The Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles – The Housekeeper

             Queen of Pentacles Upright


Mature Earth Feminine, Prosperity, Success, Wealth, Rich, Luxury, Fine Living, Status, Prestige, Material Security, Economic Freedom, Possessions, Property, Land, Stability, Practical, Sensible, Organised, Methodical, Orderly, Systematic, Goals, Ambition, Grounded, Down-to-Earth, No-Nonsense, Matter-of- fact, Home-maker, Homebody, Homely, Assured, Happy, Cautious, Frugal, Safety, Traditional, Hard-Working, Determined, Consistent, Standards, Quality, Capable, Reliable, Steadfast, Committed, Loyal, Supportive, Faithful, Dependable, Hospitality, Generous, Big-Hearted, Kind, Benevolent, Welcoming, Warm, Nurturing, Friendly, Genuine, Confidante, Trustworthy, Healthy, Exercise, Nutrition, Cookery, Kitchen-Witch, Green Fingers, Animals, Wildlife, Children, Environment, Nature, Conservation, Protection, Healer


Success is yours if you are prepared to work hard for it,  You are financially secure,  The money will come in,  You will be able to hold on to your money, Finances are definitely improving,  Your business will be a success,  There is plenty to go around,  Approach the situation in a down to earth manner,  Find a practical and workable solution,  Use your common sense,  Take a simple and sensible approach, Be resourceful, Work with what you have, Make a little go a long way, Work hard for what you want,  Set Goals and work towards them, Be ambitious, Set schedules and stick to them, Patience may be required of you.  Make your money work for you,  Safeguard your environment, Offer some love and support, Keep confidences and secrets,  Be true to your word, Make someone feel better, Give this time without expecting anything in return, Provide a stable home environment for your family,  You have a way with children and animals, Spend more time at home, Decorate your home, Spend more time cooking, Your pets mean a lot to you,  Help out at an animal rescue shelter, You are a wonderful mother, Grow your own food, Eat healthy and mind what you put in your body,  Time for some gardening, get out and about into nature, Get some exercise and fresh air…   

 From The Above Messages Try to Work Out Some Messages for Reversed

Now explore the personality of the Queen of Pentacles below.  If she has turned up in your reading it means her energies have special meaning for you at this time.

You must ask yourself:  Who is she?  Who does she remind me of?  Is she having a positive or negative influence in my life?  How can I embrace or avoid her energy?  What is she trying to tell me?  Is this how I am behaving?  Is this how others perceive me?  Do I like her or not? Do I want to be more like her? How can I be more like her, If she is not a person then what is her energy trying to tell me? How would this Queen handle my situation? Which part of this Queen am I trying to deny?

Personality Profile 

The Queen of Pentacles is the Watery part of Earth.  She combines the inward focus of a Queen with the positive aspects of her element allowing her to feel successful and take pride in who she is.

This Queen sits upon her sumptuously decorated throne with multiple carvings of pears and apples. If we look closely we can also see a young child and elderly man’s face worked in to the elaborate engraving of the upper part of the throne.  Her curved armrests proudly display a goat’s head.  The side of her throne depicts the image of a wood nymph as she casually rests and observes.  Her throne sits amidst a countryside environment surrounded by trees, flowers, mountains, lakes and wildlife.  A rabbit happily hops into the picture. He is either unaware of the Queen or just comfortable with her presence. Her throne sits under an arch of blooming rambling pink roses. Here we get a real sense of this Queen even before we take a closer look at the woman herself.  In essence this Queen is in her element, Earth.  This imagery tells us of her connection to Mother Earth; the Natural Kingdom and also that of the Animal Kingdom.  This Queen is also connected to the Elemental Kingdom – the world of Faeries.  All in her garden looks healthy and happy.  The sky is sunny, clear and bright with not a cloud to be seen suggesting that all is well.

The rabbit trusts this Queen enough to come so close.  One feels that the Queen is very aware of the rabbit but understands the importance of making him feel safe and secure.  She will not make a sudden move, nor will she use anything toxic in her garden which may poison and kill him.  The Queen of Pentacles is a protector of animals, wildlife and the environment.

