The Ace of Wands

Getting The Green Light/Thumbs Up, Get Going

Ace of Wands *Remember, Wands are governed by the Element Fire and so deal with energy, action, movement, change, work, careers, creativity, inspiration, enthusiasm, exertion, strength, passion.

Ace of Wands

A Disembodied Hand appears from out of a cloud or aura. A single Wand is grasped firmly by the hand in an upright position and is offered forth as a gift of opportunity or chance. The aura represents the pure aspect of Spirit. The Wand  sprouts new leaves symbolically representing the beginning of new life and potential within.  Any remaining old leaves fall away to make way for new growth as nature rebirths itself. The budding leaves also represent Spring, a time of new growth, rebirth, regeneration and possibilities.  The Thumb is held in an upright manner, a symbolic gesture for ‘Yes’ or ‘Affirmative’. The sky is clear and bright. Young trees come into leaf in the background while a castle sits atop of a steep hill or mountain. The castle symbolises security, goals, dreams, opportunities, ambitions, the ultimate destination. A river meanders through the landscape symbolising the emotional currents that flow through the situation. The River does not follow a straight path. This symbolises challenges ahead, but non so great that cannot be overcome.



Card Imagery and Description for The Ace of Wands – The Journey Begins

In the Ace of Wands the Element of Fire prepares to embark upon a new journey. Everything is new and fresh and much excitement is in the air for this momentous occasion. Only moments ago, a bolt of lightning lit up the sky and set our nerve ends tingling as the hair rose on the back of our neck. The electricity is palpable. and it is clear something very magical is about to happen.  As we focus on The Ace of Wands we witness the first impulse or emanation of the gift of Fire as a hand from the Universe/Spirit reaches forth from a burst of cloud.   The aura surrounding the hand shimmers and glows, and pulsates intense heat into the atmosphere. The cool air turns instantly hot. We inhale this new heat into our lungs where it radiates through our bloodstream and explodes into our limbs. It shocks our cells and organs into full attention and alertness. We can feel the Fire warm our belly and scorch the soles of our feet. The desire is to move as we feel restless and agitated. It is impossible to stand still. We feel magnetically drawn to the hand and turn to focus our attention on it as it beckons us forth. The closer we get to the Hand, the more intense the heat becomes. In the middle of the fiery energy emanating from the Hand we notice it is holding something out to us. The Hand is firmly grasping a Fiery Wand which has new fledgling leaves just budding as they burst with new life. The Wand glows a deep orange and russet red. A passion stirs in our gut and we become overwhelmed by the desire to reach out and grab hold of the Wand so that we can experience the thrill of Fire in a direct manner.


It is then we hear a disembodied voice speak to us. We gaze into the sky above and are dazzled by how luminous and clear it is. Not a cloud in sight for miles. We have never seen it so brilliant before. We notice the bright green of the new leaves on the trees in the distance, and the other hues of green which spread out over the countryside and hills. New life has been bestowed onto nature and we can feel its quickening throughout our body. We are witnessing a rebirth, a renewal, a regeneration, and the beginning of new life all around.

Spirit Speaks

This gift of Fire is yours for the taking if you so wish, for it will help to propel you towards your goals, dreams, ambitions and aspirations. I say help to propel you, and not will, for what this young Wand offers is the powerful gift of pure potential. It is still in its abstract form at present, and will require effort on your behalf if it is to manifest in the physical.  It is part of the process. This single Wand guarantees nothing in the long-term, but it is where the wonder and magic of anything first begins. It holds promise, but not actuality. This Wand has no power at all in itself until it is taken hold of by a soul who will agree to be the conduit for the energy of the Fire Element. It will lie dormant until then. You must understand the Magic does not exist in the Wand itself, but only in what you do with it. Only a Fool, and there are plenty, will receive the gift of this Wand and then wave it around in the air, pointing it at this and then at that, commanding it to do their bidding. They soon find out that the Wand will not do the work for them while they sit back and idle. The Wand demands active participation before it will yield any rewards or results.   Many take hold of the Wand and are frightened by its intensity and panic about what to do with it. It can get too hot to hold for some, so they drop it with the same eagerness it was grabbed hold of. Then there are others who hold on to it a bit longer, only to let go of it just before they see the miracles begin to happen. They become impatient and restless. Fire brings both blessings and curses. The torch bearer must be prepared for both on the road to enlightenment and success.

You may strongly feel the heat of this single Wand right now, but let me  remind you it is only a mere spark where the Element of Fire is concerned. This Wand does not carry the full force of the Fire Energy for that would be too much for you to master or control right now. The Ace of Wands is a spark in the grand scheme of things, but look how intensely it has already affected you. I offer you this young Wand for you have called out to the Universe and to Spirit for assistance. That assistance has now arrived and you are being given the chance to transform your life with this gift. This sole young Wand is the spark, the first impulse or emanation that gives life or birth to everything. Without it you can achieve nothing. It is what helps you to be effective and proactive in life. It is the driving force behind all great achievements and successes. It is also the driving force behind over-achieving, over-stretching, and excess. It is up to you to distinguish between which is which, and control how it will be. Without it, you become cold, dull, lifeless and deary. You achieve nothing and will not grow or develop. You will lack energy and enthusiasm, and fall into a state of apathy and disinterest. Life is constantly renewing itself and The Ace of Wands is present on each occasion.


I ask you to look across the river to the castle structure that sits atop the distant hill and decide what it means to you. The Castle will reflect back to you your most burning desires, your goals, your dreams, aspirations, ideas, plans, projects, relationships, and the destiny you can fulfill. Everyone sees what is relevant to them. This is where The Ace of Wands can take you should you decide to grab hold of it and channel its energy. I also ask you to gauge the distance that stands between you and the castle of your dreams. Some see it as quite close, while others perceive it to be far off in the distance. Now ponder the effort it will take to get there. Do you see the journey ahead as trouble-free and speedy, or do you anticipate some obstacles or setbacks along the way? How long do you think it will take you to get there?


Notice the river that flows between you and the castle. In your calculations, don’t underestimate its forceful current or depth. This river will have to be navigated with a strong will and determination for I guarantee you it will not be a trouble-free voyage. The water in this fast flowing river can quickly douse the young flame you carry if you are not careful. You must hold your Wand aloft and protect it from being extinguished by the emotional currents you might get caught up in along the way.  Only those who are brave and relentless will survive, those who are prepared to get up every time they are knocked to the ground, those who do not take no for an answer, those for whom failure is not an option. And even then, when you have mastered the river where you will have had to come to terms with turbulent emotions and feelings, you must then climb the mountain and scale its rocky surface before you reach your destination or goal.  You must sustain your Fire all the time. The steep ascent does not look that considerable from a distance, but rest assured you will be thrown by the challenge it will present. Will you be able to sustain your interest for long enough to complete your journey?

Along the way there will be regular dangers of getting side-tracked. On the road you will tread lie many distractions. Some of these will be quite dazzling and could make you question your commitment to the goal you set out with. The road will be littered with other opportunities that will capture your imagination and curiosity. You may decide to pick some up along the way, believing them too good an offer to pass by. In doing so, could easily make your journey more complicated, burdensome or extra lengthy. Some of you will manage well and be able to incorporate them seamlessly into the journey, enjoying the challenge and becoming more energised with self-belief and confidence as you demonstrate your skill in juggling several Wands at the same time. Others, who collect too many irons for the fire, may eventually feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the effort it takes to control such energy.  Fire will give you energy, but it can also sap it from you too. Are  you prepared for such eventualities? Have you given any thought to how you will cope? Probably not, for I do not offer this Wand of Fire and then attempt to dampen your spirit. That is not what Fire is about. Fire wants you to burn brightly so that you may be consumed and re-birthed by its power. Fire in its pure form believes everything is possible. When given free rein, Fire will consume all in its quest for attaining the prize, the goal. Yet, you must remember your human state and understand that Fire is much greater than you. You will be no match against the mighty force of Fire when it burns at volcano level. Therefore, you must be acutely aware of the potential of the young Wand that is being gifted to you. Work with the Fire it generates for your highest and greatest good only. Do not underestimate Fire in the belief that you can totally surround yourself with it for you will perish in its flames, and all your efforts and good intentions will be razed to the ground. Have I put you off?

