The Suit of Swords

The Suit of Swords – Air 

Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Ace of Swords

The Positive Sword

Logic – Intellect – Rational – Intelligent – Analytical – Plans – Strategies Thoughts – Masculine – Communication – Speech – Words – Talk – Debate – Attitudes – Psychology – Mentality – Decisions – Reasoning – Problem-solving – Justice – Fairness – Open minded – Law and Order – Legalities – Discussion

Swords, also known as Blades, Spades or Feathers are represented by the Element of Air. Air governs the intellect, logic, reason and communication.  Swords personalities have the reputation for consulting their head before their heart in matters as they are extremely mentally disciplined.  Air is in constant movement and on a calm day much can be achieved,  our thoughts are balanced and under control.  When a storm whips up and the Air cannot stay still our thoughts blow this way and that.  If they cannot be calmed it will eventually lead to mental stress, depression and insomnia.  Our mind with its ideas, concepts, beliefs and attitudes can be our greatest friend and ally or most fearsome enemy.

The Swords Suit is generally associated with conflict, stress and pain. When it comes to the mind and our mentality our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes can inspire us and bring us wonderful positive experiences in life. A balanced open mind with a positive disposition is a brilliant asset but when in a negative psychological state or attitude it can cause much anguish and distress.

Swords deal with how we communicate and express ourselves in the world.  Their realm is the power of the spoken and written word so Sword people certainly love to talk and make excellent writers or bloggers.

The Sword types can be extremely witty with a wonderful turn of phrase.  They seem to know just the right response to any question or remark thrown their way. They bring the much-needed spark of interesting and fascinating banter to any dinner table.  In general they are choosy about the subjects they discuss which usually are of a highly intellectual nature. However there are many Sword types who talk just for talk’s sake.  Their mouth will move as fast as their mind, which is usually at a gallop.

Swords people need to rationalise and analyse everything and everyone.  They excel in boardroom meetings where their presentations, discussions, debates and suggestions will be hard to match.  They come well prepared with everything well thought out in a practical, methodical and logical manner.  As an employer they may expect a lot of their staff and allow no room for slacking but they will treat them fairly and equally.

Like the Wands, the Swords people have a lot of energy to expend but whereas the Wands release theirs through physical activity, the Swords energy is generally mental energy and much harder to deal with.  If too much energy builds up mental stress and stress related problems or illness can result.  The Swords have to guard against this as they can easily get tied up in knots, psychological knots that is.

Swords are also connected and associated with the world of Justice, Law and Order.  The double-edged sword affords them the ability to look at both sides of a situation and to keep an open mind in order to reach a fair, logical and rational decision or judgement.  Sword personalities can be found frantically pacing the corridors of law courts with bundles of case files under one arm, a mobile phone wedged between neck and ear while rapidly firing instructions down the line to their legal secretary back at base.  They make excellent barristers and solicitors with their razor-sharp minds going into battle defending and prosecuting to their heart’s content.  Quick to spot any chinks in their opponents armour they will move in for the kill, their eloquent and precisely calculated words hitting the mark with a transfixed and mesmerised jury.

As Judges presiding over the courts they take their job very seriously indeed.  They will carefully listen to the argument on both sides before reaching a decision.  They believe in honesty, integrity and an ordered society.  Having the reputation for being emotionally detached whenever they choose to, no amount of sobbing or begging from the criminal in the dock will make a bit of difference.  They also make excellent police officers and detectives using their analytical minds to solve crimes. You will also find them in forensic labs painstakingly cross referencing minute hair or fibre samples for evidence.  Without the Swords people keeping us in check and disciplining our bad behaviour the world would be even more dangerous and chaotic than it already is.

Generally brilliant academics, the Swords type will rarely be found anywhere except top of the class and quite often teaching the class.  Politics is another favourite with the Swords type whether they are directly involved in it or just talking about it.  Any profession were they can use their mind is essential and any career where there is a lot of talking is popular such as chat show hosts or Disc Jockeying. They are also drawn to careers in science and psychology. They make excellent writers but generally of a non-fictional nature.