The Queen herself is dressed in a red gown suggesting her passion and enthusiasm for everything she is involved in.  Her simple white under-gown symbolises her pure nature. Her green cloak not only confirms her connection to the natural world but also that of the material world.  Her clothes look both comfortable and sensible.  There is not a sign of fussiness in this Queen’s appearance.  She has picked a practical outfit, suitable for sitting in the garden and playing with the animals or children.

On her lap rests a large Pentacle.  The Queen seems engrossed in her Pentacle.  She appears to nurse it as if it was a child.  Her pentacle represents all that she holds dear and all that she possesses.  We may be certain that the child and man portrayed in her throne play a significant role in her life.  This also gives us clues as to how important her family are to her, especially her children.  This pentacle may in fact be a child she cradles as she sits at peace with herself and the world.  She probably has a few more children who no doubt share this garden with her, but for the moment she is alone with her Pentacle and only the sound of birdsong, the breeze and the distant river flowing by to disturb her.  This is where The Queen of Pentacles is most happy and it is from the natural world that she draws her strength.  This Queen must maintain that connection to preserve balance within.

Together with the Justice or Empress cards of the Major Arcana she represents the astrological sign of Libra but can also represent any of the earth signs such as Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.

Down to earth, practical and realistic, The Queen of Pentacles is a no-nonsense woman. This woman knew what she wanted from the time she was the Page and by setting goals and working hard she has made a success of her life.  She is healthy, happy and fulfilled.  The Queen of Pentacles goes about her everyday life in a capable and organised manner.  Not known for fussing or fretting she just gets on with the tasks at hand and wonders why others make such a drama over everything.

The Queen of Pentacles is a woman who loves animals and the countryside and is a strong conservationist and environmentalist. Her continued happiness relies on maintaining her connection with Mother Nature.

The Queen of Pentacles is a lovely, wholesome and big-hearted woman.  She is welcoming and supportive to all who know her.  She is generous with her energy, resources and time and likes to be a help wherever she can.  You can always rely on this Queen for practical help or sound advice.  When neighbours or friends need a favour or are stuck in a bind, this lady will never let them down, turn them away or tell them she is too busy.  As a friend she is loyal, steadfast and will not break a confidence.

When you feel down or unwell, the Queen of Pentacles will boost you up and make you feel much better about yourself in no time. She makes everyone feel stable, secure and well looked after.  She is often seen as a soft touch by many but very few would really take advantage of her good nature.  She hasn’t a bad bone in her body.  She is there for everyone and all would feel lost without her.

The Queen of Pentacles has her life well organised. She keeps everything ticking over by ensuring the mundane tasks are taken care of so no one else has to worry about them.  She works methodically and pays attention to the minutest details in order to guarantee success and satisfaction in a job well done.  She enjoys routine and looks forward to her work no matter how tedious it might seem to others.  When this Queen puts her mind down to something she will not stop until it is done.  This may mean slaving away in an overgrown and rocky old garden for two weeks until she has it completely cleared, levelled and dug out.  Others would feel overwhelmed by the enormity of such a horrendous task, but this Queen would see it as a labour of love.  Relishing the thoughts of the days ahead and her ultimate goal, she would set herself a schedule and stick to it.  This might include, early to bed and early to rise in order to get the best daylight hours for her back-breaking and monotonous work. She will achieve her goal on time and stand in pride over what she has accomplished.  Her belief is that a little hard work never hurt anyone.  She tackles most jobs herself rarely needing the help of others.

This is a card for success through practical planning and having a realistic approach to ones goals. This Queen is well aware of her strengths and abilities.  She knows that if the necessary hard work is put in then all her dreams and ambitions are attainable.

The Queen of Pentacles has worked hard to achieve success and has probably made sacrifices along the way.  The meaning of success for this Queen can come from a variety of sources as she is concerned with many aspects of her element Earth.  The Earth element demands manifestation in the physical world so this Queen not only feels successful within, it will also be evident around her.  The Queen of Pentacles enjoys status and social prestige.  Therefore she likes her things, her possessions and to luxuriate in all her success has afforded her.  Not for a moment should we view this Queen as flashy or showy for here is a lady who lives by the code of ‘quality over quantity’ and ‘less is more’.  She also believes that nothing of worth ever comes easy and that if something seems too good to be true then it probably is.  She has either earned and paid for everything she has herself or, is the partner of a successful man who she has supported through thick and thin.