On the contrary, those among you who genuinely seek this Wand will refuse to think about all the things that might go wrong along the way, preferring instead to focus on being excited about all the things that will go right.

At this early stage, you may be under the impression that Fire is all you need, but you will need the influence of the elements of Water, Air and Earth if you want your launch to be ultimately successful. Fire prides itself on strengthening the ego, but sometimes it does not know where to stop. It can lead you astray so it will be wise to seek counsel from the other Elements as you journey forth on your quest. You will probably choose to ignore this initially, but you will soon recall my warnings should you fall foul and turn arrogant and consumed with pride and self-importance.

Another thing you must understand before you embark upon your journey, is that even though you may think you are the only one on your set path, you will encounter others who are seeking the same goal as you. They too have been gifted their fiery Wand and will be intent on reaching their target. You are not alone in having brilliant novel ideas, plans or opportunities. Others are ambitious too and will be moving at great speed to achieve their goals ahead of you. Therefore, you are bound to encounter competition or challenges along the way. You will have to assert yourself and stay hungry for the prize if you are to outrun your fellow competitors. Not only will you be competing against others, you will also be competing against yourself. When you do meet the other Wand bearers, you may clash as egos seek to assume ownership or control. This is perfectly normal and part of the Fiery Journey. If you remain in control of your Fire and do not let it burn out of control, then you may find friends and like-minded people among them. You can facilitate each other’s success by combining your Fire for extra force. The magic can double and treble when balanced Fire handlers join forces.  When Fire is not managed well, enemies can outnumber friends or allies. It is every man for himself, but that can be the thrill of Fire. After-all, they do say that all is fair in love and war. If you do choose to accept the challenge and enter the race, remember you will all be in it to win. You really must start with firm intentions,  give it your best, and be determined to follow through. The Wand I give you will not expect you to give up without a good fight. It will seek sport and engagement along the journey.

The journey may be tough, but it is also extremely rewarding. It offers you many positive things that cannot be experienced by staying where you are right now. If you have called upon on seek to invoke the power of Fire in your life, you will be aware of and looking for these rewards.

Freedom – You want to feel more free in yourself and be able to make decisions or take actions for you, and not what everyone else wants you to do. You want to escape from convention, conservative attitudes, oppression, restriction, rules, regulations and conforming to the expectations of others. Your inner spirit desires to be released.

Fearlessly Leading The Field – You are ready to test your own ability by becoming leader of your own life. You are prepared to stand on your own two feet or embark on a course of action where there is but you to make decisions, set rules and boundaries.  You are your own boss now and will carve out life as to your own grand specifications. Rather than fear it, you look forward to going it alone.

Experimentation/Exploration – You want to test your skills and see what happens when you begin to implement plans and ideas. You are aware  that not all will work out but you won’t know unless you try. Who knows what you will discover about yourself in the process. You are quite open to anything right now.

Personal Empowerment/Growth – You no longer are controlled by your circumstances for you have decided to take charge of your life. Confidence, strength, self-esteem. You start to believe in yourself and what you can achieve. Instead of thinking, you now know. It is time for you to evolve.

Positivity and Optimism  – You believe that good things will happen. You can feel success within. You are uplifted and look forward to the future in anticipation instead of anxiety. You are prepared to take a chance on life.

Opportunities – You want to seize them all, or at least one or two that come your way. You want to be daring and take a chance. You certainly don’t want to realise too late that you let a golden opportunity pass you by. You are tired of letting life drift on by your front door. Too much of it has already gone and you are painfully aware of it.

Ready to Take Action – This is the right time for you. You are eager to get going and do not want to wait around any longer. Mentally, physically and emotionally you have your bags packed and are ready to set off on a new journey. Now or never, and it can’t happen soon enough. Impatience may be growing.

The Big Picture – You can see the future open up for you. You have visions of how your plans will manifest. You do not want to sweat the small stuff. You want to think big and not place any restrictions on dreams. You feel inspired by what you might feel and see on the journey ahead. You refuse to let anything get in your way now or be dragged down by other’s apathetic view of you.

New experiences – Forcing you out of the comfort zone where you may have stayed too long. You want to try everything at least once. Life can become mundane and predictable when we keep the new at bay.

Adventure – You do not look upon your journey ahead as a chore or hard work. It may be a challenge but this stimulates you rather than puts you off. You don’t need to know what tomorrow will bring or guarantees of what will happen along the way. You want an interesting journey that keeps you on your toes and your senses on the alert. Anything might happen, and probably will.

Travel/A change of scenery – Moving out of your territory to explore new worlds and life. You are prepared to physically relocate or travel. Your own world has begun to close in around you.

Energy – You have the stamina to reach your goals and feel wide awake and alert

Fun – You are looking to enjoy life to the full and feel alive. You want to laugh and do crazy things that maybe you would never have done before. You want to interact with new people, form new friendships and get out and about. You want to get tired from exertion and activity, rather than the exhaustion that results from apathy and boredom.

Activity – You want to get more exercise and feel energised on a physical level. You want to feel good about your body and be fit and able.

Sex/Fertility  – You want to feel more sexually alive and active. You seek increased fertility and conception.

Novelty – You are open to brand new ways of thinking and doing. Your curiosity is growing and needs an outlet. You are excited about new trends and want to be a part of it. You also have some original ideas of your own you wish to explore.

And so, I am done and you have been informed. The time has come for the brave, daring and courageous among you to step forth and grab hold of this Wand and all that it incurs. Open your energy channels to the power of Fire and see what magic you can create in your life with this Wand.

The voice falls silent but is instantly replaced with a rush of noise as the vibration of eager voices tremble the air. We start to move. Some of us are hesitant as we look to take the lead from others. We can see some have taken off at either a jog or gallop. A few look back to see what the rest are doing but there are several who keep their eyes fixed on the hand they run towards. We move now more confidently as if a wave rolling towards shore. Some of us take one last look over our shoulders out of curiosity. Has anyone chosen to stay put and not accept the divine gift of The Ace of Wands? Those who take the time to look back are amazed by the number who stand watching  us run towards the fiery light. They seem pale and ghostly at a distance and we wonder why they rejected or declined such a powerful offer of life-force. We then turn our faces to the scorching heat and our future. Ahead of us we can see some have already grabbed hold of their Wand. One individual has broken free from the rest and has taken up a lead position. The pace for the race ahead has been set. It will be fast, furious, spectacular and highly entertaining. This individual is going to be hard to catch, but suddenly we feel the thrill of doing just that. We all believe we can not only catch up with him, but also out run him too. This is going to get intense as so many Wand Bearers tear off after him plotting and planning their own specific route to the Mountain Top Castle.  There is time to stop or ponder. All must think on their feet now. As they race off into the new world around them, we can see a fiery blaze follow in their wake. They run at speed, the Fire Element zapping them with a force of energy that appears to propel them forth. We are eager to be off after them, to catch up and not get left behind.


We reach out for our own Wand. The Hand holding the young Wand is composed of white flame and beckons us forth. Up close we can see the thumb is held upright which symbolically tells us we have made the right decision, that the Universe is behind us. We all see the Upright Thumb as the ‘Green light to Go’ and know our time has come. It feels right, it feels good, it feels powerful, it feels like our destiny. With our Wands grasped firmly in our own hands now we glance quickly at each other to observe the individual reaction. The heat is almost overpowering and faces turn orange and red in the glow from the numerous Wands. Our feet begin to shift and stir. In a flash of lightning we all break free, running with our Wands in the direction of the castle on the mountain top. An urgency driving us forth. Some of us run to the right, some to the left, and others race straight ahead. It is clear that we all have our own idea about how to reach our destination. It offers variety. There would be little fun if we all ran on the same path, following each other in a mob-like fashion. There would be little to offer in enriching experiences. We aim to break new ground and not trod on territory already covered by another. Although we have appeared to take off as a flaming mob, we will not travel like an army of foot soldiers, marching to the beat of a single drum. We will find our own way to the Caste, yet at the same time be aware that so many others are doing just what we are doing right now. Even if we lose sight of those individual fiery flames, we can still sense their presence in the electric atmosphere that surrounds our every move. It is what motivates us to keep moving forward. Competition is all around.

