The Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles 

The Ambitious Builder and Up-and-Coming Successful Business Man

Utility, serviceableness, interest, responsibility, rectitude – all on the normal and external plane.  (The Pictorial Key to The Tarot 1911 – Arthur Edward Waite)

Knight of Pentacles Upright

Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn





Together with The Devil of the Major Arcana The Knight of Pentacles can represent The Sun Sign of Capricorn (Materialistic, Ambitious, Possessive) 


Now explore the personality of The Knight of Pentacles below. If he has turned up in your Reading it means his energies have special meaning for you at this time.

You must ask yourself:  Who is he?  Who does he remind me of?  Is he having a positive or negative influence in my life?  How can I embrace or avoid his energy?  What is he trying to tell me?  Is this how I am behaving?  Is this how others perceive me?  Do I like him or not? Do I want to be more like him? How can I be more like him, If he is not a person then what is his energy trying to tell me? How would this Knight handle my situation? Which part of this Knight am I trying to deny?



Personality Profile, Card Imagery and Description              

The Knight of Pentacles is of The Earth Element, but just like his fellow Knights, is also influenced by Fire. Thus we have a combination of the Elemental Energies of Earth and Fire within him. We find a predominant Knight of Pentacles with a dash of The Knight of Wands.

knight_of_pentacles Knight of Wands Upright

Earth influenced by Fire

Knights represent the Fiery Part of the Court Cards regardless of their Suit Element.  Therefore The Knight of Pentacles represents the Fiery part of Earth. In The Knight of Pentacles we have Fire influencing Earth; actions influencing material or financial concerns. What this means is that this Knight is results oriented. The Knight of Pentacles does not indulge, or participate in senseless action. He does not waste his time on ridiculous or frivolous pursuits. He approaches his time as he does the rest of his resources. He must utilise them to their maximum potential and advantage.

Earth can get extremely heavy and bogged down if left to its own devices. Earth is constant and generally solid and reliable. We lay down foundations on Earth and develop roots that can last a lifetime and beyond. Sometimes these roots can pull on us too much, making it difficult to move as it draws us further down into its grasp. Earth holds us all together and gives us the yardstick by which we measure our tangible achievements, success and possessions. However, as essential as Earth is to us all, it can have extremes of effects on us.

With Earth as our stabilising foundation, we can all just about manage to build a roof over our heads, and forage in the wild for just enough to sustain us and clothe us. We can live off the land and be quite content with our lot. On the other hand, we can use the Earth to provide us with so much more. We can build great houses instead of hovels, farm the land so that it yields bountiful harvests to sustain us without worry of starvation, and properly use its natural resources to craft quality clothing to suit our environment. The difference between the two is Fire. Earth is there for any of us to utilise so that we may exist, but when we add Fire to the mix, great things can be achieved.

Fire influences Earth to move and act upon its own resources. Fire provides the inspiration and drive that Earth requires to get up and going. Without Fire, Earth will stand still, or move at a snail’s pace. Fire can move even the greatest weight of Earth to transform itself into something magical and wonderful. Earth is practical, conservative and traditional, while Fire is dynamic and responsive. It enthuses and motivates Earth to pull off its heavy mud-leaden boots and take off at a jog, if not exactly a run. It loosens the shackles that Earth can enforce upon us and promotes freedom of movement across its surface. Fire wishes to expand and experience all, especially the new or novel. Earth can prefer to stay still, and enjoys the security and stability of the safe, known, tried and tested. Earth does not always wish to know what lies beyond the perimeter of its own territory as it can become quite settled in its own space.

Fire forces Earth out of its languishing lethargy and blasts restlessness into its soul. Earth then sees itself in a new light and becomes curious about how much more it can do. This all sounds wonderful, as if Earth has been sitting around waiting for Fire to come and rescue it, but Fire, if not kept in check, can destroy Earth and bring to ruin any hard work and effort that has gone into forming it to the individual’s needs. Too much Fire can inhibit growth and make whatever has grown, wilt or die.  Fire brings a much needed dose of activity to Earth, but it can all get out of hand. Fire can scorch the Earth if applied in extreme quantities and will leave devastation in its wake if allowed to run unchecked.

Fire is the exact opposite of Earth in its need for movement and activity. Earth will calmly sit and patiently wait for things to come about naturally, while Fire is impatient and may want to use force to achieve a result. Speed, and reaching the destination in the fastest possible time is how Fire can choose to work. Earth prefers to take things slowly and progress at a steady pace, never getting ahead of itself, preferring to gradually acquaint itself with any changes in scenery or demands along the way. Fire takes the shortcuts whenever possible, while Earth usually opts for the traditional long route so that it knows where it is at any time.  Earth plans for the journey ahead and sets itself a schedule as to how to get from A to B. Fire flies by the seat of its pants and works things out as it goes along.

Fire and Earth can be at terrible odds with each other. Fire can get terribly frustrated with the speed Earth moves at, and Earth likewise resents being forced out of its comfort zone. Fire has much to offer Earth, yet Earth has important lessons to teach Fire. We all know what happens when too much Fire builds up beneath a stubborn Earth that refuses to let it out. It will eventually find a fault line in Earth and will erupt through it.  This can happen when we least expect it, but it is usually after extreme pressure has been allowed to build up over time. How can these two Elements work together?

It is to The Knight of Pentacles that we must look for our answer, for it is he who must carry the burden of responsibility in this task. Because he is of the Earth Element, but also influenced by Fire, The Knight of Pentacles must work hard to strike a balance between the two. The Knight of Pentacles is not alone in this matter for his comrade Knights must also juggle Fire without getting their hands burnt. This is why the Four Knights of the Tarot can easily slip into one extreme or the other should they fail to control their instinctual urges. To have Fire as an influencing Element is always going to create a few sparks and drama along the way. Some of The Knights may find it quite difficult coping with the influence of Fire regardless of how much they enjoy its thrilling company. Trouble normally occurs when trying to keep Fire under control.  However Fire is essential to the Rank of Knight in Tarot, and individually they must learn to deal with it sensibly, especially the Knight of Wands himself who has a double dose of it.

Knights are traditionally extrovert and action oriented. Their Rank demands they go forth into the world and conquer it. They cannot be seen to take a passive role in any situation. Regardless of how they feel about the demands Fire makes of them, their role is that of the movers and shakers in The Court Cards. They are the ‘go getters’, the ambitious maturing young adults of their individual Suits. They must claim their territory and take their rightful place in the world.  They must show courage and face all challenges and opposition head-on. They must march forth and seek progress and development. All Knights must protect and defend their individual realm and take on responsibilities that would not be expected of them as a Page. The Knights reflect the future of their Suit and lead by example. They must be prepared to take charge and control of their lives, play on their strengths and weed out their weaknesses. How they manage their time as Knight will eventually be reflected in the quality of Queen or King they mature into. Therefore it is essential that each Knight harness the positive qualities of Fire to their advantage, but not at the expense of others.

Harnessing Fire is no easy task and is certainly not for the faint-hearted. However, Fire will not have so easy a time with The Knight of Pentacles as it did with the previous three Knights. The  Knight of Pentacles will prove hard to move at times and is not as combustible as some of the other  Knights. Neither will he be intimidated by the likes of Fire. In fact he may try to ignore Fire a lot of the time and seek to go it alone. He may resist the urges Fire releases in him and view any sparks as potentially dangerous or risky. Should he decide to go that way, he might take forever to arrive at his destination. As he slowly plods along, he can become quite content with his lot. He may fall into inertia or stagnation, yet refuse any help Fire may offer to pull him out of it. He could get very stubborn with Fire, insisting that he is quite happy where he is and does not seek advancement. Fire sees opportunity all around and wants The Knight of Pentacles to take advantage of it as quickly as possible. They may go head to head at times over The Knight of Pentacle’s reluctance to immediately jump on board every new opening that Fire brings to his attention. Fire finds excitement in just about everything, yet The Knight of Pentacles may barely raise an eyebrow. This could lead to terrible frustration.

If they can accept each other’s differences and methods of approach to life, they could work wonderfully together. Of all the Knights, The  Knight of Pentacles has the power to exert the most control over Fire. With his down to earth approach and practical, no-nonsense head on his shoulders, he will see the potential of Fire and how it can help him reach his goals. He will allow Fire to lift him out of his trench and move him forward, as long as he is allowed to hold onto the reins and steady the pace from gallop to a healthy trot. The Knight of Pentacles will tell the enthusiastic and highly energetic Fire when it is necessary to slow down. Earth will bring Fire down to Earth when it gets too carried away. The Knight of Pentacles is no fool, and is certainly not impressionable. Neither is he easily influenced nor swayed, so he may be in the perfect position to extract the most benefit from Fire. Fire will only ever be seen to take charge when The Knight of Pentacles Reverses.  When Fire positively influences Earth, The Knight of Pentacles will experience passion in how he approaches his life. He will find joy and love in what he does, and in his relationships, rather than working or acting purely from obligation or duty. He will be motivated to move towards his goals and dreams with confidence and courage. Without Fire, The Knight of Pentacle’s life might become terribly dreary and predictable. He may journey towards his goals, but it may all seem like a lot of hard work or drudgery, and he could take forever to get there. Without Fire, he may be full of dreams and ambition, yet fear of failure or loss may see him back off.

So with all the above in mind, let us now set out to meet this sensible young Knight of Pentacles and his trustee old friend, his Horse.



As we enter the scene before us in The Knight of Pentacles, we are surprised to find an atmosphere of peace and calm surrounding us. With the previous three Knights there was a certain charge of electricity in the air, especially with the Knight of Wands and the Knight of Swords. Instead we find ourselves in the midst of a pastoral scene. The countryside, nature, spreads out in all directions as we take a good look around. Field, upon field, all bordered with thick deep green hedging stretch out as far as the eye can see. The Fields are all freshly ploughed and we can smell the pungent scent of damp, rich earth. These fields have been meticulously ploughed, and the deep even furrows of the turned soil are a wonder to behold. We realise we are observing natural art at its most beautiful and let out a deep sigh of appreciation. The scene before us looks like a painting, and as we observe more closely, we notice there is not a rock or stone to be seen in the deep dark earth of the field closest to us. We presume the rest are likewise.  Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to clear the fields to this high standard. This is the type of work which would be referred to as back-breaking and must have taken forever to complete. Stamina and tenacity would be required as most personalities would balk at the enormity and tedium of such a task.

Further across the fields, a small copse of mature trees stand majestically looking down upon the undulating land as the furrows roll out in continuous waves around them. They seem proud to be a part of this county idyll.  The fields are ploughed on either side of these trees and we wonder if it would not have made more sense to clear them out of the way.  Would they not prove an inconvenience to the one who must plough this land? Whoever owns these fields went to considerable trouble to preserve them. They are rather beautiful and do add some variety to the scenery. They must also be quite old and we acknowledge that it would be a terrible shame if they had to be cut down just to make ploughing the field more efficient. The person connected to this land is obviously a conservationist and is conscientious about the foot print they leave behind on the land.


In the far distance, we see a large mountain range with their peaks stretching up to the sky. The sky itself is clear and filled with the deep golden glow of the autumnal sun. There is a mild breeze, and the air is filled with the sound of bird song and the distant call of cattle and horses. This is agricultural land. We are standing in the middle of farming country.

We hear the loud neigh of a horse and spin around. To our left, and slightly out of close visual range, we see a horse and rider. How come we did not notice them before? Had they been there all along, sitting quietly, unaware of us, just as we were unaware of them? Maybe they have just arrived? We suddenly realise that we are on private property and might be in trouble for trespassing. We pull back closer to the thick hedging behind us and conceal ourselves midst the dense branches. We can now safely observe them without fear of discovery.


The Horse and Rider, The Knight of Pentacles, stand facing the nearest ploughed field. The Horse is huge, absolutely enormous. He is by far the biggest mount of all the Knight’s. He is dark, almost black, and built like a tank. His head is very large, and his eyes are intense under a heavy brow. He has a massive strong muscular chest and thick trunk-like legs. His hooves are gigantic and his long fetlocks are caked in mud. His body is very impressive boasting a startling expanse of girth. Sitting upon this Horse, The Knight of Pentacles must feel like he is in a big, comfy armchair. This giant of a Horse is solid and commands a strong presence, yet there is a gentle air about him. His mane flows loose and thick over his neck. The Horse stands stock still, with the exception of the muscles in his neck that twitch occasionally. His ears do like-wise so that he can clear the flies that continually buzz around his head.


We notice he wears a small branch covered in oak leaves attached to the headband of his bridle. This simplistic practice is commonly used by riders to protect their horses from the annoyance of flies when out riding. There are many sprays and lotions that can be purchased to deter the onslaught of flies, but why bother with such expense when Mother Nature provides so wonderfully well for such circumstances.  We register another thought that has just entered our minds. This is The Knight of PentaclesHorse, and not only does the Oak branch protect the Horse, it also acts as a strong symbol of the Earth Element. This Knight is proudly letting us know who he is and to which Court Family his Horse belongs. The Knight’s Horse is an outstanding representation of Earth. He is strong and solid, just like Earth. Unlike the other Knight’s Horses, he is content to be still. He does not have to prance around or show off by galloping at break-neck speed everywhere he goes. He is acutely aware of his strength and abilities but understands that he has responsibilities to his master. He also has responsibilities to the land. He does not indulge in such shallow or frivolous practices for he has important things to do. He must conserve his energy for more productive pursuits.


The  Knight’s Horse has many uses.  Today, and for many weeks previously, he has been out on the land from dawn to dusk, pulling the heavy plough under the gentle guidance of his master, The  Knight of Pentacles. Both he and his master have been at this work for much time and are never put off by a bit of unpleasant weather. The fields won’t plough themselves, and the Horse knows that many rely on the Knight’s commitment to them. The crops that eventually grow in these fields will feed the family and farm workers. The profits from excess produce will pay for a roof over their heads and put clothes on their back. Many would feel burdened by such responsibility, but not his master, The Knight of Pentacles. Responsibility is his middle name and he also feels that it is his duty as  Knight to manage such projects. After all, he is young, healthy, physically fit and strong. He takes it all in his stride and knows what he is doing.


The Horse works hard during this time of year, but enjoys being out in the open, just as much as his Master does. There will be plenty of time for rest once the work is done. He is well fed and his every nutritional need catered for. Back at the Farmyard he has a large warm stable with deep, clean straw bedding.  After a long hard day out on the land, the Knight throws a rug over his back, the rug we can see resting under the Knight’s saddle, so that he does not catch a chill as his muscles cool down. The Knight of Pentacles cares about his Horse’s welfare. Once he is rugged he is allowed to graze on the soft grass that borders the field before walking slowly back to the homestead. There is no rush, no panic, and no stress. The Knight talks to him and gives him the odd pat on the neck every now and then. He praises him for the hard work he has done and calls him his ‘best friend’.  Even if it is raining or windy, the Knight never drives him on after a long day out on the land. He is aware that his Horse is tired and weary. He lets his Horse set his own pace and they always get there in the end. It is their daily routine. The Horse knows that he is respected and appreciated by his Master. He works hard and at times gets very tired, but so does his Master. He wouldn’t swap with any of the other  Knight’s Horses who are all go for a while, charging here and there, but then spend long boring days cooped up in a stable with grooms shouting at them or pushing them around.

The Knight of Pentacles has no need for a groom for he tends to his Horse himself and wouldn’t have it any other way. Both Knight and Horse know each other very well and work closely together. They can sense when something in wrong with the other. The Knight of PentaclesHorse has fond memories of all the glorious times of the year they share; from the ploughing in late autumn, to the growth in spring and the harvesting in late summer. He loves the habits, routine and traditions that go with working the land as each season comes and goes. The Knight never works him every day and makes sure that he gets adequate rest. He loves the routine back in the Farmyard as they arrive home from their labors of the day with the sun setting over the distant mountains. The Knight always dismounts after they come through the arch into the cobbled stable yard. He then leads him inside and fetches a handful of straw with which he rubs him down, dislodging the dried-in sweat and dust from his coat. He takes buckets of water and washes the thick cloying mud from his hooves, and picks the congealed bits out of his thick metal shoes so that he is clean and comfortable. He then brushes him down from head to tail, focusing on massaging his sore, aching muscles. Once that is done, the Knight fetches his feed, hay and some water for his stable.  In the cooler weather, he throws a thick wool rug on him before leading him into his stable where he is left to munch on his supper, content and happy that all in the world is well. The master always re-appears with an apple or carrot before saying goodnight and heading into the house. These habits and practices make the Horse feel stable and secure.


When The Knight is at home and not working on the land, there are always supplies to be fetched from the local town, or errands to be run to the village or neighbouring farms. The Knight of Pentacles has a sturdy wagon with a harness. The Horse pulls the wagon and supplies, or carries family to and fro. Everyone calls him by his name, pats him fondly, or gently pulls his mane. They treat him as a very important member of their family and never forget a handful of treats for him after they have been to the store. He feels blessed in their loving care and attention. Life is certainly good for this Horse and he knows that all the other farm animals and family pets are loved, cherished and nurtured just as he is.  The Pentacles are a kind, loving and caring family.

And then there are the other times, when other duties must be attended to. His Master is a Knight after all and this means that he must be prepared to protect and defend his realm. This sometimes involves going into battle and taking on the opposition. The Knight of Pentacles chooses his battles carefully. He is a lover of peace and harmony, preferring to live and let live. He does not intentionally seek battle and will aim to find a more practical way of dealing with confrontation. However, when his own safety, the safety of kith and kin, or realm is threatened, he will don his suit of armour and courageously ride out onto the battle field to overthrow the enemy. During these awful, but necessary times, the Horse sees a big change in his Master. He can be stubborn and fierce as he becomes obsessive about his territory and possessions. However, he always fights an honourable battle, and when all is done and dusted, his enemies usually hold him in high regard. He is respected by all everywhere he goes and most people warm to his helpful and friendly approach. He seeks practical solutions to any crisis on the battle field and rarely loses his temper. When he does explode, his Horse knows that he has been provoked to the edge of his limits. Never, does he take out his bad mood on his Horse like some of the other Knights he has seen behave in such manner.


Out on the battlefield, The Knight’s kind and gentle giant of a horse, looks ferocious. His very height and build are intimidating to the enemy. He towers above them all and the thud of his hooves sound like thunder as he charges across the battle field. If he wanted to, The Knight of Pentacles could ask his Horse to crush them all under his heavy hooves, but he doesn’t work that way. He is not in it for the kill, or because he is blood thirsty or revengeful. He abhors the unnecessary taking of life, be it human or animal, and sees all life as sacred, but he must show his power and superiority as a Knight. The Knight of Pentacles’ battles usually take a bit longer than the other Knights who tend to rush in with all guns blazing, shooting first and asking questions later, except for the Knight of Cups of course. The Knight of PentaclesHorse knows that his Master only takes up arms as a last resort when all other avenues of resolution have been exhausted. He has also seen him swiftly disarm a brewing battle by bringing opposing sides to their senses. He seeks cooperation instead of confrontation, but like all Knights, he does like to get his own way. He manages this quite successfully through careful management and research of whatever issue is at stake. Because he demands nothing more of others than he does of himself, most tend to fall in with his suggestions as he does not come across as threatening or forceful in his approach. His common sense approach to crisis in general makes him a very useful person to have around. He always knows what to do. He is a fixer, a problem solver.

Not only does he have a way with Horses and animals in general, he also has a way with people. He may be quiet a lot of the time as he goes about his business, just getting on with things and not drawing attention to himself. His Horse knows that his Master is very ambitious but is not terribly showy or egotistical. He is not one for pushing himself to the front of the crowd, but when someone decides to probe deeper, they are often surprised by what they find. Behind his conservative and often reserved exterior, is a friendly, helpful and considerate young man. He likes to be of service to others and is quite the all-round handy-man who can fix anything. He is respectful of his family, friends, authority and elders. He is loyal and trustworthy and can be completely relied upon. He can come across as a bit dry at times but he does have a wicked black sense of humour that appears when he is with friends. While all the other Knights are making a song and dance, or a drama out of everything they do, The Knight of Pentacles works discreetly in the background, and regardless of what chaos is going on around him, gets the job done in a fuss free manner. He never moans or groans, and when something needs to be done, he rolls up his sleeves and gets to it while the others shout orders wildly around.

