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The Fool (0) Upright


 The Fool

The Fool (0) Upright

The Fool 

0– Void, beginnings, on the brink, ready, waiting, prior, potential, abstract, vague, immature, tenuous, tentative

An exciting, unusual or eccentric personality. Someone who lives by their own rules but could come and go as they please in your life. Could be disruptive to your life, but a welcome distraction. The beginning of love. A new relationship. Enjoying the early stage of relationships. The early days of love when all is possible. Great potential for the relationship. Building momentum in a relationship. On the brink of getting what you have always wanted. Can’t believe your good luck. Taking a chance on love/happiness, Following your heart and not your head. Ready and willing to take the next step in love, taking the plunge,going for it in love. Being spontaneous and enthusiastic in love. Going with the flow in a relationship. Prepared to give it a chance.  Starting over again in love. Love brings you back to life.  An expansive search for love. Seek romantic encounters outside your normal territory. Get out and about. Socialising. Putting yourself out there. Party time – accept all invitations. You are gorgeous/fab and don’ t you know it. Dressing to impress someone. Seeking attention. Taking extra care with your appearance.  Entering the dating scene. Up for anything.  Go on, ask her/him out – what have you got to lose? Take a chance on a date. Go on a blind date. If he or she asks, say yes (date/proposal).  Swept off your feet. All loved up. Feeling like you are walking on air. On cloud nine. Pep in your step/glide in your stride. Not wanting to come down to earth or be practical. Idolising someone. Infatuation. Feeling intoxicated with love. Having a crush or fantasy about someone. Crazy madly in love. Head over heels in love. Doing your own thing and not listening to anyone. Meeting someone while travelling. An unconventional relationship. Acting on the spur of the moment. Doing something crazy – eloping, running away for love. Leaving it all behind for love. Giving it all up for love. No regrets, no looking back. Feeling young again, being naive in love. Innocence, first love, young love. Idealising love. Childish behaviour.  An affected clueless or silly way of acting to draw attention. Frivolity, novelty and superficial behaviour. A dandy or  fop – totally caught up in your appearances. Vanity and narcissism. Unpredictable in love – could blow hot and cold. Taken in by good looks and glamour. Getting carried away. Enjoy yourself, but don’t take it too seriously at this stage. Dressing up and socialising. An eccentric partner or flamboyant dresser.  Possible age gap between partners. Possible inappropriate relationship.  Breaking with tradition and convention in love. Holiday romance. Happy days in love. Living in the moment and not giving much thought to the future of the relationship. Ignoring or overlooking potential issues or compatibility – seeing only perfection. Enjoying it while it lasts. Warnings issued about progressing with a certain relationship but you will do your own thing. Ignoring the naysayers. Freedom loving. Don’t want to be tied down/Not wanting to settle down. Potential commitment issues.  Easily distracted/straying. Tread carefully. Don’t throw all your eggs in one basket. Have a way out. Don’t agree or commit to anything under this energy. Give any proposals much thought and consideration. Possible delusion.


Ready to loose your virginity/losing your virginity. First time. Possible Lust. Powerful orgasm. Wild sex. Acting out sexual fantasies. Sex on first night/meeting. Open/Amoral attitude to sex. Throwing caution to the wind. Spontaneous sexual encounters. Casual sex. Having a fling/affair. Having sex with someone you meet while travelling. Holiday sex. An unconventional approach to sex. Risky sex. Experimenting with sex. Sex taken to new level. Sex toys. Sexually adventurous. Sexual liberation. Free Spirit. Free Love. Mind blowing sex. Coming out about sexual orientation.

How Does He/She see or feel about me? Exciting, interesting, different, free-spirited, funny/fun-loving, spontaneous, very sexy. They certainly like your style and see you as someone they could have great fun with. You just might be the ONE! This person is probably mad about you but on what level it is not clear. They may want to walk off into the sunset with you, or just have a good time. It would be too premature to make any definite predictions, but at present, you are probably the sole focus of their attention.  It could be the beginning of love or plain old simple lust – they probably aren’t sure what exactly it is they are feeling other than it feels damn good. You have certainly got their attention and the attraction is very powerful between you. They will be hot in pursuit. This person is ready and willing to take a chance on you, be it go on a date, have a fling, fall into bed, get involved, ask you to dance or do something crazy. Could be the start of a hot sizzling romance that could lead to ultimate success or it could be a flash in the pan.

Yes/No – Yes, but with conditions. By all means  go for it, but do not lose the full run of your self. You are being carried forth by sheer momentum and are flying high on love and passion. Enjoy it for what it is. It is unclear yet as to whether it has a future or not so try not take it or yourself too seriously at present. Relax and see how it goes. You have nothing to lose right now. Mind how you go and don’t do anything stupid as promises made now can be easily broken.

