The Page of Wands

Page of Wands – The Free Spirit

 Page of Wands Upright

Fire Signs – AriesLeoSagittarius 

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Personality Profile

The Page of Wands is of The Fire Element, but is also influenced by the Air Element. Fire rules the Zodiac Signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Pages represent the Airy Part of the Court Cards regardless of their Suit Element. Therefore The Page of Wands represents the Airy Part of Fire. The Wands governing Element is Fire, but because this is a Page, he is also influenced by the Element of Air. Air is connected to the Swords Suit who apply their mentality, by means of logic and reason, to deal with situations via thoughts, ideas, concepts and beliefs. Therefore in the Page of Wands we have Air influencing Fire, thoughts influencing actions.

The Page of Wands does this by thinking about, or planning (Air) his next course of action (Fire) as he stares enthusiastically at the Wand in his hand. He has been entrusted with the Gift of his Element, Fire.  He is the recipient of the Wand that was presented by Spirit in the Ace. He holds his Wand with confidence and pride. He gazes admiringly at it and begins to think of all the things he might be able to do with it. The Page of Wands is full of marvelous and novel ideas. With his brand new Wand, he plans action-packed adventures, where he will travel far and wide to experience the full thrill of life, and all that it has to offer.  With the strong Wand in his hand, the world is his oyster and he will make it his own.

He is all set to get going as he stands proud and determined-looking in his flamboyant travelling cloak and tunic.  His golden-auburn hair shines like the sun over head. His bright yellow tunic is covered in black Salamanders which in Tarot are symbols for the Fire Element. His deep gold cloak is thrown stylishly around his shoulders, and is lined in bright red and trimmed with gold braid.  All these colours represent the Fire Element and we are left in no doubt as to who this young man is. He has chosen sturdy yet handsome sand coloured boots that work remarkably well with his overall attire.  He may plan to travel across all terrain, and explore places he has only ever dreamt of, but there is no reason why he cannot look dashing as he does it. He intends to leave an impression wherever he goes, and wants to ensure people remember him as the one who stood out from the crowd, the one who was different. The Page of Wands wants to look the part, but he also wants people to look beyond the exterior dressings, and see the burning potential within. He need not worry about this, for he is a sun child, and will naturally dazzle all who have the pleasure and privilege of encountering him on his travels.  He will leave a lasting impression on all, and in years to come will be instantly recognisable as that young man or woman who had shown so much potential and ambition.

The Page of Wands is very confident of his success. We can see this strong self-assurance in the feather he weathers in his hat.  The feather is a symbol of success, achievement and accomplishments.  It takes courage and guts to feel such self-belief, and as he plans to travel a path of his own, and not one well trodden by others, he will need to be brave and fearless. Such energy, enthusiasm and determination in one so young is to be applauded, for not all of us can do what he plans to do.  He will be the one who makes and leaves his mark on the world while we stay home and do what so many others have done before us, live the predictable, traditional and conventional life.

The Page of Wands would shrivel up and die if stopped, restricted, or blocked from setting out on his journey of exploration and discovery.  He is a young visionary with a brilliant creative imagination that conjures up an incredible future in his mind’s eye. He is passionate about his visions and believes in them wholeheartedly. He sees a future that would blow our minds away should he share his vision with us.  We would throw our hands up and cry ‘but that is not possible’, ‘it cannot be done’, ‘no one has succeeded at that before’, ‘it will not work’. He believes otherwise and is determined to show the world exactly what he is capable of. Whatever he is missing or lacking, can always be invented and created along the way. In fact the more people say ‘no’, the more he shouts ‘I can and I will’. He will tackle any challenges that come his way and will push the boundaries at every opportunity. Positive and optimistic, he focuses on success and not failure.