At this early stage, our Wands feel powerful and invincible. However we have been warned to keep the Fire stoked regularly to make sure it does not go out. We must also control the level of Fire and not let it explode in our face. The Wand is like a battery that is full of life once new. It can do a lot, and for a while we do not have to think about it for we expect it to keep running on its own. However, in time it will begin to slow down and lose power. This is why we must be vigilant. It is better to re-charge the battery before we need a new one. Once the Fire has been allowed to burn out, it will take increased effort to re-light it. Prevention is better than the cure.



You have been given this Brand New Wand of light, passion, energy and enthusiasm. Let it ignite your inner spirit and creatively inspire you to change your life and your future. Everything is up for grabs now and you should not let anything hold you back. Enjoy the thrill and adventure on the journey you are about to embark on. Keep the faith and your face turned towards the Sun and your destiny. What brilliant news!

The Ace of Wands 

Getting The Green Light/Thumbs Up, Get Going

Ace of Wands


Physical/Creative/Inspirational Beginnings, Impulse, Stirrings, Spark, Life, New, Potential, Opportunity, Promotion, Gift, Talent, Possibilities, Potential, Growth, Action, Initiative, Ideas, Project, Creative, Inspiration, Initiative, Will, Drive, Ambition, Enterprise, Motivation, Power, Passion, Dynamism, Charisma, Personal Growth,  Empowerment, Strength, Spontaneity, Adventure, Magic, Excitement, Fascination, Fired up and Ready to Go, Fast, Acceleration, Momentum,  Accepting a Challenge, Race, Bold, Courage, Daring, Risk, Urgency, Thumbs-Up, Green Light, In the Game, Dare to Win, Participation, Confident, Travel, Movement, Motion, One, Single, First, Original, Unique, Maverick, Trail Blazer, Optimism, Fertility, Conception, Birth, New Lease of Life, Positive/Exciting News, Starting Over, 

Divinatory Meaning

When The Ace of Wands appears in your Reading it suggests a surge in the Fire Element in some aspect of your life. Depending on where this card is positioned in a Spread will highlight if it is something that has occurred in the past, happening right now or lying in wait for you in the future. It may also represent a desire or wish on your part.  The Ace of Wands represents the physical start of something, and once this stick of dynamite has been lit, it will explode into your life demanding all sorts of action to be taken by you.  Believe it or not, this may cause you some initial stress. Regardless, stop putting things off or waiting until the time is just right, you have to go for it now, not tomorrow, next week, month or year. You will have to figure things out as you go. It may involve a certain amount of flying by the seat of your pants for a while, but this chance or golden opportunity won’t hang around forever. The Ace of Wands ignites the Fire in your Belly that makes you reach for the stars, follow your dream, make your move or strike out on your own path. When this Ace arrives into your life you might believe there is an earthquake just about to erupt beneath you.

The Green Light


The Ace of Wands heralds the birth of creative action, energy and movement.

Positive Change

When this card appears for you it is a sign that you have been looking for change for some time now and at long last it is here.  Nothing is going to get in the way of this change.  It is the “Thumbs Up‟ card for getting stuck into a new project or moving forth with plans or ideas. It gives you the  ‘Green Light’, the ‘Go Ahead’ sign for whatever it is that you are doing or want to do.  Great energy and enthusiasm is suggested.  With this cards comes a strong sense of self-belief, self-esteem and dazzling confidence. There comes a moment in everyone’s life when you just know you have a chance to pursue your dream. It is the Ace of Wands that delivers this chance and it will be very hard to ignore.  The Ace of Wands in a present or future position gives you the ‘heads up’ that your ‘moment’ has arrived, is here right now, or coming very soon. Golden opportunities and offers abound and you are being given the chance to totally transform your life in a wonderful manner. This should be great news and music to your ears. You are likely to feel upbeat about life and your future. Happy Days all round!

Looking for, or waiting on news of a planning permission application? This card is a very positive sign it will be successfully granted with few objections or amendments to be made.

The Ace of Wands appearing in a reading brings great power in its wake.  It is always welcome in a spread when the querant has been stuck in a rut, unsure of which action to take, or has been fearful about starting something new.  If life has been down out dull and boring for you, then prepare for action and excitement when The Ace of Wands appears.  The Ace brings the potential and possibility to boldly go forth with great depth of self-belief and personal conviction.  The Ace of Wands explodes with life and blows all the cobwebs away.

Take Action

The Ace of Wands does not sit around thinking about what to do or considering how it feels about doing something.  On the contrary, this Ace is a card for doing.  It forces you to take whatever action is needed to launch you forth on a new path, venture, or way of living. Action could be connected to anything; a new job, setting up your own business, a new relationship, moving house or travelling.  You may be embarking on getting fit and losing weight by adopting a new lifestyle of exercise, diet and activity. Whatever this Ace represents for you, you are guaranteed definite action combined with a determination to succeed.  Great optimism arrives with this card.  You now have a magic wand in your hand, and used effectively, will have the power to conjure up whatever you will or transform your life.  You are being given a new lease of life and your energy levels will soar under the influence of this lovely Ace.


The Ace of Wands, like all the other Aces, suggests potential only.  The energy it carries is not yet fully formed and in itself will not take you from the starting block to the finish line in one go. It merely puts you under starters orders and provides the necessary propulsion to launch you from the starting block. It will take more than this Wand to complete the race, so you must use this Wand to build  a bigger fire around whatever it is you are pursuing. A lot is expected of you now and you will have to give 200% at this early stage to ensure there is enough momentum to keep you going. Be prepared to go the extra mile and push yourself beyond your limits when necessary. Brace yourself for the unexpected as that is the nature of the race you have entered.   After a dazzling start, the fire will easily fizzle out if it is not regularly stoked. It will need constant attention. Don’t waste this incredible gift that is on offer for it certainly does carry outrageous potential on so many levels. It is up to you to maximize this potential.

New Cycle

The Ace of Wands can possibly signal the start of a new cycle in life which brings much excitement, enthusiasm and need for you to be busy, busy.  After a period of feeling stuck, or your situation is going nowhere, a shift in energy releases you from the bond or hold. This might take you by surprise or even catch you off guard. You may receive a letter bearing good news in connection to your situation which will need to be responded to quite rapidly. Things are beginning to happen now as you experience the arrival of a new life cycle. The old and worn out past is already fading into the background as life takes on a fresh appearance and catches your interest. Change on many levels can occur and even though this may arrive in a swift manner, the Ace of Wands suggests that you have a firm grasp of your situation and know what you are about.  It tells you to confidently grab hold, or control of, the new cycle and get stuck in.  The time is right to get up and moving! You are ready and eager to take on any challenge that comes your way.

The hand that grasps the Wand reminds us of a relay race where a baton is passed from one runner to the next.  Each runner does his length and then passes it on to the next runner, who then does his/her bit.  This symbolically tells us that the baton (POWER) is now in your hand and it is not a time to sit around thinking of what you should do with it.  Immediate action and movement is expected of you now if you are ever to win the race. Enter boldly into this new cycle.


The Ace of Wands often appears when you are making a stand or asserting yourself. This sometimes takes a lot of courage. Depending on its position in your spread, it could be highlighting the need to make a stand if you have been fearful or afraid to express yourself. You are being asked not to hold back in this instant. This does not mean you go in all guns blazing either. Just show your strength, declare your stance on the matter and fight for what you believe in. The situation might be calling on you to be direct and candid in your dealings with people. You will gain more respect if you are honest and straightforward from the outset. This card can be asking you to start off as you mean to continue.


