Pisces – The Fish

February 20th – March 20th

(Please Note, The Personality Profile Below is Based on the Archetypal Pisces for Tarot Reading Purposes. Most People have a mix of several Zodiac Signs based on Their Astrological Birth Chart and are not solely one Sign.)

Pisces Symbol

Ruling Planet – Neptune

Duality or Gender – Feminine

Triplicity or Element – Water

Quadruplicity or Quality – Mutable

Body Areas – Feet

Stone – Moonstone

Colour – Soft sea-green

Tarot Correspondence – High Priestess, Hanged Man,  Page of Cups.  Can also be represented by other Cup Court Cards

Pisceans are the dreamers and poets of the Zodiac. Extremely talented, they are very artistic and creative.  Like their fellow Water Signs, they have wonderful imaginations and strong emotions. However, their imaginations can run away with them at times.  They can be too easily swayed by their emotions. Known for their kindness and charitable nature, Pisceans hate to see others suffer and often find the world a harsh place. They have a tendency to live in a dream world and can sometimes appear otherworldly. Facing reality, and living in the real physical world is one of the constant challenges for Pisceans. Great with their hands when it comes to writing or drawing, they can be quite clumsy when it comes to tackling DIY jobs.

The Pisces symbol depicts two fishes swimming in opposite directions. This is very appropriate for Pisceans as they are often in conflict with themselves. They are known to suddenly change their minds about a course of action, and then set off in a completely different direction. When life gets tough, the Pisceans loathing of any form of confrontation or aggression, will back off a situation rather than deal with it head on.


When it comes to matters of the heart, Pisceans are incredibly romantic and love to woo their partner. When Pisceans fall in love, boy do they fall in love, and instantly. Every romance is considered ‘the one’! They will see no fault whatsoever in their partner regardless of what they get up to. As a result, they can easily be used and abused by anyone willing to take advantage of the kind and gentle Piscean.

When absolutely smitten or deeply in love, the Piscean will not eat or sleep for they believe they can live on love alone.  Their reputation as being the great poets of the Zodiac kicks into gear with love letters and declarations of devotions and adoration to the subject of their desire.  To be courted by a Piscean is something else indeed. It can be quite heady, and at times overwhelming.  They just love displays of affection and think nothing of kissing and canoodling in public. This can be sweet at first but becomes tedious and slushy as time goes on.

Initially in a relationship, the Piscean will show great displays of sexual ardour, but this has a habit of wearing off as time goes on. Sex just isn’t a big deal with them. They prefer the longer lasting effects of romance and romantic gestures. They are definitely not in the same league as their fellow Scorpion.

Emotionally driven, Pisceans can get upset very fast if they feel their love is spurned in any sense. Terrible sulks and scenes can arise. Pisceans are usually very committed to their partner. If problems arise in the relationship, Pisceans will keep their head down and pretend that nothing is happening, in the belief that if they ignore it, it will go away. Unfortunately, it is rarely  the case. Their partner may get very frustrated with trying to get them to face the facts or deal with an issue. If there is confrontation between the Piscean and their partner, it usually ends in tears, for the Piscean anyway, who immediately will feel unloved and rejected.  They can become quite child-like and sulky.

Family and Parenting

When it comes to family the children of a Piscean will feel greatly loved and cherished.  They will be blessed by a punishment-free house, for their Piscean Parent finds it difficult, if not impossible, to carry out any form of harsh decision-making. There is a tendency with Pisceans to want their children to excel in an area where they themselves did not, and they can get quite pushy about this.

The children of a Piscean may see them as a bit of a pushover but will dearly love their parent. Their children can dote on them as they get older and become quite protective.  The children of a Piscean will always have a home with them no matter what age they are.  They are terribly sentimental and will probably have an attic full of their children’s old toys and school books. which they can become emotionally attached to.  The problem arises with Pisceans when they are forced to take major action or make a decision in the household. They have a tendency to sit on the fence with issues, or take the easy way out which is not always the best.


When it comes to careers, Pisceans often turn to the caring professions such as nursing, counselling and child care.  There are also many actors and singers who are Pisceans.  Actors have a reputation for being shy and quiet off stage, so this can suit the Piscean who is possibly insecure and  introvert in reality, but gets the opportunity to be somebody else and behave otherwise while on-stage, or in front of a camera.  Remember, the Pisceans love everything to do with imagination and make-believe.  Their love of beauty and art can lead to careers in fashion, fashions design, beauty thereapy or make-up artistry.

Pisceans can easily stray off the path every now and again, so do very well under the guidance of a tutor or mentor.  The Piscean Sign is one of duality, as is Gemini and Capricorn.  The two fishes can indicate that they have the ability to work two jobs, or be successful in two careers at one time. Whatever they choose, it needs to be interesting and contain variety, as Pisceans easily bore.  Pisceans as they get older and more sure of themselves often develop their creative side which can lead them in a whole new career direction.  However  their creative side can often remain dormant, and their potential un-realised.  Pisceans are wonderfully gifted, but have a habit of doubting their abilities, which is a shame.


Pisceans have a deep love of art, and of course the sea.  They  love any sort of water sport. Like the fish of their symbol, they will happily stay in the water all day.  Their systems are however extremely sensitive to their environment.  The Piscean planet, Neptune, governs the general nervous system, and especially the thalamus. Pisces governs the feet, so this is often a vulnerable area for them with blisters and bunions. They tend to favour comfortable walking shoes in favour of high fashion.

Pisceans have a predisposition to addiction, so must watch out for this by controlling their intake of alcohol and avoiding drugs. They often have severe reactions to prescription drugs due to their sensitive systems.

The Older Piscean

Pisceans often look forward to retirement and see it as their eventual opportunity to explore and develop their creative side.  With plenty of time on their hands, they can indulge their artistic fantasies without being under pressure from the boss or work colleagues.  Wonderful, inspirational works of art can follow.  The older Piscean will enjoy several different hobbies, and may become more focused on holistic health and alternative therapies.  All kinds of craft work will appeal to their creative and artistic side, so once the pressure is off from a work point of view, they could easily begin earning an income from what they produce.  Of course they will never have intended this, but their creations are magnificent and so wonderful that once word gets around, they could find people beating their door down to make a purchase.

Reading is also wonderfully fulfilling and they will get through all those books they never had the time to before.  Books give the Piscean the opportunity to disappear into other worlds and places as they become absorbed and immersed in the storyline and characters.  They are known as the poets of the Zodiac so do have the ability to write as well.   Their love of water and especially swimming will find them enjoying this healthy pursuit on a daily basis well into their older years, if they live near a swimming pool, or by the sea.

Once the Piscean is no longer answerable to anyone in work, they often get involved voluntary work with charities, or in the community, helping out where they can.  However, they do not like being directly responsible for anything, so if pressure begins to build the Piscean will retreat back to the home.

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