The Page of Wands is bright and intelligent.  He has high ideals and plans to go very far.  He will aim high and set his sights on being the best of the best, better than all the rest. The Page of Wands is willing to try anything at least once, and will always be up for an adventure. However, he needs to be cautious, as his immaturity and impatient nature could cause him to leap before he looks.  He is driven to know and get everything now.  He is mostly interested in the big picture, and it is here he most excels. He can get impatient with boring detail, tedium and obstacles, and prefers a clear run at things rather than stopping and starting to check this and that. He can get carried away on the crest of a wave of enthusiasm and excitement. His energy and passion are extreme.  Others cannot help but be inspired by him. Many will want to follow this Page on his quest and be a part of the experience or drama.  Life will certainly not be dull or boring with The Page of Wands around. His magnetism and charisma will win him endless friends and supporters. However, at times he will need people to bring him back down to earth, to address practical and mundane issues that need  his attention.  He is not great with the financial end of things and can often behave flamboyantly and extravagantly.

The Page of Wands is the initiator of brilliant ideas and possesses strong entrepreneurial skills.  He likes to be involved at the beginning and active stage of projects, when all is new and interesting.  His energy explodes in short-lived bursts of intense activity and momentum that cannot be sustained indefinitely. Therefore he likes to see instant exciting and dramatic results, but once the frenzied activity settles down into the more mundane aspect of things, his attention will wane.  He knows what he is good and excels at, so has no qualms about moving onto a new project before the previous one is completed.  He prefers to hand it over into the more capable hands of those who can tie up the loose ends and look after the maintenance of it thereafter. He must keep moving and will get restless if he has to keep at something for too long. The Page of Wands will never let the grass grow under his feet, for he is in a hurry to be here, there and everywhere.  He likes to go with the flow and see what happens next, rather than make any firm commitments to plans or arrangements.  He does not like to cut himself off from the potential of exciting opportunity, so can be a little unreliable if something more interesting pops up rather than the plans he has made with you.   He hates to miss out on anything fun or exciting that is going on, so will be seen constantly out and about at all the IT places to be and any major events.

Naturally athletic and sporty, the Page of Wands, like all the Wands Family is fiercely competitive.  They hate being second best at anything and view most activities as a chance to compete against others, and even themselves.  Not afraid of rough play or the odd physical interaction, The Page of Wands is tough and gutsy.  His intense energy can build up to a head of steam and explode into a fiery temper. This can lead him into brawls and skirmishes whether invited or not.  However, this young Page will defend your honor if necessary, as he cannot abide injustice or corruption.  He is not afraid to stand up for himself, or for the rights of others.  He will be the first to volunteer for a difficult or dangerous task and will be a strong and fearsome ally or protector. He will run into battle without fear for personal safety or consequences if believes firmly enough in the cause.

In the background we see the deep orange and gold earth and three pyramids or hills.  The sky is completely clear and almost dazzling white.  This suggests foreign exotic lands and destinations are part of The Page of Wand’s plan, for he, like all The Wands Family, love to travel.  His natural curiosity draws him to explore other cultures and ways of living.  Many of his most brilliant ideas are born out of his experiences and observations while travelling.

Young leaves burst forth from his Wand and The Page looks up to them with awe and fascination. He is mesmerised by their beauty and can feel the strong vibration of his Wand course through his veins.  At this stage The Page of Wands does not fully realise the incredible power and force of the Fire he holds within his hands. Like the rest of the Pages with their own Elemental Gifts,  he will have to learn that Fire needs to be managed carefully for it can be dangerous.  If care and attention is not taken, then he or others may get burned.  He will also learn that he has to keep his Fire alive and not just take it for granted. If he forgets to access it or uses too much of it, it can easily burn out.  Balance and discipline will be necessary, but for now, let him enjoy the moment and joy of being young and in the presence of the Sun.


The Page of Wands represents the immature part of the Wands Court Family. By learning from his impulsive mistakes, and experiencing life first hand, he will eventually mature into the King or Queen of his Suit. At present his freshness, energy, enthusiasm, playfulness and innocence are a joy to behold, as he finds fascination and curiosity in everything.

Traditionally The Page of Wands was described as a child or young person of either sex.  Hair was auburn or brown, with eyes of hazel or blue. Skin was fair to ruddy. Remember, these are the old traditional descriptions and bear no resemblance at all to the majority of people in the world.  It is his personality description that should be concentrated on and not his looks when interpreting The Page of Wands.

