Gemini – The Twins

May 22nd  – June 21st  

(Please Note, The Personality Profile Below is Based on the Archetypal Gemini for Tarot Reading Purposes. Most People have a mix of several Zodiac Signs based on Their Astrological Birth Chart and are not solely one Sign.)

Gemini Symbol

Keywords – Adaptable, communicative, restless, versatile

Ruling Planet  – Mercury

Duality or Gender – Masculine

Triplicity or Element – Air

Quadruplicity or Quality – Mutable

Body Areas – Arms, nerves, shoulders

Stone – Agate

Colour – All bright colours, especially yellow

Symbolically represented by twins, Gemini are famous for their duality. They nearly always have a flip side, and can switch between each in lightning quick time. They are great for multi-tasking and can easily hold down two jobs or careers at the same time. They could also be studying in their spare time (that is if there is any spare time) for a third career. I have seen Gemini been illustrated before as a woman with two phones, one for each ear ! A hands free phone kit in the car is a must for the Gemini driver, for they will be on it the moment the key is turned in the ignition. It would not be un-typical to see  a  Gemini person reading two to three books at a time, switching from one to another rapidly. They  also give themselves away by been able to watch television and read at the same time. They could even be planning next week’s dinner party in the middle of all this.

Behind all this variety lurks a tendency to boredom, and for Gemini boredom must be avoided at all costs. The trouble is that they can get bored rather rapidly. All this switching from one thing to another and racing here and there, makes for unfinished projects and less than superior quality. They need to curb this tendency or else they will not achieve their goals or gain success in their career. They can end up knowing only a little about everything, without gaining full knowledge in any particular area. They have a canny knack of covering this up with floury speech and flowing phrases, so to the listener they appear to be an expert, that is until questioned intently. However, yet again their confidence and linguistic abilities always finds them a loop-hole to jump through if things go too far. In the negative Gemini, this can present as lies and deceit that sounds very convincing.

Gemini personalities have amazing energy and are excellent communicators. Yes, they love to talk and certainly do a lot of it.  They can speak very fast and can swiftly flit from one subject to another with startling agility, often leaving the person they are talking to quite dizzy.  Their well-oiled tongue can also have a very sharp edge to it. Unless you are well up to it, it is advisable to stay out of any argument with them, for they will cut you off at the knees within a few sentences.

Live can sure be hectic for Gemini people, rushing here and rushing there, lists of lists, endless phone calls and social engagements to attend. This is not what the universe has thrown upon them, no,  they deliberately draw this lifestyle to themselves like a magnet and positively inhale it. It is all their own doing which is all very well for a while but it can result in the poor Gemini  living on their nerves. They do have a reputation for it and often suffer terrible stress and tension. They find it hard to relax, so stress can get out of hand. They just don’t know what to do to alleviate it. The likes of yoga or meditation would be way too slow-moving and boring for the average Gemini. 


Inquisitive, analytical and communicative, Gemini people have a naturally curious mind and will want to know the ins and outs of everything. This makes them perfect for a career in detective work, forensics,  media etc. They make excellent interviewers, reporters and investigators. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting the facts straight, and will cross-examine a witness to bits on the stand in a courtroom. Sceptical by nature, they believe nothing until they have seen it or experienced it themselves. They make excellent writers, especially columnists, as a full book may be a tad too tedious and boring for them.

Whichever career, or careers they choose, there must be variety or boredom will set in rapidly. Because they have so much mental energy, they can easily become depressed. A regular 9 to 5 job, sitting in the same office each day, doing the same tasks etc. will drive them insane.  Habitual routine is hell for Gemini people. They love to move around, so a career as a travelling reporter or travelling salesperson may suit. Gemini people love to interact with others and have a natural curiosity about everyone, so anything that takes them into direct contact with the public would be ideal. They are often found behind the counters of shops or holding positions in a meet-and-greet environment.  Excellent planners, they make perfect party/event/wedding planners.  They also take great delight in planning travel or holiday itineraries, so a career in the travel industry is well worth looking into. Due to their inquisitive mind and natural curiosity about people, they can also be found earning their keep as psychotherapists and psychologists.

Believe it or not Gemini people can be found teaching, but not young children. They also have a high degree of manual dexterity and many Gemini hold successful careers as surgeons which is a bit scary when one thinks of their low boredom threshold. Might the surgeon cut corners, just to finish the job as fast as possible? I often wondered how surgeons manage to keep focused during an eight-to-ten-hour operation.  Would the Gemini surgeon have the ability to last that long?


When it comes to affairs of the heart, the average Gemini is not backwards in coming forward when attracted to someone. In fact it won’t take long for them to approach the subject of their desire to make introductions, and enquire of name, address, place of work, likes/dislikes etc. If they turn out to have nothing to say for themselves, or appear to lack in intelligence and the art of chatting, the Gemini will not hang around too long. They could easily turn on their heels and walk the other way.

