A dowser, from an 18th century French book abo...

A dowser, from an 18th century French book about superstitions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By the use of a Pendulum or Dowsing Rods, Dowsers can tap into the subconscious, the surrounding environment, a person, place or thing either on site or remotely, the past, present and the potential future to access information, guidance or answers to specific questions. Pendulums come in all shapes and sizes. Some are made of wood, copper or metal and others from a selection of various crystals. However, a Pendulum is any weight that hangs on the end of a short string. This could be a key hanging from a piece of twine, a ring on a chain, or even a darning needle dangling on a thread. Dowsing Rods are metal L shaped rods that are held in the hands parallel to the ground. Dowsing makes visible information which is normally hidden to our five senses

Questions are asked by the Dowser. The answer is determined by which direction or manner the Pendulum or Dowsing Rods swing or move. The Dowser will have predetermined what each swing or movement means before asking the question. Therefore the Dowser will know which swing or movement means Yes, which means No and which means I Don’t Know or Rephrase the Question.

What is All This Dowsing Business About?

We are all surrounded by our own unique electromagnetic energy field commonly referred to as our aura. So too is every living creature, plant and tree. Rocks, water, land, buildings and even jewellery and cars all emit their own vibration. All these vibrations or emissions of energy interact with each other continuously communicating, sending messages or signals and in return receive responses or information which can then be acted on. This two way communication happens automatically and we are generally unaware of it. Ancient man relied heavily on his ability to tune into his environment in order to receive information that assured the survival of himself, his family or race. By doing this, ancient man was using his finely tuned senses to dowse. Dowsing enabled ancient man to make visible or bring to his normal five senses that which normally remained hidden. Animals use their natural dowsing ability to find a source of water, food supply or even their breeding grounds. For ancient man and animals dowsing came quite naturally. They were not exposed to the constant babble, distraction, toxins and noise pollution of our modern world. They were aware of the sounds, rhythms and patterns of the natural world around them. They were aware of how their body reacted to certain situations and used this knowledge to maintain their survival. By familiarising themselves with the signals been transmitted back and forth via their brain and nervous system they could be alerted to the proximity of dangerous wild beasts or severe weather conditions long before they could actually see or hear them.

Dowsing and The Subconscious

It is sad to say that modern man today has lost touch with his own natural dowsing abilities and relies too heavily on his normal five senses to discern the world around him. He also relies too heavily on external information when all he needs to know lies within. Our subconscious is the gateway to self-realisation and great understanding. Deep within the subconscious lie the answers to all our questions and the solutions to all our problems. This all sounds wonderful, but if the subconscious is so wonderful, then why is it not forthcoming with all its wisdom and why do we continue self sabotage our health, happiness and peace of mind. To understand why this happens we must first understand how the subconscious works.

Below our personal conscious lies our subconscious. Our personal conscious is what we use on a daily basis to get up in the morning, make our breakfast, catch the bus, train or drive to work. Our personal conscious interacts and communicates, analyses and logically works out our day as it progresses. Our conscious is at full throttle during the waking part of our day. Our personal conscious acts as a censor or filter and generally needs a rational and logical explanation for everything. Our personal conscious will tell us what is possible and what is not based on personal experience and conditioning.

When we fall asleep at night, our personal conscious lets down its guard and rests too. With the conscious temporarily off guard and slow to filter or censor information the subconscious now moves forward and endeavours to communicate with us. It does this by sending us messages in dreams via symbols, metaphors and archetypes. Information about our health, problems, work, relationships are transmitted nightly to us in this manner. However, dream interpretation is at best vague and difficult. Dreams speak to us in cryptic code and very few of us can accurately interpret their deep meanings. This is because we have lost the ability to do so. Ancient man placed much importance on the messages contained within dreams and acted upon their warnings or advice.

When we wake in the morning, the conscious comes back into play and can quickly block out the memories of our dreams as it censors and filters the information it allows to become conscious. The subconscious is quickly suppressed as the personal conscious takes charge once again and can only deal with and will only accept certain information and certain types of communication. This information comes in a logical and rational manner and not through dreams and symbols.