The fields would probably never get ploughed, certainly not to this standard, if it was up to the other Knights. They would be fighting over who should do what, where, when, and be coming up with mad schemes to get the job done as quickly as possible. No doubt those lovely old trees would be long torn down without a second thought. Certain Knights may not even have the time to supervise the work for they would be busy elsewhere with other, more exciting commitments. Maybe the Knight of Wands would think it fun to try his hand at working the plough for a little while, cheerily telling all that he has now become a Farmer, but he would bore after the first couple of lengths. He has heard The Knight of Wands exclaim to his master that the relentless repetitive work of ploughing endless fields would drive him to distraction. His master tends to smile to himself when these comments are thrown around. The Knight of Swords is always coming up with new ideas that might speed up the tedious effort that goes into preparing the fields to such exacting standards, but his Master never tries them out. He explains to all the baffled Knights that he enjoys his work and prefers doing things in the traditional manner, just like his father and grandfather before him. These friendly debates always end in the same manner with the Knight of Wands and Knight of Swords telling him that one day he will have to move with the times if he is not to be left behind. The Knight of Cups is the only one who sides with his master on this topic, thinking the ploughing to be quite romantic and nostalgic. He sometimes brings his easel or sketch pad down to the fields so that he can record such sentimental pastoral scenes. The only thing he objects to is all the mud that does its best to destroy his good clothes no matter how much he tries to protect them, not to mention the state his darling pale, grey mare ends up in. His master always suggests that he wear something old or more sensible at such times, but The Knight of Cups is horrified by the suggestion that he own anything so dull and boring.  The Knight of PentaclesHorse has many tales to tell.



We shall find out all about the Knight himself shortly, but for today, he has put a saddle on his Horse instead of the plough harness. He has ridden out to inspect his land. When he is not working the land but still at home, he likes to take stock of both the work he has already done, and that which still needs to be attended to.  He checks for broken fences, rusting gates, poisonous plants or wild flowers that would endanger his livestock. He carries out any repairs as he goes. He dismounts at the edge of the ploughed fields and scoops up handfuls of the soft moist earth to examine its texture and scent before letting it fall back to earth through his calloused fingers.  His Horse knows that he is checking the quality of the soil. Occasionally he spots stray stones and removes them to form a pile in the corner. He recycles these unwanted stones when mending the crumbling lows walls around the farmyard. Nothing goes to waste and he finds a use for everything.  He believes the land provides him with everything he needs to survive. The Knight of Pentacles calls these his rest days, but even when he is resting he is still working. Nothing is expected of his Horse on these outings other than to carry his Master back and forth. Sometimes he asks his Horse for his opinion on one thing or another, as if he appreciates his advice. His Horse neighs or paws the ground in response and gets a firm pat in return.

Today, we find him going through this habitual ritual of dismounting and testing the soil. He has moved between the ploughed furrows to gather large stones which may inhibit the growth of his crops. He has dirtied his hands and tunic in the process but doesn’t seem to mind. He has scraped as much of the damp soil off his boots before mounting his horse once more.

The Knight himself looks as solidly built as his horse. He is strong boned and muscular. Although the Knight is very conscientious about what he puts into his body, his fine physique is more linked to hard physical work, and being outdoors, rather than any specific exercise or diet regime. He eats to fuel his body for the labours of the day ahead. He enjoys hard grafting work but with his innate understanding of nutrition, he seeks wholesome food that will sustain him. Toiling in the fields or being in the saddle all day makes for a hungry young man who has a ferocious appetite. In his upright state, you will not find any spare flesh on this young Knight.

He has energy to burn, but not in the outward manner of The Knight of Swords or Wands. The Knight of Pentacles is also a keen sportsman. You will find him in the young, ambitious and strategic rugby player who can be relied upon to be consistent and diligent in his play. He rarely seeks the limelight yet possesses a powerful presence when on the pitch. He goes out on match day and gets the job done, but his moves can be a little predictable. He is not as flexible and adaptive as some of his Wands or Swords team mates, but when tension is high, forced errors can occur as the clock ticks away towards full time. It is The Knight of Pentacles who will save the day by calmly and steadily creating the opportunity for his team mates to follow through and score. The team know he can be relied upon to be where he is supposed to be, and do what he is best at. He doesn’t make a habit of letting down his team mates, or indeed his friends or family. Of course if anyone was to draw attention to his qualities or single him out for praise, he would be quick to brush aside all compliments and state that he was merely doing his job. He is quite a private person and prefers to be allowed to come and go under the radar. He is not an attention seeker.

Obviously The Knight of Pentacles has a way with horses and can feel equally at home in the saddle as he does standing on his beloved earth. This makes for the perfect working relationship and he will do well in the Equestrian Sport’s World. He prefers individual competition, but when selected for the team, once more it will be The Knight of Pentacles who everyone will rely upon to achieve a clear round and cross the line on time. He is as steady as stone and rarely gets flustered or unnerved.


The Knight, like his fellow  Knights, wears a full suit of armour under his red tunic. This symbolises his rank of Knight. He is the mover and shaker of the Pentacles Family and his role is one of both protector and defender. He too must be on his guard, vigilant, alert and ready to step forward should his family, friends or realm need his services. However, unlike The Knight of Wands and Swords, he manages his Knightly role along with enjoying the simplicity of domestic living. His concerns are those of the material world and productivity, not the battle field, but when duty calls, he will give it his full attention. The colour of his tunic is red, the rug for his horse is red. So too is his Horse’s bridle. The colour red suggest his passion in life along with his drive and ambition. Because he chooses the same colour for horse as he does himself, this tells us the importance he places on the animal and natural kingdom. He may view his Horse as his equal and loyal friend. The colour red also suggests his desire to protect this realm and the environment in which they move. Note the branch of Oak leaves he has attached to his helmet. His Horse wears a similar branch in his bridle. The Oak leaves connect this Knight to the Element of Earth. The Oak in Ireland and Britain is considered The King of The Forest and is a symbol of strength, endurance, steadfastness and longevity. This ties in nicely with the persona of The Knight of Pentacles and his ClanThe Druids held the Oak Tree in high regard and connected it with deep wisdom. The Oak also provided the doorway from the physical world to the other-world.

Knight of Pentacles (9)

The Knight of Pentacles is just as ambitious as the other three Knights but he may not be as obvious or showy about it. He is strongly cussed on what he wants in life. He has been since an early age. He may not have bragged about it to his fellow Knights, but make no mistake, when This Knight appears on the scene, he has a very good reason for it. He is not a time waster and will have a pretty strict schedule drawn up for himself where his life is concerned.

As a Knight, he is the one in the Pentacles family who begins to make things happen. Success is well on its way, but not without a lot of hard work attached to it. The Page had great plans for what he wanted out of life. He or she was young and ambitious. As the Page planned for his or her future; setting short-term, medium-term and long-term goals, they were yet a distance away from fully implementing them. The Page was the student who worked hard to secure the knowledge and qualifications to pursue his or her goal. The Knight has moved beyond this stage. Yes, he may still be working towards further education and qualifications, but he has moved the Page’s plans forward by acting upon them. The Knight of Pentacles is beginning to realise some of the early goals. He represents the young ambitious business man beginning to make a name and reputation for himself.

As he stares out at as his expertly ploughed field, he can smell success not too far off in the future. This is exactly as he had planned it. He has done his research well, paced himself, controlled his finances, and worked his way methodically and carefully to this point. He can account for every seed he sowed and knows exactly where they came from. He has documented his whole journey so far and has kept meticulous financial accounts right from the beginning.  He has direct experience of every aspect of his business or project, for he has had to do it all himself. He likes to be self-sufficient, and a large part of his growing success is down to the careful management of the resources at his disposal. He hates waste and the human obsession with having to buy new all the time. This has saved him a fortune on several occasions as he trawled auctions and old farmyards for what he wanted.  The Knight of Pentacles wanted to crawl before he could walk and turned down any offers of ‘instant success, ‘get rich quick’ schemes and shortcuts to the top. The Knight of Pentacles focuses on what is achievable and feasible. He wants to be fully responsible for the success that lies in wait for him. Then he will have earned it off his own back and no one else’s. He abhors getting a hand-out or leg up as he believes there will always be a catch in it somewhere. This can make him quite proud and reluctant to ask for help when he badly needs it. He would rather go without then put his hand out to others. He admires those who carry similar standards and work ethics and will offer to help wherever he can.

When not on the battle field defending his realm, The Knight of Pentacles wears his suit of armour as a symbol of the need to protect and defend all that is his and what he is working towards. His suit of armour protects his finances and investments, the crops he has sown and all his goals. It represents the high-bricked or steel wall he has built around his growing empire. This is where his strong focus of attention lies. Security and protection are key to this Knight’s existence and he will go to great lengths to ensure that nothing disturbs the stable environment he is building his future on. On a symbolic level, The Knight of Pentacles has padlocks and chains on just about everything he owns. He is cautious and on guard in case anyone or anything should threaten to breach this security. He has no desire to lose that which he has gained so he can get a bit stressed over such issues. However, he is quite a trusting character in human nature.

His suit of armour is probably not his own. While the other three Knights took great delight in having brand new ones crafted to their individual design when they were initiated into their rank, The Knight of Pentacles probably had other ideas. From the time he was a Page he had his heart set on his father’s armor from when he too was a Knight. Admittedly, it was old, and the style dated, but it had been crafted out of quality metals and could be brought back to its former glistening and oiled condition with a bit of hard work and know how. His father, The King of Pentacles, was delighted when he asked for his permission, as he admired his son’s economy and also the tradition of handing down to his  Knight, the suit of armor that had served him well for so long. It had protected him and saved his life many times. There were dints and dents here and there which he pointed out to his Knight, recounting all the anecdotal stories of how they had been inflicted, yet never penetrated. The Knight of Pentacles felt so proud as he donned his father’s suit of armor, now his, for the first time. Yes, it was now his armor, yet in a way he felt he was simply the current custodian of it and that one day, he too would hand it down to another, maybe his own young Knight.

As he stood in the suit of armor that day, he felt the tradition of generations past which he was now a part of. Within the suit of armor breathed the knowledge, wisdom and abilities of his Pentacle Clan. With strong certainty he knew his duty was to carry on the work of his father and his father before. It was a heavy burden to carry, a massive responsibility to take on, yet he was both eager and humbled by the act. He would not let them down. He would build upon their previous success by becoming even more successful. He had watched his father and grandfather work hard to acquire the standard of living and status the family now enjoyed. Both had made many sacrifices along the way. Times were often very hard, work scarce, and money even scarcer, yet they never gave up. He had watched his own father, The King, lift, carry and toil to build the kingdom they now reside in. He will not let them down, he, The Knight of Pentacles will not be the one to ruin everything they worked so hard to establish. He would make it an empire.

8 of Pentacles Upright9 of Pentacles UprightKing of Pentacles Upright Queen of Pentacles Upright Page of Pentacles Upright 10 of Pentacles Reversed

The Knight of Pentacles is aware of the noble family he is from and also how affluent they are. He was born with their blood coursing through his veins. He will do just as they have done before. If it worked for his father and grandfather, then it will certainly work for him. His fellow Knights often suggest he tries new, modern ways, or approaches, instead of sticking with what they consider to be out of date modes of operation. They know that their advice often falls on deaf ears, and that The Knight of Pentacles can be terribly stubborn. The Knight of Wands has accused him of having plenty of ambition, but no imagination. The Knight of Swords becomes exasperated at his slow and cautious approach to everything and warns him of missing out on golden opportunities. The Knight of Cups cannot understand why he doesn’t get someone else to do all the dirty work, and why on earth he chose an old suit of armor over the chance of a bright new shiny modern one?

Knight of Wands UprightKnight of Cups UprightKnight of Swords Upright

The Knight of Pentacles is his own man, and no amount of cajoling or pushing and shoving will get him to budge unless he wants to. He has his own way of doing things and it may not appeal to everyone. Indeed some may feel he is too dull and boring, even old-fashioned. His idea of success is different to the others. He likes his success to build. He expects various stages to his success, and will keep clear of anything that seeks to take him away from the plans he has committed to in his mind and heart. This all stems from a belief that anything of value must be worked hard for and will be worth waiting for. There is also a belief that success gained too rapidly can disappear suddenly. Building slowly allows for control and charting progress. Too fast and essential details may be overlooked or research left incomplete. Then again, too slow and he may be too old to enjoy the success when it eventually arrives. All the fun might be leeched out of it before he can get his hands on it.  Herein lies one of The Knight of Pentacles’ challenges. How does he let enough Fire in to drive his ambitions without it seeking to take control? His persistent stubbornness can result in all or nothing.

Regardless of what the other Knights might think, The Knight of Pentacles is on his way to success, and usually in the area of the financial or material world. Those who understand his nature and personality will put their money on him as he promises the return on their investments. He is the safest bet in the long run, consistent and predictable. It is Th  Knight of Pentacles who will make money grow, and will also make whatever there is go a long way. He knows what he is doing where finances are involved. He also knows his own Element, Earth, inside and out. Therefore he is a man of the land and likes to acquire it. As the defender and protector of his Element, he is a conservationist and environmentalist. He is also strongly connected to the creatures of the land and can sometime value animals over humans, preferring the company of his dog to a social outing with his fellow Knights.


As we look more closely, The Knight of Pentacles is very handsome, dark and mysterious. Even though he is seen as quiet and introvert, strong, passionate urges smolder beneath the surface. He may lack the burning excitement of the  Knight of Wands, the ‘sweep you off your feet’ nature of The Knight of Swords and the smooth charm of The  Knight of Cups, but this Knight is hot under the covers where he likes to abandon himself to his raw earthy side. He enjoys the physical act of making love or sex as he appreciates the human form. This may come as quite a surprise or shock to a new partner. He certainly is a dark horse in this arena.

The Knight of Pentacles is approachable and friendly. He will want to help you in any way he can and will never turn his back on, or walk away from a situation thinking it someone else’s responsibility.  If he says he likes you, he means it. You should take it as a compliment as he only gives credit where it is due. He does not seek to charm, lead you astray or influence you. He does not need to rely on chat up lines or falsities, and has no time for anyone trying the same approach with him. What you see is what you get and he expects the same from you. If there are sides beyond that which remain concealed until you get to know him better, in general they are very positive. He was just slow in revealing them. Of course we must always remember that these traits only apply to The Upright Knight.

When The Knight of Pentacles declares his love for you, he is sincere and will have given it much thought before communicating it to you. He only commits to people or things which he values so you can expect loyalty and faithfulness. He will be considerate and caring and will take most things in his stride once he has a vested interest. He does expect to be treated with the same consideration and has no time for mind games or foolish behaviour. You can trust this Knight to look after you on every level, even if he is a tad serious at times. He will hold you in much respect. Where children are concerned, The Knight of Pentacles takes his role very seriously, but in a relaxed manner. He may work long hours and have much business to attend to, but when he is at home, he becomes a great family man. He enjoys domesticity and a homely lifestyle. He manages to discipline his children without being severe or harsh. He will not shy away from his share in baby duties and will learn how to change diapers with one hand. He likes having an active role in the rearing of his children and will want to provide a secure and stable environment in which they can grow and develop into well-rounded and grounded individuals. He will seek to instill his children with his own practical, common-sense personality traits, and will be on hand to advise and guide.  Both partner and children will know where they stand with him for he is consistent and reliable. Trouble only sets in when his children enter teenage and young adult years. It is then he begins to lose control, and finds it hard to understand their sometimes careless manner and rebellious ways. However, we are beginning to enter The King of Pentacles’ world so will leave that be for the moment.  Without Fire’s influence he could become dour and boorish, boring and plodding. Earth alone would demand too much of him and he would in turn become a slave to the material or financial world. He could become disconnected, remote and unavailable to his family. Fire releases fun and freedom and provides the perfect balance between work and play. Find the right balance of Fire and Earth in The Knight of Pentacles and you may count your lucky stars for you are truly blessed. They don’t come much better than this guy or girl.



The Knight of Pentacles reaches down to the side of his saddle and draws forth a large Pentacle. He holds this Pentacles aloft. The sky is a deep golden yellow, suggesting good fortune and success. The Pentacle takes on the colour of the sky. This large Pentacle is his ultimate goal. It symbolises the Golden Egg from where his Ultimate success will emerge. As he holds it aloft, he seeks to compare it to what he has accomplished so far. The fact that it takes on the golden colour of the sky is a strong indication that he is on the right track, and that all is well once he maintains his current progress. However, this is the original Pentacle from the Ace, and back at that stage it represented potential but not necessarily actuality. Until the Ultimate Goal is achieved, the Pentacle remains in an abstract state. It is similar to a crystal ball. When stared into, images and symbols shift and are impermanent. What is seen today may be gone tomorrow. The same applies to money, luck and fame.  Therefore, it is essential that this Pentacle is taken out and examined regularly to see if it is reflecting back a harmonious impression. What he holds in his hand, may only be a representation of his goal, an icon. It is the golden carrot he dangles in front of him. It keeps him going, and when he does attain his long-term goal, the Pentacle will completely manifest and become solid and weighty in his hand. He cannot stop until he achieves this. He will have to see his plans through to the very end before he can harvest the full rewards.


Achieving his goals may have him work very hard, day in and day out. He may sacrifice a lot; his freedom, relationships, social life and worldly goods on this ambitious journey. However, as a Knight, he is beginning to see the results of all his efforts. He may already be sitting on a nice heap of cash but it is unlikely he will be showy or extravagant with it in the early days. He, like all his family have a tendency to suffer from ‘fear of scarcity’. He may not feel financially secure until he has more than he could ever possibly need, and then he may need even more. There is definitely a building of success and wealth with this Knight, even if he is not ready to admit that to anyone just yet, and that includes himself. He thinks he still has a long way to go, but others will probably see him as well off. He won’t spend a lot at this stage but he will in the future when he has secured his ultimate success. However, there will be no spending his money on flash or bling. The car or jeep he buys will be top quality, but will be expected to work just as hard as he does, and have room for dogs and possibly a young family too. He may collect classic cars as a hobby when he grows older, but this will likely be seen as an investment.

The Knight of Pentacles is of the land, Earth, and as such will be drawn to building upon it. He may seek to design and build his own house, even learning certain trades so that he can be involved in the build himself. He is practical and down to earth with a no-nonsense attitude about him.

As The Knight of Pentacles sits contemplating his land, he appears calm and content. As a Pentacle, he was born with the disciplined art of patience. He is happy to wait and will see this project through to completion. Some things just cannot be rushed. He cannot force the young seedling Pentacles to push their heads up through the soil. Mother Nature is in control of that. It is important to let things grow and not be pulling or interfering with them. He has done his part of the job and now comes the incubation period, and a trust and belief that what he has invested will return to him three-fold.   The Knight of Pentacles has high expectations which are based on fact and research. He has set his standards high and will expect the very best of best. He has seen his father and grandfather do it. Now it is time to prove his worth and take his rightful role in the longstanding history and tradition of his family. He may still be young, but already he is thinking about the legacy he will leave for the next generation to come.

He never starts anything he cannot finish, and is loathe to start a new project until he has signed off on a previous one. He likes to give his full undivided attention, and maintain control of its progress and development. He is a natural born business person, and so likes to sail his own ship. However should he decide to seek employment instead, he will be an asset to any business. He is methodical and thorough in work where attention to fine detail is a requirement. He tends to be drawn to long-standing institutions; banks, government agencies and accountancy firms.


