Ten (X) of Cups b

Ten (X) of Cups – The Happy Ever After Finale

10 of Cups Upright


Happiness, Inner Happiness, Happy Families/Groups/Relationships, The Family, Family Events/Homecomings/Gatherings, Children, Soul-Mate, Destiny, Fate, Marriage, Long-Term Relationships, Loving, Love Nest, Good Luck/Fortune, Striking Gold, Blessings, Gifts, Gratitude, Appreciation, Peace, Harmony, Serenity, Emotionally Balanced/Fulfilled, Content, Relaxed, Stability, Security, Well-Being, Domestic Bliss, Delight, Joy, Glowing, Warmth, Fun, Play, Creativity, Sharing, Embracing, Caring, Support, Community, Home, Homestead, Home-Bird, Country Living, Putting Down Roots, Teamwork, Idyllic, Happy Ever After, Dreams Coming True, Social/Community Affairs, Family Welfare,Truce, End of Hostilities, Forgiveness, Illusions, Fantasy, Idealistic, Fairytale,  Selling a Dream,



Abundance, joy and emotional fulfillment are yours to enjoy and give thanks for when the Ten of Cups appears.  Everything has worked out wonderfully for you and you will be experiencing a level of happiness you hadn’t thought possible.  It is as if all your dreams have come true and wishes granted.

Peace, harmony and prosperity in life or your endeavours leaves you sighing with deep contentment and gratitude.  It is a time for being aware of, and thankful for all the wonderful blessings that have been bestowed on you.  Some of this may be down to good luck but on the whole you have strived constantly to achieve this enviable state of being.  You have managed to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This Card can be a sign that you are being, or will be, rewarded for all your good deeds and that big open heart of yours.  You are now in a position where you can really appreciate where life has delivered you and might become quite emotional about the whole thing. In a happy way of course.

When the Ten of Cups appears there is a strong sense of personal balance and inner-happiness.  Very little can get you down when this Card appears for it is full of positivity and joy.  It speaks of the happy times in life and of great joy and lightheartedness.  Any struggles or strife is behind you now, as the rainbow appears to signal the end of rain or storms.  Everyone is allowed out to play again and that includes you. It is a time to embrace life and happiness, enjoy just being, and not constantly striving towards something else.  Enjoy the Day Herein for you have spent a long time getting to it. Smile and laugh to your heart’s content.

The Ten of Cups brings a lasting happiness with it, and speaks of good times ahead, with even more joy and contentment.  You have found what you have been looking for, so give thanks and relax. Your heart feels vibrant and a wonderful warm, loving glow radiates from you, making those around you sit up and take note.  It is a time to share the love and happiness with all, and especially those close to you, such as family and friends. You are over the moon with delight and others are genuinely thrilled for you.

The Ten of Cups is a positive Card for happy family, friends, groups and communities.  Its presence can suggest that your family, or having a family, is very important to you.  Your family home is also very dear to you, full of wonderful memories and a place that has always offered stability and security. You are very close to your family members and count yourself very lucky indeed for the good fortune to be a part of them. Your family share and care for each other, and offer support during difficult times.  It can suggest you are very aware of what you have and are emotionally well-balanced.  This Card can appear when Family Events, Gatherings or Homecomings are being arranged or coming up. As this Card is strongly connected with the family and family home, you may be returning home to live or to look after a family member.  You may have an elderly parent or relative who needs your help and support. You might be taking a trip down memory lane and showing your partner and kids where you grew up.

The Ten of Cups can appear after the end of long-time tensions or hostilities. These difficulties usually centre around family or friends, so it will be quite close to home.  It has caused great emotional disturbance and upset, but the rainbow coming out in this card symbolically represents the end of trouble.  Someone has called a truce or issues have been settled to the agreement of all.  Peace and harmony are restored once more and all must be prepared to forgive and move on.  If you are currently experiencing unsettling trouble with those around you, The Ten of Cups can be pointing to the fact you could be very instrumental in bringing warring sides together.  If it has been you causing the upset in the family, it may be time to stop and rethink. Your family may be ready to embrace you back into the fold should you apologise. You know you are missing out on so much, and also missing them, so maybe it is time to call a truce.