The Ace of Wands is one of several cards, which indicate Travel. You might be planning an adventurous trip or action-packed holiday. Warm or hot climates are often favoured. Exotic destinations feature strongly with a desire for off-the-beat-tourist-routes which offer direct experience of foreign culture and lifestyle. Travel, or vacation which features extreme sports or activities are other possibilities. This Ace will not be terribly interested in lounging around a hotel swimming pool all day. Prepare for a hectic schedule and some hard partying while travelling. You might also be embarking upon a sole journey where you will need to fend for yourself. You may be attempting to set a new world record or a personal challenge of endurance as you travel.


The Ace of Wands sometimes appears to remind us that we need to have  more fun. Work and other commitments can take up all our time and also sap our energy so that we become overly serious and cautious. This card can suggest acting spontaneously, doing something you hadn’t planned for. Routine can cause us to fall into a rut. The Ace of Wands asks you to move out of your comfort zone and live a little less predictably. Whip up your life. Do something silly every now and then so that you can laugh about how outrageous you are. Don’t grow old before you have too. Ask yourself when you last went a little mad or totally enjoyed yourself? Lighten up both inside and out. Sport a new look or style. Take up a new hobby. Revamp your house to something more hip and trendy. Break the mold. You have the power within your hands now to totally transform your life. It is within your control and the time is ripe for change. Energy begets energy so what are you waiting for?

Relationships and Love

In a relationship reading, The Ace of Wands would suggest the physical start of a new relationship or someone met while travelling or connected to travel. Holiday romances are highlighted. It may also suggest that a relationship you have hankered after for some time is now firmly in your grasp.  It also can suggest a new stage in an existing relationship such as deeper commitment or deciding to start a family.  This card brings great enthusiasm, fun, laughter and much activity to a relationship.  It suggests a trouble-free time for couples with much positive experiences in and around the relationship.  Things are certainly happening and this may suggest a couple moving forward with plans by actively and enthusiastically pursuing them.

Make Your Move

Wondering whether to stick your neck out and put it on the chopping block where a certain person is concerned? The Ace of Wands tells you to make your move as you will be seen in a very favorable light. Any approach you make will be enthusiastically welcomed and reciprocated. Go for it!

Sexual Energy

Sexual activity is strongly highlighted in relationships. This card can mark the initial consummation stage of a new relationship. Sexual energy is at a peak and it will be hard to keep your hands off each other during this time. Don’t worry, your overall energy will have increased too under the influence of this Ace and you probably won’t need that much sleep to keep going. You are on a high right now. It will take some time for you to come down from it. Enjoy! Everyone is allowed go wild once in a while. Go with the flow and let your passion surface. It’s probably long over due anyway. You could easily feel as if you are truly living for the first time.

Positive sexual freedom can release the inner spirit and allow you to feel totally connected. There is an overwhelming sense of living in the moment and being totally present within a relationship. You may have surprised, or even shocked yourself or others by your actions or behaviour, but you can’t hold back and don’t want to. Run with this Wand or relationship. It is early days yet and also the most heady and intense ones. This Wand will either fizzle out or grow into something much greater. As long as you are having a good time and hurting no one, then go merrily on your way.  There is a good chance you are feeling much younger in yourself with a renewed glide in your stride and a pep in your step. You are also looking damned hot too, so soak up the Fire energy with everything you have got. Bet you are smiling and laughing a lot too! You are experiencing a whole new lease of life.


The Ace of Wands is a phallic symbol and so suggests fertility.  Conception may be a strong possibility when this Ace appears, but one would need to look to surrounding cards for confirmation.  Other pregnancy cards may include the Ace of Cups, Three of Cups, the Nine of Pentacles, The High Priestess, The Empress, Any of The Pages.   It is not necessary to have every one of these cards present at the same time, and there are even more cards that can suggest pregnancy. It really depends on the reading, the spread and your own intuition. On the same note, if you are not planning for conception it’s best take extra precaution as this is a very fertile time for you. It is easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment when The Ace of Wands is around!

Career and Business

In a career reading, The Ace of Wands would indicate a new job or type of career, or even a new position within an existing careerThe Wand extended by the hand in this card may be the offer of an exciting new job or work-related opportunity. You may be offered a fantastic promotion and feel over the moon about it.

Because this Ace is a travel card, it may suggest a career overseas or much travel related to your working life. Perhaps the career or position you desire can not be found at home. You may be considering relocating or emigrating for better job prospects. Rather than feeling intimidated by the thought of leaving all you know, there is a bubbling excitement brewing for the new life that lies ahead of you. It is what you want and not what is being forced upon you. Go for it!

Impressive CV and Dazzling Interviews

If looking for a new job, then ensure you re-work your CV so that it stands out from the crowd. This will be time well spent. Think of novel ways of promoting your profile. Produce a polished and professional video Curriculum Vitae or Resume. Design and create your personal brand and ensure you are positively presented on all relevant Social Media Platforms. Showcase your dynamic personality in novel or unusual approaches. Let them know you are the next big thing.  Encourage employers to invest in you. Rather than sit around waiting for the right job to be advertised, be the one to make the first move. Decide who you would like to work for and go introduce yourself. Convince them of your value to their company or organisation and demonstrate how they might be missing out on a great opportunity by not hiring you.  Sell yourself in a positive and dynamic manner as there is bound to be plenty of competition for any great job. Dress to impress for interviews but guard against coming across as cocky, arrogant or a know it all.


If you are happy and content within your career, this Ace suggests that you are getting stuck in and motivated in the workplace.  When this Ace appears great enthusiasm and activity surrounds the work environment at present.  You may be working on a new project that has brought a new lease of life to your job and those you work with.  Your creative juices are certainly flowing and anything is possible.


The Ace of Wands is the card for Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, Mavericks and the Ambitious – those who see beyond the horizon, those who think outside the box and have the courage and self-belief to seize any golden opportunity that comes their way.  You are full of great ideas right now and see incredible potential. If you are planning on starting a new business The Ace of Wands gives you the thumbs up, the get out there and get going signal.  You have the necessary drive and ambition at present to make a successful launch.   Therefore, it can suggest the physical start of a new business. Be aware that you will need much more than this Wand to succeed. Energy, ideas, enthusiasm, motivation and vision alone will not guarantee an ultimate success. Hard work, skill, knowledge and planning play a big part in making the most of the opportunity offered by this Wand. Follow your gut instincts on this occasion. Offers that appear too good to be true, generally are. A golden opportunity offers a real chance for a successful outcome through hard work and commitment. It is important you know the difference between the two and make the right choice. Go by what feels right.

The Ace of Wands gives you the skills to be an Ace Salesperson. You carry much power now and are perfectly placed to sell your business ideas or products to an attentive audience. Your enthusiasm may be quite infectious.

Thinking Outside The Box

The Ace of Wands often suggests you find a creative solution to any problems you are experiencing in the workplace or in business. This Ace can bring the necessary creative spark for developing innovative marketing strategies. Find a novel or adventurous approach. Bring your advertising campaigns to life with the addition of high energy sound, catchy phrases and bespoke branding. Create something that is instantly recognisable and appeals to the young, and young at heart. Start a new trend and become the next ‘must have’ in the market place. Try something no one else has. Experiment and explore new techniques and technology. Monitor trends in the market and see if you can find any gaps you could fill.

Are you or your business on trend, or have you fallen off the radar? It might be time to get some fresh blood in, or organise team brainstorming sessions. Get everyone excited and motivated enough to contribute. Dismiss nothing on first inspection. View it from every perspective with an open and eager interest.  Could a relaunch or re-branding make a difference? It might re-ignite enthusiasm and demand.

