The Hierophant (V) Reversed

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



Breaking rules. Rejecting orthodox ways and tradition. You begin to think for yourself for once and make your own decisions and live by your own rules. It can be time when you deliberately search for a new path to take, aware that the path you have tread for so long is not the only one.  There is a great sense of freedom and a lifting of oppression. The Hierophant reversed may represent the priest or nun who leaves their order or it may suggest that you have changed religion. Following another set of beliefs instead of the old ones. You may be questioning authority or behaving immorally. You may leave school, college or any formal training institute. It is a time of feeling and acting rebelliously.

An unconventional relationship, such as a homosexual relationship or a couple who reverse the traditional roles such as stay at home fathers while the mother works.  You may decide not to go with tradition and not marry.  You may be causing a scandal by behaving inappropriately or immorally. Perhaps you have done something that you feel ashamed of. You may feel you have sinned and fear or face excommunication from friends, family and even the community at large.  You may have impure thoughts about another. Infidelity and indiscretion. Your conscience may be bothering you.

On the other hand you may be dreadfully clinging to  old habits and beliefs. You may feel sanctimonious,  righteous and arrogant. He can suggest that you are extremely judgemental where others are concerned. With blinkers on you go through life thinking that you know it all and feel superior to others.

When The Hierophant reverses he can represent the disgraced spiritual leader or someone of importance caught in an uncompromising act. The Health Guru could be caught eating McDonalds or the Spiritual leader who absconds with church funds.

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The World Upright     The World Reversed

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  1. The Reversed Hierophant… in his upright form he is the benevolent man of God who wishes to usher as many people as he can into the Kingdom of Heaven, but in this form… he can only lead into the bowels of Hell. Metaphorically speaking.


    • Hi Jack,

      Yes, the Reversed Hierophant can be a piece of work. He believes his power comes from him and not through him, a bit like the Reversed Magician. He can set extreme rules and severe laws under the guise of religion or ideology. He can be inflexible and unforgiving of those who challenge his authority or go against his orders. For me he also represents the Catholic Church in Ireland during the grim days of our recent past. They were handed this country on a silver platter by those who we commemorate this weekend of The Easter Rising. The rebels apparently fought for our freedom and emancipation from Imperial British rule. They got it, but gave it away to those much worse than the old enemy. Although we had a government built on democracy, it was the Catholic Church who wielded supreme power over everyone. They were, and still are in a lot of cases, misogynists, pedophiles and corrupt down to their toes. They were also Nazi sympathisers. Women had more rights and freedom when Ireland was under British Rule. The clerical abuse that came to light in recent years has been unspeakable. Still no apologies from the Vatican, in fact they sneer at times. Any priests who did try to speak out were silenced. The power went to their head and they became cruel dictators who no one would stand up to. I see the Reversed Hierophant in all of them.



      • Yeah, they’ve been guilty of a lot of heinous things… I’m glad the current Pope has offered apologies for all the child abuse that happened. The Catholic Church has been regularly spoken out against by the Orthodox and Protestant Churches, beginning with the dissent that led to the East and West Church excommunicating each other, and continuing with the Protestant Reformation and the expose and objections to all the power abuse and sex abuse. I think its problems started the instant the Roman Empire originally established it as part of its political structure two millennia ago. From there, I believe that’s where it slowly started going downhill. The early popes and priests were responsible for much bloodshed, and thinking of that sickens me.


      • By the way, I absolutely love the fresh new look this site has! Much better than the old one.


      • Hi Jack,

        Thanks for the lovely feedback. Actually, this is still the old site. I am still in a quagmire with configuring my new site. Massive amount of work in it. Have new content in my new site but will wait until it is up and running before I release it. I was burnt out after doing so much writing lately that I spent a day on Adobe Illustrator, creating the new background you are seeing. I have a little knowledge of AI so it took me a whole day to create it. I also changed the font. There is not much else one can do on the free WordPress. Yes, it looks fresher for sure. I would do a lot more but don’t have the time. My new site is under WordPress Premium Package and therefore I have a lovely theme and am also free to pull it apart with HTML and CSS which makes a huge difference. I was in college last year to gain some knowledge in these areas. If I had all my content re-worked and finished it would mean I could fully concentrate on sorting out the new site. I know I am looking at another solid year, or more of writing. All in time!



      • Aha, I’ve realised something else as well! I believe this card could also symbolise tyrannical Arab kings that rule through radical Islam, too. The Saudis and ISIS come to mind. I don’t think that the original founder, Muhammad, had entirely pure intentions either…


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