The Queen of Pentacles innate need for financial security makes her cautious with money and will squirrel away some housekeeping for a rainy day.  An excellent housewife and homemaker, she can be frugal when necessary and makes a little go a long way.  She does not like waste so she uses the resources she has at hand and makes do.  She likes to save as much as she can but regardless how healthy her bank account, she can still worry about scarcity.  Therefore she likes money and plenty of it.  This does not make her greedy and mean as we have already learned of her generosity and kindness.  In the imagery of the Queen of Pentacles, she looks relaxed and comfortable as she gazes down on her worldly goods and possessions.  We can assume in this picture that she has more than enough and if she is happy then she must be financially very comfortable indeed if not altogether wealthy.  This Queen turning up in your reading can represent prosperity.

This is the Lady who has the lovely expensive and comfortable house.  We met her on her journey through the Minor Arcana when she starred in the 9 of Pentacles. In that card she was the successful and prosperous woman who had worked hard and was now reaping the rewards.  She was depicted in the garden of her lovely countryside property, beautifully dressed and admiring her thriving plants and shrubs. Therefore this Queen prefers to be surrounded by nature instead of concrete so a country property will certainly appeal to her senses.  It may not be large but it will certainly be tasteful and filled with very particular pieces of furniture that were hard saved for.  This Queen will choose to sit on an orange box for two years rather than rush out to buy just any cheap sofa in order to furnish or fill a room.  She is drawn to the finer things in life and appreciates art, antiques, good food and good wine.

She also has an eye for interior design which will be evident in the decor of her own home. Friends often try to emulate her style.   Known for her green fingers, she is a keen gardener and will put every bit as much effort into it as she does the house.  Because this Queen is very self-sufficient and resourceful, she likes to grow her own vegetables, herbs and fruit.  Her garden will be both beautiful and productive.  Her garden will also overflow into her house which will be full of potted plants and flowers.  The Queen of Pentacles enjoys the outdoors whether it is walking in the forest or laying summer flowerbeds.  She is healthy and hardy and enjoys a strong constitution by eating well and getting regular exercise.

The Queen of Pentacles is very much a homebody and so likes to spend a lot of time in or around the house.  She considers her home and garden her sanctuary and feels secure there.  Although she does like her house to stunning, it must also be a home and a place of comfort for all.  This Queen is strongly connected to the Animal Kingdom so her pets will certainly be allowed access.  She may own a horse or two if she is lucky to afford them and if not stabled at home she will make sure they are well looked after elsewhere.  She considers her pets part of her family. Their happiness, health and security are vital to her.  Indeed this woman could easily fill her house with animals instead of humans.  She has a wonderful natural ability to communicate with the Animal Kingdom and The Queen of Pentacles will often be involved in Animal Welfare Groups or Rescue Centres.  She is a natural nurturer and comforter and has a predisposition for taking in strays.  These abandoned or homeless souls may be either of the two or four-legged kind.

In relationships the Queen of Pentacles is loving, loyal, supportive and nurturing.  She makes an excellent partner who enjoys cooking and caring for her special man.  As a woman she is feminine, earthy, sexy and sensual.  She is very careful to maintain her healthy body by getting plenty of exercise and fresh air.  Therefore she looks damn good.  She also likes to wear exquisitely cut designer clothes made in natural fibres.  The Queen of Pentacles’ element is Earth which deals with the physical aspects of life so here we have a woman who is in touch with her femininity and sexuality.  She likes things to appeal to her senses so loves to touch and be touched.  She has plenty of energy and enjoys a healthy sex life with the right partner.

