The Air Signs

The Air Signs

Gemini  Gemini,  Libra  Libra,  Aquarius  Aqarius

(Please Note, The Personality Profiles Below, and attached, are Based on the Archetypal Zodiac Types for Tarot Reading Purposes. Most People have a mix of several Zodiac Signs based on Their Astrological Birth Chart and are not solely one Sign.)

Ruled by the planets, Mercury, Venus and Uranus, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius make up the Air Signs of the Zodiac. Known for their energy and quick minds, they are the most communicative, intellectual and sociable signs of the zodiac. They can be sharp as a tack, with razor like minds. They can however appear aloof and unemotional at times.

Gemini – Chatty and intellectual but have a tendency to live on their nerves. Easily bored, they are naturally inquisitive and curious. Their dual nature can be problematic, especially in love.  They have excellent communication skills and very witty.

Libra – Diplomatic and romantic. They hate to be alone and love to be appreciated (overly so). They can be very indecisive and too laid back at times. They make great friends but do expect a lot in return.

Aquarius – Independent, aloof/friendly, cool and calm in a crisis. They are intensely private and can appear sometimes appear unapproachable. They are strong humanitarians, but can be emotionally withdrawn. They have a tendency towards eccentricity.

The Air Signs are represented in the Tarot as follows:

Gemini – Knight of Swords (Also the King of Pentacles), The Lovers

Libra – Queen of Swords (Queen of Pentacles), The Empress, Justice

Aquarius – King of Swords, The Star

The Page of Swords can represent any of the Air Signs but if the person is over the age of 22 years then they are bound to be showing signs of immaturity. They may also be feeling young at heart.  The Page can also be a representation of their childhood.

Remember these are just guidelines, and the Air/Sword Court Cards can represent any of the 12 Signs. However the person represented, be they a Taurean, Leo or Cancarian, will be displaying personality traits or aspects of the Air Element/Signs.  Once the profile fits, regardless of the person being a Capricorn or Piscean, they will obviously have a lot of Air in their personality make-up.  This display of Air may be transient or fixed.

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Gemini    Libra   Aquarius

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