Cups – Love and Romance Associations

How to Interpret ‘Cup Cards’ in a Relationship Reading

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Cups- Both a Joy and Pain in Relationship Readings

Cups cards are always hoped and wished for in a Relationship Reading as they generally make interpretation much easier. They are on-subject and ready to go. However we must understand the true nature of the Cups Suit which is about the relationship we have with our-self first and fore-most, and not the romance driven one we are often more interested in. If you can like and love yourself enough, you can probably find it in you to love another. Genuine emotionally stable and happy people attract more admirers and fare better in relationships. Cup Cards appearing in a Relationship Spread must always be viewed from both aspects as one can not be separated from the other without emotional problems and issues occurring.

Both inner and outer love should always be taken into consideration when Cup Cards appear in a Relationship Spread. The need for inner love was only acknowledged in Card 7, then searched for in Card 8, before being found in Card 9. The Cups were born with it in The Ace, but rapidly ran to someone else for it by Card 2. They relied on others to make them happy in Card 3 which ultimately led to being let-down by Card 4. Harsh reality hit home in Card 5 before withdrawing to heal and understand in Card 6. Innocent mistakes in love were made previous to the 7. Love was not truly recognised or understood. Hearts had to be broken and seas of tears shed before enlightenment fell upon the Cups. In Card 9 The Cups are euphoric for they have identified where true loves resides. It lies with-in. Only then can it lie with-out. In the 9, inner-happiness and contentment shine through. It is as if the Cup’s figure has discovered the meaning of life. It is only in Card 10, the final act, that the Cups can put their full trust in love for they truly have something worth sharing. They do not look for happiness and love from another to feel fulfilled as they come to the Union each with their own. The magic in the Cups is their desire to share their findings with another. They join each other not out of need, but out of  want. They do not need each other to fulfill their life, only to enhance it. But have they really found the meaning of true love in the Ten? Could they be so lucky? Perhaps it is the Two of Cups all over again but dressed up in frills and glitter? Will it last? Can it last?  I suppose it depends how badly they want it this time? The Upright Cups will always give it their best shot. As Cups, what else are they expected to do?

Cups can be terribly superficial and air-fairy so you really need to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground when interpreting them. We do this by looking to surrounding cards in the spread to determine if they are based in reality or delusion. Upright Cup Cards usually show the optimistic and positive side of one’s idealistic view of love. It is what we aspire to in love. They come from a pure place where everyone is love and light, a place where big pink fluffy clouds float by. Even though they have brushes with reality in the Four, Five and Eight of Cups it is never really enough to steer them off-track for any length of time. They are the seekers of divine love in Tarot, those who quest in search of the holy grail, and when they turn up in your reading they reflect this aspect of you too. Your quest may not be as grand and noble as theirs, but it is just as relevant.

Cup Cards can lead you to believe that love is all you need, that if you love enough it is bound to be reciprocated. The Cup Suit often move into the castles they build in the sky. They call their destined land Utopia, a place where there is peace, love, harmony and tolerance. They believe love will sustain them and cure all ills. They take love very seriously. For the Cups, love is not just a four letter word, but rather a way of life that is demonstrated through act and deed. When Cups say love, they mean it, and when someone says love back to them, they believe it too. It is too sacred a word to be idly uttered. Therefore, we must understand to what extent expectations of love are when Cup Cards appear in a Relationship Reading.  So what sort of love do Cup Cards offer and what do they expect in return?

  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Support
  • Loyalty
  • Faithfulness
  • Devotion
  • Union
  • Commitment
  • Exclusivity
  • Intimacy
  • Sex
  • Tenderness
  • Caring and Sharing
  • Mutual Respect
  • Understanding
  • Longevity
  • Family
  • Nurturing
  • Compassion and Sympathy

The list above is far from complete but we can see how tall an order it can be. When we find lots of Cup Cards we tend to have high expectations for a new or existing romance. It also suggests an abundance of emotion which can sometimes carry us away in its strong flowing current. We can lose all sense of logic and reason when we are riding high on the crest of a love wave. Cups chase this high tide continuously which makes them extremely vulnerable to falls and knocks. Because love lifts them to such dizzying heights, the drop if, and when it comes, can hurt like hell. Cup Cards on their own may find it hard to sustain love as it needs to be grounded in reality (an element that is lacking in them) for it to be a true success.  They can get overly sentimental and dramatic if left to their own devices. A relationship reading with an abundance of Cup Cards certainly suggests good times ahead for romance and relationships, but there is no telling how long it will last. They are but Minor Arcana Cards at the end of the day. Relationships come and go, some last a few days, others a few months or years, and then there are those that last a lifetime. In a Relationship Reading, Cup Cards will let you know what is going on where the emotions are concerned and which personalities are involved. The Two of Cups can often suggest engagement or marriage, but who knows if it will last or not? By the Four of Cups problems have set in, only to be followed abruptly by disaster in the Five. The appearance of the Lovers, a Major Arcana Card, gives us a better picture for it adds more weight to the potential of the couple and suggests a very strong and deep connection that will outlive the initial rosy glow or honeymoon period of the Minor Arcana version. When we throw in Justice or The Heirophant we see the strong intention for an official commitment.  Wands’ Cards will provide the drive and passion to give life to love.  Swords’ Cards will allow for the verbal expression of feelings and debate on personal needs and desires. Swords will also expose inconsistencies and the shadow side that Cups’ Cards would rather pretend do not exist.  Pentacles’ Cards will demand something practical of love by asking what it intends to do. It also grounds in reality any whimsical ideas or notions that love may be silly enough to toy with.


The interpretations below (only a rough guide), provide insight on how Cups can be read in a Relationship Spread. Yes, they are very welcome in such readings, but an overload of Cups’ Cards can highlight an unbalanced approach to love. It may be overly idealistic or whimsical. There may be too many unrealistic expectations. One would worry that it may all be too good to be true, or maybe it’s my Earthy and practical Taurean nature colouring my view? A Reader should take note of not only the cards that are laid out before them, but also the Suits that are poorly represented, or totally absent, for these can reveal the underlying currents in a relationship and motivation of partners.


(Simple Snapshot Reference Guide  – Numerology, Upright, Reversed, Yes/No)

Could This Be Love?

 Ace of Cups

1 – Real Potential for love, happiness and joy. This marks the birthplace of all great loves and romances. Conception. 

AceThe first stirrings of emotion or love as you are drawn to another. Someone has made your heart quicken. You may have been asked out on a date.  You feel there is great potential for happiness here, but it’s early stage. The nature of Aces bring pure potential but not actuality.  However we do get the desire for a deep committed love with this Ace.  There is purity of heart, emotion and intention at this stage (on one side at least). Time will tell how this relationship will run its course. It will need more than blinding love to succeed and at the Ace stage this is generally all we have to work with.  You may feel you have met the ‘special one’ as this Ace can bring great love and a deep spiritual connection.   Powerful positive emotions are welling up within you and you may feel giddy with the need to share them with the rest of the world.    Regardless of how cautious you may have been up to now, the safety valve has blown and you are only too willing to open your heart to the experience of it all.   You may feel more alive than you have done for some time and heady with the intensity of it all as your Cup literally “runneth over‟.   This is not to be confused with casual love. Proposals, engagements and weddings may be in the air releasing great joy all round. The chalice is a feminine symbol and represents the womb, so pregnancy may be suggested, as we see the dove bring life to the vessel. Fertility and conception as a couple are blessed with new life. …. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No CardYes, yes, yes. Love is in the air or just around the corner. Time to open your heart to the possibility of love and deep feeling for another.

It all Seemed So Promising!

Ace of Cups Reversed

1 rx – Relationship may be slow to get going or has suffered a set-back. Loss of love. Deeply upset and hurt. Ties that bind to another or a past relationship

Ace Reversed Relationship not getting off to a good start. You could be emotionally over-reacting to an incident. There is a chance you have not fully recovered from a previous relationship. There may still be sadness, grief and loss. Ties that bind you to another. Not being able, or free to give your heart to another. You may not be ready for a new relationship just now. Unable to sustain a relationship. There may be cyclical patterns that needs to be addressed. You may find it difficult to get past the early stages of a relationship. You might bail out before you get too involved. Feeling the love and joyful emotions drain from your heart and soul. Feeling overwhelmed by strong emotions. Shedding buckets of tears. Deep disappointment and upset in love. You may feel dreadfully disillusioned as a once promising relationship flounders. You were wrong about this person being the ‘special one’. News, gossip or rumor that causes upset. A break up text, phone-call, email or text. Weddings, engagements called off. Proposal that is expected but doesn’t come about. Where fertility or conception is concerned there may be problems. Miscarriages can occur, but other cards in the spread would need to support this. Drowning your sorrows with alcohol. Also question any new relationship that involves excess of any kind e.g alcohol or drugs. ….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card –  No, not a great start to this relationship, however it may just be a temporary situation. May not be fully free to pursue a relationship.  No, not a good time to be getting involved, you may have emotional issues to work out.

Smitten ! Say You Will be Mine!

2 of Cups

2 – Attraction, Magnetism. Feeling drawn to another. Union. Balance.

TwoUnion, Feeling strongly drawn to another. Mutual attraction. Forming a strong bond. Deciding to commit to each other. A relationship matures and deepens. You may be feeling all loved up and certainly only have eyes for each other at this stage. You may only be realising that you are officially a couple as you spend more and more time together. There is a strong sense of mutual respect and equality in this relationship. You have much to offer each other and understand that love involves give and take. You may be preparing to make an announcement or feel that a proposal is likely. Take note that this is a Stage Card and also carries the number 2. There may be a sense of playing the part or being caught up in a great romantic drama with heroes and heroines taking center stage. You may feel unique in this and that no other has experienced a love like yours. You may be caught up in being newly engaged or planning for a wedding. It is all about Us at the moment and you can’t get enough of each other. With Stage Cards the act may not be sustainable or it may be far removed from reality. Is it too good to be true? Only time will tell as this relationship is still in its infancy. With cards that carry the number 2, extremes of love can be experienced. Regardless of how wonderful this relationship may seem right now, remember that there is a You, Me and Us involved, not just an Us. Balance may be needed……. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No CardYes, to romance and love. Yes, to happy couples and committing to each other. Yes to successful proposals.  Yes, to give and take. No, to wearing Rose Tinted Glasses, this is real life.

It’s Not You, It’s Me!


2 rx – Extremes. A relationship fallen or pulled apart. Repulsion instead of attraction. Results of co-dependency. Great unhappiness replaces joy. 

