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The Archetypal Empress In Love – PDF Download Available To Buy

Over 100 Pages of In-Depth Exploration Of The Archetypal Empress’ Approach To Relationships, Romance, Love, Sex, Marriage, Pregnancy & Motherhood. Covering Both Upright & Reversed Aspects Of Her Personality, We Meet The Empowered Mature Woman, Earth Goddess & Mother Nature To Discover Who She Is & How She Influences Our Lives On Both Positive & Negative Levels

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Arboreleza/ - Mother Nature


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Please Note – The Upright part of……………….READ MORE HERE.…….


The Archetypal Empress – Relationships, Love & Sex PDF Download To Buy

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The Empress

The Empress – Relationships, Love & Sex Interpretations – Upright (part of PDF above – free to view online)

Archetypal Empress Relationships, Love & Sex Interpretations – Short Version

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    • Hi Nicoleh,

      Just back at my desk today following a house move to new location and some issues with getting broadband installed. I have a lot of correspondence to catch up on now so will be steadily working on it over the coming weeks. I will be in touch with you in that time. Thank you for your patience.


      Vivien Ní Dhuinn

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      • Hi Nicole,

        Hope life is treating you kind and delighted you are excited about the new content on Empress. Are you still working on your astrology? Would love you to do some guest posts on my site.



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  1. Goodness, I’m just now seeing your response (sometimes life gets in the way)

    Yes, I’m still doing astrology writings. I’ve been a bit sporadic here on WordPress but I’m still journaling and writing astrology essays. I would love to do some guest posts. Thank you for the opportunity!


    • Great Nicoleh, I am on vacation in France right now but will get back to you on my return. In the meantime could you do some brainstorming about the type of astrology posts you could write that would tie in with learning tarot?

      Until then.


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  2. I love this website but it seems I can’t access it anymore. I am constantly being redirected to fraud sites. I’m clicking on links suck as page of swords any other and as soon as the page is done loading it redirects me. These are not ad links, these are your links in your menu. I don’t blame you, this is a wordpress website but it needs to be addressed. I can’t even load the page and keep reading, this has completely blocked me from further use of your page.


    • Hi Dana, sorry to hear you are experiencing problems and thank you for notifying me. This is the first I have heard of any issues with my pages redirecting to other sites. My site is hosted by WordPress and I pay for a Premium Account. I will have to notify WordPress about this but they are going to ask me for exact examples of which links are redirecting you to fraudulent sites. I have checked several of my links and they are all working fine but there are hundreds of links on my site. If you could send me the exact links as by copy and paste the url of the page the link is on and copy and paste the actual link or links on that page into an email for me, I can then send them on to WordPress so they can investigate. You can email me at



  3. Dear Vivian: I have been a subscriber to your blog for close to two years now and I greatly appreciate your gift to me so I would like to offer you a gift from me. I was given a Haindl deck very early on and although it generally speaks more darkly than others it does talk to me. Maybe it’s my European heritage.

    I have just completed a book of short stories entitled: ‘ *The Brighton Tarot Card Mystery and Other Short Stories,’* which is about to be self published. The feature story is a cute little romp through the streets of Brighton about a stolen deck of Tarot cards and I thought you might enjoy reading it. I ask nothing in return as you have already taught me lots about Tarot and giving.

    As well, I am not asking you to critique my story or act as an editor but if you wish to make a comment, either positive or otherwise, all will be gratefully received. If you like the story and want to share it with friends, especially if that friend is a publisher, please do so. I only ask that the copyright symbol remains on each page. You can also include my email address as I am looking to sell a few copies once the book is printed. It’s about 100 pages and will go to press by the end of next week.

    I didn’t want to throw my book to the fates so I ask that you reply to this missive to confirm that I have connected with Vivien Ní. I am looking forward to hearing back from you as I think I have written a delightful little story with a surprise ending that I believe you will enjoy. Best regards and a Happy 2019. By the way you might enjoy some of my poetry at “”(no email at this address.)

    *Neall Ryon *


    *Spirit Resides In All That Is.*

    On Fri, 1 Jun 2018 at 11:21, Truly Teach Me Tarot wrote:

    > miss tarot teacher posted: “Over 100 Pages of In-Depth Exploration Of The > Archetypal Empress’ Approach To Relationships, Romance, Love, Sex, > Marriage, Pregnancy & Motherhood. Covering Both Upright & Reversed Aspects > Of Her Personality, We Meet The Empowered Mature Woman, Ear” >


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