The Ten of Cups is also associated with the homestead, the house you live in or want to live in. It can suggest that you love your home and are very happy in it.  You may also be quite a home-bird.  Its presence can highlight your desire for idyllic countryside living, so you may be on the hunt to buy a suitable property or site.  You might have found the house of your dreams and are eager to show it off to family members to get their opinion.  Great excitement surrounds this move and there may have been a group effort to get you there or settled in.

If you are in the process of buying a house and want to know whether you will be happy living there, the presence of The Ten of Cups in relation to it bodes well. It suggests the home will bring much joy and will be very easy to settle into.  There is a good energy about the house which will support the occupants.  The house will be happy to have you live there too, should you decide to commit.  It suggests a welcoming community and neighbours who will be eager to offer their friendship and support. In fact you won’t be able to believe your luck, so pinch yourself.  This will be a great house for rearing children and may easily be the place you put down longterm roots.

Domestic harmony and peace abound when The Ten of Cups appears. This Card represents the traditional outcome for many couples and marriage is highly suggested if the Spread includes any of the following the Four or Six of Wands, Ace, Two or Three of Cups, Justice or The Lovers. You might be setting up home with your partner and enjoying the intimacy it brings. As a couple you may be deciding to have children or another baby. Children are definitely very important to you or play a special role in your life.

Where Relationships are concerned, The Ten of Cups is The Happy Ever After Card and is a joy when it appears in a Reading. It suggests emotional fulfilment, settling down and starting a family. You have found the love you have searched for. You may have met your Soul Mate or feel a strong karmic connection with your partner. If you are asking whether your partner would make a suitable parent then The Ten of Cups appearing is a very good sign indeed.  It suggests a committed partner who is very family oriented and loving.  He or she might just be the one you can build a long-term future with.

Because The Ten of Cups is a Stage Card, we must always look at another slant or aspect, whether Upright or Reversed. The Ten of Cups appearing in your Reading may not be based on fact or reality, but more so on your dream of the perfect partner, romance or relationship.  It might be considered quite old-fashioned now, but there are still so many little girls and boys who dream of growing up, getting married, having children and a perfect house.  You may have a picture painted in your head of the ideal partner and life for you.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this as we all have our own idea of what we are looking for, and a dream we would dearly love to come true.  It only causes problems for us when we cannot compromise on our dream or if it does not work in our own best interests. It is hard to be perfect in an imperfect world, so it might be difficult to find a partner who ticks all the boxes.  You may bypass a wonderful relationship opportunity if your standards have been set too high and out of reach.  You might also be chasing, or in a relationship with an unsuitable partner because he or she appears to be the type.

Look for inconsistencies in surrounding Cards for evidence of this aspect.  For instance, the Querant is gushing about her partner and talking about wanting to get married and have kids.  The Ten of Cups appears in the Surrounding Energy Position which lets us know where the client wants this relationship to head.  However, the Cards that appear for her partner tell another story. A story of lack of commitment and possible disinterest. So where is she getting the Let’s Get Married and Have Kids’ signal from? We wonder if he knows anything about it at all?  It may be all her desire and not his.  It is her dream or fantasy driving her and not based on fact or reality.  This can be a very difficult Reading to communicate, for even though you do not want to burst her bubble, you  also want to give constructive advice.

Career related you may be involved in community and social affairs, tending to the needs of families in your local community. It is a time for being really happy in the workplace and everyone gets along just like one big happy family. Your workplace probably has a great social scene attached to it. Great teamwork and cooperation is suggested when The Ten of Cups appears in a work related reading. It also can suggest landing the career or job of your dreams if it appears in the Outcome Position.

For those involved in creative work such as artists, writers, musicians, pottery makers or designers, The Ten of Cups suggests exceptional work.  Your creations will be truly inspiring and might even be your best yet. Your emotions are flowing freely and spiritually you feel truly connected. Your work has moved onto a higher plane and the results can be seen and appreciated by everyone.  It is all taking off for you now and you may even get some global recognition. You are happy with what you are doing and have found your niche.  This is what you are good at and enjoy.

The Ten of Cups can also suggest working from home in order to be there for the children. Then again you may be staying at home to rear the children. Being a house wife or house husband can also be suggested.