Two Reversed This is a Red Flag Card for relationships. Break-ups, broken engagements, separation and divorce. A once happy relationship falls apart. Warring couples. A lack of respect and equality. Possible domination. Only giving or taking. Balance has been lost. Someone may be unfaithful. You may discover that you have very little in common after all. Feelings of attraction may not be reciprocated. You may have fallen out of love. A relationship may have peaked too soon or was too intense to be sustained. The two of you may need some breathing space or time apart.  This may not be the end of the world for this relationship. There may be hope left but things have to change. You may have become too co-dependent which has resulted in claustrophobia and stagnation. Being clingy and needy. Needing constant reassurance that you are loved. Paranoia and insecurity.  Lighten up a little and regain your identity. On the other hand, you may not be spending enough time with each other.  You may be neglecting your partner or have emotionally withdrawn. There may be intimacy issues. If you can, go back to the Ace and reignite the flame. Step aside from the relationship and view it objectively. Is the relationship going nowhere? If so, then time to cut lose. Feeling trapped by an engagement? Then do the right thing and own up. Do not bind yourself to another unless you are very sure, and certainly do not rush or be forced into anything just to please others. You may not be sufficiently over a previous relationship to commit fully to this one….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No CardNo, this relationship is not as it should be as it is likely in trouble and dreadfully unbalanced. No to pretending that everything is okay. No, love does not live here right now. Yes, to being honest with your partner. Yes to making the right decision regardless of how painful it might be.

Let’s Raise a Toast To Love!


3 –  Positive Progress/Ascension/Growth/Development of a relationship. Celebrations, socialising and friendship. Strong friendship between partners. 

ThreeA relationship grows and moves into the next stage. There is a sense of relaxation about the relationship as it becomes obvious it is going somewhere. You do not have to worry or fret anymore. Good times all round. The great thing is your friends and family support your choices. All are very happy for you and are delighted to see you in such good form. Love is such a tonic. This three brings the often common dilemma of multiple choice, as does the Seven. You may be interested in more than one person or vice versa. With this card we have social occasions and toasts as like-minded people gather to celebrate a joyful event. This could be the excitement that surrounds engagements and weddings, but it can also relate to just gathering with close friends for a night out. You will have plenty of occasions to dress up and look your best when this card appears. If other cards support, we may also be looking at the announcement of a pregnancy as a third personality enters the picture, closely linked to the original couple. Look for Pages and other pregnancy cards such as the Empress, Nine of Pentacles, High Priestess and any of the Aces. This is very much a female card but its bottom line is friendship and groups of friends. For a relationship this could mean many things. It could suggest that there is an interest from someone within your circle of friends, or that a friend may introduce you to the ‘special person’ you seek. Unfortunately, the one you hanker after, may view you simply as a friend and no more. We also must look at the value of friendship too and when this card appears you need to ask if you are spending enough time with your friends? If you are in a relationship then you may have dropped your friends and this card highlights the need to make time to meet up and have some fun. The emphasis is also taken off the couple in this card and maybe you should just take a break from partner hunting and have some single fun instead. Your perfect Prince or Princess  has a habit of turning up when you are not actively looking for them……. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No CardYes, this card augurs well for the growth of a relationship. Something big is coming up and there is much excitement surrounding it. Friends and family share your happiness. Yes, to getting out with your friends and having a good time.

Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Enemies Closer Still!

3 of Cups Rx

3 rx  – A sudden lack of development, progress or growth in a relationship. A relationship heads in the wrong direction. Celebrations are called off or spoiled. Breakdown in friendship.

Three Reversed – The party to comes to an abrupt halt or is called off. There is nothing to celebrate or something has gone wrong. Glasses remain empty and silence descends upon the once joyful faces. This is bad news for relationships. Engagements or weddings may be called off, even at the last moment. It may simply be the cancellation of a party but there is some significance to this. People may be left stunned as to what to think or do about the situation. The once close bond of the Upright Two is in ruins, but it didn’t happen all by itself. Indeed there may have been some interference by a third party. Unfortunately, this may come from close quarters, even in your inner circle. This Reversed Three can suggest an enemy disguised as a friend. This could refer to gossip, bitching and bad mouthing behind your back or it may go some distance further. We often find femme fatales with this card, a third person in your relationship you may once have trusted, and even called a friend. Unfaithfulness may be uncovered. This reversed card can highlight the lack of support from friends and family. They may not approve of your choice of partner and cannot give you their blessing. Warnings may have gone unheeded and you now stand in the ruins of your relationship as voices around chant ‘told you so’. On the other hand, we now can see the results of spending too much time with your friends. When this happens you begin to neglect your relationship. Whereas your friends should respect the time you need to spend with your partner, they entice and lure you away for their own selfish needs. If you have been neglecting your friends, you may find no one to support you when a crisis hits. You may feel totally alone or can’t trust anyone. There may also be too much socialising or drinking going on with a circle of toxic friends who turn the upward ascending triangle on its head. This card can be a warning flag for a relationship that is about to go down the tubes. Action needs to be taken if you think it is worth saving. Much damage will have been done and it wont be an easy fix. …. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No CardNo, your relationship is on very rocky ground here. The fun and joy has disappeared. There may be a lack of true friendship between you. No, commiserations instead of celebrations.

I Want To Be Alone!

4 of Cups Upright

4 – Consolidating your emotions. Trying to make sense of your feelings. Going to ground for self protection

Four – Oh dear, something is wrong. There may have been a bad fight but there is a sense of disgust, disappointment and disillusionment. You have totally withdrawn into yourself in order to make sense of what just happened. Sense would be a fine thing as you sit stunned in disbelief. You don’t want to talk to or see anyone. Nothing anyone says will make a blind bit of difference to how you feel. Defeated and deflated, every bit of energy has been sapped out of you and you are bound to feel emotionally drained. You may be angry, have cried your eyes out and just want to be left alone with your thoughts and heavy heart. Then again, you may simply be feeling bored and apathetic about your relationship. The fizz may be gone, replaced by dull or dreary reality. It has all become monotonous and you may want out. Things may not be working between you. You might see your partner in a new light and discover that he or she is not what you were looking for after all. You may have a change of heart or just don’t feel the same about your partner anymore. You now have to think clearly about your true feelings and what you are going to do. Your emotions are bound to be all over the place and you need time to allow them to settle. Post wedding blues or even post natal depression may be affecting you.  If you consumed and partied to excess in the Three, this card can simply be pointing to the hangover afterwards. However, if you have done something wrong or behaved badly as a result of this excess, then the reality of your situation may just be hitting home. Did you do something that cannot easily be undone?  On a lighter note, this Four can suggest you are totally oblivious to an opportunity for romance that is right under your nose. Your attentions may be directed elsewhere or you may be hankering after someone you can’t have or is out of your league. You may also be holding out for the return of an ex. Whatever, whoever, there is something worthwhile on offer and you need to sit up and pay attention. Be warned, this card deals with excess, addiction and being out of touch with reality. Not a good combination for a healthy relationship.  All said and done, you may not be interested in relationships right now and would rather spend time alone or on personal development…… Read Full Card Description

Yes/No CardNo, not an ideal time for relationships. Many problems need to be addressed. No, no matter what you do, they just don’t seem to be interested in you. No, you may be barking up the wrong tree. No, your efforts are not getting noticed. No to holding out for someone you can’t have. Yes, to finding emotional stability after hurt or upset. Yes to sobriety, early nights and detox.

Wake Up, Shake Up, and Get a Life!

4 of Cups Rx

4 rx – The return of, or total destruction of, emotional stability after upset or trauma in a relationship.  

Four Reversed – Time to get up off your ass and do something about your situation. No point moping around anymore and feeling sorry for yourself. Regardless of what has happened, it is time to re-join life once more. Friends are still around even though you told them to back off. You are not the only one to have had their dreams dashed. You will survive and live to fight another day. Truth is, you have kept the disinterested stance for longer than you expected and you are now more than ready to become active once more. However, you have gained a better perspective of your life, and with your emotions settled, can clearly see where and how things went wrong in your relationship. No point in blaming anyone or feeling a failure, mistakes were made and you intend to address them. There is a distinct desire to clean up your act and be a better person after your experience. You feel positive about your future. You may choose to eliminate certain things and, or, people from your life. You might distance yourself from a toxic circle of friends or those who you feel contributed to your relationship upset. You certainly don’t want to be around negativity, gossip or bitching. You have had enough of that and now look for positive, uplifting people who do not harbor hidden agendas. Simplicity is your goal and not letting things get out of hand. You may be changing diet, cutting out alcohol and concentrating on fitness and exercise.  If you feel ready for romance again, well there is someone who hung around in the background waiting for you to come back to your senses. Maybe it is time to pay them some attention as they appear to be genuine. You may have been looking for love in all the wrong places, when it was right under your nose all the time. However, do not rush into the same scenario as last. Take your time and let a friendship build before you decide it is anything more. Of course with reversed cards, this Four can point to falling even further into depression, anger or remorse. You may have hit the bottle or drugs in an attempt to smother the tidal wave of emotions that threaten to drown you. Professional help may be needed ….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card  Yes to getting a life and saying goodbye to negativity, depression, anger, doom and gloom. Yes, to opening your eyes and noticing all the good that is around you. Yes to leaving the negative past behind. Yes to sobriety or professional help if you need it. No, to wallowing and sinking further into despair. Pull yourself together. 

No, This is Not Happening To Me, No!

5 of Cups Upright

5 – Loss, upheaval, massive change and trauma for relationships. Break-ups, separation or divorce. Heartbreak and anger.  Bereavement.

Five – It is all a bit of a mess. You stand in the ruins of what was once thought to be the relationship to end all relationships. There are many reasons this may have happened. This card often heralds the bitter end of a relationship that has been turbulent for some time, it can also come like a thunderbolt out of the blue. Something terrible has happened. Affairs or infidelity may be revealed. Separation or divorce is likely and emotions are running high. You are not sure which is worse, the depths of sorrow, heartbreak and despair you feel, or the anger, bitterness and need for revenge. You just don’t know what to do and how to sort it all out. No one can reach you as you plummet into a wild grief that is frightening to behold. You may have lost control, got angry, said things, done things, went too far. It’s done now, all blood under the bridge and flowing in a torrent along with the tears and howls that erupt from deep within. Friends try to console or calm you but you feel like lashing out at them too. You believe life will never be the same again, that it is over and you want to hurl yourself into the river in the distance. You just can’t take in the enormity of what has happened. Where did it all go wrong? You thought your relationship was water-tight. Who messed up, one or both of you? Did you not see this coming? If it was you, then you are bound to feel horrendous regret but the damage is done and all you can do is stare at the disaster you created. The loving content of the spilled and shattered cups is unlikely to be recovered as you shed waterfalls of tears over them.  You may have been turned out, cast out and ostracised. You feel far from stability, security and familiarity. You are in uncharted waters and cannot keep your head above water. You believe you have no one to turn to, but you are wrong. You still have support from those who care for  you. There is no point in telling you how to fix this and when the pain is going to end as it is a process that has to be gone through and endured. Time will heal and if there is a drama and scandal attached to all this, then that too will become yesterday’s news in not time at all. To a certain extent you are on your own for the moment but do not consider for one second that you will be left there or are obliged to stay stuck in this state forever. This card can also suggest another type of loss such as bereavement. You may have lost your partner, the love of your life and are heartbroken and inconsolable. Your body sags with the awful weight of trauma and pain. You are aware of nothing other than how you feel. Support is there for you and not all is lost. Time may not fully heal, but it will become more bearable. Be gentle with yourself. …. Read Full Card Description

 Yes/No Card – No, unfortunately this card does not carry much joy with it for relationships. It speaks for itself and there is no use deluding yourself. Yes, time will eventually ease the acute stabbing pain. Yes, to accepting the help of others. Yes to giving yourself time to heal. This time too will end. 