Page of Wands – The Free Spirit

Fire Signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius 

 Page of Wands Upright


Thinking about Doing Something, Novelty, Original, Innovative, Inventive, Initiation, Fresh, Adventure, Exploration,  Discovery, Travel, Risk, Spontaneity,  New Directions, Intelligent, Enterprising, Entrepreneur, Inspiration, Creative, Self-Expression, Visionary, Self-Confident, Self-Esteem, Self-Belief, Child, Inner Child, Youthfulness, Free Thinking,  Freedom, Intelligent, Open-minded, Curious, Interest, Charisma,  Courage, Brave, Gutsy, Fearless, Pride, Passion, Awe, Adoring, Intense, Fiery, Enthusiasm, Idealistic, Possibility, Optimistic, Positivity, Successful, Great Potential, Enthusiasm, Extrovert, Flamboyant, Extravagant, Handsome, Student, Playfulness, Fun, Amusing, Care Free, Sporty, Athletic, Exciting News, Post, Parcel, Delivery, Apprentice, Intern, Volunteer,


Ignite Your Fire, Think about what you Want to Do, Think I Can and I Will, Think ‘Yes’, Think Big, Be Inspired, Hold a Vision and Go after It, Think Success, Have No Doubts about Yourself, Ooze Confidence, Where There’s a Will There’s a Way, Stay Positive, Do something that Excites and Inspires you, Start Something New,  Find Something You’re Interested In and Get Passionate About it, Use Your Initiative,  Be Creative, Be Original, Invent or Create Something, Be Novel,Show Some Enthusiasm, Act Assertively, Do Something Different and New, Do Something Crazy and So Un You-Like, Take a Risk, Be Spontaneous, Be Courageous, Be Adventuress, Be Brave and Daring, Head off Into Unchartered Territory, Look at The Big Picture,  Take a Chance, Stretch Yourself, Step Outside your Boundaries, Step Out of Your Box,  Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway, Be The First to Volunteer for Something Unusual, Be Optimistic,  Find a Mentor, Learn From Someone You Admire, Find a Source of Inspiration, Accept a Challenge, Challenge yourself, Learn To Delegate, Think about Travelling, Get in Touch with your Inner Child, Have Fun, Be Young at Heart, Up-date Yourself, Get Active, Get Fit, Start an Exercise Regime, Shake off The Blues, Get Out into The Sunshine, Get Outdoors, Lose the Fuddy-Duddy Attitude or Appearance, Shine, Take a Vacation, Travel The World,



When The Page of Wands appears in your Reading it often indicates that you are planning on starting something new, or entering a new phase in your life. You are thinking (Air) about what course of action or travel (Fire) you will take.  Whatever it is you are planning, has you caught up with the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding it. You just can’t wait to get started on your new project, venture or course of study.  His presence suggests an exciting opportunity, that will fully allow you to express your wonderful creative talents may come your way, so be on the look out.

The Page of Wands brings fun and adventure into your life, especially after a dull drab period, and when you have just come to the end of a difficult and stressful life cycle.  He speaks of new hope, revitalisation and an optimistic outlook on life.  Your interest in life has been renewed and this may be for several reasons.  You may be embarking on exciting travels, entering a new relationship, learning a new skill or entering a course of study.  What ever it is you are doing, it is all about you right now. It has put a pep in your step and a glide in your stride.   Others are noticing it too and can’t help but be curious about what it going on with you.  Suddenly there are possibilities in your life and you are free to seize any opportunity that comes your way.

The Page of Wands appearance in your Reading suggests that you may become very passionate about something, and that your mind has opened up to a whole new way of thinking and acting.  It is time to have a good think about what you need to do in your life to bring it back to life again. Don’t let age or fear of failure hold you back.  Think success and act positively even if you don’t feel like it at the moment.  Find something that catches your interest and throw yourself wholeheartedly into it.

The Page of Wands asks you to stretch the boundaries in your life.  Go a few steps further than your would normally do. Feel the fear but do it anyway.  Step outside your world or territory, and see what others are doing.  Get a life, a new one that uplifts your spirits and makes you laugh and feel light-hearted.  Accept a challenge or challenge yourself.  Believe you can achieve it and then go and accomplish it. It is time to take a chance on life and be prepared to try anything, at least once.  Who knows where it might lead?  Don’t let self-doubt or other people’s negative comments stand in your way.