This Queen does not get involved with just anyone who happens to be around.  Part of her needs as a Pentacle is security on all levels.  This woman needs to know she is in a stable and secure relationship with a man who is as committed to her as she is to him.  She demands loyalty and faithfulness but her partner will get so much in return if he can provide her so.  The Queen of Pentacles also needs to feel financially secure and will not be drawn to a partner who is going nowhere; with no plans or ambitions for his future.  The Queen of Pentacles often represents the self-made and successful business woman.  She is ambitious by nature herself and has worked hard to get where she is.  She has no desire to carry her partner unless it is to help him further his career or set up his own business.  Therefore the Queen of Pentacles needs someone like-minded or at least proactive.  She may have met her partner while still in college or through work.  She can be found in a long-standing relationship where the couple has a long-term plan for their life.  Not rushing into marriage, they will save long and hard to get married and for the right home.  Much will be sacrificed along the way such as social life, presents and treats.  If her partner shares her goals or if they have set goals together as a couple then the Queen of Pentacles will work tirelessly alongside him until they are realised.  This is the woman who will live with her partner in an old mobile home for years while saving to build their dream house.  They will have plenty of time to enjoy their success after all the hard work has been put in.  Failure in obtaining her goals is not an option for this Queen.

She is a good cook and uses mostly fresh and organic ingredients.  She enjoys entertaining and makes an excellent hostess.  She can make elaborate banquets as simply as the spontaneous suppers she regularly rustles up for unexpected guests.  You will never be let go hungry in this house. When entertaining, her table will look straight out of the centre of a House and Home magazine.  Wine will have been carefully researched and chosen for its quality and suitability.  Overnight guests will be forgiven for mistaking they are staying in a top class hotel as beds will be turned down, towels professionally folded, bathrobe provided along with luxurious smelly stuff in the bathroom.  Bowels of fresh flowers and interesting reading material will be strategically placed for best effect.  The Queen of Pentacles loves her guests to feel welcome and cherished and has no problem going to such elaborate lengths to ensure everyone has a wonderful time.  It is her meticulous attention to the tiniest of details that makes all the difference.  Because of her ability to entertain on an almost effortless professional basis she can be relied upon to host wonderful dinner parties for her husband’s business associates and colleagues.

Career related, The Queen of Pentacles is a natural successful and prosperous Business Woman. This lady likes to run her own show but has to make sure it will be a success before she gets involved.  Once she has done her research well, has set realistic and reachable goals and has adequate funding behind her she will work tirelessly to make it a success.  This may take some time if not years but the Queen of Pentacles has the patience, tenacity and long-range vision to follow through.  She is not interested in just making a little bit of pin-money.  This lady in business intends to make it big.  Her presence in a reading for someone who is starting up a business would suggest financial success through hard work, determination and paying attention to detail.  Although she likes to earn her own money and be the sole beneficiary of all her business profit, she can work equally well for others.  She has no problem following orders and working to policies set out by others once she is getting well paid for it.  Unlike the Queen of Wands who likes to be the office rebel, you will not find this Queen causing any trouble.  She goes about her work quietly, in an orderly and efficient manner.

She is often drawn to the corporate world of large financial establishments or institutions. This lady not only likes to have money, she also likes to work with it so a career in banking would definitely suit.  With her innate understanding of figures and money she is also drawn to careers in accountancy, taxation and economics.  Excellent with organisation; extremely capable and orderly she is often found as the office manager who makes sure all are doing their work and are happy.  Her reliability, loyalty and attention to detail provide her with the necessary skills for a role as a secretary or PA.

The Queen of Pentacles is the lady who will stay behind in the office late each night to ensure a project meets its final deadline.  She can be completely relied upon to finish any work related task required of her.  Her work will also be of the highest quality.  She will probably give more in work than her surrounding colleagues and will pick up the slack of the less conscientious staff without making a fuss about it.  If something needs to be done, she just does it.  The Queen of Pentacles rarely has to haggle over getting a pay raise or bonus.  Her superiors are only too aware of her almost indispensable abilities along with her impeccable work ethic.  Any company would hate to lose her to a competitor.