Untapped Potential

Depending on where in the spread the Ace of Wands appears, it may suggest that you have potential for greater things yet you fail to develop it.  This may be as a result of fear of failure or put downs.  The Ace asks you to believe in yourself and allow others to see what you can do.  Should you decide to be bold and make a move you may be surprised at how much of an inspiration you will be to those around you.

Reversed Ace of Wands

Getting The Thumbs Down, Blocks and Delays



Blocks/Challenges/Obstacles, Delays, Set-Backs, Creative Blocks, Nothing Original, No Up For It, Unrealised Potential, Missed Opportunity, Unassertive, Lack of Growth/Momentum, Slow, Sluggish, Stilted, Stunted, Hesitation, Distracted, Over Burdened/Stretched/Committed, No Staying Power, Procrastination, Thumbs Down, Red Light, Brakes Applied, Halted, Reining Back, Reverse, Failure, Failing to Progress, Dead Ends, Mistake, Overlooked/Bypassed, Predictable, Stuck/Rooted, Pessimism, Fear of Change/Travel, Lack of Ambition/Drive, Lack of Initiative,  Uninspired, No Vision, Can’t See Big Picture, Poor Sales Pitch, Inflated Ego, Misdirected Pride, Lack of Enthusiasm, Disinterest, Dull, Dissipation, Unfinished Business, Drop, Fall, Disappointing News, Frustration, Red Tape, Tedium, Slog,  Impatience, Lack of Energy, Fatigue, Listless, Dispirited, Apathetic, Nervous Exhaustion, Frazzled Nerves, Need A Break, Over-tired, Impotency, Sexual Dysfunction, Stood Up, Cancelled Date, Partying Hard, One-Night Stands, Overly Intense, Stifling, Turnabout of Feelings, Illegitimacy, Inner Child Issues, No Play, Too Serious,  No Fun,Feeling Old, 

Divinatory Meaning


When the Ace of Wands Reverses, we now see a very definite ‘thumbs down’ signal. This brings disappointing and frustrating news and does not bode well for a successful launch or start. However, it does not mean the end of your dream, ambition or goal, but rather that it will not be as straightforward as anticipated. The Wand is in danger of falling from the Hand. It can no longer maintain an Upright stance as it loses power and the Fire begins to flicker or die. The Castle/Goal and journey weigh heavily on the mind but how can one travel forth with such low energy. It now appears a task too great to accomplish. Why would this be so? The Wand may have fallen into Reverse because you are focusing too much on the Big Picture and not interested at all in the tedious, but necessary, tasks that need to be worked through in order to arrive at your destination. No, you just want to be there now. It will be understood eventually that the thrill and excitement is to be found on the journey, not necessarily  on attaining the goal or prize.

Set-backs and Delays

When Reversed The Ace of Wands can still indicate a good energetic and enthusiastic start to a project but progress may be slower due to delays and setbacks experienced. Momentum can be halted as the first real hurdles or challenges come into sight. Irritating and often senseless objections stand in the way of you and your destination. All the Aces Reversed can bring restriction to progress or growth in their governing Element. The energy is stilted or restricted from flowing freely and this often throws a spanner in the works. You are bound to feel frustrated and impatient with all the delays and set-backs when all you want to do is get going.  You may feel that there is too much red tape surrounding everything you do and that others are moving too slow for your liking.  Take a deep breath and relax.  There is nothing that can be done at this moment in time.  While you are only interested in looking at the big picture others have to deal with the tedium of the boring practicalities of every move you wish to make.  Let this happen and then when you are free to move you will be in a much stronger and safer position.  Attempting to force things now may lead to failure.  Being arrogant and boorish will get you nowhere.  Tread carefully, those who you are relying on to open doors, or give you the ‘green light’, may feel you are too hot to handle. Keep your temper under control and remain positive and optimistic. Do not show fear at this stage as you need to gain trust and support. Tell yourself it will all work out and adopt an upbeat approach.

The Red Light

However, this Reversed Ace can also signal a ‘Thumbs Down’ the ‘Red Stop Light’ to a project as the hand holding the wand now reverses. You may be trying to run with an unworkable plan or idea. Being overly proud may make it difficult for you to back down and admit it’s a non-runner. Those around you may see you as overly optimistic, idealistic, reckless or crazy. You might continue to push or attempt to force a situation. You may not understand that it is over and ‘The Fat Lady Has Sung’. You may have a reputation for being involved in doomed or failed start-ups. Investors back off or give you a wide berth.

Missed Opportunity

When the Reversed Ace of Wands appears, we might be looking at a missed opportunity or chance. You had the Wand in your hand but something happened. Did you hesitate for too long before running with it, and now its Fire has burned out, the window of opportunity gone, shut? Are you looking at the withered Wand feeling bitter and annoyed? Perhaps you talked yourself out of it or let someone else? He who hesitates is lost! You might have been too fearful of what it asked of you and threw it away before your fingers got burned. Maybe you don’t see  yourself as the torch-bearer or trail blazer and handed it over to someone better equipped to work with it. It’s a pity if lack of self-belief and ambition drove your choice.

Fear of Change

This Reversed Ace can be a sign that you avoid change or the beginning of new things. You may prefer to keep things as they are and don’t see the need for any adventure in your life. A lack of spontaneity and fun can make you lackluster, apathetic and dull. There is no spark in you. You don’t believe in Magic or luck. This card can be highlighting the need to spice up your life. Your spirit is low and needs to be brought to life. The inner-child is kept under lock and key. There is little real enjoyment in anything you do. Time to work on releasing the old so that you can embrace the new. Both you and your life may need a total make-over.

Too Many Irons in The Fire

We might also be looking at the chance you mistakenly dropped the baton at a pivotal moment. You might have been distracted, your attention focused elsewhere when the Wand/opportunity was handed to you. You weren’t quite ready for it, perhaps it came sooner than you expected and caught you off guard.  You really wanted to take it, enthusiastic to jump at the chance and join the race, but your hands might have been full as they were. This prevented you from getting a proper hold, a firm grasp, and so the Wand/opportunity could easily have fallen, got damaged or broken. One way or another you will have to do a lot of work to catch up with your fellow competitors for you have fallen quite behind.  You may not have enough energy or enthusiasm to get this project off the ground, or the opportunity has passed. The timing may be off. You are really eager to get going with your plans but you are not yet ready.  When a card falls Reversed, there is generally a need to go back to the preceding Upright Card to master the lesson contained within. In the case of the Aces, we go back to the number 10 card of its Suit for guidance.  We must look at the Ten of Wands to see where the problem lies.

The reason for your clumsiness, distraction and lack of progress is possibly down to having too many projects going on at the one time. You have too many existing responsibilities and commitments. Your enthusiasm and drive must be commended, but it is not possible to be all things to everyone and everything at the same time. It is imperative you lighten your load before you take on anything new. You are very eager to say yes to everything but underestimate the time and energy that is required to successfully manage them all.  You have many interests but little skill in prioritising. You sign up before you read the fine print and then get burdened with the weight of it all. Because you rarely get the time to finish anything you start, before adding a new project to the mix, you are getting increasingly frustrated at your lack of success in following things through to completion. And now here is another Wand you want to add to your load because you just can’t let the chance go. You are getting nowhere and need to settle on reducing your workload. All the other Wands in your life need to be sorted, loose ends tied up, and unfinished business attended to before anything new can start.  You probably have too many projects going on at the one time leaving you with precious little time to give the attention they need.   It’s no wonder you dropped the Wand or got left behind. Have you taken on too much by any chance? Have you overstretched yourself ?