The Knight of Pentacles takes up the reins and moves his leg gently against his Horse’s side. With barely a nudge, the Horse moves forward and passes right by us. We draw back further into the hedge, not wanting to intrude on their journey or business. We watch the strong back of The Knight as he moves away from us.  The sun shines brightly overhead as the pair make their way slowly around the border of the field. We move out of our viewing spot and follow discreetly behind. Ahead of us The Knight moves across the furrows on a narrow track that we did not notice before. The Knight and his Horse head in the direction of the copse of trees we debated about earlier. We are close enough to see that they are Oak Trees and we smile knowingly. Why, of course they are we, chastise ourselves for not working that out earlier. The Oak Trees are huge; their trunks as wide as a road as they reach up towards the sky. The Knight guides his Horse in under their leafy boughs and dismounts. Beneath the trees, the Earth is dense and compact. Tufts of grass grow in patches here and there, wherever the sun has managed to breach the protective arms of the leaf covered Oaks. The Knight ties the reins in a knot and begins to pull the rug from under the saddle before spreading it on the ground. He reaches back to the saddle and we can now see him draw a parcel from its panier. He places this on the rug and unties the twine that holds the parcel together. Inside lies a large piece of bread, a chunk of cheese and a bottle of ale. He goes back to the saddle once more and takes another parcel. It is lumpy and large. Inside are chopped up apples and carrots. He places the pieces on the ground in front of his Horse who nudges his Master fondly before descending upon the tasty snacks. The Knight of Pentacles leaves his Horse loose and returns to the rug. He stretches his strong, muscular body and then sits down to eat his own food. The rug is stained from use on his Horse, but he neither notices nor minds. He sighs in content and leans back against the firm secure solidity of the trunk of Oak. Its roots curl up around him as if to embrace.

We feel caught in the moment and become totally absorbed in this scene of total pastoral tranquility. The sheer ordinariness of this display of simplicity is quite beautiful and we would love to capture this scene on canvas. As we stand at a distance with the sun beating down on our backs and heads, we understand why these trees where never removed. Not only are these ancient Oaks amazing to behold, they also serve a very useful purpose. They provide respite from the burning intensity of the sun, and offer the perfect spot to rest and eat during the labors of the day.  They also provide cover from heavy downpours and act as wind breaks for the precious crops that will fight for survival in the months to come. Nature has thought of everything and provided well. It seems that both The Knight of Pentacles and Mother Nature work in unison. As he drifts off into a relaxed slumber, we see his chest rise and fall. Beneath our feet we feel the Earth breathe too in exact rhythm.

All is well in The Knight’s world and it is time for us to take our leave. He has it all figured out and we are happy for him. We have so much more of an understanding about this young Knight. As we depart, we are careful not to trample on the young seedlings we can see bulging beneath the surface. We are puzzled by the pathway we follow. Is this not the same footpath we followed The Knight and his Horse down? We know it is, yet where are the hoof prints? There is no sign of them, not a trace. We look back upon the slumbering Knight and his munching Horse. A shimmer hovers around them and our eyes lose focus on the pair. Have we unknowingly wandered into a Faerie Ring? We are aware of a mystical air that engulfs us. Our eyes move back to the footpath and we feel an urgency to remove ourselves from this intrusion. As we find our way back to the hedge and gateway, it dawns on us why there were no hoof prints on the path. The Knight of Pentacles is of the Earth; deeply connected to Mother Nature. He consciously and subconsciously seeks to move through life with the least disturbance to the environment. He takes and uses only what he needs and leaves no footprint in his wake. Yes, we understand



Rank And Status

The Knight of Pentacles represents the young male/female adult of The Pentacles Court Family.  His role is extrovert and action oriented in relation to securing material, financial and physical stability and security. He has been entrusted as the flag bearer and next generation custodian of the Pentacles family’s values, traditions, customs, territory, possessions and assets. He will also be expected to defend and protect them from all attack. The King and Queen have granted him the freedom of the Kingdom for they are sure of his capabilities and loyalty. They know he won’t let them down for they have been careful in his upbringing. Like the Page, The Knight is the result of the commitment and hard work of both parents. He understands his role in the great scheme of things so can come and go as he chooses with the blessing of both parents. He has a deep love for his mother, a fierce pride and respect for his father and a supportive, caring interest in his sibling, The Page.


He knows what is expected of him and carries his responsibilities with pride and honour. His task is to maintain the high status and reputation of his Suit whilst demonstrating enough ambition to take it to even greater heights. He will not shame or embarrass them. Nor will he will bring scandal or ruin to their door for he understands how much is at stake. Each of The Pentacles Court Family must prove their individual independence of each other and be successful in their own right. When such power unites as one, thus empires are born. To achieve the Pentacles’ family aim, The Knight of Pentacles must move outside his familiar and beloved territory in order to acquire more. He must make his own way in the world and show what he is made of. He must mount his horse and take his rightful place beside the other Knights so that he can observe and evaluate the nature of other elements at play in the world. He cannot ascend the throne to Kingdom unless he completes this important stage of life. Left to his own devices, he may choose to stay close to home but Fire has been steadily building within him for some time now which has ignited his curiosity and drawn him close to the border of his family territory from where he can see the greater world beyond. Whereas the Page would be anxious about leaving the family homestead, The Knight is ready to go as it is time. He will carry his home and family in his heart and is comforted by knowing he can always return whenever he wants, assured of the warm and loving welcome he will receive.

The Knight of Pentacles, although young, will not be expected to make silly mistakes or take life for granted like the other Knights are often guilty of. He must act consistently and conscientiously with his eye focused constantly on the goal. Like the Page before him, The Knight of Pentacles carries an old head on his shoulders for he is born of an element that is solid, dependable and deeply wise. The King of Pentacles understands the challenge that lies ahead for his young Knight. He is aware of the Fire that burns within him. He has felt the heat radiate from his son in recent times and knows that the time for direct control of him has passed. The King trusts The Knight will use this newly acquired Fire to his advantage. Without it, he might not progress and develop. He must find balance between his own Element of birth, Earth and his new companion, Fire. He is interested to see how it affects his son and in what way it might influence him. If he gets the balance right he will use Fire to encourage him out of his natural cautious tendency. The Knight must learn to discern what is risk and what is folly. A calculated risk could lead to advancement, an impulsive one could lead to disaster. To accumulate, he will have to speculate and Fire will give him the courage to make any necessary bold moves. He must allow Fire to enhance his life but not control it. The Fire will rage for a while as its energy peaks in this young Knight. If he can keep his cool and a firm control, Fire will settle into a healthy glow instead of a burning furnace. It could go either way for this Knight but if he has come from good stock and upbringing he will prevail and nicely mature. Then he will be ready to ascend the throne.

Traditionally The Knight of Pentacles was described as a young male adult from approximately 22  to 30 years of age.  In modern times, Knights also can represent women if their energies and personality descriptions fit. If the person depicted by The Knight of Pentacles is older than 30 years of age, he or she may be displaying signs of immaturity and finding it hard to grow up. However, the Pentacles Suit is one of maturity so this may not be a problem per se, except for the possibility of not being mature enough to understand there is more to life than work and money, or of being too impulsive when caution is required.  Description wise, The Knight of Pentacles hair was very dark. Skin was swarthy or sallow with strong bones and handsome features.  He dressed discreetly and conservatively and had a friendly and helpful demeanor.  Remember, these are the old traditional descriptions and bear no resemblance at all to the majority of people in the world. It is his personality description that should be concentrated on and not his looks when interpreting The Knight of Pentacles.

Knight of Pentacles

The Ambitious Builder and Up-and-Coming Successful Business Man

Knight of Pentacles Upright


Commitment, Hard Work/er, Disciplined, Patient, Great Effort, Toil for Rewards, Lucrative, Profit, Gain, Cautious, Ambitious, Status, Position, Financial/Material Matters, Building a Business/Empire, Business Man, Investing in Future,  Skilled, Building Financial Security, Budgeting, Money Matters, Saving, Goals, Long-Term Plans, Down to Earth, Practical, Common Sense, Standards, Resourceful, Methodical, Tenacious, Stable, Endurance, Loyal, Loving, Friendly, Supportive, Dependable, Responsible, Honest, Reliable, Persistent, Patient, Tenacity, Stubborn, Solid, Strong, Physical Health, Longevity, Conscientious, Conservative, Conventional, Predictable, Routine, Habitual, Family, Traditional, Prudent, Protective, Defensive, Super-Safe, Guarded, Cautious, Slow Moving, Possessive, Territorial, Domestic, Farming/Farmer, Organic/Green, Animal/Nature Lover, Land, Conservationist, Environmentalist, Frugal, Outdoors, Study


Time to Put Plans into Action, The Approach of Work or Financial Matters, Intense Hard Work Coming Your Way, No Fast Way out of This so Keep Focussed, Set Goals and Be Ambitious, Build Foundations For Your Dreams, Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance, Work for Yourself, Build Your Own Empire, Proceed Slowly but with Progress Must be Made, Do not Rest on Your Laurels as More Work Needs to be Done, Work hard for What you Want, Stake Your Claim, Own Your Space, The Pressure is on but you have what it takes, A bit of Hard work never did anyone any Harm, Stick With it, Keep Doing What You are Doing and Do Not Try to Fast Track It, Use Your Skills and Knowledge, Be Meticulous in Paying Attention to Small Detail, Finish what you Start. Commit to Something Worthwhile, Prove Your Trustworthiness, Take Responsibility and Take Charge, Be Dependable and Reliable, Be Patient, Realistic and Practical, Be Cautious and Guarded, Don’t take Foolish Risks, Resist the Urgency of Others but do not Become Stubborn and Unyielding, Use Common Sense, Take/Find a Practical Approach/Solution, Adopt a Protective and Defensive attitude. Invest Wisely, Check and Double Check, Get out onto the Land and Reconnect to Mother Nature, Keep Focused, Commitment may be Required and Expected of you at this Stage, Be Dependable, Respect your Body and what you put into it, Exercise, Join the Gym, Respect the land and all who walk upon her, Find time for fun and love, If you are working so hard you also need adequate rest. Don’t work yourself to the bone. All work and no play made Jack a dull boy, Become environmentally aware, Think Green, Be Kind to Animals

Divinatory Meaning

When The Knight of Pentacles appears in a Reading, his energy is having an influence on The Querant’s issue or it can suggest you need to adopt his personality in order to reach your goal i.e act like the Knight of Pentacles. His energy may be badly needed in this instance. It could also be getting in the way of progress if there is any evidence of imbalance. With all Court CardsThe Knight of Pentacles can have several interpretations. He can represent the Querant, another person, an atmosphere, energy, an event, a message, advice, or a way of life/behaviour/attitude that either needs to be taken on board or brought under control. The appearance of any Knight in a reading indicates that balance is needed in the area his Suit controls. Even when Upright, you must determine if his energy is helping or hurting your situation. Take at a look at yourself and those around you to locate where the Knight of Pentacles is active right now.

So what is this Knight of Pentacles trying to tell us?

The Personality and Appearance of The Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles breathes life into the plans of the Page of Pentacles by acting on them. He adds the Fire which facilitates their manifestation in the physical world. He begins to make things happen. If found with the Devil card of the Major Arcana this Knight can represent a Capricorn person. Capricorn personalities are by nature ambitious, hard workers and very concerned with the material world and finances.

Traditional descriptions of The Knight of Pentacles had him aged between 22-30 years with very dark hair, dark or swarthy skin and dark brown, hazel or green eyes. Of course this only describes a very small percentage of the world’s population. Therefore, when looking to see where this Knight fits when representing a person, you will need to go by the rest of his description.  He is often devilishly handsome or dark and brooding, his physique and bone structure strong and muscular. He may have an athletic or stocky build. He is well mannered, helpful and friendly. With a reputation as a conscientious and diligent worker, he takes on responsibility naturally and will see things through to successful completion. This Knight will turn up when he says and will not let you down. He can be relied upon and his loyalty is without question. Should you need help or assistance, this Knight will be happy to oblige. His calm and practical approach makes him an invaluable stabilising influencing during a crisis. He works quietly and tirelessly in the background, getting things done without making a fuss or noise about it all. Observers often marvel at his effortless ability and energy.

Along with his personality, The Knight’s dress sense is often conservative and conventional. Predictable and consistent, he is not drawn to following fashion trends, preferring classic cuts and colours. He tends to wear clothes that are suitable to the environment he operates in. He likes to buy quality where he can and will pay that bit more for something he will get long use out of.  He is typically quiet and reserved but this does not mean he is aloof. This Knight is one of the kindest, helpful, reliable and trustworthy of all the Knights. You can call on him at any time and he will do his best to turn up, even if you don’t know him that well. He has a natural protective and defensive nature. This is the Knight who will see you stranded at the side of the road with a flat tyre in the pitch dark and heavy rain. He will stop for both male and female alike.  This is the Knight who gets soaked to the skin grappling with your wheel while he insists you sit in his warm dry car.  A simple handshake and thank you is all the reward he needs. Remember Knights can be female too. It is the personality that fits, not simply the gender.

This Knight is very assured of himself and knows what he is about. He is extremely ambitious where career and financial matters are concerned, but not in an aggressive manner. Guarded and cautious, he doesn’t take risks or gambles on his future. He believes that success must be earned and he is certainly on his way to achieving it. You will find he has a long-term plan and has been working steadily towards it for some time. He may already be working his way up the career ladder, in business for himself, or could possibly be still in college working towards higher qualifications that will ensure even greater success. It might seem he has no time for anything outside of work. He is committed, driven and focused on his goals. He is the up and coming business man with his sights set high. This Knight will be working towards strong financial security. Even though he may appear well off or very comfortable to those around him, he has bigger plans for his future. The Knight of Pentacles likes being his own boss and will prefer to work for himself. He will be happy to start from small and work his way steadily to the top. He is a natural business man who knows what is needed to succeed.

With a great love of the outdoors, nature, and exercise, he is drawn toward healthy living. He likes to keep fit and his body weight under control. He is mindful of what he eats and will generally opt for organic and natural foods rather than processed or fast options. When he is not working he is an excellent cook and well able to look after himself. This Knight will be an animal lover and probably has lots of pets, especially dogs and horses. If this Knight is around you, you might notice he is also a conservationist and environmentalist. If he has his own property, recycling will be evident along with compost bins and rainwater barrels. He has strong views on this subject.

He is never not working at any stage. If he is not in the office or on site, he will be active and productive at home or helping out someone else. He likes to be involved in creating his own environment, so this Knight is likely to be found digging out his own garden, laying foundations to build his own home, renovating an old property, or converting the attic room single-handed. He is a great craftsman, very skilled with his hands and a master at DIY projects. What he doesn’t know he reads up on and studies. He is a natural enthusiastic and diligent student. He has great reserves of energy and never seems to tire. Along with his love of being out on the land, he also likes to acquire it. He is a keen builder and developer so could have an impressive portfolio of properties from an early age. It is likely one of his dreams to build his own energy efficient home in a place of raw natural beauty.

This Knight may move slowly but it is steady and with purpose. He is sensible and down-to-earth.  He is known for great patience. He does not like to rush things, preferring to watch and observe at a pace where nothing gets overlooked. He can wait once he knows the outcome will be worth it. He is methodical and particular. He may come across as a perfectionist to some as he likes to pay attention to every small detail.

The Knight of Pentacles is a traditionalist and can be stubborn and obstinate at times. He is not a big fan of change, preferring to do everything in a tried and tested manner. He might dig his heels in and refuse to budge if he feels in any way unsure or uncertain of an outcome. He will react if he feels forced or coerced.  He can slow his own progress or make life harder for himself this way. He can be guarded and wary of new technology and novel ideas until they have more than proven themselves to be useful and effective. He can wait for too long, and sometimes forever.

The Knight of Pentacles tends to become less serious as he gets older. He may have relationship problems with his father but this is probably because they are both cut from the same cloth. He has a tendency to turn into his father as he gets older. He can appear much older than his age due to his serious and conservative nature, but emotionally he might be immature.

Hard Work Is On The Way Knight of Pentacles

When The Knight of Pentacles appears in your Reading in the present or near future it is often an indication of a period of intense hard work heading your way. Because Fire is influencing Earth, action is now required of you. After careful consideration, you must begin to make progress with a plan, project, task or challenge. This marks a period of needing to forsake all other distractions and unimportant tasks so that you may fully focus on the job at hand. Think of your goal and channel all your energy into achieving it. Success is there once you make the effort.

The Knight brings work that can often be tedious and complex. You need to pay great attention to every aspect of your task and this could involve a lot of detailed and meticulous application of your time, energy, reserves and resources. You might need to put in long hours with little time to rest. The work that is implied may be something you have been putting off for a long time. Not many have the stomach or discipline for the kind of work The Knight of Pentacles is renowned for. The thing is, it often seems more awful from a distance or when we keep pushing it forward into the future to be sorted or tackled at a later date. Now that the Knight has arrived you must stop all the procrastination and resign yourself to the period of discipline ahead. Much good will come of it, and once you get started, it won’t seem half as bad.

Taking or Assuming Responsibility Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles can appear when you are facing a situation that requires you to accept, take or assume the responsibility to sort it, see it through, or come up with a practical solution. This is a time for showing what you are made of and proving you are the right person for the task. There is probably no one else clamouring or volunteering for the position as the responsibility that comes with this Knight can be seen as a burden, or requires too much commitment. In this instance you will have to act conscientiously and do what has to be done. Others may lean on you and at times expect too much of you but this is something you are going to have to take on board and work through. You are probably the only person equipped for the job and will be depended upon to deliver a successful outcome. You will be held responsible one way or another so you will have to give it your best. Now is the time to prove your trustworthiness to others. The pressure is on but you have what it takes. You can deliver.

Hard Earned Success Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles appears in a Reading when you are experiencing a sense of pride and fulfilment in what might have been achieved under very difficult or challenging circumstances. You certainly didn’t get where you are by chance or luck. Your patient, tenacious and enduring nature has paid off at long last, or it will eventually if this card sits in a Future Position. Keeping your head down and pushing ahead with the plan regardless of setbacks along the way has kept you on target. The freedom to do as you please may have been severely restricted and could be for some time to come as you need to completely ground any success in total reality. You might be craving a release from all the hard work and slog, but don’t let that breath out just yet as you are not home until you cross the finish line, and even beyond that too. No stone must be left unturned. Do not drop your guard or rest on your laurels too soon as your position still needs to be protected and defended. Keep doing what you are doing and stick with the program. Success is just around the corner.

Exercise and Lifestyle Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles suggests adopting a healthy lifestyle. You are what you eat!  If you have been guilty of sitting on the couch too much, eating take-away or fast food, and not getting enough exercise, the time has come to implement a healthy regime and break some bad habits. In this instance, the Knight of Pentacles has turned up as your personal trainer, or worse, boot camp instructor. He wants you to meticulously go through all the cupboards and fridge in your kitchen and take a good look at what has to go. He asks you not to forget all the other secret hiding places you have for snacks and sweets etc. He gives you a shopping list of what you will be eating from here on in and also an exercise regime to help get you fit and energetic. Should you decide to tell him ‘not today or even this week’, this guy has great patience and is more stubborn than you are. He won’t get off your back until you have made a start. After all, he just wants to help. He will then monitor your progress. When he arrives in your reading suggesting this lifestyle change, you shouldn’t really be surprised. Deep down you know he is right and you have been wanting to take charge of yourself for some time but have lacked the discipline for staying on the straight and narrow. Use his appearance to motivate you into action.

The Knight of Pentacles assures you that starting is always the hardest part. It takes two weeks for a habit to form and likewise it takes two weeks to break one. Your first two weeks of eating healthy and exercising will be difficult, but once you get through that your new regime will settle into a routine and become your new habit, a positive one this time. All it takes is commitment, determination and perseverance. Set a series of goals or targets you wish to achieve and work towards them steadily. Reaching each mini goal along the way will give you the incentive to work with even greater enthusiasm towards the next. It is all about attitude and wanting to succeed. What seemed like hard work will become a joy and greatly enrich your experience of life. In fact you will look forward to it and feel frustrated when circumstances force you to miss your exercise class or run.

If you have been doing well up until now but have been tempted by some old habits, The Knight of Pentacles is here to remind you of all the hard work and effort it took to get where you are. He asks you not to throw it all away. Stay on course and don’t get side-tracked. Keep doing what you are doing as it seems to be working.

On the other-hand, the Knight of Pentacles can be a work-horse and push himself very hard. Whereas it is great to establish a healthy diet and exercise regime, don’t get totally obsessed with it. Avoid over-exercising and severe dieting. Muscles always need rest days and a foodie treat every now and then is not going to undo all the hard work. You need to find a balance with exercise and food. Too extreme and it takes on the form of hard work and no play.