This lady likes stability and security and being quite a traditionalist naturally gravitates to long-established and well-known successful institutions.  Unless it is her own business or she has ultimate faith in those setting it up she prefers to know where her money is coming from each month and that she will get adequately paid for all the effort put in. She needs the security of a company that is not liable to disappear overnight. .  Cautious and not known for risk taking, the Queen of Pentacles is not interested in any one hit wonder organisations.  The Queen of Pentacles can regularly be found taking up a career in government employment or running state institutional homes where structure and order are essential.  She can utilise her excellent managerial skills just about anywhere to her advantage.

Along with financial security in work, loyalty and routine are very important to her.  If she finds a job that ticks all her boxes she can settle in nicely.  You may find this Queen working for the same company or firm right up to retirement age.  However, she will still have advanced in her career during this time.  She is bound to be on a fantastic salary with a solid pension scheme in the background.

With her wonderful caring, and nurturing nature, this Queen would also make a first class nurse.  She can also carve out a career for herself in medicine.  She is very conscious of her physical health.  As a result of her connection to the element of Earth she favours the more natural methods of healing the body.  Careers in alternative medicine, holistic therapies and healing will also appeal to the Queen of Pentacles.  She is also concerned with that which she puts into her body so she may do well as a nutritionist, dietician or health food expert.

Her outstanding hostess qualities will find her working her way to the top of the ladder in the hospitality industry.  She is also an excellent cook and can work well in the food service industry or catering business.

The lure of the land, nature and animals can call her to careers in gardening or landscape design.  She often gets involved in farming or agricultural work.  She is a strong environmentalist and can spend years carefully cultivating land to prepare it for organic work.  Her love of animals will find her working in rescue shelters, animal boarding or kennels. She loves horses so can work successfully in any area related to them but especially likes looking after them.

The Queen loves land and buildings so can readily be found in the property business. A traditionalist and conservationist we can find her working for the National Heritage Organisations, protecting and preserving old and historical buildings.  We already know she enjoys the good things in life and is drawn to luxury so a career in the upper end of interior design or the antiques business would sing to her finer senses.  The Queen of Pentacles likes her own home so much that she often chooses to work from it or sets up a home-based business. She favours practical crafts and so could set up a business at home to sell her preserves and home-baked cakes and bread.  She could also sell these at the local Farmers Market.  She also likes to knit and sew and make a career out of her hobbies.

Other careers that might suit are: Quality Control, Agriculture, Forestry, Education, Legal Secretary, Tailor

The Queen of Pentacles, like the Empress in the Major Arcana is natural mother.  She just loves to take care of children and can juggle a large family with ease.  She will make sure her children feel as secure as they can both physically and materially. They will have the benefit of her wonderful nutritious cooking to see them through childhood.  She encourages her children to bring their friend’s home as she provides an open, warm and welcoming environment for them.  The house may be all hustle and bustle with kids and their friends not to mention all the family pets dashing around.  However, there will never be a sense of chaos here.  Mealtimes may find several other faces gathered around the table.  Her children’s or partner’s friends will have sampled her superb cooking, mouth- watering preserves and scrumptious home-baked cakes on many occasions.  They will be only too delighted to stay for a bit to eat if asked.  And asked they are for the Queen of Pentacles delights in filling their bellies with good old home-cooked nutritional food.

I can’t really see this Queen living anywhere but the countryside.  However, if circumstances prevent her, she will make sure that her children are exposed to the countryside and nature on a regular basis even if she has to drive miles to access it.  She will teach them the importance of maintaining balance in the environment and how it needs to be protected.  Animals will feature strongly in her children’s lives from the very start.  Family pets of dogs and cats will probably share their beds and will be treated as members of the family.

When the Queen of Pentacles takes her family on holidays she heads for the countryside be it in the hills, the forest or down by the sea.  The animals usually go too.  This Queen likes the tradition of vacationing in the same place every year so she may own a small holiday home or old cottage which she has lovingly restored.  Here she will create a home from home environment where the family will instantly settle once they arrive.  She could also return to the same welcoming and comfortable hotel or guest house year in year out. Holidays will be spent relaxing and roaming the country lanes with her kids picking wild blackberries or organised hill walks with back packs and packed lunches.

