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Hi Everyone, 

I have been putting this off for some time as I have been trying to make perfect videos from the off. I know nothing of cameras and videoing let alone audio and editing but have been trying to educate myself. I have recorded endless videos only to delete them because of their poor quality. I subscribed to numerous YouTube Video Influencer Channels looking for inside tips and tricks. What I have come to learn from these Influencers is that you will never get your video channel up and running if you wait to have everything perfect and professional before you start. That is unless you are a professional in this area of course. They recommend you just start with what you have, shoot some video, edit it to your best ability and then stick it up. The only way to improve and become professional is practice, practice, practice. They say it gets easier as you go but to accept that your early productions will probably be cringe-worthy when you look back on them in the future. You just have to start somewhere and that’s it. 

Part of my panic was that I was trying to do full videos with me in them and I discovered I just didn’t have the confidence or charisma to pull it off at this stage. So I beat myself up time and time again, declaring that I looked awful on camera and deleted, deleted, deleted. Then I decided to break myself in less painfully. I realised I didn’t have to appear or star in the video. I could confine it to just my hands and cards etc. This let me off the hook to a certain extent  and I took the advice of Video Influencers and ran off a few videos, edited to the best of my current ability and uploaded them to YouTube. I was secretly terrified as you know what it is like when you hear or see yourself on video.

Anyway, there are four videos now online and even though they are not the best quality, I have made a start and hopefully can only improve from here on. I also hope to lose my camera shyness and get out in front of it, but I don’t want to put myself under the stress and pressure of it right now. I am quite extrovert, have worked with the public for years, taught tarot classes and given talks to large crowds so I never expected to feel so terrified and self-conscious.

So taking a deep breath, here are links to these virgin videos. I think I will go into hiding for a while. They are my very first videos and would be delighted to get a few subscribers and Likes on board to make me look less like the new girl on the block. And please share the videos with those you think would be interested.

I plan to record a whole series of videos covering as many areas as possible. Some will be short videos while others longer. Please let me know if there are any topics in tarot you would like me to feature.

P.S. Empress Relationships, Love & Sex Interpretation (Upright & Reversed) in-depth analysis PDF due for release this week. Will be returning to The Wands Books shortly. 

xxx Vivien

More Videos In This Series Available On YouTube



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  1. I am proud of you. Perfection is a burden that can hinder growth and productivity. Your YT videos will generate positive outcome. Congratulations.


    • Hi Angela,

      Thank you so much for being proud of me. I am a terrible worrier at times and yes, perfectionism can lead to procrastination as nothing gets off the ground. I just had to start somewhere and get going. Looking forward to all this becoming second nature to me!! I hope so anyway! x


  2. The videos are wonderful! I love your site! The point of view here on the videos are as if you’re sitting with the student and looking at the cards together! I LOVE it!


    • Hi Aletha,

      Thank you so much for your glowing compliments. Didn’t really plan anything out. Just went for it or it would never have happened. I will form a proper plan of action for further videos but I do have a few more that need editing. I hope to get to those this week and then get them uploaded. I was recovering from a bad head cold shooting the earlier ones and sound a bit croaky. Hopefully the more recent ones will be better but have to work on polishing up audio and visuals. Have a top of the range camera but don’t know how to use it.Lol! Too much camera for me.


  3. Fantastic teaching! Generously shared. You’re the teacher for me, I think….:) Your style and tone “resonates”. Did from the first. Only problem, I’m a lazy, fickle bum student…(moon in mercury, dont know the tarit card) love the tarot, though…haha…thanks!


  4. Simply the best in all you do.
    I love all about your website, everything is there you need to know and more. Well done, Miss tarot teacher, love Anna


  5. Thank you for your videos. I have learned so much from them. Going through a difficult time and your site and knowledge gets me through each day. Blessings to you.


    • Hi Bern, thank you for your lovely comments and sorry to hear you have been going through a difficult time. I have a few more videos recorded and will be uploading them once edited. Please be aware I am new to video and YouTube so am sure my work is very amateurish at present.




  6. I will never be able to ever thank you enough for this site and your knowledge of the Tarot. When I say you have saved my life, that is the truth. Each day I pull a card and I journal about the message it brings for the day. Some days I pull more than one, but every time, that card is correct, either in what is to come, or how I feel or how I will cope. It always gives me hope to get up the next day and go on. You other videos are wonderful. I love them, and you are doing a great job.

    Thank you again,


  7. Wow well done, you! I will be following…
    I just started my own tarot-related blog here and I am delighted I came accross yours, I will read it with great interest!


    • Thanks Tarotmum. Only getting started with my videos and have a lot to learn. The very best of luck with your new blog. Let me know what you are calling it and I will check it out. If you need any advice just ask. I will be away from my desk until mid September. X

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  8. I’ve only seen one video so far but there’s nothing at all wrong with them.
    Well done you lovely lady.
    I don’t think it’s a coincidence I’ve re-visited your site today.
    I intended to research and get some clarity on the cards I drew today (the first in many months, maybe a year even) with regards how to navigate my way out of this swirling whirlpool of procrastination, self blame, indecision and fear I’ve found myself in.
    My intuition brought me to you, again. The first time was over three years ago.
    And what do you know? The first thing I see is your post on procrastinating and being so afraid of getting on with these videos. And you’ve done it.
    So, a very big congratulations to you, and I look forward to viewing them all very soon.
    I think you’ve just been the inspiration I need. . .


    • Hi Sue,

      Oh you are so kind. Yes, it has taken me ages to get around to the whole video bit. I have some more videos recorded but it is taking me ages with the editing part which is a major drag. It would be great if I knew what I was doing but therein lies the problem!!! I have also relocated in last few months, then had a bad fall which resulted in fractured ribs, which then resulted in back problems so have not been exactly productive in recent times. I hopefully will get back into the swing of things very soon. Thanks again for the vote of confidence and hope to improve as time goes on.



  9. It’s your Youtube channel that brought me here! Thank you for super useful tutorial videos, I have learned so much from them!


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