Seven’s Intro

Seven’s Intro

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The Four Sevens in the Tarot represent challenges and obstacles that must be overcome in order to achieve aims or goals.  After the stabilising time spent in the Six the Universe has decided that more is now required of the individual Suits before they grow lazy or lack lustre about finishing their journey.  Life has changed gear once again and the pressure is beginning to increase the closer they get to the finish line.  Back in the Ace, in their early days, when inspiration, desire, need and burning ambition drove them to take the initial step forward, they may not have realised how hard the road would get, the potholes and sometimes craters that would trip up or indeed swallow the unsuspecting traveller.  Yet, here they are, all Four Suits, and amazingly enough, still standing.

Regardless of the difficulties experienced to date, they are on the home run now and hopefully enough momentum has been built to keep them going to the end no matter what the road throws up at them now.  However, the closer they get to home and attaining their individual goals the harder they will be tested.  Any challenges or obstacles will have to be carefully dealt with and navigated around because mistakes made now may cause serious set backs.  By now, the Four Suits should have a growing understanding of their personal strengths and weaknesses in relation to any apparent successes or failures experienced to date.  The Universe will not tolerate them making the same mistakes over and over so the time has come for them to ‘know thyself and thy abilities’. Therefore, the Sevens also deal with introspection and the reassessment of goals and aims.  Some adjustments may need to be made in the way the Suits go about achieving them.  Some challenges or obstacles faced, may seem familiar at this stage and they may ask, “Hey, what am I doing here again?” but if they stop to think long and hard enough they will realise that if they are getting the same unwanted results for the same actions then change or a new strategy is needed.

In  in the face of challenge and obstacles, a new approach may be necessary to achieve their aims. It is a time to reassess their goals. The Wands have to deal with the challenge of having too many irons in the fire and demands in their life.  The position they fought so hard for and eventually won now brings its own set of problems and burdens.

The Cups after their personal trauma and heartbreak sought refuge and sanctuary but now realise that change is needed once again and with that brings emotional fear and confusion. They must go deep within to find answers and guidance. The challenge is to face themselves.

The Swords after been psychologically overwhelmed and beaten down must move beyond that.  They need to sharpen and start using their brilliant minds to adapt to whatever is thrown at them instead of letting it knock them down each time.

The Pentacles, after their loss and deprivation now have the challenge of getting back on their feet and deciding what to do next. Through introspection and reassessment their challenge is not to let failure have a chance to catch them again.

For Each Suit, all will be riding on what they do next.

All Four Suits may benefit from reviewing their life plan.  Some may need to be torn up and rewritten, others just needing a tweek here and there.  Some may have lost sight of the original goal or now want something else. Getting back out on the road with a new sense of purpose is what the energy of the Seven can bring to the Fours Suits.  With determination, conviction, tenacity and a strong sense of self-belief, the message of the Seven rings strong and clear in their heads, “You must not give up, hang on in there and find a way to succeed.  Victory is yours if you have the courage and stamina to take it. We shall overcome”.

Seven also brings luck and magic but usually as a byproduct of resourcefulness and using initiative.   This combination can be quite powerful indeed but they cannot wait for it to come knocking on the door.  They must go out and make it themselves.  The continued journey of the Four Suits is not for the faint hearted but the wheels have been set in motion and one way or another they will all cross that finish line, successfully or not.

On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, The Four Sevens reside in the 7th  Sephira – Netzach  (Victory/Endurance) which provides the fortitude and determination to succeed in one’s endeavours and overcome obstructions or challenges. It deals with the emotions and feelings and the focussed concentration or control over same.  Astrologically – Corresponds with Venus

In the Major Arcana, the Four Sevens correspond with Card Seven, The Chariot (VII).  The Chariot speaks for itself in its message of Victory by force, stamina, fearlessness, control, determination and endurance. The Chariot drives forth with a steely determination and strong conviction.  The Chariot is also in full control of his emotions, for if not, nothing could be achieved.  The Chariot courageously faces any challenge or obstacle that stands in his way.  The basis of The Chariot’s journey is completion. Therefore, if one steps onto the Chariot, one must be prepared to go the distance for there will not be an option to change one’s mind further down the road. All Fours Suits will need to call on the energy of The Chariot to endure this stage of their journey.

The Tower Card (XVI) of The Major Arcana is also linked to the Four Sevens and stands for the ultimate challenge and the strongest of obstacles. Only the strongest will survive the Tower.


* One Seven turning up in your reading may not be terribly significant but will highlight, depending on the Suit, the area of your life that is posing challenging or difficult. Reassess how you are tackling the situation as you may need a new approach.

Two of more Sevens in your Reading will suggest that you are more than likely feeling challenged and have much to overcome or deal with before you can get some peace of mind.  You are bound to be feeling tired and drained and under pressure but you must not give up or give in. Instead, you might have to make some changes in the way you are doing things if you wish to achieve your goals. 

All Four Sevens can actually be a good sign and once they are Upright suggests that you are really taking the necessary steps to get your life in order and are making progress.  It is a testimony to your strong assertive and independent personality which is the type that never gives in.  You are finding a way around all the pot holes and thinking on your feet.  Luck is bound to be on your side as a result of all your combined efforts.

One Reversed Seven in a Reading again, is not terribly significant but does show the area of your life where you feel overwhelmed and not in full control.  You may need to let a situation go or change the way you deal with it but instead use the same old approaches and keep going regardless of the unwelcome outcome. 

Two or more Reversed Sevens in a Reading is often a sign of stubbornness, rigidity or stupidity.  The Reversed Message of The Seven is “Don’t hang on.  Let go. What you are doing is not working so stop. You are getting the same results over and over, yet you fail to learn.  You are going nowhere with this situation.  Get out or completely overhaul.  Stepping back now will give you a chance to reassess your situation. “

All Four Sevens Reversed can suggest bad luck all round and acting without thought or impulsiveness. Whatever you are doing is not working and you are probably solely responsible for this.

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The Seven (VII) of Wands   The Seven (VII) of Cups   The Seven (VII) of Swords   The Seven (VII) of Pentacles

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