10 of Cups Reversed


Broken Dreams, Throwing Away Happiness, Lack of Inner Happiness, Not Emotionally Fulfilled, Lack of Closeness, Domestic Disharmony, Hitting a Rocky Patch, Family Breakdown, Family Quarrels, Separation, Divorce, Family Out Cast, No Family, Empty Nest Syndrome, Poor Parenting, Smothering Parents, Dysfunctional Families, Disillusionment, Keeping Up Appearances, Playing Happy Families, Family Secrets, Family Outcast, Cancellation of Family Events, Fertility Issues, Not Wanting a Family, Not Wanting to get Married, Non-Traditional Families/Couples, Problems with Children, Working with Dysfunctional families and Children at Risk, Social Worker, Foster Parents, Homesick, Losing your Home, Hate Being at Home, Neglected Home, Not Settling into Your Home, Lack of Community Spirit, Lack of Teamwork, Unfriendly Neighbours, Keeping To Yourself, Isolated, Alienation, Creative Blocks, Not Happy with What You Have Produced, Fantasy, Illusions, Unrealistic

When The Ten of Cups Reverses, the rainbow turns on its back and the beautiful Golden Cups topple. The Cups are scattered and their contents pour out. Where once emotional fulfillment, love and happiness resided, the Cups are mere empty, hollow vessels now. This can suggest a once harmonious family situation or relationship is now experiencing trouble. Domestic disharmony replaces bliss, and rifts begin to appear. Instead of the wonderful sharing of love and emotions, they are now hurled back and forth. Real cups, of the crockery type, might be flung as tempers flare and resentment settles in.

The couple or family who seemed to have everything, now appear to be falling apart at the seams. Dreams shatter along with the smashed Cups as the idealisation of the Upright Card fades into disillusionment. Intense disappointment appears along with the gathering dark clouds. The Upright Card spoke of a truce or making peace. As a couple you may have been trying very hard to put a rocky patch or indiscretion behind you in favour of a fresh start. The Reversed Ten can highlight the inability to sustain it and can be a sign that issues never really settled or healed. Blame, resentment or anger still lurks behind all the good effort. You may have tried to make a go of it for the kid’s sake but The Ten of Cups Reversed can be a sign that it is not working. You may be putting on a front or facade, giving the impression that everything is okay, but it may be taking a lot of effort and energy to maintain. You may be convincing others but you are not convincing yourself. There may be a deep unhappiness that you are trying to hide in order to spare or protect others.

If we look at the Couple in the Reversed Version of this Card, it appears the woman is slightly pulling away from the man who has his arm around her waist. She has one arm upraised but the other is held stiffly by her side. Even the train on her dress, which appeared to flow behind her in the Upright, distinctly flows away to the left when it Reverses. As body language goes, this would be suggesting a lack of closeness, tenderness and affection. The woman leans away from the man who stands quite stiff and formal. It is similar to the Hollywood Celebrity Couples who will work hard to deny rumours of a split, but can’t hide the truth in their photos. They usually look strained, like holding magnets the wrong way, they pull away instead of together. The impression in the Upright is very different. However, the children at play seem to be blissfully unaware. Because this is a Stage Card, the couple may be playing out, or acting their roles as scripted, but lack stage presence and a convincing connection. The couple, children and house now dominate the imagery, while the rainbow and cups (happiness) drift away or have been carelessly thrown away. They still have each other, the kids and their house but the joy, warmth and love has gone out of it. It is all about maintenance now. In the current time of Recession it might be the only option for many unfortunate couples who do not have the money to separate. Like them, you might be trying to make a go of it for everyone’s sake.

Sadly, divorce can be suggested when The Ten of Cups Reverses but you must check surrounding cards for further evidence of this before heading down that track. One Negative or Reversed Relationship Card does not mean the end. However, it does suggest problems or blocks. If the family situation has broken down there may be several reasons for its demise, but a lack of maintenance and effort has probably not helped the situation. You may have let a perfectly good chance of happiness slip through your fingers. There may also be a possessive spouse or partner. There may be an illusion of closeness but the relationship may be tightly controlled.

The Ten of Cups Reversed can suggest that you are self-sabotaging your chance for love and romance. You may hold unrealistic expectations about relationships and partners. Your idea of marriage and happy families may be of the fairytale kind or based on happy ever after novels or movies. You may be chasing a dream and setting yourself up for disappointment. Then again, you may have got what you wished for but the glow has now worn off. The once fabulous partner leaves his dirty clothes all over the place, stays out late with friends and prefers to watch tv while he eats instead of talking to you. The baby never stops crying, and you feel you have aged ten years from lack of sleep, because you have to do all the night-time feeds. The dream home you had great plans to restore and renovate, leaves you financially and physically drained. Somewhere along the way, you have lost interest and enthusiasm. The life you planned has not lived up to your expectations. Nothing is ever as easy as you think it is going to be.