As a simple message this Knight promotes exploring the countryside (his natural realm) to benefit from the natural resources that are freely available but often overlooked. Get out walking in the forests, up hills and mountains, by lakes and oceans and observe the natural world all around you. Breathe in fresh air and ground. Understand your connection to the earth instead of standing apart from it.

The Healthy Knight of Pentacles

This Knight appearing in your spread may be confirming how healthy you are and that maintaining your body and nutrition is something you work hard on. You are doing all the right things so keep up the good work as it seems to be paying off and even better results are possible in the future. You are taking care of yourself as you should by eating a well-balanced diet, natural food stuffs with no preservatives, ensuring you are adequately hydrated and enjoying regular exercise and fresh air. You should be feeling good and proud of yourself.

If you have been unwell and struggling to regain your health and energy, the Knight of Pentacles acknowledges that indeed it has been slow but most possibly it is for the best. He encourages you to be patient. Even though you think you are getting nowhere, progress is being made and you must keep working in that direction. Try not to force your body into action too soon or expect too much of it. You are on the road to recovery so take care of your body. Make sure it gets plenty of rest, nutrition and hydration. Trying to rush this process may cause a setback.

For those Knights working in physically demanding jobs, pay special attention to your body so that it is protected from injury, strains and sprains. Adopt best practice methods for lifting and manual handling. This advice also applies to the gym and other sporting activities. Don’t push your body further than it can go. Prevention is better than cure. Remember, your health is your wealth and you may not realise that until it is gone.

The Life is Boring Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles often appears in a reading when it appears nothing much is happening in life. Your Wheel of Fortune appears to be stuck or refuses to turn. In fact life has probably become horrifyingly predictable, mind-numbing boring, mundane and dreary.  It’s the same old, same old every day and you might feel you are getting nowhere. Work, home, bed, work, home, bed, becomes your daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly routine. Nothing exciting seems to be happening and you wonder where you are going. You might feel you are getting nowhere closer to the dreams and plans you had for life. It’s all taking too long. You certainly could do with a lift and some change but how do you go about it? There is time for nothing but obligations, duty, commitments and work.

This Knight can represent that particularly dreary time of the year when winter seems to go on forever. You go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. It’s too cold or wet to go out. It seems like endless night and not even your television dramas or good book can entertain you. Even the food you eat has become boring and predictable. When did you last try a new dish or recipe? You might feel irritated by your inactivity but are too apathetic at the same time to do anything about it. You question when you last went for a walk, run, or to the gym, and are not happy about the fact you hang out in your cosy layers of jumpers, sweat pants or pyjamas all weekend. You may moan that it is all slog and no joy, but it is likely you have allowed yourself fall into a rut.

The Knight of Pentacles suggests you motivate yourself now during this time of apathy and lethargy by finding something to shake off the doldrums. The Knight always finds energy through work regardless of the effort that is required. For you this could involve shaking yourself up by getting active. Move your body. Walk, run, swim, work-out, take up a hobby, sign up for a course or become a volunteer for a good cause. Remember, The Knight of Pentacles’ energy slows you down sufficiently so that you may consider your life plan and decode whether you need to make any changes or adjustments. Use this time wisely so that you are ready to progress when life wakens up for you again. For the moment, there is nothing for it but to continue putting one foot in front of the other.

The Saving For The Future Knight of Pentacles

On the same theme, This Knight of Pentacles can appear when you are working towards a financial/material goal. Great effort is being put into saving or accumulating funds for a very particular cause. This Knight can suggest you are living on a tight budget at present for very specific reasons. There is something you are saving towards and money matters figure strongly in your life right now. You want to manage your overheads and accumulate finances without having to go into debt or borrow from friends and family. It is very important for you and the future you plan for yourself that you achieve this on your own and through careful planning and execution. It won’t feel the same or mean as much to you if you do not go through this tight time. Use your personal resources to the maximum, but be realistic about the investment you need to make. Don’t overstretch.

You may be doing extra hours in work or have taken on a second job. Saving for the future is highlighted but a lot of effort is being invested in it. It is likely you have set your target high and this involves serious commitment on your part. You may be saving for a house, a car, college or to get married. Pretty much every cent is going into the fund which leaves precious little disposable cash for anything else. This marks a time of having to deny yourself the little treats and outings you were accustomed to. You might have to make significant sacrifices on the material side of your life which can be quite hard to accept at times. Buying clothes, night’s out, holidays, trips to the hairdressers and spontaneous shopping may have been knocked on the head.

There will be times when you feel life is boring and the lack of spending money is getting you down. You have set a very low budget to live on during this time which makes it all the harder. The Knight of Pentacles has been there many times and knows all about conserving resources, budgets and saving for the future. When he begins to lose faith or cannot yet see the finish line on the horizon, he revisits his original goal (pentacle) to reassess and remind himself of how much it means to him. He thinks back to when he started on this project and observes how far he has travelled so far. He admits that it is all taking time but he acknowledges with pride the progress he has made thus far. This renews his motivation, the Fire within flares up and mobilises him into forward momentum.  He is back on track once more with an even greater determination than before. He will complete the journey and then bask in the rewards of such a victory. Hang on in there and stick this one out for success is on the way. However, do not be so hard on yourself as to deny the occasional treat or splurge. Do not become a martyr to your goal or it might lose its appeal by the time you get it, or you may be too exhausted to enjoy it.

The Budgeting Knight of Pentacles

Staying with the same theme above, The Knight of Pentacles turning up in your Reading may simply be pointing out the need to work out a strict budget and stay within its limits. If you have been spending and splurging, maxing credit cards etc. his presence suggests you are living beyond your means and immediate action needs to be taken to stem the flow of this unhealthy influence. Because he is Upright, he is telling you that you do have enough money even though you are quick to declare yourself broke or hard up. You just aren’t managing your finances properly and have no idea of what you have and where it is all going. You might be carrying too much cash in your wallet or purse which makes it so much easier to spend and lose track of.  You may be too quick to purchase something on your card even if you have sufficient cash on you in the belief you can worry about it another day. The Knight suggests taking a long hard look at your finances. Draw up a plan of action or budget to bring your finances under control and pay off any debts or arrears that have accumulated. Bad habits need to be replaced with more responsible ones. It might take a bit of time to get used to a new way of managing your money but it will definitely be worth the effort in the long run.

The Creating a Routine Knight of Pentacles

If life has been a little chaotic for you or should you be living in a very disorganised manner, The Knight of Pentacles appearing in your spread could point to the need for applying routine in certain areas of your life. This could apply to anything but will usually be associated with finances, work, health and the material world. You may be in a habit of forgetting to pay bills on time, your desk is cluttered with paperwork and the in or pending-tray overflowing, your fridge is long overdue defrosting and you can’t remember when you last did a proper shopping? Your house may be in need of a good clean or freshening up, the garden has grown wild, the kids not getting to bed on time and pets in need of a good grooming.

Then again, it might be your body and diet that needs to be taken in hand. It is likely you feel overwhelmed and out of control. Any to-do list seems to be constantly carried forward. Diets and exercise put on the long finger. How do you sort it all out? If this resonates with you, then The Knight of Pentacles can help you sort it out. He draws up realistic to-do lists; with achievable targets and goals. He prioritises the most urgent matters and commits to working his way, steadily and thoroughly through each one. He doesn’t like to carry forward any of his tasks as this results in a pile up. He sets up daily or weekly repeat schedules for tasks that are ongoing. He arranges direct debits so that bills get paid in a timely manner and sets up a spreadsheet to manage his finances and expenditures. He writes shopping lists and sticks to them. He sets certain days of the week for housework and gardening and allocates time for exercise and activity. He keeps his desk clear by systematically dealing with paperwork and enquiries as they come in.  The Knight of Pentacles achieves much by setting routines and creating good habits. Life does not have to be one long boring routine, but routine and habit do serve to keep order in the parts of our life that need constant attention. Once you have fulfilled your routine duties, then the rest of life can be fully enjoyed. Your mind will be far more relaxed too.

The Guarded and Cautious Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles can turn up in a reading as a warning to proceed cautiously in the financial, material or physical realm. You may be entering territory where others could seek to take advantage of you. Examine closely all approaches of opportunities, offers, tempting investments, job offers, business deals, and advice from interested parties. Large purchases, such as houses, land, businesses, cars, livestock etc. are particularly relevant. Scrutinise documents, contracts, land and property surveys, and do not be forced into committing to anything until you have done your own research. If you hear warning bells or are unusually anxious about a course of action you are about to take, then pay attention. You have worked very hard to get where you are. Don’t let others take it from you or attempt to fool you.  You may be conscientious in how you conduct your business and life, but others may not be so.  Observe closely the motivations of those who seek your company, business, time or money right now to be sure their intentions are honest and upfront.

The Security Checks and Vigilance Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles can appear to highlight the need for security checks where property and possessions are concerned. He can act as a ‘red flag’ warning notice of a possible breach in security. The Knight must ride out onto his land and property to check all gates, fencing and barriers. If you have been sloppy with alarm settings, passwords, anti-virus, locks and keys you need to run a check in all the necessary areas. Pay particular attention if the Reversed Nine of Pentacles and the Seven of Swords lie close by.

The Dragging Your Heels Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles can sometimes appear when you are being too slow or overly cautious about taking a particular course of action. Nothing is getting done or it’s taking a ridiculously long time to come about. Really things could move along at a better speed but you might be deliberately dragging your heels. This could be for several reasons. You might not have total trust or faith in the process, have not put in the required effort to move it into the next stage, or possibly are in two minds about whether to commit or pull out. You really need to build some momentum now and be proactive. You can’t wait forever.

The Perfectionist Knight of Pentacles

Now this is not exactly in the same realm of ‘dragging your heels’ but the outcome could yield the same results. The Knight of Pentacles is a bit of a perfectionist. This could suggest you are very particular about certain things. You approach tasks in a methodical, diligent and thorough manner which is to be admired, but there could be a tendency to overdo it. You do not like to be rushed or agreed deadlines to suddenly change. You operate best in an environment that is not constantly shifting. You like to know where you are at all times. You have a certain way of approaching what needs to be done and will labour or slog over it until it meets with your approval. This is admirable too, but you often try to perfect even your own perfection by going back over it and over it in the belief that it can be improved, or is not ready just yet. When this happens productivity decreases and the desired results fail to manifest, or do so slowly that most have lost interest by the time they do.

The Status and Position Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles appearing in your reading can suggest that status and position are important to you. You also like money and to be around moneyed people. Although you have the natural ability to mix with all levels of personality and society, and are more than happy to do so, you are also acutely aware of where the best contacts for your ambitious progression in life can be made and will go out of your way to ensure invitation and entry. To others you may seem quite casual about all this but you make it your business to know who is who; names, titles, the movers and shakers, and those on the rise in the world you wish to progress in.

You understand the importance of networking and will be keen to make the acquaintance of those you seek to emulate or outdo. You like to learn or be mentored by those you admire. You are subtle about leaving a very specific and definite impression on the right people who may forward your career or prove a strong ally in the future. Whereas other Knights might do this in an insincere manner to get their foot in the door or ahead, the Knight of Pentacles believes in the commitment and seal of a handshake. He seeks access to elevated society or the business world but he believes it is a two-way street. He knows what others can do for him but he is eager to give something back in return. Therefore, he has a tendency to make solid friendships with people who share his ethics and morals. He is safe to be around and is not ready to walk over anyone to get where he is going. Because he fosters an air of trust and loyalty in others, doors naturally open rather than him having to sneak in the back way. He has little time for people who seek status for frivolous reasons, or simply for the sake of it. Status must be earned and status will only be achieved if you have proved your worth, success and consistency. With status comes responsibility and humility. Status comes with personal benefits but it also puts you in a positon where you are able to help or influence others. The Knight of Pentacles is extremely conscientious and will not abuse his status or seek power over others with it. He uses it for the mutual benefit of those he holds dear and is keen to champion and support those who seek to follow his example or lead. He likes to be at the top of his game in whatever area of life or career he has set goals for. He can rise to the elite of society as a result and will move in their circles. However, he remains grounded and down-to-earth. He can become highly respected and admired by his peers who appreciate his worth and sound advice.

The Overdoing It Knight of Pentacles

Depending on the lay of other cards in a spread, The Knight of Pentacles can suggest you are overdoing it, working too hard or taking life too seriously. You might have committed to an enormous task and feel the burden of responsibility weigh heavily on you. Being the proud person you are, it is unlikely you will give up, or admit you can’t cope. You are aware that others are relying on you. They see you as strong, capable, confident and very willing. You don’t want to let them down. You might be hiding the fact that you are tired, weary, or have no time to yourself. The Fire within may have been too optimistic or free and easy with your energy. It might be time to admit you need help or to take a break. The Knight in this aspect is telling you of the need to rest.

The Practical and Sensible Knight of Pentacles

When looking for advice on how to handle a particular situation, The Knight of Pentacles suggests using common sense and adopting a practical approach to finding solutions. This is not a time for grandiose schemes or plans. Be realistic in forecasting outcomes. Often conventional and conservative methods yield better results. Think matters through thoroughly and only act on plans after careful consideration.  Sometimes others will try to over complicate an issue or situation and make it sound dramatic or too challenging. Stand back and view it from a realistic point of view. Separate the real issues from all the waffle and confusion. When broken down, a solution will be found using a simple common sense approach.

The Travelling Knight of Pentacles

When travel is suggested then it would have to be travel overland by vehicle, on foot or horseback. Where cars are concerned, this Knight prefers to drive something sturdy, reliable and practical so will be found behind the steering wheel of strong traditional straight-forward makes and models. He might stick with the same model for years, updating it as necessary. He is particularly drawn to four wheel drives. His favourite locations for vacation generally involve escape to the countryside; rural getaways where life is simpler and less rushed. He has a tendency to vacation or holiday at the same spots each year as he knows what to expect and perhaps feels they are a home from home where the locals know him by name. He enjoys keeping a tradition alive so this Knight might return to a vacation destination from his childhood years or possibly invest in his own holiday home there.  He typically won’t be seeking the bright lights and hectic social scene of a city break but does like to visit such places to explore their history, architecture, museums and restaurants.


Timing is one of the most difficult aspects of Tarot Reading, with many Readers opting not to forecast in this manner. Pentacles suggest the season of winter but this can vary depending on the Tarot Tradition you follow. The Knight of Pentacles is connected to the Sun Sign, Capricorn, December 22nd to January 20th. Sometimes the Knight’s Horse is the Key to timing. The Knight of Pentacles’s horse stands still and there appears to be little activity. There is a sense of waiting and watching. This could mean you will have a long time to wait. Depending on the parameters you have set before seeking the information you could be looking at hours, days, weeks, months and even years. If the Knight of Pentacles appears, it will be long and slow.

Romance and Love Knight of Pentacles

A Down To Earth Relationship Is On The Way

As all Knights can indicate matters approaching and departing, in a Relationship Reading, the Knights can represent the nature of the person who approaches. With the focus being on The Knight of Pentacles we must relate that to the type of relationship being proposed, sought or offered. When this Knight rides into your life, it won’t be at a mad gallop and its unlikely he will sweep you off your feet or make you swoon. I doubt it there would be anything as dramatic as that. The Knight of Pentacles will approach the subject of his desire in a down to earth and practical manner. He is unlikely to make any fast move or jump in too quickly. He may spend quite a bit of time getting to know your personality from a distance. He likes to be sure about who he is getting involved with. It is quite likely this Knight will approach his love interest on a friendship basis initially. He might be part of a circle of friends or an acquaintance of a friend you encounter at social occasions or gatherings. There is a good chance he might be introduced to you through work, as in a work colleague, someone from another department, or at a work related event or conference. He also may come to attention at outdoor events or through sport. He could be someone you regularly meet and chat to while out walking your dog or even the vet who cares for your pets. Then again, he might be someone you meet while in college or on a course.

The Slow Burn

Following on from above, The Knight of Pentacles moves slowly and cautiously when embarking upon a new relationship and he would suggest you do likewise. Unlike the other Knights, he rarely goes out specifically to look for love or a date for the night. He is quite happy not to go out at all, and quite content to be on his own when he does.  He has better things to do and prefers to meet someone naturally. When he does encounter a suitable candidate, he will allow the relationship to organically evolve. He certainly won’t force anything as of course he believes that it best to let nature take its own course in these matters. He doesn’t like to get it wrong or make silly mistakes where relationships are concerned, not just for himself, but for all involved. He prefers to save himself for a relationship of value, worth and longevity. He has seen the other Knights make such a fuss only to witness the disaster and fall-out that follows.

The Knight of Pentacles is not the type who will throw knowing looks across the room at you or go out of his way to bump into you in the corridor. In fact, you may wear yourself out trying to catch his attention as his head is so often focused elsewhere, regardless of the effort you have put in to impress him. You may feel he has no interest in you at all at first and that you’re wasting your time. Don’t give up on this Knight too soon as he is not being rude, just moving at a different speed to other Knights you may have encountered in the past. Patience is required. This Knight is worth waiting for so give him a chance to come round. If it is meant to happen it will, but don’t pull any crazy stunts in the meantime for he will think you unbalanced or unstable.

This Knight is friendly and helpful to everyone he encounters so it can be hard to determine if he is interested or not at first. In fact, there might be a good chance that he has not even thought of you in this light at all as feelings of romance and love are not exactly high on his agenda as he goes about his daily business and life. He generally does not respond well to overtly strong personalities, come-ons or silly flirtation. He may even find it a turn off in some cases.

The Knight of Pentacles needs time to become aware of your presence and this will evolve only when he has encountered and interacted with you on many occasions. His impression of you will build over time.  Only then will it slowly dawn on him that he is drawn to you. From there his interest ignites. He will begin to see you in a new light and subtly pay better attention. At this stage, he will have learned quite a lot about you; your personality, intellect, your values, your ambition and personal goals, your work ethic, your personal style, your behaviour, humour and attitude to life. He will likely have some knowledge of your background too. He doesn’t exactly set out to run a check on every aspect of your life, but because he has taken time to get to know you, he has a much better idea of who you are and most importantly, how compatible you might be. This works both ways. Remember, this Knight doesn’t waste a lot of time or years of his life on relationships that have little chance of success or going a decent distance.

The Committed and Loyal Knight of Pentacles

Once the Knight of Pentacles heart has awakened to the prospects of a suitable and rewarding relationship, the influencing Fire Element forces him to take the necessary action which will bring the relationship into being. He will be quite direct and straight forward in asking you out on a date. If possible this will be done in person as he likes the traditional approach or by phone call. He likes to witness your reaction or hear the intonation of your voice as you respond. It is not like him to send a text or email as he would consider them too impersonal and lacking in privacy. Should you accept his offer, relax as he wouldn’t ask if he was the slightest bit unsure of what he was doing. Try not to play games or hard to get with this Knight as he might easily loose interest and walk away. Also, short of the World suddenly coming to an end, you can rely on him to turn up for the date and you won’t find him bragging about you to his mates. When The Knight of Pentacles gives his word he means it.  Once both of you have decided that there is definitely something worth pursuing, he likes to formalise the relationship in a traditional manner. He will want to know where he stands, so will seek confirmation that the two of you are now officially ‘unavailable to others’, ‘going steady’ and ‘committed’ to each other. You are now his partner and vice versa. What this means is he offers and promises you loyalty, faithfulness, commitment, trust and his protection. He also offers friendship along with his love.

If you have managed to secure a relationship with this Knight of Pentacles you should feel a strong sense of stability and security in knowing that you are with someone who cares deeply about you and will do everything in his power to make you feel cherished and loved. The Knight will expect the same from you too and will take the importance of his relationship very seriously. Like everything this Knight invests in, should he find a partner of great value, he will work hard to make his relationship a strong success.  He understands that most things of value and worth don’t come easily. A loving, loyal and compatible partner is as precious as gold.

Like this Knight of Pentacles, you may not be known for big romance, spontaneity, or adventure, but you do understand and appreciate love. When a suitable partner has been found, you are committed, faithful, generous, kind and loyal. For you, love and loyalty are intertwined. One cannot exist without the other.