Generally, they will observe the one they are attracted to for some time, watching their mannerisms and how they interact with others before any move is made. Then they just jump straight in. They are drawn to others of quick wit, lively debate and fascinating insight. A quirky turn of phrase can often leave the wooing Gemini swooning. Their partner must be an intellectual match for them, if not more. In their relationships, they put good communication way up on the list of requirements, ahead of looks or sex appeal.  Even though, they have a great appetite for sex, they consider what they have to say to each other in between to be far more important. Remember, boredom can set in with greased lightning if things get dull, their partner loses their sparkle, or runs out of things to talk about. Because of their dual nature, the partner of a Gemini may find they are living with two personalities in the one person, and will need to make adjustments depending on which personality is to the forefront at any given time. This can be confusing at the best of times. Your Gemini partner may declare undying love for you one day, but then seem aloof and detached, if not disinterested  in you the next.

There will be no fear of sitting around waiting days for a phone call, text or email from a Gemini partner. Their love of communication will have you suffocating under a deluge of calls, texts and emails. They have no problem expressing themselves, but emotionally they may feel slightly ill at ease. They certainly will communicate their care and concern for you, but don’t expect grand declarations of  slushy love and romance. It’s just not them.

Gemini make for lively exciting sexual partners. Their natural curiosity will have them trying anything, at least once!!! They can easily wear out their exhausted partner. Where commitment and faithfulness are concerned, the Gemini may have a problem. They may have good intentions, but yet again their dual nature and low boredom threshold could lead them into running two relationships at the same time, or the odd affair here and there.  So, be warned if you are the partner of a Gemini. Together you must work at keeping the relationship fresh, have something new to talk about over breakfast, lunch and dinner, keep abreast of current affairs and constantly have a trip planned or social occasion to look forwards to.

Family Life

Life for the family of a Gemini parent will never be dull.  Their dual nature will have everyone getting on brilliantly one day and fighting like hell the next. It will be full of intense ups and downs. Normal routines that families generally thrive on will not exist. They instantly rebel against routine so there will be no such thing as “we eat fish every Friday” or “mam always reads us a story at bedtime”.  Certainly they may get fish once in a while on Friday, or a story read at bedtime when it suits, but doing the same thing every day, week in week out would destroy the Gemini mum or dad. As a result, family life can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. Both kids and partner need to be on their toes when it comes to knowing which of the two personalities in their Gemini parent they are dealing with on a day-to-day basis.


Due to the boredom factor always lurking around in the background, the Gemini parent, especially the mother, may have a difficult time of it when the kids are babies and toddlers. The restrictions, confinement of being trapped in the house all day with babbling kids that make no sense can drive them to distraction, so they really need to plan time-out on a regular basis. The Gemini parent enjoys their kids much more as they get older, when they can interact and communicate properly with them. However, there is a tendency to become impatient with offspring who do not share their enthusiasm for variety and speed.

They can frustrate their kids and partner when family disputes arise, as the Gemini parent being quick-witted and mentally hyper alert, will more than likely have the last word and last say. They do love when their kids grow into teenagers and encourage them to bring their friends home with them. They will find their offspring and friends a fascinating source of new concepts, ideas and attitudes.  Happy to hang out with their kids as they grow, they can seem more like friends to them then parents. Because of their adaptability, they can bridge the generation gap with ease.  A Gemini parent will make sure their kids get the best good education they can, because they will be keen to develop their intellect.  Family outings to museums and places of historical interest are very appealing to the Gemini parent.


Stress and tension are the main causes of ill-health with the otherwise strong Gemini. The body areas governed by Gemini are the shoulders, arms and hands, which are prone to accident or injury. The lungs are also governed by Gemini, so bronchitis or respiratory infections may be prevalent. Of all the signs in the Zodiac, Gemini is the sign that is most affected by cigarette smoking, and therefore should be avoided at all costs.

Exercise is important for Gemini people, not just for the strength of their body but also as a means of releasing excess mental energy. To avoid the pressure pot  situation, regular physical activity is a must. However, variety is key here, so a large gym with plenty of machines and classes would be excellent.

The Older Gemini

When, and that is if the Gemini retires (they have a habit of working way past retirement age), they need a variety of hobbies to keep them occupied, interested and boredom at bay. They will be drawn to clubs, committees et.c, book clubs, language classes, courses of all sorts, and of course travelling.  If your retired Gemini partner announces they are going to take up DIY, then it is advisable to steer them well away from this crazy plan. If not, your house or garden will be full of half-finished projects which will begin to take root everywhere. They make great fundraisers in retirement, and can talk even the meanest out of a healthy sponsorship or donation They can become activists for a worthy cause and have no problem speaking out in public, on radio or television.  In fact they will be happily found in the audience of political question and answer debates where they will grill politicians with their unsettling and probing questions.

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