Letting Go!

5 of Cups Reversed

5 rx  – Adjusting to unwanted change or upheaval in a relationship. Trauma passes. Improvement.

Five Reversed – Moving on from the traumas of a past relationship. Letting go. The time for deep grieving and wailing is over. Life has been going on around you all this time and it is now time to move back towards it. You have been locked away in a world of pain, suffering, hurt or anger but things are beginning to change for the better. You are discovering a renewed interest in life and others. Your trauma no longer dominates your every waking thought. Some days go by without thinking of it at all. This is progress. You have been in mourning for long enough. life beckons  as colour slowly returns to your surrounding world. Stretch your body and lift your head. It has hung low for such a long time. You do not need to beat yourself up any more or wear a hair shirt. A pathway appears before you which will take you gently back to the rest of the living world. You have good friends who will help you with this. Everyone is waiting to see you and are happy to hear you are feeling much better. Your heart and head have been through much transformation during this time. If you have released your emotions in a healing manner, then you are ready to move on from the past with an open heart and open mind. This may involve you having to forgive the actions or words of another, or yourself. It is important not to carry hatred or negativity back out into the world. Most of those around you who were involved in your trauma will have moved on and may not want the past dredged up once more. Life draws you towards it, but you must be prepared to embrace it and not punish it for going on without you. Pain is a part of living and no one is immune to it. Unfortunately this card often represents those who cannot or will not move on from a broken relationship or the death of a loved one. There is a reluctance to heal. Hurt and pain is carefully nurtured. Where a broken relationship is concerned, apportioning blame on another is paramount with no personal responsibility taken for any involvement in the situation. They wear their trauma or loss like a badge of honor and can think or talk of nothing else. Serious depression may be at the core of this and for those who have sadly lost a partner, then bereavement counselling may be of benefit…… Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes, to moving on after loss, a broken relationship, separation or divorce. Welcome back. Yes, to healing and forgiveness. Yes to seeking help from others. No to playing the victim or martyr. 

We Can Be Together Forever!

6 of Cups Upright

6 – Emotional harmony as a relationship matures, settles or heals. Home is where the heart is. Careful nurturing with emphasis on emotional protection and stability. Maintaining a certain status quo between partners.  

Six –  Here we find a very innocent, tender and sweet love, the card of courtship and of giving and receiving. There is a gentle, and caring feel to the relationship represented by this card. No great fireworks and probably not very extrovert, or passionate, but all needs are catered for. You seek emotional security in relationships and could possibly be looking for someone to look after or take care of you. Seeking a father-figure or a parent/child type relationship. You might be thinking of settling down to start a  family and are busy creating the right environment. As a couple you have created your own little world,  a bubble of intimate gestures, habits and routines. You might be cosseting, pampering and spoiling your partner but how seriously do you take them? Someone may be acting like a child or being treated like one.  This card often represents the old fashioned or traditional relationship where one partner takes on the dominant role and assumes responsibility over the other. There is  a need to protect and shield the other partner from any harshness or stressful decision making processes. This looking  after and taking care of one partner by the other can easily slide into control and dis-empowerment. The submissive partner defers to the dominant partner in all matters on the understanding that they know best. In the Upright Six, balance may appear to be lost in this manner but the couple represented are quite content with this arrangement, especially if either  have had a bad unstable relationship experience in the past. This relationship may be just what the doctor ordered, no major dramas, no upsets, no wondering or worrying.  This is all well and good for the moment and a round of applause if you can keep it up but your relationship may simply be in the domestic harmony or marital bliss stage, the Honeymoon period when the fairy-tale is still alive and kicking. You might be playing happy families and creating your little love nest together. Joy can be found in the simplest of things or acts and you might be counting your blessings and lucky stars. However, this card does brings a sense of slow building claustrophobia or restriction of freedom. You may be feeling the strain of the tight security fortress you have built around your relationship. The walls are so high you cannot see over them and wonder what is happening on the other side while you live in this charmed existence. You may feel a little trapped but wonder what you are complaining about as you have everything you need and someone who loves you. Boredom, may have set in with the humdrum, monotony of everyday life. Nothing changes, you see no one, go nowhere. Its just the same all the time. You may feel a need for a little excitement but are shocked by the very notion of your thoughts. Simmering discontent.

Well with that out of the way, we can move on to other associations of this six. The Love you seek may be found close to home. There may be a childhood sweetheart involved or you might have an encounter with someone from your hometown. This card suggests home, the family, homestead, nostalgia and old memories. You may be bringing your partner home to meet the family or seeking their approval or permission to marry. You might also be hankering after an old flame and feeling nostalgic about your relationship. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and you will have a tendency to remember only the good old times while blocking the rest. You may be entertaining thoughts of revisiting the relationship or believe that you could make it work if both of you just tried a little harder. This is generally unrealistic and you may be neglecting a current partner because of it. Then again, an old flame may turn up on your doorstep out of the blue. You could receive a text, phone call or email that causes chaos in your heart. When it comes to relationships you might be very gullible, immature or naive. The wool can easily be pulled over your eyes as you set about playing the happy couple. On a serious level, there is a bitter-sweet air to this card. You could be nursing an ill or aging partner. Senility and nursing homes can be suggested. Your happy little world may be turned upside down as you refuse to let go of the love of your life. You have looked after him/her to the best of your capabilities. ….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes, to a sweet loving relationship. Yes, to feeling cared for and looked after. Yes, to emotional security. Yes to starting a family and settling down. No if you are seeking excitement, freedom and change. 

Sorry, I’m Not Sure What It Is I Want Right Now, But I Know It Is Not This!

6 of Cups Reversed

6 rx  – Upsetting the apple-cart in a relationship. Disturbing the delicate balance.  Acknowledging imbalance. The bubble bursts and floods with a dose reality. A relationship in upheaval. Loss of apparent family harmony and stability.

Six Reversed – Reality bites as nostalgic desires fail to meet expectations. What a let-down.  Feeling trapped and restricted in a relationship. Wanting to escape or run away. There may be nothing dreadfully wrong with your relationship but it has all become dull, boring and predictable.  You may crave your independence and personal space. You might discover a truth or story that has been deliberately withheld from you.  You might choose to leaving a stifling and claustrophobic relationship. Seeking more than what you have, the desire for challenge and change. Walking away from everything. You no longer want what you thought you wanted. It hasn’t turned out the way you expected. All the effort you put into creating the perfect world around you now seems like a waste of effort and time. How could you have been so naive? You may see your partner in a new light or have begun to grow apart. Your needs and desires may have changed. Your relationship may not be given the family blessing, approval or permission. An affair may breach the tight security of a once close relationship causing major trauma and disbelief. The fortress of your love has been invaded and razed to the ground.  You might view your relationship as a game that was fun for a while but are now over it. If both of you arrive at the same decision at the same time then it is just a matter of carefully uncoupling. However, you may have painted yourself into a corner and stand to lose too much should you leave. You may have no where else to go. All your investments are tied up in this relationship making it difficult to cut the ties. There may be children involved, property and assets. You may have to put up and shut up. Then again, you may try to leave but if you have been in a controlling relationship you may not be allowed to go. This is a toxic relationship and one that on the outside looks happy and content. It has been carefully contrived to give that appearance but one never knows what goes on behind closed doors. Painful emotional childhood issues are impacting or tainting your attempts at relationships. You may need to revisit the past in order to heal the present. For those who are coming out of the grieving stage of a broken relationship this card reversed can be a strong indication that you are ready to move on. You feel positive about the future. This might involve a clearing on several levels. You might choose to sell your house, do a massive clear out of anything belonging to that particular period of time. You might even decide to change your look. On the negative side, you may still be sitting it out, living in the past, feeding on old memories, refusing to budge or let go of the hope for reconciliation. You may not accept that it is over or are stubborn in your refusal to forgive and forget. Then again, you may try to move on too fast, force yourself to feel better and run before you can walk. If you have been bereaved this reversed Six suggests the time has come to let go and move on. You may decide to clear your partner’s belongings or give them to a charity shop. On the other hand you may have decided in favour of the nursing home and are re-adjusting to being on your own for the first time. This may bring relief from stress but also guilt at feeling that relief. For those looking for love, but wait for it to come knocking on the door, it probably won’t. Time to move outside your comfort zone. ….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes, to leaving a stifling relationship. Yes to seeking freedom. Yes to moving on. Yes to looking to the future. Yes to healing the past. Yes to facing reality. No to getting stuck in the past. 

I Don’t Know Who I Am, Or What It Is I Want!

7 of Cups Upright

7 – Facing emotional/Spiritual challenge or inner crisis.  Bewilderment. Soul searching. Introspection, reflection and retrospection.  

Seven – This is the multiple choice card for relationships. You may have to choose between several partners. All may have their individual appeal and you might be confused as to who to settle for. It is the feast or famine card. You may have found it impossible to meet anyone interesting, and then wham, they are coming at you from all directions. What do you do? It is typical of you to be in this situation and you might panic about making the wrong choice. You could play one off against the other but that would only last for so long and you might ruin your chances if your actions are frowned upon. Better to spend some time evaluating your emotional needs. Have you ever sat down and actually thought about what it is you are looking for in a relationship. If not, then it is time for some soul searching. The seven throws this challenge in your path when you need to take stock of where you are going. You have reached a critical time when it is simply not good enough anymore to repeat relationship cycles that have not worked out in the past. Deep down you know that something is wrong but are not quite sure what it might be. Things that made you happy before, seem to leave you feeling flat and disconnected. This is a sign that change is necessary. You may need to withdraw for a while and meditate upon your life and the direction it is taking.  If you are already in a relationship then immediate action is necessary. You do have a tendency to let things drift and believe you don’ t have the energy to sort it all out. Truth is you haven’t being yourself for some time now and you need to discover why. You will need to examine every area of your life where relationships are concerned and see which piece of the jigsaw is missing. In embarking upon this endeavor you might discover a lot about yourself and your definition of happiness. You might be surprised by what you discover. Your whole life may be up for close inspection as you truly try to identify your inner most needs. Indeed you may discover that you would prefer to be on your own right now, that personal development is more important. You may realise that you have never been truly happy, that you have put other people’s happiness ahead of your own. You need to find inner happiness before you can look for happiness with another. This is a voyage of personal discovery card and marks the first steps to true understanding. It is a card for maturing if you decide to take that option. However, this is also the dreamer’s card and you could be deluding yourself with fine notions of a love and romance that is not consistent with who you are. You could be building castles in the air and have become totally out of touch with reality. You might be spending too much time on your own and have disconnected from the world. You may talk a lot about finding your soul mate but do little to make it happen. Procrastination and a attitude that it can wait till tomorrow yield poor results for both those in relationships and those who seek one. Guard against letting yourself go and adopting a care-less apathetic attitude.  Time to wake up and clear out the cobwebs……. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card –  Yes, to taking time out to identify emotional needs. Yes to soul-searching. Yes to getting your priorities in order. Yes, to accepting responsibility for personal happiness. Yes, to cleaning up your act. No to procrastination and laziness. 

Why Do I Need To Know Who I Am And What I Need? Who Cares?

7 of Cups Rx

7 rx – Being determined to overcome identified challenges. Understanding the self. Avoiding challenges. Avoiding introspection.  