 If we are open-minded enough or more right-brained, then our personal conscious will seek to analyse or find meaning for our dreams and therefore the subconscious will seek to communicate with the personal conscious and vice versa. As a result it becomes easier to tap into our subconscious, our greatest source of information and guidance. Unfortunately for most, the left-brained attitude will be to dismiss the dream as nothing more than a silly dream and use just their personal conscious to solve problems. The subconscious gets pushed further and further away and man loses touch with his natural healing and problem solving abilities.

Today, people use various methods especially meditation to communicate with their subconscious. Meditation quietens the conscious, left-brained activity of mind and allows the subconscious, right brain become more active. However, more and more people are now returning to the old and ancient methods for accessing information, answers and guidance from their subconscious through Dowsing. By the use of a Pendulum or Dowsing Rods the subconscious communicates its information to us via the nervous system.

Dowsing is being used extensively in the holistic world for determining the health of the chakra system, nutritional deficiencies, dosages, allergies to foodstuffs and the root causes of certain ailments or problems. The dowser tunes into and connects with the subconscious of their client by setting the intention to do so. Questions are asked or guidance sought for the higher good of the client. The subconscious responds by sending signals to the brain which in turn sends signals via the nervous system causing involuntary and invisible muscle twitches which initiates movement in the pendulum causing it to swing, rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise. The Dowser will have predetermined meanings associated with each movement of the Pendulum or Dowsing rods and so will be able to interpret the response or replies from the subconscious.

Natural Dowsers

Everyone has the natural ability to dowse. As human beings we have not only inherited that ability from our ancestors but our physical and biological make up points to the fact that we are built and constructed in a way that makes us natural walking dowsers. However, as discussed earlier, to a greater extent we have suppressed this natural ability in ourselves by not using it and not giving it credence when it occasionally works with no effort on our part. We are mystified and amazed when we hear of a person who escaped certain death because he or she just got a sudden feeling that they should slow right down coming up to a particular bend or junction only to discover that had they driven at their normal speed they would have been involved in a serious car crash. Some will believe that it was the person’s Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide stepping in to save them from an untimely death. We also have to look at the possibility that it was the natural dowsing ability of the person that tapped into the information field of their surrounding environment, sensed the impending danger and communicated this back to the conscious of the person who then had to make the decision whether to act upon the information or dismiss it as illogical and irrational. How many times have we heard people say after they have made a terrible mistake or decision that “I knew it was the wrong thing to do. Every nerve cell told me not to but I just went ahead and did it. I don’t know why”. This happens to us all because even though our subconscious attempts to communicate with us and warn us, our personal conscious steps in and dismisses it as being irrelevant and then talks us into going ahead with the doomed action or mistake.

Dowsing and Geopathic Stress

Dowsing is not just used in holistic practices or for the individual looking for answers or solutions to problems. One of the oldest uses for dowsing was to source underground water for survival purposes. Tribes would settle and thrive around the nearest source of water. As discussed earlier, we all are surrounded by energy. So too is everything in our environment. To source water the Dowser would set the intention for his energy field to tune into the energy field of natural underground water streams. When water was found this information was communicated back to the Dowser via the nervous system causing the Dowsing Rods to move in a certain predetermined manner alerting the Dowser to the presence of water.

Underground water is perfectly natural and in itself no danger to humans. However, the water itself emits certain vibrations or energies that as they pass through the overhead land and rock formations distort and mutate. These distorted vibrations can have a very negative effect not only on us but also on our environment. Dowsing your environment for underground water streams can expose areas of geopathic stress that may be causing or have the potential to cause detrimental effects on our health and happiness.

As humans, we are each surrounded by our own unique energy field. This energy field is perfectly normal and we could not survive without it. However, this energy field needs to be kept in balance in order for us to remain healthy. When a phenomenon occurs over a period of time which disturbs this delicate balance, then it can impact on our health, behaviour, emotions etc. There are many reasons why this can happen, but one of the most lethal to the human energy field is that of geopathic stress. Underground natural water streams disturb the electromagnetic energy field of anything that is directly located above the flow, and intensifies in areas where two or more water lines cross. This is a completely natural occurrence and in general causes little harm. It is when these natural underground water streams flow under your house, where you sleep or an area where you spend a lot of time, e.g. your workplace, that they become nasty and unhealthy for the human body. Prolonged exposure to geopathic stress can cause a breakdown in physical, mental or emotional health and has been scientifically linked to causing certain cancers.