The Possessive Knight of Pentacles

True to the nature of all the Pentacle Family, The Knight of Pentacles is very protective of what he considers he owns. This means he can be a little possessive or territorial in love. He likes to guard his assets and can sometimes this can include his partner. Generally, in his Upright Aspect this trait is kept well under control. Once there is a healthy two-way flow of love and respect, his relationship with his partner rarely ventures into conflict in this area. On occasions however, he may get irritated with the unwanted attention his partner receives from someone who strays too close for comfort and breaches boundary lines. This can cause him to become dark and broody, a side you may find unnerving when first encountered for it is not like him to get bothered so easily. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship with this Knight it won’t help if you think going out of your way to make him jealous will make him want or desire you more. All it will do is cause much damage to your relationship.

The Dark Horse Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles is very much a dark horse when it comes to matters of the flesh. He is sensual and earthy. He enjoys and appreciates the human body, and has a very healthy appetite for sex which may take a new partner by surprise as he can give a totally different impression when out and about. He can seem settled and overly mature for his age which can easily fool others into thinking he might be quite dull, unadventurous and lacking in passion. He takes his lovemaking seriously and likes to fully engage in the act with a partner he feels emotionally connected to. Not the lustful type, unless it is towards his partner, he does not like to sleep around, preferring to get to know someone well before hopping into bed with them. Neither is he drawn to frivolous, superficial or shallow personalities. He likes intelligence, ambition that matches his own, education, depth, sophistication, elegance, style and quality. He prefers natural beauty to a painted look.

Getting Engaged to The Knight of Pentacles

Because The Knight of Pentacles rarely invests in anything that does not have healthy long-term prospects, his appearance in a Relationship Reading can suggest he is ready to take the next step and make a full commitment to you. He may be working his way towards a proposal. When he does propose, it generally is not a huge surprise to his partner as it is likely the relationship has been heading this way for much time. Plans for the future will probably have already been discussed along with goals and expectations. The Knight of Pentacles would suggest you are taking a very practical approach to getting engaged. This could involve not rushing into impulsive decisions or getting carried away. You will want the best you can afford and are prepared to wait until you have enough money to pay for it. You might have to save long and hard to get the ring of choice rather than one that will do. You are happy to wait several years while you save for the Big Day of your dreams.

You will have very definite ideas about the type of wedding you want. You may view the day as an extremely important one, a once in a lifetime event, when money should be no object, or you will see it as a terrible waste of good money. This could mean a very expensive bash or a small celebratory get together with family and close friends. The Knight will either spend big or barely at all. It all depends on what the plan is and how financially secure this couple are. The Knight and his partner will avoid going into debt for their wedding and may prefer to invest their savings in another direction such as property. They will cut their cloth to suit their measure.

Even though this Knight could suggest engagement, it may be a long one. Much work might need to be completed before you are free to focus your attention on the Big Day. It may have to be put off until further education has been completed or higher qualifications gained. Career progress and success may be the current priority or you could be in the early stages of setting up a business.  As long as both partners share the same goals this relationship is heading for success. Although sacrifices will have to be made, the wait will definitely be worth it.

Creating a Home with The Knight of Pentacles

The presence of the Knight of Pentacles in a Relationship Reading can highlight house-hunting or saving to buy your dream property. There is also strong emphasis on the desire to acquire a bit of land or to build your own bespoke home. A self-build is also possible or at least reducing on costs by personally carrying out as much of the tedious or heavy work as possible. This could be a lengthy project but if you have hooked up with this Knight then you know exactly what you are about. You might have to live in a mobile home on-site for a couple of years as your house comes together bit by bit when finances allow, or there may be an agreement to move in with family or in-laws for a period of time to allow for intensive savings. You are likely to be going to considerable effort to acquire the perfect home. It is a labour of love and a highly sought after goal.

This Knight will suggest you are looking for a home that has long-term potential. A home where you could raise a family. You would like to put roots down somewhere and to settle. You might be drawn to renovation projects; purchasing an old house with character and history with a view to saving as much of the original features as possible while putting your personal stamp on the property. Properties with room to extend or a bit of land will be attractive to you as a couple.

The Knight of Pentacles and his partner of choice will be driven by similar goals and will support each other in achieving them. Therefore, the emphasis will not be on getting a house and kitting it out immediately. Securing the correct building in the right location is of utmost importance. After that you are prepared to wait and save for the rest. When you do begin to focus on the interior and furnishings you will be very thoughtful and careful in your selection process. You will want to buy high quality pieces and avoid anything too modern and flash. As a couple you might have great fun, scouring car boot sales and salvage yards for recycling projects. This Knight will also be keen to work or collaborate with local skilled craftspeople.

Starting a Family With The Knight Of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles approaches all aspects of his life in a serious, practical and responsible manner. He commits fully to anything he takes on. If this Knight is appearing to represent the father of your children or his potential as a father, then you cannot go far wrong with this personality. This Knight moves into fatherhood with ease. His very nature desires the continuity of the family line; inheritance and descendency. Much of the work Pentacles do in life is with a view to passing it on to the next generation. They like to leave a legacy, something to be proud of, something that others will benefit from.

Parenthood means a lot and this Knight will work hard to create a stable and secure environment for his family. He will happily assume the role of provider and this often spurs him on to work even harder than he normally would. This can have its pros and cons. The Knight will want to ensure there is financial security and not just in the immediate sense. As he cradles his new-born infant he will already be thinking about his or her future; education, college etc. Wanting the very best for his children, he will make personal sacrifices to ensure their future is financially secure. This means he will push himself where work is concerned with long hours and overtime. He will also aim for higher qualifications to take him up the career ladder for maximum earning capacity. All this could take him out of the home and away from his family for long periods of time. He may not have much free time to spend with his kids as he is busy providing for them. When he is at home, he may be tired but will strive to be as hands on as he can. He loves his children deeply but may seem a bit remote at times. If the partner of the Knight of Pentacles is also a Pentacles’ personality, their children from an early age are likely to be used to an upbringing where both parents work. Careful adherence to routine ensures the stability and security of the children remains intact at all times.

The Knight of Pentacles respects the independent value and worth of his partner and will support their individual ambitions and goals. When children are involved this means The Knight of Pentacles will be happy to carry the weight of extra childcare duties while his partner for example goes back to college, has to study for exams or prepare important presentations.

Careers and Business

The Knight of Pentacles is a much welcomed card in career or business readings. His appearance suggests you are strongly focused on your career and have set very definite goals in this area. Here we have the card of maturing ambition. You have now reached a point in your development where you are moving beyond the incubation stage of planning, dreaming and thinking about your career. Much work has already been undertaken and serious effort has been applied. This Knight has been busy studying, training, researching and working with a determined and strong sense of purpose. You know where you want to go and intend to stay on track. You have probably made many sacrifices along the way and now seek advancement and the first signs of manifestation on the horizon.

Success is on The Way, So Stick With The Plan

When The Knight appears in your career or work related reading he is letting you know that success is on the way, but you are not there just yet. Patience is required of you right now and it is essential you keep a very definite forward momentum. Now is not the time to take your foot off the pedal. There is a lot of hard work to get through yet and the advice is to keep your head down and get on with it. Your plan is working so stick with it even though you feel it’s taking a long time to realise. You have the potential of creating an excellent future for yourself and the rewards will be significant as you have what it takes to be extremely successful.

Starting a Business

The Knight of Pentacles can appear in a Reading when you are in the process of starting your own business. He highlights the early stage when the level of work demanded of you can be quite extreme. Every second of your day and every ounce of your resources and finances will be going into the start-up or launch. Long days and even nights perhaps could be the norm for some time. If you want it to be a success you have little option right now as there is so much to be done and a good chance, just you to do it all.

For those who have already reached this stage, The Knight of Pentacles can mark the time when your business has started to take off. The early results and returns are very promising. At last you are beginning to make a profit. You still have much work to do, and of course, a reputation for quality and professionalism to maintain, but you are heading in the right direction. It’s been a long time coming and patience could be wearing thin. Stay on course and do not attempt to take any short cuts at this stage.

Going out on your own to set up your own business can be a lonely and worrying time. You will have to make important decisions about everything and have just yourself to answer to. It is a massive responsibility and you must guard against becoming too serious, intense, or consumed with your project. You might retreat from social life for some time and risk losing touch with your family and friends. It is important you set some time aside for rest and relaxation.

The Self-Made Man

In business, the Knight of Pentacles can showcase the up and coming successful business man who started with nothing. He typifies the budding business empire that begins in a back-bedroom or garage space where it’s pretty much all-hands-on-deck 24/7. This guy when he needs help in the early days falls back on his family and close friends who acknowledge and support his ambition and vision. He is in the beginning to middle stage of the ‘Rags to Riches’ story.  Because This Knight is of the Element Earth, he remains grounded and has not lost sight of where he came from and who helped him along the way.

A big part of his success lies in his ability to utilise his natural resources for maximum leverage. He starts small but with a plan to become big. He does not waste money on unessential things. He has no flashy offices, premises or impressive vehicles. His progress is slow but very deliberate. He manages and controls every aspect of the business and reinvests any early profit. He has tried and tested his business model and it works. He can now make further progress based on this. He will expand when the time is right and when he can justify and comfortably afford it. This Knight suggests you are in this for the long-haul and not simply to make a fast buck.

One area you could fall into trouble with is in your reluctance to move with the times or try out new systems of operation. You pride yourself on being a traditionalist and tend to believe that only sheer effort, hard work and the personal touch is the only way to achieve your goals. Of course you are right but you might take this to the extremes. There could be faster, more modern ways of getting the job done but you are probably suspicious of them or don’t give them due consideration. Not everything is a passing trend. Some are actually new and better ways of doing things. Anything that frees up time, is cost effective and efficient is well worth taking a second look at or doing some research into.  Remember, your competitors are likely to invest in them and you don’t want to get left behind. Of course the wheel doesn’t have to be reinvented every six months, but at least keep an open mind about changes in the industry and digital world. Be prepared to embrace some of them. You may be reluctant to spend on items or systems you deem superfluous and expensive, but sometimes they are worth the investment. At times you have to speculate to accumulate. When employing staff, it might be wise to hire at least one forward thinking individual who will keep you challenged in these areas.

A Labour of Love, But Money Matters

The Knight of Pentacles in a career reading points to the need for both career and financial success. You have set your sights on a career that not only will bring you personal satisfaction, but also one that has the potential for high earnings. This is non-negotiable. You like money and want to earn lots of it. There is nothing wrong with this, and whereas yes, some might say you are too materialistic at times, you understand your value and worth so will expect to get well paid for the level of expertise and professionalism you bring to your work. You don’t mind paying for what you consider to be the best as you recognise quality and high standards when you see it. You have probably invested heavily in your career to date. Years of college fees, extra tuition, advanced training, paid mentorship and possible internships now need to show some return and you will be seeking ample reward.

Moving Up The Career Ladder

The Knight of Pentacles appearing suggests you are now ready to move up the career ladder. You have met and probably exceeded your short terms goals. The future beckons and it is time to move forward onto the medium and long term goals. You may be seeking promotion or embarking on a course of study or action that will result in higher qualifications, rank and status. You will be looking to add as many letters after your name as possible. In this Knight we see the emerging and maturing business professional. You are on your way to the top once you keep up the level of work, effort and consistency.  You have set the bar to quite a high level and are quite determined to reach it.

If you are asking about a specific job, position or career you are after, The Knight of Pentacles confirms the potential for success in your choice and that you have what it takes to succeed in this area or specialty. He advises to take a practical and well researched approach to either the career or job you are after.  Make sure it is what you want and then put the commitment in.

Only Knights of Pentacles Need Apply

If this card represents a job interview you have been selected for, the company in question will be looking for someone who matches the Knight of Pentacles credentials. Play up on your Knightly traits and sell them in a positive light. If you are still at the application stage, ensure you tailor your CV or Resume to reflect your alignment with the Knight of Pentacles personality and work ethics as this is what they are looking for. However, do not oversell yourself or add skills or qualification you do not legitimately possess as your application will be scrutinised and you will be asked to provide proof of previous experience and certification.

Up-Skilling and Up-Dating

Should you find you are failing to secure an interview or are not being called back for a second one, you will need to pay attention to the reasons behind your lack of success in securing the job. There is a good chance your Resume is weak in certain areas and this will probably come down to qualifications. You may be an excellent worker who is reliable and trustworthy but you may have fallen behind in certified advancement. You might continue to lose out until you address this issue.  Your CV may also be old-fashioned and dated in its formatting and style. When did you last update it? What worked for you five years ago, may no longer be applicable or suitable by today’s standards. You might know your value and worth but need to fire it up a bit to draw the interest and attention of others. There is a lot of competition for the jobs you are after. Make sure you are in with a good chance.

The Best Offer

If your Work-Related Reading concerns choosing between two or more job offers, the one that is represented by the Knight of Pentacles suggests that this offer holds great promise. The company, establishment or institution in question is solid, stable and financially secure. Any offer they make will be genuine and grounded in reality with no empty promises. There is a good deal on the table and they are prepared to commit to you once you commit to them. Loyalty, reliability and trust will be the building blocks of employer/employee working relations. Work hard for them and you will be nicely rewarded. They are prepared to pay well and further invest in your career advancement as it will be of mutual benefit. You could work your way up to the top in this company as they are looking for a long-term investment. It depends on what you are looking for.

The Best Candidate

Should you be searching for the right candidate for a job, position or even someone to go into business with then strong consideration should be given to anyone who is represented by The Knight of Pentacles. This person is conscientious, committed and hardworking. He or she can be counted upon, is trustworthy and reliable. They will be well worth investing in and it may be worth upping the salary or deal on offer to secure their acceptance. It is quite likely they come equipped with valuable skills other than the ones you hired them for and will be happy to take on, or assume responsibility as needed.  This candidate will be an asset to any company or business.

Embarking on a Demanding Project in Work

The Knight of Pentacles in a work-related Reading can highlight a period of intense hard work coming your way. You may be embarking on a demanding new project in work which although exciting could involve a lot of tedious and laborious tasks to be completed. The Finish line might seem far away right now as the responsibility weighs heavily on you. A lot is riding on the success of this project. It is likely to be a very important one for the company and also the reputation of their staff. You might be acting as project manager, or in charge of the overall budget or costings. You could be playing an integral part in compiling a tender for a huge account. You might be turning the first sod on a massive construction development site. Out on the land you could be taking over a farm or preparing the land for organic use.  The advice here would be to get stuck in instead of shying away from it.  Only your very best will do so don’t hold back. You may not have been in this position before but rest assured The Knight of Pentacles confirms you are up to the job. Just get on with it and get through it. This card augurs well for a successful outcome but it might feel drawn out and highly pressurised at times. You will need stamina and tenacity for this one. Keep your focus on the Goal.

Busy Time

On a general basis This Knight could suggest a particularly busy time in work. There may be staff shortages due to vacation or illness. It marks a time when more will be required of you. You might have to work overtime or extra days to cover for absent staff or especially busy times of the year. You may find this tedious and demanding as your free time is compromised, but as compensation, it should bring a boost to your finances.

Boring Work

Unfortunately, due to the nature of The Knight of Pentacles, this card, depending on surrounding ones could point to a workplace or job that is boring, dull and tedious. Work may be monotonous, tiring and endless. It may be physically demanding as well. You may find it difficult to get excited or motivated about the product or service you sell and see it only as way of earning money.

The Knight of Pentacles suggests your work is full of habit, repetitiveness and routine. The typical 9-5 working day where each day is the same as the last is highlighted. There is nothing wrong with this as many people like to know where they stand. They don’t particularly like change or the introduction of new processes or tasks. They simply want to turn up at their workplace and do the agreed job without having to face or contemplate the unexpected. However, if you are not like this and prefer the challenge of not knowing what the working day will bring then this Knight representing an offer of a job or the position you currently hold suggests that you might not be happy in this environment. Systems are already in place. Any ideas or opinions you have about changing or improving these will most likely be disregarded. You might find you have to work with ancient equipment or software that is years out of date. Senior staff may rigidly stick to old manual systems instead of embracing the digital era. You will also be required to adopt these fuddy-duddy practices. Yes, you could totally overhaul the system if you were just allowed but it would probably be too much of an ask.


Careers that suit or attract The Knight of Pentacles:

  • Farming/Organic Farming
  • Horticulture
  • Outdoor work
  • Accountancy
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Investment
  • Large Institutions/Corporations
  • Administration/PA
  • Insurance/Risk Assessment/Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Construction
  • Property Development
  • Engineering
  • Mechanic
  • Veterinary/Animal Welfare
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Conservation/Heritage
  • Environment
  • Forestry
  • Bloodstock
  • Skilled Craftsmanship
  • Antiques
  • Historian
  • Hospitality
  • Catering
  • Service Industry
  • Security
  • Social Work

The Workaholic

There is no doubt about this Knight’s ability to carve out a very successful and financially rewarding career for himself. He has everything he needs to make it to the top of his career ladder. He is a hard worker with ambition to burn and the patience to see it through to conclusion. However, this Knight can lose track of where the finish line is and when enough is enough. Work becomes like a drug which he is happy to become addicted to. The Knight of Pentacles can find it hard to delegate. He is so thorough and methodical about everything he does, he may not trust anyone else to do the job properly. He might try to cover too many areas in work and assume responsibility for tasks that belong to others. He may be the last to leave the office every day. He may find there are never enough hours in the day and will let work spill over into the weekend and any family life he may have. He might always be at work, even when he is at home.

He can toil endlessly towards a goal that even upon attaining brings no relief or let up. He is like the marathon runner who crosses the finish line but has been running for so long, finds he cannot stop for it has taken over his life.  He hasn’t the time to enjoy his success or spend his money. The Knight of Pentacles must guard against this tendency. He is so intense he can overdo it where work is concerned.  A healthy balance of work, rest and play is needed to prevent him from becoming too fixed and materialistic. All work and no play made Jack a Dull Boy!

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles

Ambition Turned Sour –  Money Madness!

(and others things besides)

Inertia, Idleness, repose of that kind, stagnation, also placidity, discouragement, carelessness    (The Pictorial Key to The Tarot 1911 – Arthur Edward Waite)

Knight of Pentacles Reversed


Departure, Work Done, Taking a Break From Work,  Changing Career Direction, Unhappy with Career Choice, Going back College (mature student) Financial Insecurity, Financial Loss, Reversal of Fortune, Bad Investment, Poor Business Skills, Shady Business, Dishonest Business Person, Bogus Trades-person, Rogue Builders, Shoddy Workmanship, No Standards, Quantity over Quality, Dishonest Employee, Exploitation of Staff, Poor Budgeting, Missed Opportunity,  Issues with Property or Land,  Workaholic, Grinding, Money Mad, Mean, Frugal, Cheap, Greedy, Selfish, Fortune Hunter/ess, Sponger, Mercenary, Privileged and Pampered (wealth without the need to work)Poverty, Shame, Unfocused, Unskilled, Unemployed, Idle, No Goals, No Long Term Plan, No Prospects, Drop Out, Under-qualified, No Qualifications, Work Shy, Irresponsible, Unreliable, Lack of Initiative, Weak, Unstable, Ex-Partner, Love Rival, Lack of Commitment, Unfaithful, Lacking Foundation, Boredom, Disillusioned, Apathetic, Lazy, Slob, Couch Potato, Unhealthy Living, Bad Diet, Unkempt, Unhygienic,  Impatient, Gambler, Risk Taker,  Breaking Tradition, Dull, Boring, Too Conservative, Un-adventurous, No Fun,  Possessive, Jealousy, Controlling, Envy, Resentment, Stubborn, Inflexible,  Obstinate, Rigid/Fixed, Stagnant, Dated, Dull/Boring, Lack of Vision/Imagination, Bogged Down, Pessimistic, Glass Half Empty, Animal Abuse, Hunter, Environmentally Unfriendly, Wasteful, Un-conscientious, Breach in Security,- Gym Fanatic, Body Obsessed, Food Fads, Fussy Eater, Issues with Food, Allergies to Natural Foods,  Work Related Injury, Ill-health, Unable to Work – 

Heavy Earth/Scorched Earth

     Knight of Pentacles Reversed Knight of Pentacles Reversed        Knight of Wands Reversed Knight of Pentacles Reversed

When the Knight of Pentacles Reverses we find a very different young man or woman. The Knight becomes overly bogged down in the Earth or loses his values and morals in a furnace of Fire. He can stubbornly resist the benefits and perks Fire has to offer him, resulting in apathy, stagnation and lack of motivation. He can lose the energy required to even rise from his bed or chair. He can grow sullen, dour and disinterested in life and the living. Mind numbing habit and routine find him drifting meaninglessly throughout the years as opportunities and the chance for adventure and fun are actively ignored or avoided. Without Fire, The Knight of Pentacles can become extreme in nature. Like a robot, he will work long hours in jobs that offer little motivation and fulfillment. He can work 24/7 solely for the money that is to be made, sacrificing any life he may have outside of it.

