Practice Reading Aces

Practice Readings – Aces

Quite detailed readings can be given from just reading the Aces of the Tarot alone. Have a go at interpreting the following questions and spreads. Don‟t spend too long dwelling on all the possible meanings. See how active your intuition is!! Just lay out the cards as detailed below. Refer to your notes if you have too. Remember that cards readings are open to interpretation and not all of you will arrive at the same meanings. This is the basis for a three card reading. I have provided a brief reading for each spread in an attached supplement, but please try going it alone before referring to my interpretation and remember that it is only my interpretation!

The Three Card Spread

After clearing and shuffling the cards well (reverse some if you like) Layout you selected Cards in a row

Position 1  – Past    Position 2 – Present    position 3 – Future

1. Should I take the job I have been offered?

Card 1  – Ace of Swords Rx    Card 2 –  Ace of Pentacles     Card 3 –  Ace of Cups

2. Will my new business venture by a success?

Card 1 –  Ace of Swords Rx   Card 2 –  Ace of Wands Rx  Card 3   –  Ace of Pentacles Rx

3. Will I get pregnant in the next year?

Card 1 –  Ace of Wands Rx   Card 2 –  Ace of Swords   Card 3 –  Ace of Cups

*When you have attempted these readings and recorded them in your journal, take a look at my interpretations and see if there are any similarities.  Don’t expect yours to match mine.  You are not me and I not you so they are bound to be different.  However, there should be some commonalities in their interpretation.

Aces Intro    Ace of Wands   Ace of Cups    Ace of Swords    Ace of Pentacles

Twos Intro   2 of Wands    2 of Cups   2 of Swords   2 of Pentacles

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