The High Priestess (II) Reversed

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Not accessing Intuition, Ignoring Inner Calling, Lack of Knowledge, Lack of Spirituality, Lack of Self-Trust/Self-Belief, Not Following your own Path, Not Listening to Advice, Impatient, Frustration, Haste, Un-Realised Potential/Development, Not being Aware of your Talents, Getting Out and About, Time for Action, Coming back into Social Life, End of Period of Isolation,  Lack of Female Friends, Wanting to be Left Alone, Choosing to be Single, Imbalances, Feeling Un-Feminine, Being Too Masculine, Hormonal Problems/Imbalances, Menopause, Fertility Issues, Baby Overdue,  Emotional/Mental Imbalances, Nightmares, Unpleasant Memories, Overly Reliant on Psychics/Mediums, Betrayal, Secrets Revealed, Break of Trust/Confidences, Superficiality, Shallowness, Insipid, Promiscuous, Wanton, Lazy

When The High Priestess  falls Reversed she suggests that you are not listening to your inner-self or have problems accessing your intuition.  You do not trust yourself to make the right decision, or have any faith or belief in yourself.  You are letting others run your life and doing what they think is right for you.  Deep down you know what you want but you ignore the inner calling.  However, there may be someone very wise and knowledgeable offering you some sound advice but you may not be listening to it, or choose not to hear it

You may be keeping yourself busy in order to distract yourself from your problems or issues, hoping they will sort themselves out.  Maybe you are afraid to stop and go within for fear of what you might find.  The decisions you might have to make as a result may be painful and difficult.  The truth you may have to face about yourself or others may shock or disturb you.

The Reversed High Priestess can suggest that you are busy, busy, busy all the time.  Rushing around here and there and taking no time out to relax or sit down.  You spare no time to reflect on your actions, needs, or feelings which may cause you to be in a dither.  You may be dreadfully impatient and frustrated if things are not moving fast enough for you.  You need to calm down and slow down.  On the other hand, you could get too comfortable sitting around all the time and be too lazy to sort out anything in your life.

Her Reversed presence can act as a warning that you need to take some time out, or spend time alone.  Maybe you crave to be on your own but circumstances prohibit it, or perhaps it is the reverse. Are you spending too much time on your own or avoiding contact with others. .

However, as with all reversed cards, the opposites may also apply.  Therefore, The High Priestess  Reversed can suggest that you have spent time in isolation, or have been out of the loop for  a while.  You may have been keeping yourself to yourself, enjoying your own company and the peace and quiet of it all, but that it is now time to return to a more active lifestyle, meet up with friends, make some new ones and get sociable again.  Time to have some fun and put a smile back on your face.

You may have retreated to do some much-needed inner work and personal development but she tells you that now you must get back out there with all your new-found knowledge and put it to the test.   If you have been spending time sowing seeds for your future her reversed presence may indicate that it would be beneficial to find the right people who can help you cultivate them further. It may be time to move forward with your plan.  The time for inner development is over for the time being.

Her reversed state may highlight the possibility that you are not utilising your talents, or have not realised your full potential.  You will know this on a deep level.  You need to let your seeds blossom or you will never be truly happy.

Relationships may be increasingly cool and detached, compounding your feelings of isolation and loneliness.  However, the reversed may also indicate the return to a relationship after a period of remoteness and detachment.  Check surrounding cards for further information.  You may be letting your head rule your heart too much in relationships.  Her reversed presence can also indicate the hard-line decision to stay single.

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You may be out of touch with your feminine side and don’t have access to your true feelings.  You may be acting too cold and business-like, or overly-formal. You might feel unattractive and unfeminine.  You might need to indulge yourself a little bit.  You could be entering into a relationship after being single for a long time and feel uncomfortable and unsure of how to act or behave.  Then again you may lose touch with your masculine side, becoming weak, feeble, overly-emotional and a doormat for others.

The High Priestess  is the guardian of secrets and will keep confidences, but when she reverses she can suggest betrayal by a woman.  She may reveal your secret or break a confidence.  Her presence may bring unwanted intrigue and mystery into your life which might cause you a lot of stress.  This could disturb your normally calm and unruffled exterior.  However, her reversed state may simply highlight that there is a lack of female friends in your life.

Unwanted memories may surface under the influence of the Reversed High Priestess and the Moon.  Dreams may become nightmares; difficult to remember or impossible to interpret.  Danger may be close by but you cannot sense it.  You can feel alone and in the dark.  Those who are psychic may find it hard to connect to their source, or that the information received is irrelevant and confusing.  She may also suggest that you are spending too much time consulting with psychics and mediums when you should be strengthening your own intuition.

Menstrual problems may be evident when The High Priestess  Reverses. Hormonal cycles can be disrupted or affected resulting in mood swings and emotional outbursts.  There may be fertility issues causing distress.  She can also suggest a pregnancy that has gone beyond its due date.  The Moon in the reversed card is now uppermost which may symbolise emotional or mental problems escalating or getting out of hand.  There may be a need for medication, or existing medication might need to be reviewed during this time.

The High Priestess Reversed is traditionally associated with superficiality, be it in knowledge or relationships.  She can lack depth, and instead of being intriguing and mysterious, others can find her shallow and insipid.  In the upright, The High Priestess  is seen as holy and spiritual but when she reverses she can become loose and wanton.  The mystic can also become the charlatan.

The High Priestess  reversed along with the Hanged Man, and Page of Cups can indicate the presence of a Piscean Person.

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