Temperance (XIV) Reversed

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



When Temperance Reverses she suggests inappropriate behaviour or inappropriate action.  Imbalances of all kinds are indicated. Look at the flanking cards to determine what it is that is out of balance. Because this card represents healers and healings, it may be your chakras that are out of balance or alignment.  Extreme behaviour and actions may result. Poor timing is often suggested

Temperance Reversed highlights the fact that you have a problem with not learning from the lessons or experiences that come your way.  You have a tendency to make the same mistakes over and over and lack self-awareness.  You may be looking for instant gratification instead of  looking at the bigger picture.  You may be living for today and forgetting about tomorrow under the belief that “sure we could all be dead tomorrow”.   There is often a sense of recklessness when Temperance Reverses.  Excess and wanton over-indulging may be evident. This could be food, drink, shopping, gambling, socialising etc. You are not living, acting or behaving in an appropriate manner. Excessive behaviour may cause health problems down the line.  You could be acting without thinking of the consequences.  Your sense of morals and conscience may be called into question.  You may be acting promiscuously.  This all points to deep unhappiness.  You need to go back to The Death Card, let everything go and start all over again.  The way you are living is not doing you any favours.

Instead of pouring oil on troubled water you may be the instigator of quarrels and disagreements.

A lack of faith in life, prolonged grieving and hankering for the past, or what was released in the Death card may have you stuck and resisting the healing and moving-on process.  You need to believe that things will get better and life will improve. Perhaps you would benefit from visiting a holistic therapist to rebalance and recalibrate your energy field.  Counselling may be needed here.  You may feel disconnected from your spiritual source. A time to meditate in order to tune into your Guides and Angels. A time to return to the Death card to release anything you refused to in the first place. Allow this full clearing to take place and have faith that you will survive.

Teaching and learning can still be suggested. Travel also is still indicated but with little sense of purpose or planning.

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