The Ten of Cups Reversed can highlight the non-traditional couple/family or same-sex couple. If you have a pattern for failed relationships or broken marriages, you may need to go back to the lesson of The Nine fo Cups to understand that you must love oneself before you can truly love another. You may be looking externally for happiness instead of within. You will need to spend some time on personal and inner-work to identify your emotional needs before entering into another relationship.

If you have relocated in search of peaceful country living you may discover that it is not what you expected it to be. You may feel terribly isolated and lonely instead of calm and serene. Instead of the strong community feeling in the Upright, neighbours may be unfriendly, unwelcoming and keep to themselves. You may feel like outsiders in the village and your kids complain of being bored. On the other hand, it may be you who does not want to get involve. You may hold back on friendship and support with interest only for your own family. This Card Reversed is associated with lack of team and community spirit.

The Ten of Cups is strongly linked with the home or homestead. When Reversed it can suggest that you are very homesick. You may have moved far away from family and friends and miss their close connection. There may also be deep sadness or emotional upset over the loss of the family home. It may have to be sold or perhaps repossessed. Again look to surrounding Cards for further information. If the Reversed Ten of Pentacles or Five of Pentacles are also drawn, then the family home may be in danger. In the Upright, we see the home lover or home-bird, but when it Reverses, we can find a disinterest in the home and maintaining it, or wanting to be away from it at every hand’s turn. If you have recently moved home, it may be a sign that you are finding it hard to settle down or feel at home.

Family Events, re-unions or homecomings may be cancelled or postponed when The Ten of Cups is drawn Reversed. Then again, you may dread the thought of them. Old family arguments and bickering may surface causing disturbances and uneasy feelings. There may be family secrets, a skeleton in the cupboard or a dysfunctional family background. When it comes to families, who knows what goes on behind closed doors? If the Reversed Six of Cups appears or any Reversed Court Cards, there may be hidden things in the past. On the other hand, you may have been turned out of the family and home due to scandal or an argument, and now feel alienated and alone. If you never got on with your family, you may be living a life apart from them. Your children may never have met their relatives or grandparents. In the Upright, the family is very important to you, but in the Reverse, they may mean little or possibly you do not appreciate the one you have. You might have little or no contact with your family, or indeed have no family at all. You might have been separated from your mother at birth or adopted. Families in need and family welfare are also suggested by this Reversed Ten.

Where children are concerned The Reversed Ten of Cups can represent many situations. Your dream may be to get married and have children, but your partner does not share it. This can be especially difficult and emotionally upsetting. You may love your partner deeply but he or she do not want the same things as you. It may be an issue impossible to compromise on. Then again, you may be breaking with tradition and deciding not to have children.

Depending on surrounding Cards, Reversed Ace of Cups and Wands, Reversed Nine of Pentacles or Reversed Empress, there may be a problem with fertility. As a couple you may not be able to have children. This is bound to bring tremendous sadness as you would make excellent parents. Reversed Pages appearing close to the Reversed Ten of Cups may point to a child causing problems or tension in the family, or a child who has a condition such as ADHD, Depression or Autism. Other Cards would need to concur to support this interpretation. If you have had an unhappy childhood, you may be vowing not to make the same mistakes your parents made. In the extreme aspect of this Card, despite good intentions, you may be falling into the same negative child rearing traps your parents did.

The Ten of Cups Reversed can symbolise the “empty nest” syndrome as children grow up and leave the home. It can also represent possessive and smothering parenting.

When it comes to Career, this Reversed Ten would suggest a group or team is not working together. The job you were once happy in may have lost its appeal. A happy family work atmosphere may have been disturbed or broken by the departure of friendly work colleagues or the arrival of new ones. There may be quarrels or disputes in the workplace. The job of your dreams has not lived up to expectations, leaving you feeling disillusioned and disappointed. You may have been oversold a position, promised the sun, moon and stars but the reality may be quite different.

You may be working as a social worker; dealing with broken families, child abuse or neglect, or providing a loving stable home as Foster Parents. You might decide to choose career over starting a family.

Creative blocks can leave you feeling frustrated or you may feel disappointed with what you have produced. Your work may go unnoticed and unrecognised.

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