Uncertainty – The Need for Self-Discovery

The Reversed Ace of Wands can suggest you may feel dispirited and quite deflated. This could be a sign that the Salesman has not done his job. He might or might not have convinced others but is it possible he hasn’t convinced himself? Is there a hesitation about the direction you say you want to head in and what you want to do? Do you lack self-belief and conviction? You might be unsure of opportunities that have come your way. Somehow or other you are not buying into any of them right now. Do any of them offer what you really want? Have you defined what would give you purpose in life, what would light your Fire and excite you? What enthuses you? You might be conflicted and desperately frustrated. You know you should be doing something, but what that something is you haven’t got a clue. What you need is to be inspired and the only way to do that is to look outside your world and see what captures your attention and imagination. This Ace often suggests a talent that is denied or has not yet been discovered. Therefore it is necessary to embark on a journey of self-discovery before making any great choices in life. I know this means wasting even more time, but it will be time well spent. You don’t seem to be happy with many of the choices you have made so far. You cannot move forward until you have enough drive, motivation and ambition to do so. If not, you will fall at the first hurdle.

Planning Permission Objections

If looking for planning permission to build, extend or restore, prepare for several annoying objections which will hold up the start date. You might be driven to distraction with the senseless demands of planning officials or neighbours who repeatedly thwart your attempts. You will probably have several set-backs before you get the go ahead, and by the time you do, your original plans may be unrecognizable. You are probably looking to do something that is different, unusual, unique, novel, wild or high-tech, which excites you but unsettles others. You may have to compromise on sticking issues if you ever want to make a start.

Travel Plans Gone Awry

Travel plans could be affected, delayed, rescheduled, collapse or cancelled altogether when the Ace of Wands Reverses.  Flights may be cancelled or missed due to bad timing. Your choice of vacation destination may be disappointing. You might have booked something on impulse and now regret not doing the necessary research. Taking out travel and vacation insurance is advisable.  Also this Reversed card can suggest a lack of heat. If the sun is what you are after, weather may be unseasonable or disappointing.  Perhaps you are trying to avoid the sun altogether?  In this card we see the need for a break or vacation but not having the time to take one. You have a hectic schedule with many commitments and responsibilities. This leaves no free time for you to get away. You might feel you are running on empty right now, are stressed and close to burn out. Could you manage a couple of days even? The Reversed Ace of Wands may sometimes suggest the completion of travel, and having to return to normal life. You will have to store away your backpack for the next while.

Lack of Energy

The Reversed Ace of Wands often appears when we have been burning the candle at both ends. It brings exhaustion and listlessness, even chronic fatigue. This is generally as a result of feeling burned out after a period of extreme activity. Look back to the Ten of Wands and determine what it is that has wrecked you so. Exhaustion often waits for us to take our foot off the pedal before it hits in full force and then we do not identify it for what it is. How many of us are struck down with colds and flu as soon as we take a vacation?  We run on adrenaline before that and can go without sleep, rest, and even regular food. There may have been an intensely busy period; a project to finish, deadlines to meet, a house to pack, a young family to rear, relentless travel related to work or family, a break-up of a relationship, a bereavement, or having to care for others.  You may have retired recently and have been looking forward to doing all the things you haven’t had time for before, but now you wonder how you ever had the energy to go to work. You couldn’t fight your way out of paper bag at this moment in time.

All the above are typical hall marks of a Reversed Ace of Wands. The good news is it shouldn’t last long for it is just a temporary set-back. It is best to identify it for what it is and this might entail going with the flow. Rest and recuperate instead of trying to force business as normal. Listen to what your body is trying to tell you. You are exhausted for a reason and need rest. You will soon be able to start afresh. Nervous exhaustion is usually the trigger for physical exhaustion and is a sign that Fire has being dominating your life in an extreme manner. Your nerves might be frazzled and you could feel on edge but too shattered to do anything about it. It is not like you to get so low and this will likely make you feel frustrated and impatient with your current status. Your Ace of Wands lies smoldering in the dust and resists any attempts to bring it back to life. Let it be for the moment and it will soon bounce back to its normal lively self.

However, if tiredness and apathy continue, it could be a sign that you are run down nutritionally. You may need to address your diet, lifestyle or career to see what is bringing you down so low. You might have taken to the bed and forgotten to get back out of it. It might be time to shake yourself out of the doldrums and get active once more. Take it slowly at first and allow the spark to ignite at a controllable pace.

This Reversed Ace can also point to a deeper issue of anxiety that is experienced when you face new situations in life. The Ace of Wands brings positive energy, travel, action and change. However, if there is underlying anxiety issues, any Ace of Wands will be experienced as a Reversed Ace. It may be felt as fear, upheaval and too challenging. The excitement this Ace brings may be too much for an individual suffering with anxiety. Even a positive Ace of Wands could trigger chronic fatigue, panic attacks and insomnia. It is important to observe changes or reactions in your body at times when any of the Aces appear. You may need some help in this area.

When it comes to news The Reversed Ace of Wands may bring unwelcome news in relation to your situation or plans.


The Reversed Ace of Wands can suggest that you are putting things off or putting them on the long finger for a date or time somewhere off in the future. You certainly talk about your plans and dreams often enough, so much so that everyone around you knows them inside and out, but you haven’t gotten around to acting on them just yet. You may be waiting for just the right time and for everything to be in place. You may even be holding out for a guarantee that it will work out 100%. This unfortunately is not the way The Ace of Wands works. Whatever it is you keep putting off can only be activated by the Ace of Wands and this involves taking a chance or risk. You will not have all the answers at the beginning but it will have to do. It is a shame if you leave this Wand lying in a Reversed state as it does offer amazing potential.

Procrastination can also be an indication of feeling negative about your dream, ambition or goal. Somewhere along the way you have lost faith in it ever being possible to manifest. That might be because you failed to act or respond when the spark or flame burned brightly. You let it fizzle out instead. You don’t totally cast it aside but it no longer occupies your thoughts or plans. Perhaps it is because you have left it so long, that in some way you have begun to doubt yourself, your capabilities, or are convinced it would never have work out. You view the future in a pessimistic light and don’t hold out much hope for success. You have become a victim of self-sabotage with an attitude of ‘what’s the point in starting something that isn’t going to go anywhere?’ You might believe you lack the luck to succeed. The longer it goes on, the less enthusiasm you have for the project.

Lack of Inspiration

Feel creatively blocked? Find inspiration in nothing? Have you lost sight of your vision for the future? If so these are all signs of a Reversed Ace of Wands influencing your life. You are bound to be feeling very frustrated and probably in a bit of a panic as others may be expecting a lot of you at this time. Creative blocks and feeling uninspired are often a direct result of being under pressure to perform. Isn’t it odd how easy it comes to us in a natural way, when we are not forcing it? The more you obsess on overcoming these blocks, the more fixed they become. You just can’t get going with anything. You can get very angry with yourself and with those around you when your mind takes you to nothing but dead ends.  It is probably wise to take a break and step back from what you are doing as you might be too close to it and too intense. In fact take your mind off it completely and go do something else. Get as far away from it as possible and try to relax. You will find that the blocks will clear once the pressure is removed.

Also this Reversed Ace could suggest that your environment may be stifling your natural creativity and inspiration. If this is so, then you will need to access new places, new people and new experiences to enrich and enliven your senses.

Lack of Assertiveness

When the Ace of Wands Reverses we often find that we lack the ability to assert ourselves in important situations. We find it difficult to stand up for our rights and become overly dominated by the demands and expectations of others. We can be afraid to speak up or voice an unpopular opinion. Our Wand can get stamped on by others and the spark crushed out by those who seek to keep us down and under control. We can feel powerless to change or get out of our predicament or initiate change that would be of benefit to us.  We get used to put downs and others making decisions for us. Any ideas or ambition we have is met with cynicism and sneering.

Lack of assertiveness could also come down to waiting for another to implement change. You will readily go along with new plans but you rarely initiate them. They are always someone else’s idea and of course someone else’s fault if it all goes wrong. You might sit and whine about being bored or fed up waiting for change to come about as if it is the responsibility of another and not you.

Nothing Happening

The Reversed Ace of Wands can simply suggest that you are going through a dull and boring period in life. Nothing exciting ever seems to happen and life becomes dreary and predictable. The daily grind seems to go on forever and there might be nothing to look forward to, no light at the end of the tunnel, no events to get worked up about or exciting places to go. It certainly can mark a drab time. This could be a temporary phase and will soon right itself, but if not, then it is up to you to bring about the necessary changes.