Seven Reversed Feeling determined to sort out your relationship. Accepting responsibility for your own happiness. Being determined to take the necessary steps to achieve your goals either as a couple or on your own. Refusing to be a passenger anymore. Setting goals and being proactive in making your dreams come true. Realising that you have not been fully present or awake for some time. Time to clean up your act. Shape up or ship out.  You kick yourself for missing out on a wonderful opportunity with a certain someone. You weren’t paying attention and let them slip from your grasp. You may decide to  detox from all relationships in order to find yourself. On the other hand you could be sloppy and messy when it comes to your relationship. You just fly by the seat of your pants and let things drift instead of sorting them out. You need to take your head out of the clouds. Problems in your relationship need to be addressed but you are too lazy to do anything about them. You expect others to come to your rescue as they have always done but that time is drawing to an end. More is expected of you now. Things have been going wrong for some time and unfortunately this time they won’t just disappear. Burying your head in the sand and ignoring the warning signs will get you nowhere. You are failing to listen to  your inner voice and will not take stock of your life. Really you haven’t got a clue what it is you want and are going through life in a foggy haze, half-asleep and not fully with it. Your relationship lacks imagination, interest and very low levels of communication. You may spend most of your time together staring into a television screen or scrolling through Facebook. You know more about Soap Opera personalities than you do of your own or your partner’s. You could be living in a make-believe world. You dream of winning the lotto but never buy a ticket. A relationship that lacks depth. Shallow and frivolous attitudes or behaviour.  You may be overly idealistic about love and relationships. The partner you wait for may not exist. You may have set unrealistic standards. ….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes to taking back control of your life and the direction it is heading in. Yes, to working towards goals and realising your dreams. No to sitting back and doing nothing. No to procrastination. No to entertaining false hope or overly grand notions. 

Love Don’t Live Here Anymore!

8 of Cups Upright

8 – Emotional Strength.  Finding the courage to move away from emotionally un-fufilling relationships. Leaving the past behind. Dealing with emotional baggage. Letting go. 

EightFinding the strength to leave a relationship that does not offer emotional fulfillment. Seeking a relationship that offers more meaning and depth. Emotions mature. Couples change or grow apart.  Relationship issues have been around for some time when this card appears. Even though this is one of the cards that highlights sudden abandonment, you will find that this is not the norm where the Cups are concerned. Something major would have had to happen to make the need to leave so automatic. No, we are looking at a situation that has been slowly building, and if you are honest with yourself you are aware of that too. The Cups don’t leave unless they are really unhappy and will put up with a lot before throwing the towel in. Something is very wrong in your relationship with one partner feeling the need to get out or walk away. It is with a heavy heart that it is done. Pretense no longer works. If your heart is no longer there, or actively involved, then you have no option. The feelings you once had for someone have changed. You do not feel the love that you should and you owe it to all involved to bring this out into the open. After giving much time to understanding your feelings in this matter, and undergoing deep soul-searching, you have been left wanting and disillusioned. You deserve to be happy, your partner too, but maybe not with each other. You may feel emotionally exhausted, physically too. This relationship has taken its toll on you and it is time to go, to move on. This is not a time for running into a new relationship.  You need time to yourself, to heal and to understand. The figure in this card wearily walks away, feeling no joy in what he or she is doing, except for knowing they are taking the right action. You cannot make someone love you if they don’t, and you cannot force feelings for another that do not exist. Try to respect the feelings of others at this difficult time. Damage limitation is important. If you are the one being left, you may very well feel abandoned. You might feel angry and demand of your partner how he or she could walk away from everything. This type of departure can leave you stunned as this card can suggest walking away with just the clothes that you stand up in. You may feel indifferent to all the other trappings of your relationship. Others may not understand you when you try to explain how unhappy you have been. They may have seen you as having everything. The heart is often a cruel mistress. The core of the issue is not settling for a relationship that is having a negative effect on your happiness. This may sound simple but it is not an easy thing to do. You will need much courage to take the necessary action and vocalise your intentions to all those concerned. You may feel like slipping away in the middle of the night rather than having to face the fallout from your announcement, but that is just the coward’s way out and not appropriate for the Upright Eight of Cups. There is also a chance that you have met someone else. This new person has taken up all the space in your heart. Emotionally you are moving away from a previous partner, or your current one.  This can leave you feeling sad and guilty, especially if they have done nothing obviously wrong. You wish you could keep everyone happy but it is not possible. You cannot carry the burden of responsibility for the happiness of others. This card shows the figure walking away from a stack of cups. These cups often symbolise emotional baggage and carry various interpretations depending on their Upright or Reversed Aspect. In the Upright, it is suggested that emotional baggage is left behind or has been worked through in the Seven. If so, then it will not contaminate future relationships. If it has simply been parked then it will wait for its owner to return. One will automatically be drawn back to emotional baggage when exposed to certain external and internal stimuli. There is nowhere far enough away in the universe where it won’t find you. Therefore it is wise to be clear about what you are doing and not just repeating certain cycles of relationship behaviour e.g. walking away each time things get tough or when someone upsets you. If the emotional baggage is too heavy to be dealt with in one go, then it is okay to let it sit to the side until you are in a calmer state to deal with it. You may feel overwhelmed at present and will not be able to make sense of it all.  On a much lighter note, you may simply be going through a blip in your relationship and need to get away from the pressure for a while in order to gain perspective……. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card –  Yes, to finding the courage to walk away from an unhappy relationship. Yes, to not settling for second best. Yes, to emotional maturity and understanding. Yes to leaving the past behind. Yes to dealing with emotional baggage. Yes, to doing the right thing. 

Not Sure What Love Is.  Eventually, They All Leave!

8 of Cups Reversed

8rx – Lack of emotional strength. A weak or superficial relationship. Accepting your lot.  

Eight Reversed An emotionally immature relationship. Drifting from one relationship to another giving no thought to suitability or compatibility.  Stagnation, not being able to let go or move on. You may not want to accept that it is over. You could wait indefinitely for the return of your partner. You cannot face the truth. You or your partner may have a habit of walking out or breaking it off, only to return at a later stage. There could be a regular cycle of dramatic scenes and emotional outbursts followed by passionate reunions. Then again, this card could signal the genuine return of a partner who wants a second chance. You will need to give this much consideration.   Not having the strength to to leave an unfulfiling relationship. You may convince yourself that it is easier to stay than to leave if there are too many strings attached. If you have confided your feelings in another you may not receive the understanding or support you expect. You might be told that you are selfish and to accept your lot, just like everyone else has to. This card points to refusing to deal with issues in your relationship. You keep your head down and pretend to be happy. You delude yourself with the notion that this is as good as it gets. You may feel unworthy of anything better. This card often suggests that your self-esteem has ground to a pulp. You lack faith and belief in your abilities. Life has become boring and mundane with little to aspire to. You lack the energy and conviction to change your circumstances. On the other hand, this Reversed Eight can suggest abandonment. Your partner may have walked out leaving you holding the baby. Shirking relationship responsibilities. Taking the coward’s way out by sneaking away when no one is looking. Leaving a good bye letter, or worse, none at all. Leaving problems for someone else to sort out. In the Upright the feelings of others are taken into consideration, but when Reversed, we can find the emotional coldness that follows a break-up. Separations and divorces become clinical and ruthless. You may be carrying emotional baggage from one relationship to another.  Commitment issues or you may have a habit or running away when things go wrong and pointing the finger of blame at your partners. There is often failure to take any personal responsibility.  Fear of abandonment may be causing strife in your relationship. You may be paranoid about your partner. You worry about the extent of their love for you and expect them to leave at the slightest upset. Sometimes you might attempt to goad your partner into walking out on you. You may shout at them ‘go on leave, why don’t you? I know you want to’. You could push and push to see how far you can go. When your partner does eventually leave you feel justified and your fears validated, everyone eventually abandons you after all. You believe to be fatally flawed, cursed.  You could also bale out of relationships as they begin to deepen based on the same fear of abandonment. You leave before they can get a chance to leave you. You are waiting for the axe to fall and cannot enjoy what you have. It is a negative cycle of behaviour and generally formed from childhood, if you were abandoned by a parent. Drowning your sorrows after a break-up separation or divorce.  If bereaved, you may be finding it impossible to accept your loss or move on. You may experience conflicting emotions about the death. You might feel abandoned or betrayed by your partner or spouse. You may feel guilty for smiling or laughing. …. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, don’t just accept things the way they are. You deserve better than this. No, you can’t keep running away from your problems. No to avoiding issues. No to being a coward. No, you can’t take emotional baggage with you. Yes to breaking negative cycles. 

Congratulations, Your Wish Has Been Granted!

9 of Cups Upright

9 – The natural conclusion in the search for emotional fulfillment. Success for both internal and external relationships. Wishes and desires have manifested. Understanding and awareness. 

Nine –  Well, well, well, it looks like the cat has got the cream in this card and because we are looking at relationships, this suggests you are feeling very happy about where you find yourself right now. It is known to readers as ‘The Wish Fulfillment’ Card. You have found what you were looking for in love and cannot keep the smile off your face. It has definitely been worth the wait. This is where you dreamed of being back in The Seven and went in search of it in The Eight. Your effort has paid off and you can give yourself a round of applause. You have landed the catch of the century by the looks of things. Can you believe it? Dreams do come true after all and this is happening to you. You have had many ups and downs along the way, your heart broken in the past and at times doubted your chances of ever meeting the right person, falling in love and then having that love reciprocated. That is all in the past now and family and friends are thrilled for you. You have found that special one and can’t believe your luck. You may have held out for some time and had to kiss a few frogs before finding your perfect Prince or Princess. There is also a chance that persistence has paid off if you have been wooing or trying desperately to get the attention of a certain someone. There is cause for celebration and you can’t wait for everyone to share your happiness. It is time to meet the family and show him/her off.  We may be looking at an engagement party, wedding, celebration or event. If so, a lot of organisation has gone into the very finest of detail. By the way, love is also bringing out the best in you. Compliments on your appearance and energy come flying in. You have never looked so good. Nothing like love to bring a healthy glow to the cheeks. Speaking of healthy glow, your sex appeal is on the up. The Nine of Cups is a card for sensuality, sex and the consummation of a relationship. It can represent a heady time of enjoying the pleasures of the flesh and the awakening of all senses.  You have truly come alive. We have a relationship maturing or evolving as emotions and connections deepen. Unfortunately we must attend to the ‘wish’ aspect of this card too. Because you sit alone in this image, it may all be in your head. You may be fantasising about fairy-tale relationships or getting married. You might have no partner but already have wedding dress and venue picked out in advance. You may be overly idealistic If you are getting married, guard against becoming obsessed about the event. You sit alone in this image which could suggest that you have taken over. Remember not to exclude your partner from the planning. Depending on surrounding cards it is a good idea to check in with your partner to ensure you are both singing from the same hymn sheet. It is easy to get caught up in all the excitement. Warning flags or issues may go unnoticed. Be sure both of you are happy with the direction your relationship is going for this is very much a ‘self’ card.