Geopathic stress is invisible to the naked eye but it’s suspected presence is often experienced as a room that feels cold or unwelcoming all the time, a place where you can never seem to get comfortable in, or that you feel headachy, spaced out, dizzy or nauseous in after a short time, insomnia, chronic health problems or depression that seems to lift when you spend time away from the offending area. Cats tend to gravitate towards areas of geopathic stress so their favourite sleeping areas may be a sign of its presence. An area of your garden where nothing will grow properly for no apparent reason can also be an indication that geopathic stress may be involved. There is also some evidence that connects geopathic stress to spirit or poltergeist activity as the change in vibration acts as a magnet or vortex for the astral plane.

The ancient art of Dowsing can detect the presence of geopathic stress by using Diving Rods and Pendulums. Dowsers are also known as Diviners, Water Diviners or in the old days Water Witches Once geopathic stress is discovered in an area, steps can then be taken to neutralise it using certain methods or avoid it by rearranging furniture , specific placing of crystals or the introduction of certain plants and feng shui. Obviously it is not possible to remove the underground source of water but it is possible to rebalance the destructive energy it is emitting. Dowsing is also used to locate the best and deepest source of underground water for sinking a well.

It is a little known fact that the military use Dowsers to trace unexploded mines and minefields. In World War Two, dowsers were relied upon heavily for this purpose and to source water. Dowsers are regularly called in to find the most likely location of oil or minerals on land. The services of Dowsers are also used to find missing persons and bodies concealed or buried after avalanches, earthquakes and bombs.

Copyright © 2006-2012 Vivien Ní Dhuinn

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  1. Very informative article. Question if I may ? I’ve been slowing building a sound working relationship with my higher self via a pendulum.
    Have others who divine or drowse asked of themselves Will you communicate honestly with me ? and then get an ambiguous to no answer.
    Is this because the higher self sometimes ‘knows’ that the non-higher self may not be ready for a yes/no answer e.g. associating yes/no with what they believe to be the answer when in fact the yes/no could be the correct answer to the same question but only when the question coming from a different angle or context ? which is not the same as asking a different question!


    • Hi,

      Sorry for the delay, have been recovering from surgery and also have decided to go back to college. Hence little time for anything. Re the Dowsing, I will be expanding on this area quite a bit and giving guidelines for the correct manner in which to dowse. You are right with regards to the yes/no and ambiguous answers you get. One of my Dowsing Tutors, who is also a Shaman, taught me from day one that just like everything else in life, there are days for dowsing and days for not dowsing. He suggested that before we ask any questions of our pendulum or rods, we need to ascertain if it is wise to dowse today or not. He told us to ask in certain ways, to pose questions such as:

      *How accurate will my Dowsing be Today (Have a chart or wheel that is broken into segments denoting percentages. Starting at the midpoint ask the question and allow the pendulum to swing towards the segment of its choice and not where you think you want it to go. That is roughly your percentage of accuracy, which may last the day or not.
      *Should I Dowse Today?
      *Is it ethical for me to Dowse on this Issue?
      *Have I the right to Dowse on this Issue?
      *Am I emotionally/Psychologically/Spiritually balanced enough to Dowse on this Issue?
      *Am I well enough to Dowse today?

      Just like Tarot Card Reading, some days the intuitive flow is like a torrent and on other days it is almost dried up.

      Of course what is always extremely important is to establish your yes/no/maybe/sometimes/don’t know/won’t answer/don’t ask responses before starting as our responses can change from day to day. Make sure you know your Yes, is a Yes before you start. Also, there may be two answers to the question, or two ways of looking at it if you are getting that yes/no response. Think about it or perhaps the issue lies in your wording of the question. Remember, it must not be left open ended and subject to varying interpretation. Asking a question such as ‘Am I going to die?’ should give you a yes, that is unless you have found the formula for eternal youth. Yes, we are all going to die. Asking, ‘Am I going to die tomorrow?’ is more specific. However, I use this as an extreme example only and don’t advise you to run off now and try that out.