Good all round education is very important to this Queen, so where and when she can, her children will be enrolled in the best schools her money can afford.  She is not drawn to modern or new style schools so the older more established ones are preferred.  Along with a term fee that could pay your mortgage for a year, these schools come with long-standing reputations and an even longer waiting list.  She enjoys the high-status of having her children attend these prestigious establishments.  She chooses her children’s school based on long-term goals and not on which one is the trendiest.  She knows that to succeed in life you have got to get ahead from the very start.  She wants her kids to be exposed to the best possible environment for learning and also to the right kind of people. Her children will attend highly academic, results oriented schools.  Schools where are the students are encouraged to be ambitious; and if not the student then at least the parents should be.  These are schools where all students will be expected to move on to third level education and then further still.  The school of choice will also put great emphasis on sport and outdoor activity.  This Queen has to guard against being overly ambitious for her children and not put too much pressure on them to succeed or to follow a certain family profession if it is not suitable for them or to their liking. .

The children of this Queen will indeed be sporty and horse riding will be top of the list. Pocket money will only be dished out once all chores have been completed as this Queen will wish to instil them with a sense responsibility where money is concerned.  An ‘honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, ‘nothing of worth ever comes easy’, ‘hard work never killed anyone’. She will encourage them to save for whatever it is they want and to ‘look after the cents and the Euros will look after themselves’.

The children of the Queen of Pentacles will definitely not spoil her children but they will want for nothing and will try to provide them with the best that money can buy. She will try to impart them with her values and remind them of the importance of Quality over quantity.


Queen of Pentacles Reversed

Overly Materialistic, Overly Ambitious, Money Mad, Money Grabbing, Adventuress, Fortune Hunter, Social Climber, Frivolous, Shallow, Spoiled, Unfriendly, Self-Centred, Mean-Spirited, Spiteful, Jealousy, Envy, The Green Eyed Monster, Possessive, Wicked Witch, Untrustworthy, Insecurity, Instability, Unsuccessful, Financial losses, Loss of Possessions, Poverty, Scarcity, Deprivation, Bad with Money, Un-grounded, Poor Housekeeping, Bad Cook, Waste of Resources, Impractical, disarray, disorganised, Chaos, Neglect, Unkempt, Out of Control, Slovenly, Slob, Overweight, Unfit, Malnourished, Un-healthy, Ill, Personal Neglect, Child Neglect, Animal Neglect, Environmental Abuse, Prostitution, Obsessive, OCD, Hording of Possessions or Money, Austere, Penny Pinching, Rigid, Stubborn, Hard-Liner, Tedious, Boring, Dull, Stuck in a Rut, Stuck in the Mud, Overly Conservative/Traditional, Fuddy-Duddy, Old Fashioned, Out of Date, Out of Touch, Unaware,  Not With It, Fanatical, Care-Less Attitude, Care-free, Laid Back, Scorns the Material World and Money

This reversed Queen loses her connection with Mother Earth and all her natural stability and security. In the upright she is successful but when she reverses she finds success out of her reach or hard to hold onto.  She may lose all that she values and holds dear.  She may even lose her home.  Her presence can represent financial failure or loss.  She can also represent physical loss.

Gone is the generous and big-hearted kindly woman who was there to help out and support in the upright. In her place is a self-centred, mean-spirited person who is prepared to take advantage of anyone she can.  Trust her with nothing as she is bound to let you down.  She will break confidences and will tell all your secrets.  She can be evil and spiteful, She hates to see her friends get on and can become consumed with jealousy should any of them come into money.  However she will blatantly flaunt her own successes and brag about what she paid for her new couch, kitchen or new outfit.  She likes her possessions to draw attention and wants everyone to be envious of her.

However, in her reversed state she can easily lose interest in maintaining appearances.  Her house can be in total disarray and disorganised.  Housework is not a word that comes into this reversed Queen’s vocabulary.  Her home as a result can turn out to be quite a mess and totally unkempt.  Her garden can become overgrown and out of control.  .  She either The Queen of Pentacles reversed can let everything go, including herself.