We must also look at another aspect of this card in relationships which is very important. Inner-happiness, high self-esteem and self-respect are strongly highlighted. Before you can find true love with another, you must first find it within. When this card appears it can imply that you have reached a stage of self-development where you are ready to enter a committed and loving relationship. You have dealt with any previous emotional baggage, have a strong sense of self and have put a high price or value on your heart. You have placed your cups (love, heart & feelings) well out of reach of careless handlers. You learned from the damage that was done in The Five, when your cups lay smashed on the ground. You are in  a good place and have much to offer. On the other hand, this card reflects self-care. The relationship you have with your self may be what is important to you now. The figure sits alone but smiles happily. This may suggest that you are quite content to be single right and do not require another to emotionally fulfill you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that love is of no interest to you, but a relationship with another may not be top priority right now. However, this is a card for parties and socialising so you may be running solo at present and having a ball. You don’t need a date to go out. With this being a Nine card, you may have come to the conclusion that being single is great fun too…..Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes, you will find what you have been looking for. Yes, to wishes coming true. Yes to self-love and self-care. Yes to sharing the love. Yes to love and happiness. Yes to feeling sexy, No to staying at home an being a party-pooper. 

Be Careful What You Wish For!

9 of Cups Reversed

9x – Cannot follow through on this cycle or relationship. You need to reflect on the reasons why things have not worked out as you wished or dreamed. May have tried to force it or pretended it to be something it was not. Don’t be in such a hurry.  

Nine Reversed   Something is wrong with the fairy-tale. The Sparkle has gone or fizzled out. This heralds the end of the journey for you in this particular cycle. What you had hoped and wished for has not come to be or worked out. Your dreams lie in tatters or have disappeared in a puff of smoke. With this Nine Reversed we can be looking at the dream that turned into a nightmare. Often when we get what we want, we decide we do not want it at all. Reality can set in when the magic bubble bursts for the first time. In the cold light of day, we can see someone in a new light, maybe see them clearly for the first time and the disappointment can be horrendous. You may have made a mistake, a big one, and at this stage of the cycle it will be very difficult to undo it without significant fallout. If you have recently married, you may feel full of regret, but it might only be a case of post wedding blues. Time will tell. If you are due to tie the knot, you may be experiencing doubt, hesitation or reluctance. You may have cold feet. You may not have spoken about these fears to anyone as it would be such a big deal if you did. How do you back out at this stage? How can you do it? You must return to the Seven and Eight of Cups to do some intense soul searching as soon as possible. Try to identify your needs and if you are not happy then you will have to do something about it. You could disappear, or do what they call in Ireland ‘a runner’ but you have more integrity than that. You will cause upset but just think of the long-term personal upset if you continue on this path. Speak up now before it is too late.  The Reversed Nine can flag a relationship in trouble. Great effort may be put in to maintaining appearances but when the door closes the guard is dropped. Relationships that hogged the limelight and were the envy of all are often top of the list in this situation. There is so much to lose for the golden couple. Pride and a reluctance to admit failure perpetuate the facade. Typically a partner turns to drink, affairs, or other excessive behaviour to mask their unhappiness. It can have a very negative and destructive effect on all, especially where children are concerned.  Instant gratification is another aspect of this card. You may have chased someone or vice versa only to dumped or be dumped once he or she got what they were looking for, which usually refers to a sexual relationship. The relationship usually has nothing else to sustain it and will likely be short-lived. Any feelings are one-sided with the other party taking advantage of them. Any wooing and showiness does not stand up to close inspection. There is often a confusion around the idea of love and this card reversed can highlight a lack of self-respect, self-worth and self-esteem. You might be throwing your heart into the hands of those who do not care for it. You might not know how to give or receive love. You believe sex is love or feel that it will make someone love you. Deep seated childhood issues often lurk at the core of the Nine of Cups Reversed. You might also feel totally unlovable, ugly or worthless. Loneliness is often significant. These issues can be carried through life into relationships.

If you have been championing the single life for some time you may see your social scene as a bit jaded. Loneliness might be setting in so you could be considering embarking on the search of The Eight of Cups to find someone to share your life. The party scene tends to wear thin after a while. If you haven’t met your dream partner yet, you must look at the possibility that you have placed too high a price on your heart. Your standards may be impossibly high leaving you unapproachable or demanding and difficult. You believe no one good enough for you. This may be true but can also be an excuse you use for avoiding emotional involvement. Fear of rejection may be causing a block. …. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card –   No, to wishes coming true (it may be a blessing in disguise). No, it is not meant for you. No, this relationship is not as it seems. Look beneath the surface as something is wrong. No, someone is getting cold feet. No to throwing your love around in the all the wrong places. 

And They All Lived Happily Every After!

10 of Cups Upright

10 – Ultimate happiness and success for committed relationships. Deciding to throw all your cups in to one basket/rainbow. The end/beginning of a cycle or phase which brings much joy.  

Ten – It can’t get much better than this for relationships. This is the ultimate blessing and happy ever-after card from The Cup’s suit. It suggests the manifestation and realisation of your heart’s desire where love and romance are concerned. Here we have a loving couple who are committed to each other. Because it is a Ten Card the couple or family represented by it stand a really good chance of enjoying a long-lasting and successful relationship. They are also striking out on a new cycle or phase in their relationship. It can also suggest the beginning of  a very promising relationship for those who have searched far and wide in the past.  This is a card for marriage, deep commitment, agreeing to live together, to be as one, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health and so on and so on.  We have the maturing of a relationship that has been built on strong foundations of mutual love, attraction, respect, and understanding. The man links the woman in the imagery which can seem quite old fashioned and territorial but it makes a very definite statement to all onlookers. It decrees both are spoken for. They are in this together and let no one attempt to part them. In a sense the physical connection between the two symbolises the sacrificing of part of their individuality for the greater glory of the one. They now have an obligation to each other and there can be no misunderstanding on this front. Neither are free to come and go as they please but this is what they have worked towards and all is well. The Ten Cups appear to be enshrined in the Rainbow safe out of reach of those who would wish to harm them. The couple are stable and secure. Starting a family is also linked to this Ten as we see two children playing happily together beside their parents. Setting up house together and living the dream as couples move into their love nest with visions and plans for the future ahead. This is a Stage card, and because their cups sit within a rainbow overhead, it may simply highlight their ambitions, goals and priorities as a couple. Rainbows are an illusion, you cannot catch hold of one but they do look so pretty in the distance. The children may also be an illusion, part of the desired outcome they have their hearts set on.  There is a good chance you are house hunting or have just found the perfect place for you to start your life together. Marital and domestic bliss are strongly favoured with strong emphasis on family values.  You have or desire emotional stability and security. Your search is over and you want to know that tomorrow, next week and next year will be the same as you lay down roots and foundations. There is a sense of coming home…… Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes to a successful long-term committed relationship or marriage. Yes to settling down and starting a family. Yes, to finding your perfect family home. Yes to emotional stability and security. Yes to wanting only the best and never giving up on the dream. No to unrealistic expectations. 

It Was Too Good To Last!

10 of Cups Reversed

10 rx – Breakdown of a relationship or marriage. Cannot find happiness as a couple. Separation or divorce. Going back to finding happiness alone.   

Ten ReversedTrouble in paradise, domestic squabbles and family arguments. A once happy couple are struggling to keep things together. The Happy Ever After period has worn off and reality takes its place. The dream has not exactly worked out as you expected. It may even be a nightmare.  This is not the life you wanted after all. There is a very good chance that one partner has lost his or her sense of family values and has become neglectful in their duties. Little effort is being put in with initial good intentions a distant memory. The rainbow which held such promise and sparkle now falls away, the contents of the ten cups spew out onto the ground. The halo has slipped and you may be feeling very disillusioned with your lot. Someone has burst the magic bubble and it will be hard to patch it up. You may have thrown away a really good chance for happiness. So many plans and what about all your dreams? You never got around to painting the house, the garden is overgrown with weeds and the children bicker in their rooms because you never neglected to clear a play area in the back yard for them. Who let who down, or are you both to blame? Did the dream ever have any real potential? You are probably tied into the situation now, intrinsically linked. There may be children, mortgages, joint accounts etc that still have to be maintained regardless of any falling out or change of heart between you and your partner. This is not a simple case of walking away from a mistake. Both of you have invested heavily in a relationship that was supposed to endure. Something pretty bad must have happened to turn it on its head like so. We are also looking at a relationship or family who behave in one manner to the public and another when behind closed doors. This could be a relationship or family with secrets they want no one to discover. A front is often put on to hide the dysfunction at home, or to protect others such as children and family members. Remember this is  Stage Card and Reversed too. It will be hard to trust what you are being told or shown. Commitment, loyalty and faithfulness may have broken. The security around this couple or family has been breached and nothing will be the same again. For couples who are trying to make a fresh start after going through difficult times, the Reversed Ten can suggest buried resentment, anger, jealousy and an inability to forgive no matter how much effort is made. The Cups may be glued back together but the cracks will still be visible and any fresh content might continue to leak out over time. It will be a tough journey ahead and much patience will be required on both sides. 

The Reversed Ten can also highlight a new partner or spouse being introduced into the existing family home. You might be starting over again with someone new and are working hard to create a relationship or build trust with your children. Everything is strange and will be for a while. You cannot knock over The Ten of Cups and expect to come away without scars. Give it time. You might also be sabotaging your chance of happiness by being too idealistic about love. You may be offered something of great worth only to turn it down in the hope that a better offer will come your way. You might hold out forever. Then again, throwing all your Cups into one basket/rainbow is taking a huge gamble with your happiness. You really need to be very sure and prepared to take the chance. You might be better on your own? Question your reasons or motives behind making such a big decision. Control, abuse and domination in relationships can be suggested too. Rediscovering your relationship after the children have been reared and gone their own way. Staying for the sake of the children. …Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, sorry but this relationship is in great difficulty. Possible separation or divorce. No think twice before committing. Do you have what it takes? No, this family is barely holding it together and may be pretending there is nothing wrong. No, this is going to be very difficult to put right once the damage is done. No, the Happy Ever After you are looking for doesn’t exist.  Take your rose-tinted glasses off before you make a big mistake. 

Love is The Drug!

Page of Cups Upright

Page – Could be one of the Water Signs; Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. Pisces can be suggested if found with The High Priestess and Hanged Man. Available and potentially interested. A soft gentle, caring and loving young man or woman whose heart is in the right place and has good intentions towards you. He or she tends to look after their appearance and are quite fashionable. Friendly and warm by nature, The Page has come from a loving and nurturing background where the feelings of others are always taken into consideration. This Page will not deliberately try to hurt you and is looking for the same in return. Dreamy, poetic. artistic and deeply spiritual he/she may be quite unconventional or eccentric. Quite innocent in their approach, he/she could be a bit naive or gullible where romance is concerned.  This card can suggest you are beginning to think about love. The Page is quite sensitive and gentle so you are probably feeling quite vulnerable about opening your heart to another. There may be a particular person you are drawn to, or just the potential of allowing love into your life. It might be a new love or the very early stages of an existing one when all is amazing and wonderful.  When we see this card we can also be looking at young love, puppy love or starting over again. It may be some time since you found yourself in this situation and you will be surprised by the effect it will have on you. You might fall head over heels in love and can think of nothing else.  We might be looking at a childhood sweetheart, a love that has endured since youth. The Cups when Upright do opt for long-term relationships as they do not handle break-ups very well. Once they have given their heart to another they expect it to be treasured forever. Breaking-up will not be easy and this Page may find it hard to understand. 