The Fool Reversed

The Fool (0) Reversed

Fool Reversed

0 Rx – Devoid, empty, meaningless, superficial,  vague, premature, dissipating

Warning, you are in danger of making a big mistake. Turn back while you still have the chance. This relationship is not a good idea. A relationship doomed from the start, set to fail. Relationship lacks true depth and meaning. Immature relationship. Confusing lust with love. Having to come down to earth with a big bang. A total let-down – disappointment. Having the rug pulled out from under you. Not a great judge of character in this instance. Discovering lies, deceit and a hidden agenda. True personality exposed. Being impulsive or reckless. Doing something stupid. Falling for the wrong type of person. Falling for silly chat up lines. Being a fool abroad. Easily preyed on. Being led astray by someone. Easily influenced. No sense of what you are about. You are out of your depth. Making a foolish choice. Not listening to advice from friends and family. Thinking only of today.  Act in haste, repent at leisure. Taking unnecessary risks. Relationship flounders on the rocks. Not looking where you are going. Blind to who you are getting involved with. Allowing yourself to be taken in by by smooth talkers. Terribly gullible. Gross naivety. Acting like a child. They see you coming. Shouldn’t be allowed out on your own. The perils of first love. Having your young heart broken for first time. Being unceremoniously dumped out of the blue. Abandoned just when you thought it was going somewhere. Having to put it down to experience. Deep regret. Lesson learned the hard way. Feeling trapped in a relationship but unable to break free. You should have known better. No one to blame but yourself. You were warned. It has probably happened to you before – making the same mistake over and over. Time to grow up and take more personal responsibility. Running away from your responsibilities on a whim or infatuation. Abandoning commitments. Having your head in the clouds and out of touch with reality. Trying to start a new relationship before finishing an existing one. Compulsive need for novelty and distraction. Narcissist personality. Totally obsessed with yourself. Having no regard for the feelings of others or how your actions might effect others. No conscience. Heartless and unfeeling. Only thinking of yourself.  Uncertainty in love. No sense of security in a your relationship. Unsure which way your relationship is heading. Not free to pursue a relationship. Bad/poor timing. Too young. Too impractical. Not ready for love just yet. Wanting to fly solo. He/she is not interested in anything long-term.

Being too careful and cautious. Having a pessimistic or negative attitude to relationships. Letting a wonderful chance for love pass you by. Not believing in love. Afraid to open your heart. Afraid of everything. Afraid to take a chance on love again, to start over again. Thinking you are too old for love. Being drab and boring. Not bothering to dress up or look after your appearance. Not straying too far from home. Staying in – not getting out. No sense of adventure. Being too conservative and conventional – Loosen up a bit. Letting others talk you out of getting involved with someone. Being overly-influenced by others. Being too serious and not having any fun. Moralistic or prudish. A lack of spontaneity in your life. Lack of social life and opportunity to meet someone.  You need a break and to let your hair down. Do something wild for a change. Let your inner child out to play. Find the passion and magic in life.


Unprotected sex. Indiscretion. Affair exposed. Loss of innocence/virginity. Too easy/playing hard to get. A flirt and tease. Taking terrible risks where sex is concerned. Putting yourself in potentially dangerous situations. Sleeping around. Not being fussy about who you have sex with. Having a cavalier attitude to sex. Sexual predator. Being groomed for sex. Under age sex. Seeking young or virginal partners for sex. Treading into very dangerous area with sex. Inappropriate/illegal relationship. Regretting having sex with a certain person. Unpleasant consequences of casual  or unprotected sex. Disappointing sex. Habit of Straying. Affair exposed. The fallout of an affair. Commitment issues. Immaturity. Placing little importance on sex. Sexually prudish. Closed attitude to sex. Predictable sex. Conventional/traditional approach to sex. Fear of sex. Feeling too old for sex. A sexual famine – it’s being a long time. Hiding your true sexual identity. A fear of coming out.

How Does He/She see or feel about me? Too good to be true. A fool – gullible, easily influenced or taken advantage of. Unrealistic.  Too pushy or jumping the gun, getting carried away too soon. Wanting commitment before the relationship has got off the ground. You might be the one that got away – their biggest regret if they blew their chances with you. On another level to them. Wasting their time on you. Stand offish, uppity. As vain, self-obsessed, silly and superficial. Too high-maintenance – Needy. Fearful and unsociable. Fragile and unadventurous. Boring and unworldly. They may see you as immature, too young or too idealistic. You might be seen as unavailable or disinterested with your head in the clouds and oblivious of their presence. They may also see you as someone who is unpredictable and unreliable – too flighty.  A commitment phobic who would not be good relationship material. They may not believe you are going to stay around. They could see you as someone who is after only one thing from them. They may not believe you are sincere and the relationship will not last. They could feel you are taking advantage of them.

Yes/No Not sure. It could go either way. However, there is a greater chance of failure than success. Tread very carefully or turn back now. A danger of making foolish/poor choices or taking unnecessary risks. Take heed and check before you make any decisions. Something is wrong. This relationship may be based on superficiality and lacks depth. No, the timing is not right. You may not be free. There is also a chance you are not ready for this.


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