Without Fire he can also lose his energy. For an Earth personality, this leads to inertia and a lack of self-interest. Earth pulls the Knight further into it, weighing him down with laziness and slovenliness. He feels too heavy to lift his body out of the quagmire, so decides to sit and sleep in it instead.  Like quick sand, he can get sucked in rapidly and will need to apply much effort to free himself from his pointless existence.  He will need to be inventive and use his initiative, but only Fire can supply him with that!

When Fire is allowed dominate the normally practical, down to earth, common-sense Knight he loses his connection with the Earth and his friendship with it too. He is impulsive, impatient and inconsistent. He gambles and takes risks that would shock the Upright Knight down to his toes. He lacks focus and concentration. He becomes easily distracted by trivial and meaningless pursuits, going nowhere in an awful hurry. An overdose of Fire will prevent this Knight from fully committing to any task or project. It will also urge him to fast-track any plans or goals he has. He may choose the easy option or the shortest route to where he wants to go. In this extreme mode he can make awful decisions and mistakes because he just doesn’t want to put in the time and effort to secure them the normal way.

If we were to closely inspect the Knight’s Horse in the Reversed aspect we might find him caked in mud and sweat with dirty cracked bridle, saddle, and a possible rusty bit in his mouth. The buckles on the tack are probably worn and rusted too. His horse badly needs to be re-shod and his mane and tail are matted and overgrown. He could be thin and thirsty from being overworked and underfed. Then again, this Reversed Knight could be a perfectionist and you won’t find a hair out of place, or a spec of dirt on his hooves. He either cares a lot or doesn’t care at all. He might even sell you his horse on the spot if you make a good offer. After all, it can be all about the money with him! However, he normally doesn’t deal with veterinary certificates or receipts should you be looking for one! Buyer beware!

Sometimes the Reversed Knight of Pentacles is forced into selling his horse, assets and all he holds dear due to financial loss or ruin. If this is the case, he will have fought long and hard to save them. It would only have happened as a last resort. His loss may or may not be his own fault. Surrounding cards should yield further information.

So, in Reverse we see this usually stable and reliable Knight fall from his horse and into the mud, has his horse taken from him, or it bolts off and carries him away into uncharted territory. One way or another, he loses his internal compass and sense of natural elemental direction. Hopefully this is just a temporary situation or setback. Some of the aspects associated with this reversed Knight can affect any one of us as we journey through life. Especially in the recent years of global recession, the normally upright Knight of Pentacles may have taken a terrible knocking regardless of how hard he worked. He may have had his plans and dreams shattered, or at the very least significantly altered or interrupted. Depending on his individual experience, he might be even more determined to make a come-back, but then again he may have given up and given in to his circumstances. Let us see what can happen to this poor Knight when he Reverses.


The Hard Work is done Reversed Knight of Pentacles

Just as the Upright Knight of Pentacles can suggest a period of hard and intense work coming your way, the Reversed Knight can often represent it moving away from you. However, surrounding cards should back this up. This Reversed Knight may not have anything negative to tell you at all. The heavy work is done and it is time to stand back and assess what you have accomplished. Yes, there are some bits and pieces left to do but the end is in sight and the light at the tunnel end, clearly visible. You should feel proud of your achievement and be looking forward to a bit of a break or rest. You have certainly earned it. Once the surrounding cards look positive and promising the Knight of Pentacles could be acknowledging success even if you are feeling worn out from the sheer effort of it. You might have completed your final exams in college after years of study and sacrifice, an important project in work or life has been successfully carried through, a lucrative business contract won, or you have eventually saved enough to get married, buy a house or start a business. You could be close to signing on the purchase or sale of a property, land or car. The house you have been building or project managing for so long could be at the final ‘snag list’ stage. An investment made is beginning to pay off. It is important to take some time off now and not feel guilty about it. Staying in the ‘intense work’ mode can become addictive, especially if you have let other areas of your life slip in the process. It can be hard to switch off and come back to normal life. You might find yourself rising before you have to, restlessly pacing the house, feeling out of sorts and unable to sit still.  No one is suggesting you rest on your laurels forever but it is important to stop and have some down time. Get out and about to meet friends and catch up with family. Become reacquainted with your partner and kids. Have some fun.  Do something totally non-work related.

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can highlight a period of inactivity when there is really nothing much to do. You may be on summer break from college, on vacation, or entering a slow time of the year.

Missed Opportunity Knight of Pentacles

Unfortunately, the Reversed Knight of Pentacles can highlight a trait that is also, but not equally applicable, to his Upright Aspect. The Knight is renowned for his caution and reticence. He is neither impulsive nor careless about what he gets involved in and prides himself on the fact that he keeps his feet firmly planted on the ground. Rarely does the Upright Knight get caught up in anything that has not been well researched and thought through. He likes to feel confident of a successful outcome and as a result tends to stick with the tried and tested ways that have worked well for him and others in the past. He doesn’t like to be pushed or rushed into making a decision so will often be the one holding back when all around appear to be rushing forward. He is not inclined to embrace the new and prefers to watch from a safe distance while others either sink or swim with it. In this manner he protects and defends his territory until the very last, or when quite sure he won’t lose it. When the Knight of Pentacles Reverses, this tendency can become entrenched or fixed. He can be overly cautious and wary of anything that is proposed or opportunities offered him. He is so determined that no one will pull the wool over his eyes or take him for a fool that he views everything in a highly skeptical and cynical manner.  He thinks he has it all sussed, but in this bogged down Reversed Aspect, he lacks imagination and vision. He moves at a snail’s pace and is very slow to respond. As a result, he may wait too long to make a move on a lucrative offer or opportunity. He may not have believed there was only a short window of opportunity or got caught up in red tape and lengthy decision making processes. He might easily miss his train to success, his big chance. He can be left with huge regret of all that might have been. This aspect can be applied to any area of his life.

Lacking Ambition and Motivation Reversed Knight of Pentacles

When Reversed the Knight of Pentacles can become lazy and lacking in motivation. He may want all the things that money can buy but does not have the commitment and determination to go out and get it through hard work. He lacks a long-term plan as his interests flit from this to that, taking up a course of study only to drop it half way through to start another one. With Fire energies gaining strength in the reversed we find him lose interest too soon in anything he starts.  He has no staying power and bores easily.  It all seems like too much work at the end of the day. With a slip shod approach to everything, and an attitude of ‘what’s the point?’ he finds it hard to focus on any subject for long and is easily distracted.

This Reversed Knight of Pentacles is a stranger to routine and order. He abhors the idea of it, but it is essential if he is to get anywhere in life. He needs to pull himself together and clean up his act. He can represent the archetypal college drop-out or student who is more interested in partying, engaging in silly behaviour and skipping lectures than focusing on his career and future. He may have to cram for exams at the last moment. The Reversed Knight of Pentacles could suggest the need to repeat exams or barely scraping through with minimum marks. You may have little to brag about. On the other hand, this Reversed Knight may be returning to the Page stage if he has decided to start college or studies late.

Disillusioned Reversed Knight of Pentacles

Sometimes the Knight of Pentacles can highlight feeling disillusioned with the life you have worked so hard to create. You have probably been aware of this for some time but kept doing what you were doing anyway. After all, isn’t this what you have been striving towards, the goal, the long-term plan? All the effort, time, energy and possible money invested! You have eventually arrived at your destination but find it no longer holds any meaning or appeal for you. You might feel extremely distressed about this discovery and will probably keep it to yourself as who would understand your change of heart? Others may be relying on you to keep doing what you are doing. You no longer want what you set out to get. You find it doesn’t suit you after all regardless of how successful you are or the envy of others. You may even hate it and feel trapped by your circumstances. There is an urge to escape and head in a different direction, any direction that will take you away from where you currently are. The growing Fire within is not content and seeks more from life. There is something missing and what you have can no longer sustain you.

This card also comes up for those who regret the sacrifices they made to achieve a particular goal or success. You might feel lost and very far from home, family and friends. The price of success may be too high and there could be a move towards re-juggling your priorities. Improvement in quality of life is sought. You may choose to turn your back on the material world as you realise that money cannot buy you happiness. You might sell up or sell out as you opt for a simpler life with less stress, debt and possessions to maintain. You could choose to live off the land and become totally self-sufficient. You want to owe nothing and no one to own you. Others may think you are crazy but most secretly envy you.

Bored Beyond Belief Reversed Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles often appears when life has become incredibly dull. It can suggest grinding boredom as everything becomes monotonous and predictable. This realisation can be accompanied by an unsettling sense of restlessness and a need for change. You might be at odds with yourself, everyone around you and your entire environment. Anywhere would be better than where you are now. You crave diversion or an exciting distraction but nothing ever seems to happen. You stare in the mirror and your reflection confirms your state of mind. Your hair is dull and flat, your eyes deadpan and skin saggy and baggy. You don’t recognise yourself and feel you have aged rapidly, or become old before your time. You suddenly seem old-fashioned and dated, caught in the past and not with it at all. You hate everything you have and every piece of furniture in your house.  Life can be one endless treadmill of habit and routine that may have been acceptable at one stage but is now unbearable. You have probably fallen into a rut and only now see it for what it is. You might wonder when and where you lost interest but you could really do with a skip right now to throw everything into, including yourself. Plodding along and drifting from one day or week to the next, life has become meaningless and you need to do something about it. There is no point trying to change everything at once so try introducing a bit of spontaneity into your life to spice things up. Force yourself to break habits and change routines. Do something new or different.  Stop being a slave to life and get a life instead. Be mindful of any same old, same old, tendencies you might have regarding clothes, hair, food and social life. The same applies to your attitude, goals and ambition. Get out and about. If change cannot find you then you must go out and find it.

This Reversed Knight of Pentacles can also suggest your imminent departure. You may be leaving a life or situation that offered stability and security in search of change and adventure. You have outgrown your present circumstances which have become boring and stifling. You are ready to move out of your comfort zone. This could involve moving far away from all that is familiar to you.

On another level you may be painfully aware of your boredom and discontent but fear of implementing change or starting over again leaves you stuck in a repetitive rut. You may have made mistakes in the past or had a bad experience and are in no rush to expose yourself to risk again. You might believe it is best to stay put. You probably use this as an excuse for not moving forward in life or taking a chance.

Breaking With Tradition Knight of Pentacles

This card often comes up for individuals who have followed a lifestyle or career path that was not of their own deliberate choosing. Because the Pentacles are strongly caught up in family tradition, duty and obligation, we can find generations of the one family opting to continue and perpetuate certain professions, relationships and lifestyles. Children are conditioned and prepared from birth to follow in the tradition of the family line. There can be an automatic assumption they will do as their father, mother, grandfather, grandmother before them. This works wonderfully well for many families as there is often common inherited passions and talents that organically surface. Doctors tend to come from a family tradition of medicine. Farms are handed down from one generation to the next with the expectation that sons or daughters will assume roles once they come of age. Schools are often carefully selected with the reputation for turning out certain professions or industries. In the Reversed Knight of Pentacles we find the individual who this doesn’t work for. However, it is likely he or she has obediently toed the line for a period of time, even believing that it was what they wanted too. However approaching maturity triggers the awakening of personal truth. The son or daughter wants something different for themselves. Personally acknowledging this is difficult enough but a time comes when others must be informed and this may ruffle a few feathers. There may be a lack of understanding along with put downs and disbelief. You might feel you have let the family down and indeed this could be the actual vibe that is sent your way. You may feel ostracised and alienated for some time. You will have to prove your worth as others may expect you to fail.

At some stage a rebel appears among a traditional or conservative family. He or she will break the mold and set a precedent for those who follow. They fly in the face of convention and do as they please. They must follow their own path and not the one laid down by their ancestors before them. This Reversed Knight is bound to choose a path that sets him apart from the rest of the family and relatives. He or she may be viewed as the black sheep in the family but once they demonstrate commitment and determination, support and acceptance will follow. However, if this Reversed Knight fails to prove his worth, he can become the family disappointment. No one knows where they went wrong in his or her upbringing.

Finances and Status Reversed Knight of Pentacles

Greedy and Mean – Money Mad

When the Knight of Pentacles Reverses he can become heavily obsessed with money and finances. In his Upright version he seeks material and financial security in life but is healthy in his approach. In the Reversed Aspect, the Earth element goes into a dysfunctional and mutated style. Money is hungered after constantly but is rarely used for personal enjoyment or for sharing with others. Instead it is hoarded and counted constantly. Money becomes an addiction and this Reversed Knight may go out of his way to give the impression to others that he has none. In fact, he will sit on a fortune while he takes handouts from others. He never puts his hand in his pocket to pay for anything and always seems to have left his wallet at home when the dinner bill is being sorted. He allows others to pay for him while he keeps all his own money intact. In Ireland there is a saying ‘as mean as muck’ and this Reversed Knight can be known as one. He can live a terribly frugal existence, afraid to spend a cent on anything or to improve his life or environment. A spendthrift and petty-minded, he sees himself as canny with money congratulating himself every time he has made the tiniest of savings. This aspect can affect several areas of his life as he becomes mean-spirited and closed down.  He is far from charitable or benevolent.

Ostentatious and Extravagant

Another aspect of this influence is his insatiable appetite for wealth and acquisition. It can be all about the money and he will never have enough of it. However, this Reversed Knight likes to spend in a lavish manner. Why have one palace when you can have ten? Why not have a fleet of cars at your disposal? Why drive when you can fly in your private jet? The problem comes when he does not know where to stop. It becomes a having and getting addiction as he craves his next hit. In time he will lose his connection to Earth and the real world. He will be unable to enjoy the simple pleasures in life without all the gilding and frippery. He knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing. Everything thing and everyone can be bought for the right price. Sitting in his extensive high security fortresses he has little idea of how ordinary people live and survive but will cast aspersions about them. When it suits him, he claims to act in the interest of the people but he knows nothing of them. The end justifies the means for this Reversed Knight who will use his power and money to ride roughshod over the rights and needs of others. He can be colossally wealthy but lacking in basic humanity or compassion.

Poor Budgeting Skills

When the Knight of Pentacles Reverses he can lose his natural ability to handle money is a sensible manner. Instead of budgeting and planning for the future, he lives for today and spends as he pleases. He has a terrible reputation for overspending and getting into debt. He really can’t manage his money very well and hasn’t a clue what is in his account. He can easily max several credit cards as he likes to buy and treat himself with expensive items. He manages to justify every purchase and fools himself into believing he can afford it. When the bills come in he has to rob Peter to pay Paul and has no contingency fund to deal with unexpected expenses. He is constantly borrowing money from friends and family or looking for an advance in his wages. This person can be extremely generous and likes to throw his money around but his credit cards are often declined which can cause some embarrassment.

The Reversed Knight can land himself in trouble and bankruptcy. He may need the services of Money Advice Bureaus to manage accumulated debts and arrears. Having enough money may not be the issue, but the management of it is. He just cannot live within his means. This Reversed Knight likes the good life but is irresponsible about having to pay for it. He will find it hard to stick to a budget and may have to cut up credit cards if it has all become too much.

The Shopaholic

His love of spending can become an addiction. He gets a high from shopping or spending which offers instant gratification. His wardrobe and home could be full of unopened and unused items. He is likely to hit terrible lows as he struggles to fight these impulsive urges. Depression can set in which is temporarily alleviated by a frenzied shopping spree. Gambling could also be an issue.

Reversal of Fortune

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can suggest that where once you were successful and had achieved much on the financial plane, you have now lost it all. You may be in the middle of financial ruin for one reason or another. We know that this Reversed Knight has a reputation for not working hard enough, or making poor financial decisions, but in this instance he may be on the receiving end of horrendous bad luck. You might have given your all to the situation, worked your butt off, sacrificed so much of yourself and invested everything you had. Even when things got tough you kept going and refused to give up but it has all slipped away or been taken from you. For this Reversed Knight it is the biggest kick in the teeth anyone could give him. You cannot believe what has happened and probably never envisaged anything quite like it. Under this influence, it is likely the misfortune was out of your control. Here we find the person who had it all; the good job, the soaring career, the fabulous house, the top of the range car and a lifestyle to go with it all. You may have thrown yourself into the start-up of your dream business. However, the story of Riches to Rags for so many people could be a result of global recession and the collapse of economies. Jobs gone overnight, homes repossessed, businesses plummeted into receivership, and not enough money to put food on the table or pay bills. This Reversed Knight of Pentacles is no reflection on you as person but merely highlights your dilemma. Life has certainly turned upside down for you. It may take a long time, or forever, to climb out of the financial hole you have fallen into. You could be left dreadfully affected by the experience. You are not alone and need to keep positive. This time too will pass.

On the other hand, the Reversed Knight of Pentacles could highlight a worthless inheritance or a family fortune misspent. This Knight could gamble away everything his ancestors worked hard for.


The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can represent someone who comes from an impoverished background.  Lack of financial security and stability in his upbringing may have a negative effect, causing him to feel unworthy or hopeless about his future. He could be very intelligent, talented or skilled but is deemed by others to come from the wrong side of the tracks. Whereas the Upright Knight of Pentacles enjoys status and respect, his Reversed Aspect might have to work harder to prove himself. There could be issues with being taken seriously, gaining access to the proper resources, or getting his foot in the door anywhere. He might feel ashamed and humiliated by his circumstances. This could a lonely young man or woman who has had to do without. Lack of spending power may isolate him/her from his school peers with a sense of not fitting in or belonging. This Reversed Knight may be equally as ambitious as his Upright version but lack of money could block his access to college and other high level qualifications. Either he will be completely determined to overcome this obstacle by working several jobs to pay his way, or become aggressively negative, developing a massive chip on his shoulder about the whole thing.

Privileged and Pampered

We must also consider The Reversed Aspect of the Knight of Pentacles from an elemental point of view. He is connected to the material and financial plane. Therefore, in his Reversed Aspect he might have access to finances that have not been personally earned or acquired. He may have inherited money, land or a business. He may also come from a family of wealth or status. He may not have any understanding of earning or being responsible for his keep. He might enjoy a stream of income that is funded by someone else. Here is the privileged young man or woman who has never experienced want or worry where finances are concerned. His/her every need has been catered for allowing them to get on with having fun and a good time. They do not understand others who have to save or work for what they want. This reversed Knight of Pentacles’ parents often have to bail him out of financial messes when he exceeds his substantial allowance. In particular, he will clash with his father on a regular basis if this is where his money is coming from.

Jealous, Envious and Resentful

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can suggest intense resentment or jealousy. If he has struggled with success or has experienced several set-backs in life, he might feel cursed or blighted. He constantly compares his achievements to those of others. He instantly dislikes the neighbour who is getting a new extension on their house or has just updated their car if he hasn’t got something better. He takes it personally as if they are trying to show off or rub his nose in it. He will see those who have done well for themselves in a very envious manner and would question what they have that he lacks? Unfortunately, he can never answer this question in an honest manner as his misdirected pride forbids it. Even though he craves success and achievement, he is resentful of others who have acquired it or made it to the top. He can waste a lot of energy eating himself up inside with jealousy and negativity. Instead of aspiring to be like or to learn from them, he might actively put them down or work against them. He hasn’t a good word to say about anyone who is doing better than he is. Neither can he pass a compliment or give credit where it is due, but will be quick to predict a negative doom and gloom for them instead. He whines on about ‘who do they think they are with their fancy houses and flashy cars’ and longs for the day when he will see their downfall.  The only person to get hurt by this is himself as people are too busy getting on with their lives to take any real notice of him. This aspect of The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can infiltrate families where it fosters an atmosphere of rivalry and hostility if certain siblings do better than others.  It can also rear its head in relationships. Strangely enough, this aspect of The Knight can be delusional about his own status. He can put on airs and graces while he pretends to be something he is not.