Someone is interested, an admirer who is besotted with you. They may not have made their move yet but it is certainly heading that way. When this Page declares his/her intentions you will be blown away, for romance, wooing and courting is their specialty. The Page is in love with love itself  and will want the world to know of their feelings. Love is in the air and you might not be able to hide that smile on your face for much longer. This Page, like all the Pages brings news, but where Cups are concerned we are looking at news that is related to the emotions so you might get asked out on a date, there may be an invitation to a party, wedding or joyful occasion. It is quite likely that there are romantic connections. We also have news of pregnancy, births and engagements.  Whatever the news, it is bound to make you feel happy and elated. There is a lovely social aspect to this Page so it is best to get your wardrobe in order for all these exciting outings. Indeed you will be feeling good about yourself when this Page appears and others will be drawn to you, with one in particular singling you out for special attention. The relationship offered by this Page can be quite intense in the early days so expect flowers, gifts, love notes, surprise visits and endless texts or phone calls that last long into the night. You wont be able to get enough of each other during this time. However do try to pace yourself as this relationship can become overwhelming if it gets out of hand. You don’t want to smother each other with love and attention as that can become claustrophobic resulting in emotions cooling on one side. This is the immature aspect of The Page when he/she must learn that less is more at certain times. On the other hand, shyness may be holding you back from letting someone know how you feel about them. When the Page Upright appears it is a strong indication that your feelings will be reciprocated. Then again, if your attempts to get a certain person to notice you have failed, try using your creative imagination to find another more unusual way. By the way, if your relationship has become dull or flat recently, This Page can be asking you to spice it up by reintroducing romance and courtship. Try going on a date or making a spontaneous gesture. Dress to impress, make an effort and find the passion again. 

Even though you seek or desire love, you may feel unsure or worried about getting hurt, especially if this has happened to you in the past. If The Page of Cups appears when you are wondering whether you can trust someone new who has entered your life, then you should go by your gut feelings. You should be able to sense if it is safe to open your heart to them. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t be drawn in by charm or sweet-talk. This soft and gentle Page can be quite naive about love and may entertain idealistic notions of relationships. This card can often speak of fairy-tale romance and pink fluffy dreams. He/she loves harmony, peace, and life to flow in a non-confrontational manner. Rejection or reprimands cut right to the heart and may be over-sensationalised with dramatic results. The Page can be very sensitive, highly strung and easily hurt. All will be well in paradise once the roses continue to bloom and the sun shines brightly. He/she might need to be constantly reassured about your love though, and could turn sulky or moody if not handled in a careful manner. You won’t be able to have an argument or disagreement with this Page for everything is taken personally…… Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card –  Yes, love is in the air. Good news is on the way, Yes, to being asked out on a date and to falling in love. Yes, to getting dressed up and showing your glamorous or handsome side. Yes, to making a romantic gesture.  

Woe is Me. My Heart Shall Never Recover from This, Never!

Page of Cups Reversed

Page ReversedNegative Aspect of a Water Sign: Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. Pisces if found with The High Priestess and Hanged Man. A possible love rival, your ex, or interfering third party. This Page is unavailable or not interested in you. May not be looking for love right now.  You are not listening to your gut instincts or inner voice or could be choosing to ignore the niggling doubts. You are not giving enough thought to this relationship. You are just going with the flow with scant regard for the consequences of your actions. It is bound to end in tears. Then again, you could be over the top or trying too hard. Sadness, heartbreak and upset is strongly suggested by this reversed card. You have been dreadfully disappointed in love and feel terribly disillusioned. News of break-ups, broken engagements and wedding cancellations. You may be the recipient of an emotional bomb that will turn your world upside down.  There is a chance you will get dumped and it may not be done in a kind manner. However, you may have chosen to acknowledge the warning signs, afraid to face the truth and what it might mean. You might not see it coming. Sometimes it takes the bucket of cold water in the face to bring you to your senses. The contents of the Page’s Cup spill to the ground. The Cup may have been knocked over or thrown in anger or disbelief. Your dreams lie shattered like the broken cup. No arguing that it hurts like hell and you probably feel it is the end of the world. There is a good chance this is your first real heartbreak where love is concerned, and the awful feeling of being rejected by the one you thought loved you can be too much to bear. This will make you stronger once you deal with it in the right manner. News of unfaithfulness or betrayal may have arrived to you through gossip. It may or may not be true. Guard against letting your imagination run riot. Try to find out the facts before doing anything rash or destructive. Don’t make accusations that could be false. Your emotions are bound to boil over and will seek an avenue in which to vent, but try to be mature here and not give in to knee-jerk reactions. Time to grow up. 

There is bound to be plenty of tears and tantrums when this Page Reverses for he has not yet learned or bothered to control his emotions. There is nothing wrong with being upset but it can all go over the top and turn overly dramatic. Check if its really worth getting so bothered about. What is your partner really guilty of, how big is their crime? You see trust is a very big thing with you, and once broken, or perceived to be broken, it will be very hard to calm you down or make you see reason. You could be in a state of shock and disbelief about what has happened. The relationship that showed so much promise may have fallen apart and there is a good chance you are accepting no responsibility for its demise. You probably see yourself as the innocent party, the victim and will fall on the sympathy of anyone who will hold your hand for long enough. You can become quite child-like in your behaviour and speech. On another level, this Page can suggest emotional issues from childhood. Depending on the love you received as a child you may feel yourself to be unlovable, ugly, unattractive, too fat, too thin or too short. You may try too hard when you do meet someone by giving too much in order to make up for all your perceived shortcomings. This can leave you in a very vulnerable situation where abuse and domination can occur. Sex without love, or confusing sex with love, comes from childhood if you were neglected or lacked parental attention. Any attention, even negative, is better than none. Sexual abuse in childhood can be represented by the Reversed Page of Cups and this will cause problems in relationships if it has not been dealt with. You might also prematurely  end relationships before your partner gets there ahead of you. You don’t believe that love can last or that anyone would want you enough to stick around. There might be a negative pattern of behaviour in all your relationships.  If you have been badly hurt in a relationship in the past, the Reversed Page may be trying to protect you by blocking any new ones that might come your way. You may choose not to believe in love anymore. Indeed you may not understand love. Your emotions may have shut down or there is a possibility you have not moved on from an ex-partner and continue to hold out hope of his or her return. There is a tendency to be selective in  your memory of this relationship, only remembering the good times and not the bad. The Reversed Page of Cups can mark the stage of a relationship when it moves into becoming sexual after the initial connections have been made. Metaphorically, the Upright Page has lost his/her innocence.

Unfortunately this Page Reversed can represent the undesired attentions of another. You might be perused by one you feel nothing for. This could prove awkward or embarrassing for you but it could also develop into an obsession with the Reversed Page unwilling to take no for an answer. This could be an ex, or just someone who has developed an unhealthy attachment to you. On an extreme level we could be looking at a stalker, but generally it is a young or immature person who cannot accept their love is unrequited. This Reversed Page of Cups can suggest a high maintenance, sulky and moody partner who is used to getting their own way. Their needs have to take priority at all times. They are used to being spoiled, pampered and catered to by all around them. This usually comes from childhood. He/she can be difficult to handle and are used to using their angelic looks to their advantage.  The China doll syndrome is often quite obvious with the refusal to deal with any problems in the relationship or difficult situations. There can be emotional outbursts and stomping scenes. No one dares reprimand or chastise their behaviour.  On another level, you might have let yourself go after a break-up. You could take to the bed and forget to wash or change your clothes. You could look a mess. Depression may have set in or you could be drowning your sorrows in alcohol. Feigned emotions are also part of this Reversed Page who can use flattery and seduction to charm his quarry. He/she is a smooth talker and knows all the right chat-up lines. He is not in love with love, but sex. He uses romance as a means to securing it and tends to seek out needy individuals who crave this form of attention. He is after instant gratification, nothing else. ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, time to hold on to your heart because it is about to be broken. No to giving or taking too much. No he, she is not interested in you. You might get turned down. No to behaving like a child when you are a grown up. Yes, you will get over this, it is not the end of the world. 

You are My Every Reason, My Every Hope, My Every Dream. Come Let me Love You!

Knight of Cups Upright

Knight – Could be one of the Water Signs; Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio approaching. Wow! An offer of love or a romantic gesture is heading your way. Available and keen. Social gatherings and occasions are highly favored for chance encounters. You are ready to express or declare your feelings for another. At long last someone is making a move to kick-start a romance. The Page endlessly dreamed of the possibility of love but this Knight suggests that you ready to take it to the next level by acting on your feelings and thoughts. Prepare to be swept off your feet and fall head over heels in love. You are being guided by your heart now and it feels right. You might get asked out on a date or to a fancy social event. It is okay to say yes for the invitation is genuine and sincere. You are guaranteed to have a lovely time and your every need catered for. For those in relationships it can suggest a proposal is imminent or that it is your heart’s desire right now. Someone wants to make this relationship official. You are ready to say Yes, if only the question was asked! This Knight is not the fastest of movers as he prefers to pick his moment and spot. A proposal from this Knight is not a casual affair, so he will be looking for a bit of a fanfare with an ideal setting. It will be the stuff fairy-tales are made of and cannot be arranged in a hurry. The Knight of Cups is all about romance and taking love out of the head and heart so that it can be seen and shared by all. Knights are typically very showy, so prepare for flowers, chocolates, love notes, romantic escapes and much tender wooing. The Knight of Cups is gentle, caring, kind and loving. Good looking, charming and attractive, he/she comes with a strong sense of fashion which has been creatively styled for a unique look. Male or female, this Knight is big on birthdays and anniversaries and will love going shopping with you for clothes or gifts.

The appearance of any Knight in a reading highlights the need for balance, and in relationship readings this Knight asks you to be aware of the need to both give and receive. Love is a two way flow of energy between partners. Check to see if you are both doing you fair share. Constantly giving without receiving and vice versa is a thankless job no matter how much you love someone. Where is the romance in your life? When did you last do something special together? When did you last surprise your partner with a gift or spontaneous gesture? Shame on you if you have become complacent in this area of your relationship. What about your sex life? When was the last time you made an effort? You might need to spice this area up too.  Same applies to your appearance if you have become a bit complacent and laid back. Tidy yourself up and dress to impress. Because the Cups are idealistic, this Knight, like the Page, can be in love with love itself. He can be a dreamer and poet, chivalrous and gallant, or see himself as a champion for every lady in distress. He can believe that he has enough love for  two in a relationship and may not understand his invite being turned down or rejected. A lovely aspect of this Knight relates to his offer of not just love and romance but also true friendship. Here we have the potential for finding not only a soul mate but a best friend too.  Although drawn to a pretty or handsome face, his feelings are not purely based on looks, physical attraction or desire alone. He believes what is in the heart most truly matters, the rest just external dressing and trimming. In time looks might fade but the heart will endure.  He quests in search of the holy grail, that being a heart to match his own, to find the love of all loves. This Knight will offer his support and loyalty. He wants to love and care for you on every level, and will do everything in his power to make and keep you happy. He will dry your tears, listen to your sob stories, sympathise and empathise for he he is in touch with his feelings and not afraid to express them.

