Twos (II) Intro

The Four Twos – Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles

 2 of Wands Upright  2 of Cups Upright  2 of Swords 2 of Pentacles Upright

The Twos in the Tarot represent balance, the yin and yang of the situation along with the Feminine and Masculine aspect.  Ace (1) stood alone and unique, but now it has been joined by another to make (2).  This changes the dynamics of the situation.  When we just have to think about ourselves we can do as we please, but when another is involved, we must take their needs and opinions into consideration too if we are not to be selfish and controlling.  Their opinion or attitude may be different to ours. Therefore, we must be prepared to look at both sides (2) of the situation, or listen to what the other (2) has to say.  As a result, we get two sides coming together to influence a situation.  They say that “two heads are better than one” but sometimes we can get two with very different opinions and mindsets.  Therefore, the Two (2) can make life either easy or difficult depending on circumstances, and attitudes. Minds can be closed or open to change and suggestion when we see Two in Tarot. Two needs to be flexible and adaptable.  Sometimes it must bend to the needs of others to maintain peace and harmony. It cannot afford to be rigid in its stance or approach. Two is the diplomat, the negotiator.

When we come across Two in Tarot, it suggests opposing forces at play. The forces being dealt with may involve others or represent an atmosphere or situation you are trying to manage or balance. Both Upright and Reverse bring effort in achieving balance. Life and events may be contradictory to what you had hoped for.

Sometimes the conflicting mindsets are to be found within; the Twos often represent an inner-struggle as you attempt to find understanding or clarity.

On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the Four Twos reside in the Second Sephira, Chokmah (Wisdom/Supernal Father) Primal Masculine energy.  The raw force that brings the change to initiate creation.   The Four Kings of the Court Cards also reside here.

At this point of creation, energy is still in its raw state but seeks balance for proper formation may take place.  That balance is achieved by combining masculine energy with its feminine counterpart.  In  Chokmah we find the raw primal masculine energy which is released through the Four KingsThe High Priestess (II) of The Major Arcana is also a number 2.  She is the abstract representation of Feminine Energy that combines with The Magician (I) to bring about form. In The High Priestess, we see two pillars; one white, one black, which demonstrate the importance and need for balance on all levels. It is through the Four Queens, assisted by The Empress, The High Priestess will be expressed.

The Four Twos of The Minor Arcana are also linked to the Justice and Judgement cards of The Major Arcana.  Both cards deal with finding the right balance.  In Justice the scales weigh the evidence between right and wrong, and deal with the consequences of our actions, while Judgement demands we make our decisions using clear and balanced judgment.  Both Justice and Judgement also deal with the double aspect of any situation. There are always two sides to every story. We can now see the connection between these cards and how their combined appearance in a reading can strengthen each others meaning.

The Four Twos in The Minor Arcana,  generally refer to decisions being made, need to be made, or have already been made.  Decisions do not always apply to two people deciding on a situation.  On the contrary, most decision-making processes are done individually, but decisions are all about weighing up the pros and cons of a situation.  This can involve deciding between the Head and the Heart (2), your Feminine or Masculine side (2) or what is Right or Wrong (2). The decision process may involve deciding on two different directions to take, or whether to stay or go (2).  It may even come down to deciding between which partner to choose or stay with.

Twos also reflect an atmosphere of opposing forces in a situation. The process of two creates polarity, and here is where the number 2 reigns supreme.  The moment anything is created, so too is its exact opposite.  Therefore, with Twos, we can get extremes. This is down to polarity having a two-way or opposing effect.  Like magnets, what draws one to a certain person, place or thing, can equally repel depending upon the individual and circumstances. This is not static, and can change.  We all know that love can easily turn to hate overnight. Sometimes it walks a fine line between both. Appropriate balance is required as Two can be touch and go when it blows this way and that.

In the positive sense, Two draws sides together and brings about an agreeable balance, cooperation, diplomacy, and negotiation. Twos are tolerant, they are the peacemakers. Two promotes equality. They understand the benefits to be gained by teaming up with another. Two heads are better than one.  Two ones unite to make the whole great then the sum of its parts. Two ‘ones’ communicate and connect to expand potential. Two shares and learns from the gifts, skills and strength of the individual ‘ones’, thus forming a greater pool of power to draw from.  Two ‘ones’ can combine individual goals in search of greater success. When negative or reversed, Two can lose this equilibrium, harmony and mutual respect. It draws back into individualism and can seek its own way. It blocks off, or severs the two-way flow of energy, considering its sole needs and desires as it returns to 1 mode. It avoids sharing or contributing. It is unlikely to cooperate in partnership, and may seek to be free of that which seeks to team up with it. When reversed or negative, Two can give the illusion it is in partnership, when really it marches to its own tune. A sense of distance, or gulf between the individual Ones/Wands is felt.  Reversed Two is fragile and unpredictable. It can swing between Upright and Reversed with alarming speed and may not be relied upon. Two can lose its connection with balance and equality. It will seek to control or dominate. Reversed Twos walk away from the negotiating table when they do not get what they want. A hostile Two, can declare war.

What we must now do is relate these tendencies to the Four Elements/Suits in the Tarot.  So if we relate the process of decision in the individual Suits, we can have The Wands deciding on a particular course of action to take, emotional or relationship decisions in The Cups, mental decisions being made in The Swords, and financial or material decisions in The Pentacles.  Somewhere in the middle of the decision-making process lies the balanced solution or answer.  However, some of the Suits may find it difficult and therefore run off in one direction or another.

Twos appearing in a reading also raise the question of what we are being drawn to or opposing factors at play in the situation. Where can you find middle ground, what are you willing to compromise on?

* When three or more Twos are present in a reading, the querant must prepare for serious decisions to be made. Decisions arrived at, must be well thought out and viewed from all angles.  Several Twos can also represent a stable environment of balance, peace and harmony.

When three or more Twos appear reversed, decisions that need to be made are either being actively avoided, or blocked by the circumstances.  Disharmony and a lack of balance in the situation is likely. Life can feel a bit like a Pendulum, swinging back and forth from happy and stable, to miserable and unstable.

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