Slow starts, set-backs and obstacles for budding relationships are highlighted in the Reversed Ace. There is a lack of momentum when it should be firing on all cylinders at this stage. There may be too many external distractions which prevent development and growth. You might be too busy with work or have obligations elsewhere that make you reluctant to commit.

The Reversed Ace of Wands could be pointing out that your relationship has become dull, boring, predictable and habitual. It may be time to liven things up and create a spark.

The Slow Burn

The one you have set your heart on may need convincing of your genuine and sincere  interest in them when The Ace of Wands appears Reversed. You might be very far from their normal type and they may not be taking you seriously. This is especially true if you have a dodgy reputation in this area or are using reverse tactics to get their attention. You might be trying too hard to impress, acting out in front of them or coming on too strong. You need to turn down the volume as this could be a slow burn where love is concerned.

Then again, the volume might be too low for anyone to hear. You might be sitting back waiting for love to come knocking at your door or for the other person to make the first move. It might never happen if you are not prepared to take a chance. You might fear rejection, ridicule and humiliation. It happens to us all!

On a positive light, the Reversed Ace of Wands can simply suggest a temporary set-back in an otherwise great relationship. The transition from early to settled stage could be difficult. There may be starts and stops for a while until both sides feel certain of their ability to commit. It can be a confusing and upsetting time. Patience may be required. Look to surrounding cards to support this possible interpretation.

Reality Bites!

The fire and passion of the Upright Ace of Wands has begun to fizzle out. The early heady stage of passion and romance has passed. You will either accept this for what it is and move on to the next stage of the relationship, or move on altogether. It is not possible to sustain the energy of The Ace of Wands, when love sweeps us off our feet and we become wild with excitement and anticipation. That first kiss, the first time, can never be repeated and in time most relationships settle down into a calmer mode of operation. All the texting, late night phone calls and desperate need to spend every second together has to settle or we might find ourselves in a state of exhaustive collapse. Yes, we can look back with fondness and clasp our heart with the memory of it all, but there you have it, and what comes next?

When this Ace appears reversed in a relationship reading it is not usually welcomed. It is viewed as a sign that what started off with such promise, has not come about in the long run. It can indicate the relationship has no long-term future, or that for the moment, it has hit some issues. It is certainly not a decisive death knell, but it means someone has changed, has had a turnabout of feelings, is in two minds about continuing the relationship, or has decided it is not for them. The brakes have been applied or there is an obvious reining in of emotion and communication by one partner. Remember we always show our best side at the beginning of a relationship. We put on an act to impress, to woo, and to draw, but it is hard to keep up long-term. It is when the act is dropped and people start reverting to their normal self, not behaving the way they did at the beginning, that reality sets in.

All those little things about each other which seemed so endearing may now grate on our nerves, or we find areas of incompatibility we are not prepared to compromise on. A sudden shift in energy usually occurs on a particular meeting or date. Someone is not their normal self and seem unenthusiastic about being in their partner’s company. They don’t seem as light or engaging as usual and might even appear distracted or on edge. Generally in and around this time the constant phone calls and texting ease off and suddenly an arranged call is missed or forgotten. A date gets cancelled at the last moment, or worse still, someone fails to turn up. Something has changed, something is wrong but there is confusion as to what is happening. It is also around this time the first arguments and emotional outbursts occur. Defensive attitudes surface along with tears and accusations. This usually comes from one side, with the other remaining silent and distant throughout. The Reversed Ace of Wands is at work and it can bring one down to earth with such a hard smack. The fun and games are over, maybe for the moment, or maybe forever where this relationship is concerned.

So what has happened? Your relationship is over or it is the beginning of the end. Maybe it would be less painful for all if you were to admit it and get it over and done with. You no longer feel the same for each other. It was a great time and really gave you the lift you needed. You might even be able to stay friends. Time to move on.

Then again, you only ever saw it as a bit of a fling? You might have no intentions of moving into the next stage. You might have had a great time but certainly would not entertain thoughts of a long-term relationship coming out of it. Of course, it might have been a holiday romance which typically is action packed but short-lived.

Commitment Issues

The Reversed Ace of Wands can also suggest a reluctance to get involved, commit, or take a relationship to the next stage.  You may be guilty of deliberately letting relationships drop before they get too serious. You might have a habit of bailing out at the first sign of neediness.

Of course there is also an issue if you are trying to start a new relationship before finishing another. You might need to cut the ties with a previous relationship before proceeding with a new one. Someone may not be as available as they make out to be.

Too Hot To Handle – Trouble

Depending on surrounding cards, the Reversed Ace of Wands might highlight a personality who is into one-night stands. There is a lack of enthusiasm in pursuing anything further in the relationship. This card can highlight an over-inflated ego with a cocky attitude towards a partner and relationships in general. This Reversed Wand could be carving out notches on the bedpost. Being stood-up falls into the territory of the Reversed Ace of Wands. 

Fertility Issues and Sexual Dysfunction

As this card is a phallic symbol, when reversed, impotency problems may be suggested which could cause problems within a relationship. Unless intimate issues are discussed and communicated within the relationship it can lead to gross misunderstanding and emotional distancing. This Reversed Ace could also suggest sexual incompatibility or not being sexually drawn to your partner. If you are asking about the potential of a successful match with a certain person, then this card may be breaking the news that they do not see you in that light. Being sexually dull and un-adventurous is highlighted in this card.  Faking orgasm or the inability to achieve one is also a possibility.

There could be fertility issues or trouble with a birth or conception.  Again, you will need to look to surrounding cards for confirmation. The Reversed Ace of Wands could hint at one partner not wanting to have children. It could also suggest a mutual decision to choose personal freedom over starting a family. Be sure to clear up any misunderstanding here. Because this is an Ace, it means that attitudes could, and possibly will, change in the future. Life is unformed yet, so the outcome is not decided. It is still in the early stages. Plenty of time to change one’s mind in the future.

Traditionally this card suggested illegitimacy!

Career and Business

When the Reversed Ace of Wands appears in a career related spread there may be disappointing news regarding a job interview you had hoped to ace. This is usually a result of plenty of competition for the position. You may have under-prepared, sold yourself short or perhaps oversold your capabilities. This Reversed Ace can suggest you are not up for the job or have not got what it takes to fulfill the job spec. On the other hand, you may lack enthusiasm for the position, company or industry. It may simply be a means to earning a living. One way or another, you may be experiencing delays and setbacks in moving on to a new job or position.

Poor CV

When job hunting this Reversed Ace may highlight the need to update your CV as it is probably out-of-date and is not formatted in a current trend. Your personality profile could do with a new lease of life to jazz it up. It needs to stand out from the crowd and not disappear beneath a landfill of banality and ordinariness. Remember there is more competition today then ever before. Then again, your CV could be littered with clichés and overly heavy on buzz words. It might also bear all the hall marks of a computer generated version. You need to come across as assertive – but not cocky, original and unique – but not wild. The same applies for interviews. Play up you talents, strengths and skills but avoid bragging and boasting as this can put interviewers off. Dress appropriately for the job you are after.

Rejection and Objection

This Reversed Ace does not augur well for any plans, proposals or tenders you may have submitted. There is a good chance they will be rejected or turned down as we get the ‘Thumbs Down’ or ‘Red Light’.  This does not necessarily mean the end, but to secure the approval of others, you may have to make some adjustments or amendments that go against the grain with you. It is doubtful you will get your way, what you are looking for or what you want in this matter but maybe you can find another way. This might entail having to go back to the drawing board for a major overhaul or to start afresh.  You may be fired up with enthusiasm for your ideas and plans, but your superiors might not share your vision. You might be trying to sell new ideas, new technology,  new methods or new products to a company that is stuck in the past, traditional, conventional and conservative in their approach to business. There will be endless paperwork involved. The wheels could turn very slow as unnecessary red-tape and snail-like protocol takes forever to wade through.  There is likely to be several objections which leave you feeling frustrated, irritable and impatient. Keep a tight hold of your temper as you do not want to alienate anyone at this stage.