The Page of Wands can sometimes appear when you are thinking about doing something daring or risky.  You may be thinking about  travelling around the world, travelling on your own, re-locating to some far-flung destination or offering yourself as a volunteer in third world countries.  This is a big step to take and may involve you being riddled with all kinds of fears and doubts. However, somewhere a spark has been ignited in you, and once you make proper plans, I mean proper plans, you may be on the brink of the biggest adventure of your life.  You have the courage, determination and guts in you to do it, and it might very well change your whole life for the better.

New friends might appear in your life and draw you into their fun-filled activities. Try not to resist letting your hair down with them as you may be surprised at how much you enjoy it.  The Page of Wands asks you to let your inner-child out to play and have a blast.  He worries about you getting old before your time, so try to connect with that playful side of your personality that existed before life got in the way.  Jump on the kids bouncy castle next time you are at a child’s party, run through the fields in your bare feet, don your wellies and head for the nearest rock festival or go go-karting with a group of friends.  Don’t forget to dance, sing and laugh but make sure to get some rest and not overdo it. Maybe it is time to also overhaul your wardrobe and look. Re-invent your look to express the real you.  Throw away anything that is staid or fuddy-duddy. Liven up your colours and stop wearing so much black and grey.

The Page of Wands will blow or burn away any of the cobwebs and stale air in your life and give you a complete make-over. He will encourage you to get fit and be active.  It is time to lose those few extra pounds but have fun doing it.  Take up something novel and very different to what you normally do.  The Page of Wands promises to make you feel and look much younger in yourself if you jump on board his way of living.  He does not expect you to do everything he does, but just take a few leaves out of his book to get you going.  You won’t regret it and others will see the difference in you.

The Page of Wands can suggest that exciting news in on the way for you. News may be of travel, work, or a course of action you are planning on taking.  News will bring about a positive change in your life. The news when it arrives may send you into a frenzy of activity, as you may find there is little time to organise yourself.  The news may require you to act spontaneously, so you should be prepared to pull out all the stops and go with the flow.  If you get a call from a friend offering you a last-minute holiday in the sun, then don’t think it’s too late notice, or that you have nothing to wear. Just throw a few things in a bag and you can sort the rest out when you get there.  Live dangerously once in a while.  No one will notice you haven’t had your roots done or your bikini is three years old. Everyone will be having too much fun.

The Page of Wands asks you to act assertively and with conviction if you find injustice or corruption in your environment.  Don’t sit back and think that others will sort it.  Stand up for yourself and for the rights of others too.  Back a good cause and join the forces who want to change the world for the better.

With regards to Relationships, The Page of Wands can signal the beginning of passion or a young person idealizing or worshiping someone. If this Page does suggest a new relationship then it is bound to be full of passion, excitement, enthusiasm and possibly travel related.  It might be a relationship filled with outdoor pursuits and plenty of physical exercise. You may meet someone really exciting while on holiday or travelling. This may not be a long-term relationship but one you will remember for a long time. He will bring the spice into your life just when you need it.

The Page of Wands will sweep you off your feet and turn your world upside down.  He will be a whirlwind force in your life and set your heart all a flutter.  He or she will be good-looking, fit and full of life and fun. The Page of Wands throws him or herself madly and passionately into the beginning of a relationship.  The Page of Wand’s, fire burns deeps and hotHe will worship the ground you walk upon and have you all up in a heap of excitement. Arguments and rows may be quiet common in your relationship with The Page of Wands but do not necessarily have to be serious.  They can become quite fiery and explosive. Sparks will fly many a time but the making up will be equally as intense.  The Page of Wands enjoys sex and plenty of it.

However, this level of intensity in a relationship can rarely be sustained and you may feel a little flat when your Page of Wand’s level of interest begins to wane.  This does not mean that they no longer love you, but might simply signal the relationship is beginning to calm down to a more manageable level.  Problem arises if you perceive this as lack of personal interest in you as this causes insecurity, which always triggers neediness and clinging behaviour.  Try not to fall into this trap with The Page of Wands for he abhors that kind of behaviour.  If your Page feels that he or she is being restricted or has to put up with possessive behaviour, they will be out the door and gone before you know it.  Understand that The Page of Wands need to feel free to come and go without questioning or heavy obligations and commitments.  The Page of Wands will also attract considerable attention from the opposite sex, which they lap up. They can be openly flirtatious, so if you are the jealous type then you are in for some serious tantrums.