Property and Land

Ill-fated House Hunting and Money Pits 

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can herald bad news for house hunters. Someone may outbid you on the house of your dreams. An offer may be rejected. Buyer or seller could change their mind and pull out of proceedings. Then again this card may simply suggest that you are not having much luck finding the right property or location. You might find both but not in the same place. This can be very frustrating as you know exactly what you want but nothing excites you. You may have to wait for a bit longer. Could it be that it is a bad time of the year for either selling or buying? Then again, if property prices are on the rise you might be eager to purchase while you can still afford to get something larger than a shoe-box. When Reversed the Knight of Pentacles warns you about making any impulsive purchases in this instance. Be careful of where and what you choose to invest your hard earned savings in. His appearance would suggest that you are not really sure about a property even though you are inclined to buy it. Something doesn’t feel right. It is not exactly what you are looking for but you might be weary at this stage and believe it will do. There appears to be some form of conflict in opinions or ideas regarding a house or location. If buying a property with another, one of you may prefer city living while the other is drawn to the countryside. A compromise will have to be made. It may come down to a choice between size or location. However, if money is an issue, you might have to focus your search a bit further away from the city-living either of you had hoped for.

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can suggest that you now have enough to purchase the house of your dreams or need to save some more. Look to surrounding cards for confirmation.

Should you have found a house and are ready to make an offer, you also need to go back and view the property more closely and at different times of the day and week. The Reversed Knight could suggest that it might be too dark or cold in winter, or that the walls are not properly insulated. There may be a less than impressive vibe at night or at weekends. You need to apply common sense and adopt a practical approach.  Organise another viewing. Leave your emotions out of it this time and avoid getting carried away.

On the other hand, you might be having second thoughts about purchasing any property at all. You might have been keen at the beginning when you were saving for this desirable goal but life may have changed and wonder if settling down or committing to any particular place is the right move. Your needs may be quite different and time has allowed you to review your long-term plans. You might decide to put off purchasing for a bit while you pursue other agendas. Instead of buying your own home, you may opt for investment properties or overseas vacation units which will yield a regular income.

Buyer Beware – Money Pit Alert

When the Knight of Pentacles appears Upright he asks us to take a cautious approach, especially when making an investment. He won’t move on anything unless he has fully researched the ins and outs of it and is sure all is bone fide. He acts as a warning flag, but when Reversed his warning can become more pronounced. There is a chance you might ignore a warning or advice. You might even go against your normal sense of judgement or discernment. You might act out of character and take a risk where you shouldn’t. This could result from an impulsive act, a sense of time running out, discovering an apparent bargain, or external pressure from another. This could end up being very costly for you.

With this in mind when house-hunting or purchasing property, you are in danger of overlooking key areas and details in an enthusiastic rush to the finish line. You may be tempted to commit to, or sign for a property that has not been completely surveyed.  You may take the word of those who appear sound and believable. You might fall for the spin you are being sold by the seller or sales agent, and will eagerly hand over money. This Reversed Knight advises that it is more important than ever to check and double check planning permission, land boundaries and access rights. Find out how long it has been on the market. There may be something wrong. Ensure you employ the services of a certified surveyor instead of cutting corners to save money. What appears to be a bargain could turn into a money-pit in the long run.

Bogus Builders and Mechanics

Staying on the same theme we are aware of the excellent skill and ability of the highly qualified Upright Knight of Pentacles. We can find a very different scenario when this Knight Reverses. We are now into ‘bogus builder’ territory where so called ‘tradesmen’ are either un-certified or have no qualifications whatsoever regardless of what they claim. This however, will not stop them setting up shop and touting for business. If you are in the market for hiring builders or tradesmen, then be on the lookout for rogue traders who will happily undercut everyone else in the industry. Yes, sometimes young businesses will work for little profit in order to attract clientele and build reputation, but it is extremely important to thoroughly examine all quotes that come in. Be very wary of any that appear incredibly cheap in comparison to the rest. Back off any offer off a special cash deal if you do not look for receipts and invoices. Check the validity of any certification they claim to have, health and safety, tax compliancy and insurance details. Do they work in line with standard building practices and regulations? Are all their staff suitably qualified and insured? Where do they source their materials? Look for details of previous work they have carried out elsewhere and actually check up on it. Ask around about them, check for reviews of their work online.  Don’t be coerced into paying in full prior to the job regardless of the builder’s insistence on the need for materials. Agree on a certain time-frame for completion of project and the penalties that will be incurred for each day or week that exceeds it. Put it all in writing. Shaking hands on it simply won’t do when we see the Reversed Knight of Pentacles on the scene. He can be guilty of shoddy workmanship, cutting corners, covering up gross mistakes and blunders, using sub-standard, incorrect or unsafe materials. He has little interest in the quality of his work and adopts a ‘sure it will do’ attitude. Any staff he has is bound to be apathetic and lacking in motivation. He is not overly familiar with a measuring tape or spirit level so his work is unlikely to stand up to close inspection. It may fall apart at the first sign of use or stress. It is likely you will have to call in another builder to sort out his mess. He is all about the money and moving on to his next job. He is unlikely to follow up on any complaints you might make and could even disappear overnight leaving an unfinished project, and you seriously out of pocket.

Another version of The Reversed Knight of Pentacles in this area is the ‘bogus mechanic or garage owner’. All the above applies to this guy too. Here is the unscrupulous car dealer. He may not be selling a vehicle that is roadworthy, or if doing work on your car, could charge for new parts but install old or worn ones instead. He might forget to double check his work before handing the car back to you. His cheap quote may not be worth it at the end of the day. Your car may leave with more problems than it went in with. You might end up throwing more good money after bad. So, let the buyer beware. Check credentials and also the newness of any parts you are being charged for. With this Reversed Knight you might also be tempted to hand your car over to an individual who is good with cars but has no qualifications or insurance. Understand, you will have no come back if anything goes wrong.

Botched DIY Jobs

Before we leave this section we must also look at the Reversed Knight of Pentacles on a more personal level. He might be pointing out that you are not the best at DIY. You may be full of good intentions and are probably trying to save a bit of money by tackling a job yourself, but in this case you should really call in someone who knows what they are doing, a professional for instance, as it could turn out to be a false economy. It may also be a case of being a spend-thrift or plain old meanness. You might refuse to spend on something you believe you can do yourself.  Unless you have the time and energy to research and study the technique required you are likely to end up with a series of botched jobs on your hands. You probably have a reputation for poorly executed and unfinished projects. Your house may be held together with string or sticky tape.

Health and Exercise Reversed Knight of Pentacles

Muscle Bound

When it comes to physical health, the Reversed Knight of Pentacles can lose his practical approach to exercise and diet. This can cause him to become extreme in nature. Keeping fit, toned, or pumped up can become an addiction and taken to extreme lengths. Here is the individual who lives in the gym and is obsessed with working out or weight-lifting. He takes it very seriously indeed. His body can become unnatural in shape and structure sometimes making him appear deformed. He will be unaware of this as he adopts a distorted body image. This desire for the perfect body or the six-pack abs is often driven by an underlying issue. Exercise is what keeps him sane and his mood levelled. He feels in control of his life when he is pushing his body beyond its limits. He will feet fat and lethargic should he be forced to miss a workout or class, and will be terribly out of sorts.

Fussy Foodie

In this extreme manner, the Reversed Knight’s kitchen cupboards will be full of body building supplements and protein shakes. He knows his food but his diet is likely to be very restrictive and controlled. It could also be very expensive. However, this Knight might have little else to spend his money on. He has a tendency to bore everyone with the ins and outs of his squeaky clean life and dietary requirements. Unlike his Upright Aspect he loses his ability to enjoy food just for the sake of it.  Dining out is a nightmare with this Reversed Knight who will also monitor everything you eat too. His body is a temple and he its chief worshiper. He might have little else to talk about.

Fear of Food

On the other hand, The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can have a difficult relationship with food. He might believe it has to be earned. He may only feel comfortable about eating once he has fully worked out. Panic will set in if he can’t exercise and food could be severely restricted to avoid weight gain. He can become obsessed about weighing himself two or three times a day. The thing is he does have a natural tendency to gain weight unless he keeps up a high level of exercise. When he is unable to work out, or has fallen behind, his metabolism slows considerably. He may not be able to continuously maintain his desired level of exercise. Life and obligations can get in the way. At times his body weight can fluctuate by 3/5kgs or more which seriously depresses him. He then has to just think about food and the weight piles on. He will have a wardrobe that will cater for both his ‘fat and fit’ phases.

The Couch Potato

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can suggest a lazy individual or personality who lies around all day. Lack of exercise leads to lack of energy and it becomes a vicious cycle. He can be tired, apathetic and too bored to look after himself. He is likely to overeat with a diet high in processed and fast foods. This is the Take Away fanatic who has all his favourite places on speed dial. Unfortunately, this generally leads to considerable weight gain and a slovenly attitude to life. This Reversed Knight is the Archetypal Couch Potato who is a stranger to any form of exercise. He spends a lot of time watching television and takes his meals in front of it too.

He has let himself go and can barely move about the place. Everything is a great effort. In this manner he can become unkempt and unhygienic. He couldn’t be bothered washing himself or even changing his clothes. His living conditions could be equally neglected as housework would be low on his list. His home stinks of stale food and unwashed body odour.


The Reversed Knight of Pentacles in a Health Reading could be pointing to allergies from natural products. Many people believe that ‘natural’ is safe and can do no harm. Health issues could be caused by certain fruits, veg, nuts or seeds in the diet. It could also be as a result of over-consumption of supplements and minerals. He might also be suffering from deficiencies instead. This Reversed Knight may be hyper-sensitive to his natural environment. Toxins or pesticides in his environment could be causing problems.

Weak Constitution

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles lacks the hardy constitution of his Upright Aspect. He is likely to have a poor immune system and is prone to infection and viruses. He may also suffer from chronic conditions which could be genetic in nature. He finds it hard to recuperate after bouts of ill-health and could feel weak for some time. This Reversed Knight is also prone to injuries of the body as his muscular skeletal system is not very strong. Injuries that are work-related could be down to bad posture, repetitive strain injury, improper manual handling, and insufficient rest.  He needs to look after himself more than others and ensure that his nutritional and physical needs are met. Spending time out in the fresh air and nature engaging in gentle exercise will work wonders for him.

His Health could impact on his ability to work which will be the source of much frustration to this Knight as he is not accustomed to forced rest or the inability to earn. He may have to exist on disability allowance. This Reversed Knight can suggest either not investing in health insurance or not being able to afford it.

Disconnected from Nature or Animal Kingdom

In the Upright Knight of Pentacles, we find the animal lover and environmentalist.  However, when he reverses we see another side to him when he has the capacity to abuse or neglect animals and the environment. He is the polluter of land and the hunter of wildlife. He relationship with Earth is contaminated. He seeks to exploit and drain the earth of its natural resources, or poison it with toxins and chemicals. He tears down rain-forests with scant regard for the disaster he is causing. He can be responsible for the extermination or slaughter of wildlife and is drawn to illegal hunting and cruel sports. He is the litter bug who throws papers or dumps rubbish at road sides and in ditches. He abuses animals or leaves them without shelter or food.  On one level he is ignorant and knows no better as it is learned behaviour from a dysfunctional upbringing. On another level he knows exactly what he is doing and operates from a cruel mind and cold heart that is often driven by financial gain.  The Earth and her creatures mean nothing to him. Here is the puppy farm owner, the unscrupulous horse dealer, the smuggler of protected species and the enslaver of wild animals for profit. He sees himself as superior and important and has a right to take what he pleases. The Reversed Knight of Pentacles leaves footprints wherever he goes.


The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can turn up in a reading as a reminder to venture out of your cave every now and then. Your social life may need to be addressed. His presence could suggest that you have lost touch with real friends and family members. This could be down to work commitments, disinterest, or perhaps you are distracted elsewhere. Remember those who have always been there for you and make a decided effort to catch up regularly.

The Knight of Pentacles in Reverse can suggest a hyper-perfectionist personality. This person is likely to have extremely high standards that few can live up to. He is very hard on himself and can stymie his own success by being too fussy and particular. Nothing is ever good enough but even though he may be terribly critical of his own work, he is impatient and frustrated with the efforts of others around him. He can be extremely difficult to live with, or be around, as he watches and monitors continuously. He finds flaws in everything and everyone.

The Security Conscious Upright Knight of Pentacles becomes overly guarded and defensive when he reverses. Mistrusting and suspicious, he is fanatical about security to the point of letting paranoia set in. He is a keen subscriber to conspiracy theories. He believes to be under constant threat or attack. He has a negative view of people seeing everyone as potential thieves, villains, and up to no good. He may have nothing of interest or value to secure but he is ready and prepared for all events. This negative energy often has an unwanted effect. What he fears most can actually manifest and become a reality. Security measures can go into overdrive.

Where travel is concerned it will be slow and the going heavy. Vehicles might break down or flat tyres could prove troublesome. Make sure to run checks before heading off as it could be a long walk to get help. Pack suitable clothes for the environment you are travelling to. Forget fashion and frippery. Comfort and practicality is key here. Stay warm and safe.


Timing is one of the most difficult aspects of Tarot Reading, with many Readers opting not to forecast in this manner. Pentacles suggest the season of winter but this can vary depending on the Tarot Tradition you follow. The Knight of Pentacles is connected to the Sun Sign, Capricorn, December 22nd to January 20th. In his Reversed Aspect, this could suggest the previous year. It can also point to the timing being at the extreme aspects of Capricorn, eg. the entry and exits points. In his Upright Aspect he can suggest a long wait, but when Reversed, it might be sooner than you had hoped for. However, because we are dealing with extremes in Reversed Cards, it can also suggest the wait will be longer than you expected, or may not come about at all.

Love, Romance and Relationships Reversed Knight of Pentacles

Boredom/Preparing to Leave

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles appearing in a Relationship Reading can suggest that a relationship has become boring and mundane for one partner. After the initial stages of attraction and romance, it has become too settled and predictable. Romance and intimacy may be seriously lacking as the relationship has become bogged down with habit and routine. Someone is losing interest and may want out. This card can act as a warning for couples who have let their relationship drift when very little effort is going in to maintaining it. It is likely that one partner is content enough or has become complacent about their partner’s feelings for them. It is taken for granted that all is well. This relationship lacks romance, excitement, fun and life. This could lead to one partner seeking a connection with another. With all the Upright Knights suggesting arrival, the Reversed versions can suggest departures. You may be preparing to leave or are seeking a way out of your relationship. The writing has been on the wall for some time now.

The Ex-Partner/Not Interested

This Reversed Knight may appear in a reading to represent an ex-partner or spouse, someone who has left your life and environment.  However, he may be telling you that he is not interested or perhaps he is unavailable. Relationships may not be a priority in his life if he is occupied with study or career. This Reversed Knight may prefer being single for the moment or is seeking a break from a relationship. The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can shut down and become withdrawn and detached. He needs to occupy his own space at this time and so may retreat. The Reversed Knight often suggests a love rival.

Poor Foundations

If the Upright Knight of Pentacles suggests commitment in relationships his Reversed Aspect could point in the other direction altogether. This card suggests a relationship built on poor foundations. It might not be going anywhere or is not strong enough to last the distance. No effort is being made to nurture the relationship. On the other hand, it might all feel like too much hard work. Relationships shouldn’t leave you feeling weary or exhausted. It may not be worth your continued effort. Like all the Reversed Knights, he may be disloyal or unfaithful to his partner. He might not want to get tied down. This may come as a shock to discover the one you are with has no long-term plans about settling down with you.


The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can sometimes suggest loneliness in a relationship if one partner is consumed with their career or the running of a business.  He or she can be so caught up in the material world of having and getting, realising their ambitions and chasing their goals that there is little attention or time given to their partner who undoubtedly supports their efforts. As a couple they may live in very different worlds where there are few connections. He can be a stranger in his own house because he rarely spends any time there. He or she can be one dimensional. Friends and family can see him as boring and remote, and no one wants to get stuck with him at a dinner party.

Possessive and Controlling

The Pentacles are known for their attachment to what they possess. Even in the Upright aspect there is a tendency to possessiveness and control. People can also be considered as possessions by some Pentacles. This can be difficult enough to deal with, but when they reverse, it can become extreme. Depending on surrounding cards this Reversed Knight could be guilty of controlling and guarding his partner. He may be domineering and consumed with suspicion. Money is often the method of control; either offering it as a reward or withdrawing it as a punishment. He could suggest abuse in a relationship but other cards would need to support this.  He can become obsessive about his partner, check up on their whereabouts and who they make contact with. There may be rules and regulations to contend with.  He has a nasty jealous streak in him and a reputation for thunderous outbursts. However, in his most negative aspect, he may be a street angel and house devil saving the worst of his personality for behind closed doors. He has fearful dark and threatening moods.

Cheap and Tacky

In relationships, the Reversed Knight of Pentacles can represent a partner who is mean or selfish. Here is the individual who doesn’t believe in wasting money on birthdays, anniversaries or treats. He views it all as a lot of nonsense. When he is forced into making a gesture, he will be on the lookout for a bargain, cheap offer or discounted stock. Dining out will be scorned upon and meals may be shared to cut down on costs. Restaurants are chosen based on menu price rather than quality of food. Rarely does he leave a tip. If he does manage to take his partner on a break or vacation, there will be little luxury or comfort in his choice of destination and accommodation. He will purchase discounted end of day, semi-wilted flowers from local stores. He haggles over prices everywhere he goes which can cause embarrassment to his partner.

Sexually Dull or Sexually Deviant

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can be sexually unadventurous or terribly promiscuous. He lacks the intimacy and sensual touch of his Upright Aspect. Sex may be laborious and uninspiring. His overly conservative and traditional approach to lovemaking may leave his partner yawning with boredom or frustration. However, this Reversed Knight may have no issues with sleeping around. Romance is often absent or feigned to suit his needs. He lacks emotion, empathy and sensitivity. He could have an unhealthy appetite for sex and the Reversed Pentacle Courts can fall into the dark and seedy world of prostitution. Sex without love can be a trait that is adopted by this Reversed Knight. He may view sex as a business transaction and may like to pay for it. The Reversed Pentacles Courts can suggest money made from illegal and shady business. In his darkest aspect, he is linked to debauchery and vice where he stands to make big financial gains. He could be employed in the industry or has business dealings in this area. Surrounding cards would need to support this theory. Several Reversed Pentacle cards, such as the 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9. Also the appearance of the Devil, Reversed Temperance, Reversed Magician etc. could point to this unsavoury aspect of The Reversed Knight.

This card can also warn of the dangers of unprotected sex.

Fortune Hunters

Status and money in relationships in a very powerful lure for the Reversed Knight of Pentacles. Here we find the personality who will marry for money, the adventurer/ess who will go out of their way to move in circles where they could land a big catch. Looks, feelings, intimacy, tenderness or compatibility are purely incidental and not a requirement. This aspect of the Reversed Knight of Pentacles is a fortune hunter/ess and craves big money and status. There may be a mother or father in the background who encourages their efforts.  He or she will greedily feed off the wealth of another but rarely bring anything of value to the relationship. The Knight of Pentacles can wheedle his way into the heart of higher social circles by adequately looking and acting the part. On close inspection the facade can be observed. This is often a career choice for certain Reversed Knights who are not inclined to establish their own life or success. They are famous and wealthy by association only and have obscure backgrounds that leave others wondering how they managed to get where they are. However, this Reversed Knight will work hard at being the trophy partner guarding fiercely his/her territory from any who seek to oust or expose them. The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can also build a career as a paid escort.

The Sponger

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can also highlight a ‘bum’, ‘waster’ or ‘sponge’ of a partner who won’t lift a finger or get a job. He/she is quite happy to sit back and be looked after by their partner. There is no sense of guilt or shame in their nature and will perpetuate this existence for as long as it is tolerated. Friends and family of the used and abused partner will often privately confront him about his behaviour but it rarely makes a difference. The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can be unscrupulous when it comes to obtaining money from his/her partner. Wallets or Purses can be secretly raided for extra cash.