Gone is the homemaker and homebody.  She hates gardening, the countryside, is useless in the kitchen and is a disastrous cook.  Mealtimes can become erratic and lacking in nutrition or taste.  There may be nothing in the fridge or the cupboards.  She can barely look after herself let alone her family.  She is useless at entertaining and lacks any sense of hospitality.  Of course with the reversed aspect we can also find the orderliness of this upright Queen becoming obsessive when she reverses.  She may become fanatical about the house, spend all her time cleaning it and leave little time for anything else.  She can be OCD about not letting the grass grow past a centimetre before it is cut.  She puts the neighbours under great strain as they can’t keep up with her.  Her house and garden will look magnificent but are neither practical nor homely.

When this Queen turns up reversed you need to ask the question as to whether you are looking after yourself or others in your care, as you should be.  Something is terribly wrong here.  The Queen of Pentacles reversed can be terribly disorganised and slovenly. The care she has for her physical self in the upright vanishes as she collapses into a mess. Sadly, this Queen reversed has the potential to neglect her children.  They can end up fending for themselves as meal times and structure are non-existent.  With her lack of interest in their health and nutrition she can also let them run wild.   Her children will be still roaming the streets, like little urchins when all others have gone home for bed.  They may also appear out unsuitably dressed for the weather.  Neighbours often have to tell them to go home for a jacket before they freeze.  They stay out on the road while their friends are called for lunch or dinner.  They have no routine or order in their life.  The neighbours often take pity on them.

On the other-hand, the reversed Queen of Pentacles’ children may indeed run wild and free like little wood nymphs but are well-loved and happy.  She may just have a carefree attitude to their raising.  Yes, her house may be a mess but she does not view tidiness as a priority.  It is all a bit slap dash with fridge full of empty milk cartons and long out of date food.  Piles of dirty laundry and ironing can sit stacked in corners for months without it bothering anyone.  Dog and cat hair float like tumbleweed down the hallway as animals slumber peacefully on bed and armchairs.  She is guilty of nothing except being extremely laid back.

Another side to the reversed Queen of Pentacles which often surfaces is that she can force her relentless ambition on to her children.  She can push them so much with hard work that life becomes boring and tedious for them.  Their lives may be bogged down with routine and tradition.  She can also place way too much importance on getting them the best of everything that they turn into expensive additions to the rest of her possessions.  Decked out in designer clothes and the latest in mobile phones she uses her children as to showcase her status.  She can also be overly possessive of her children and interfere in their relationships.  The Queen of Pentacles upright is a natural mother and like the Empress in the Major Arcana has no problem filling her house with offspring.  However, when she reverses, this side of can disappear.  She can break with family tradition and choose not to have children.  She can also give so much attention to her career that she either won’t have kids or if she does, they will spend more time with child-minder than with her.

The animal lover of the upright Queen of Pentacles can also disappear when she reverses.  She can leave pets without food or Water.  They can end up locked up in a shed or in the garden with little or no exercise or attention as she neglects their welfare.  Her animals can become ill and malnourished. She may expect visits from the Animal Protection Agencies along with Social Services. .

The Queen of Pentacles reversed is also capable of abusing the environment by littering or dumping illegally.  She has no respect for what she pours into the earth.  Neither has she respect for what she puts into her own body.  Poor diet and lack of exercise can turn her into an overweight and unhealthy couch potato.  She can become slovenly in her ways and her personal hygiene may be in question.  She has no energy or interest in doing anything.  This card can highlight bad health or illnesses which are often related to digestive or nutritional issues.  However with the reversed cards we can find the other extreme surfacing as this reversed Queen also has the ability to become obsessed with her body image and diet.  A health food fanatic she can bore her friends and family with detailed analysis and breakdown of all the unsuitable foods they are putting in their mouth.  She may be a slave to the gym and can be seen up at the crack of dawn on her early morning run or cycle.  Enough is never enough.

Enough is never enough either when it comes to money and material things.  In the upright we see her healthy and practical attitude to money and material possession.  In the reverse it can go into overdrive as she gets caught up in having and getting.  She can horde money or spend all her time saving for her next acquisition. The list of things she wants and needs goes on and on and she is never satisfied.  She seeks instant gratification in the reversed and won’t wait for anything.  Money means everything to her.  Terribly insecure in herself, she can become overly materialistic and seeks stability in her possessions.  She loses her sense of fun and does not realise how the possessions and money she craves invariably possess and enslave her in return.  She finds it impossible to relax. She can appear frivolous and shallow.