The Page of Wands is often connected with the beginnings of entrepreneurship.  You may be thinking about starting your own business and becoming your own boss.  You may have come up with a brilliant idea for a business or are looking around for some inspiration.  You want to do something very different, something no one else may have tried, but you have a gut feeling it could really work.  Make sure to do proper research before jumping straight in.  Where there is a will there is a way so don’t worry about the naysayers if you are sure you can do it.  Sometimes you have to take a massive leap of faith and just go for it. That is once you have done the necessary groundwork.  If there are areas of the proposed business that bore you then get others involved who will be happy to fill them.  You are a creative genius and do have the energy, enthusiasm and determination to make a success of it, but you do have your limitations and your shortcomings when it comes to the minor detail of things. It is important to acknowledge this before you find yourself in the deep end and overwhelmed with stuff to do. Learn to delegate at this stage instead of thinking you can manage it all yourself. Know what you are good at and excel at it. Leave the rest to others.

Career related, this Page can suggest you are embarking on a new career, job or new business set-up.  The surrounding energy is one of high energy and enthusiasm. The Page of Wands just can’t wait to get going.  He may have to travel to new locations or lands in connection with his work, and looks forward to it with a building sense of adventure and excitement.  The Page stares up at his Wand in awe and respect. This can suggest that you may be looking up to someone in a superior position to you and are eager to learn from them. You may be embarking on an Apprenticeship or Internship.  You may be studying or learning on the job which requires you to master something new. This situation makes you feel young again and releases much-needed energy, interest and vitality within.

As a Child the Page of Wands is very energetic and outgoing. He will be very outspoken and blunt. With no interest to blend into the background he will be noisy and demand constant attention. This child loves the outdoors regardless of the weather and needs endless exercise to keep him calm and content.  The Page of Wands will be heavily involved in sports. As a parent, you will spend most weekends driving your Page to matches and standing on sidelines cheering them on.  The Page of Wands will be super popular and have lots of friends. He will assume leadership among his peers from an early age.

He is enthusiastic and positive, but may get himself into regular scraps as he acts without thinking of the consequences. Many a trip to the A&E could be on the cards with breaks, burns and bruises etc. Hyperactivity may be evident and a change of diet could help.

Remember that this card can represent someone much older but displaying the energies associated with it.


Page of Wands Reversed

 Indecisive, Unreliable, Hasty, Gullible, Impatient, Frustration, Failure to Launch, Lack of Ambition/Goals/Vision, Thinking Small, Lack of Freedom, Restrictions, Bad News of Set Backs and Delays in Plans or Travel, Wasted Energy, Details, Making Excuses, Procrastination, Putting Things Off, Never The Right Time, Fear, Using Old Age as an Excuse, Thinking You are Too Old to Learn New Tricks, Forgetting what it was like to be Young, Problem Child, Brat, Spoiled, Tantrums, Hyperactive, Delinquent, Trouble-Maker, Attitude Problem, Loud, Show-Off, Pessimistic, Fear, Fear of The New, Fear of Travel, Lack of Confidence/Self-Esteem, Self-Conscious, In-Active, No Fun, Un-enthusiastic, Low Energy, Lazy, Lethargic, Lack of Exercise and Physical Activity, Feeling Physically Low, Lack of Spontaneity, Predictable, Old-Fashioned, Boring, Boredom,

When The Page of Wands Reverses we can find extremes of Air or Fire influencing the situation, depending on which one is predominant. If too much Air is present, this Page could be found guilty of too much thought with too little action. This leads to indecision and the inability to get anything off the ground.  He remains stuck at the starting block, procrastinating about what he is going to do and where he is going to go.  He can get left behind due to his failure to launch.  He may want all the details and have all his T’s crossed and I’s dotted before he is ready to make a move.  He can put off, or the delay, the physical beginning of something, change or travel, believing he is not ready or that the time is not quite right. Instead of The Page of Wands being impatient and restless by lack of forward movement, it is those around The Reversed Page of Wands who become frustrated by his reluctance to take action.

