contents links. Each link will bring you directly to the interpretation title you have selected. The best approach is to scan through the Headings and Sub-Headings on the Table of Contents until you find one that catches your attention or are intuitively drawn to. These will be interpretations that suit the nature of your reading and story-line. You may be drawn to the same interpretations on an ongoing basis, and have little use for the rest. This is totally natural as you cannot expect to incorporate them all.

The Encyclopedias will be titled as follows. Each Book will be released as a series of Installments:

  • The Wands’ Encyclopedia of Love and Sex
  • The Cups’ Encyclopedia of Love and Romance
  • The Swords’ Encyclopedia of Love and Conflict
  • The Pentacles’ Encyclopedia of Love and Commitment

The Wands’ Encyclopedia of Love and Sex Installment 1 (Introduction + Ace & Two of Wands) plus Installment 2 (Three & Four of Wands)  are now ready for release and priced at €3.99 per Installment. Due to the volume of content involved, I will be releasing each book as a series of Installments which can be collected as they are released, in parts, or in full upon completion.

Not all cards will warrant the same amount of content. In compiling these books, I discovered there is a lot more to say about certain cards than others. Because of the dual nature of Two, Two cards will typically generate more interpretation potential both Upright and Reversed as we are dealing with possible extremes on each aspect. Reversals also cover a wider area of interpretation due to their extreme aspects involved.

Your Investment  – How Much it Costs


Special Introductory Offers

Per 2 Card Installment – € 3.99 (approx.100 + pages per installment)

Per Part – €8.99  (Part I: Ace to Five, Part II: Six to Ten, Part III: Courts)

Per Complete Encyclopedia  (Suits): €24.99

Per Major Arcana Encyclopedia : Cost to be set at future date

Following Purchase and Payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you with a PDF File attachment. This may take up to 5 minutes. If you have not received this file, please check your Spam Folder or contact me directly at .

*** Files are zipped. Please ensure your device has the facility to extract zipped files before purchasing. There is a range of Free Zip File Apps available online for mobile devices.  Alternatively, you can contact me directly for an unzipped version. 

***Please Note – When viewing PDF files via mobile devices, the Table of Content Links will not operate on most PDF Viewers. However, there are a few that do. I have found Polaris Office Viewer 5, will facilitate full link response. If possible open the PDF with this App, or one similar when viewing mobile devices. Table of Contents Links are fully functional on Laptop and Desktop Devices. 

The Wands’ Encyclopedia of Love and Sex Installment 1 (Ace & Two) includes detailed introduction along with in-depth analysis and interpretation of The Ace and Two of Wands both Upright and Reversed. There are multiple interpretations to choose from which should expand and broaden your understanding of each card.

The first installment contains over 100 pages stuffed with information and interpretations to play with.

Installment 2 (Three & Four of Wands) follows on from Installment 1 and includes detailed analysis and interpretation of The Three and Four of Wands both Upright and Reversed. With over 100 pages of interpretations to choose from there is something to suit everyone’s style of reading.

The following Five and Six of Wands will be released in the next installment and so on. Work so far has been completed up to Card 7 in The Wands Suit. Installments may be purchased on release, or there will be an option to wait to purchase the Book in 4 segments: Part I – Ace to Five, Part II – Six to Ten, Part III – Courts. The Major Arcana Book of Love,  Encyclopedia V, will also be issued in Installments. Each Encyclopedia will be available in its entirety upon completion.

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Copyright Restrictions -Rider-Waite Images

Unfortunately, due to the fact I am selling this content, copyright rules and regulations prohibit me from using the Rider-Waite Imagery. I had thought the black and white ink images from The Pictorial Key to The Tarot would be permissible, but my research proves otherwise. I do believe there are different rules for different parts of the world, but the ins and outs are such a minefield I have decided to leave well alone. I could apply for permission from US Games, but until I find out the demand for this work, it is not something I could afford up front. The full copyright on Rider-Waite-Smith content eventually expires in 2021 which will remove this dilemma. At present, I am only free to sell my own written content, without the accompanying images.

As a result, I have created some very basic images which I hope will help with focus. However, all interpretations and card descriptions are based on The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot. Please note, I am not an artist, so my substitutes are very basic.

Images do make a difference and help break up large volumes of content, but as far as Rider-Waite images are concerned, my hands are tied in this matter. However, I must assume that any person who purchases the Books, or installments of Books, has their own deck of Rider-Waite-Smith cards to refer to when studying content. For those who don’t, images are available online to download for personal use.

Coloured Images:

Blk/White Images:

Navigation of Content

The Table of Contents section at the beginning of each book includes all headers and sub-headers with links for easy navigation (Just Click on Links for speedy navigation). In the Footer of each page a link is provided to return to Table of Contents, plus direct links to the Card Headers in Contents.


The aim is to explore each Suit, and Major Arcana from as many perspectives as possible so that a comprehensive collection of interpretations is built for each card. The majority of requests for Tarot Card Readings are associated with relationships on one level or another. Traditional associations and information available for study are often quite limiting and restricting. Students are encouraged to use their natural intuition along with traditional understanding of Tarot, but many get stuck between the two. The Tarot Encyclopedias of Love incorporate a variety of approaches when deciphering the code, messages, and stories contained within in each card. They should stretch the mind and open the reader to new possibilities and ways of looking at each card. The intention when compiling these Encyclopedias of Love Interpretations is not for the reader to agree with every one of them. On the contrary. My hope is that they be debated upon, pulled apart, and analysed for their validity or relevance. Depending on personal life view, belief system, and of course experiences, readers will react to particular interpretations more than others. The point is, the reader has been given the option to choose on a very broad scale.

Permission To Teach

As each Encyclopedia of Love is completed it will be possible to purchase a ‘Licence To Teach’ for those who are interested in using the content for classes, courses, workshops and groups. Licences will be affordable and not extortionate. Proof of competency in Tarot Reading and understanding of the subject will need to be provided before a Licence will be granted. Tutors will be granted permission to select their content of choice from each Book to formulate appropriate coursework as per level of student ability. This will entail permission to Edit Content such as Copy and Paste sections to compile a bespoke framework for varying levels of competency in Tarot. However, the content cannot be Amended or Altered in doing so. I will continue to retain all rights to my work. Therefore you will have the freedom to tailor the amount of content to suit your teaching requirements. The content of each book will provide the scope to develop courses/workshops based on Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Level.

Final Note: Whereas I have attempted to proof read and correct mistakes in spelling, grammar, word repetition etc. I accept that it is quite likely I have overlooked errors in my work that will probably be blatantly obvious to readers viewing the content for the first time. I apologise in advance and will seek to correct any upon discovery or notification.


Free Installment 3A – Five of Wands Upright and Reversed (Click on Links Below) or Click Here for Free PDF Download Version


FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF Installment 3A – The Five of Wands

Wands’ Book of Love & Sex – Installment 3A – Five of Wands  – Full Copy – Online

Wands’ Book of Love & Sex – Installment 3A – Five of Wands Reversed – Full Copy – Online

Wands’ Book of Love & Sex – Installment 2 – Extract – Online