The Sun (XIX) Reversed

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



When The Sun reverses it is still a positive card but some clouds now appear in the sky suggesting you still have niggling worries about a situation. You just wish you could let go and enjoy yourself but deep down there is still a feeling of fear and a touch of negativity. You may have doubts about whether things are too good to be true. You must determine if you have real cause for worry or are you deliberately looking for grey clouds? Stop being so negative and pessimistic. Could you be deliberately sabotaging your happiness and the happiness of others? You may need to go back to The Moon to find out where the darkness is coming from.

If looking for an answer to a particular question, The Reversed Sun can suggest a No or Not Just Yet.  There are some things not in place yet but with a bit of effort they could be sorted quite easily.

The Sun Reversed may suggest a dip in your natural confidence and self-esteem. This is bound to be only temporary as you are not the kind to stay down for too long.  Someone may have put a dampener on your sunny mood or may be blocking the light of the sun from reaching you. The freedom you crave and desire has not yet fully manifested or is being denied you by others. Work and commitments may have you slaving away while everyone else is out enjoying themselves.  This day too will pass and tomorrow will be a brighter day.  Stay positive and don’t take things too seriously.  Know that your day in the sun is just around the corner.  When was the last time you had a bit of fun or let your inner-child out to play?

Inner child issues may be surfacing when The Sun Reverses.  There may be a loss of innocence or the snatching of it.  Pay particular attention to a child whose natural sunny disposition has radically changed.  Look to the other cards in the reading for insight into what may be the cause of this child’s change in personality.

Temporary creative blocks may be causing frustration and exasperation.  Take a break from what you are doing.  The Sun has only gone behind a cloud and will be back soon enough.  The Sun Reversed can suggest that you are denying your creative side or not developing it.  Unless you find an outlet for your natural talents and gifts you will never be truly happy.

The Sun Reversed can suggest that some of the warmth may have gone out of your relationship.  Things may have cooled or perhaps you feel worn out by the intensity of it all.  There maybe a lot of competition  and envy in your relationship as one thinks the other more successful.  Too much work can leave little time for play.  The Sun Reversed can also suggest that you may be involved with a much younger person. There may be a broken engagement or jilting at the altar. Celebrations get cancelled or delayed.

When it comes to careers, The Reversed Sun can indicate a very competitive career such as in sales or competition for a particular position. Unhealthy competition or competing with oneself is strongly linked to The Reversed Sun. Your ego may have taken a bashing leaving you smarting from the incident or your inflated ego may be driving everyone insane around you.  Instead of drawing people to you, you may notice them leaving the room when you enter or giving you a wide berth at social occasions.  Remember, you might be riding high right now, but pride tends to come before a fall.  Too much self-promotion and bragging can make you very unpopular.

There may be a fall  from a horse or an accident around animals, so mind the children.

Over-exposure to The Sun can burn so you may be overdoing things or are overly enthusiastic about everything. You could be possibly showing off to impress others. This is bound to wear you out in the long run. You may need to pace yourself. However, you may have got your fingers badly burned by something you got involved with.

If travelling to a hot climate make sure to take extra precaution when exposing your skin to the sun. Plenty of strong factor sun cream and take the sun only in small doses. The child on the horse may have got too much sun too, so we may see fevers and fretting. The young child reversed can indicate immaturity and childish behaviour such as tantrums and hysterics.  Everyone needs to cool down as everything reaches fever-pitch.

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  1. Right now I just pulled this card as my card of the day. I’m feeling very anxious right now because of a project I’m doing for my job which has had very challenging timelines and not-so-clear requirements, and the customer has been hard to get answers from. Yesterday we finally got some answers. I’m worried how today is going to go because results are due at the end of the day. I’m hoping this card, Sun reversed, is a good sign and not a bad. I feel a bit overwhelmed with everything I need to be tracking right now and it’s hard to stay focused on the things that are within my control. Yesterday I pulled 4 of swords and day before I pulled 10 of swords (both right-side-up).


    • Hi Anne, I was just about to log out as I have to go but saw this. Oh boy do I know what you are talking about. I have been there and that sort of pressure can certainly bring you to your knees. I am not surprised with your Four of Swords yesterday and the Ten the day before as you sound under incredible strain. These two cards also tell me that the pressure started some time ago and has now built to a crescendo stage. The Ten as you know suggests that it is nearly over but things may get worse before it ends. You have to hang on in there. What annoys me is the fact you do not have clear requirements and cannot get direct answers from anyone. It is so frustrating. The Sun is a brilliant card for creative success when upright and can also be very positive when reversed. I get the feeling you have very high standards and always set the bar incredibly high. This project is very personal to you and you feel that you have not been allowed give it your best as there have been too many clouds over the sun blocking your view. You may feel creatively blocked from pure mental overload. It has not been an enjoyable ride at all and I believe others’ egos have played a part in making something out to be more stressful than should have been. Is there an unusual panic about this job that someone is creating? Someone stressing everyone out? The Sun Reversed may be an indication that even though there is a successful outcome, you may not feel in a celebratory mood as you will be too shattered to enjoy anything except collapse into your bed tonight. I think you may be beating yourself up with self-reproach and nit-picking about the work you have done on this project. Shortly it will be in the past and you will be able to come up for air and feel a bit freer in your mind. Fingers crossed for you today. I suggest getting out for a walk and some fresh air if you feel like cracking. I know when it gets that bad you cannot think straight. Don’t let negative comments or attitudes get in on you. Keep positive and believe that it will work.


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