The Chariot (VII) Reversed

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



All in all lack of success through poor self-control and self-discipline.

Oh dear, here we see a situation out of balance and out of control when The Chariot Reverses. Now the sphinxes have the upper hand. Disaster is not far away as they pull against each other, both determined to have their own way and both desperate to bolt off in opposite directions. You have lost control of your emotions and so, have lost control of your life. Emotions cloud and blur your vision making logical  decisions almost impossible. Emotional outburst are to be expected. Repressed emotions may surface and without self-control and self-discipline, hysteria is common. You may become overwhelmed by grief or a broken relationship from The Lovers card.

When the sevens in the Tarot  reverse they all carry the same message. Don’t hang on, give up, let go. Let the past go and with it old emotions. Once they are cleared, find a new way of coping and dealing with emotional situations. Learn from your mistakes. Release old negative destructive patterns.

Car problems can be suggested and even car related accidents. When The Chariot appears reversed it is always wise to suggest that  car service or mechanical overhaul would be advisable. Also, take care when driving. Remember to belt up, watch your speed and remain focussed.  Travel arrangements may get cancelled or delayed. You may get lost en route or lose your sense of direction.

You or someone you know may be in serious emotional trouble. Wearing a mask to hide their distress they may appear normal to most but are on the brink of a breakdown behind closed doors. Emotionally overwhelmed and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel they may need the love and support of family or friends to get them through this time in their lives.

The Chariot Reversed can suggest that you may be over-reacting to a situation and need to retreat in order to calm down and logically view the situation from a safe distance.  You may be stressed due to difficulties in completing a project or task.  You may have committed yourself to something that now you are not able to complete and this may have you sick with worry.

When The Chariot reverses forward momentum ceases and the wheels no longer turn. This may indicate that for the moment life and progress seems to have slowed down or stopped  altogether. You may feel that you will never advance in your career or that your relationship is stuck in a rut. You may be riding for a fall.

However, anger and violence can be suggested you as drive your Chariot over others in order to get where you are going. Your ego may be over-inflated and you may be dismissive of others problems and feelings.

 If involved in competition or sport The Reversed Chariot may indicate that you will lose to the opposition.

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