In relationships they lack the excitement of the Wands and the emotions of the Cups. However, they have a habit of being drawn to their partner for their personality and ability to hold an interesting and intellectual conversation instead of for their looks.  They tend to choose like-minded people as partners.  As a couple they may appear quite serious and unapproachable.  If a relationship is not working out for them or if their partner has done something wrong they do have the ability to take their sword out and literally overnight sever all contact for good.  They do like their own company and can live alone quite happily once they have a good book close to hand (non-fiction that is) and a copy of the financial times nearby.  Any political questions and answers programme will have them riveted. Not the type for soap operas and trite movies they prefer historical and factual documentaries.

As parents, Sword types can be strict and formal, harsh disciplinarians or dithering. The positive Swords parent will love their children deeply but will not express it as freely as the Cups parent.  They are not terribly comfortable with their emotions.  All in all the Swords can be very friendly, great conversationalists at dinner parties and will generally be there for you in a crisis with their level-headed and logical manner saving the day. Great for giving advice, the Swords personality learns much from their direct experience of life.  Some of these Lessons can be quite painful as they seem to have the knack of choosing the hardest route to wherever they are going.

Negative Aspect

Ace of Swords Rx

The Negative Sword

Conflict – Stress – Paranoia – Delusions – Worry – Insomnia – Mental unbalance – Confusion – Depression – Lawlessness – Aggression – Violence – Abuse – Manipulation – Anguish – Negativity – Pessimism – Unfair – Scatty – Insulting – Critical – Scheming Slander – Nastiness

A Swords type can be quick-minded, their tongue as razor-sharp as the symbol of their Suit.  However, when in a negative state, Swords can be mentally scattered, spiteful, insulting and hurtful in speech.  When Air is trapped and restricted it becomes stale and poisonous allowing our fears and imagination to overpower us. Mental confusion, bad planning and poor decisions result. Instead of pure Air the Swords type can be surrounded by clouds and can get terribly lost.  They become dithering instead of decisive and lack discipline in their life.  Their natural orderly life turns to chaos. Their negative thoughts and beliefs affect not only them but also those around them who often receive stinging, harsh comments and criticism. In the extreme, mental unbalance, paranoia and delusion can present. Insomnia can be a problem as a racing and stressful mind finds it impossible to relax and switch off.

A Swords type in the most negative often has a brilliant mind but does not use it for the positive.  The negative Swords are often to be found abusing or manipulating the law or finding loopholes in the law in order extricate themselves or their criminal clients from sticky situations.  Here you will find the corrupt or overly severe Judge.  On the other side of the law, negative Swords can become violent and aggressive, often engaging in criminal acts.  When this happens, the Sword of their Suit falls into the wrong hands and becomes a weapon for inflicting pain and injury.  Scheming, manipulation, slander and just pure nastiness can be found.

The negative Sword likes to get their own way even if it means forcing it onto others or through intimidation and bullying.  They can be extremely controlling and aggressive especially in relationships and with their children. Whenever they are caught out in the wrong they will have a ready-made believable excuse or alibi to bail them out.

In arguments it is hard to beat the negative Sword who will generally have the last say.  They do not like to take responsibility for any of their actions and will shift the blame onto those around them at the drop of a hat.  At the very least they can be insulting, hurtful and rude.  Their intelligent minds turned negative, they can quickly poison all those around them instilling similar attitudes and beliefs into anyone who is prepared to listen to them.

Often the cause for much of their negativity is steeped in their past.  The positive Sword expresses their problems and communicates their needs. With the negative Sword their painful past or experiences are often repressed.  Buried deep inside they manifest as various forms of neurosis and obsessions.  When this happens they fall into depression and sometimes clinical depression.  Their mind becomes their hell and their reality.  Paranoia and mental illness can result.  They can become detached from reality and hard to reach.  Medical and psychological help often needs to be sought. In extreme situations the negative Sword unable to free themselves from the horrors of their mind may seek release in attempting or committing suicide.

The negative Sword usually seeks love on a deep and unconscious level.  However, when it does approach they cannot handle it and the Sword is brought down like a guillotine.  In this state they can isolate themselves from those who seek to help.  Becoming lonely and resentful of others who appear to have a life, they retreat further into their neurotic shell.

Often the negative Sword is frustrated.  A brilliant mind is all well and good but they may not have been given the opportunities from childhood and will not have realised their potential.

When several Sword cards are in a reading it indicates that the Querant is going through a period of extreme mental activity, which normally points to conflict and stress.

If several reversed Sword cards appear it would suggest that the Querant is in serious difficulty and mentally under duress.  Depending on the nature of the query there may be cause for concern for the Querant.

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