The Earth Signs

The Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

(Please Note, The Personality Profiles Below, and attached, are Based on the Archetypal Zodiac Types for Tarot Reading Purposes. Most People have a mix of several Zodiac Signs based on Their Astrological Birth Chart and are not solely one Sign.)

Taurus     Virgo     Capricorn

Ruled by the Planets Venus, Mercury and Saturn the Earth Signs are the most down to earth Signs of the Zodiac. They are practical, hard-working, methodical, reliable, determined and renowned for their stability.  They are lovers of nature, animals, and are strong environmentalists.  Earth is the domain of the material world, and those governed by it will want to enjoy all that it yields, especially money, and all the benefits that come with having plenty of it.   Without the Earth Signs around, nothing would get finished, built, produced or maintained. Fine detail would be overlooked and quality under-valued. The Earth SIgns are renowned for their love of luxury, music and art even if they are sometimes seen by others as dull and serious.

Taurus – Warm, loving, sensuous and good-looking. They are hard workers, extremely committed to whatever they do and to their family. They like the good things that money can buy.  Luxury, comfort, good food and wine are a must. They are nature and animal lovers. They have a tendency to be possessive, and sometimes overly so.

Virgo – Critical, analytical, intelligent and prudish. They are excellent at expressing themselves and communicating their needs. They have a tendency to be cleanaholics and overly fussy. Highly critical of all around them, they can readily turn this trait in on themselves too. They are often their own worst critics and can have a very low opinion of themselves.

Capricorn – ambitious, determined, single-minded and materialistic. They are committed to their partners, but may appear more married to their career. Family often gets neglected in favour of work. They take little time out for fun and are extremely cautious where money is concerned. They are driven by the need for financial security.

The Four Earth Signs in the Tarot are represented by The Pentacles, except for Virgo which is represented by the Queen of Swords:

Taurus – The King of Pentacles, Four of Pentacles

Virgo – The Queen of Swords(could be represented by any other Court Card if the profile description fits), The Hermit

Capricorn – The Knight of Pentacles, The Devil

The Queen of Pentacles although not listed above for the three Earth Signs, can represent any of the Earth Signs, although is typically associated with Libra.  The Page of Pentacles can represent any of the Earth Signs too but if the person is over the age of 22 years, they are bound to be showing signs of immaturity. They may also be feeling young at heart.  The Page can also be a representation of their childhood.

Remember that these are just guidelines and the Pentacle Court Cards can represent any of the other 12 Zodiac Signs, but the person represented will definitely be displaying personality traits or aspects of the Earth Element.  Once the profile fits, regardless of the person being a Gemini or an Arien, they will obviously have a lot of Earth in their personality make-up.  This display of Earth may be transient or fixed.

The Fire Signs   The Water Signs   The Air Signs      The Earth Signs

Taurus   Virgo   Capricorn

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