The Reversed Page of Wands can make excuses for this and excuses for that till we are all blue in the face listening to him.  He just never seems to be ready for anything.  However, there may be reasons behind this.  We must remember that he is predominantly a Fire Sign, and so, very proud and likes to give the impression he is the ‘Big Man’.  Deep down behind his facade of bravado and devil-may-care attitude, he may secretly fear change or resist something new.  He may feel insecure and lack enough confidence. Then again, he may feel that he is too old to start something new. It might require too much effort, or worse still, make him look like a fool. He has lost touch with his inner child and lacks play and fun in his life. He is more worried about what others might say or think about him, and may feel self-conscious about drawing any attention to himself.

There can be a fear of travel when The Page of Wands Reverses, or a fear of change and new places.  You might lack spontaneity and turn down offers of vacations and breaks away because there is too much involved or notice is short. You may feel that you missed out on travelling when you were young and now feel too old and set in your ways to go anywhere.  Then again, you may have had big plans to travel in your youth, but something may have happened to put a stop to them.  Check surrounding Cards for clues.  Travel may also be delayed or cancelled when this Reversed Page appears, or it may  not be to the destination you had intended.  You might also feel disappointed with your holiday location or accommodation on arrival.  There may be nothing to do and the kids might be bored. Make sure to do some proper research before making any hasty bookings.

The Page of Wands Reversed can suggest that you just do not know what you want to do. You want to do something or go somewhere but your mind cannot settle on anything.  Your attention or interest is not been drawn to anything.  You might be frustrated and irritable with yourself and feel that life is passing you by.  You are not getting any younger and worry that a time will come when you realise that you have left it all too late.  In your panic, you might find yourself trying this and that without giving much thought to whether it is suitable for you or not. You could lack focus and direction as you drift from one thing to another, blowing here and there in the wind.

The Page of Wands Reversed can be a sign of lack of ambition. Because we are dealing with Pages, these issues may be stemming from your upbringing and how those at home have encouraged you. The Page of Wands Reversed can be all over the place, running around in circles just to burn up his abundance of energy. If that energy is not channelled positively, and focussed in certain directions, by a parent or person or authority, The Page of Wands Reversed can become scattered. If he has never been introduced to sport or outdoor activities he will feel inadequate and unable to take part. If his natural curiosity and brilliant mind is not properly responded to, it might shut down and become bored and apathetic. He will still have a burning desire in him to be somebody, but may not have the skills to achieve it.

When it comes to News, this Reversed Page can bring bad news concerning your plan of action. Delays, setbacks, or cancellation of travel plans will cause frustration and impatience.

When too much Fire is present we get a volatile Reversed Page of Wands who is capable of throwing tantrums if he doesn’t get his way, or if someone or something gets in his way.  This is a Reversed Page who has been spoiled or overindulged.  He is used to having every one of his whims catered for. He is known to have an attitude problem. He can be wayward and difficult, and can be found mouthing off and bragging. Instead of drawing positive attention to himself like the Upright Page, this Reversed Page may draw unnecessary conflict. He likes to be the centre of attention alright, but for all the wrong reasons.  He is the leader of the gang who is loud-mouthed and badly behaved, although his equally negative friends think he is great fun because of all the mad reckless things he does.

The Fire in him seeks constant challenges, so he will be found to be the instigator of trouble on many occasions.  He can make a big deal out of a little incident or a benign comment passed by another.  He will feel justified in picking a fight and is not afraid to get hurt or injured. He appears tense and on edge all the time. His restlessness will have him on the move all the time, his eyes darting this way and that, looking for something, anything, even trouble. He especially does not like anyone who is making a success of their life, and will run them down or harass them at every opportunity. The truth is he is jealous and frustrated by his own lack of success but does not know what to do about it. Anger is his only emotional release.   This Reversed Page represents the rebellious adolescent or delinquent. This Reversed Page of Wands will be a bad influence on anyone who gets involved with him.  However, his bad behaviour often draws the attention of the opposite sex who find him daring and very sexy.

