The Fives Intro

The Fives Intro

5 of Wands Upright  5 of Cups Upright   5 of Swords Upright   5 of Pentacles Upright

The four Fives in the Tarot represent change and each Suit shows how it approaches change. The change implied in the Tarot is not always well received or welcome.  The Change is often associated with conflict, stress, upset and loss. The Wands approach this change as if it were a challenge. Rising to the occasion and enjoying the conflict it brings, the challenge of their Five releases their fiercely competitive spirit, burning ambition and fearlessness. The Cups, being sentimental and emotional resist the change their Five forces upon them and mourn the loss it brings. The Swords need for inner change forces them into external clashes and arguments which can sometimes brim over into aggression and violence.  The Pentacles experience a terrible change in circumstances when they lack financially or become physically ill.

The Fives cause chaos and disorder and we  can become vulnerable to the influence of other’s negativity.  Our behaviour  can strongly alter when exposed to stress and upset.   We can also think just of ourselves, blinkered to the needs or feelings of others during times of personal upheaval.  The change or transition the Fives bring to the Four Suits can be difficult and sometimes traumatic. In their reverse they become more open-minded and willing to accept change and the losses associated with it. This unusual association of a reversed card being more positive than the upright is influenced by their number Five, which in numerology brings change, conflict, stress and the unexpected.

The Fives in The Tarot in their upright position resist the change, become narrow-minded, rigid and unyielding.   The influence of Five loses its grip when it reverses. Then change and transition are accepted and dealt with freeing the individual to move on in life.

After their period of stability, building their resources, consolidation and preparation the Universe shifts gear and jolts the Four Suits back into mainstream life once more.  Change is needed to shift them out of their individual ruts, mind-sets, lifestyles and behaviour.  Up until now they may have felt somewhat in control of life and had a certain idea of how things would run from here on in on their journey.  The arrival of the energy of Five throws curve balls at them from out of the blue, some traumatic.  Some may have felt the energy of Five building over a period of time and are not totally surprised by the turn of events while others remained blissfully ignorant of the rapidly approaching upheaval in their lives.

On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the Four Fives reside in the 5th Sephira –  Geburah  (Strength/Judgement/Power).  This Sephira brings with it restrictions, chaos and upheaval. Restrictive and eliminating it can cause energy to die.  Astrologically this Sephira corresponds with the planet Mars – God of War and Conflict. Energy takes another step closer to creation and manifestation.  The birthing or bringing of life into existence is not always easy.

In the Major Arcana, The Four Fives are linked with The Hierophant IV with his restricting, narrowed-thinking and conventional expectations of us he can make it difficult to remain true to our inner-self when faced with difficult circumstances. We may lose the power to think for ourselves.   Temperance XIV attempts to find balance between the influence of Death and The Devil during times of trauma which requires great strength, balanced judgement and personal power.

The effect of the energy of Five on the Four Suits is interesting to observe but also gives us excellent insight into how these archetypal characters respond to challenges and difficulties.  They have all experienced a few bumps along the way but apart from the Suit of Swords in Card 2, 3 and 4, it is really their first taste of disruption or loss. If they had hoped for a clear run and smooth travel throughout their Suits they were sadly delusional as this is life in the full human sense and no one can march through it untouched.

Ideally, one does not want to encounter too many Fives in a reading for obvious reasons.  However, there is very little gain without pain and it is all part of the learning process of life.

*One Five in a reading normally represents problems or upheavals that with effort can be sorted out.  The cards that surround the Five would determine what the issue may be, how serious it is and who is involved.

Two or more Fives in a reading suggest a period of difficult changes and upheavals.  Life may feel upended and the individual totally lost as to how to fix things or find peace and stability.  If all four Fives appear and are grouped close to each other it can suggest problems which are ongoing, arguments that have reached a stalemate – no one is backing down or prepared to change.  The individual is bound to be highly stressed and upset. If the Fives are spaced out the Querant is more than likely experiencing change and difficulty in several areas of their life.  This may be as the result of a knock-on effect from an originating issue. Look to the other cards for clues.

When Fives appear reversed the Querant is open to or has managed to accept any changes that have come their way. If several reversed Fives appear, then the individual has freed themself or come out of a period of dreadful discord and upset in their lives.  They may now view their experience as life-changing and cleansing. Great personal power and inner-strength was needed to escape the strong influence of so many Fives. They will not forget this time too easily and are bound to have learned much from their experiences. Their card reading and personal story should be very interesting and inspiring.

A lack of Fives in a reading may possibly suggest a trouble-free time for the Querant when life is running smooth and easy.  However, the other cards in a reading will determine whether that is so.

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The Five (V) of Wands   The Five (V) of Cups  The Five (V) of Swords  The Five (V) of Pentacles 

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