And now for the annoying bit, even in the upright aspect, this Knight can be telling you that you are a bit too much, overdoing it, trying too hard or constantly available. Finding love and being in love is taken very seriously. You may be brimming over, oozing love and hate having to waste even one minute away from your partner’s side. You try to second guess their every need, and love to surprise them with unexpected visits, or insist on collecting them after nights out with their friends even though they are ready to grab a taxi and look peeved by your presence. Your constant attention could become overpowering and suffocating, it could kill romance dead in its tracks. Try to step back a little and give each other some space. Your love will survive intact without the need for being joined at the hip. Also, you may be a bit too touchy-feely in public which can become embarrassing and irritating. Then there are the little moods and upsets when something is said or one of your kindnesses is over-looked. You may be a bit over-sensitive or highly strung and can over-react to minor situations. You may need a lot of reassurance and could have people apologising all the time for upsetting you. You might need to toughen up. …Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes, Love is riding into town. Prepare to be swept off your feet. Yes, to true love and friendship. Yes to acting on your feelings and following your heart. Yes to proposals and engagements.  Yes to saying Yes! No, to coming on too strong. 

Love! Easy Come, Easy Go!

Knight of Cups Reversed

Knight Reversed – Negative Aspect of a Water Sign: Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. Unavailable or not interested. A possible love rival, your ex, or interfering third party.  May not be ready to commit. Unconventional relationships. He may be too busy for romance right now or prefers being single. Prepare for the departure or flight of your Knight. This Knight can blow hot and cold leaving you confused and upset. Unrequited love. Heartbreak as your offer, invite or proposal is turned down. The proposal you hoped for may not have materialised. Your emotions are out of control and you are liable to drive your actions. Balance is urgently needed. Something has deeply upset you and you are probably shocked. Love has turned sour with broken promises, emotional withdrawal or a change of heart. After he got what he wanted he didn’t want it anymore. He is sorry, ‘its not you, it’s him’ but asks can you still be friends?! He made a mistake or got the signals wrong. A relationship you thought showed so much promise has left you feeling disappointed and disillusioned. Was it ever based in reality? You may have over-idealised a relationship or potential partner and built castles in the air. Your heart took over and your imagination ran wild. You thought love was all you needed and that it could fix everything. Where is it now and what have you done? For god’s sake this was supposed to be love but now you understand that it was just fascination. You had hoped so badly for it to be love and it did look like love for a while. You became besotted but that is all over now. You can no longer pretend to play that game anymore. The glow or honeymoon period has worn off and nothing is as you thought it would be. This Knight can also betray your trust by been unfaithful or disloyal. He can be quite spineless and might prefer to string along a few partners rather than break up with any. He has a velvet tongue that can worm his way out of most situations by pretending to be the injured party. Emotional outbursts and dramatic scenes are his territory and you will be in no doubt of how angry and annoyed he is.

Here is the card for the cad, the seducer, the flatterer, the man-hunter. Oh yes, this reversed Knight can cause a lot of trouble. Mind you, he/she is probably well known for it and you only have yourself to blame. The Knight, a taker, has a certain reputation. Good looking and slick, he likes to flirt, to flatter, to compliment, to have dalliances, to rendezvous, likes secret assignations, likes to charm and to impress, but he is not after anyone’s heart, except when it suits him for you to think so. He is the ultimate smooth operator; insincere and a user who takes advantage of gullible people who are prepared to fall for his chat up lines and come-to-bed-eyes. He rarely fails in his efforts, there is always a likely candidate to be found. He will promise the earth but then deny it in the morning. If you have fallen for someone like this, believing that you are different and can change him/her is a waste of time. This Reversed Knight is not interested in commitment and has nothing but a good night to offer you. If you put up with his behaviour, he might stick around, calling on you when he has a gap in his busy diary, making excuses for why he has not been in touch. You will make excuses for him too. You will swallow your pride and believe him, accept his golden velvet apologies which give him/her absolute permission to repeat the crime over and over. Your self-worth and self-esteem will plummet. This Knight is bad news and you need to make a break before you get really hurt.

This Knight could also be in love with himself and has no time to waste on you. Narcissism and being self-obsessed. Having a big love affair with oneself. You may think the whole universe revolves around you and that you must take top priority position in everyone’s life. This Reversed Knight can suggest that you are full of yourself and enter grandiose notions of love and who your ideal partner should be. An attention seeker who loves the limelight, your image is terribly contrived and constructed to draw a certain type of attention. Being over-dressed and blingy could make you look cheap and tacky. People may be laughing at you instead of admiring you. You might be getting attention for all the wrong reasons.  This can be the mark of the fortune hunter. The taker and not the giver. Everything but the kitchen sink is thrown to bag your catch. Love may have very little to do with your intentions. In the Upright we had the potential for being clingy and difficult to get rid of, but in the Reverse this may become quite serious if he/she turns into a stalker. This person is emotionally dysfunctional and cannot deal with rejection or reality. The Reversed Knight will not take no for an answer.  We can also find alcohol, drug or sex addiction. The root of his/her problems lie in childhood… Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No this relationship has little to offer you. Save you heart for another. No, this is not Love.  No, your heart is not in this and you are not listening to your inner voice in this matter. No to taking impulsive action where love is concerned. No, I am not sure I could trust this Knight. Yes, to letting go and moving on. 

My Love is Endless And Unconditional!

Queen of Cups Upright

Queen – Could be one of the Water SignsPisces, Cancer or Scorpio. If found with The Moon and The Chariot she can suggest a Cancerian person. Available and receptive. This Queen suggests a warm loving and emotionally responsive woman or a male who is displaying her qualities. She is often portrayed as a mature woman but can be quite girly or shy in behaviour. She is very fashionable, creative and spiritual.  You may have met this Queen or are attracted to her. She could be your partner or spouse, or possibly you. Her nurturing and comforting energy brings harmony to your relationship. The Queen of Cups is the ultimate Cup Court as she expresses the water element in its purest form. The Page can be immature and self-absorbed, the Knight self-seeking, The King, controlled and calculating, but The Queen is the real deal, sometimes seen as angelic in nature and appearance. She believes in fairy-tales, happy ever afters, miracles, faeries and magic. Here we have a genuine sincerity of heart, pure intention and a a strong desire to love and be loved.  She prefers being in a relationship to being single. This card suggests that you are the romantic type who puts your relationship and family top on your list of priorities in life. You feel blessed and privileged once all are happy and well. This Queen feels on a deep level and can become absorbed in her love life. Once that area of her life is balanced and harmonious, the rest will fall into place automatically. She can suggest you are seeking, or have found emotional security. You are very serious about your relationship and are ready to make a full commitment. You are certainly the marrying type and tend to prefer long-term relationships where you can truly get to know your partner and fully connect on a soul level, to short-lived ones that bring upheaval and uncertainty. You are the home-maker, the wonderful mother, the good wife, the peace-keeper and most faithful of friends. You are in no doubt as to what love is and have a need to express it on a daily basis by word and deed. When you say I love you, you mean it and can be very demonstrative in this regard. Hugs, kisses, cuddles and tender caresses are part of your daily routine and never feel strained or forced.

People see you as a friendly or motherly type who will listen to their woes in a non-judgmental and understanding manner. Honestly, you can talk to her about anything, take any trouble to her door and she won’t turn you away. When she appears it is important not to deny your feelings, regardless of how they may upset or annoy another. You must express them. The Queen knows that saying I love you is the easy part, following through on it requires effort. It means showing your partner how much they mean to you. Take the love out of your heart and into the world. This doesn’t have to involve showy displays as it is often the little gestures that make the most impact. When she appears in a relationship reading she may be calling on you to be more creative and imaginative when showing you care. Because love means so much to you, and there is very little you would not do to make your partner or family happy, guard against losing your sense of self. You could easily forget your own needs or disregard personal feelings for the greater glory of others. You are known for your humility and humanitarian spirit but this can also be taken advantage of. Be supportive of your partner but remember you are important too and know your worth. 

This Queen is very psychic and intuitive so when she appears in a reading she can be asking your to tap into the surrounding emotional energy to gauge what is going on in your relationship. You may have been avoiding going there, or perhaps do not want to vocalise what you sense, but deep down you know what the problem is. Listen to what you heart is telling you for there is where the truth lies. You should instinctively feel if something is wrong regardless of what your logic is instructing. Trust your gut feelings.

I know you hate confrontation and are one of the peace-keepers of the Tarot. This is great when working to find a peaceful solution to a relationship crisis but it also means you might bottle up upsets and hurt feelings rather than spit them out. Moods, the blues, and plain old sulks are often met with the confused raised eyebrows of your partner who hasn’t a clue what they have done wrong. This is especially true when you insist there is ‘nothing wrong’, that you are ‘fine’ when they enquire as to what is the matter? Honestly, they haven’t got a clue but you believe they should darn well know what they have done. Angelic and all the lovely things that you are, it can be a very frustrating habit you develop in relationships. You can have a touch of the drama queen if your sulks and moods go totally unnoticed. Just because you can sense when your partner or spouse is upset or in need of a hug, doesn’t necessarily mean they will do likewise. Not everyone intuits and feels on the level you do. This can be terribly disappointing and lead you to believe you are not loved or cared for.  You have very highly tuned senses  and get straight As all the time while the rest of us mere mortals often struggle to get a C or D. This Queen has a big heart. If you have been warring with your partner, her appearance can suggest it is time to be open to forgiveness. Because there is so much water flowing in this Queen you might be prone to tears when the slightest thing goes wrong. This can make you appear immature to others. Whereas it is attractive and feminine to be emotional, at times it can be seen as being highly strung, delicate or fragile. You might feel the need to be protected or cossetted by your partner. …. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes, good choice here if you are looking for the marrying kind, a long-term committed relationship, loyalty and friendship.  Yes to being romantic, loving and expressing your feelings. Yes to following your heart in this matter.  Yes, to motherhood. Yes to finding peaceful solutions in relationship crisis. Yes to forgiveness. Yes, you are a big girl now and can handle this relationship crisis. No to putting yourself last.  

You Broke My Heart When You Broke Your Promise!

Queen of Cups Reversed

Queen Reversed Negative Aspect of a Water Sign: Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. Cancer if found with The Moon and The Chariot. A possible love rival, your ex, or interfering third party. She may not be interested in you or is unavailable. May be sworn off love after being stung badly. She might need some convincing. This card can suggest a love turned dull. A lack of romance and imagination is killing our relationshipThis card can herald dreadful disappointment in love. Your relationship has lost its way or its heart. You may be heartbroken after the collapse of your relationship. The Reversed Queen may find herself overwhelmed with emotions and drowning in a sea of tears. You do not handle break-ups well and hurt on a very deep level. You probably gave everything to love and it came back and slapped you on the face. You may be in shock and reeling from the biggest let-down of your life. This is why you both love and hate love. It has the capacity to lift you to such heights of ecstasy but it also plummets you to dreadful depths of despair. You have a habit of falling in love too easily and give too much of yourself too soon. If your partner is not moving at quite the same speed as you, you might be setting yourself up for a fall. You could be getting niggling doubts but fail to listen to your gut instincts. You might have crossed your fingers and hoped it would all work out. You have a tendency to make bad decisions in love but fail to learn from your mistakes. You see love where there is none and fall for silly chat up lines and sob stories. You could be pushy about moving a relationship on too soon. Friends and family may see you as a bit of a train-wreck, running from one disastrous relationship to another.   Because you are an idealist where love is concerned you place much importance on fidelity, faithfulness and loyalty. It is likely the cause of your trauma at present which leaves you feeling disillusioned and emotionally shattered. Being part of a couple means everything to you and it is likely you can’t cope with being single. Any relationship is better than none regardless of its quality.  