If financial difficulties are great, her insecurity will take hold as she becomes desperate.  She can lose all sense of morals and principles and engage in wild hair-brained money-making ideas that her upright version would cringe at.  The Queen of Pentacles reversed can become the Adventuress or fortune hunter.  She has the ability to marry for money. Her desire for financial wealth can make her ruthless.  She can sacrifice love and intimacy for a Platinum Credit Card.  Really she does not need anyone as long as she has her things.  Money is not the only thing that is important to this reversed lady.  She seeks attention and prestige. Losing sight of herself and her lovely down to earth qualities, she believes that wealth and status define who she is.  Without it she is nothing and has nothing to offer.  With the lack of respect this reversed Queen has for her body and her obsession with money, she may view herself as a commodity and trade herself for cash. Prostitution may be suggested depending on surrounding cards.

This upright Queen works hard for her money and sacrifices much to achieve her goals.  Nothing has ever been handed to her on a silver platter and so she appreciates all she has.  As we know she is good with money and can make a little go a long way.  In reverse, she is not very good with money and can squander the housekeeping on useless items.  She has no control over her life or her finances.  She may have a tendency to gamble and could suffer considerable financial losses.  Her lucky streaks never last for very long and she loses more than she wins.

As we know this reversed Queen desperately desires money but she will regularly find that financial security and abundance elude her. The reason for this is often rooted in a background where poverty was an issue.   She has painful memories of hunger, lack, shame and embarrassment.  The harder she tries to succeed the more spectacular her failures.  She is too desperate and will be found running around in circles in an attempt to track down that elusive commodity. She loses her practical abilities and finds it impossible to achieve anything.

This Queen however, may have money but if she has come from a deprived background it may have affected her on a deep level, leaving her insecure and unstable.  She may worry constantly about money all the time and believe she will never have enough.  She is driven by the determination to never be poor again. She lives by her mantra “you can never be too rich”. Money equals security and happiness in her eyes and nothing else is important.

In business she can have no sense and is better at spending money rather than earning it.  She pays little attention to the details of the day-to-day running of a business but does like the prestige it offers.  She will not be content to start-up her business in her spare room at home like the upright Queen.  Instead, she will throw much-needed resources into a flashy showroom or premises along with an upmarket car to suit her image. If this reversed Queen turned up in a reading for someone enquiring about the partner they are setting up business with they would be wise to re-think.  This reversed Queen is capable of running the business into the ground while leaving her partner to do all the hard work.

In the workplace she has no sense of duty and will let paper work build.  Orders can go out incomplete or not at all.  The quality of her work is downright poor and she cannot be relied upon to carry out the simplest of tasks.  She has a poor work ethic and is often absent for one reason or another.  On the flip-side this reversed Queen may be a slave to her job and a stickler for detail.  She may be the hardliner rigid boss who never gives anyone a break.  Overly traditional and conservative by nature, she can find it hard to incorporate innovative ideas, time-saving procedures or new technology into the workplace.   She may be working with out-dated policies or systems of operation that are no longer relevant but stubbornly refuses to change.  Her colleagues or staff view her as dull and boring.

The reversed Queen may highlight the fact that she is ungrounded, out of touch with life or unaware of her needs or the needs of others.  She may be overdoing things or working too hard.  She may have lost touch with herself and her needs.  Her awareness of the outside world may dim as her life closes in around her.  She may be stuck in a rut or boring routine and finds it hard to dig herself out or to find enthusiasm for anything.  She may lose touch with her femininity and sexuality; putting little effort into her appearance or denies herself treats or pampering.  She can become old-fashioned and fuddy-duddy.  She could do with a much-needed trip to the countryside or even a walk in nature in order to stabilise.   Her presence may suggest she is not happy in her present location?  This reversed Queen may be out of her element and feels lost. Perhaps relocating to the countryside would restore her natural good nature and balance.

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