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Numerology is the science of numbers.  Pythagoras (580/572 BC – 500/490 BC) the ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher believed that numbers contained their own unique energies that affected us on many levels and that everything was related to mathematics.  Pythagoras claimed that by numbers alone anything could be predicted or explained.  His theory was based on the cyclical nature of numbers and their patterns.  Pythagoras was once quoted as saying “number is the ruler of forms and ideas and the cause of gods and demons.” He also considered numbers to be mystical and magical. He believed that the world, our personalities and everything we did could be explained by numbers.  Numbers also had a sex – odd numbers were male, even were female.  Today numerologists use the ‘Fadic’ system, which is the adding of two digits or reducing of digits to make one.

With the exception of the 16 Court Cards, each card in the Tarot Deck is numbered and each of these cards carry the vibration or energy of the particular number associated with it.  The Minor Arcana are numbered one (ace) to 10 in each Suit and the Major Arcana is numbered from 0 to 21.  Not only is the meaning of the card taken into consideration for interpretation but also its numerical association.  When we see a particular number turning up repetitively in a spread, the meaning associated with the number is strengthened and so must be given close attention for it is telling us something.  Numbers alone in a reading can provide great information not only on what is going on in the Querant’s life but also alert us to the particular stage they are at on their life cycle. Both hold great importance for the querant and often provide answers as to why they are going through certain issues at such time.

This may sound confusing but suffice to say when it comes to the Tarot we can keep it simple.

Please feel free to explore Numerology other than the brief meanings listed below. Tarot Reading and Numerology go hand in hand.  Being able to work out the Destiny number, Life Path Number and Soul or Karmic Number for a querant complements and enhances a Tarot Reading.

Numbers and their Meanings in the Tarot

***One point to remember in most of Numerology is that one must keep reducing a number to get a final reading of just 1 digit. e.g. 10 = 1+0=1,   23 = 2+3+5 ,   39 = 3+9=12= 1+2=3 

1 – The point of origin, birth, start, beginning, clean slate, uniqueness, individuality, the ego, starting over, solitary,

2 – Opposition, attraction, co-operation, conflict, peace, harmony, balance, communication, marriage, partnership, commitments, yin/yang,   masculine/feminine

3 – Creativity, growth, abundance, ascension, fertility, birth, the power of three, variety, versatility

4 – Stability, practicality, security, power, building resources, personal and family securities, consolidation.

5 – Loss, conflict, chaos, disruption but also final ascension, expect the unexpected, travel, change, challenges, new experiences

6 – Balance, stability, harmony, peace, beauty, family matters, romance, success

7 – Victory, challenges, magic, luck, introspection, tenacity, resourcefulness

8 – Change, infinity, speed, positivity, energy, strength, success, business

9 – Completion, ending, outcome, closing, cutting of ties, emotional spring-cleaning, introspection, reflection, winding down

10 – (1+0 = 1) – Finality, final outcome, ending, closing, beginning is end/end is beginning. Cycle starts once more. Rebirth, excess, too much, extremes, things have run their natural course


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  1. Copy and paste these lessons into a book please. It’s easy to self publish, and cheap. You could be making a lot of money. I would buy this in a heartbeat.

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    • Hi,

      Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, I am looking into this at present and plan to make a lot of the content available through Kindle. It needs to be formatted in a certain manner for Kindle use which will involve a bit of time and concentration but it is coming very soon I promise. With just myself doing all the writing, web development and correspondence it can be quite a juggling act. I appreciate your support. I think I need a helper who would do all this extra stuff for me!!!



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  2. Hi! Hope all is well! Just FYI one of the Keywords that is missing for the Two of Pentacles is Balanced/Balancing emotions, finances and so on. Keyword is Balanced and Rx: Imbalance.

    Thank you! Have a blissful one!


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