Court Cards

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Lesson 1

The Pages Introduction  – Page of Wands   Page of Cups   Page of Swords   Page of Pentacles

Air Signs  –   Gemini   Libra  Aquarius

Court Cards

Court Card Ranks

Approaches to Interpreting Court Cards

  • Court Cards – Cast of Characters
  • Court Cards – The Archetypal Families
  • Court Cards – Relationship Revelations
  • Court Cards – Role Playing and Persona
  • Reversed Court Cards – Transient Personas
  • Reversed Court Cards – Fixed Personalities and A Note of Caution
  • Court Cards as ‘Take Action’ Messengers
  • Court Cards and Careers
  • Court Cards – The General Atmosphere

Court Cards and Astrology

The Four Pure Types

The Significator

Further work with Court Cards and Significators

Homework – Content to be added

Lesson 2

The Knights Introduction –    Knight of Wands   Knight of Cups   Knight of Swords   Knight of Pentacles

Fire Signs   –  Aries   Leo   Sagittarius

Groupings in The Zodiac

Triplicities or Elements

The Quadruplicities or Qualities

The Polarities


Homework – Content to be added

Lesson 3

The Queens Introduction –  Queen of Wands    Queen of Cups   Queen of Swords   Queen of Pentacles

The Water Signs   –   Cancer   Scorpio  Pisces

Homework – Content to be added

Lesson 4

The Kings Introduction  –  King of Wands   King of Cups   King of Swords   King of Pentacles

The Earth Signs – Taurus   Virgo   Capricorn

A Final Word on Court Cards

Same Suit/Element

Same Polarity



Creating The Right Atmosphere


Working Area

How Long will All this Take?

Homework – Content to be added

Life Review Reading

Tarot Sun Sign and Body Health Chart


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Truly Teach Me Tarot Part I

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