      Hope the above has helped in some way.




  2. That was a good article. As a natural dowser, I have no need of pendulum or L- rods. I learned this ability from observing squirrels(who are amazing and don’t use devises). Made a device and tapped into the energy field of the universe. Whow! Now quantum entangled to the energy.

    Your right, the questions we ask are so important. Talking to energy is like talking to Dr Spock. Not emotional. It is so easy to dictate and not listen. So far I can find anything useful or useless but I do find. Even winning scratcher lottery tickets. Which is usually more work than it is worth. Wow, you found a $100 winning ticket! Yeah, it took weeks. But still learning.


    • Hi Bill,

      Well done you with the lotto ticket success. Yes, when learning to dowse, I discovered my hands and body where far better than any fancy tool I used. However, I do love the bobber which seems to have a life of its own when I take it up. By tuning into the changing sensations in my body as I dowsed an area I quickly discovered I could pin point where underground streams where during training. This wasn’t by choice and I wouldn’t have believed it if he had told me in advance.

      The instructor had us walk the land he lived on. It was mountainous with lots of sheep grazing. We were given hand made devices fashioned out of metal coat hangers. One of my fellow students complained that his rods weren’t working so my tutor called me over and took mine. I presumed he intended to swap with me but instead I was sent of to dowse with my body. I wasn’t impressed with this as I had paid a lot of money for the course. However, I gave it a go. I just focused my intention on finding underground water and following my tutor’s advice to seek with my feet, I walked slowly across the land. Whenever I felt a strange sensation such as buzzing in my hands, pressure on my chest or strong pressure in my head, I marked the area on the paper maps we had been issued. When back at base the tutor disclosed to us the locations of the underground streams and where they crossed all mine correlated.

      After this I did go a bit crazy dowsing everything around me and also in the 12th/13th century castle I worked in. I was asked by a friend who was opening a stud farm to find the best place on his land to sink a well. Now he was getting in qualified engineers to do this work but he was curious as to what I would come up with. I walked the extensive land and dowsed. I gave him my opinion and waited to hear what the engineer would come up with. Turns out the engineer agreed and the well was sunk in this place.It may have been a lucky coincidence or perhaps I had actually dowsed this out myself.

      I did use dowsing in my reiki practice but never trusted it enough to give definitive readings. I was often wrong when I conducted various practice exercises in private so this made me reluctant to use it widely. I did actively close it down when my dowsing antennae seemed to be constantly in active mode no matter what I did. This meant I was picking up on changes in energy everywhere I went even when standing in shops. It wore me down and no matter how hard I tried to control it, it was ‘on’ all the time. I think it was doubling up on my Reiki and making me feel quite tired and sometimes nauseous. The old castle I worked in was like walking through pea soup and my hair would prickle with electricity when guests walked by me.

      When I teach tarot, I do demonstrate dowsing. I show how to do it and give advice about good practice. I then let my students work on developing this skill themselves as it is something that one must experience for oneself and not passed on from another. I did however find some students were naturals while others struggled. Those who were naturals (the pendulums actually swung for them and they got their yes and no swings without forcing the pendulum) did also demonstrate a flair for tuning into their subjects when reading tarot in class. When observing them with the pendulum I could see they were relaxed and not as intense as those who rigidly held the chain in their hand willing the pendulum into movement. The pendulum activated without much effort on their part while others were disappointed with their results even though I did reassure them that persistent practice would get them there. There is an expectation among many modern day students of tarot that everything should come instantly, with little effort. Anything that involves concentration or prolonged study is too tedious. I blame the modern era where there is a ‘just add hot water and stir’ approach to life, where everything is expected to happen immediately or even yesterday. Patience is thin on the ground and only the very dedicated want to put in years of training.

      I do intend to write more about dowsing but have been taking a prolonged break from writing due to severe chronic repetitive strain from computer use.

      Thanks again and keep up the good work. Here’s to you being successful with the lotto!!!



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