Rather than thinking about what he is about to do, The Page of Wands Reversed foolishly takes risks and can become dangerously reckless. He takes little time to notice anything in his rush and is prone to making mistakes and has poor judgement. The Page of Wands Reversed can be hard to keep up as his interests and plans change constantly. He is interested in everything yet nothing all at the same time.  He has an obsesssion with fads, gadgets and new trends but they are generally here today and gone tomorrow.  Nothing lasts. His dress sense may be garish and loud or sloppy and unkempt. However, he will have that rugged look about him, or if a girl, the tomboy look which the other sex will find rather attractive.

In Relationships he can be terribly unreliable. For certain, there will be plenty of excitement but as he gives little thought to his, or your emotional needs, he can find his interest wanes easily. He drifts in and out of love on a regular basis as soon as he gets bored. He is a charmer and will promise you the world to get his way, or into your bed, but you might find him gone by the time you wake in the morning or totally indifferent to you. If he stays the night, he will be nervy and on edge the next morning.  Her won’t have time for coffee or breakfast as he claims he has something important to do. He will promise to ring you later of course but you probably won’t here from him again, and he may be missing from his local haunts for the next while in order to give you a wide berth.

The grass will always be greener on the other side for this Reversed Page, so he will have  a tendency to wander.  The only way to keep this Page, that is if you want him, is to completely ignore his bad behaviour and react to nothing he does or says. He is very proud and conceited, so will feel irritated if you do not show any signs of jealousy or possessiveness.  He wants everyone to love him, not matter what he does, so he will be confused by anyone who behaves indifferently to him. It is best to turn him loose and move on.  Who knows, he may eventually grow up and mature.

When it comes to Career, lack of ambition and the inability to follow through on anything will hinder his chances of success.  He may be stubborn and reluctant to study or retrain.  He may find it hard to work under supervision, or take advice or guidance from his superiors, thinking he knows better than they do.  He can find it hard to follow orders and can be disruptive. He may find it difficult to make friends in work due to his cocky attitude and irresponsible behaviour.  Then again, something may have happened in this Reversed Page of Wand’s life which caused him to put his career on hold, or cancel it altogether.  You would need to look at surrounding Cards for further information.

Business-wise, the appearance of the Reversed Page of Wands would cause concern, for here is a person who certainly desires to get to the top, but hasn’t a clue what is involved. He will be frenzied with excitement about the whole thing, get you on board with him, but by the next day he can have changed his mind completely.  He is dreadful with financial management and is bound to overspend in business.  He will want to look the part whether he has the money or not.  His businesses tend to go to the ground very quickly, but instead of learning from his mistakes, he launches straight into another without giving it any thought.  He will leave a trail of failed disasters behind him, and no doubt some hefty debts aswell.

The Page of Wands Reversed can suggest trouble with a child or issues from your own childhood. The Page of Wands Reversed may very well suffer from hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder.  He may have learning difficulties in school, especially with reading and maths. Diet may be at the root of his problems and so should be examined carefully.

This poor Page may be delinquent due to his upbringing. He would have had a fair share of slapping and rough handling due to his boisterous behaviour and inability to sit still.  If overly disciplined, it may be the root cause of his delinquency. However he may be spoiled and allowed away with everything. He can be the bully in the school yard or the ring leader in a gang.  He will be a nightmare for his teachers to handle, and his reckless, and sometimes dangerous behaviour, can get him suspended or expelled. He could have a reputation for being cheeky or rude and outspoken.  He tends to lack respect for his superiors and can be a terrible handful to manage. He is the trouble-maker on the road and parents will try to keep their own kids away from him. This negative attention only leads to a worsening of his behaviour. Deep down, this Reversed Page is terribly unhappy, and dreadfully misunderstood.  He cannot help himself.

The Reversed Page of Wands has a lot of pent-up energy and may not be getting outdoors enough, or adequate physical play. On the other hand he could be lethargic or even lazy. Then again, he may just be getting over an illness and his Fire is burning low at present. As a result he may be unenthusiastic about play. However, he will bounce back quite rapidly as Wands have a great capacity for recovery.

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