If gearing up to do an important business presentation, your audience may not receive it very well. Go back over it to see if there are areas that could be improved. Also check, and double-check any equipment involved to avoid technical hitches on the day which could ruin any wonderful attempts of dynamic PowerPoint Displays.

Boring Work Environment 

Work has become dull,  monotonous and boring when this Reversed Ace appears.  There is an air of lethargy and disinterest in the workplace with staff doing the bare minimum.  There is a lack of motivation and no one seems to give a damn anymore.  Someone or something is needed to inject a new lease of life into the workforce. Any ideas? It might be time to start looking for a new job or how about starting your own business?

Working in a restricting environment can be suggested in The Reversed Ace. You may have accepted a job that binds to you a certain location with little room for flexibility or freedom. You might find yourself stuck in a basement office with no natural light, doing the same tedious tasks over and over again as the day drags out before you. You could find your job boring and uninspiring. You are bound to be feeling fatigued and apathetic about your future prospects. It might be time to look for a new position that gets you out and about instead of being stuck in the office all day, every day.

Lost Your Mojo

However, it may be you who is lacking in motivation and the energy to tackle the demands of a project or job.  This Reversed Ace can point to a lack of interest and initiative in the workplace. It can suggest you are not the brightest spark right now and those around you may not be too impressed by your half-hearted efforts. You have nothing to offer at brainstorming sessions and can’t come up with any ideas or interesting theories. Your work is lack-lustre and uninspiring.  It is time to give yourself a good shake up and find your mojo again. This might signal a time when you need to take a break or vacation. Creatively you are running on empty and need to refuel. Maybe you need some new energy or new experiences to relight your fire.  Once you start showing enthusiasm, it will become infectious and the whole work environment will change for the better. If that doesn’t work, you might need to rethink your position or career.

Burn Out

Whereas the Upright Ace of Wands delivers a boost of energy and the launch of activity, the Reversed Ace can have the opposite effect. With so much to do, places to be, people to see and deadlines to meet exhaustion can set in very easily. You might have been running on adrenaline in work for some time and have coped well up until now. You were able to arrive early and stay late. You even managed to take work home at the weekend and successfully juggled it with family life and domestic duties. Perhaps you kept up with your social diary too. Now you find it hard to get out of the bed no matter how much sleep you have had. You stare into your computer screen and type with fingers that feel weighed down by lead. Your concentration is poor and your daily ‘to do list’ gets continuously carried forward. Your in-tray is overflowing and the Pending one fit to burst. You fail to meet targets and deadlines, neglect to return important calls and follow-up on email enquiries. You can’t quite shake off the flu you caught two months ago and feel a total mess. You wonder what the hell is going on?

This is the result of allowing too much fire take control your life. There is a good chance you have over-stretched yourself by taking on too many work commitments to the extent it has begun to effect your whole life. You have probably being running at a gallop for some time and thought you would continue to do so. Not possible I am afraid! Even the most determined, the most energetic and the fittest among us will eventually succumb to exhaustion and burn out if we do not place and enforce boundaries in our work life. There has to be a distinct line drawn between work and home. There is a time to work and a time to rest. You have not been pacing your energy output in an efficient manner and hence it has run out on you. It probably took some time for you to arrive at this state and it might take some time to recover from it too. You will need to rest and delegate your work duties to others for the time being. Don’t start any new projects under this energy as you do not have the stamina to complete them right now. Don’t worry, you will bounce back from this once you allow your energy to recover.

Unsuccessful Launch

If desperate to become an entrepreneur and want to launch your business or product, the Reversed Ace of Wands can suggest bad luck on this occasion. However, a Reversed Ace of Wands has a great reputation for bouncing back after defeat. Never say never and never give up trying. If at first you don’t succeed, don’t give up, become even hungrier for success, and keep on trying. If you continuously are on the receiving end of bad luck, you may need to step back and observe your approach. Are you being too forceful, too aggressive, too impatient, too impulsive or reckless, too cocky or arrogant? You might need to stop what you are doing and find another way forward. Become aware of the actions that are creating the unwelcome consequences. The thing is not to give up on success. Most successful entrepreneurs have at least one previous failure behind them and some have several. Fortunes can be made and lost several times over in a lifetime. Whereas this would scare many of us off from trying again, entrepreneurs take it in their stride and move on. Learn from your mistakes and apparent failures. Never lose sight of your dream. Keeping in the Spirit of the Wands Fire Element, consider it a harsh learning curve; take it on board and move on.

The Reversed Ace of Wands can suggest that you have unfinished business in connection with your job or career. Resolve whatever it is that is holding you back before you can turn your attention to any new ambitions.

Getting Badly Burned in Business

Depending on surrounding cards this Reversed Ace of Wands could suggest getting badly burned in business. You may have invested everything you had in what was viewed as a golden opportunity, only to lose it all. This could come down to poor research or management on your part, or you could have been lured into a ‘get rich quick scam’. Too quick to part with your money, you may have fallen for a convincing sales pitch, eager and ready to believe in what you were told and shown. You got caught up in the circus that was going on around you, put your trust in others and didn’t keep your eye on the ball. You may be left holding the responsibility after a business partner or colleague bales out.  Your experience is likely to have left you deflated and wary of starting anything new.

**It will be interesting to find out if the Fire is still burning brightly when we next visit the Wands in Card 2.


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  1. I’ve read your Ace of Wands meaning and I’m trying to see it as an obstacle in a free practice general reading. i have the 7 swords in position 1 of the CC as the situation and crossed with the Ace wands, I feel it may be the case that the Querant is getting back on her feet after being defeated and there may be a situation where she may need to tread on some toes to get where she wants to be and the ace is saying to me that she is not able to “get up and go” like she wants/needs to, does that make sense Vivien?


    • Hi Sue,

      This being a General Reading The Seven of Swords could be suggesting many things. The Seven of Swords is never a terribly welcome card in a reading unless it is representing a scenario of making a comeback, taking control back by beating your opponent at their own game, being able to outsmart them. It could suggest that the Querant is ahead of the posse and on the ball. It could also imply that she is using her natural resources to find a way out of a situation or to solve it. It may require thinking outside the box and approaching from a new angle or perspective. The Seven of Swords is very much a loner card and your querant may be trying to battle a challenging situation on her own, or feels that it is up to her and no one else to sort it out. However, The Seven of Swords often suggests underhand, sly and deceitful behaviour. Your friend may have an enemy in the camp and it could be someone she knows well and would never suspect. Someone may have it in for her and is deliberately obstructing any attempts she makes at, as you say ‘getting up and going’. She could be experiencing a series of setbacks and delays with moving ahead with her plans and with The Ace of Wands this will make her very irritable and impatient.Someone may be cleverer than she is, especially if there is a competitive element involved here. The Ace of Wands in position 2 may also make her impulsive and she could risk making a hasty move just to get things moving. The Seven of Swords could be acting as a warning flag signalling that she is not looking where she is going as she is in too much of a rush. Certainly her confidence and self-belief will have taken a massive hit if you are referring to a defeat of some sort, so The Ace of Wands as you rightly point out could be indicating that she needs to pull herself up off the ground, dust herself down and hold her head high in the air. Also she may be trying the wrong approach. Action is great but when The Seven of Swords is involved, she may need more than that to help her get back on her feet again. This is all about mind games, game plans and strategies which are very much on the psychological level as opposed to the physical. She may need to fight Air with Air from an elemental point of view. The rest of her reading should throw light on how she might go about it.

      I hope that has been of some help for you.



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    • Hi Sylvia, Many thanks. I have a new version of The Ace of Wands almost complete. It is more comprehensive. I intend to update all The Aces. Ace of Wands should be released in the next week or so.



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