The Reversed Queen can turn quite nasty when love turns sour. You may have moved past the upset, tearful stage and now, vindictive and bitter, seek revenge. Your heart may have frozen over as you seek to punish your partner or future partners for the pain you had to endure. You may vow never to love again and cannot be happy for others. With this Reversed Queen in the driving seat you could be plotting and planning your partner’s downfall, especially if they have found someone new. Jealousy and bitterness feeds Gossip and bitching which are your favourite weapons of choice. Repressed emotions can be viciously released. You find it impossible to forgive or to forget.  Sullen moods or depression may also be causing stress in your relationship. You tend to bottle up your feelings and expect everyone to understand what is wrong with you. You can be a right nightmare to handle at times and tend to be very selfish and indifferent to the level of upset your behaviour causes. You are making life more difficult than it needs to be and have probably blown everything out of proportion.

On the other hand, this reversed Queen can highlight a love with no depth. The relationship is frivolous and shallow with importance placed on looks instead of personality. She can be a blingy type of person who dresses to impress but has nothing to say for herself. She can be quite vacuous and ditsy and will be looking for a partner to bring her to fancy places. She trades on her angelic/good looks to gain her admirers and suitors. She can be very manipulative and is an expert in the art of emotional blackmail. She gets away with bad behaviour by turning on the waterworks and dishing out guilt trips. The Reversed Queen can also be melodramatic with a fanciful imagination that blows here and there. She is not quite stable and cannot be relied upon. Instead of being a good friend, she can indulge in gossip. She has a tendency to believe everything she hears which makes her easily influenced by others. Do not confide your love secrets or any indiscretions to her.

The woman who loved too much and has nothing left for herself. You have given up or sacrificed your life, feelings and needs for your partner or children. You gave up your dreams to care and support everyone, but now that you need help, you find you are alone. We might also be looking at smothering and cossetting in a relationship. Co-dependency could be a real problem with partners relying too heavily on each other. Everything is ‘we this’ and ‘we that’. The Reversed Queen of Cups gives, but with high expectations of receiving. She likes her partner to need her, or to be lost without her. She insists upon it. Her love comes with strings attached. You must strive to maintain your personal identity and learn to cope on your own at times. You may be needy, clingy and too demanding in love.

Unfortunately this reversed Queen can highlight emotional blocks. You may find it difficult to express or show your feelings. You might feel nothing for your partner and have emotionally withdrawn. You may have fallen out of love and are at a loss as to what to do about it. On a more serious level, you may not understand the nature of love and confuse sex with love. This is often connected to low self-esteem which is established in childhood if you were denied love. Promiscuity and over-indulgence in alcohol may be a problem. This Revered Queen is often attached to a scandalous affair …Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, far too much stress and will probably end in tears. No, you are not emotionally stable enough to enter a relationship. No, this is  either a giving or taking relationship. It lacks balance. 

Come and Swim in The Ocean of My Heart

King of Cups Upright

King – Could be a Water Sign; Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. Scorpio can be suggested if found with the Death Card. Available and open to an approach. This King brings emotional stability and maturity to any relationship and is often portrayed as a benign fatherly-figure type. As a person he will be loving, kind, compassionate, wise, generous and understanding in nature.  He commands a powerful presence but not one that is forceful or controlling. He is content within and creates the harmonious and tolerant environment in which a relationship can thrive. If you are drawn to this King as a partner type, this may indicate you are looking for someone to look after and care for you. He is happy to support your independence and ambition but won’t think anything less of you should you prefer to sit back and let him do all the work. He will want to both please and make life easier for you. He is in touch with his feelings and not afraid to express them. However, with The Earth Element influencing his natural Water he is not prone to the emotional ups and downs of The Queen. He does not deny his emotions, but does not allow them govern his life. He grounds them in reality and understands that there is a time and place for everything.  Therefore he offers a calming influence to to any emotional turbulence you may be experiencing. He sits on a steady throne in the middle of the ocean and manages not too capsize. He handles emotional turmoil by staying calm and attempting to understand the depths of feelings that are involved. Keeping cool and in control, regardless of the intensity of emotion involved, will be far more effective then falling apart. His simple message is to ‘get a grip’ but as we all know that is not so easy to do when lost in a sea of emotional chaos. If you follow his example you can steer your relationship out of any rough sea you are encountering. Listen to, and take into consideration, both sides of the issue and find some common ground to work from.

This is the King of romance and chivalry. He understands the nature of the heart and places much value on true love. He is faithful and loyal in relationships and seeks a partner who appreciates these qualities. He believes in courtship and wooing, tender gestures and intimate conversations. He is the marrying type, a family man who will want kids. He makes an excellent dad and doting grandfather. He offers an emotionally stable environment for rearing children who will feel free to approach him with any troubles or worries.

Although highly sociable, personable, and often the life and soul of the party, this King is not very macho. His strengths lie in his genuine courteous and sympathetic nature which gains him many admirers and followers. He understands people and their situations by listening carefully to what they have to say, and by sensing that which they omit to mention. Like all the Cup Courts, he is highly intuitive and often psychic. He has a heightened level of awareness which helps him get to the heart of any matter. The King of Cups has a reputation for being hard to read. He can be the dark horse or strong silent type you just can’t figure out. Whereas he expresses his emotions with ease, he is keen to keep them under check and will only show them when he feels it appropriate.

While the Knight of Cups will openly lust after you, The King has a far more subtle approach. He likes to get to know a person first before making his move as he has to be quite sure of where his feelings are coming from. Maybe now is not the time to declare your feelings, or possibly hold back a little until you are sure. Feel out the situation. As much as this King is in love with love, he also has a hearty appetite for sex. However, rarely would you find the Upright King indulging in a quick fling or one-night stand as he really has to feel emotionally connected to his partner first before anything physical will happen. When it does happen, sparks fly and he becomes one of the most passionate of all The Kings. He has insatiable sexual energy that can become pent up if he hasn’t been active for some time. He can wear both himself and his partner out before he is sated.  Because this King is connected to the Water Sign of Scorpio, he can become quite intense. One of his negative traits, both upright and reversed is jealousy if any doubt or suspicion creeps into his relationship.  All will be well once his love is reciprocated….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes to an emotionally mature partner. This one is certainly a keeper. Yes to commitment, faithfulness and reliability. Yes, to expressing your feelings and being an out and out romantic. Yes, to seeking advice or counsel from a wise friend. Yes, to keeping your cool in an emotionally charged situation. Emotional discipline is key if you desire to ride out the storm and find a successful outcome.  

I Will Drown You in The Murky Depths of My Dark Ocean!

King of Cups Reversed

King Reversed  – Negative Aspect of a Water Sign: Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. Scorpio if found with The Death Card. A possible love rival, your ex, or interfering third party. He is not interested in you or is not available. He might not seeking commitment. Your relationship lacks romance and intimacy. This reversed King can suggest emotional dysfunction or weakness. Immaturity could be indicated with the constant need for reassurance from a partner. He can become co-dependent relying on his partner to bolster up his emotions and soothe his worries and stresses.  If this is the situation, he loses his manly and Kingly qualities. He is unsure of his worth or has an over-inflated idea of it. Instead of the Upright pleaser, he is an attention seeker and could be sulky and moody. He may be very difficult to live with as he exerts no control over his emotions. He is likely to be up beat and happy one day and then sullen and touchy the next. Like the Reversed Queen, he is a worrier and prone to being hyper-sensitive. One never knows what will set him off next.   The reversed King of Cups can sometimes indicate that he is at odds with his sexual orientation.

The King of Cups can suggest that there is a lack of romance in your life or that your partner is unromantic and unimaginative. Earth is too prominent and gets in the way of spontaneous gestures or behaviour. Work may be interfering with your love life.  The King of Cups reversed can also suggest a cooling off in a relationship.  This may indicate the end of a relationship or a temporary situation depending on surrounding cards.  All relationships go through their ups and downs.   During this time one or both individuals in the relationship can retreat or withdraw as they struggle to deal with their problems.  Communication can break down or resentment set in.  When this happens one of the first areas to be hit is the sex life.  This reversed King can highlight intimacy issues or a loss of libido.  One partner may have withdrawn emotionally and physically due to stress.  However, they may handle this poorly by clamming up and keeping their problems bottled up inside.   The reversed King of Cups will try to avoid difficult situations as much as possible so it may be up to you to eventually call it a day if your relationship is going nowhere.

The King of Cups reversed can be a danger sign in relationships. He can suggest a volatile personality with thunderous emotional outbursts and tantrums. He can be dangerous to be around, especially if drink or drugs are driving his temper. He is the emotionally cold-fish personality. He lacks compassion, sympathy and mercy. He is capable of violence and rape. He is vindictive and manipulative, shows love one day and then treats his partner despicably the next. He causes deep insecurity and confusion in his partner who never quite knows where she stands or what  she has done wrong.  It is as if he desires conflict, watching and waiting for the slightest excuse to pounce. If this behaviour sounds familiar to you, it is best to disentangle yourself as soon as possible for he will take you down with the ship. He has deep-rooted emotional problems that will not be fixed overnight. He does  not understand love and is incapable of showing or sustaining it. It is more like a sick game. He will slam to the ground any love that is offered to him.  If you have left or dumped this Reversed King, don’t expect him to take it well for he will be hell bent on revenge. This man is emotionally unstable and like the Queen of Cups, his memory for slights or hurts seems to be incredibly strong. If his coldness stems from a past hurt in love or from abuse as a child, he may seek revenge by taking out his pain on others.  He needs to forgive and forget in order to move on. If you are drawn to this personality, you need to think deeply about your own emotional stability for this is not a healthy relationship.

The King of Cups reversed can suggest that there is a scandal surrounding  your partner or relationship.  The circle he is involved in could be quite toxic. They are not a group you want to let into your life without good cause. They are not your friends and will always cover for him.  He can be disloyal and unfaithful with a reputation for cheating, seduction and affairs. He is capable of conducting multiple relationships at the one time. He is a swindler who holds dark secrets and is not to be trusted. He can be an abuser who brings debauchery, perverted or sadistic sex to a relationship. He frequents brothels and prostitutes to act out twisted fantasies and fetish desires. He is drawn to group sex. If this is your ex-spouse and are going through a separation or divorce he could be hiding and lying about his finances. Look for the Reversed Two of Pentacles and the Seven of Swords for underhand movement of finances. …Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, toxic relationship warning. This is a mess you do not want to get mixed up in. You are likely to end up an emotional wreck.  


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