Young Parent Reversed Knight of Pentacles

(Young Parent or Older Parent lacking in maturity)

The Remote/Controlling Young Father

When the Reversed Knight of Pentacles appears as a representative of a father or potential father, he can suggest a remote and often absent father due to work and career. He might have no relationship with his children. He can be an adequate provider, keen to do his best for them, but knows little of his children or their emotional needs. When he is at home, he feels awkward in their presence. He can be overly ambitious for his children and is known to place too much pressure on them to succeed and excel in exams.  He is often fixed about their career paths which have been chosen by him. He could force his children into careers that do not suit them. His children may feel resentful towards him as he is stubborn and closed down to their opinions and ideas. He can be controlling and domineering, even at a distance. Again, money can be used as a bribe or withheld as a form of punishment. He may not be a generous or benevolent father. He could be determined his children learn the hard way as he might have done in the past. These traits are usually inherited. He may have been resentful and argumentative with his own father but it is likely he will have turned out just like him.

The Neglectful Young Father

On the other hand, The Reversed Knight of Pentacles may have little interest in controlling or monitoring his children. He could ignore his fatherly duties. In fact, he may even neglect his children altogether. His children may be unkempt and poorly fed. Their home may be barren, cold and uninviting.  You might find them wandering the streets at all hours and inadequately attired. They lack routine, stability and order in life. Very often this Reversed Knight of Pentacles’ children will be living and eating out of neighbouring houses and are reluctant to go home. They could be under social services protection or surveillance. There is no effort to get them to school on a regular basis and his children may be living on social welfare or benefits. The Reversed Knight of Pentacles is drawn to animals and may have several pets but they are likely to be neglected and allowed roam the neighbourhood in search of food or shelter. He is mean spirited and uncaring.

Maintenance Issues

This Reversed Knight of Pentacles may have no conscience when it comes to his offspring. In his upright aspect he will always do the right thing even if a pregnancy is unplanned. However, the appearance of this Reversed Knight may suggest that he cannot be relied upon to stand by you.  If there has been a separation or divorce, maintenance will probably be a big issue. He is unlikely to hand over anything unless forced into doing so. Even then this Reversed Knight will break any court order. He will take every escape route to avoid handing over his money. He does not wish to assume any responsibility for his children and might up and leave with no forwarding address. Tracking him down might prove costly.

Unconventional/Bohemian Family

We must also look at another aspect of the Reversed Knight of Pentacles in a fatherly role. Now we can think of him as the parent who has turned his/her back on the material world of having and getting in order to give their family a more grounded and natural upbringing. He might want something very different to his own upbringing. We now find the Reversed Knight of Pentacles involved in home schooling and living off the land. This Knight will be conscientious about the upbringing of his children and will seek to make it as eco-friendly and non-materialistic as possible.  His children will learn how to live off the natural resources in their environment. This family might live in communes or special eco villages, where each individual has a role to play and work to do for the greater good. The Reversed Knight of Pentacles aims to reject bourgeois values. He might disconnect his family from the modern world of digital technology and social media in order to adopt an unconventional bohemian or hippy lifestyle.

Career and Business Reversed Knight of Pentacles


The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can highlight a period of unemployment for you. This is bound to cause you stress and anxiety for you are not comfortable in this situation. You are used to working but cannot find a job. You may have plenty of qualifications and skills but the work is just not there. You might have to rely on social welfare for a while which again is likely to depress you. This Knight generally associates his self-worth with what he has achieved and what he possesses. They define who and what he is. They give him status which is very important to the Pentacles.  If you have fallen short of the mark in these areas, you are bound to feel unworthy with a low sense of self-esteem. There is chance you will fall into despair and become negative.

You may have to look for any sort of work rather than hold out for a certain type of job. Your career plans and ambitions have been turned upside down and you might have to think of leaving all that you know and hold dear to secure employment elsewhere. You have probably invested a lot in your education and career to date but have not yielded the results you anticipated. This may be a temporary situation or one that will have to be faced for some time to come. Change is needed and you may have to up-skill, consider other career options, or put your goal on the back burner.

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles suggests jobs with no prospects, security or contract. Transient work with little stability. You may have work one week but not the next. It will be hard to budget or plan your life around such employment as you will have to take what you get.

This Reversed Knight of Pentacles may be too proud to avail of his social welfare entitlements. He will also find it difficult to ask for assistance.

Work Shy

Unfortunately, the Reversed Knight of Pentacles can suggest an individual or environment where there is a lack of interest in securing gainful employment. This personality does not assume responsibility for his or her existence and expects others to assume it for them. They either make no effort to find a job or are unemployable. When we come to the Knight stage of development this could indeed become a lifestyle choice. If work is secured on their behalf, they will lack the obvious commitment and self-discipline to retain it. This Reversed Knight will be unreliable and untrustworthy. He will find it very difficult to get into a routine, adhere to time-keeping or follow orders. He certainly cannot be left to work on his own initiative as he is likely to slouch off when not kept under direct supervision. He can be surly, unfriendly and will complain and moan about everything he is asked to do. His dark moods can upset everyone.  He lacks determination, tenacity and ambition. If he does turn up he is likely to be unkempt and dishevelled looking. He just can’t pull it together or keep it together. This could be the result of a certain family mind-set during his upbringing. He has no problem turning up to collect his social welfare payments or payslips but he lacks any sort of forward thinking or game plan for his life. Occasionally he will appear to be making an effort but it rarely lasts for long. Others will try their best to reform him or change his life around but therein lies the problem. He leans on others as his crutch for everything in life without even realising he is doing it. He does nothing for himself and lacks basic life skills. When a problem arises he does not have the resources to deal with it. He doesn’t see himself as a problem at all and never appears to be grateful for any assistance he is given. He expects it as his lot and due.

This Reversed Knight knows his stuff as far as Social Welfare entitlements are concerned and will avail of all of them. He might also be quick to put an insurance claim against his employer for the slightest thing. He might feign work-related injuries to acquire sick certs or disability allowance.

Stuck in a Rut

When the Reversed Knight of Pentacles appears in a Career Reading he may be suggesting you are going nowhere. You may be stuck in a job that offers little chance for promotion or reward. Your job might be boring, predictable and uninspiring.  You may have reached a stage where you feel unfulfilled. It is possible you once believed that a job was a job once you were earning money. Times have changed and so have you. You might feel trapped due to being under-skilled or under qualified. You may have left school early and took the first job that came your way. It is no longer enough. Effort is required if you want to change your situation now. You may need to go back to college or sign up for a course where you learn new skills which will lead to greater options.

If you are failing to secure an interview your CV might to be outdated and formatted in an old fashioned manner. If you do get to interview stage, you may need to make more of an effort to impress. You may be lacking in motivation and enthusiasm or are applying for jobs that do not appeal to you. You may also be applying for jobs you are under-qualified for. In the rapidly developing and ever changing world of Digital Technology, how do you rate your abilities in this area? This Reversed Knight can suggest you resist a modern approach. Sluggishness and apathy could be an underlying issue.

Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For!

The Upright Knight of Pentacles has a strong understanding of who he is, what he wants to be, where he is going and how he plans to get there. He demonstrates a tenacious and controlled ambition that has driven him ever since he was a Page. Jolly good for him we all think, but what about the rest of us who haven’t a clue and are unsure of how we feel or what we want? Nothing has really grabbed us yet but we know something is missing. The Reversed Knight of Pentacles in this case can suggest being stuck in regards to college, career or life choices that will determine your future.  If only you could feel passionate about something? Then you could give it your full attention. You may feel time is running out on you if you are still struggling to find your stride where career or job satisfaction is concerned. College may be coming to an end or you might be heading into your thirties but still can’t decide what is is you want to do. You don’t appear to be inclined in any direction at all but you might be under external pressure to decide upon one once and for all. Maybe this is a good time to check out career personality services where you might discover some latent skills, talents or passions. Is there  a hobby that could be turned into a career?

If you have been used to drifting from one job to another, your situation may have changed necessitating the need to settle into something long-term. Employment contracts might be coming to an end or a decision has to be made between remaining temporary or becoming permanent. Choose carefully. This Reversed Knight of Pentacles could be advising you to keep your options open at present. Maybe tying yourself down right now, or committing fully in a certain direction is not the best thing to do. Also do not stubbornly rule out suggestions that at first impression seem bizarre or totally crazy. Do a bit more research, stay around long enough to hear them out. You might be pleasantly surprised and impressed.

The Workaholic

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can grind himself down to the bone with work. He lives to work instead of working to live. Even when he is at home, he will be working. There never seems to be a down time when he lays back and relaxes. He can be relentless and stubborn, considering everything other than work a waste of time. This trait typically goes hand in hand with never missing an opportunity to earn another buck yet never having the time to spend it.

Earth has taken full control as his ambition takes priority over everything else. As goals are reached he rarely stops for long enough to appreciate what he has achieved before moving on to the next.  He can neglect his relationship, friends and family as he seems to be constantly at work. Even if money does not motivate him it is possible he works just for the sake of it. He has to fill his day. This can often be an avoidance technique. Possibly he is not comfortable doing nothing as it may force him to think of other things, and even be sociable. The Workaholic Reversed Knight of Pentacles can come from any background or career. He is never at home and always on call. He is often one-dimensional and can be boring to deal with in company where he has little to say for himself or life in general.

Sometimes this trait is fear orientated and he may nurse an attitude whereby he believes his luck may change at any time, leading to financial ruin. Thus he works as much as he can when he can for there may be no work tomorrow or the next day. ‘You have to take it when you get it’. If you look into his or her background you will probably find a mother or father who did likewise. Work is riddled with routine and he may find stability in this. It can be a sign of insecurity and neediness.

As a workaholic, the Reversed Knight of Pentacles can be an intolerant employer or work colleague. Like a bull dog he will drive everyone along with him and puts tremendous pressure on staff to work long hours and give up precious time off. He can be gruff and boorish, lacking charm and humour. He believes hard work to be the cure for all evils and distress in human society.

On the other hand, this Reversed Knight of Pentacles could work in an environment where time off is unlikely whether he wants it or not. He could work in farming or with horses for example. Animals need to be fed and tended every day. They don’t take holidays or days off. There is always something to be done.

Unable to Work

Sometimes the Reversed Knight of Pentacles appears when you cannot work due to injury or ill health. It may be a work related injury or the development of a health condition or sudden illness. You may be forced into early retirement or have to live on disability allowance. This is not a position that sits comfortably with you. You are a hard worker who has possibly taken your body for granted up until now. This may be a temporary situation but you need to follow doctor’s orders if you want to make a strong comeback.

Breaking Tradition

In a Career Spread the Reversed Knight of Pentacles can suggest you are pursuing a career that breaks with a set family tradition. You may be an unlikely rebel or maverick who has ambition in areas that might surprise those who know you. You could turn your back on qualifications and years of college when you have a change of heart or change of mind. You might become jaded or bored with your career choice and make a drastic change. This could adversely affect your standard of living but it is unlikely to bother you. You are tired of the same old, same old and may seek something more adventurous, challenging or risky. You are ready to leave your territory and comfort zone in exchange for new experiences. This Reversed Knight can also suggest a career break. You might decide to travel the world, doing odd jobs here and there, or spend time on developing a hobby that might become a business in the future. You are prepared to break the mould and tempt the fates. Cars, property and assets could be off-loaded to fund the expedition. Instead of seeking employment in long established institutions, you might set your sights on working in entrepreneurial business start-up environments which offer novelty, excitement and challenge.

Poor Business Skills

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles typically has a poor head for business. He can be full of great intentions but they never quite hit the mark. Fire, leads him astray as he makes impulsive moves. He is so eager to get to the finish line that he doesn’t take into consideration all that is required to get there. He likes the idea of being a business person, working for himself and making lots of money. Compared to the Upright Knight, it appeals to him in a different manner. The Reversed Knight is likely to waste money and resources in unessential areas of his business. He likes the trappings that go with business so will want to show it off to as many as possible. Pride and a craving for status and power will not be happy working from the back bedroom or garden shed. This Reversed Knight wants to look the part from day one. He is better at spending money than making it. He makes for the failed business person who has invested unwisely or has not thoroughly researched his market.   He may try to sell shoddy products, or products no one wants, lease premises in unsuitable locations or launch at the wrong time. He can take his eye off the ball and not watch his back where competitors are concerned. He is all show with no substance. He offers nothing different and puts no importance on building customer relations. He quickly attracts a reputation for being unreliable in business.

Like the Upright Knight of Pentacles, his Reversed aspect is very interested in money, but under the influence of unbalanced Fire, is attracted to doomed from the start, ‘get rich quick schemes’ and taking un-calculated risks.  He believes there is a short cut to making money without any work or effort involved. He generally has a history of failed enterprises behind him but will happily be on the lookout for another. He is drawn to gambling on a personal level, but also with other people’s money. He does have a knack of securing investment from those around him as he can come across as the real deal. He will take money from friends and family who wish to support his endeavours but there is generally no worthwhile return. If you are thinking of investing in a business or person and the Knight of Pentacles Reversed appears you would be advised to approach with extreme caution as everything may not be as it appears. This Reversed Knight, could disappear along with all your money.

Not Moving With The Times

In a Business Reading, the Reversed Knight of Pentacles often appears to highlight the need for change or modernisation. Negative mindsets and practices could be holding back growth. There is a reluctance or resistance to cooperate with new technology and systems. As an employer, displays of initiative by staff will be discouraged and viewed as risky or destabilising. You do not offer an ‘open door policy’ and are not interested in the opinion of others. As a Business person there is a lack of innovation, vision or inspiration. Sticking with the old or traditional way of doing things is admirable but this can lead to stagnation and the eventual death of a business. You may need to move with times or at least give your business a good overhaul. Re-branding or relaunching might ignite new life into your business. Even a fresh coat of paint and new signage could jizz things up.

In business you might prove difficult in the boardroom by blocking consent or refusing to give your vote on new projects. You can clog up the system with unnecessary red-tape and endless documentation requirements. You may dislike a colleague who is trying to implement change and will create obstacles and challenges at every opportunity.

As an employee you are likely to be awkward and difficult about accepting new systems or processes. A change in staff, premises, shift or time schedule could unduly upset you. You may stubbornly refuse to cooperate with a new boss or senior.

Stick With What You Know

On the other hand, The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can act as a warning about implementing change when it is not needed. Fire can be very demanding, restless and bored. Some things should be left as is. The wheel does not have to be constantly re-invented. It can be telling you to stick to what you know in this instance. You may be under pressure to make changes but if you have been successful doing what you are doing, you must carefully consider any plans or ideas that could undo it. It might come down to deciding how much money you really need or want. Expansion or a diversion from normal business may be more trouble than it is worth. Check surrounding cards to determine what is going on.

Exploitation of Staff

In Business the Reversed Knight of Pentacles can make for an unconscientious employer. He can exploit staff, or treat them in an abusive manner.  He can be stubborn, inflexible and rigid in his stance with workers.  He is liable to underpay where he can and overtime rates may be an issue. He is not typically Health and Safety conscious either so is likely to ignore standard regulations in this area. Staff may be overworked in physically demanding roles or exposed to environmental hazards. This Reversed Knight is not ergonomically inclined so working conditions may be of a very poor level. He will strive to get the maximum work output whilst paying the lowest wages. This Employer may offer to pay you cash instead or putting you thorough the books. This may initially sound tempting but will lead to zero job security, contract or insurance. If he is not declaring you to revenue, then you do not exist and have no rights as an employee.

Security Breach

In Business, the Reversed Knight of Pentacles can act as a warning that you are very exposed or vulnerable. If you have dropped your guard or become too complacent there may be risk of a serious breach in security.  Insurance may have lapsed or anti-virus software expired. A website may be hacked if access to passwords is not tightly monitored and controlled. Also change passwords regularly and encrypt as much as possible. Check locks and alarms for errors or faults. Monitor video surveillance cameras or CCTV for any unusual behaviour. Maintenance of security is also vital where staff is concerned. Trust is very important but you must not take your eye off the ball. If a theft is involved, The Reversed Knight of Pentacles can suggest an inside job. He can have his hand in the till. Pilfered stock could be resold for private gain. Check for the presence of the Reversed Nine of Pentacles and Seven of Swords as these would strengthen the warning.

Shady Business

Contrary to the above, this Reversed Knight of Pentacles might have great business sense but uses it negatively to con people of their money. Here we find the business scams and illegal trading. Goods are often contraband or fake but he can become exceedingly wealthy dealing in them.  Under the table cash transactions are common with tax avoidance wherever possible. He could be established in the world of vice, prostitution, pornography, drug trafficking or smuggling. This Reversed Knight can be the local loan shark or involved in money laundering. He likes to profit on the misfortune of others. He lives in a tightly secured environment with high gates and surveillance cameras. He could employ body guards and Hench men to do his bidding. The authorities will find it very tricky trying to pin down this negative aspect of the Reversed Knight of Pentacles as he normally has a legit respectable business cover in place and is careful about his financial movements.

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles represents the unscrupulous or dishonest business man. His accounts may be a work of fiction.  He can be the rogue trader or dishonest banker.


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  1. Hello, I’ve just read the page on the Knight of Pentacles, and read this: “As a Knight, he is the one in the Pentacles family who begins to make things happen. Success is well on its way, but not with a lot of hard work attached to it.” ( This doesn’t seem to jive with the rest of the description of this Knight. Did you mean to say “…but not *without* a lot of hard work…”? –Linda


    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks so much for pointing that out. Yes, of course it should read ‘but not without a lot of hard work attached to it. I suppose you cannot remember how far down the text this typo was? If not, I will scour it until I find it. I presume most people like yourself know it is a typo but I want to get it fixed etc. Don’t worry if you can’t remember, I will pick through it until it turns up.




  2. Hi Vivien,
    My pleasure. The sentence is at the bottom of the section called Personality Profile, Card Imagery and Description, third line up from the bottom and begins with “like a lot of hard work,” on my screen, at least. But the phrase turns up right away if you do a search (Ctrl+F) on the page and type in “a lot of hard work”–without the quotation marks of course. 🙂
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    • Hi Linda,

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      • Hi Vivien,

        No worries. I’m looking forward to the new content and really appreciate what must be an enormous project. The “stories” you create for the court cards have been especially helpful in learning, understanding, and retaining the the messages of the various stages of the journey. So my understanding of the overall cycle is finally taking shape. Speaking of which, I’m currently reading the Book of Changes (I Ching) and can’t help but notice the parallels in meaning between the various hexagrams and the Major and Minor Arcana. I suppose the journey is the journey and not much changes about that, except the way in which it’s told. In any case, I’m very glad to have found your site and thank you for all the hard work you do.



  3. Beatiful article Vivien, and I’d say that the description of the Reversed KoP being a lazy slob definitely fits in well with his excess of earth (when that’s the case, of course).


  4. I love your page! Such a good, deep and true insight into every card. My favorite tarot website. Someone can feel the honest love and knowledge you want to pass through. Keep up the excellent job!


    • Hi Persefoni,

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  5. I have a lot of books on Tarot but this by far these are by far the most informative and complete descriptions I have ever read. Please consider turning this into a book. Thank you so much for this website!!


    • Hi Liz,

      Thank you for your lovely comments and feedback. I have been away from writing for some time but plan to return very shortly. I have been asked about book format on several occasions but tremble at the idea of putting all my content into a book. It would be a huge feat and I would have to pay for proof readers and other things. I make about a €100 per month from advertisements on website. It just about covers my hosting, domain and Microsoft Office expenses. We shall see what happens in the future. I won’t rule it out.




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  7. I studied the knight of pentacles horse so much in the last month. And I would look at that horse and wonder what it was up to. Eventually, a rocking horse was placed on the sidewalk and no one knew where it came from and I would drive by it for about 3 days and then I took the horse home. It just manifested itself.


    • Oh, I do hope you kept it as it sounds very special. If made of wood I would sand it down and either varnish or repaint. Repair any damages (a very pentacles approach). The Knight of Pentacles would never discard his horse, so you need to care for this. Do you thing someone dumped it there?



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